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We pop in with a few updates, beginning with word another date has been added to Kate’s calendar. March 19th she will join William for a visit to Child Bereavement UK, the group’s headquarters are at the Clare Charity Centre in Saunderton. The couple will meet with staff and fundraising teams as well as a Parents’ Support Group and a Young People’s Advisory Group. William has been Patron of the organization since 2009.

Before then, of course, the duo will take part in St. Patrick’s Day observances with the Irish Guards on Sunday, the 17th. Kate is expected to help distribute shamrocks to the regiment’s Officers and Guardsmen, Prince William is Colonel of the Regiment.

Leavesden Green, New Mons Barracks Facebook Page

Last year Kate’s first solo military engagement was with the Irish Guard at Mons Barracks, seen above.


Next, a few IDs to share. We start with probable identification of the white skirt worn at last summer’s Olympics.

Rebecca Naden/PA Wire

This is a garment Kate has been seen wearing as far back as 2007. At one point we thought it might be a Boden piece, as seen below.

Press Association/

But it turns out the skirt may well be by Zara. The investigative work by Tatiana’s Delights in trying to determine precisely who made the skirt has paid off, she shared these images.

Tatiana’s Delights Facebook

That is a skirt by Zara Woman, the most telling detail to me is that both Kate’s skirt and the piece in the photo have double vents, somewhat unusual on a basic denim skirt. Thank you Tatiana!

Another long-discussed UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object), the gloves worn by the Duchess when visiting St. Andrew’s in February, 2011 with William.

PA Wire

They are by Fownes, described in a recent eBay auction as being made of “soft nappa leather” with “lambswool/angora blend lining”.  In the US the brand is available at Sears, Nordstrom and other department stores, they also do private label work for LL Bean, Lands’ End and other retailers.


We can also thank Tatiana’s Delights for sharing the information on this item.

Finally, the one and only My Small Obsessions shared an older ID, this one dating back to January of 2007. It comes by way of eBay Seller CopyKate.

eBay Seller CopyKate

The skirt was by UK retailer Dorothy Perkins, a tip of the tiara to CopyKate and My Small Obsessions!


Previously we posted about LK Bennett’s special collection by Caroline Issa. (Below left, the Cassia Sandal in Black and Cherry Box Clutch.)

LK Bennett

The collection is now in store and the detail work is wonderful. (The Tuk Tuk Leather Clutch and Parrot Pointed Toe Court Shoe, both in Natural.)

Caroline Issa for LK Bennett

While I would normally run shrieking from a store at the notion of pom-poms on shoes, they are really very fun.

Caroline Issa for LK Bennett

Above, the Parrot Pointed Toe Court in both Black and Natural.


Some may remember that Whistles was making its London Fashion Week debut this year, showing its Limited edition collection for the first time in a runway environment.  (Previously the brand has done salon type presentations by appointment.) Below, several looks for the fall.

Whistles Courtesy Images

Part of the review by Fashion Foie Gras:

For their first collection, for autumn winter 2013, their presentation was filled with enviable pieces that had women around the room with eyes wide and pens scribbling furiously. Yes, Whistles is an editorial favourite here in the UK and understandably so.  For aw13, there were no great surprises. Whistles wasn’t all of the sudden trying to be edgy now that they had a position on the calendar. They stuck with the formula they’ve proven to be a success.

Whistles Courtesy Images

Back to the Fashion Foie Gras piece:

For the most part, their shapes were classic and the materials timeless. Leather, luxury knits and oversized coats were pillars of the collection. However, there was some experimenting with camouflage and nautical patterns.

Whistles Courtesy Images

From on the Whistles showing:

Held at the Dover Street Arts Club, the presentation featured Whistles’ premium range and included everything from cool camo looks to wearable leather trousers to cozy knits.

Whistles Courtesy Images

It isn’t hard to envision Kate in the chunky, oversized sweaters shown above, although many of the other looks are doubtful for the Duchess in their present iteration. also has a stellar interview with Jane Shepherdson, Whistles CEO, they asked about the impact of doing a show.

Interestingly, I think that doing the show upped the ante across the whole business. When you are creating a collection that you know people are going to be looking at very closely, it really focuses the mind and pushes us to put that little bit extra into everything that we’re creating.

Whistles Courtesy Images

More from the interview:

We will keep showing it’s an obvious platform for us. We also just opened a store in Russia two weeks ago, in Paris before Christmas, and also on Dover Street here in London. W’re talking to department stores in the U.S.. I’m very keen to get something going for Fall 2013.

Whistles Courtesy Images

There are some wonderful pieces in the brand’s spring collection, including some dresses that might (might in all caps) work for Kate moving into the hotter months.


Finally today, we leave you with a look at how three WKW friends wear the Great Plains Cezanne dress as seen on Kate in Grimsby last week. Our thanks to Food-Fash-Fit (far left), a shy WKWer (middle) and Anna.

Food, Fash, Fit/WKW Friend/Anna

Great Plains has done a good job keeping people up to speed on the dress’s availability via its Facebook page and Twitter feed.


We’ll see you Sunday, if not before.

  7 Responses to “Bits & Bytes: UFOs Identified, Whistles Fall 2013”

  1. The Cezanne outfit looks MUCH better on the fans than I thought it did in the catalog pictures. I like it, and all three ladies look great wearing it.

    @Brooke – while Kate does buy things “off the rack,” I suspect she spends quite a bit having pieces taken in and tailored to achieve a better look.

    • I do that, too. I must spend a third as much as I do on clothes having even cheap items tailored. It’s worth it to make something inexpensive look custom-fitted.

      I meant to add that Fownes gloves, readily available in the States, are a quality label that I’ve bought now and then for years, though as I said, I try to buy longish gloves that won’t reveal skin below the edge of a coat or jacket cuff.

  2. Nice job on th UFOs girls! I LOVE that Dorothy Perkins skirt. I have a few Kate-like dresses from there and I love them.

  3. Those gloves are very pretty, but I’m a firm believer in wearing longer gloves so that you don’t get a strip of bare wrist between glove and sleeve cuff. I felt the gloves were too short when I saw the Duchess wearing them with that red Spagnoli suit.

    I like Whistles, except for the fact that the skirts and dresses are so short. I’d love to buy one of their Bella dresses, but I don’t wear hems that fall halfway up my thighs. Moreover, the camouflage look just doesn’t do it for me. Very unattractive.

    That ivory coat, in the last Whistles picture at far right, is quite nice. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

    I’m also not enthusastic about the Caroline Issa pieces for LK Bennett — much too fussy for my tastes.

    Being a big fan of oversized sweaters worn with slim trousers — jeans, khakis, etc. — I love those sweaters and CAN see the Duchess wearing them. She does have a couple of sweaters with extra-long sleeves, for example, that she’s worn with jeans. Those look cozy and would work nicely with skinny jeans under an interesting coat.

  4. i still am always shocked when i hear a piece of kate’s is by zara (white skirt), but i really love that she shops there! and i agree, i think the pom poms for the issa/lk bennett collab are whimsical and fun!

  5. Great post, as usual! :) I HATE the new Whistles collection, though, or at least the runway version. :(

    Nice to know Kate shops at Dorothy Perkins!!!!!!

  6. Well written and very informative, as always! Thank you!

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