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William and Kate continued their visit to Scotland, starting their day at Dumfries House, a stately home in Ayrshire.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Prince Charles has been involved in restoration of Dumfries House for years.

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

The Earl and Countess of Strathearn joined forces with the Duke of Rothesay (as William, Kate and Prince Charles are titled in Scotland) for the official opening of the new Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Centre at Dumfries House.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

It was a very cold day, below you can see how bundled up people are in this photo shared by Prince’s Trust volunteer Adam Hale.

Adam Hale Twitter Feed

Adam Hale Twitter Feed

Despite the chill all three royals spent time doing a walkabout. Georgina Brewer of ITV shared this photo of William and Kate chatting with young Scouts.

Georgina Brewer, ITV

Georgina Brewer, ITV

They were some of the more than 600 young people who are members of groups represented by Youth United, a network of youth organizations.

Blair Murdoch Racing Twitter

Blair Murdoch Racing Twitter

Many had been waiting for several hours to ensure they had a good view of Their Royal Highnesses.

Georgina Brewer, ITV

Georgina Brewer, ITV

Some of the groups represented included the Sea, Army and Air Cadets, the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, Brownies and Scouts. These young ladies look like they were a little nippy.

Rebecca English, Daily Mail/Mail Online

Rebecca English, Daily Mail/Mail Online

Prince Charles made remarks to the crowd as seen in this photo from the Mirror’s Victoria Murphy.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

How cold was it? More from STV’s story:

As Charles prepared to address the crowd, William rubbed his cold hands and told his father to “make it brief”.

Then William and Kate were off to Barrow-in-Furness, located in Cumbria.

BAES Maritime

BAES Maritime

The couple visited BAE Systems where the Royal Navy’s Astute-class Submarines are built.

Mike Vallance/BAE Systems

William and Kate met with employees and also toured the facility.

BAE Systems Facebook

BAE Systems Facebook

Prince William is Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Navy Submarine Service.

Kate repeated a recognizable piece, the red coat by Armani worn for William’s passing out from Sandhurst in 2006.

PA Wire/Armani/PA Wire

PA Wire/Armani/PA Wire

The button on the coat was moved to create a little extra room, better accommodating Kate’s pregnancy.

The Strathearn Tartan scarf Kate wore for the Order of the Thistle and Jubilee River Pageant also made another appearance.

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Kate wears the Artisan Hand-Woven Silk Scarf, woven from silk spun at the world’s last mill making authentic tartans, DC Dalgleish.

DC Dalgleish

DC Dalgleish

More from ScotWeb’s product description:

This is the scarf famously worn by Kate Middleton (or, if you prefer, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus) on many occasions, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Royal Pageant.

Catherine chose Strathearn tartan, of course. In fact Strathearn No.2 Modern tartan. (Click that link to select it.) But you can have yours in any plaid of your choice.

The scarf is 12″ x 71″, it is available in 15570 fabrics (that’s not a typo), and prices start at $190 for Kate’s version.



And while you can’t see it in the photo above, Kate also brought back a brooch first noticed at last year’s Jubilee River Pageant. The piece features two dolphins topped by a crown, it was a wedding gift from the RN Submarine Service.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Kate was in her Aquatalia Rhumba boots again.

Aquatalia Rhumba

Aquatalia Rhumba

She also brought back her Kiki McDonough diamond and green amethyst earrings.

One of the day’s more memorable moments came during the walkabout at Dumfries House. An 11-year-old girl very much wanted Kate to see her doll. More from the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English:

Dayna proudly showed Kate her doll which had been put on her Christmas list and had been ordered by her mother from eBay.

Here you can see Kate’s reactions, the photo on the lower left may best show how perplexed she was.
Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

If you’re wondering what doll it was, Rebecca English of the Daily Mail shared this photo of Dayna with the doll.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail/Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail/Mail Online

From Rebecca’s story about Kate’s close encounter with the not-so-identical creature with the big hair:

‘No! Oh no, is that me? Is that meant to be me? Does my hair really look like that!’ She exclaimed.

Some may recognize the doll, it was officially called the Princess Catherine Engagement Doll, they were offered by Hamley’s.
Princess Catherine Engagement Doll

Princess Catherine Engagement Doll

More on from Victoria Murphy’s story in the Mirror:
Dayna said: “I told her she was much prettier than the doll and her hair was not nearly so big and she laughed and seemed happy.
I think she was a bit shocked by the doll though.
“I can’t believe how nice she was though. She was just lovely. This has been the best day ever.”
“Dayna is a huge fan of the royal family and has written seven or eight letters to them and had replies from all, even the Queen,” her mother added.
Please accept my apology for the delayed and abbreviated post, we spent more time dealing with technical gremlins today. The good news is that we seem to have the worst of it behind us.




  26 Responses to “Kate Repeats Red Armani in Scotland, Is Taken Aback by ‘Princess Catherine’”

  1. FOUND THE MULBERRY eyelet dress! this is an older verison


  2. With her amazing coloring, she always looks simply gorgeous in red. Love these photos.

  3. she looks ok the coat is at least an appropriate length. It is just not that amazing of a coat.

