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Kate and William had multiple engagements today, beginning with a stop at South Africa House to sign the Nelson Mandela book of condolence.



If the Duchess’s suit looked familiar that is because she has worn it on previous occasions. Below left we see Kate wearing it at a 2007 art opening in Dublin, on the right she wears it for Order of the Garter ceremonies in June of 2008. (I’ve no idea of the suit designer and/or retailer but will be looking for that information tomorrow.)

Mark Doyle-PA Wire/PA Wire

Mark Doyle-PA Wire/PA Wire

The suit consists of a fitted jacket and pencil skirt in matching material.

The jacket features flap pockets and decorative buttons; there is also piping on the lapels and pockets. It looks like the sleeves have self-cuffs; they can be turned back without exposing any lining or hem because they have an inch or two of the same material on the inside.

At the 2007 gallery exhibit Kate accessorized with a necklace we can’t quite see, chandelier style earrings (I think), open-toed heels with a decorative element at the toe, a black clutch and two rings.

PA Wire

PA Wire

When at Order of the Garter in 2008 Kate accessorized with that mysterious black suede clutch (perhaps our most-discussed UFO), a Philip Somerville hat (that was later auctioned) and what looks like a pearl bracelet.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Today Kate paired the suit with her Annoushka pearl drop earrings, it does not look like she carried a purse.


For this evening’s engagement at the Natural History Museum we saw a return of the black lace ‘Amoret’ gown by Temperley London.

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

The occasion was a screening of “David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive,” a 3D film debuting on Sky-TV New Year’s Day. The movie shows some of the renowned Museum’s exhibits “coming to life” using 3D technology and computer generated images.

Sky TV

Sky TV

Some may recall that Kate became Patron of the Museum in April 2012. She was expected to meet Sir David at a Museum event last November, but he was ill and unable to attend. Kate took to the podium in his place (seen below), greeting guests, sponsors and others attending the opening of the Museum’s Treasures permanent exhibit.

Natural History Museum Twitter

Natural History Museum Twitter

Kate chatting with Sky TV CEO Jeremy Darroch at tonight’s event, via Paul Harrison’s Twitter feed.

Paul Harrison Twitter (@SkyNewsRoyal)

Paul Harrison Twitter (@SkyNewsRoyal)

For those perhaps not as familiar with this garment, a bit of background. Kate first was seen in the frock at the War Horse film premiere in January of 2012.

Weir Photos-Splash News/Shopbop

Weir Photos-Splash News/Shopbop

The dress features a floral motif of French lace atop a nude silk lining. There is also bow detailing at the waist, a keyhole back and deep v-neck on the front.



Kate also wore the dress for a Saint Andrews University dinner in November of last year.

Splash News

Splash News

Back to this evening’s look.

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

A better view at the back of the dress.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Kate wore her diamond bracelet and earrings again.

Splash News

Splash News

It appears she also has on her Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps.

Jimmy Choo Cosmic

Jimmy Choo Cosmic

This evening the Duchess again wore a necklace we have been asked about several times.



It was first noted when Kate visited the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice last week. We show it below as worn this morning at South Africa House (L), and at the Hospice (R).

It turns out the necklace is by a notable jewelry firm, Mappin and Webb. It was first noted by Jenny on Facebook, then Anna of My Small Obsessions got in touch with Mappin & Webb who confirmed it is their piece. Below we show a slightly different version, just to provide a sense of the piece.

Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb

Kate’s necklace is white gold and diamonds, part of the firm’s Fortune Collection; that line features a variety of items in white, rose and yellow gold. Below, the Fortune Duo earrings and pendant in white gold and diamonds.

Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb is a well established fixture on London’s retail scene, dating back to the 1770s. They have served five monarchs over a continuous period for the last 115 years, and also hold Royal Warrants as Silversmiths to both HM and Prince Charles.

There is one more accessory the Duchess sported tonight.

Splash News

Splash News

The Duchess (and everyone else) donned the ungainly glasses so she could enjoy the film in all of its 3D splendor.


