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We are back with more updates and a wonderful contest involving books and chocolate. (More than one book and a large amount of chocolate!)

For those who may not have seen the photos, Hello! magazine published pictures of Kate and George changing planes on their way to Mustique for a holiday with the Middletons. There are additional photos inside the magazine.




The magazine waited until after Kate and Prince George returned home before publishing the pictures. More on the vacation from Victoria Murphy’s story in the The Mirror:

The Middletons spent the week sampling the delights of the secluded Caribbean island with its sunshine, swimming, scuba-diving and spas.

A royal source said today: “They enjoyed their break immensely but of course they missed having William with them.

“He will be very glad to have them home, a week away from your baby is a long time and of course he will have missed little George.”

Pop Sugar has also posted photos on its website. Many readers will recognize Kate’s Ralph Lauren “Torie” top (no longer available).


And her J. Brand skinny jeans, it looks like the Duchess is wearing the Mid-Rise Skinny Leg in navy twill. That specific style from J. Brand is no longer available, the next closest style and color is either the Skinny Stretch Denim in Blue Bird ($185 at Nordstrom) or the 811 Photo Ready Mid-Rise (the fabric is a bit heavier and the price is a little higher for this style).

For those who are interested in what Prince George wears, it looks very much like this hat by Zutano, the brand’s Unisex Pastel Stripe Sunhat in infant sizing. (The hat sells for at $11.99 on Zutano’s Amazon pages.)

Zutano via Amazon.com

Zutano via Amazon.com

A friend on the WKW Facebook page shared this information, Cambridge Follower discovered the hat and shared the photo, asking if people thought this looked like George’s hat. Zutano is a mid-price label, its apparel and accessories are available through Amazon and on Zutano’s own site. In the US Kohl’s offers the brand’s nursery decor and bedding, as does Target.

After looking at additional photos Cambridge Follower no longer thinks it is this specific hat; I remain on the fence about it. With all of the British brands available to her, it seems odd Kate would opt for an American label. (Not that US merchandise is somehow inferior to what is available in the UK, far from it.) UPDATE: Another WKW FB friend, Melissa, pointed out that the brand is available in England; Melissa also noted she thinks very highly of the company, specifically its organic cotton goods.  We have asked Zutano if George is wearing their hat but we’ve not heard back from them.


In Sunday’s Daily Mail there was a story by Katie Nicholl about Kate’s wardrobe for the upcoming Tour. From that article:

Out go the short skirts, on with the tiaras: It’s Kate’s regal makeover… by order of the Queen!

The piece looks at what jewelry and clothing Kate will take on tour. At one point Ms. Nicholl references the ‘Cambridge Emeralds’:

Now, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the Duchess of Cambridge – who wears her late mother-in-law’s sapphire engagement ring – will be packing precisely these kinds of jewels in April when she sets out in the footsteps of Diana on a tour Down Under.

It is part of a subtle but significant regal makeover supported by the Queen.

The Duchess will deploy a couture wardrobe of day dresses with lower hemlines than she has  previously favoured.

Many parts of the story make sense: saying Kate has spoken with Alexander McQueen (I’m presuming this meant Sarah Burton) and Alice Temperley takes no great stretch of the imagination. Kate wore multiple pieces by these designers when on tour in 2012 and it is more-than-likely she would wear designs by them on the upcoming tour. Below, the Duchess in a McQueen gown for a State Dinner in Malaysia.
James Whatling-Splash News/Mark Large-PA WIre

James Whatling-Splash News/Mark Large-PA WIre

The McQueen gown seen above is a good example of a garment featuring a design element directly associated with a host country in mind: it is covered in embroidered Hibiscus flowers, the Hibiscus is Malaysia’s national flower. Below, Kate wears Temperley for an afternoon tea with the British High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur.

Arthur Edwards-PA Wire/Rebecca English-The Daily Mail and Mail Online

Arthur Edwards-PA Wire/Rebecca English-The Daily Mail and Mail Online

Back to the Daily Mail story:

Meanwhile, Her Majesty has offered the services of her most trusted member of staff, her personal dresser Angela Kelly, to help Kate prepare for her trip.

She has been tasked with assisting Kate to select statement jewellery and gemstones from the Queen’s personal collection.

This forms part of a deliberate move to shift the Duchess’s image from High Street to high end, timeless Royal elegance – without losing her freshness and informality.

Statement jewels from the Queen’s personal collection are being selected for the Duchess to reinforce her sense of majesty.

There is no reason for Kate and her assistants not to avail themselves of Ms. Kelly’s experience. However, author and royal reporter Judy Wade said this is not the case when responding to a question on Twitter.
Judy Wade Twitter Feed

Judy Wade Twitter Feed

I imagine Kate has done her own research and is getting assistance from her own staff about climate, protocol, and other issues.
Angela has been asked to start selecting jewels ahead of the trip,’ says a Palace source.

‘She knows most of the pieces in the Queen’s private collection. Her understanding is crucial because this trip will be about Kate appearing more Royal than ever – you can expect to see a lot more tiaras and the Queen will be watching closely.’
“A lot more tiaras”….? That is going to depend on what events and functions are planned by their hosts (in tandem with William and Kate’s staff), not a decree by HM that the Duchess should start sporting more tiaras. (Ms. Nicholl has far more experience than I in covering royal fashions, but really, it is difficult for me to envision the Queen mandating more tiaras. One doesn’t just wear them anyplace, they are reserved for specific events and occasions.)
I did enjoy learning things about specific pieces of jewelry Kate could wear in the article, that was very interesting. You can read Katie Nicholl’s full story here.
After the Daily Mail story ran, the Telegraph ran a similar story on Monday.
Royal followers can expect a subtle shift in the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe for the upcoming Australia tour, as the family is keen to cement Kate’s regal image as wife of one heir to the throne and the mother of another.
Replacing Kate’s signature flippy, feminine dresses from high street favourites Zara and Topshop will be designer items with a notably lower hemline.
Alice Newbold wrote the Telegraph piece, she did a nice job advancing the story with new information taking it beyond decrees from the Queen about tiaras. Noting The Duchess’s tendency to wear designers with ties to the country and culture where she is visiting, Ms. Newbold introduced readers to several local brands we might see Kate wear. The designers include Dion Lee, Camilla and Marc, and a third with whom I wasn’t familiar, Toni Matičevski.
A very good question was raised in a comment from Brenda on a previous post, wondering what the climate will be like in April. It’s tough to predict because Australia is so large, almost as big as the United States; there can be vast differences in weather from one region to the next. New Zealand is small, roughly the size of Oregon in terms of square miles, however, conditions can vary between the country’s two primary islands. Both countries are well into fall in April, with daytime temperatures in the 60s for both Australia & New Zealand, dropping into the 50s at night. One issue that could be a factor in Australia, rain and higher humidity. Australia averages 10-12 days with rain in April.


Some may recall when my friend Megan’s first book was published back in 2012; she graciously signed a copy for us to use in a giveaway. How the time has flown – Megan’s fourth novel was published this week. The first book, A Royal Pain, was a hit. As were Megan’s next two books, If the Shoe Fits and In Love Again.

Megan's 1st First Three Books

The collection is of books is called the Unruly Royals series.


Back to the book that was just published, R is for Rebel. This is the fourth and final book in the Unruly Royals series; it has already broken into the Top 100 Women’s Fiction on Amazon list.



Below, a bit about the plot.

Abigail Heyworth, youngest daughter of the 18th Duke of Northrop, is not your typical British royal—she’ll take a recycling drive over a charity ball any day. She can’t stand hats and heels. Abby’s not getting much sympathy, of course, because everyone thinks the life of royalty is so charmed.

But to Abigail, keeping up appearances is unbearable, while running away doesn’t seem to work either. Just when she feels like she’s getting whiplash from swinging between flat-out rebellion to miserable capitulation, Abigail meets an all-American self-made millionaire who challenges her on every level.

You can buy the book in print, as well as for e-readers, at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, along with IndieBound. Megan’s books are a little racy, if that’s not something you enjoy then this giveaway might not be for you.

On to our giveaway, compliments of Megan’s publisher, Sourcebooks.  Not only do you get Megan’s books, they come in an amazing gift basket filled with all kinds of chocolate!

Le Chocolat du Bouchard

Le Chocolat du Bouchard

Here’s a partial list of what’s in the basket:

  • Chocolate truffles
  • Gold flecked votive candle holder
  • Pink British royalty notebook
  • DeBrand Tart Red Raspberry chocolate bar
  • Chocolate dipped pretzel bars
  • Earl Grey tea

The chocolate basket was put together by Le Chocolat du Bouchard; located in a spot close to my heart, Naperville, Illinois.  Here’s how you can enter:

  • Leave a comment saying what you like most about the Duchess’s style

Please, please, please have a valid email address where we can reach you. In previous contests prize winners who couldn’t be reached lost out on their prize because of an invalid email address. That’s it, we want to keep it simple, just one comment noting your favorite part of Kate’s style. We will take entries thought Sunday night and pull a winner on Monday.

Thank you Megan (and Sourcebooks) for what is clearly the yummiest giveaway we’ve ever had the opportunity to offer!


Congratulations to Catherine Elizabeth, please get in touch so we may send you your gift basket!

  468 Responses to “Kate & George’s Airport Style, Queenly Tiara Decree (?) & A Surprise Giveaway”

  1. Kate is elegant no matter what she wears. She’s beautiful and looks like a model.

  2. What I love most is Kate’s understated, classic style. Although she’s a Duchess, I can absolutely relate to her through fashion. Her style is similar mine – adhere to classic lines and designs. Elegance abounds!

  3. fyi, the navy twill pant Kate has on is still available on jbrandjeans.com website,

  4. I love her ability to mix high street with sparkle and create perfect elegance.

  5. I love the elegance, so timeless and classic! Also, she wears clothes twice :)

  6. What I love about Kate’s style is that she makes it look like it’s accessible to all!

  7. I love that her makeup is always done with a subtlety that gives her a very natural look, enhancing her beauty without shouting out to the world its presence.

