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The Earl and Countess of Strathearn, as Kate and William are titled in Scotland, started their two-day visit to that country with a visit to the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

Stuart Wallace/SplashNews.com

Stuart Wallace/SplashNews.com

There was a sizable group of admirers waiting to welcome the duo, you can just about see William and Kate in this photo.

Emirates Arena Twitter

Emirates Arena Twitter

The pair were greeted by officials at the Arena, one of the sites for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.The facility is also called Commonwealth Arena (the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome is also part of the complex), but a sponsorship arrangement results in it being called Emirates Arena.

Emirates Arena

Emirates Arena

Kate seemed to enjoy meeting the official Mascot for the Games, Clyde.

Glasgow 2014

Glasgow 2014

Clyde is a “patriotic and adventurous thistle” created by 12-year-old Beth Gilmour, seen on the left of the photo above.

William and Kate chatted with officials and young athletes, watching cycling practice.

ames Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Paul Harrison of Sky News shared what Kate had to say when asked familiar questions about the baby’s sex or name:

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter

The couple then visited the Quarriers Stopover project, a residence program for young people who are homeless in Scotland’s capitol.

Quarriers Project Facebook

Quarriers Project Facebook

Some may appreciate the sentiment seen on the wallhanging in the back of the room below.

Quarriers Facebook Page

Quarriers Facebook Page

William was asked to help with the music while there. How did he do? From Victoria Murphy’s story in the Mirror:

The 30-year-old prince blushed as he had a go at “scratching” the decks joking “I’ll give everything a go once” before saying “I think I should come better prepared next time.”

After his lengthy turn on the decks Kate joked to him: “Step away from the music”.


Real Radio News SCOT (@RealScotNews)

There were more of the familiar questions at this stop as well, back to Victoria Murphy’s story:

When Rachel asked what her due date is and if they had any names, Kate replied: “It’s around mid-July but apparently babies have their own agenda…

“We have a shortlist for both (boy and girl) but it’s very difficult.

“My friends keep texting me names.”

The couple’s visit was memorialized with a plaque and something a little tastier, this lovely cake by Tunnock’s Biscuits.

Real Radio News SCOT (@RealScotNews)

Quarriers Facebook

After leaving Quarriers the next stop was the the Donald Dewar Leisure Centre located in Drumchapel, here you see some of those eager to see the Royals, with thanks to Steve Cardownie for sharing his photos.

Steve Cardownie Twitter Feed

Steve Cardownie Twitter Feed

William and Kate greet well-wishers upon arriving.

Paul Harrison/Sky News

Paul Harrison/Sky News

There was a crowd of young people on hand inside.

Glasgow Sport

Glasgow Sport

William then formally introduced the Coach Core program to everyone, it is designed to train young people to be leaders while coaching sports.

Glasgow Sport Twitter

Glasgow Sport Twitter

And then it was time for a little table tennis.

David Cheskin/WPA Pool/Press Association Images

David Cheskin/WPA Pool/Press Association Images

From William’s comments to the group:

Catherine – who, you may have noticed, is limited a little in the sports she can play right now – has had to hold herself back from grabbing a tennis racquet and challenging me to a full game. I am far too much of a gentleman to say who would win (but you all saw for yourselves!).

Kate’s navy and grey tartan coat is by Moloh, a UK label.

Moloh 'Workers' Coat

Moloh ‘Workers’ Coat

The Workers Coat is 100% wool, well suited to a brisk Scottish afternoon. It is done in a large navy and grey tartan, with oversized flap pocket detailing and large silver buttons on the front and at the cuff.

Moloh 'Workers Coat'

Moloh ‘Workers Coat’

The coat also features a flared skirt and double vents on the back.

Splash News

Splash News

This piece is still shown as available on the Moloh website, it is £425, approximately $650 at today’s exchange rates.

Moloh is a brand Kate is said to have favored over the years, more from British Vogue:

The label’s collections are all created in Britain and are sold at its Pimlico store in London. What started as traditional country attire has been reinterpreted to offer demure, high-quality relaxed daywear.

The label has some lovely styles, below we share three dresses for spring and summer.



Moloh is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, more on future tweaks to the line from that British Vogue piece, quoting founder Caroline Smiley.