  48 Responses to “An Older Suit for Kate This Morning, A Temperley Gown and 3D Glasses Tonight, All About That Diamond Pendant”

  1. I love Kate and typically everything she wears. The polka dot suit wasn’t impressive in the least. It was a weird length, and should’ve been a bit shorter. (she had no problem with short hemlines when preggers with George). The clothing budget has zero to do with Kate re-wearing clothes, I think age is just not an extravagant person. Do you realize what she probably truly has access to and doesn’t take advantage of? Jewelry for starters… Real, priceless jewels, but she wears her $35 necklace and is happy. She could, I imagine, have any couture clothing item, by any designer she wants, but she isn’t frivolous. She sticks to British designers and basics. I say bravo for her! I don’t always love her clothing choices, but always love her! And her hair? Glad the orange highlights are no more. Loved her hair curly and full like she wore most of 2012. Her hair for 2013 has left much to be desired, the ringlets being rock bottom. Her new hairdresser needs to learn how to do a full, bouncy blowout. Doesn’t have to be curly, just not flat and limp.

  2. I like the Duchess’s suit – just wished the skirt was 1.5″ shorter. I really like her necklace and those glasses – well I thought they were sun glasses – how they suit her. You are lovely Kate.

  3. The duchess and duke of Cambridge arrived today by car for the Christmas dinner with The Queen. There are photos at the daily mail. Kate look gorgeous in a red dress. News also broke this morning that Pippa got engaged in India.

  4. Regarding all the comments about her straighter. Often after childbirth a woman’s hair condition deteriorates – mine did. I lost all my waves and mine went dead strait – no amount of blowdrying /curling would hold its place. Possibly this is what is happening with her hair at present too.

    • Except that for a while over the past 5 months, she was wearing her hair in long ringlets. It clearly doesn’t have trouble holding a curl; she’s just choosing to wear it straighter.

      I like the look. It’s more sophisticated than the curls.

  5. No one should look good in those clunky 3-d glasses, but…I have to say the royal couple are exception, clearly. LOL

    I like Kate in this pin-dot suit; as dull as it appears, somehow I sense that she might be very comfortable in it. Often fashion is one thing; wearing something and feeling confident in it is another thing. Another observation is looking at the old and new kate side by side I have to say the Duchess has come a long way to where she is at today. Facial expression and body gesture were so different back then. :)

  6. I really like this Temperley lace dress. I find the cut elegant and interesting, and I love the neckline.

    My hairstyling preference would be for an updo, to show off the neckline. I would love to see this dress paired with Whitby jet earrings, or large black pearls.There’s too much accessorising going on with the delicate necklace, earrings and matching bracelet for my taste (which tends to be bold and simple).

  7. Though I am not as fashion savvy as many of those here, I love this blog so much. It provides wonderful information on Kate’s activities as well as the fashion. I’ve learned a lot just by reading the posts themselves, as well as the comments. Thanks for a great (and classy) blog!

    On to my point: many comments have been made in recent weeks about Kate’s hair. As much as I think her previous curls were beautiful, I agree with many who posted that she needed a change, or at least more variety in her styling. When looking at the pictures of her in the Temperley gown from the University dinner last year to this current event, I found the contrast somewhat startling. Personally, I think the darker, straighter hair is a much better look, as it doesn’t seem to compete with all the lace and its pattern the way the curls did. I think the overall look is beautiful.

  8. I like the glasses they look super and I do like that she reuses her suits! well done, kate

  9. I’m still struggling with this dress, somehow that much black lace continues to come over as funereal. It’s very beautiful lace, and the silhouette of the whole gown suits Kate very well, she looks most regal.

    But then I don’t get it with that seaming. It’s a rotten dress to photograph as all the flash only emphasises the intrusive seam lines and the unaccountable convergence of seaming on the crotch. Seems to me like the wrong fabric to choose for this treatment.

    And the limitations are underlined by the lack of opportunity Kate has to vary the outfit, her cautious jewellery disappears against so much intricate lace. On the previous outings her hair looked much more lustrous and it seems we are in for another spell of straighter hair with less body which quickly looks untidy.

