Dec 162012

Kate’s made an unexpected appearance tonight, taking part in the BBC’s annual Sports Personality of the Year awards.

BBC via The Daily Mail

It was the Duchess’s first official engagement since being released from the hospital on December 6th, word of her appearance at the event was only released this morning.

In this screen shot shared by Paul Harrison of Sky News you can see the Duchess with David Beckham, he also took part in this evening’s show.

BBC via Sky News Royal (Paul Harrison)

Kate presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Lord Sebastian Coe, a four-time Olympic medalist and Chair of the London 2012 games.

The BBC via The Daily Mail

It was a full house at tonight’s festivities.

BBC via the Daily Mail

Red carpet arrivals included two-time Olympic champion Mo Farah and his family, all doing the ‘Mobot.’


Heptathlete Jessica Ennis also brought home a Gold Medal for Team GB, she was in a deep red gown.


Paralympics swimmer Josef Craig was named Young Sports Personality of the Year, he was the youngest Paralympic gold medalist at the London Games.

12 athletes were in contention for Sports Personality of the Year, tennis ace Andy Murray, cyclist Bradley Wiggins and golfer Rory McIlroy were among those on the short list.

BBC Sports

Click here to see the entire group of twelve. When votes were tallied the winner was Bradley Wiggins.

The BBC via Huffington Post

The runner-up was Ms. Ennis.

BBC via the Daily Mail

More on tonight’s appearance from the Daily Mail:

Her decision to honour the engagement after being forced to cancel her last four public appearances is a sign that the 30-year-old is slowly recovering after spending several days in hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum earlier this month.

Kate’s role as an official ambassador of Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic teams made her the perfect choice to make the presentation, below we see her at the Paralympics.

L-London 2012, R-Channel 4/The Paralympic Broadcaster

She also attended multiple events with William and Harry.

London 2012 Website

Kate wasn’t well enough to attend the entire 2-1/2 to 3 hour show. William has returned to Anglesey and is continuing his shifts with the RAF.

Kate chose the Alexander McQueen Bell Sleeve Floor Length Gown, shown below in black. I believe Kate’s dress is the ‘bottle green’ colorway.

Alexander McQueen

The gown is described this way:

Black crepe wool floor length gown with bell-sleeves, deep v-neck, trompe l’oeil belt waistband and sweeping central thigh-high slit.

Kate’s dress originally sold for $4,325, it is now on sale at $1,739.00. Below, the short version of the dress, it better shows the details.

Alexander McQueen

Kate accessorized with her Jimmy Choo Cosmic Pumps.

Jimmy Choo 'Cosmic' Pump in Black Suede

The shoe runs £435, I believe it is becoming an exclusive for Net-a-Porter. Currently it is still available in a few sizes at Jildor, on sale at $347.50. 

For jewelry Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Blue Topaz earrings.

UK Press Association/Rebecca English, The Daily Mail

And brought back her Asprey Button Pendant.


We’ll update with more photos when they are available.


A few other items that may be of interest, beginning with the Queen’s Christmas Party tomorrow at Buckingham Palace: Kate was originally expected to attend, I imagine that will be contingent upon how she is feeling. Another expected engagement is Christmas Day, The Telegraph has more:

Spending Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham is one of the traditions of marrying into the Royal family, but the Duchess of Cambridge will miss the experience this year.

She is to spend Christmas Day with her family at their house in Berkshire as she copes with her difficult pregnancy. The Duke of Cambridge faces a dilemma over where he will spend the day.

Obviously speculation on this topic changes almost hourly, if not more often. It is doubtful any decisions will be made until much closer to Christmas Day. Those decision will be driven by how the Duchess is feeling, with proximity to a hospital also a likely influence on where she spends the day.


Also, LK Bennett is taking email signups for its upcoming collection by Caroline Issa (no relation to the clothing label), the line launches February 19.

LK Bennett

More from the LK Bennett website:

This vibrant, chic capsule collection of shoes and bags, features statement sandals, ankle-strap stilettos, shoe boots, the kitten heel, and a loafer as well as catch-me-if-you can clutches.