  8. tailored, age appropriate. Not exactly modest, but situationally appropriate for a royal.

  9. The woman can rock a $36 Zara necklace. Enough said!

  10. Love Kate’s classic take on fashion. She clearly knows what she likes, what works for her, in terms of cut, style and colour. I look to her for inspiration when it comes to big events in my life… goodness knows what’s I’m going to wear when I get married.

  11. I love that Kate has brought back stockings. I’m only 25, but I’ve always felt more comfortable wearing them and Kate has made them fashionable again.

  12. I love how she can take any piece and make it look easy and elegant all at the same time.

  13. I love how she always looks appropriate and nice. Young famous women, who are primarily in Hollywood, tend to dress to show off their physique or to get attention. Instead of looking at what Kate Middleton wears for the sake of seeing it, I look at what she wears because I want to dress like her. She’s beautiful, and she accentuates her beauty with classy outfits that could be worn by others in everyday life rather than just the hip crowd in L.A.

  14. Through the royal blues and blush pinks
    Wearing Emerald Greens & Pearly whites;

    And not to forget that polka dotted Topshop
    Kate made it the Coolest thing ever to Cover up!

    While we rush to replikate her McQueens & Tiaras –
    Our future Queen surprises us with picks from our local Zara!

  15. I love how she looks so elegant in a natural way. Her clothes don’t have to be expensive but they look fabulous. Her look is natural and something everyone could achieve if they wished to.

  16. I have been following ‘What Kate Wore’ for a few years now. She has such grace and pulls her gorgeous wardrobe off so elegantly and makes it look easy.

  17. What I admire most is that Kate’s style transcends the borders of the U.K. and would be considered chic, timeless, appropriate and approachable in most major capital cities such as New York, San Francisco, Paris, Milan, Montreal, etc. Her choice of color, fabric and cut accentuate her figure and her variety of hairstyles and accessories keeps the look fresh every time.

  18. I love how clean and classic her style is. It will always be fashionable and never tasteless!

  19. I love that Kate’s style is do tasteful and timeless. I also love that she does not follow the style of others but instead is a leader!

  20. I love that Kate’s style is a bit more modest, so I can relate to her fashion sense and modify it to my own life!

  21. I have always enjoyed seeing how she can make timeless, classic pieces work in a modern setting. I especially enjoy how she mixes high street items with designer items. While I enjoy seeing high street items that can be purchased, it is also fun to see the beautiful designer items that she wears.

  22. What I love is the accessibility of style.

  23. Like some other comments, my favorite thing about Kate’s style is how she wears both high street and designer labels and like most other people in the world, she’s not afraid to re-wear clothing.

  24. I like that she wears expensive items and bargain items sometimes at the same time and that she appears comfortable in anything she wears.

  25. I like most about Kate’s style that she reuses old items and mixes high-end garments with designer pieces. That makes it possible to relate to her and she seems much more a real, approachable person than the wife and mother of future kings.

  26. I like that Kate always looks polished and elegant – even when dressed casually. I also like that more often than not she achieves that polish with British brands and labels!

  27. I love that she does closed toe shoes more than she doesn’t :)

  28. I love how she focuses on classic shapes and lines. It is similar to my style so I can use her as inspiration to put together my outfits.

  29. Kate’s a lady, a wonderful role model, and “accessible” – her style is always appropriate. Her skill/ability to combine high style and “inexpensive” items is a real talent. This give away is just wonderful!

  30. What a great giveaway! Even if I’m not a winner I think I’ll check out these books.

    What I love about the Duchess’s style is how she always looks so comfortable and at ease at every end of the spectrum. She looks just as stunning in couture for a fancy event as she does dressed down for a day of shopping. I love that some of her looks seem really accessible, like I might choose one of those pieces for myself, while the elegant ballgowns are something I’ll likely never have an opportunity to copy but they make for great eye-candy.

  31. I like that she blends high-end and off-the-rack pieces to look polished but modern!

  32. I love how she is modern without being frumpy or slutty.

  33. Kate always looks classy and put together. Her style looks so natural and effortless.

  34. Kate is classy and elegant. She has a fantastic wardrobe. Whether she is in her casual clothing or in her formal clothing she always looks beautiful.

  35. I love that she is classic and elegant whilst effortlessly blending high st with designer, making us mere mortals think it’s possible to pull off the same!!

  36. I love how natural and poised she looks in everything she wears. I swear she’d make a garbage bag look fantastic b/c she wore it with grace and poise. That’s natural beauty. Her clothes don’t make her beautiful, it’s the other way around. Thanks for sharing!

  37. I like that Kate is able to look equally chic in designer clothes and mainstream brands, but I also really appreciate that she dresses modestly without ever looking frumpy or older than her age.

  38. The graceful way she carries herself.

  39. She balances high fashion with a down to earth style, setting an example as an understated beauty.

  40. I love kates style! Its classic yet it always has a modern touch. She always looks very comfortable and her clothes fit so perfectly!!

  41. I love that she always looks so put together but not fussy. She makes it all look effortless.

  42. My favorite part of Kate’s style is that it is so timeless. Looking at her pictures ten years from now, I will still consider her fashionable. She also is elegant in whatever she wears whether it is grocery shopping or a red carpet event. I am so thankful she made lace more popular. I am a huge fan of lace so the fact that she brought it back shows how much fashion power she does have. I also am thrilled that she is modest, she is such a role model for women especially in this day and age where showing skin is “sexy” and covering up is considered “mumsy”. I feel like she has really changed that.

  43. I admire Kate’s natural beauty and the ease with which she can rock a tiara and gown or runners and a field hockey stick.

  44. I love that she always looks so pulled together and appropriate for the occasion. If I had a little girl, Kate is the type of rolemodel I would hope she’d look up to.

  45. I like how feminine and elegant she looks. I love her beautiful hair and how she shops her own closet, not being afraid to re use or re purpose her outfits. She is a good sport too, always smiling and being polite even with thousands of cameras flashing at her.

  46. I love Kate’s classic dresses and heels.

  47. Kate’s style is a perfect representation of how to make your 30′s look mature, glamorous and fresh without sacrificing style.

  48. I love how Kate has continued to remain true to herself. She always looks well put together and comfortable in her own skin, if you know what I mean!

  49. I enjoy the Duchess’s love of lace. It is also refreshing to see her repeat some of the items in her wardrobe.

  50. That she looks elegant and comfortable no matter what she is wearing.

  51. I think that the style of the Duchess is original in its elegant simplicity and sobriety: features that valorize femininity and that, unfortunately, you will not encounter often in women today.

  52. I like that her style is classy and graceful yet accessible. I also love how she can take a seemingly boring piece and make it spectacular.

  53. Her mix of high low fashion!

  54. I love how the Duchess always looks classy and her style is very accessible.

  55. I love how she stays extremely classy and traditional with her clothing choice, but manages to do so with high end designers in today’s world. I also, love everything she wears by Alexander McQueen.

  56. I love Kate’s style because it is accessible. She can dress in haute couture all the time but she chooses to mix high-street with designer clothing, which is a style that is entirely likable.

  57. I love Kate’s casual style, and I particularly love how elegant she can look after a long-haul flight.

  58. The duchess has set a style/standard/inspiration for people in the upper 20s early 30s bracket who would want to distinguish themselves from teens but should not look like overtly austere/ too modest mature women.

  59. I think she has remained true to herself. She just seems comfortable in whatever she has on. Her natural beauty is her biggest accessory. Classic and elegant, whether in jeans or an evening gown.

  60. Kate’s true beauty is her “light in the heart”. – (Kahlil Gibran).

  61. I love how classy and timeless Kate’s fashion is. She always looks lovely, but she’s also not afraid to do her own thing.

  62. I love that the Duchess always seems so at ease in whatever she is wearing. Kate seems quite comfortable, confident and happy in her own skin and the clothes she is wearing.

  63. I appreciate Kate’s genuine efforts to balance looking elegant and appropriate while not seeking undue attention. I believe she tries not to distract from the important and sometimes tragic causes she supports by being overly flashy or showy. Mostly she looks pretty and feminine while doing so. I think it must be a very tough line to walk!

  64. I love her timeless, understated elegance.

  65. I like how she looks like she isn’t trying to hard. She always looks correct and appropriate for every occasion.

  66. I love that she wears many fit and flare silhouettes. This is flattering on her and many others.

  67. Never trendy, always classy!

  68. I love how she always looks classic and elegant, timeless yet youthful. How can you not love her shoe and coat collection?

  69. I love how refreshingly beautiful Kate’s style is. Her clothing is classic, beautifully-made, uses simple lines, is age-appropriate and fits well.

  70. I love her beautiful hair!

  71. I love how accessible her style is– and how classic!

  72. I love her lack of fussiness.

  73. Kate’s style always challenges me to try new prints and cuts. I appreciate that she takes modest risks with her attire while always appearing put-together and lovely!

  74. I love all the empire waits and pleated skirts! They are so feminine and pretty. Also I love that she shops from places like Zara and L.K. Bennett – items (and a little splurge) I can buy too!

  75. I like her classic jewelry.

  76. My favourite thing about the Duchess’ style is how she uses colour. She often wears bold colours but it never looks garish.

  77. I love that Kate’s style has a classic quality to it without being too aging for her!

  78. I love that the Duchess has brought an element of modesty back into fashion. Before she came on the scene, trend seemed to be heading heading towards showing as much as possible and leaving little to the imagination.

  79. I love her style as it seems approachable and modern to someone who is her age. I can look towards her as a style icon and take inspiration from her to my own work wardrobe.

  80. I love her style. The dresses worn in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur are gorgeous and she looks beautiful in them. Just lovely.

  81. My favourite thing about Kate’s style is that it is timeless, the things that she wore before she got engaged can still be worn today and not look outdated. I also love how she puts a lot of thought into what she wears to what the event is i.e in Malaysia, the dress she wore to the state dinner had hibiscus’ on it, the national flower of Malaysia. She is so classy and elegant and I love her for it!