  4. The most successful maternity repurpose so far, I think! The lines of that coat lend themselves nicely to the small adjustment and still fall as intended. Its also a hue the Duchess wears well, in this coat, at the lifeboat dedication, and the McQueen river pageant dress. The tartan scarf is the perfect touch. All that said, I do wish that she’d done something different with her hair. With the wind, it doesn’t wear well. The chic pony from the lifeboat dedication would have looked fab here.

  5. I just love that silk scarf! The price is a little high for me but it is so beautiful, nicely finished off, and went very well with the coat.

    I much prefer this look to the last one!

  6. .. I just wanted to say Kate must have THE most desirable, yearn-inducing, makes-you-drool!, coat collection in the entire world.

    in my dreams, one day.. I’ll be walking into a seemingly endless closet full of gorgeous, couldn’t-be-more-adorable, elegant, crisp, wondrous COATS !

    I want!
    just saying..

    she looks LOVELY, as usual !

  7. I love it when any of the royals wear something that was a gift from the services or is pertinent to the event they are attending. The dolphin pin, the plaid scarf and the bracelet from the ARK giftshop (did I get that one right?) are all examples of the thought that goes into selecting something that honors the people they will be meeting. Kate does this quite well.

  8. I was really disappointed in Kate’s comment to the young girl. She should have been flattered a little girl has a doll of her instead only focused on how she looked. I also don’t like the message it sends to the little girl who now probably doesn’t like her doll because it ‘upset’ the ‘princess’. Would you worry about how it looked? Or do you think you’d just be flattered and think it was sweet? Coats a million times better but I never like that red one I always thought it was shapeless.

    • I think Kate could have phrased it better, but I also think she was pretty surprised to see it. I wonder if she didn’t know about the doll, or maybe didn’t see it before. If I were shown a doll that looked like me under circumstances where I wasn’t expecting to see it (like Kate did during the walkabout), I’d probably express surprise, too.

      I actually kind of liked that she gently poked fun at the doll. It would have been arrogant, I think, if she had said anything along the lines of “This doll looks beautiful.”

    • Hahah yeah… nah, I think it was cute and funny that her eyes got all big and she was all “Oh my!” I think it was a funny moment and I doubt anyone was insulted. I would rather see her be natural and honest and awkward than some fake, mechanical fairytale that covers up absolutely every thought and emotion. It was funny. The girl and her mom still told the reporters they were so happy to have met her.

      It would be awfully rude to respond that way if the little girl actually made the doll herself…. and I imagine like the whole portrait fiasco, Kate would have been polite and said it was “brilliant”.

  9. It’s such a relief to see an outfit that can be sensibly recycled to present circumstances. Combined with some extra skirt length, the Duchess has a touch of elegance about her once more.

    Not sure if an English royal wearing a red coat North of the Border was altogether the most diplomatic idea, but we’d better pass over that one. At least the colour suits her and the scarf looks good.

    Great to see how well she and hubbie and Prince Charles get along with each other.

  10. Thank you for pulling this together. I was looking back at PW passing out parade and comparing the coat. Reconized the Submarine broach, and had scarf. It was folded in her hand before.

  11. Thanks to you for this blog. You are doing us a service and this is appreciated very much hence I do not mind if you are late uploading pics. l am just happy you run this blog very efficiently.
    Love this coat on the Duchess….length, cut, colour – just perfect.
    Question to Lili (another good writer). What do you mean by Armani “principles”? Also who are the other designers you recommend that would have coats similar in cut to Armani? Thank you.

    • Fashiophile, I don’t know how well you recall (if you were even alive then; I’m feeling elderly) coat and jacket design before Armani appeared on the scene. It tended to be quite structured, not to say stiff, even in the hands of such masters as, say, Yves Saint Laurent. Armani’s achievement was to create a perfect equipoise between structure, in terms of fit, and utter fluidity of draping. The set of the shoulders and sleeves is always flawless, but the designs are always beautifully fluid and soft, just skimming the body and hips — shaped but never tightly and always elegant.

      No one was doing that before Armani, and I thought it was rather amazing when I first saw one of his jackets. However, it took years before affordable lines started to adopt some of his design principles, in particular those fluid, body-skimming jacket silhouettes. My point in my earlier post is that today, you can see those silhouettes even in VERY affordable clothing. I saw a jacket at Zara the other day that cost about $100 and reminded me of some vastly more expensive Armanis I’d seen, but you wouldn’t have been able to find anything like that for $300 back in the mid-80′s.

      Some of the coats and jackets on the Moloh website made me think a bit of Armani, the Pearson coat, for example, and the Dime and Dodger jackets. (Also the Tux dress.) Max Mara has always offered a not-inexpensive-but-less-expensive-than-Armani Italian aesthetic that I admire. (I still wear a Max Mara linen jacket that I bought in 1988, when I couldn’t afford Armani. I saved for it for months. I have another late 80′s jacket by a San Francisco designer named Roberto Robledo, sadly a casualty of the AIDS epidemic, that has the Armani “look,” and I swear I’ll wear it until I’m dead.)

