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This afternoon Kate, William and Prince George made their much-anticipated visit to Sydney’s famed Taronga Zoo. At the top of  the “Things to See” list: the Bilbys, described as something like a cross between a rabbit and a rat.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

The animals are on the brink of extinction, work is being done to restore them to their natural habitats. More from the Daily Mail:

He is visiting the bilby enclosure named after him, where he may ‘meet’ the endangered marsupial which is also named after him. The Palace accepted Australia’s offer to name the bilby enclosure after Prince George after the royal heir’s birth last year, as well as the Australian government’s gift of a bilby for the young prince to ‘adopt’.

The Prince and his parents at the bilby enclosure, via these pictures from 9News Australia:

9News Australia Twitter Feed

9News Australia Twitter Feed

Another look.

Paul Harrison, Sky News

Paul Harrison, Sky News

The Duke, Duchess and Prince all looked like they enjoyed the bilby experience, George seemed quite taken with it all.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

The commemorative plaque about the Prince George Bilby Exhibit..

Omid Mio Scobie, Us Weekly

Omid Mio Scobie, Us Weekly

One image everyone was hoping to see: the Cambridges with a koala. These photos are by the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent, Rebecca English.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail/Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail/Mail Online

As many will no doubt remember, Kate wore this dress on a previous tour. The Duchess wore it in the Solomon Islands during the Jubilee Tour of 2012.


James Whatling/Splash News

The dress is in the fabric we spoke about yesterday, broderie anglaise, simply called ‘eyelet’ by most. Below, a more detailed look at the pattern.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

The dress was originally described as “primrose yellow” by St. James’s Palace. It features a boat neckline, full short sleeves that were unlined and self belted waistline, although the belt appears to have been removed for today’s wearing.

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings.

Kiki McDonough

Kiki McDonough

The Duchess also had a necklace on with an an acorn and two unknown charms or talismans. We’ll effort a photo as well as information on the necklace.

UPDATED: Anna of My Small Obsessions has done it again – she believes Kate was wearing charms by Asprey of London, from the jeweler’s Woodland collection.



The collection is a collaboration with jeweler Sean Leane, more on the Woodland collection from Asprey:

Shaun Leane, has created the Woodland Collection for Asprey. Comprising of charm bracelets, earrings and pendants, the collection features whimsical charms inspired by English woodland flora. Renowned for their dynamic and contemporary designs, founder Shaun Leane is influenced by the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship.

The Woodland Collection is both formal and informal. It can be a statement as well as subtle accessory and an enduring gift to be collected, cherished and passed onto future generations.

A closer look at the necklace with charms, unfortunately in almost every photo Kate’s hair obscures the charms. Here is one effort to better show them.

i-Images/Polarts Images

i-Images/Polarts Images

I can definitely see the mushroom, the other two are harder to define. Below, a bracelet with charms from the Woodland collection.

Asprey of London

Asprey of London

We saw the Stuart Weitzman Minx return, we show them at Zappos ($395). .

Stuart Weitzman 'Minx' wedge

Stuart Weitzman ‘Minx’ wedge

For those wondering what prince George wore, our graphic has the info.

Rachel Riley/What Prince George Wore

Rachel Riley/What Prince George Wore

Our thanks to Prince George Pieces for such speedy IDs on these.


  31 Responses to “It’s All Happening At The Zoo – Kate Repeats a 2012 Tour Dress as George Meets George”

  1. Yes, the acorn and oak leaf are a part of the coat of arms designed for the middleton family.


  2. If anyone is curious, and I know this isn’t What William Wore, but Wills’shirt here is an RM Williams shirt – the Long Sleeve Forster shirt. RM Williams is a pretty iconic Australian brand, and while I’ve been sad to note Kate hasn’t worn many Australian designer gear, I’m very pleased to see the Prince in some.