  82. I adore how timeless yet current she manages to look, definitely nothing boring about her style. If I could emulate anyone today, it would be Kate. She mixes pricey with less expensive, and also wears her clothing more than once. She just plain rocks!

  83. Elegant. Appropriate. Stylish.

  84. My favorite thing about the Duchess of Cambridge’s style is the classic lines, neutral colors, and constant nods to her host country whenever she’s traveling internationally. (Orchid dress to visit an orchid named for her, the dress in Malaysia, the Canadian designers in Canada, wearing the dress she was given as a gift)

    I’d still love to see her step up her jewelry game though, and I’m hoping this is her year.

  85. Well of course it’s the hats!

  86. Hey Susan! I love that Kate’s style is young and modern without being overly trendy. I think she wears classic pieces that will look just as good in photos 50 years from now as they do today!

  87. I love Kate’s elegance.

  88. I’m very excited for this next tour! As a young American girl, I vividly remember watching Charles and Diana’s wedding. Just a few years later, our family was living in South Australia, and actually got to see the Queen while she was on a tour in Australia. That interest in the royals has carried over many years, and I’m really enjoying the chance to watch the new generation. Having said that, I love that the Duchess shows her youthful, modern style while still maintaining a classic look overall. I think she’s managing to walk that line quite well.

  89. Kate’s style is predictable.

    This is not (I repeat NOT) a bad thing.

    There are never outlandish, dreadful misses. Her wardrobe–even the proper hosiery and sensible heels ensembles–seems to be an extension of who she is. Warm, attractive, and downright charming.

    Or at least that’s how I imagine HRH.

    Hmm, funny, that’s how I’d describe Megan Mulry, too.

  90. I love her classic style. She always looks put together, whether going grocery shopping or to a state dinner. I also love her coat collection!

  91. Her classy timeless style.

  92. I love that she keeps things simple and straighforward. I also love how she makes basic pieces look great through her hair and jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I love her classic style. Her combination of price-friendly and price-less-friendly items is fantastic.

  94. I love how she is fashion forward without being a fashion victim. She always looks classic lady like while still being a style icon.e

  95. Ohhh, chocolate, tea and a good read . . . what’s not to love about this contest.

    I love everything Kate wears because of the way she mixes it up. That’s why it’s so much fun to see photos of her at an event whether it’s casual, formal or in between. She is young, stylish and interesting. I really hope these so-called “changes” are just made up stories and not true.

  96. I think the clothing she wears is pretty and classic! It’s very appropriate for her.

  97. I love her modesty. Everything she wears is trendy, modern and elegant—– without being flashy or revealing. I love her hair too!

  98. Her classic feminine style!

  99. I love that the Duchess is a role model for young ladies (like my own daughter) as someone who is ladylike and elegant while always looking demure and appropriate!

  100. My favorite thing about Kat’s style is her breezy grace which which she brings to every ensemble. She can pair Top Shop with Alexander Mcqueen and still appear regal and sophisticated. However long it might take or her to get ready for an appearance, she makes it seem effortless. That is style that cannot be bought or manufactured. Her best style feature is herself.

  101. I just love how Kate dresses like the princess we all want to be. She is not glitzy or overbearing in her style….I’m not sure anyone else could have such a large group of female fans and envy at the same time!

  102. She knows what will look good on her. She also has no problem with buying from retail or straight from the designer. She always looks good and her acessories look really good with each outfit.

  103. I love that the clothes are comfortable and affordable. I have purchased some of the maternity styles from Seraphina and have been very happy with them.

  104. Kate has such a chic style and it so well put together. Whether she’s wearing jeans and a sweater to an evening gown.

  105. The thing I like the most about Kate’s style is how she has a classic style but still hip for the time.

  106. What I love most about Kate’s style is that she always looks pulled together, comfortable, and appropriately dressed for the occasion and the weather. Please pick me! I want that basket! And, I’m in Chicago, so it won’t have to travel far… :)

  107. She wears it well, as the song goes!

  108. I love that Kate always seems to wear a smile. And I feel that most of the time her style is elegant and fresh.

  109. I love how approachable her style is. As a young professional, she provides a good guide of style to emulate in business and casual settings. She also often favors labels that are affordable and can mix in easily with other basics.

  110. As a San Diego girl, I love her coats. I also have been inspired to wear earrings with more movement– dangle!

    What a lovely giveaway! I need some new reading, and this looks fantastic.

  111. Apropos of your post today, I love that Kate has a “high street/ready-to-wear” style. I would really be disappointed if she started wearing only couture/bespoke clothing. It’s such fun to be able to go to, say, Zara for instance, and find something that the Duchess has purchased (which is something I do all too frequently – LOL!).

    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed!

  112. I adore that she brought ladylike outfits back in fashion. Having said that , I love most the little pops that make her unique. When she first wore the cream sheath fort he ’30′ event, I was thrilled to see red polish on her toes ever so glamorous.

  113. I love Kate’s style because she is simple, elegant and sophisticated. She brings together modern fashions with classic lines, in a very accessible (even smart) way. But what’s just as important is the way she holds herself in her clothes, always remaining to be a true lady, and exuding confidence and spirit.

  114. The thing I love the most about Kate’s style is that she keeps it “real”, but still manages to look ultra chic, trend setting, and stylish. He style is not “royal aged”, but reflects a sense of self, even as we all know she has a specif image to portray. Smart girl!

  115. I love that she almost always wears clothes that suit her body type, rather than trying to wear a style that doesn’t work as well for her just because it happens to be trendy. I also like how she selected designers from the host countries when she and William visited overseas and sometimes even works with the “theme” of her event (the Orchid dress when they visited the Orchid garden, the nautical/”Anne-of-Green-Gables” McQueen when they visited Prince Edward Island, etc.).

  116. What I love about Kate’s style is that we can do it too. If this is true that the palace wants her to be more “royal” and less “of the people” then that is a sad day. Kate has a lot of women who love her because she is approachable. I loved Princess Diana but even in her off time Diana wore designers that I couldn’t afford. I can’t afford some of Kate’s things, but I can also afford some. It makes us feel good to know that while she is royal she is also human and obviously one who takes care of her clothes and has them for years. I love that about her!

  117. Her fashion is both timeless and current; elegant & genuine.

  118. What speaks to me most about the Duchess’s style is her innate ability to make me – and mom’s all over the world – feel as if we can relate to her, be it through her clothes, hairstyles, shoes or accessories. She is such an icon, yet chooses to wear items that are (sometimes!) within a reasonable price range for those of us without a tiara in our jewelry box. And although my days consist mainly of digging toys out from under the couch, and convincing my 3-yr old that she can’t have pancakes three meals a day – following Kate’s style and telling myself that she, too, has days like “this” makes me feel a little more normal. I adore her style, both casual and formal – even though I rarely get out of leggings and a sweater these days!

  119. I think the most important thing in duchess’s style is the confidence which has felt by many women. They can also be seen like that. It is not impossible or hard. They just have to be confident about what they wear and smile. It is all about that.

  120. I love her elegance and attention to detail – every piece of jewellery, accessory, shoe, etc. is so gorgeous. I also like how she reuses pieces because she seems more relatable, and as if she really chooses clothes she loves.

  121. Her magical ability to look a million dollars in every single piece she wears!

  122. For dressing there are two rules I abide and think are most important: to be appropriate and to only wear clothes that suite your body shape. I love that Kate does both perfectly!

  123. I love her elegant simplicity.

  124. What I like most about the Duchess Kate style is the way her true genuine spirit shines through. She always looks lovely (hair, makeup, accessories, clothing) but I like the Duchess’s showcase of her royal style. Her open friendliness, caring spirit, gentle acceptance of those she meets, happy attitude & love of family. That is her style of ‘heart’ that shines beneath any clothing she wears. It makes her truly beautiful.

  125. Her style is simple, very chic, and effortless. I can picture myself wearing most of her outfits. I adore everything she wears.

  126. I’m envious of her bouncy shiny locks!

  127. I love how she makes being a lady a good thing! You can dress smartly, elegantly, but with a bit of fun and flair without crossing that line into inappropriate clothing choices. She makes being a lady both young and something that’s wonderful to imitate, rather than being “old.”

  128. I love that Kate’s style is feminine and stylish, yet practical, too, and that usually you can imagine wearing what she is wearing, and not just to a fancy event.

  129. The answer is simple really – no matter what – from gowns to jeans, from tiaras to wellies – everything on the Duchess looks CLASSY!

  130. The 2 things I love most about Kate:
    She is kind
    She has so much wisdom and maturity. She does things as SHE sees fit, with confidence and does does not look to the outside to guide her.

  131. Elegance! Her style is so elegant, but also accessible- she exudes warmth and confidence in a feminine way through her look.

  132. I love Kate’s classic style!

  133. My favourite part of Kate’s style is her choice of hats. Hats are deriguer for Royalty. Kate always manages to choose beautiful hats that perfectly complement her outfits worn to many & varied occasions.

  134. I love that Kate’s style is sophisticated, yet relatable…. elegant, but fun. And her hair is just the best!

  135. I’d have to say that favorite aspect of Kate’s style is, that apart from the occasionally much too trendy looks, she opts for timeless pieces and ensembles. I’ve always been a believer and practitioner of that philosophy! Then, you’d need never look further than the back of your own closet when you want to shop…;)

  136. I love how Kate’s hair always looks perfect with everything she wears. She always styles it just right to fit every occasion.

  137. oh how adorable little George is.

  138. I guess what is bothering me about the “Queens decree” is that Kate’s approachability will go away. By her only wearing high end/bespoke outfits will make her too royal. It is fun trying either replicating or actually buying the same outfit. Also, how much longer should she wear her skirts, down to her ankles?
    She is already much more conservative now that pre-engagement and she is a young woman not a grandma. This news is makes me unhappy, like she won’t be the Peoples Princess. :(

  139. I love how polished Kate looks regardless of it’s a more casual look or red carpet. I’m still scratching my head at the story about how the Queen wants Kate to wear longer hemlines. Most of what Kate wears is close to the knee. I could see maybe going to slightly below the knee, but any longer than that I think would be too matronly and floor length would seem to formal for day occasions (unless it was a really casual event where something like a long sundress was appropriate but I’m guessing Australia and NZ would be too cool in April for that).