“We hope to attract a younger customer, who blends the classic more expensive pieces with the high street,” added Smiley. “We want our new customer to really appreciate our quality and buy something that will last her forever that she can pass down, leaving her feeling nothing but totally chic.”

Kate was in her trusty Aquatalia Rhumba boots, she carried her black suede clutch and wore her diamond and sapphire earrings.

This is a splendid brand for the Duchess, although the coat seemed a trifle short. One note for consideration when thinking about Kate’s wardrobe choices at this point in her pregnancy: spring has been excruciatingly slow arriving in parts of Britain (it snowed earlier today in London, more snow for the city is possible tonight), Kate could well have planned to be in maternity wear by now, she may have better fitting, lighter weight pieces hanging in her closet that simply won’t do with the cooler temps.

The Countess did seem to enjoy herself immensely, reveling in her time with the children at each venue, answering questions about how she is doing. More from the Mirror’s live blog of today’s events:

She also said she would be going on maternity leave from royal duties sometime in June and told she has been trying to take up knitting ahead of giving birth.

She admitted that knitting was so far not one of her strong points when a resident presented her with a woollen hat for her child along with a teddy bear and babygro.

She said: “I’ve been trying to knit and I’m really bad. I should be asking for tips.”

Tomorrow Kate & William join Prince Charles (known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland) at Dumfries House, the trio will officially open the new Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Centre there.


Another date has been added to Kate’s calendar (check the tab at the top of the page), April 21st she will attend the National Review of Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle, followed by the National Scout Service at St. George’s Chapel. Below you see the Queen at last year’s event.

UK Scouts

UK Scouts

More on the event can be found here.


  47 Responses to “Countess of Strathearn in UK’s Moloh for Glasgow Events”

  1. OK ha ha after defending her previous “short” outfit … I do agree that this one is TOO short. I still think she’s adorable tho!

  2. I really enjoy the coat, especially the lines of the back of the coat and the tartan. I agree that its short in comparison to what we usually see from the Duchess, but she’s clearly wearing a dress underneath and with boots and opaque tights, doesn’t strike me as inappropriate at all. As I’ve said on othere posts, I like the shorter, fuller sillouettes she’s choosing with opaque tights… Seems fresh while still having a strong reference to the mod period, a heyday for British fashion.

  3. She looks like a Scottish lampshade.

  4. I think it is appropriate what Kate is wearing. She is young and attractive and stylish. She is also pregnant and very savvy. Given the press she receives and the harassment because of who she is, and the fact that she is always exposed when on show , she is protecting her unborn child by detracting the eye from her middle. We see her legs ,well covered and they then draw the eye to her face and we skip over her middle. A very comfortable way to keep her baby safe from prying eyes and for her to maintain her dignity. Think about it folks, she dresses this way because we are part of the issue as in we always want to know what she is wearing.

  5. I appear to be one of the few that really liked this look. I’m simply gaga over this coat… I would purchase it in a heartbeat if I had the funds. What a beautiful plaid! And the silhouette with the silver buttons just knocks it out of the park. I find it a trifle short, but pairing it with opaque tights keeps it appropriate. I would really like to see Catherine in some slim-cut trousers at some point though!

  6. Hi everyone,

    On an unrelated note, for a close up and detailed decription of the UFO gold ring the duchess is wearing, look at the site “Diana’s Jewels” noted on this blog-here is the URL:


  7. I think it’s funny that people are criticizing her for wearing a short hemline when Princess Anne in the 70′s wore clothes just as short on official duties. There is a pic on the internet that shows Princess Anne visiting a children’s home and wearing a very short skirt which rode high when seated. You can see from the pic that the coat and dress Catherine wore did not ride high when she sat down. Is there anyone here who can remember the late 60′s and early 70′s to remember how very short dresses/skirts and shorts were then? Even the Queen wore dresses above the knee. Catherine is young, very fit and able to make the look work, in my opinion.

    I also do not think she had it shortened. When you see the picture from the website and you count the large dark squares, there are three from the pocket to the hem with Catherine’s dress and two and half to the hem with the online example with the squares starting below the pocket.

    I think she looks great and isn’t around to be a style icon for us. She’s just living her life and dressing each day and it seems others are imposing an expectation on her. For this, I feel for her. Even on her so called “miss days” she looks miles better than most people in the news these days.