Anyone interested in being updated via email about the collection can email with the subject line ‘L.K.Bennett London by Caroline Issa’.


Although it’s not even Christmas yet, fashion brands are showing their Pre Fall 2013 styles, a season that has become increasingly important on the fashion calendar.  We share a brief look at Temperley London’s Pre Fall collection, beginning with several looks that could be ideal for someone beginning to show. The dress in the center would need careful tailoring, it could look lovely on Kate.

Courtesy Photos via Women's Wear Daily

Obviously these are pieces unavailable to the general public, but I am guessing Alice Temperley would be happy to make them work for Kate.

Three more styles, I thought the sweaters below left and far right might be perfect right about now. The longer, tunic style top in the middle could work for someone with Kate’s slender form.

Courtesy Photos

And a final few styles suited for after the baby is born.

Courtesy Photos via


  • the BBC’s story on tonight’s award to Bradley Wiggins, it’s story on Lord Coe’s award is here 
  • the Daily Mail’s story on the evening is here

  38 Responses to “Kate In Green McQueen Gown For Awards Appearance”

  1. Love this look in green and full length, so different from the wedding look.

  2. I quite like the color on her and if there was ever a body type that could wear all that extra shapely-ness it would be hers. So glad to see that she is back on the mend.

  3. Continuing my discussion of my purchases from retailers known to be patronized by the Duchess, I bought the Reid coat from Reiss (see below) in “Amaranth” –a delicious berry shade — when the coat went on sale the the other day. However, fair warning: it arrived today, and though I’d bought it in “Extra-Small,” which was supposed to be the correct size for people who wear US sizes 0-2, it’s “relaxed,” oversized fit is rather TOO oversized on me.

    This is a mystery, since my previous Reiss purchases were absolutely true to size, sleekly fitting. Reiss seems to have altered its sizing standards slightly. I suspect they did it after opening US stores and finding that US customers like a looser, more comfortable fit than Europeans do. I prefer a good sleek fit, but then, I am not the typical US customer.

    However, I love the color and styling of the coat, so I am going to pay to have a professional tailoring job done on it. Given that I got it at a major discount, I don’t mind paying this extra sum.

    • very, very nice coat Lili, excellent choice. Very elegant and as we say in french “Bon Chic Bon Genre” (BCBG) in the best sens of the word.

  4. It is lovely to see her again, I do like the dress. The shade of green is a good colour for a sporting event!
    A shame her hair is so droopy; I suppose it isn’t keeping a curl these days. All the very very best for her ♥

  5. I guess I’m in the minority, but I LOVE this look. But then again, the red Beulah was one of my favorite looks, too. I’m just a sucker for a sleeved gown! The peplum makes it, though. I agree with previous comments that it recalls a 1940s/WWII era esthetic for me. And I think the color is lovely!

  6. I am very happy to see Kate again (I was almost missing her) and I hope she will be able to carry on more engagements, though short they shall be.
    This dress puzzles me a bit. Nice dress but maybe not for Kate, she is too tiny … Someone with a more “developed” shape would have looked better in this kind of dress. There is a kind of mismatch between this lady-like gown and the girlish face of Kate.
    The colour is nice but too dark green maybe.

  7. I think this is a beautiful dress, and I don’t think the fit is too loose. I don’t think we have the best pictures to get a great look at the whole outfit. That said, this is not a very youthful look for a 30-year-old. She seems to still have trouble finding something both age and event appropriate. I also think the jewelry doesn’t complement this look.

    Most of all, I hope she is starting to feel better. She still looks frail to me and quite thin again.

    • I’m with you Nancy regarding the dress, and, particularly, Kate’s choice of jewellery. The necklace just disappears… I’d love to see something bolder.

  8. If Kate had been able to attend this event without making the pregnancy annoucement public (as was the original plan) then this would have been the perfect dress to camoflauge any sort of “bump”. The color is lovely on her and I think her hair is looking better and better. I agree that the tailoring is not great, but I suspect this was intentional for two reasons: to hide the bump and becuase no one is sure how much weight they will gain this early in a pregnancy, or how their body will change, so it was kept loose on purpose.
    So glad to see her looking healthy and happy—-to those that say she looks too thin—she is VERY early in her pregnancy, and many doctors say to gain only 20-25lbs over the entire 40 weeks.