  140. She looks comfortable in everything she wears and her outfits are always absolutely perfect for each occasion. I love that you can tell how carefully planned they are.

  141. I love how accessible her style is, and how she mixes high end with affordable. She’s just beautiful!

  142. My favorite thing about her style is her reuse of items in her wardrobe. Whether it’s clothing or accessories, it’s noticeable she has her favorites in her closet. ,

  143. The Duchess’ look is effortlessly stylish.

  144. I love how she looks beautiful and comfortable in her own skin wether dressed down to grocery shop or dressed up for a big event.

  145. My favorite thing about Kate’s wardrobe is that it is so down to earth and modern styles. She is a style icon and her wardrobe is very fitting for women in today’s world can wear!

  146. I like Catherine’s style because she dresses like a lady and because she is a good example.

  147. My favorite thing about Kate’s style is how down to earth it is. Even though she can afford to wear couture 100% of the time, she still shops at places us regular folks can afford to shop, too!

  148. She keeps everything simple and uncluttered.

  149. I love her simple, classic choices in jewelry.

  150. Her style is timeless because she could reutilize at least 90% of her wardrobe years from now….with only minor alterations (like lengthening the skirts).

  151. I love that Kate has a classic style and that she doesn’t give in to short-lived trends. We will be admiring her looks for many decades!

  152. I love how even when she’s dressed down, she still looks so polished. She is elegant and sophisticated without looking stuffy or uncomfortable.

  153. What I love about Kate’s style is its wearability. She always look nice but never uncomfortable or like she’s playing dress up. Plus she, for the most part, wears outfits that just about any of us could pull off.

  154. I love Kate’s attention to detail. Anyone can throw money at a closet full of clothes, but taking the time (and having the eye) to coordinate pieces with creativity and effortless elegance, as well as with a flare of personality, is a true skill. On top of that, she shows us it is possible to do all that on a reasonable budget. Kate is such a wonderful role model for us all :)

  155. I am 55 years old and when I see Kate wore dresses that look perfect for her and her age. Leave her alone and when she will arrive my age then she will cover her knee. Style will change when aged. Don’t change until she wants to change.

  156. My favorite part of Kate’s style is that is always appropriate. She can dress up or dress casually depending on the occasion and she always looks well put together.

  157. What I like about Duchess Kate’s style: I like that she is sexy, super feminine, flirty, and trendy – all while being very classy. Her style is definitely one to be admired and copied.

  158. I love that she wears things any girl does yet she makes them look so amazing. She has a way of wearing the clothes and not them wearing her so amazing

  159. I love that Kate combines high-end pieces with items that can actually be affordable to us commoners!

  160. I love how she ways looks classy and comfortable. Her photos will still look good 20 years from now.

  161. I love HRH’s style because she wears the clothes vs the clothes wearing her. Meaning, they only compliment her beauty. She always looks effortless, whether she is going on a grocery run or to a formal dinner. Clothes are only an accent to her beauty, grace and style.

  162. I love how the Duchess has made dressing up fashionable again, and made it all seem effortless too. Her attention to detail and appropriateness to each occasion makes her shine and provides inspiration on both sides of the pond – and beyond.

  163. I love how her choices are classic, graceful, elegant, and sophisticated — while still being youthful and fresh. I look forward to seeing her in more regal attire, but I hope she’ll also be able to make appearances in her signature classy but informal pieces, too.

  164. I love that Kate dresses like a real lady. Many of her outfits show respect for the occasion, like the hibiscus dress in Malaysia, the Strathearn scarf in Scotland and the Black Watch plaid dress at St. Andrew’s prep school. Kate’s style is easy to emulate, so we can all feel a bit like a Duchess in our own lives.

  165. I love how accessible her everyday style is and yet how youthful and fresh her formal style is.

  166. What I love most about Kate’s style is how she has made dressing like a lady fashionable again. She is always dressed appropriately and modestly though she keeps it young looking and fresh. She is a true inspiration.

  167. My favorite thing about Kate’s style is the way that her clothes are perfectly proportioned and expertly tailored to her figure. She wears classic shapes that flatter and she’s not afraid to mix and match her high-end pieces with those found in a typical chain store. She has a style that is her own and she’s not afraid to stick to it. Good for her!

  168. My favorite part of the Duchess’s style is her use of gloves. A classic dressing move, I wish it were more popular in the US.

  169. I love how perfectly tailored and occasion-appropriate her wardrobe is.

  170. The Duchess of Cambridge’s style is so ageless that my middle-aged self and my twenty-something daughter both find inspiration from it.

  171. Her classic, well-tailored style.

  172. What I love most about Kate’s style is how she mixes high-end couture with pieces that are easily accessible to the public. People can find and purchase for themselves many of the items that she wears. By doing this it is a great boost to whatever companies and brands Kate chooses to shop from.

  173. I love her elegance and natural beauty. And I’d kill for legs like hers!

  174. I love that Kate does not cave in to the demands of trends or the criticisms
    leveled at her but sticks to what she knows works for her. She is clearly not a wilting flower who is going to bend to the whims of the fickle public.

  175. I am most impressed by her confidence. It’s obvious she knows what she likes and what she looks good in. And, when she smiles she appears so genuine. Her clothes never “wear her”. My favorite styles are when she is caught out and about and not “on stage”. She makes jeans and flats look so elegant!

  176. I love that no matter how “dressed up” or “dressed down” Kate’s style allows us seems like you can relate to her. Untouchable yet just like everyone else.

  177. Timeless, classic, and appropriate for the occasion. Fantasy clothing style and jewelry during grand occasions, to High Street clothing many of us can purchase, to have a bit of H.R.H. Duchess of Cambridge look of our own.

  178. I like how well her dresses fit and how they are always flattering and classic while still being interesting.

  179. I have loved watching Kate’s style from the very beginning, back before there were many photos of her in magazines but one thing has stayed consistent, she truly picks the most elegant and timeless pieces that really make me relate to her, always tasteful, appropriate and well thought out!

  180. Longtime reader, first-time commentator. I love the style choices the Duchess has made for the most part however, I have been waiting for this moment. Of course, Kate has excellent taste but, it is time to take her wardrobe to the next level. An experienced stylist like Angela Kelly will be able to help her gain greater confidence on the high end elegance and fashion commented on in the articles mentioned. The aspect of Kate’s style that I think is very clever is her willingness to repeat outfits at charity appearances. I believe that she is trying to place the focus on the charity and the positive work being done by giving the media only that to comment on.

  181. The Duchess dresses with timeless elegance. Her looks can be worn ten years from now or ten years ago and they would still be fashionable.

  182. Kate’s ability to wear things she loves (more than once) makes her look so comfortable and of the moment.

  183. I love her sophisticated sense of style of simple, elegant and classy looks which often are affordable to most every woman.

  184. I enjoy how she makes wearing a dress, hose and a hat as not only effortless but something to want for yourself. As someone who hasn’t worn hose or a hat in a long time it makes it seem ‘alright’. :-)

    Thanks for posting the true story about what the Queen is doing and Angela Kelly’s role. Once again the tabloids have made it into something that it is not. I look forward to seeing the impact Angela Kelly has an developing her into Queen material.

  185. I like that Kate wears outfits I could see myself wearing. She always looks so elegant and her fashion is approachable.

  186. I love that Kate wears so many different colors.

  187. I love how she can be very glamorous even when she isn’t dressed for a formal function. Her style is so spot on and in a lot of cases very timeless.

  188. I love the elegant simplicity of so much of what she wears.

  189. I love how Catherine makes every outfit her own – regarless of their provenience. We all care about our looks (otherwise we would not read this site) – and often enough try to copy someone who we admire (at least as far as outfits go) – but in the end it is ourselves that make a dirrence – our smile, our heart if you wish. Who we are is what matters – and to me Catherine is so popular primarity because of who she is – regarless of the circumstances in her life!

  190. I am just in love with how modest but still very elegant she always looks.

  191. I love Kate’s simple, yet classy style. I like that she finds classic and flattering pieces without showing too much skin. The style is so fresh and easy to love!

  192. I love her hair when she has it curled. I also love her smile. She seems to always be pleasant and genuinely enjoying and interested in conversations she has. And I love her long gowns, they’re all so elegant and fit her style so perfectly.

  193. I love that she repeats just a couple of different pairs of shoes with most of her outfits. I think that having a couple of “staples” that go with everything and then a few other nicer shoes for special events is realistic and smart.

  194. What I enjoy most about Kate (style wise) is her ability to combine classic conservative looks which emphasis and embrace her femininity all while being elegant and regal. With her clothing choices she comes across as relatable and gives us each the feeling that we can all achieve such classic timeless elegance. She helps perpetuate that modest clothing can also be stylish.

  195. A shout out for Kate dressing George appropriately for the Mustique sun – cottons, fully covered, and a hat. Many parents forget just how strong the sun can be on baby skin. I see babies on the beach without hats and their skin turning pink. I’m sure she’s extra careful going from north to south.

  196. I’m looking forward to some more fashion-forward looks by the Duchess. The majority of the time, I love her style, but have been getting a little bored lately. Let’s see some more dresses like that gorgeous purple and white Prabal Gurung that she wore in Malaysia!!! I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous jewels she will get to wear on this tour!

  197. I love that she always looks classy and royal, but still looks age-appropriate! Never frumpy, and she never makes me think, “Oh, honey, you’re not 50 yet. Go change.” :-)

  198. She’s beautiful!!! Not in a, supermodel-I don’t eat-out of your league-kind of way. She is beautiful because she’s down to earth, relatable, smart & caring. She wears things that emphasize that. When we wear clothes she wore and similar styles we feel all of those things too. Love her!!!

  199. I love the simplicity of her style–nothing fussy, just clean perfect lines.

  200. I love how Kate wears pieces that are relatively low cost, and from brands, like Zara, that are accessible to everyday people!