      In any case, studying Armani design closely in any store near you that sells him is a good idea, because even if you can’t afford it — and most of us can’t — you can learn to recognize when an affordable designer has come close.

      • Thank you Lili. Well written (as always) and well explained. I am not as young as you think. I do own just one Armani jacket and it is nearly 20 years old and still going strong. And I agree with you that once the other cheaper designers came along I did not feel the urge to splurge on one Armani jacket when I could get 3 (or 4) for the price. Agree with you about Max Mara and Zara. I would add Max & Co too. I do have one Zara jacket and even my designer-only wearing friends ask me where I got the jacket from when I wear it. Goes to show that there are good jackets around for a fraction of an Armani. Max Mara and Max & Co (cheaper than Max Mara) are a good in-between and well made. Thanks once again.

  12. sooo much better than yesterday’s drab, crumpled and too-short coat! i love the color and fit which gives her some shape while not becoming tight in the tummy area.
    the scarf makes a very attractive and appropriate accessory.

    will, on the other hand, i’m really not liking that coat. it looks very 70s to me.

  13. No need to apologize for the abbreviated post. I’m sorry you had technical difficulties. Thank you for posting such wonderful photographs. I love the first one where the royals are dwarfed by the architecture of Dumfries House. We get such tight shots around their faces so often, it was refreshing to see the scale of the building. It was also nice to see photos of different people in the crowd, like the scouts and everyone bundled up.

    • Melanie, I agree! WKW does a fabulous job and I don’t think she should ever feel as if she needs to apologize for *anything* — especially technical issues that are out of her control! I did think Kate’s reaction to that creepy doll was priceless :)

  14. I love to see Kate wearing bright colors and today’s red Armani coat with the Strathearn scarf was perfect for the event. She looked so bright and happy.

    Wearing the brooch that was a wedding gift from the RN Submarine Service on the day of the visit to the submarine facility in Cumbria once again shows Kate’s wonderful attention to detail.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Kate with Her Majesty at the Scout event later this month.

  15. I have been your biggest fan for years, and can’t tell you how much I love your blog! Thank you for all your beautiful posts! Amazing!

    The Classy Cubicle

  16. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I must confess that I get extra excited every time Catherine brings back a piece from her pre-engagement and marriage days. I loved this look when she was simply Kate Middleton (the black Philip Treacy hat is perhaps my all-time favorite, nothing like a large hat to make a statement!) and I admire what she has done here as well. The scarf adds such a lovely touch. I’m not sure how she manages to keep her hair out of her face in that weather without a hat!

    I have to mirror Lili’s thoughts. It isn’t so much that this length is more appropriate, I just think a knee-length hem is more flattering.

    • I agree on all accounts.

      I too especially love when she brings back something from her pre-engagement days. I actually almost prefer her “street style” very laid back, maybe a little sloaney. :)

  17. I’m so glad I found this site. I love to follow what Kate and William are doing and this site is fun. Thanks for the links to the places and things talked about in each post.

    And Kate looks lovely in that coat but they all look to be freezing. I have a feeling she would like to have had that hat she wore with the Scouts the other week to keep her warm.

  18. Thank you for the posts. I love your site.

  19. I loved this coat the first time I saw it several years ago and was delighted to see it again. I thought it was an excellent choice by a woman who has clearly been trying to avoid splashing out on a lot of cold-weather maternity wear while she awaits the point at which the weather and her expanding midsection both allow her to trot out some real maternity clothing.

    The Duchess wears red quite well, and the lines of this coat delighted me all those years ago. I am a serious Armani fan — no one does coats and jackets better — though in more recent years, other designers have grasped the Armani principles in coats and jackets. When I was an impoverished graduate student living in Italy, it was deeply frustrating not to be able to afford — not to be able to come anywhere CLOSE to affording — a jacket or coat that looked anything like one by Armani. Today, that design aesthetic is present in many lines, by many more affordable designers.

    We had a great debate yesterday about hem length, and all I can do here is reiterate, after seeing this terrific red coat, that a knee-length (by which I mean either mid-knee or just above the knee) hem is always going to look more elegant, more chic, and more sophisticated on any woman, aged 18-80.

    Halfway up the thighs just looks too juvenile and disproportionate, not to mention all wrong for a grown woman in a professional setting. The Duchess is now a professional royal, with a job to do on her public engagements. Short little coats and dresses that look as though they were designed for 8-year-olds just do not work.

    My mother this past Christmas gifted her three children with silk and cashmere scarves in our family tartan. They make GREAT gifts, if you happen to be of Scottish ancestry.

    • I really liked today’s hem, too. I think it was much more professional and sophisticated.

      I also liked the light touch of tartan in the scarf. Someone commented on yesterday’s outfit that Kate edges near looks that appear almost costume-y, and I have to agree. I think today’s outfit was a nice balance – it’s just a touch, and it’s not overdone.

      And as long as I have the floor, I have to admit I got a good giggle over her reaction! I think I would have made the same face if someone showed me a doll in my likeness.

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