  9. I am not keen on this particular dress; I just am not a fan of that type of sleeve even if it is a McQueen design. It is wonderful to see Kate out and about and looking so great though. Hope she is feeling better.

  10. Bravo, Duchess! for getting out and doing what you can under the circumstances and in such style!

    And what a difference a designer makes – where others like Beulah flounder in dowdy retro the Mcqueen genius sweeps clutter aside and transforms this ‘70s style. The details amaze me — neat gathering under the bust, the much reduced sleeve gathering into a neat cuff well above the wrist, elegant bodice seaming, subtle peplum and the sleek near hour-glass cut of the skirt – topped off by that killer slit!

    An undisputed triumph. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but is that colour not sometimes known as “racing green?”

    • Yes, you could say that’s “racing green,” though it’s rather a dull version of it. Moreover, in my opinion, while racing green has always looked fabulous on a car, it’s not so wonderful on a person.

      • I meant to add that the black version of this dress instantly suggested the dress worn by Morticia Addams in “The Addams Family” television show: the V-neck, the long sleeves, the way it sweeps the floor. Even though I don’t care for this green, thank God she had the dress made in something other than black, because the design in black with the way she wears her hair would have prompted unfortunate comparisons.

        • You are so right about the Morticia Adams feel of the black version!!! The black colourway has a statuesque but funereal look. I’m not even convinced about the green colour. Kate looks fabulous in herself, as usual….but, this dress just seems so heavy and dull, and somewhat engulfing. I think the proportions of the gown, and the relationship of the style details, definitely look much better in the shorter version. Much more polished. I love the colours shown in this blog of the shorter version, too!

        • As long as she didn’t replicate Morticia’s two inch tip-toe walk, I think the Duchess would have been safe ;)

      • I wasn’t trying to pass a judgement on the colour particularly, I simply thought the term “racing” appropriate in this context. Just a thought.

  11. All things considered, it’s a good look. Sure, it isn’t a perfect fit, but I’m more concerned about how thin she looks. Did anyone else notice? I know it’s part of the illness, but still…..she is thin! So, applause for showing up and giving us her great smile. Hope she gets better soon!

    • I can’t imagine going through a tough couple of weeks health-wise and then getting up to face a massive event like this — and on her own! I can’t imagine how she could walk out on stage as smoothly as she did.

      I wonder if the dark colour of the dress makes her look thinner, she’s so slim at the hips anyway. I think she showed tremendous guts to both turn up and turn out a sophisticated evening look.

  12. Glad to see Kate smiling. She looks lovely in green.

  13. Obviously, I’m one of very few but I like this dress! Probably better short, but I’m still a fan. It has a fun, retro feel to it. I think the color was a little dark for tv but maybe she’s trying to conceal a growing figure while avoiding black?

    I’m so glad she’s feeling up to making appearances! That makes me so happy. And I know she’s excited to spend Christmas with her family; I certainly would be. Thanks for another great post!

  14. I loved this for her. I’m so excited to see her maternity wardrobe. We’ll probably see her in something like this.,en_US,sc.html

    Love your blog!

  15. I understand the Beulah reference but this dress has more of a ’30′s/’40′s vibe to me. I find the shade a bit subdued for television. I think it would look way more glamourous with some serious jewelry and an undo but that may have been over the top for this event, so overall, probably not a good dress to event match up. I found Kate’s hair particularly heavy looking tonight, but you lose less hair during pregnancy so perhaps that has already started with her. Not her best outing tonight but in the circumstances she looks great.

  16. Glad to see Kate is feeling better. However, I am not a fan of this dress. The sleeves are unflattering, and it reminds me of the that red Beulah London dress which I also disliked. The whole look feels dated. But hopefully she felt comfortable since that’s what matters right now.

  17. she looks lovely. i miss her old haircut but this is still a lovely cut and i love her dress glad she is feeling better and i pray she continues to feel better.

  18. Actually, Natasha, the Duchess’s legs are not that long relative to her very long torso. That’s why she wears such towering heels.