    • I must agree with ElizaMo about this dress: I, too, did not share the general favor it found with our community all the times she’s worn it.

      I think it looks formal, well-made, and fits her nicely (and, “it looks expensive”, like the Project Runway judges love to say ), but it is just not my cup of tea.

      My biggest issue is, if you’re going to wear something meant to simulate flesh tone that shows so visibly through lace, then for heaven’s sake, get a lining that is as close to your flesh’s tone as possible!

      That particularly applies to Kate, for whom Temperley, McQueen and the rest both make custom outfits for, and also remake, personalize, etc., their existing mainstream pieces. It doesn’t seem like it would take them that much effort to switch in a lining that is a much closer match than this to Kate’s skin color?

      Or, is it supposed to look like white or ivory shining through the black? In the model’s look, it sure seems a closer match to her skin tone (and that look is better because of it).

      If the lining is supposed to show through as white and not a simulated nude color, then there should be same lining covering her arms, so there isn’t this obvious gradation between the dress lining and the color of her arms — that just always bugs me when I see it! It comes off like someone put on an underslip and camisole, and forgot to make sure it wasn’t showing through the dress.

      Hair: is it time for Kate to work out whatever made her part company with Richard Ward salon?

      This straight hair to me looks like “ran out of time”, not an intentionally straight look meant to complement elegant evening wear. It’s nowhere in the ballpark of the formality of this dress, something that was never an issue in her prior wearings of it.

      • Thanks for your comments, Tracey! I think “ran out of time” sums up the hairstyle for me exactly!

        I think the contrast between the lace and the lining is heightened by the flash photography which I think distorts the image we get of the dress. The model benefits from studio shots with adjusted lighting.

        I think maybe it’s just too much lace all over for me. Other lace-dress wearers seem to pull it off better with see-through on the sleeves, and self colour body lining, plus knee-length fitted dresses. Trying to use the lace for flared panels is what helps spoil it because of the crude lines of the seams.

        Again, these are not so pronounced in the studio shots. Even so, I don’t think it was the best fabric for flared panels.

        • That is very helpful — I don’t know much about actual dress-making, which you seem to have great knowledge in, so this enhances everyone’s understanding of what we like/don’t like about this dress. I also thought the seaming was clunky, but would not have been able to articulate the construction aspects that explains this.

          I agree it is just “too much lace”, top to bottom, unrelenting, as you do, and think that the self-color (black, I guess, maybe deep charcoal?) would have been a better color for the lining, because the high relief that the white throws this in makes dress look like a walking lace bolt, whereas a darker color would have obscured this or made it more subtle.

          When I first saw it, I thought explanation was, originally it was styled as a very risqué dress, with nude, very suggestive-in-effect lining where this one is white, more like a Hollywood awards night red carpet jaw-dropper that a young actress with a great figure could pull off.

          But, in keeping with the demure, proper role and fashion choices Kate’s supposed to maintain in her public appearances repping the Crown, she had Temperley change the nude to a less racy look with white panels (like she had McQueen add 3/4 sleeves and lengthen the hem of the original version of the red dress she wore for the Diamond Jubilee boat ride — one of my all-time favorite Kate looks).

          But it does look white in the Temperly ad, and your explanation may totally account for why it doesn’t look so jarring there.

  10. Am I really the first one to hate this suit? Funny because I mostly like Kate’s outfits, even those most find unattractive.

    Of course an older suit was a great choice for signing Mandelas book of condolences and if I had owned this suit I’d probably would have worn it too for this occasion. But I find the suit itself way too matronly – it’s something, a woman of Camillas age could wear, but Kate? The hemline is at a strange height I feel – shorter OR longer would work fine, but this hemline makes Kate’s great legs somehow look short.

    And although I’m at least as glad as the rest of you, that those spaniel-like curls are gone, I think, Kate’s face would benefit from a little more volume at the hairline.

    • I’m afraid I found the suit a bit shabby! It looks more like an office worker outfit than dignified royal. At least this time the black tights were in keeping with the event, we’ve been mercifully spared them several times this winter.

