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We are back with a very quick update on what Kate wore when changing planes in Sydney Monday morning.

The Duchess was in a MaxMara Studio wrap dress. The photo below is via Australia’s Sunrise morning show.



More from Richard Palmer’s story in the Express:

They are due to arrive … amid frenzied interest in the young family at the start of a three-week tour to New Zealand and Australia hailed as the biggest since Prince Charles and Princess Diana went Down Under in 1983 with a then nine-month-old Prince William.

Huge crowds are expected to turn out to see them and there is a large media pack from around the world to witness the tour.

With thanks to 9NEWS Australia, here we can see Prince George, wrapped up in a navy blue onesie or jumpsuit.

9NEWS Australia Facebook

9NEWS Australia Facebook

Kate was wearing a Max Mara frock we have seen previously.  The Duchess wore the dress in February, 2013, when she had an engagement at Hope House, a London treatment center.


Feb. 11, 2013

This is a better look at the dress by MaxMara, it is from a 2011 collection.

Feb. 11, 2013

MaxMara Studio

Kate was wearing a new pair of shoes with a lower heel than we generally see her wear, something that makes very good sense for getting through the VIP area of the Sydney airport. My Small Obsessions thought they might be the Manolo Blahnik Suede BB style in beige, they are $595 at Barneys.

UPDATED APRIL 7: We now have four different shoes suggested as those Kate was wearing in the airport. The Manolo Blahnik is still very much a possibility. Below we show all four pairs, outlining them in a graphic seems an easier way of displaying the information.

Emmy Shoes/

Emmy Shoes/John Lewis/Manolo Blahnik/Russell and Bromley.

As many of you have suggested, it is likely we will Kate wear the pair again and we will be able to identify them then.

William carried Kate’s Longchamp Le Pliage nylon tote. From the photos I have seen it appears to be the shorter-handled version. For those not as familiar with the bags, below left we show the medium size shorter-handled style at Nordstrom ($115 on sale for $92) and on the right it is the long-handled in the large size ($145 no longer on sale  also on sale at Nordstrom).



UPDATE APRIL 7: The bags are no longer on sale at Nordstrom.

With thanks to Stephanie Dahle for the tip, it looks like Prince George’s kangaroo backpack is from the Save the Koala Shop, it retailed at $12.50 but is now sold out. See updated info below.

Save the Koala Shop

Save the Koala Shop

The shop is part of the Australian Koala Foundation, dedicated to saving and managing Australia’s koala population.


You can now order/pre-order the backpack. The product page now says:

“Good enough for royalty, this kangaroo toy back pack is owned by Prince George and has sold out in most stores, but we have plenty in stock and more expected shortly.”

The price has changed; the backpack is now $14.95.

We’ll be back shortly with an update on what Kate wore when arriving in Wellington, New Zealand, and also attending a reception at Government House.


  • Australia’s Sunrise show offers this video of the trio in the Sydney airport
  • The Daily Telegraph (Aus.) story is here (there is a video at the top of the page as well)
  • The Daily Mail’s story is here, with quite a few photos
  • Learn more about the Australian Koala Foundation by visiting its website here, or its Facebook page here

  15 Responses to “Kate in MaxMara & New, Lower Heels for Sydney Plane Change UPDATED”

  1. I think I might have discovered what Nude suede pumps Kate is wearing …. I believe they are identical to the Jimmy Choo Irena Nude Suede Pumps that debuted in early 2014. They have a 2.5 heel and everything about the backside of Kate’s and the Irena match exactly: color, heel height, shape, etc. Here’s a link that I found on Saks: http://bit.ly/1yA8cJm and here’s a link from Jushoes: http://bit.ly/1yQ2a6v, and here’s a link from Nordstrom’s: http://bit.ly/1uAGvRk. They are obviously sold out now, but the pictures are a great reference! NOTE: The nude patent leather version is still for sale on the J Choo website for $298, but there’s only one left and it’s a size 38.5.