  3. The charms are a mushroom, acorn and pine cone. If you look at this photo: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/04/20/article-2608748-1D365B1700000578-566_964x732.jpg AND this photo: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/04/20/article-2608748-1D3666B700000578-276_964x721.jpg and zoom them in a tiny bit just until it’s a tiny bit bigger (but not too grainy), THEN use a magnifying glass that magnifies 3x (yes, I’m this insane), you can clearly see a mushroom, an acorn and pine cone (although the pine cone is a tiny bit harder to see.)

    Both images are from the DailyMailUK article. They both don’t have Kate’s hair all over the charms, so it’s a little easier, but still frustrating as the charms are so small. Acorn, mushroom and pine cone!

  4. I know this dress isn’t a favorite of many, but I LOVE it and was glad to see it again. In some of the photos you can see that’s it’s really a full circle skirt and the lining. I do not think the length has been altered. Love it and love WKW.

  5. I really like this look on the Duchess. The bright color and wedges appear youthful and the dress is perfect for a sunny day. Really great to see the entire family out and Prince George reacting excitedly to the bibly.

    I did want to let everyone of these pair of wedges that look quite similar to the Stuart Weitzman Minx wedges – http://www.zappos.com/david-tate-bailey-tan. The only difference are these wedges are not so high.

    Please keep up the great work of the blog. It’s so enjoyable to read. Thank you for all the posts!

  6. Kate repeats two favourite themes in one dress here, both the broderie anglaise fabric and the colour yellow, which keeps her in her comfort zone, probably the best place to be with a tot in tow. It’s an understated and quiet, comfy summer frock and typically Kate, complimenting her colouring beautifully.

    It also still ends just above the knee– though if I try very hard I could almost persuade myself it’s been lengthened a bit — but at least we haven’t lost all of her youthfulness yet!

    • I agree it has definitely been lengthened.it was the first thing I noticed. It now has a small folded sewn hem and more daisies showing at the bottom.
      Wonder why they removed the belt though.

  7. Kate looks nice but George steals the show what a adorable baby. I love that shot of William kissing his son.
    He is a wonderful father.

  8. I think it’s her Kristin Magnusson Acorn necklace, they have an oak leaf charm identical to one of the photos, whereas the Asprey one is diamond crusted and looks different.

  9. I would like to see a full body shot of this dress…. do you think it has been legnthened for this tour. In the Soloman Islands it was inches above the knee. Now that Kate’s a mom the extra length is more forgiving for all the baby wrestling.

    • This is the second time I’ve thought a repeat outfit mysteriously seems to fit and even hang better — the other being the Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed in NZ. Kate’s showing a lot more polish in her outfits on this tour, so maybe there have been quiet alterations all round. I’m inclined to agree with you that this skirt has also been lengthened — and improved — without going completely dowdy!

  10. Until I heard about them on this trip, I had no clue what a “bilby” was or that they were endangered. It’s a cute little thing and I hope the Australians figure out a way to save them. It would be nice if they are still around when Prince George returns to Australia years from now.

    George looks like a handful but I love the way he was kicking his fat little legs and squealing when he saw the bilby. What a cutie. His little outfit is adorable. I also like Kate’s dress and I do remember it from the earlier tour. Very smart to recycle outfits.

  11. Aren’t the acorn and oak leaf significant? Seems like I remember them being on her coat of arms or something…

  12. I really like everything she’s worn in the last couple days. She looks lovely and fresh. And those pics of William and George- I’m dying! Thanks for all your hard work!

  13. Lovesome family moments…great to see a reprise of this frock, a more relaxing yellow than the banana tone (though it was excellent in its setting), perfect for the occasion.

  14. Could it be that they’ve altered the waist? It looks like the “belt” detail has been removed.

    And if, like the speculation on Twitter seems to suggest, her necklace is indeed new & Asprey, I will be disappointed she chose another British company over a local one. Perhaps she does need a dresser to guide her… I’m all for being frugal, but purchasing local jewelry– and then not wearing it– is not very gracious (in my opinion).

    Lively George was adorable! I wish they’d strapped him in a stroller and continued about the zoo, but I’m sure he had other plans of crawling off & playing with Nanny Maria!

