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Kate and William’s last day in Australia began with the ANZAC Day dawn service at the Australian War Memorial.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

People magazine’s Simon Perry reports “William and Kate arrived at the ANZAC day dawn service at around 5am and listened to readings before the full ceremony began.”

Images are projected onto the Memorial’s walls of those who died in service to their country.

Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial

The Duke and Duchess were the first royals to attend an Anzac Day service in Canberra since the Queen and Prince Philip attended in 1970. Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Prime Minister Tony Abbott were also at the dawn service.

Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

The Duchess wore her Temperley Noa coat seen at Remembrance Sunday events last year.

Splash News/Temperley London

Splash News/Temperley London


Mid-morning William and Kate attended the National Service at the War Memorial.

Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia-Day 19

The medals seen on Prince William’s jacket are his gold and diamond jubilee medals given for service to his Grandmother.  An explanation why sprigs of rosemary are worn comes from the Australian War Memorial:

Since ancient times this aromatic herb has been believed to have properties to improve the memory. Perhaps because of this, rosemary became an emblem of both fidelity and remembrance in literature and folklore. Traditionally, sprigs of rosemary are worn on Anzac Day and sometimes on Remembrance Day, and are usually handed out by Legacy and the RSL. Rosemary has particular significance for Australians, as it is found growing wild on the Gallipoli peninsula.

Kate was wearing a poppy anemone pin that was a gift.

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

People StyleWatch has details on the pin:

Pinned just below Kate’s lapel was a poppy brooch given to her by the wife of soldier Ben Roberts-Smith, recipient of the Victoria Cross, Australia’s highest honor.

UPDATED April 28, 2014: The always-brilliant Ayvee of Diana’s Jewels shared news that this isn’t a poppy, it is actually an anemone. The design is a reproduction of a Carl Faberge piece, the brooch is sold out, but a variety of other items are, including a cuff and earrings.

The Met Museum Shop

The Met Museum Shop

Ayvee’s post on the piece can be seen here.

Kate’s coat and hat were in keeping with a military color scheme. WKW Facebook friend Rachael Tagg was at the Memorial today and shared this picture on the Facebook page.

Rachael Tagg, WKW Special Correspondent

Rachael Tagg, WKW Special Correspondent

The view looking out at the crowd, shared by Sky TV’s Julian Morrison.

Julian Morrison, Sky TV

Julian Morrison, Sky TV

The Duke and Duchess place a poppy on the Roll of Honour.

Clarence House Twitter

Clarence House Twitter

It is a striking sight, looking at the number of names and poppies.

Julian Morrison, Sky TV

Julian Morrison, Sky TV

The flyby by F/A-18 Hornet fighters. Camilla Tominey and Richard Palmer of the Express were talking about the fact these are the same fighters William and Kate saw at the Amberley RAAF base on Saturday (the 19th), Kate climbed into the cockpit of one of these wearing her LK Bennett Lasa Poppy dress. .

Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial

The card accompanying the wreath William and Kate placed on the Tomb reads “Never forgetting those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.”

Damien Smith, Seven News Reporter

Damien Smith, Seven News Reporter

Kate was in a coat by Michael Kors, from the designer’s s/s 2014 collection.

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / www.i-Images.co

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / www.i-Images.co

The garment is single-breasted with flap pockets on the front, a full skirt,  It is described as being an “indigo twill jacquard swing coat” by Hello! magazine, who also reports the piece retailed at £1870, that is roughly $3150.

The Duchess isn’t the only celebrity to wear indigo twill items from the Michael Kors spring collection; below we show of-the-moment actress Lupita Nyong’o in a Michael Kors blazer.

Along with this look, all worn to a pre-Oscars Women in Film party.

It turns out Kate’s hat is by an Australian milliner, Jonathan Howard.

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / i-Images.co

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / i-Images.co

The Courier-Mail had the story:

Mr Howard was contacted by Kensington Palace in January and asked if he would like to create a piece or pieces for the Royal Tour of Australia.

Naturally excited by the opportunity, Mr Howard agreed and the consulting design process began.

Mr Howard’s Hatmaker website shows a broad mix of his pieces.

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

Kate’s is the Boutton style, available in a number of colors. It sells for $540. It is very similar to the Minoo style, the most obvious distinction between the two is the length of the fabric extensions.

Jonathan Howard

Jonathan Howard

Both styles are from Mr. Howard’s spring racing collection.  We learn more about the process of dealing with the Palace by returning to the Courier-Mail story:

“More than 30 emails were exchanged, finished samples sent to the Palace for consideration and approval, along with colour swatches too,’’ Mr Howard says.

“The colour palette changed several times, with the final colour to be a dark navy blue as seen today.’’