    Hope this helps to solve the ‘WANTED’ mystery, if not, at least you’re one step closer :)

  2. I vote it was the Russell & Bromley shoes. The heel height is about 3 inches where the Manolos are 4.5 and the John Lewis is about 3.5. Judging from the photos I saw online, it looks like a lower heel. I don’t think it’s the Emmy Poppy b/c I don’t know…just the shape I guess?

  3. The Kangaroo Backpack is still available on their website at $14.95 AUD. The description says plenty of stock is left. Also, the Le Pliage bags are no longer on sale :(

  4. I’m on record as loving that wrap dress, so I haven’t much more to say about it. The shoes are great, and I like the chic lower heel, but although nude ostensibly goes with everything, I’m not sure this shade was the best choice to wear with the dress.

    I own that Le Pliage bag, though in dark green, not black. An earlier poster thought it might make a good diaper bag, but actually I think a diaper bag probably needs to be more substantial, with more pockets and other useful features. On the other hand, it would be great for carrying various smallish items to amuse a baby or Mummy’s own hairbrushes and make-up.

    I’ll return later today, when I have more time, to comment on the red New Zealand arrival outfit.

  5. Love that neat little grey dress and the shoes are just gorgeous — does Kate have a thing about suede shoes? The low heels are sweet, amazing how smart she looks mid-flight when some of us would still be wearing easy-to-move-in casuals. The tote is a steal at the bargain price!

  6. She looks perfect as always, looking forward to the next post and new photos ;)

  7. Wow! They all look fantastic after such long flights! I don’t know how she does it, even with a hair dresser and entourage there is no way I would be able to look that put together after the long flights. Come to think of it, I don’t think I even look that put together when I go to work in the morning most days… but that’s another story all together.

    As a side note, I wonder if Kate uses the Le Pliage as a diaper bag? As a soon to be new mom I have been looking for a practical and fashionable diaper bag. I like classic lines and solid/somewhat neutral colors and most diaper bags I have seen are either brightly colored prints or have a lot of extra hardware and straps on the outside. The larger of the two bags they show, the one with the longer handles, looks like it could be a great option for a diaper bag if you use a diaper bag insert/organizer in it… getting ideas!

    • She had the bag on the South Pacific tour, too. I’d guess the little kangaroo backpack is serving as the diaper bag in this instance. But I’m sure the Le Pliage would work!

  8. How exciting! The Duchess looks beautiful toting George in her arms. I simply adore those new shoes. I have a weakness for shoes anywhere near nude on the color charts (beige, nude, wheat, taupe, etc.). I particularly love the shade of beige of this pair, and the suede has such a nice texture. The pointed toe and kitten heel are very on trend and–as an added bonus–they look very comfortable. Perfect for jogging through the airport with an infant in one’s arms!

    While there is certainly nothing wrong with this dress, it has never thrilled me personally. The wrap style paired with the conservative print in gray just makes this dress a tad too boardroom for my tastes, but I do understand why the Duchess would find it appealing. (I worry, though, about the fact that the dress ties in the back and she wore it on a looong plane ride. Didn’t the tie aggravate her back? I suppose she might have been wearing a jumper and jeans for the actual ride and changed into the dress just prior to landing.)

    Looking forward to new posts!!

  9. Kate looks fantastic!
    Stunning fire engine red coat and pillbox hat! Feminine, elegant, flattering, conservative and with ladylike glamour and allure all at the same time.
    Baby George looks cute too:)

  10. I love that dress. And I do love Manolos! Mr. Blahnik does not “do” platforms. I’ll be happy if/when Kate gives up platform shoes.

  11. Kate looks gorgeous in her catherine walker outfit and 60′s looking hat hope you update with those photos soon. There are great full frontal photos of gorgeous George. He is so cute and looks like Kate.

  12. Everyone looks great after the long flight. I love that you have the time in NZ on the blog! Looking forward to,the next post!

  13. Those news people on that video are hilarious!! They are fun to watch.

    Anyway, thanks for the pictures and that video. George is so BIG!! You can tell he doesn’t miss any meals. What a cutie.

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