      And I’m with you on the need for more volume at hairline re the hairdo, I hope it’s not getting out of condition all over again. Maybe we have to brace ourselves for more of those grey hairs…

      • Eliza,

        I am in agreement on the lack of volume at the hairline, and also agree with Tracy that going back to Ward would have resolved all the hair issues. However, we really don’t have to “brace” ourselves for anything – people who find a sight of few gray hairs so distressing can just stop looking at Kate’s pictures. Also, gray hair is a completely different issue. Kate might not have had the time to go to the salon to have her hair colored, after giving birth, or she might have been concerned about subjecting herself to chemicals if she was breastfeeding. The flat hair, on the other hand, is the result of poorly executed blowout. I read somewhere that she is now using the woman who cuts William’s hair when she needs her hair done, and the results are clearly not great. My hair is a bit shorter than Kate’s and I have it cut at Warren Trichomi in New York. I always step out looking and feeling fabulous. However, to save money, for a routine blowdry I go to an inexpensive place around the corner, and invariably the hair looks flat. They somehow pull it down so much when trying to get it straight, it results in this flatness at the crown.

        I think her pre-engagement hairdresser is blacklisted as not discreet enough – William is obsessed with discreet. And it is more important for Kate to please William than to have better looking hair, and so there you have it.

        • That all sounds very astute re her hair. I’m guessing Richard Ward is kicking himself every day about whatever particularly led to her dropping him — he had probably 30 more years of high-profile cachet in his lap, as her go-to stylist, and he threw this away by being loose-lipped?!

          How idiotic, really — the whole world knew (after her wedding) that he was her hairdresser, so no need to say much of anything to publicize this fact (like the smart designers and stylists, those who’ve managed to keep their Kate gigs, manage to do!).

          But, in Kate’s place (if one assumes, as I do, she can spend an indefinite amount relative to most of the world on grooming, as important as her public appearances are), if Ward is definitely a no-go in future, then can’t she “audition” a parade of every top hair stylist in London who has a celebrity clientele they are discreet about (and do this in privacy of her palace) and train one of them into getting her signature look a’la Ward back? He just can’t be the only hairdresser in Britain who can achieve bouncy curls, right?

          We know she found a new colorist at a hyper-discreet upscale salon ( Hard to believe that this place doesn’t have, or can’t recommend, someone who knows their way around a curling iron?!

          Can’t imagine her penny-pinching on her blow-outs, either, as most “normal” folks do, either.

          It must be about limited time/different priorities due to her new baby, and she is doing it herself.

          • Interesting perspective Tracey, thanks for your reply. I am sure Kate has an extremely generous clothing and hair budget compared to us mere mortals, but it is certainly not indefinite. I wonder if Susan knows/cares to comment who pays for her hair styling. apparently Prince Charles picks up her clothing tab as far as her outfits for official engagements are concerned, does he also pay for her stylist? I am sure he is extremely generous with Kate, but it may give her pause if those bills are sent to his people. He strikes me as a person who loves luxury, but is probably more likely to understand the need for a $5,000 designer outfit than a need for a $500 blowdry.:-)

            In any case, her budget is not unlimited. As to “auditioning” other stylists, every time Kate tries somebody new, there is a risk of a leak, bad press, and unwanted publicity. Especially if she were to do this “in the privacy of her own palace.” Once an indiscreet person leaks out the details of what their place is like, William and Kate’s sense of privacy will be -once again- shattered. They can only trust people who already have a track record with the royal family, Like William’s hairdresser.

            Anyway, this is all conjecture, and we really don’t have enough data points to extrapolate (although it is so much fun to try!).

            Maybe you are right, and she does her own hair. It is a well-known fact that she does her own makeup, so why not hair? But somehow I doubt it. I think if she did her own hair it would look perfect around her face and messed up in the back, whereas the reality is, it looks perfect from the back, and unflatteringly flat around her hairline.

            I guess we’ll never know :-(

          • Thanks, Marianne, I think your perspective is interesting as well. Nice diversity of opinion and perspective, makes this site dynamic and always entertaining! Meant “indefinite” relative to we mortals, figuratively speaking, re her hair budget.