    This dress does not excite me. I, too, assumed that it was a Beulah design, previous examples of which I have disliked for their unfortunate 70′s references, and I find this color unexciting and unflattering on the Duchess. She has great green eyes, but they work better with a brighter green. I have always liked that Asprey pendant, but it somehow doesn’t go with the green dress.

    However, it’s nice to see her able to appear in public, even if it was a bit of an effort for her to do so. Good for her.

    The Temperley designs are great, especially the ivory coatdress. It’s such fun to see possible maternity wear, or at least inspirations thereof, that we might see again in the coming months.

    I have recently had serious problems with LK Bennett. After not seeing anything I liked for a long time, I finally tried to order something and ran into major online snafus. It was a dress in a color that had not been made available in the US, so I had to try to order through the London site. It didn’t work, I couldn’t even make an inquiry through the site, and then they gave me an email address that didn’t work. I’ve now gotten three different explanations as to what’s wrong. I finally gave up. Alas, I just can’t seem to have a good experience in any way with LK Bennett. It’s extremely frustrating.

    I’ve mentioned before items I’ve bought from retailers the Duchess likes and that I think she might like (or would like if she weren’t pregnant). I picked up this velvet dress from Zara the other day. It is fabulous! It looks MUCH better in the store and on than it does in this photo (the model is a bit too straight up and down to wear it effectively), and it is wonderfully priced:

  19. I’m really not a fan of the hair- the fringe is always in her face and totally blocks her eyes in a lot of the photos. The dress is nice, though quite similar to others she has worn in the past. Nothing that “wowed” me.

  20. Xmas at Sandringham goes on for a couple of days, no? So maybe William will be in Berkshire with Kate then fly to his family the next day? So pleased that Kate is looking so hopefully feeling much better.

    • Not a fan of the green gown although, as some already have said, I think I liked it better in the shorter version. The longer is just too draggy or heavy or something. Still wishing she’d pull that droopy hair away from her pretty face. But I do applaud the duchess for going through with this engagement. I’d imagine it gives encouragement to women who have to get up and go to work every day, go to school, tend to families, etc., while experiencing the same symptoms Kate is having. Also, I’d guess she will spend part of the Christmas holidays with the royal family. I can’t imagine, even though Queen Elizabeth II might be sympathetic, that Kate will be given a complete pass to avoid spending Christmas with William and his family, even in her “delicate condition.” I’d expect she’d either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day at Sandringham then the rest with her family. Keep in mind that Elizabeth spent a few Christmases pregnant as did Diana so Kate’s not the first royal wife to be in the family way at the holidays.

  21. I hope that this appearance, while brief, is indicative of her feeling much better. This dress is quite nice as all her McQueen ites are. The things she gets are so much better than their runway stuff. I really like the short version.

  22. Thanks much for the post. I originally thought the dress was Beulah London, the sleeves, neckline and fitted waist looked so much like the red Beulah dress Kate wore last year. The peplum-like detail is typical McQueen though. Great fit on her, she looked stunning. The color looks weird to me, why green for a sports event? Maybe it is a Xmas tribute?

    But overall, such a pleasant surprise. And additional thanks for Temperley update. Great job on the post, as always.

  23. Kate looks gorgeous in the green and I’m loving her newish hair style. Love your suggestions for possible looks for her, especially that white dress with two buttons.

  24. You’ve put together a collection of fabulous pieces! I love that long cream sweater and printed dress (far left image). The gowns are fabulously elegant as well, particularly the black and pale pink ones. And I can definitely see her in the white coat you’ve selected. She looked fabulous in the white Reiss coat and I think this is a maternity friendly and sophisticated update.

  25. Kate looks absolutely radiant! I am so happy to see that she is recovering well. This dress suits her wonderfully. I love the color on her and the silhouette shows off her figure perfectly. Ah, to have legs that long. Definitely one of my favorite looks on her.

    • I totally agree. She’s rocking it and looks happy.

    • I think the colour looks very sophisticated, and it keeps her a little in the background against the prominentsporting stars of the evening who, after all, have had to work seriously hard to end up on the platform there with her!

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