The chosen modern headpiece known as Boutton (and in a appropriately named ‘Duchess Blue’ hue) is on website www.hatmaker.com.au.

The Courier-Mail story says Kate purchased more than one hat from Mr. Howard, something to look for in the future.

Kate’s other accessories: her suede Alexander McQueen pumps and ‘Muse’ clutch by Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley.





  48 Responses to “Kate Wears Temperley & Michael Kors for ANZAC Ceremonies”

  1. The hat reminds Susan of a “bird in flight”. No-one has noticed that the hat reminds one of “wings” – appropriately reminiscent of air force pilots. It was after all ANZAC Day. I love the hat!

    • I LOVE this hat too…It’s a GREAT tribute. – It is basically like an Air Force Badge (3D), commonly seen on pilots uniforms – It couldn’t be more obvious!!!
      I particularly like this coat, she looks stunning, respectful and solemn. She & William are completely colour-coordinated, both wearing the colours of the OZ, NZ & UK flags (his suit/shirt & her coat are Blue & white and accessories in red) ………..George is also dressed in red (Gorgeous!). The three of them together symbolise Loyalty, Bond and Common Allegiance (between Commonwealth nations).
      Bravo!, Bravo!

  2. As a sum up. I think Kate looked much better on the Canadian tour. Her fashion choices and styling were terrific – and she was doing them by herself. Kate knows what she looks best in. My sense is that there are too many people who are now “helping” her with her look. The Palace clearly wants to make make her look older — so losser fitting dresses, (I notice those jeans made only a brief appearance early on) longer hems and looks that are a bit frumpy. Or those silly dresses that infantilize her. Too bad. She’s only 32 after all. She’s looking less like a beautiful young woman and more like a middle age frump. As Ive said before go down the looks from Canada and this tour and see what you think.

  3. I think Micahel Kors is a great designer and this is a well cut coat, but a bit boring. Kate looks washed out, as she often has on this tour.

  4. I think its interesting that she wore the black Temperley coat, since they had not originally planned to attend, and she happened to have the black coat with her. I had read somewhere (don’t remember where) that members of the royal family always travel with black suits in case they have to go into mourning. If we are to believe that they hadn’t originally planned to attend (I do believe that), then this may be an example of the black suit that kate brought “just in case.”

    • I think they always intended to go if they could, but didn’t announce that publicly to a) keep the spotlight on the very solemn occasion and b) give themselves an out if they needed it. With the security they require, I doubt they do much with no planning ahead at all when it comes to appearing in public. They looked exhausted, poor things, but I think it was nice that they did go.

    • Wow Emily, that’s a really interesting tidbit that hadn’t occurred to me.

  5. Wonderful coverage over the past weeks! Loves the Temperley Noa coat and the Michael Kors.

  6. This is a great look on her! The coat is beautiful and very well done. As always, Susan, your blog is perfection! You did a stellar job covering the tour! This continues to be one of the best blogs out there (not just in the Kate fashion world)! Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for all of the wonderful reporting these last three weeks! Excellent job! Of course, the subjects make (I think) it easy for you. The time difference was a killer, but everyday there was another beautiful outfit and gorgeous venue.

    Just wanted to let you know my friends & I so appreciate your blog!

  8. Speaking of uneven hemline…looking at this coat, I am more convinced that it really has a lot to do with her posture when standing…even this coat seems a bit uneven in one of the standing pictures…I notice some of my super thin friends like to stand with their stomach forward a bit…Kate appears so from time to time…

  9. I am a hat person and Kate hasn’t disappointed me with her choice of hats in every occasion until this one…Call it disappointment may be overstated but I didn’t like this hat…it looks like bunny ears to me and a bit too small and awkward to the entire silhouette.

    I love the cutting of the coat. Michael Kors might have disappointed his clients elsewhere but when it comes to luxe, he’s on top among all American designers. :)

    I didn’t think I am a shoe person but Kate has definitely converted me to one…I have been collecting suede pumps this spring. LOL

  10. Delighted to see anther new designer for the Duchess, and love the Michael Kors coat. I love the movement created by the tweed effect pattern, the paler background colour seems to make it more adaptable across the range from warm to cool colours. I thought that was illustrated in the farewell family shots with her coat providing background both to her husband’s blue suit and baby’s bright red jumper.

    The gentle fit-and-flare on the Kors is very graceful, and I like the length, as well as angled pocket flaps and plain buttons. It’s nice to see an open V-neck on her as a change from all the buttoned-up styles she wears, though I still like the Temperley Noa coat she used for the Dawn ceremony, it’s now done remembrance duties twice.