            BTW, what happened to the one who went to Singapore, etc. with her? I didn’t think her hair looked as good as when Ward was doing it, but it looked much better than it has lately, other than the day she left the colorist before the charity event recently.

            My vantage is that of an entertainment industry professional in Los Angeles, where I have gone to one or more of the “celebrity stylists” for some 20 years. I realize the culture is different here (perhaps vastly so!), but there is an abundance of go-to-stylists who are under privacy agreements to serve celebrity clientele, at their homes, back stage, on a film set, on the road, in a trailer, or wherever. There have to be more than 1 or 2 of those in a fashionable metropolitan center like London which has chic upscale population of wealthy women, socialites, actresses, political wives, etc, not to mention the royals!

            She has lawyers that can draft the privacy/non-disclosure agreements that her stylists would sign to make this happen (this is routine stuff, “working with celebrities 101″), and I think she can negotiate an affordable regular hairdressing budget from one of them. I know she wants to pay full price and not take freebies as per royal protocol, but giving a volume discount for a very frequent, regularly-service high-profile client is not cutting favors, it’s what is done.

            I just can’t accept that she must be relegated to flat, straight hair because William’s is the only discreet hairdresser in London!

            Plus, we are not talking some high-precision, distinctive style that requires a wizard with a straight-edge razor to effect this look– we’re talking bouncy curls! I think she can find a good blowout person who isn’t astronomical and take it from there with hot rollers and styling product herself, no???? No?? Really??

            Maybe Kate is just bored with bouncy curls!

            Her people can get recommendations from the rest of the British celebrity element’s reps about who the discreet short list of top-notch stylists are — 20 years in Hollywood tells me this is more than possible, even in London.

          • Tracey,

            Great point re nondisclosure agreements! I completely agree there have to be many discreet stylists in London who are capable of blowdrying Kate’s hair up at the top, straight at the ends, or giving her her signature full hair/bouncy curls. I am just not sure William sees it this way.

          • Thanks, Marianne. Is there an article somewhere about the William hairdresser? Now I’m intrigued! Is it Amanda Cook Tucker mentioned here:

            I see the explanation of why she got rid of Pryce — not loose-lipped, just crass, unapproved marketing of her pictures to promote his solo business once he left Richard Ward. Stupid, but not sure I’d fire best hairdresser I ever had over it, what do you think?

          • Tracey,

            Yes, her name is Amanda Tucker, see the link below.


            but actually she is the same person who styled Kate’s hair during her Asian tour, and you are right, it looked better then.

  11. Surely someone needs to mention that Prince William was wearing what appear to be VELVET SLIPPERS with his dinner jacket tonight! (Appropriate, of course, for a movie but completely surprising to me!)

    • William was wearing classic evening attire, known as Prince Albert slippers. Traditionally, they were worn by a gentleman in his home. Now, designers are pushing them for street wear.

      I remember the first time I saw them in the men’s department of the store where I was working, and thought they were bedroom slippers. I was quickly corrected by our tailor. However, I think velvet slippers for street wear are a little risky in a city like London where it rains.

      You can get monogrammed versions that actually are slippers. I think they’re gorgeous.

      • Um, yes I am aware of the role of velvet slippers in men’s formal dress; that’s why I said they were appropriate to the event. What was surprising to me was that WILLIAM was wearing them! Slippers with black tie edge toward the dandy side of things (all good in my book, if you can pull it off without making a mockery of the style), and HRH comes across so delightfully dry sometimes that I’m surprised he edged that direction. Have we ever seen him wearing them before?

  12. Accolades are due to the Duchess in the fashion department for both these outfits. First of all, my heart never fails to skip a beat when we see a piece that dates from the era of pre-engagement Miss Middleton. I’m not overly interested in insisting that she recycle outfits as much as possible (though I do think it indicates a savvy PR move in a Britain with a less than robust economy); rather, I just feel that the Duchess’s willingness to reach back into her pre-royal wardrobe shows a comfort in her own skin.

