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It is another busy day for the William Kate and their newborn baby. Before we get to the day’s activities, we want to share the baby’s name, it was released this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.31.29 PM

Clarence House Twitter Feed

Clarence House Twitter Feed

Quick notes on the significance of the names:

  • King George VI (1936-1952) was the most recent monarch with the name, it is also the name of England’s patron saint
  • Alexandra is one of the Queen’s middle names
  • Louis is after Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip’s uncle, someone Prince Charles was very, very fond of & it is also William’s fourth name (William Arthur Philip Louis)

Prince George met his great-grandmother today when Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to Kensington Palace.

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Prince Harry also stopped in to meet his new nephew, and then the Duke and Duchess headed to Bucklebury with the newest royal.  They are going to be staying with Kate’s parents at the family’s home.

There were celebrations in the village yesterday, as seen in a picture shared by Dan Cooper of Newbury Today,

Dan Cooper, Newbury Today Twitter Feed

Dan Cooper, Newbury Today Twitter Feed

There are photos of Kate and William leaving the Palace, but I am not licensed to use them, the best can probably be seen here in the Daily Mail’s story.

Kate wore a dress by British maternity brand Séraphine.



She chose the Short Sleeve Knot Front Dress in Lavender. The dress is rayon with a touch of elastene for stretch. Séraphine’s description:

The lavender floral print follows on from this season’s penchant for bold designs in a purple palette making it trouble free to work the aesthetic. Deep V-neckline enhances your new cleavage and provides easy breastfeeding access post birth.

You can better see the print design in these pictures.



The frock retails at $85 in the US, £50 in the UK.

Kate was also wearing the Givenchy sunglasses we have seen previously.

Givenchy SGV 773

Givenchy SGV 773

They are available at the Zappos US site ($375).

Kate’s hair was up in a very simple ponytail; she looked happy and relaxed. The dress is a pretty design and seems ideal for a casual day in the car and at her parents.


I wanted to address some of the emailed/tweeted questions regarding the Prince’s blankets. While this will not become What Prince Cambridge Wore, this is simply the fastest & easiest way for me to respond. (I am beyond buried in work at my ‘real job’.)

The white blanket used when the baby was brought out to meet the media is the Superfine Merino Wool Christening Shawl by G.H.Hurt and Son. More from Roya Nikkah of the Sunday Telegraph.

Roya Nikkah Twitter Feed

Roya Nikkah Twitter Feed

This is a classic British brand, products are made in the company’s Nottingham factory.

G.H. Hurt & Sons

G.H. Hurt & Sons

The company’s understated response to its sudden increase in popularity was appealing.

Due to a well publicised event demand for this item has increased. Lead times may be slightly longer with this beautiful shawl, but we are doing our very best to deliver to time

The other blanket used is from the Aden and Anais Jungle Jam set of cotton muslin swaddles. (The baby’s was the design on the very far left.)

Aden & Anais

Aden & Anais

And the car seat was a Britax B Safe.


In terms of what’s next for the new family:

  • The Duke and Duchess are expected to stay with Kate’s family in Bucklebury for some time, William has just started his two weeks of paternity leave. The Queen has invited them all to Balmoral (including Kate’s parents) but it isn’t known yet if anyone will accept the invitation.
  • A Kensington Palace spokesperson has said “This is now private and quiet time for them to get to know their son.”
  • There is word we may see a more formally organized photocall for the Prince in about two weeks, obviously I will update when we have more details.
  • The christening could take place within the next 90 days. Prince George will wear a replica of the Honiton lace robe used since 1841 for royal babies. The original was made for Queen Victoria’s oldest daughter, but after 30 christenings over the years it became too fragile for use and a copy was made in 2008. Many think the christening will take place after the Queen and Prince Philip return from Balmoral.


A quick note on charitable endeavors. Yesterday we mentioned that William and Kate requested that anyone thinking about sending a gift instead make a donation to the Imperial College Healthcare Charity. It reminded me to mention we are approaching the last month of our Baby Cambridge Fundraiser, with all donations going to EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices), one of Kate’s patronages.

EACH Baby Cambridge Fundraiser

EACH Baby Cambridge Fundraiser

Your generosity has helped us generate $5819+ in donations, many, many thanks to everyone who has donated!  We are getting very close to our goal but still have a ways to go. Every little bit helps, if you are able to donate even $2, click here to visit our Just Giving page.