    The hat is worn well as always with Kate, but I’m inclined to think the fabric extensions make it look a little like it’s about to take flight, although she seems to have done her best to reduce the effect by having them lowered a little. Hooray for another Aussie designer getting a look in — have we had three now?

  11. I can’t believe I noticed this (how sad!), but did you see that both their jackets are the EXACT same length at the dawn service? Coincidence?

  12. The Anzac memorial was very special to me, since I am Turkish and I write from Turkey where the Gallipoli peninsula is.
    War is bad.
    … and whichever side you are on. And there are so many Australians so far away from their homes, who have left their souls here…. (There is a letter written by our former President Atatürk, who also fought in thet was, to the mothers of ANZAC mothers, if you are interested: http://www.3nations.biz/icerik_en.asp?id=57&Bolum=4 )

    So that’s that, now on with the fashions…

    I found it very thoughtful of the Duke and Duchess to be present at the dawn services…
    and that Kate looked younger there than in any of the engagements she participated in. I have a soft spot for black coats with full skirts, and it looks great on her. I’m not sure whether they had decided earlier to attend the dawn service, but I guess Kate brought with her many alternative outfits to wear just in case.

  13. Two absolutely exquisite looks in my book. The Noa coat is a favorite of mine, and I’m adding this stunning and figure flattering Michael Kors coat to that list as well (I have to! It’s navy, my favorite color!). I find the hat daring, and I love how it looks paired with the more conservative coats. The fact that the hat is by an Australian designer is like the cherry on top, and I’m excited that she purchased two hats from Jonathan Howard: something to anticipate! The Duchess is beautiful when she smiles, but I have to say these photos of her looking somber are stunning! Her facial expressions are always perfection: she never appears bored or distracted.

  14. I love the Michael Kors dress but detest that hat.
    I do wish Kate had worn more Australian designers this tour.

  15. Beautiful hat and coat, and nice to see another local designer at the end of the tour.

    Great work, Susan – I’m sure you need to sleep for a week now!

  16. Susan, Thank you so much for the wonderful posts of the royal tour! You must be somewhat relieved it’s over! This will always be my “go to” page for all things DoC related :) I absolutely love this coat, and wish it wasn’t so incredibly expensive! I need to find a repli-kate stat. I have to admit I don’t like the hat very much. I love the color and the body, but honestly the two flaps sticking up just look kind of silly and/or distracting. They make me think of a kangaroo! I am going to miss all the posts and hope we get to see the Cambridge’s in a month or so. Thanks so much again for all your hard work. I hope you get some well deserved rest!!

  17. Although Princess Katherine always looks beautiful; outfits, hair, make up etc, I felt there was nothing special about her fashion choices on this tour. I look at Princess Mary of Denmark and she is future queen and also older but dresses more fashionably while still being modest and regal.

  18. Standing ovation for your coverage of the tour! Well done!!!

    Love the Kors coat dress!

    • And another encore from me — your coverage has been fantastic and I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been. I just hope you got to enjoy some of it yourself! Many, many thanks.

  19. First of all, bravo to Susan whose sleep must have been disrupted the past two weeks, given the times of these events. Beautiful photos and layout.

    Second, I was incredibly touched that William and Kate attended the dawn service. They have so much respect for the military, not just the British troops but troops everywhere. Harry has showed it, as well.

  20. Hermes Hat?
    Is it just me or does the hat scream Hermes, the messenger of the gods?
    Looks like an FTD floral bouquet…

  21. Does anyone know anything about the white scarf Kate carried with the Temperly coat? In another photo, I saw it wrapped around her neck while she was seated.

  22. You’re absolutely right about the meaning behind the rosemary. “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray you, love, remember.” Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

  23. Comments in no particular order: Hat by Australian designer, excellent – an elegant shade, “Duchess Blue” and I hope we see it again at other events.
    I thought the poppy brooch was a perfect accessory, then learning it was a gift with connections to a veteran, even more special that Kate wore it.
    The style and tone of both coats is in keeping with the somber events though I’m glad she wore a less-dark outfit for the service at the war memorial – and it seems like she wore it when boarding the plane also – I hope there will be another post for that :)

  24. Silly question from a non-hat wearer, but how exactly are those hats secured? Hat pins and/or combs? They always seem to stay on so well…

    Thank you for your coverage of their tour!!!

    • This post on royal hats should explain help explain it :) http://royalhats.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/keeping-royal-hats-in-place/
      I suspect that all of her hats on the tour were held in place by a comb :)

      • Oh, great post! Thank you!

      • Thanks for this link! I guess hat pins are only useful if there’s plenty of hair to pin into – so Kate would be fine.