    When I read “polka dot,” I was reasonably certain that I wouldn’t be a fan of the outfit in question, since I detest polka dots (for no reason, just not my cup of tea). However, the polka dot motif here is minimal enough that I quite like the suit overall. I find the skirt length particularly elegant (that little slit in the back is magic) and the details keep it from being boring.

    The Amoret dress is one of my favorites, perhaps my all-time favorite gown, so I’m happy to see it make another outing. I just can’t resist the silhouette, feathering of the lace at the neckline, and that velvet belt. I’m glad she chose to skip the red accessories this time around; last time I thought they cheapened the look.

    I’m also partial to her new necklace. The simplicity of the design delivers such elegance. I wish that I could say the same for the diamond bracelet and earrings she wears so frequently, but those pieces have never charmed me.

    I agree with those that have expressed appreciation for her straighter hair. The curls were nice with her previous hair stylist, but this new one just can’t seem to manage a curling iron, so best to stick with a straight style, especially when the results are this flattering.

  13. A technical note on the blog: thanks for switching back to full posts in a RSS feed, Susan!!! : )

  14. I liked the design and wonderful fit of that black-and-white pin dot suit the first time I saw it but thought it a bit too sober for the Garter event. It definitely didn’t work for an art opening. (I attend exhibition and gallery openings rather often. A suit like that would be my last choice of attire, and I wouldn’t wear it with open-toed pumps or chandelier earrings either.) However, for signing the Mandela condolence book, the suit was just right. She should keep it on hand for similar events.

    The hat she wore to the Garter event — wasn’t that one of the two she rented before her marriage? I remember wishing we had elegant hat rentals here in the US, but then, we just don’t have the occasions to wear them. Alas.

    I’ve never felt great enthusiasm for the Temperley dress. It involves too much lace for my tastes, and the design has never really excited me, not in an evening dress. There’s nothing hugely wrong with it. I simply find the design a little prim and uninteresting.

    However, the Duchess obviously loves it, and she has to be commended for being willing to trot it out again when many people were probably hoping she’d debut something new and different. We have to remember that she doesn’t have an infinitely large clothing budget, she has to answer to her father-in-law, who pays for her official clothing, and while she and William are quite comfortable financially, his personal fortune is not enormous, and they’ve paid personally for the interior decoration of two large homes recently. She may have a trust fund established by her parents, but again, it probably isn’t vastly large. An expensive piece like this Temperley dress can’t be worn just once or twice. She has to wear it enough to justify the cost, and there’s the added benefit of looking (relatively) frugal in the eyes of a British public that is considerably less willing than it once was to accept royal extravagance with equanimity, as part and parcel of monarchy.

    • I need more convincing that Kate doesn’t have a sufficiently generous wardrobe budget.

      But if it’s true that she needs to wear thatTemperley dress enough to justify the cost, then I would have advised her not to buy it.

      This because being covered in fussy lace limits accessory options for changing up the look. It would have been a better use of that $5000 to buy an elegant solid color black gown and wear it several times but vary the styling with a variety of fabulous jewelry borrowed from the royal vault.

      • I didn’t say that her dress allowance wasn’t generous, rather that it isn’t infinitely large. As it happens, her father-in-law is an advocate of a slimmed-down monarchy that costs less money, largely because of another point I made, the decreasing tolerance of the British public for extravagant displays of royal wealth.

        However, since I don’t care for that Temperley dress, I do agree that something more versatile would have been a better choice. On the other hand, I think that fabulous and priceless jewels from the royal collection probably wouldn’t have been all that appropriate for this particular event.

        • Had I access to the royal vault, I’d wear a tiara everywhere including to the grocery store but sadly, you’re right, dripping in diamonds isn’t always appropriate.

    • Ah, now I get it. By wearing so much morbid black Kate is in tune with a time of austerity…

  15. I have always liked that suit, and I feel like it was the perfect choice for today—somber but not stuffy, and since it is an older repeat, the focus was on the event instead of her clothes.