  201. Ooh what a fun prize! I like that Kate keeps it so classy and yet doesn’t feel like she’s wearing clothes for a different older woman. They fit her and she wears them (not vice versa).

  202. They way she perfectly balances youthfulness with elegance–she always looks like a lady, but never frumpy (my biggest concern when dressing like an “adult”!).

  203. I love her streamlined elegance, 50 years from now her clothes will still be considered stylish.

  204. I love how beautiful all of her dresses are. Honestly, everything she picks holds some kind of classiness to it and she pulls off whatever she wears so elegantly. I love how every dress she wears seems to be tailor made to her body.

  205. Catherine has perfected selecting styles that suit her body and simple hair styles–they are always in the right proportion and she never looks “fussy or excessive”

  206. I love that she always looks elegant, yet she doesn’t look middle aged. She looks youthful and classic. I certainly hope any changes don’t move her into the fuddy duddy category, if that makes sense. Her style is something younger girls can emulate which is just one of the small ways she is a great role model.

  207. Catherine has mastered wearing clothing and accessories which suit her body shape and simple hair styles perfectly. Few women manage this in their lifetime.

  208. I love how accessible her style is! I go for comfort, but i can see myself wearing some of her pieces.

  209. I love that she dresses conservatively but always looks elegant because her clothes are tailored so well.

  210. I love Kate’s timelessness. She looks regal, yet accessible to the public. She’s my style icon because she combines royalty with affordability. I also love how she doesn’t flaunt herself or her body. She’s modest and classy at the same time. She embodies the statement, “Less is more.”

  211. My favorite part of the Duchess’ style is that she favors timeless, classic pieces that can be worn again and again without looking ‘dated.’

  212. I love how she always looks classy and like a lady but still approachable and not unattainable.

  213. For me I am inspired by her varying styles. I love the sporty looks and the daytime looks.

  214. I love that her style is classic and beautiful while at the same time being fresh and young and very much her own. I hope she is able to retain that sense while becoming more royal. Great giveaway!

  215. I appreciate that she wears things more than once.

  216. I love the fact that she wears lace. It is a very feminine and classic touch.

  217. I love that her style is classy and elegant yet modern.

  218. I love her effortless style. Kate could just as easily be wearing clothes that an average woman has in her closet as she could be wearing couture I hope the rumors are not true and the Queen isn’t trying to change Kate’s high street style.

  219. I love how classic and timeless her style is. Most of what she wears now will still look great years down the road.

  220. I love how she wears clothing and outfits that “regular people” can wear. Her style is classic, yet modern and accessible to those of us who aren’t fashion models or incredibly wealthy.

  221. That she wears things even I would like for myself and can sometimes even afford. That she always looks ladylike (which doesn’t have to mean “old lady”) and elegant.

  222. I love her refined, modest style that is so elegant. She is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to beautiful young women in the public spotlight these days.

  223. I love that her style is classic and patriotic at the same time. With this blog I am able to see her transformation from a regular girl to a royal woman.

  224. I love the Duchess’ modern spin on classic styling. The accessabilty to her fashions or repliKate pieces has amped up my own wardrobe . Love her!!

  225. I love that most of her dresses have sleeves and am patiently waiting for that style to come across the pond.

  226. What I like most about Kate is that she keeps her style young but royal at the same time and that she is not afraid of mixing high class fashion with topshop :)

  227. The Duchess of Cambridge’s style while easily duplicated more often than not because it’s affordable or attainable, it is also relatable -relatable in a sense that it both brings out the little princesses in our hearts and the regalness our maturity demands in the real world today.

  228. I love how Kate is able to create a timeless, elegant, yet age-appropriate from which I can get inspiration. Her ability to always classy and casual, is exactly the look I love and have tried to perfect over the years.

  229. She looks just as stunning in her casual about town outfits as she does when she’s all dressed up for an event. She has an effortless grace about her that just exudes beauty.

  230. I love that the Duchess has such a timeless, elegant style and does not fall victim to recent trends.

  231. I love the way Kate mixes dreamy couture looks with ensembles that are affordable to the masses!

  232. I love how she mixes affordable labels with high end designers.

  233. I love how, for the most part, chooses dresses and skirts over pants for her official events. She knows how to dress like a lady.

  234. I love how timeless Kate’s style is….she always looks so elegant!

  235. This giveaway is the PERFECT giveaway <3 books, chocolate, tes, what else?I love her natural glow (I try to copy her make up all the time) and the choices she makes.
    She's wearing very nice but affordable clothes by day, and beautiful gowns at events.
    It looks classy but not old. Pretty and "sexy" showing off her amazing body!! That's what a woman wants!!
    She's a good inspiration/motivation because she is "real" and not "made". Xx

  236. I think her style is classic, timeless and elegant. When I look back at her pictures from 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or today, her outfits definitely something I can relate to but with that Kate glamour that is impossible to recreate.

  237. I love how effortless Kate makes her clothing look; it’s never too stuffy or uptight, and always looks comfortable.

  238. I LOVE this site. You always have the BEST information and pictures. Thanks so much!!

  239. It’s great how Catherine mixes her style up–a wide range of colours and patterns, and high street as well as haute couture. I especially love her in bright colours. I hope she keeps up the smashing job of being such a vision to behold!

  240. I really love her style for a multitude of reasons. But really, my favorite is her use of inexpensive pieces along with some really nice staple pieces from Couture designers.

  241. I love that she is always so classy and elegant. I feel like we need more style role models like that. Her style is timeless.

  242. I love how her clothing always fits perfectly. I’d love to have a wardrobe as tailored as hers is!

  243. There are so many role models today that younger people look up to that put forth the wrong message to our young women. Everything that Kate wears reflects what a genuinely warm, caring person she is. Her style combines old and new, modern and traditional, with a style and grace that just makes you smile whenever you see pictures of her. From her wellies and jeans when working with the scouts to her beautiful gold and cream gown while on tour in Malaysia – her style is effortless and achieveable for the modern day woman. I love everything about her!

  244. My favorite part of Kate’s style is her impeccable tailoring. Each and every piece of clothing she wears looks as if it was just made to fit her body. She could teach us all a lesson in finding {and keeping} a good tailor!

  245. Kate always looks so stylish indeed – her clothes are indeed the best of all. I love her style of fashion. She is indeed an inspiration to us all.

  246. The reason I continually look forward to Kate’s wardrobe is precisely the reason other readers have noted: she employs not only looks but actual pieces that anyone can incorporate. She always looks appropriate yet fantastic and glamorous and I certainly hope the “makeover” does not diminish these reasons for watching Kate’s fashion choices.

  247. I love the fact that she wears her items more than once.

  248. I love the Duchess of Cambridge’s minimalist, fitted style. She knows what looks good on her – timeless dresses that are accessible to the public or easily replicated!

  249. I love her classic, yet modern elegance. I only wish I could look half as put-together as she does every day!

  250. Kate inspires me to want to war a dress again!! I love her classic yet fresh style.

  251. I love that she mixes high and low, and prefers simplicity.

  252. Effortless. She keeps it simple and refined. I love it!

  253. I think she dresses in a way that is elegant and appropriate but also very approachable. Plus, she always has her glowing smile as her most often used “accessory”. She appears to be a genuinely lovely person.

  254. I love how relate-able Kate is.She is simple yet refined.

  255. I loved her maternity style!

  256. Kate looks great in every style and design she wears. I know she will look beautiful in her up coming tour.

  257. Kate looks great in every style and design she wears. I know she will look beautiful in her upcoming tour.

  258. I love the way the Duchess of Cambridge combines designer clothing with eclectic jewelry or an accessory piece from the high street. She’s the epitome of classic glamour and modernity.

  259. Kate always looks comfortable with herself, and never self-conscious. In an age where she is subject to constant scrutiny, and women generally are pressured by patently unrealistic and unattainable images in the media, I find that helpful and affirming for all of us.

  260. .. ‘decree’ sounds a bit intimidating !

    I hope the Duchess’s lovely, personal, always appropriate (in my opinion!) style doesn’t feel cramped or constrained by The Firm’s scrutiny ! it’s not easy finding a balance between independence and cooperation.. but if anyone can find that balance, Cate seems to have the temperament/qualities to do so !

  261. Love her use of Temperley — I adore those clothes!

  262. I love Kate’s clean lines and fresh style that are classic but still youthful. I prefer seeing her in flower styles that seem to suit her so well. Kate is keenly aware of of what styles work best on her body andher choices accentuate her grace and confidence.

  263. I can’t get enough of her opportunities to wear dresses. And she had such great taste in them! Thanks for the giveaway – the books sound so fun!

  264. I love how the Duchess’ style is effortless, classy, and timeless. Her style evokes a feeling that this could be anyone, a very down to earth person who is confident with herself. Even though it is a little silly, I’ll admit her style inspires me to pull myself together.

  265. I love how clean and neat and well-fitting her clothes are. And she picks wonderful colors!

  266. I panicked a little (and still am a little panicked) when I read about the Queen’s new “mandates” on the Duchess’ style. I always thought she dresses impeccably, but what impresses me most is the sense of personal style in every outfit. Her frocks are so “her.” I’d hate to see that change! (I drool over just about everything she wears, even if I know it would never look good on me.)

  267. I love how classy and modest she looks-very ladylike!

  268. Kate’s style is as cool as a British cucumber. She takes charge of her own style, from wedding gown to what she’ll wear to the shops~~~and always comes out looking terrific. “Everywoman” can relate to her, too; she perfectly fits the definition of flawless ease!

