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We have a brief update to share on Christmas plans for Kate and William. St. James’s Palace announced today the couple will spend Christmas Day with Kate’s family in Bucklebury.  Those looking forward to Christmas Day photos of Kate and other royals walking to/from church services at Sandringham will be disappointed, although it is probable we’ll see the couple at some point.

The news took many by surprise as it is quite unusual. Below, part of royal expert Victoria Arbiter’s reaction via her Twitter feed.

Victoria Arbiter Twitter

The news does not mean Kate and William won’t pay a visit to see the Queen and Prince Philip, or that they won’t take part in any of the traditional festivities. The Huffington Post offers this:

British royals traditionally spend the holidays at Sandringham, a vast estate in eastern England, and a spokesman for William said that royal couple would pay a visit at some point over the festive season. He noted that William’s absence from Sandringham had been approved by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and her husband, Prince Philip.

Deciding where and with whom holidays will be spent can be challenging. Kate and William face the same choices as many a married couple, in their case however, the “where” and “with whom” decisions are magnified. I expect we will see the couple at some point, it just won’t be the standard Christmas format.


A reminder for those still interested in doing some shopping, the major sales are underway at many Kate-favored retail establishments, including Zara.




LK Bennett.

LK Bennett

That includes noteworthy markdowns on items Kate has worn, like the Davina dress in multiple colors.

LK Bennett Davina

For those lucky enough to be in London in early February, one of Kate’s favorite milliners is doing their annual sample sale. Gina Foster Millinery will offer wonderful markdowns on hats and fascinator styles from the 2nd through the 9th, with discounts of up to 70%. 

It is worth checking other stores as well, trade publications reports some retailers are starting the usual post-Christmas sales and promotions before the holiday in an effort to boost sales.


Also today, a quick look at styles from the Erdem Pre-Fall 2013 collection. As mentioned in previous posts, any fall apparel would be post-baby for Kate.  My guess is the Duchess will return to her trim, fit form quickly.

Courtesy Photos

I can see Kate in the green coat as well as the green dress, she has shown a fondness for the color.

The dress below left has the lines Kate favors, while the jacket and skirt on the right bear a resemblance to the Paule Ka ensemble worn to Middle Temple October 8; I would expect different fabric for both pieces.

Courtesy Photos

Below, three of the four pieces are in that silhouette frequently seen on the Duchess.

Courtesy Photos

Again, several dresses with the lines Kate likes.

Courtesy Photos

We close with a wish everyone enjoys holidays filled with love and laughter.

  19 Responses to “It’s A Bucklebury Christmas for Kate & William, Early Look at Erdem Pre-Fall”

  1. Our post-holiday sale is in full swing. We have the Davina dress (pictured above) on sale and for a limited time with an extra 20% off the reduced price! Come see us at LK Bennett located in Phipps Plaza Atlanta.

  2. Of course I would have loved to have seen photos of the lovely Duchess today, however more than that I’m pleased that William is in Kate’s corner and is so supportive of her during her pregnancy. I’m sure it is MUCH more comforting for her to be at home during this time of pain and probably concern (hg and all). I’m also really pleased the Queen is supportive as all.

    • There ARE photos of her and William and her family members going to church near her family home. I’m sure the admin will post them soon.

  3. I love the new Erdem items! I love the tailoring. It’s one of her brands that I can’t afford but would live to own. Besides the lace dress it is her to find good Replikates of this brand because it is so unique. Have a great holiday everyone!

  4. Why is everyone so surprised? It isn’t unprecedented for someone not to come to Sandingram if they’re ill. Didn’t Philip miss it last year? He was in the hospital, but she’s supposed to stay close to London in case she has to go back, so it’s not that different a scenario.

  5. love that lk bennett davina dress! it looks a bit like the black halo dresses i’ve been coveting! good for william and kate for doing what works for them!

    • I own a Black Halo dress, and I prefer it to the Davina dresses, which are shorter and skimpier. The Duchess wore one of the Davina dresses, in teal with a matching jacket, to a Jubilee engagement with the Queen and Prince Philip. It looked great on her but a bit too short in my opinion.

  6. I’m not surprised really and good for her. She’s pregnant so she’ll want to spend Christmas with her Mum :)

  7. I too am very happy that Wiliam and Kate will spend Christmas with the Middletons. It shows how much William loves and supports his wife, and that he is capable of balancing his duty with his love for his wife. Diana would be very proud of this young man.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. :)

  8. I do respect them for a different way of celebrating, but I’ll confess I’m also a little disappointed. Monarchy is about tradition and this one, Sandringham Christmas, seems like a pretty retainable, innocuous tradition (unlike the recently changed exclusive male primogeniture). Anyhow, I don’t see why HRH’s Catherine and William couldn’t abide by this, I really don’t.

    • Well, for one thing, the Sandringham Christmas involves multiple clothing changes, having to go to church twice on Christmas Day, and then joining the whole family for cocktails and meals. For another, Sandringham is considerably further away from London and her doctors and hospital than Bucklebury is.

      She’s pregnant and suffering from an unpleasant complication. Suppose she had gone to Sandringham but been unable to participate in the events there because she was throwing up 30 times a day? I think she needs rest, quiet, and the reassurance of knowing that she can get to the hospital, if necessary, more easily from her parents’ house than from Sandringham. Missing a Sandringham Christmas once because of her pregnancy complication really isn’t a big deal. I’m sure the Queen didn’t object.

  9. Happy to hear this. I know that when I am not feeling well all I want to do is be at home and even better if I can be with my mom to take care of me!! I hope they have a wonderful and relaxing holiday.

  10. Glad to hear they are doing things their way!

  11. So that rumor I mentioned turned out to be true: that the Cambridges would be spending Christmas with her family. It’s a good idea, because she’ll be able to relax and rest on Christmas Day instead of changing clothes five times and publicly traipsing off to church.

    I’m not a huge Erdem fan — the prints are just too fussy for my tastes. However, I love that green coat. I predict we’ll see it on the Duchess.

    Green is supposed to be the “color of the year”. This past year, it was tangerine. Did anyone notice? I wouldn’t have, since the last color I pay attention to is orange, owing to the fact that I can’t wear it.

  12. I am so happy to hear that W & K are spending Christmas with her family. I admire William so much for this. He seems to truly put her first. Those Erdem pieces are to die for!!!

    • I absolutely agree. William certainly seems to have his priorities straight and it appears that he and Kate will do things their own way. Too often it seems like those who marry into the royal family have to basically give up their own family. I am hoping for a non-intrusisve glimpse of them over the holidays.

      Love the green coat dress.

      Merry Christmas to eveeryone.

  13. Good for them for bucking tradition. Kate certainly deserves to spend time with her family on Christmas too, and I imagine her mum has been a big comfort while she’s been ill.

    • I agree. It’s wonderful that Kate will be with her mother during the holidays. After all Kate’s been through, I’m sure she’ll appreciate spending extra time with both her parents again.

      William really shows his love for Kate by sticking up for her within the Royal Family. Though I’m sure the entire Royal Family realizes that Kate’s health and happiness are the most important considerations right now.

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