    • I SO agree with everything you just said! Thank you for articulating my thoughts. I would also add that the “thigh boots” mentioned by some are actually mid-calf.

      I would also like to thank our Admin for her thorough posts on each appearance.

    • Well said. Good on her for not turning frumpy just because there’s a baby on board. Let her have fun. She could teach a whole lot of younger ones about grooming.

  8. Kate looks a mess!!! A big mess. What’s her problem about dressing appropriately???

    • Oh my! Why would anyone need to say this? If only we could all look so lovely! I really don’t understand why people follow her if they want to say harsh things about her clothes or hair? Just don’t follow her. She seems like such a kind woman. Let’s just all be nice and keep unkind comments to our own thoughts.

      • Agree 100%. So much pressure on this young woman. And what is appropriate to one person is not to another. Her job is not to dress to impress us. She is a lovely young woman. More focus should be spent on talking about the things we adore about her & leaving the rest alone. I have a rule: if you wouldn’t say it to the person’s face perhaps one shouldn’t say/write it at all. Just IMHO. xo Lulu

        • Dear Lulu,

          That is my rule, too! Social media allows people to say hurtful things that they would never have the nerve to say to someone in person. Also, none of us know what is really going on inside our fellow human’s lives. Sometimes just a kind word can mean so much and likewise, a non-compliment can really hurt. Kindness is always the winning way! Poor Diana suffered far too much at the hands of critics. I pray people will be kind to her Daughter-in-law. Catherine’s hem length, tights, shoe conditions and length of her hair don’t need to please anyone. Everyone on the planet has the right to be an individual and to be respected – not rejected.

          BTW, I enjoy your blog VERY much. Thank you!

  9. I agree the hemline seems short for a formal occasion. I mean a century ago women couldn’t even show their ankles. :). But maybe from Kate’s perspective, as many women can relate to, even though she looks great pregnant she probably feels “puffy or fat” and needed a boost to show her assets (here her great legs) – to feel better!

    • I utterly agree with your comment.
      I nice outfit but a outfit for teen, even though I like very very much the coat.

  10. Thanks for another great post and sorry to hear of cyber-woes – thanks for sticking it out to get the site back up and running again! I only wish the Duchess could have played her part a little better as I’m afraid I find this a disappointing outfit.

    That’s a nice enough coat by Moloh, but I don’t think it can be worn successfully like this. It’s clearly been shortened as you can see by the pattern and the resulting silhouette is all out of sync and top-heavy. The flared skirt of the coat is sticking out awkwardly and there’s no real hang left in it, plus the whole garment is being distorted by the baby bump.

    That was a game attempt in your post to create a reason via the weather as to why the Duchess is dressing so strangely these days but the fact that you’ve even had to think it up rather underlines that the Duchess seems to be less about style these days than about simply throwing things together and hoping the result might work.

    These short hemlines look unsightly and awkward in her present condition and the effect against her skinny legs is coming close to comic. She also continues to risk unfortunate rearward exposure in her outfits and, really, I’m afraid I just don’t want to be mooned at. It’s so sad that she apparently won’t change, can’t learn and is unable to accept some reliable support in the dressing department.

    Just don’t get me started on her increasingly scuffed and worn footwear…

    I fear she has slipped into a parallel universe of royal dressing where she can no longer see what she looks like and may keep up a continuing stream of clumsy choices, broken only by the occasional happy chance when, more by luck than judgement, an outfit really seems to work. It all makes watching her progress ever more depressing.

  11. I’m finding the Duchess’ outfits disappointing of late. She has been wearing some lovely edgy pieces of clothing, which could look great with different footwear (flat boots?), statement jewellery or scarves, and sleek hair. I feel that her outfits can look a little unfinished, and lacking that wow item that can pull everything together.

  12. I’m so glad I can log in again to this site – for days I’ve been getting a ‘unable to display’ sign and information that it was offline! So it’s good to be back with you.

    I suppose the coat is a little short, and when I saw it on Moloh’s site, didn’t like it, but on Kate it looks good. Unless those tights were very thick, the poor girl must have had cold legs because the wind is bitterly cold here in spite of the sunshine.