  269. Her classic style that is not too stuffy that we can easily copy.

  270. I really can’t see Kate wearing a lot of jewels, let alone a tiara during the tour of Australia and NZ – us Aussies are a rather relaxed bunch! The British royal family is our royal family too – so W & K won’t be attending “state” dinners with the local royals/heads of state – though there will hopefully be at least a couple of more formal do’s while they’re down here…

    As for the weather, as you’ve correctly stated, Australia is a big country with a range of different climates at any time of the year – if they were to visit FNQ, the weather will be tropical and similar to much of their Asian tour, Perth is warm/hot and dry, while Tasmania’s weather is cooler and often compared to UK! I’m in Melbourne and being Autumn, April’s weather could be warm, or it could also be chilly – and Melbourne is legendary for turning on “4 seasons in 1 day” type of weather :-)

    Toni Maticevski is a fairly well known Melbourne-based Australian designer – Alex Perry, Lisa Ho, Akira Isogawa, Carla Zampatti, Sass & Bide and of course Collette Dinnigan (her last collection was AW’13 I believe) could all present viable options…

    I’m getting very, very impatient for an itinerary to be released – even if it’s just which Australian cities they’ll be visiting – don’t they know I need to put arrangements in place! ;-)

  271. I like her classic style, and the freshness she provides.

  272. I have always liked Kate’s approachable style but do look forward to more tiaras! kkakins at gmail dot com

  273. Kate’s style to me is all about balance and class – I love the obvious thought that goes into her choices, particularly on overseas tours – the orchids on her dress in Singapore, Canadian designers when in Canada, even the Project D dress when transiting through Brisbane airport, etc. :-)

  274. Well, I like her understatement and spontaneity. It’s clear that she is genuine and her style reflects her nature. I adore her sense of reuse.

  275. I love the way she always look natural and simple even if she wears beautiful and expensive gown in official engagements.

  276. I love that Kate is never afraid to wear something twice. This highlights her down to earth personality and style. She doesn’t allow societal demands dictate her choices.

  277. I love that Kate is not afraid to wear something more than once. This highlights her down to earth personality and style. She doesn’t allow the pressure of societal wants to dictate her choices.

  278. I love how elegant and classic she always looks, yet she can look comfortable at the same time.

  279. I love Kate style because she combines high streers whit designer items. It is so easy to copy it :)

  280. I love Kate’s confidence – she wears that best of all. We can all purchase her clothing/shoe choices (in theory), but her poise and confident demeanor are what I hope to emulate most of all!

  281. Because she does not lose herself in her outfits, she wears the clothes not the other way round.

  282. She has classic style, and I love the fact she repeats her outfits.

  283. I love her style because in some engagements or private’ s life moments it seems to be the one of one of us… It makes me feel like everyone can be a duchess for a once.

  284. I like that she isn’t afraid to wear items again – but that they always fit perfectly.

  285. My favourite aspect of the duchess’s style is how she is able to incorporate what she likes while also pay tribute to whatever function she is attending. Her outfits typically pay homage to her host country or patronage. And of course, she always looks absolutely fabulously put together, without looking like she’s tried!

  286. What I like most about her style is the elegant Dresses, yet she always looks so young and fresh. Amazing!

  287. I love that she is fashionable without being too flashy and her closet includes many mainstream and affordable brands. She looks always great and exudes confidence even in a pair of jeans. Her warm natural smile is her best accessory ! <3

  288. I love Catherine’s style. She’s classy and modern at the same time.

  289. I love that kate’s style is 100% her. She exudes confidence in her choices and is stunning!

  290. Love the way she pulls pieces together and creates her “own” outfit like the two navy pieces, skirt and jacket; or the dress and peplum jacket. Somehow she just knows what goes :)

  291. I like that she always looks classy, comfortable and gorgeous, no matter what outfit she is wearing.

  292. Though someone tries to prove Kate copies Diana’s style, for me it’s not true. Kate is very special in everything she does, including dressing. And that’s what I like about her most of all.

  293. I love that she is fresh and classic and that she mixes high end items with lower price items and isn’t afraid to repeat outfits. It is easy to repliKate her outfits and to feel put together without spending a lot.

  294. I appreciate the variety of looks she comes up with. The tartan patterns on coats and shawls are particularly interesting and are a lovely nod to the Royal Family’s Scottish connections.

  295. I love that Catherine dresses age appropriately. Not too old, but definitely not trashy like other women our age that are in the public eye. She proves that you can be youthful, classy, and sexy, all at the same time. Love her!

  296. I love that her style is classic yet very distinct. She looks very elegant, very put together, when she appears on formal occasions. There’s a simplicity to her style that keeps it from looking risky (no wardrobe malfunctions threaten). She looks confident, and I bet it helps put others at their ease. [And I love that McQueen gown!]

  297. I like that she takes pieces I may not give a second glance while on the rack but styles them in a way that’s classy and wearable.

  298. I love that her style is so accessible. Anyone can “replikate” her look.

  299. I love how Kate’s style is elegant, timeless and influential. She makes it look so effortless and she definitely shows that less is more!

  300. I love that Kate’s style is so wearable while still being classic and lovely!

  301. I love the classic feminine style that she shows. a mix of clothes that ‘normal people’ could never afford with pieces that I could! always love to see what she is wearing.

  302. I like how she dresses in a classic style, yet keeps it modern and young looking.

  303. I like how classic most of her looks are.

  304. I think the Duchess’ style exemplifies freshness, feminine and most of all classy!

  305. Her taste is always classic and appropriate for the occasion.

  306. Her hair and its many styles is my favorite.

  307. I love how she is not afraid to repeat outfits.i also love how she has shown to the world that modest clothes can look pretty on a woman,that you don’t need to wear sexy clothes to be beautiful.she inspired me to wear dresses!Now i am confident to wear dresses!

  308. Yes, but what about the sunglasses?? :)

  309. Thanks for hosting a giveaway. I love that she has made royalty approachable. I loved that she dressed like any other girl working in an office. Of course, that’s not so much true of the high end pieces she had, but I think it was a good mix of investment pieces that every girl would love to have and how to style them with the high street pieces you can really afford to buy. I hope that doesn’t go away with any “makeovers.”

  310. I love how her style is timeless and classic!

  311. What I love about Kate’s style is that she is a bundle of class! Always tasteful, always appropriate, never on the “what was she thinking??” list!

  312. Great giveaway, thank you! My favourite part about Catherine’s style is that she can dress up or dress down, and no matter what, she looks poised and elegant. I also love that she mixes up her designers – it makes me feel like I can attain her look.

  313. I like her edgier McQueen looks.

  314. I love that she is so good at taking high-end pieces that look untouchable and making them look natural, like anybody could pull them off.

  315. I love that Kate makes it her own. Tasteful, modest, and youthful.

  316. I love how Kate uses clean lines and minimalist accessories to highlight her best assets, but more importantly, the causes/functions she is promoting. She dresses well, yes, but she is ALWAYS appropriate to the place and her surroundings, down to the designer and colors she chooses. Go Kate!

  317. I love Kate’s classic style and the fact that she carefully considers the event, history and people she will meet when selecting her clothes.

  318. Fresh, vibrant, mindful – with style and grace. Brava!

  319. I love that she mixes things up and is not afraid to combine pricier pieces with less expensive pieces. Everything looks so polished and sleek and not overdone.

  320. I love how she reuses pieces multiple times and wears such a wide variety of clothes, both designer and mainstream!

  321. Catherine’s humble approach to fashion is admirable. She is an instant classic every step of the way, from the most ordinary day-to-day clothing to the gala events when she cleverly mixes the most expensive with the most accessible items. The fact she doesn’t need to but repeats outfits and shops “like us” proves she is fearless. What greater inspiration?

  322. I love how thoughtful Kate is about her wardrobe – the recycling is great role modelling, her research into appropriate tributes, and her ability to pair low and high end pieces is admirable. Quite frankly, she just always looks nice, and in this day and age of mid-drifts, boobs everywhere and everything in between – she just is so well presented. A few Hollywood stars could take a lesson or three from her!

  323. I love Kate’s style because it is modest yet fashionable, elegant yet flirty, and oh so tasteful!

  324. I love Kate’s classic style. I also love how she incorporates clothes that I can afford into her daily wardrobe

  325. I love Kate’s style because it is so effortless but still elegant and both classic and modern at the same time. I also really like how she mixes designer brands with more affordable styles that are easier for me to either add or add a similar style to my wardrobe.

  326. I love that she keeps her hair its natural color and that she mixes classic styles with a modern twist!

  327. The Dutchess has a style that is elegant, classy and age appropriate. It’s no wonder that so many would like to replicate her style.

  328. I love Kate’s style because it reflects the lovely, classy, regal woman she is on the inside.

  329. I love Catherine’s style, because finally people ‘get’ the idea of dressing like a royal… i.e. dressing in a classy, elegant way –and liking it. It has been a long time coming, in my humble opinion. :) Plus I love the fact that she wears J Brand. Anyone who wears J Brand is awesome in my books! (Can you tell it’s my fave denim label??)

  330. I love Kate’s classic style that remains youthful and fresh… I really hope they don’t change her style completely because I think she’s pretty timeless!

  331. My favorite thing about the way Kate dresses is, honestly, she wears things I can afford. When you can buy something that she owns you feel special- like you share something with her. I hope she doesn’t begin to only wear high end otherwise we’ll all lose that ability. On the other hand I will be looking forward to new, regal looks! My calendar is marked!!

  332. All Kate’s style needs is more jewels and it will be perfect. I don’t like her wearing all the cheap bling so it will be lovely to see what she chooses to wear (with her beautiful taste) and the queen can provide the only thing that is missing, lovely real jewels.

  333. I love that she is so classic and modern at the same time. She dresses for her age and for wherever she is. She has a real, down to earth feel to her fashion.

  334. I love HRH Duchess of Cambridge’s style because it’s classic – when people look back on her style, they’ll notice how flattering her sartorial choices are and how they could be wearing them! She’s timeless and classy. :)

  335. My favorite part of Kate’s style is that it is very feminine, but still wearable with class, movement, and style. I think part of it comes from the cuts and fabrics she wears and her overall look.

  336. I love Kate’s style because I’ve always secretly wanted to dress like a fairy tale princess everyday. Thanks to her style inspiration, I dress like both a princess and a put together woman at the same time!

  337. Classic elegance. She always looks beautifully together with thoughtful details.

  338. Her style is truly timeless.

  339. I like that Kate is MODERN yet ROYAL all at the same time.She makes it FRESH.

  340. I love that Kate is willing to wear pieces more than once, changing things up with different accessories and combinations.

