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Kate in Hobbs and Great Plains ‘Cezanne’ for Grimsby Visit

Kate’s delay in getting to Grimsby this morning didn’t dampen the crowds’ enthusiasm, she wore old and new pieces for the visit. The community’s excitement was evident, demonstrated in the daily paper’s headline.

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart (@Regal Eyes) Twitter Feed

Grimsby is a seaport with a long fish-processing history. Kate’s first stop was the National Fishing Heritage Center, crowds started gathering early this morning, as seen in this photo from People magazine’s Simon Perry. You can also see the fog that delayed Kate’s helicopter.

Simon Perry/People Magazine Twitter Feed (@SPerryPeoplemag)

Kate was welcomed with cheers of “We love Kate! We love Kate!” and given flowers by Lucy Bell, she is only 3 years old.

Neil Warner/Splash News

The Duchess was given gifts for the baby, as well as flowers, cards and other presents. The Mirror has more:

Kate, who is around 21 weeks pregnant, was asked if she was feeling her baby move yet by well-wisher Bobbie Brown, 42.

Bobbi said: “I asked her if the baby has been moving or kicking.

“She said ‘Yes it is, very much so’.”

This next photo is from Paul Harrison of Sky News, many thanks to him for sharing such great images today.

Paul Harrison, Sky News

This was shared by Weezy203 on Twitter, taken during Kate’s walkabout outside the Heritage Centre.

Weezy203 Twitter Feed

After touring the Fishing Heritage Centre Kate moved headed to her next stop, the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service. Crowds also started forming early at the Peaks Lane Fire station, the Grimsby YMCA tweeted this photo.

Grimsby YMCA Twitter Feed

And personnel were ready for her arrival as well, as seen in this image from Regal Eyes.

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart Twitter Feed (@RegalEyes)

On her way into the station Kate spoke with patients from St. Andrews Hospice, located nearby. More from the Daily Mail:

Claire Moss-Smith, 86, told her: ‘I’m waiting for you to be Queen.’ ‘You might be waiting a long time,’ the Duchess replied with a smile.

Peter Foot, 76, got up from his wheelchair to give the Duchess a bow. ‘I stood up so I could bow to her,’ he said.

‘She said “Sit down.” I explained I could not stand very long, that’s why I’m in the chair. ‘I was always taught to be a gentleman by mother because that’s the thing to do.’

This was Kate’s first engagement on behalf of the Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles’s flagship charity.

The Prince’s Trust Twitter Feed

The Duchess met with young people taking part in a personal development course overseen by the Trust, it helps them with their resumes, team building and job hunting skills. Below, Kate speaking with some of those taking part in the course. More on why the Course is needed so much from a story about today’s visit on the Prince’s Trust site:

Unemployment hotspot Grimsby has one of the highest levels of youth joblessness in the country, with around one in three young people struggling to find a job..

The Prince’s Trust Facebook

After the engagement, Kate posed with students from the Prince’s Trust and Fire Fighters.

David Wilkinson, CNN Twitter Feed

Kate’s third and final stop of the day was at Havelock Academy, the media presence was sizable, as seen in this Twitpic from the David Ross Education Trust.

David Ross Education Trust

You can just a bit of Kate’s dress in this image.

James Whatling / Splash News

Kate brought out her Cornelia James gloves, the Short Wool Glove with Side Bow. (Many thanks to those who were able to spot these long before your faithful scribe was!) We have it next to a lighter pair to better show the bow.

Cornelia James ‘Pure Wool Glove With Bow’

This photo from Jane Birch shows thick the fog remained throughout the day’s events.

Via Jane Birch/BBC Producer Twitter

CNN’s David Wilkinson shared this image of Kate chatting with students.

David Wilkinson, CNN (@

And ITV’s Georgina Brewer tweeted a photo of Kate speaking with more Academy students.

Georgina Brewer ITV Twitter Feed (@GeorginaITV)

Kate wore a new dress today, the ‘Cezanne Paintbox Pleated‘ dress by Great Plains, the more moderately priced arm of French Connection.

Great Plains

The most distinctive feature of the dress after its print is the pleating, it also has cap sleeves, a modified boat neckline and matching skinny belt. It is 100% polyester, probably beneficial in keeping the pleats looking fresh and avoiding wrinkles.

For those who find the print appealing, there are other pieces available. Below we show the top, only £11.50 at Great Plains, the skirt is just £19 at House of Fraser.

House of Fraser & Great Plains

If interested in the separates shown above and/or Kate’s dress style in another colorway, Amazon has some stock remaining.

Many are familiar with the coat Kate wore, the Hobbs ‘Celeste’ style. It is made of wool crepe in a cut that Kate likes, embellished by leather stud fastenings at the wrist with a matching belt. The coat was originally purchased in September of 2011, the original price was £369, about $550 USD.

Hobbs ‘Celeste’ Coat in Chestnut Brown

You can see some of those studded wrist wraps and belt in this image, but I can’t make out Kate’s black gloves at all.

James Whatling/Splash News

The piece was previously seen previously when the Duchess visited Liverpool on Valentine’s Day of last year, as well as Christmas Day of 2012.

PA Wire/Kind Permission of Jesal Parshotam, IKON Pictures

Kate accessorized with her black suede clutch, one of our oldest UFOs (Unidentified Fashion Objects) and her Annoushka pearl earrings. She also wore the gold ring with small ruby or garnet stones again on her right hand, as seen in this photo from Weezy203 on Twitter.

weezy203 Twitter Feed

CNN’s David Wilkinson shows Kate waving goodbye to students and staff from Havelock Academy.

David Wilkinson, CNN Twitter Feed

And we have one final photo from the day.

Splash News

One note: I have received multiple emails and messages asking/suggesting this is the dress Kate was wearing when she and William were at St. Georges Park. It could well be, but until I can see better photos I am not comfortable claiming definitively that it is.


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Sarah Merton

Tuesday 12th of March 2013

Just wanted to say that I was looking at pictures of the Countess of Wessex and it appears that she and Kate have both worn the same dress, but in different colors. The dress Kate wore in May 2012 for a reception at Buckingham Palace and a garden party ( appears to be the same as the one the Countess of Wessex wore in March 2012 for the opening of Leeds Hospital.


Friday 8th of March 2013

In that picture with the 3-year-old Lucy Bell, does anyone know about those awesome blue ribbon lace-up pumps with the grommets in the background? I've done some cursory searching but can't find them ...


Friday 8th of March 2013

I noticed those myself, though I thought they didn't really go with what appeared to be the rest of the outfit. Chunky shoes like that also shouldn't be worn with a below-the-knee skirt.

I don't know who made them, but if you continue to search, that color is often called "cobalt". Using that as a search term might help.

Kate's Great

Friday 8th of March 2013

She looks gorgeous. And also I've noticed her wearing that gold ring for many years now, I wonder who it's by?

Thanks for a lovely post!!


Thursday 7th of March 2013

Found this while browsing for clothes I will never be able to buy!

It's a version of Kate's blue M Missoni coat worn last year.


Thursday 7th of March 2013

She's the same height as the 5'10" Sophie Winkleman (picture shows this) and taller than the 5' 7¾" Her height different between her and William in flat is the same as William and Joss Stone, who is also 5'10" in flat.

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