  15. I wonder if one of the charms is an acorn, since the Middleton’s chose it for her earring for the wedding.

  16. Kate looks beautiful, and George is adorable in his little boy clothes. However, I do not like the pale yellow color, the fussy eyelet fabric, or the bell bottom sleeves of Kate’s dress.

  17. Hmmm… I am not terribly fond of this dress, nor was I a fan when she debuted it during the Singapore tour. Something about the full sleeves and the yellow and white coloring of the fabric seem a bit too Holly Hobbie for my tastes. However, I think this dress looks much improved without the belt, and with the Duchess’s hair worn down, achieving a more relaxed, casual vibe that matches the dress. I will also add that the change of setting helps: this seems like a perfectly acceptable dress to wear for a zoo visit, whereas something about the elegant up-do and boarding a plane all appeared to call for a more sophisticated dress, at least in my mind.

    I love the photos of George meeting the bilbies, especially the one where William is kissing his head. Precious. And I hope it raises awareness for the endangered bilbies! (Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a rush to sponsor bilbies, similar to when the kangaroo backpack sold out?)

    • I was thinking the same, about the awareness, it would be a successful result of Prince George’s first tour of royal duty :)

  18. These pictures are some of the best from this tour! What a beautiful, happy family they seem to be :) I love this dress and if I owned it I’d wear it over and over! I also love those wedges and think they are much more flattering and just have a much nicer look than the other ones. I’d grab a pair if it wasn’t for the price :) Thanks for the quick update!

  19. Swift and complete coverage of today’s events. Thank you for all the good work. How many readers are old enough to remember where your headline “it’s all happening at the zoo” comes from?

    • Funny you should mention that! As soon as I read the headline, I heard that Simon & Garfunkel song in my head. Of course, my very next thought was “I wonder if anyone knows where Susan got that from?”.

  20. What shoes does prince J wear?

  21. What a lovely and fresh look for an Easter zoo visit! They all look really happy – kudos to both NZ and Australia for organising a range of interesting activities for their guests! I think that this one might go down as one of their favourites, though!


  22. My God, what hard work this is, thank you for this blog. It doesn’t matter where I see the pictures, I feel I have the full coverage when I check out WKW.

    Kate looks happy and relaxed, and beautiful with her dress. I am a huge fan of eyelet and liked the dress when she wore it first.

    I always had the feeling that little George was a handful, and I think I’m right. I have a 2 year old who has a “firm grip” as well, so not always easy to go out with.I can relate.

    And on a final note, on the video, I found it so sweet when Kate wiped off George’s chin with her hand, that came so natural and hands on.

    • I agree. This is a wonderful blog, love how it’s about more than just the fashion too, with background discussion of things when necessary, links to lots of other media coverage, and love the calendar with upcoming public outings.

      Prince George does look like he is probably constantly on the move at home, and when he walks he’ll be running everywhere!!! Busy and curious little boy, and absolutely gorgeous.

      Kate, as always is so elegant in all of her wardrobe choices, and have loved almost all the fashion choices. (Didn’t love her green coat, but if the weather had been a little nicer in NZ we might have seen the dress instead). Otherwise, she is just growing into her role with so much poise and confidence, and always looks beautiful and classy.

    • I noticed her wiping George’s chin with her hand also. Such a mommy thing to do. Also loved the picture of William holding George and giving him a kiss. Right up there with the picture of George resting his head on Kate’s shoulder. I think they tie in the “aww” factor. Wish they’d taken George to see the other animals. He would have loved the koalas. Maybe it was too hot.

      • I noticed the wipe of the mouth. What really creased me up on one of the film clips was seeing her wipe his mouth, when she was squatting down with him, and then wiping her fingers on the skirt of her dress. She’s a proper mum :)

        I’m not keen on the dress but today I wasn’t paying much attention to clothes – as a family together, a royal family, they are absolutely wonderful. Very touched by seeing William kiss his little son. George looks an energetic babe and loved seeing his obvious interest in the bilby.

  23. I think that this yellow dress is better than the banana dress :) This pastel color suits her perfectly ;) Also love the lace detail ;)

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