  341. I love Kate’s style because it is classy and classic, not to mention flattering to her and beautiful.

  342. One of my favourite things about Kate’s style (and one that I envy!) is her ability and foresight to choose and then care for clothes so that they last for years and still look fabulous. A remarkable talent!

  343. I love seeing how Kate re-wears items, high and low-end.

  344. Classic elegance. She always looks beautifully pulled together with thoughtful details.

  345. I love Kate’s style because she experiments just enough to keep a look fresh, while
    maintaining a style that is timeless, feminine and classic.

  346. What a nice contest! I love Kate’s style because it’s just classy–she always looks beautiful, polished, AND appropriate for the occasion, something we don’t always see from other public figures.

  347. My favorite thing about her style is how classic most of it is, but she has some fantastic statement pieces that really liven everything up.

  348. I love the duchess’s style for so many reasons! She always looks so elegant and I love that she combines designer items with affordable pieces. She looks timeless whether she is in jeans or a custom made gown.

  349. I love that she always has the best accessories to complete her look!

  350. I love her dresses – such a great flirty and fun style while remaining classy.

  351. I love that Kate’s style is classic and conservative but also current, and I love how loyal she remains to British labels!

  352. I love her elegance and attention to detail. She never overlooks how the whole outfit works together as well as the details such as color, pattern, and fit.

  353. Her style is impeccable, polished & on trend. I love everything she wears!

  354. I love that Kate is respectful…of the traditions that came before her, and of the ones she will undoubtably set (often without even knowing it).

  355. What I love about Kate’s style is that she does not follow any rules, but her own. She is original, considerate and dresses like a Lady.

  356. What I like about Kate’s style is that it she always dresses so impeccably — everything I’ve ever seen her wear, even simple, casual outfits, displays fabulous taste.

  357. I love her youthfulness while also appearing elegant without the need to flash her goods

  358. The dutchess is spot on with her appearance all of the time! She is effortlessly stylish and sets a beautiful example for young girls and young women in a time when there aren’t as many women to look up to.

  359. What I like most about her style is how feminine it is. A classic style can be hard to wear as it can make one seem older than they appear, but she pulls it off so well and has the world following suit!

  360. I love that Kate wears things that most normal women would and could wear. We can easily translate her style into our everyday wardrobe which makes us feel like royalty when we wear something similar to what a duchess and wife of a prince wears. And also, even though we tend to focus on her clothes, her clothes are never distracting us from the work she is doing.

  361. The Duchess looks wonderful in everything she wears, but my favorite part of her style is her smile. The inner beauty that no designer can match.

  362. I love Kate’s refreshing classic and modern style. She is effortlessly stylish and timeless. In 20 years, we can look back at any photo of Kate and admire the fashion. I feel as though a part of Kate shines through in every outfit, either through an accessory, an alteration, or just by her smile.

  363. I love that Kate’s style is copyable.

  364. I Love her modest, classy style, but I have to admit, I also love her shoes!

  365. Kate’s sense of style is impeccable from her hair to shoes. She never fails to impress and it’s amazing how one outfit she wears can influence so many and her confidence shines through every time. That is why I love her style.

  366. I like how classic and simple her style is.

  367. I love that she’s modern and trendy but still classic and sophisticated. A hard mix to achieve but she does it well!

  368. I love that Kate’s style is fresh and simple but still elegant. The way she pairs high end designer pieces with high street pieces shows that it doesn’t all have to be budget breaking if you know what to look for. Her outfits are well put together and show how grounded she is when it comes to real life. She always manages to pick outfits that she is comfortable and confident in and is an inspiration.

  369. I love how she effortlessly combines new and past-season clothing, always well-tailored and fresh. She shows how to always look well-dressed without having to spend outrageous amounts on the up-to-the-minute-fashion and showing that one can actually wear things more than once ;). She allows her wardrobe to complement her beauty and confidence, not to overshadow it.

  370. Thanks for doing this giveaway, Susan! I like that you’ve kept it so simple :)

    My favorite thing about the DoC’s style is, honestly, that she’s made navy blue come back in fashion! I love the timeless color, and I love how she’s used it so frequently. Her ink-blue Jenny Packham gown was to *die* for. Her Smythe blazer is absolutely gorgeous! I love her obsession with the color.

  371. Catherine is above all a lady, in an age where that is sadly a rarity

  372. My favorite thing about Kate is how she blends classic with preppy and always looks like a natural beauty! She doesn’t overdo her hair or make up, she always looks natural and amazing!

  373. My favorite thing about Kate’s style is that she always look classic and chic!

  374. The Duchess keeps it classy and fabulous! She always looks perfect no matter what the occasion.

  375. I love Kate’s modest yet fresh daytime looks that can easily be translated into workwear for the rest of us.

  376. I love that her style is classic and modest. She seems to stay true to herself and it is always nice to see that she recycles her clothes – like the rest of us!

  377. I like that Kate is her own woman. She is not a slave to fashion.

  378. I love that Kate’s style is beautiful and classy, but fresh, charming, and approachable.
    What a great giveaway!

  379. What I love most abouy Kate’s stylr is how she mixes high street and high end. I can afford to purchase some of the high street pieces and enjoy searching for tepli-Kates of the high end/designer pieces!

  380. Kate always portrays a muture elegant style. She has appeal to women of all ages. Also, even though
    She is royalty, she always presents herself as a people’s princess. That is approachable and friendly!

  381. I love love LOVE Kate’s classic and feminine style. I always see what she’s wearing and think, oh gosh – I would love to wear that!

    ps. I had not seen that Alexander McQueen gown from the Malaysian dinner yet and oh my! It’s lovely. I want. Lol.

  382. I love how Kate’s wardrobe is classic & accessible – I get plenty of inspiration for my professional wardrobe from her!

  383. I love how she has a mix of high end and lower end peices. ALSo love that she rewears many items. Finally, she seems to pick the perfect outfit for every occasion!!

  384. She is understated and elegant, very feminine and ladylike- the clothing designers she chooses to highlight are female and so talented, the clothing is beautifully designed for women by women.

  385. What I love most about Kate’s style is that she is one of the only celebrity/role models out there who has a build similar to mine (although I am even taller at 6’1!) which means I can see things on her and know that proportionally it will also look good on me. It’s almost like she’s done all the hard work for me! And even introduced me to a few silhouettes I never thought I would be able to pull off! Her style is age appropriate; modern simple and timeless. And I find it terribly refreshing that she mixes high street and designer items…it means that I can actually afford some of the items (while dreaming of others!). Thank you for a great giveaway!

  386. I love how Kate’s classic and timeless style matches well with her role as a public figure and also flatters her body shape. I also love that she re-wears clothing like a normal person!

  387. My favorite thing about the Duchess’ style is how she always look very appropriate for the occasion, whether it’s in high end clothes or more affordable to every day people. Plus I just flat out like most of what she wears.

    And I have to say I love that DeBrands is included in this prize. They are made in my hometown! Delicious!!

  388. I love how classy and attainable her style is! She sticks with key pieces that work for her and make subtle changes to keep people noticing. I am excited to see her grow into a more regal style, although to me, her style is already the epitome of a “princess” look!

  389. What I love most about Kate’s style is her shoes! And her ability to look just as amazing in McQueen and Temperly as she does in Zara and Topshop.

  390. Love all the color Kate uses!

  391. What I love most about Kate’s style, while of course elegant, timeless, and classic, is that she always stays true to herself! The clothes never wear her- her personality and confidence always shine through. And she can wear a hat/fascination better than anyone else!

  392. I love that Kate’s style is elegant yet youthful at the same time. I love that her every day style is easy to replikate and her evening gowns never fail to impress!

  393. I like it best when she wears items from Zara, when she wears things that most people can buy and afford.

  394. I love how Kate’s style is so simple and timeless. It makes it easy to try and incorporate into my own wardrobe. Plus I love how she isn’t always in super high end fashion, some of my favorite looks are her “cheaper” choices.

  395. What I really appreciate is that Kate clearly has a plan for how she wants to look, both publicly and privately. She looks her age when she’s out and about, shopping, going for walks–but she knows how to glam it up for royal occasions.

  396. My favorite part of the Duchess’s style is her combination of high-fashion and more accessible pieces. For instance, when she wore a Zara necklace valued at $40 to the Mandela movie premier, pairing it with much a more high-end dress and shoes!

  397. I love that her style is modest, accessible, and pretty. It makes her an amazing icon because she has a style that anyone can emulate, and that is universally flattering.

  398. I love that she recycles her pieces.

  399. I like that the duchess keeps things simple, is sporty, recycles, and wears things that are imitable. That said, as a younger person, I’d like to see her take risks more often. That’s why my three favourite looks of hers are her coral jeans, dalmatian print, and yellow temperly coat dress.

  400. I love the fact she follows her own style. She is not a copy of anyone.

  401. I like how her style is ladylike but not stuffy, which gives young women a good example – unlike some other people in the public eye!

  402. I love how Kate reuses items in her closet! It makes me feel like I can repeat my favorite items in my closet if she does it! I also love seeing a picture and trying to find out where else she wore that dress/coat/shoes/fascinator to!

  403. Not only are her outfits timeless, but she doesn’t appear to be trying to mold herself into someone she isn’t. Staying true to yourself always shows through in anything you wear!

  404. She is natural and never overdressed. With just a few pieces she is stunning and perfect, ready to conquer the world! Once I made a Kate inspired outfit for a wedding… I got a lot of compliments! Also my bf loved it!

  405. Oh, I love Megan Mulry’s books! I’ve read the first two and I can’t wait to find the other two in the library!

    My favorite thing about the Duchess’s style is that she’s got classic taste and doesn’t try too hard. Everything she wears is clean lines, interesting, but not garish patterns and compliment her shape. She’s classy and that’s hard to come by for people our age these days.