    Personally speaking, if I had legs like hers I’d be inclined to wear short skirts too :)

    Thanks for the great coverage you give on this site. I really enjoy it and value it highly.

  13. I wish this coat were 2 inches longer and it would have been fine. Just too short in my opinion. If you look at the full length photograph one can see it’s a bit out of proportion for her height etc. The Duchess is a lovely looking lady hence gets away from looking totally inappropriate for this occasion.

  14. Apparently this isn’t a popular view to have, but I think she looks great and completely appropriate.

    • I agree 100%. The knee length boots and dark tights make certain that literally no skin is showing anywhere, and she is obviously wearing a black dress of some sort under the coat. Also, with the way this coat is cut, if it had been any longer it would have ruined the lines and proportions of the look. I think she looked lovely and am thrilled that she hasn’t succumbed to the hollywood trend of wearing insanely tight clothing over her baby belly.

  15. This strikes me as a “date” outfit. A really lovely “date” outfit but not charity work attire. To me the black thigh boots and semi-opaque/opaque tights is quite a sexy combination. Tights might not show skin but you clearly see the outline of so much leg…Even more surprising than the length of the coat is the length of the dress. The dress must be higher than mid-thigh to be invisible beneath such a short coat. Still, she clearly put forth effort and everyone seems thrilled to see her so all’s well that ends well.

  16. this look is great! plus she’s wearing a dress underneath the coat so the hoo-ha is abit uncalled for?


  17. i’m not sure what all of the fuss is about! i think the coat is a perfectly appropriate length when worn with tights but without tights, it would be too short. and i love the hemline because it’s flattering on her–i cannot even tell that she is pregnant. and, as always, i love to see her jump in for a game of ping pong!


  18. At the risk of being branded an ageist anti feminist (for the record, I am neither) I agree this coat is too short for an official engagement. If it is too cold for spring like maternity wear then Kate could wear her black knit dress under the coat (it stretches!). I also agree with the comments that Kate sometimes seems to wear too literal references to the event she attends ( the girlish Orlando Kiely bird print dress at her visit with children, the double breasted navy McQueen at a military event) and now the tartan on her first official engagement in Scotland, although I understand that some newspapers have criticized her for wearing an English label instead of authentic tartan.

    Personally, I find the cut flattering (except the length)but the tartan/colours a bit drab for some reason. Not a bad look overall, but not one of my favourites, either.

  19. I usually roll my eyes when others complain about her hemlines, but I have to agree this coat is a bit short. Just an inch or two longer would have been perfect. Otherwise I love the style. She really isn’t showing much for being on the cusp of her third trimester!

  20. Her coat is way too short!! Not classy enough.

  21. Very cute coat – Love it! She looks great, not showing much. I think the length is fine with the black tights and boots, she is well covered. It would look worst if it was longer, IMO. She is young and has a great figure.

  22. Our Kate looks cute and appropriate in my eyes. I am not expert nor interested in those etiquettes…
    Yahoo had a video where a 4 year old little girl when Duke tried to kiss her on the cheek. LOL

  23. First time poster… I’ve been thinking about maybe why the Duchess’s hem lines have gotten shorter recently. If she is converting non-maternity clothing to work with her bump, the stomach area obviously has to be widened. To do this you can open seams for some extra width, lessen an overlap, or buy a bigger size and tailor it down to fit. But unless the dress/coat was cut for a bump, with extra material length to cover the protruding stomach and be the same length as the back, the bump will naturally raise the hemline in front. Maybe she has the back hemmed up to match the front so the bottom isn’t asymmetrical… Just a guess.

    I don’t mind the shorter length with the opaque tights, because it’s not much more revealing than if she were wearing skinny jeans. And it’s not like the rest of her body is hanging out. She seems age appropriate, and looks comfortable, and really is very covered, IMO

  24. What a cute coat! Also, I am enchanted by the idea of a ““patriotic and adventurous thistle”…

  25. It seems the WKWers may be evenly divided on this issue. I am one that thinks that while her coat is short, because she is wearing opague tights it is appropriate. She is young and I have noticed she leans towards more playful/youthful looks when visiting children which I think makes her more accessable. I’ve really enjoyed the coat/tights/boots looks, especially the brown Joseph coat she wore to the races. I also shared this theory on the page, but I think these short ensembles are totally on purpose and to make our eyes and conversations go towards her legs and away from her bump. She has not worn anything form fitting and has been careful to keep her belly obscured.