Finally, there is a program airing tomorrow night about something we’re familiar with, often called the Kate effect. “Kate’s Baby Bounce” airs on ITV’s ‘Tonight’ program at 7:30pm BST, it is hosted by Laura Kuenssberg, the network’s business editor. The show will look at how the Kate effect could impact the British baby industry, and also looks at Kate’s popularity in the US. And…. it’s possible someone you’re familiar with could be part of the broadcast….as well as a few Kate fashion fans from the Michigan area. (I know, I’m a terrible tease.)

For all of our friends who can see ITV, that is Thursday night at 7:30pm on the Tonight program. For those of us unable to see the show we will effort a link to online viewing or You Tube or whatnot.


  31 Responses to “It’s George Alexander Louis, HRH Prince George of Cambridge & Séraphine Maternity Dress for Trip to Bucklebury”

  1. Love Kate’s “leaving hospital dress”. Just right.

  2. Just found your site, LOVE IT! I love Kate’s sense of style and easy confidence and beauty. Can’t wait to follow.

  3. I actually think that’s a Bugaboo car seat. She supposedly bought a Bugaboo stroller and if you look at Bugaboo car seat on their site, it looks just the same. The back of the Prince’s car seat appears to have a blue triangle and so does the Bugaboo one.

  4. Dear “What Kate Wore” Blog + Readers:

    You are going to love this, I posted my photos and thoughts from the Lindo Wing as I was there! :)

    “Rose Knows” Link: http://emilyroseschiller.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/the-birth-of-royal-prince.html or “The Birth of the Royal Prince.”

    Emilyrose Schiller

  5. I just love the blanket company’s response! It’s a subtle acknowledgement to the event, while also letting people know that it will take a while to fulfill orders.

  6. I am a regular reader of this blog, which I like very much for its kindness and class, although I never sent any comment. The little Pince George’s birth seem a very good occasion for writing this one!
    I am just a little bit upset at the thought that, being 45, I will never see him becoming a king…

    Firstable, for those who can read italian, I am pleased to recommend this article:
    I liked it very much and the journalist, a quite famous italian one, says what I exactly feel. ‘Il potere del sorriso’ means ‘The power of smiling’.
    Secondly, could it not possibly be that the Duke and the Duchess already knew the sex of their baby and kept it secret? In that case, Kate did not need a pink dress similar to the blue Jenny Packam’s one to wear to check out of the hospital!
    Best wishes to the Cambridge family and best regards to you all from Italy (and sorry for my bad english),

    • Francesca, I’m 60 and like you when I heard little George is not expected to become king until 2070, I felt quite sad that I will never live long enough to see it. In fact, I might not live long enough to see the prince get married or even graduate from college. That was an even more sobering thought.

      As far as Will and Kate knowing the baby’s gender ahead of time, it’s anyone’s guess. If they wanted to keep the gender a surprise to the public, the easiest way to do that would be for Will and Kate not to know.

      Also I’m not covinced that Kate deliberately selected a blue dress to signal the birth of a boy. Bue is a fairly popular color. Couldn’t it just be a coincidence?

      • Will’s and/or Kate’s staff were seen entering the hospital with an armful of clothes on Tuesday. It’s possible they had two outfits picked out and ready to go at home, one in blue, one in pink, and someone was sent out to pick up the appropriate color after the birth.

    • She also bought a blue pram a few weeks ago….I would say she knew – if someone truly did not know they would have picked a lovely sunny yellow or a luscious green – but baby-boy-blue, as it happens, I do not think conscious Kate would have chosen this colour had she really believed there might be a baby girl….

      • In this day and age, picking out a blue pram really doesn’t mean anything. I like blue better than pink, and I think it’s rather silly to drape everything in pink just because you’re expecting a girl. I see no reason why a female baby can’t have a blue pram. You don’t have to go for yellow or green just because you don’t know the sex. You can go for whatever color you like.

        By the same token, I doubt that the Duchess would have felt it absolutely necessary to appear in a pink dress if she’d had a baby girl. That’s not to say that she DIDN’T have Packham create a pink dress — she has a history of going for slightly-themed outfits — but I wouldn’t bet any money on it. Seeing someone carrying a dress bag into the hospital (it wasn’t an “armful” of clothes) doesn’t mean that she was carrying two dresses, one pink, one blue. After all, by that time, Tuesday, the baby was born and the sex known. And William needed fresh clothes, too.