  406. I love the Duchess’s sense of style because it is so classic and feminine, yet it is really approachable for the rest of us. Most celebrities wear things that I would never consider wearing, but Kate’s style is really down to earth. Even though I can’t afford many of her exact styles, I’ve found that it’s fairly easy to find similar items on a budget, and feel great wearing them.

  407. I love how Kate manages to capture both classic elegance and modernism in all her looks. She is truly inspiring.

  408. I love that gown she wore in Malaysia. She has such a nice figure for fashion. My favorite aspect of her style is that she likes to wear different colors and patterns – not just solids like the Queen. I would be in favor of more tiaras though!

  409. I love the accessibility and the timelessness of her style. It goes to show you don’t need labels on labels to look classy. I also love how she wears pieces more than once and recycles wardrobes from years ago. She really is a style icon for women everywhere.

  410. I love how she mixes high end and low end pieces so well, she is always elegant and classy. A wonderful style icon for young women around the world!

  411. Sheath dresses. And more sheath dresses.

  412. HRH is classic, timeless, elegant and thoughtful about her clothes. The symbols of the countries she visits incorporated into her wardrobe choices reveal her creative mind and artistic sensitivity. (Interviews with her wedding cake maker and dress designers mentioned that she knows what she wants and communicates it with grace. The high-low mix is nice. But better than anything since her arrival on the fashion scene is the return of simple, elegant dresses. They’d been gone (from low-end options) for far too long.

  413. She always looks so classic and elegant. She wears styles that I try to aspire to.

  414. I love the Duchess’ coats. I love them all!

  415. I love that every piece she wears suits her body type perfectly.

  416. I love how Kate recycles her clothes. She has such beautiful clothes in her wardrobe and its so lovely to see them again.

  417. I love her fresh and modern style with an attainable twist!!

  418. Kate oozes style, I love her taste. I love how she combines high street fashion with higher priced designer items. I love how she wears her clothes more than once. I love her ability to always look fabulous no matter what she wears. Simple, yet classic and always chic!

  419. I love that a lot of Kate’s fashions can be purchased at a store (until they sell out) so anyone can buy the same items.

  420. Whether dressed in jeans and a blazer or a floor-length gown and high heels, the Duchess always looks classy. There is nothing pretentious or fussy about her style. And, her confidence and warm smile complement her clothes beautifully.

  421. I love 2 things about Kate’s style – first, some of her “high end” brands are still at an accessible level (Longchamp, Tiffany silver, etc.), which makes me feel fancy like the Duchess! Second, I love how both her fancy and casual outfits are modest and still stylish – as a middle school teacher I’m able to recreate some outfits and take lots of inspiration – sometimes dressing casual, chic, AND appropriate for this age group can be challenging; Kate’s style provides lots of ideas!

  422. My favorite thing about Kate’s style is her elegance. Whether she is in a fancy evening gown or jeans and a simple blouse, she always wears it with an air that speaks of glorious femininity. It is a lovely and refreshing thing to behold.

  423. I love that the Duchess’ style is SO accessible for her followers. I’m constantly on the look-out for Repli-Kate’s of my own.

  424. She is timeless.

  425. I love that the Duchess is, always, true to herself in her style – she is never rude, never forward, and never showy, yet everything she chooses is distinctly her own.

  426. Her shoes and boots!

  427. She looks good in anything.

  428. I love how classy and sophisticated Kate’s style has become. It’s nice being able to admire someone who doesn’t dress like Hollywood “celebrities.” I particularly like seeing what new hats she’s wearing because we just don’t sport those in the US!

  429. My favorite part of Kate’s style is her timelessness. I feel like many of her pieces could have been worn during many of the past decades and will continue to be classically stylish into the foreseeable future.

  430. Kate’s style is elegant and appropriate for her role but it can be easily translated into a casual look that anyone can wear, not matter your background or budget. I love that she wears UK designers to help support the British economy and bring awareness to lesser known designers.

  431. Tea, chocolate, & books!? I’ve died & gone to heaven!

    The Duchess of Cambridge proves that elegance & class still exist in a world where copious amounts of skin & body parts are in vogue. Her style provides the glamour & a breath of fresh air to the monarchy, while still (mostly!) being attainable for fashionistas yearning to “repli-Kate” her. Almost every store I venture to, I can find an article of clothing that resembles something she’s worn, or I can envision her wearing that. She serves as an excellent role model for women to look up to – I mean, she was a normal girl who married a prince! That’s what every girl dreams of! ;)

  432. I love Kate’s style because it is elegant and modest. :)

  433. I love that when even when she dresses casual, she looks pulled together, classic, and preppy. Those outfits are more inspiring to me than her elegant fancy affairs.

  434. Two words: Tiara hair. Now we just need to see more of it!

  435. Clean lines, stylishly simple, and modern, yet elegant at the same time.

  436. What I love most about our dear Duchess’ fashion is that she keeps it modest while still being youthful and stylish… I am only a few years younger, and feel as though that is a difficult line to tread, as many women in our age bracket miss the mark on modesty while others end up looking like they raided their Granny’s closets. I hope her style doesn’t change too much!

  437. I love that efortless chic she is all about. No matter if she is wearing a long elegant dress or jeans and a T-shirt, she looks absolutely stunning…

  438. I love how the Dutchess plays up her natural beauty with perfectly curated clothing, shoes, hairstyles, and make-up- and I love how she always seems equipped with a smile and a gracious attitude :)

  439. What I love about Catherine’s style? How effortlessly elegant most of it is!

  440. Always impeccable and appropriate for occasion.

  441. I love that she dresses so timelessly; much like Diana, I think most fashion photos of her MANY years down the road will still look as good as the day she wore them.

  442. I love that Kate’s style is accessible and sets the example to women of all ages that a classy look is available to women of all ages and incomes.

  443. What I like most about the Duchess’ style is that so much is accessible to us every-day ladies but still has her glamourous events and outtings that allow us to be in awe of her Royal-ness! I must admit I have purchased a few Kate-like items for my closet and feel special when I wear them!

    Yay for chocolate and good books!! :D

  444. I think Kate’s style is timeless. When we look back on pictures of her 20 years from now we wont see someone wearing or creating a fad we will see a young elegant woman in timeless classics. It wouldn’t surprise me if her style is similar in her 50s as it is in her 30s. You look back at Diana in large bows ruffles, big sleeves. Today it just looks ridiculous and dated.

  445. I love that it’s classic, simple and timeless. It’s also classy at the same time!

  446. I love Kate’s classic style, which is always appropriate and elegant but still modern. She always looks very well put together, but effortlessly so.

  447. I think her style is very elegant. Everything she wears is tailored to fit her like a glove and everything is very classy. No cleavage! Young woman can look up to her style. Brilliant.

  448. There are so many things I love about Kate–but one of my favorite things would have to be her classic and unapologetic style. In today’s world, there are so many fashion icons displaying a sad example to the upcoming generation. Being college age myself, I appreciate the feminity and class that everyone’s favorite Duchess brings.
    Would love to win the basket of books and chocolate :)

  449. What a fun giveaway! I run a book blog and would love to cover these!

    My favorite part about Kate’s style is her elegance and simplicity. She has made looking like a lady fashionable again, while simultaneously being trendy. I love that she dresses her age, but with the decorum and grade demanded by her position. I’ll be interested to see what the Australia tour holds. I think her hemlines have been a good length since entering the public eye officially, but I can see why the Queen would want them lengthened. Still, I hope any changes don’t come at the expense of Kate’s style.

  450. I like the elegant, understated styles she chooses in her clothing. She tends to choose deceptively simple looks that I find very appealing.

  451. I lovehow Kates style is the perfect blend of classic, elegant, and fashionable.

  452. I love how elegant and classic she always looks. She doesn’t show too much skin and keeps her clothing well-tailored, so everything always fits so flawlessly. Also, she knows what works well on her body and goes back to it time and again and doesn’t get carried away in the latest fads!

  453. I love that Kate doesn’t follow Hollywood, but has kept “classic”, yet current.

  454. I like the updated classic look the most in Kate’s style. IT is very classic, but never old fashioned!

  455. I love when she wears Breton stripes. It makes me feel fashionable!

  456. I think the most important part of Kate’s style is her joy – she glows no matter what she wears! But, if forced to choose, one of my favorite pieces was the Orla Kiely dress. It was so playful and fun!

  457. What I most like about the Duchess’s style is that she has remained true to her own tastes even as things have changed so since university days.

  458. Kate’s style is stylish, age-appropriate, and with a bit of fun thrown in!

  459. I love everything about Kate’s style and have for years – she chooses classic and timeless pieces that are easy to emulate and when she dresses more formally her gowns are always stunning!

  460. elegence

  461. My favorite part about Kate’s style is that it’s something that everyday women like me can aspire to:)

  462. Difficult to say what I like most about Kate’s style! I’m most impressed by how stylish she looks while still managing to be totally correct and appropriate. It can’t be easy, although by now she has plenty of practice! I could go on and on about her natural beauty, hair, etc. I wonder all the time how everything is organized, with all of the accessories, jewelry, hats, etc. I’d love to know how it’s done. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  463. I absolutely love how the Duchess of Cambridge can wear both expensive and inexpensive clothing and make it look good. She embodies the principle that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good. She inspired me to get more creative with where I purchase my clothes from, concentrating more on thrift shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army. That way I’m able to personalize my style more than if I bought an item of clothing new from the mall, save money, and am donating to a good cause!

  464. I love that she doesn’t resort to flashy clothes or straight up sex appeal to be beautiful, instead she’s beautiful from the inside out and her confidence is reflected in her more conservative, yet stunning and absolutely classy, style.

  465. My favorite part of Kate’s style is her seemingly effortless combination of classic style and modernity. She’s beautiful and modest and presents an enviable style that isn’t too intangible. Her sartorial spectrum ranges from the most feminine of exquisite evening gowns to blue jeans and wellies. Love her!

  466. I love how well tailored everything is – it all fits perfectly, all the time, and she always looks comfortable.

  467. I love how she combines high street with designer items. It makes it so much easier to add similar pieces to my own wardrobe. I’d be sad if she begins to move away from that.

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