    I like the amoret gown very much, and I think her hair and makeup was gorgeous. I also love her new necklace, but it is a bit too casual for an evening gown IMO. I wish she would have worn a slightly more substantial piece at her neck.

    We have seen so many repeats of gowns lately—am I the only one hoping for a repeat of that gorgeous green one that she wore to the sporting event? (the first event after leaving the hospital for treatment of morning sickness)

    • Agree with you on the pendant. Too delicate for this gown; and YES! I’m hoping she reaches for that McQueen bottle green, long-sleeved gown soon. It’s gorgeous. I’m dreaming about how she could accessorize. I could see beautifully colored stones, perhaps oversized, emerald drop earrings a la Angelina Jolie, but the Duchess’ jewelry taste defaults to understated designs and she seems to prefer diamonds and pearls for black tie occasions.

    • I thought it was just me who was missing the green McQueen! Glad to hear others are looking out for it too. That’s definitely one which would respond to different accessories.

    • I actually think that dress doesn’t need a necklace of any kind, owing to the way the lace frames the neck and upper chest area. It’s not dissimilar to the effect of her wedding dress, with which she didn’t wear a necklace.

      That reminds me, I wonder when we will see the wedding earrings again? Her parents had them specially designed and made for her, and it would be a pity not to give them an outing now and then. The acorns, after all, appear on what is now her personal coat of arms, impaled with the arms of her husband.

  16. For whatever reason, the gown has seriously grown on me. I thought she looked stunning in it, whereas I think I was on the fence the first time she wore it. From the back, it’s a total show stopper. Also, I like how she’s wearing her hair straighter. She looks so happy, and it’s fun to see her wear the same thing but shake it up with her other assets.

  17. she clearly loves the temperley amouret gown, and little wonder as it looks smashing. plus love the fact that she’s been wearing her hair straight recently. very refreshing after all the curls….

  18. I love, love, love both looks today – impeccable. Her hair looks gorgeous too and the new necklace goes well with diamond bracelet and earrings. It is interesting that Kate wears this piece so often. Can it be a present from William or her family?

    I guess we’ll never know.

    • We do know and have for quite some time that the earrings and matching bracelet were a wedding gift from her father-in-law, Prince Charles.

      • Hi Lili,

        I actually meant the new white gold and diamond necklace. Kate wore it several times lately, and it is a nice piece, but I am not sure why she is so fond of it. She has a somewhat similar Asprey necklace, so I am not sure why she is wearing this one all the time, unless it is a present from somebody she wants to please…

  19. I love both outfits. I loved the temperley dress both other times she wore it and tonight is no exception! Her hair and jewellery are stunning as well. I love the new necklace. Her outfit to sign the book of condolences for the great Nelson Mandela is perfect as well. Lovely suit!

  20. Perhaps the necklace was a “push present” from Prince William.

  21. I really like this suit on Kate. The three button jacket, pencil skirt and even the length of the skirt is so perfect. Absolutely a classic. I hope she tries this style in some other colours – a thumbs up!.

  22. Beautiful! I was hoping for a fancy new dress for tonight, but I have no complaints seeing this one again. A lovely, appropriate look earlier today. Well done!

  23. Two great looks today! The suit is classic while not being stuffy, and recycling an older piece puts the focus on the occasion for the visit, rather than her clothes. And kudos to her for still looking fab in a 6 year old piece after a baby! And I love black stockings, I hope Kate continues to lead the return to hoisery charge!

    The amoret gown is perhaps my favorite look of hers (excepting maybe her Jenny packham teal gown from the Olympic gala, but that’s such a strong look I don’t imagine it will be repeated, at least not soon). It’s just a perfect balance of being conservative but not stuffy, and classic while still staying youthful. Im happy to see it make another appearance! And her hair looks amazing tonight.

  24. I like the suit very much. Dignified, but not too somber. That’s also one of my favorite gowns. Well done, Kate.

  25. I like the polka dot suit. It’s a classic that she can wear forever, if she chooses. Very pretty. That Temperley lace gown is one of my favorites. The lace detail is beautiful and I love the nude undergarment. Two great looks today.

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