  7. I was hoping Alexander would be the first name but was pretty certain George would chosen instead. The middle names were a surprise, since I thought there would be three — Charles, Philip, and Michael. At least Alexander made it in there. My husband wonders if perhaps they will call him Alex, as other royals have often not used their first names but rather one of the others.

    I must say that although I am not a huge fan of prints, I rather like that Seraphine dress. The print is elegant, rather Japanese, and not too fussy.

    Best wishes to this new little family, and I hope they get plenty of rest, quiet, and time to become acquainted without being bothered by the outside world — by which I mean the media, which has certainly behaved with a fair amount of unexpected — from my point of view — hysteria over this one small person. I’ve been gobsmacked by it all.

    • I agree with you (was hoping for Alexander too)… I read another person’s comments in the Daily Mail that Diana’s siblings (Jane, Sarah and Charles) have eldest sons named George, Alexander, and Louis. Coincidental, maybe, but as they are all traditional royal names, it’s no surprise they are in the Spencer side as well, but it was an interesting fact anyway.

  8. I would really love to see links of where to purchase less expensive “knock off” outfits like the Duchess wears. I purchased the blue polka dot from Fred Flare based on your post about the Jenny Packham dress. Would love to purchase more similar items if there was a comprehensive list of suggestions.

  9. I love the Seraphine dress Kate wore and her sunglasses. I’m sure Kate, William and baby George will all be very well taken care of by her parents. I can’t wait to see the next photos in two weeks. It will be fun to see the happy family and watch The Little Prince grow up.

  10. Thank you for organizing the fundraiser! (And for posting about it again today – I had somehow missed it earlier, so I made my donation today!)

  11. I would have preferred Alexander but I DO love the name as it tributes the wonderful King George VI and Prince George Duke of Kent.
    I especially love that William and Kate chose this name which also in a way honors the Queen as she was extremely close to her beloved father and this name chose must make her so happy! I would have loved if they had tributed Diana somehow with the name but c’est la vie!

  12. Favorite post thus far… If I absolutely had to choose just one! Thank you for this!

  13. Update to previous comment:

    It is a Mercedes Benz car seat! Best photo: http://www2.mercedes-benz.co.uk/content/unitedkingdom/mpc/mpc_unitedkingdom_website/en/home_mpc/passengercars/home/corporate_sales0/fleet-after-sales/accessories/child_seats/baby-safe.html

    I believe it is manufactured by Britax but obviously slightly different… Logos removed, different fabric, etc.

    Credit to my friend Beth Cummings who is also obsessed with car seats along with me. :)

    • No. Its a peg perego. See the small tag on the babies right side/photos left? Its definitely a peg perego. The labels on the side match up exactly too.

  14. I’m just curious as to how to pronounce Louis. Is it pronounced the French way or is it like “Lewis”?

    • That is a great question, I wondered the same thing and did a query on Twitter. People were very helpful in letting me know it is Lou-ee. :)

    • I actually went to Youtube and watched a few minutes of the wedding to satisfy myself that the royals pronounce the name “Lou-ee”. It is one of William’s middle names, so I knew I’d hear it.

      Here in the US, people prefer to pronounce it “Lewis,” perhaps finding the French pronunciation a touch pretentious. We love to Anglicize foreign names. Of course, the British have Anglicized many French names over the centuries.

  15. People keep saying it’s a Britax seat, but I am not so sure – I see no logo on the handle as seen on their site (http://www.britax.co.uk/car-seats/car-seats/baby-safe-plus-shr-ii) plus there is no grey on the top of the handle as seen on the manufacturer site. And those color options are not listed for fabric choices. Looks more like a Cybex or a Maxi-Cosi to me.

  16. I would not mind if you covered Prince George’s fashion along with his mom’s. I don’t think his dad will have any fashion to cover.

  17. This is amazing! Love the name! Do you by any chance know the exact colour of Kate’s sunglasses? I love them! Thanks for all the great updates!!

  18. Love that dress!

  19. One posting I had seen described the blanket as “crocheted”, but it’s actually knitted (beautifully, I might add!)

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