  26. I love the coat! After all, she’s young, has a fabulous figure, and most importantly, seems at ease and happy. When her hemlines are too long, people complain she’s dressing too frumpy. When her hemlines are shorter, people complain she’s dressing too young for her age. Poor thing can’t catch a break. I say bravo, Kate!

    • well said! She will never be able to please everyone so the best thing she can do is dress for herself. I think she looks darling xo Lulu

  27. No, No, No, NO. I am usually a fan of WHATEVER Catherine wears – even the shorter dresses and coats. But this seems way too short for the weather and her pregnancy and her legs. Yes, opaque tights definitely allow her to pull it off; but this made me feel uncomfortable from across the pond… I can’t imagine how short her dress or skirt underneath had to be… On a happier note, I’m happy to see her doing so well! Looking forward to tomorrow!!

  28. This coat is much, much too short, every way we look at it. I don’t necessarily agree with the comment that she is not prepared for the cold weather with maternity wear, all she needs is one black pencil skirt that she can wear with her many different coats and boots. She needs to realize that her position requires to move away from looking cute to looking professional.

  29. I agree with you Susan that Catherine probably has “lighter” more spring-like maternity wear she is hoping she can wear, but the weather isn’t “cooperating” and that may be why we’re seeing the issue with shorter hemlines with her jackets right now. With that being said though, I think the dark tights and boots make it look appropriate enough. Catherine appears to have very long legs and finding outfits to cover her bump and her legs is probably a challenge! The only thing I don’t like too much is I feel this was an outfit that in some ways seemed almost like a “costume” and fashion wise it seems too literal being plaid while visiting Scotland. Perhaps it’s strange I see it that way, but for some reason I have never liked such obvious outfits. I hope that makes sense. On a more important note, it is great to see William and Catherine looking so happy and enjoying themselves! I’m so glad she seems to be doing well and she certainly has a “glow”. They seem to really enjoy getting involved with children and I believe they will make great parents! Looking forward to seeing them both tomorrow :) Thanks for the post!

  30. I think the coat length is fine, given Kate’s (relatively young) age and her figure- even pregnant! It looks like she has something on underneath, right?

  31. That’d be Earl and Countess of Strathearn, not Duchess…

  32. Her Strathearn title is “Countess,” since the wife of an earl is a countess. “Earl” is the British equivalent of the continental title “Count”.

    This is a cute coat, but so short! It’s even shorter than the brownish-pink Joseph coat that gave us all pause recently. Again, wearing opaque tights and boots allows for a shorter length, but in this case, I think she really went too far. It just doesn’t look appropriate for an official engagement.

    It could have been worn over a slim, knee-length pencil skirt for an interesting silhouette and a much more suitable look. I have a coat similar in style and length to the white Alexander McQueen Samurai coat but in a dark wool, and I wear it over knee-length, slim-cut skirts and dresses.

    I hadn’t heard of this label and took a look at its site. I saw only one dress — the tux dress — that I liked, but the coats and jackets involve a very appealing design aesthetic. I’d like to see the Duchess wear more clothes by the label, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

    • Thank you! (I think today’s technical nightmare nuked my memory as well as the computer’s!) :)

    • I agree that today’s outfit was much too short. At least she wore tights underneath it!

      I’m all for wearing what makes one look good and feel confident, but this was a miss for me. It would have been fine to wear to a nice night out on the town, but it’s much too short for today’s events.

      I am sure she could get her hands on a basic pair of maternity pants or a skirt. If she wants to make do until it’s warm enough for lighter maternity wear, why can’t she just buy something basic in a more appropriate length to tide her over? It doesn’t have to be an entire wardrobe, just a few pieces to wear for variety.

  33. I hate to comment about the length of her hemlines as I can only imagine how difficult it is to dress for appearances while pregnant knowing the eyes of the world are upon you, but… this is much, much too short. The Duchess has fabulous legs and is overall a very striking woman, but when I saw these photos and some on other websites, I cringed. It appears that the coat barely covers her backside. This coat would be much more appropriate with pants.

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