        I remember my grandmother showing me a hat pin she’d kept from her younger days – and telling me that if any young man tried to go further than was pleasing the hat pin would be taken out and used in defence :)

        I’ve only got cloche-type hats which sit well down and don’t seem to fly off even when windy.

    • Mainly with combs and/or elastic bands. My friend the hat designer sews small combs into his fascinators. You put the fingers of the comb into your hair, and then push it backwards so that it stays securely. Kate’s is probably secured at the crown of her head.

      Sometimes, with a larger hat, there’s a thin elastic to go under your hair, but usually these smaller ones are held on with the comb.

  25. Hi thanks for the coverage. I was just wondering if there are any pictures of Kate on day 3 or maybe it was 2 in New Zealand?

  26. I love this look! The cut, fit and style suited Kate perfectly. My favourite of the whole tour really. But it is interesting that she didn’t recycle a navy hat that she already owns…

    Thanks for all the work Susan! I really appreciate your posts, and that they encapsulate more than just clothes.

    You have a very classy blog!

  27. In terms of wearability, hands down the best coat of the tour! It’s my favourite of all her coats worn the past few weeks (the least being the green erdem, and I liked all of them). In a silhouette that she favours and flatters her so much and in an interesting blue print, it’s is definitely a coat I would wear and run to buy if the price were not so high!

    It was a stellar choice and I’m sure she’ll repeat it many times in the future!

  28. I was hoping someone could offer some insight/rationale regarding why/when Kate carries a clutch. I understand that it can finish off a look, match shoes, bring color, add formalness, etc to an outfit; but, there does not seem to be a pattern as to when she does carry/does not carry.

    I’ve seen all types of appearances when she carries and similar appearances when she doesn’t. Also, it seems that sometimes it gets in the way and she must tuck it under her arm so she may use both hands, but she decides to carry anyway. I assume she roughly knows what each appearance entails.

    I may be fishing for a “reason/rationale/pattern” when there is none, but I would love a rule that was something like: formal event-carry clutch, informal-do not. Thanks!

    • I have often wondered the same thing about the clutches; they sometimes seem out of place to me. And I have to imagine she would have access to assistants, etc. who would carry things she needs. And it never seems to be a purse, always a clutch.

      Apart from finishing a look, I wonder if she carries them so often so that she has something to do with her hands. Haven’t you ever been talking with someone and you don’t know what to do with your arms. You don’t want to cross them because that’s negative body language, don’t have pockets, feel odd with them just dangling at your side, etc. Like at a bridal shower people like to have a cup of punch or glass of champagne to hold as they chat and mingle. ??? My guess would be that it makes her feel more comfortable and perhaps she prefers how it looks in pictures (vs. her arms just hanging at her sides). A security clutch, if you will!

      Also I have read that the Queen sometimes uses her purse to send cues to her assistants. Maybe that’s nonsense but who knows.

      I would love to hear any other thoughts or theories, too!

    • I’ve often asked myself the same question. I have come to the conclusion that it is most likely how she conceals a cell phone.

    • I’ve often wondered this same thing myself. I was a huge Princess Diana watcher and she always carried a clutch as well. I think if it were me then I would probably give all my necessities to my assistant and have them carry it so that I can have both hands to get greet people and not have to worry about this stupid clutch I’m lugging around, but who knows?

      I read, back in the day, that Diana would carry a piece of candy or chocolate in her purse. Kate probably carries her cell phone, “feminine protection”, and who knows, maybe hand sanitizer – lol..

  29. The coat doesn’t do much for me, but it’s a nicely understated coat for the occasion. The hat reminds me of a bird in flight.

    Echoing my appreciation for Susan’s posts over the last three weeks…well done!

  30. I love this coat dress, and I think she looked fantastic as a whole, but am disappointed at the lack of Australian designers.

    • Ditto. I’m a kiwi and I would have loved a repeat of what happened with the Tav dress. BTW, when I posted of my disappointment on the WKW FB page, I was told my comment was ‘sour’. I don’t believe it was. Just like some post they don’t like Kate’s shoes with a particular outfit or hair etc. Their comments are not ‘sour’, just opinions. I thought this coat was lovely.

      • Well FWIW I don’t think your comment was “sour” at all! Many of us were disappointed not to see more Aussie designers represented – it’s just an opinion, nothing negative about Kate per se. People really need to chill out sometimes! This is a fashion blog :)

  31. The Michael Kors coat is wonderful, and out of all the coats we’ve seen on this tour, the one I like best. Fitted and very flared, ‘v’ neck, modest pocket flaps; I think it really suits Kate. And not a single colour for a change – seems much softer on the eye. I do love blue in any form . Yes, this one was worth waiting for.

    A big thank you to Susan for such a brilliant coverage. Much appreciated! :)

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