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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived to cheers from well-wishers as they entered their New York City hotel tonight.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

It was a brisk evening as the motorcade pulled up to the hotel.  More from Gordon Rayner’s story in the Telegraph:

The royal couple were given a rapturous greeting by hundreds of hardy souls who braved freezing temperatures to wait for their arrival.

The CBC’s Steven D’Souza posted this photo on Twitter of the crowd gathering mid-afternoon.

Steven D'Souza, CBC News Twitter Feed

Steven D’Souza, CBC News Twitter Feed

Some had been standing out in the cold since 9am to see the couple arrive, according to Robert Jobson, the Royal Editor on Twitter.

Geoff Pugh/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire

Geoff Pugh/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire

From a story in today’s New York Times:

Scores of people had gathered outside the hotel on Madison Avenue to catch a glimpse, some traveling from as far as Wisconsin or North Carolina.

A group sang “My Favorite Things,” swaying in the cold. Others, like Jayda Green, 13, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, held flowers.

“Our celebrities and politicians, they’re shooting stars. They come and go,” said Ms. Green’s mother, Colleen, who brought her daughter to New York for the occasion. “Royalty is forever.”

A WKWer on the scene said everyone was convivial, with people chattong about Kate, exchanging phone numbers, savings spots in the crowd for others when they ran to get coffee.

The Duchess was wearing a coat by Seraphine Maternity, a brand she wore several times in her previous pregnancy.

Splash News

Splash News

From Séraphine:

Featuring a boucle textured print and high scoop neckline, this piece was created exclusively for the Duchess by Séraphine.

Seraphine Maternity

Seraphine Maternity

More from the product description:

…the MARINA maternity coat is made in a luxurious wool tweed bouclé. Subtle silver threads add a touch of sparkle to the rich purple hue. The long-line silhouette is accented with a delicate frayed trim and finished with black velvet ribbon.

The coat is above the knee in length, with an empire waist, pockets and black trim at the front opening, the cuffs and the neckline. The ‘Marina’ coat ($495) is a bespoke piece, but it can be made to order.


Andrew Parsons/

Kate carried her trusty Muse clutch from Stuart Weitzman via Russell & Bromley, and wearing her Cornelia James merino jersey wool gloves with the side bow.

Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

Nunn Syndication/Polaris Images

Underneath the coat Kate wore a black dress that appeared to be made of a light material, perhaps a crepe chiffon or similar weave.

PA Wire/PA Wire

PA Wire/PA Wire


The Duchess was in a pair of black suede booties or shooties (I’m never sure what to call them)that we have seen her wear before, although they remain unidentified.

PA Wire/Splash/Splash

PA Wire/Splash/Splash

Her jewelry included her standard rings and the deco-style diamond earrings we have seen previously, better seen in these head shots.

PA Wire/Splash News/Polaris Images

PA Wire/Splash News/Polaris Images

One whimsical note: the crowd wasn’t limited to humans, this woman brought along a cardboard cutout of the couple she’s had since the wedding! (Our thanks to a generous WKW friend who shared the photo.)

WKW Friend

WKW Friend

Among those entities welcoming the couple to the USA, the Empire State Building., tweeting this photo and the message “We welcome Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, by sparkling in red, white and blue.”

Empire State Building Twitter Feed

Empire State Building Twitter Feed

Kate then changed into a black lace dress for tonight’s private reception and dinner benefiting the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince HarryI shall update this post as soon as I have photos and info.

More on the event from Rebecca English’s story in The Daily Mail:

The ‘private’ event, which is expected to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the couple’s charitable foundation, is being held at the cavernous Manhattan apartment of British media and marketing mogul Sir Martin Sorrell, whose personal fortune is estimated at £174 million.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

Beulah London has noted that Kate wore a dress from their spring 2015 Collection, the Amara style.

Beulah London

Beulah London

The  dress is described this way by Beulah:

The Beulah simple fit and flare dress is a classic staple dress from our Spring Summer collection. The flattering, feminine silhouette made from intricate detailed lace will make the perfect outfit for every occasion this season

One of the frock’s most distinctive elements is the lace motif used for the sleeves. In apparel the pattern often depicts floral designs; in this case the lace is more of a scrollwork pattern.

Beulah London/Splash News

Beulah London/Splash News

The dress is a cotton/nylon blend with a silk lining. It can be pre-ordered with delivery in 10-12 weeks, it is priced at £650, about $1050 at today’s exchange rates

Kate wore a new pair of heels for the function, the ‘Power’ pump in black suede by Stuart Weitzman, we show the shoe at Russell and Bromley (£325, about $500). The shoe has a pointed toe and 3.5″ heel. ,

Splash News/Russell & Bromley

Splash News/Russell & Bromley

The shoe is available at Stuart Weitzman for $355.

The Duchess elected to go with a pair of statement earrings this evening.

Jackson Lee/Splash News

Jackson Lee/Splash News

A closer look.

Splash News

Splash News

We have not yet identified the earrings either.  It turns out the earrings are from an American designer, the iconic Kenneth Jay Lane.  With thanks to Arwenn who IDed the earrings, and shared the info with My Small Obsessions, Kate wore a pair of Silvertone Crystal Earrings.

The earrings are from the Kenneth Jay Lane ‘Wear to Kill’ collection, and no longer available.

Kate carried the black Mulberry clutch we have seen previously, we show it below when carried during this spring’s tour.

Andrew parsons/i-Images/

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/

We will be back within a few hours to cover Monday’s events.



  80 Responses to “Kate in Séraphine Maternity for New York Arrival & Beulah London for Evening Dinner (UPDATED with Earrings ID)”

  1. Coat is lovely, yes. Do you think we love it more because of the shoes/booties? I think they have a great deal to do with the success of the outfit….Catherine’s silhouette and posture. Huge fan, but don’t recall the Duchess wearing the shoes before.
    Enjoy your blog very much!

    (I wish she head worn the booties to the NBA game!)

  2. Seraphine designed this dress for Kate, and our know selling it. That’s why they are only selling it through Feb. It’s not a part of the their collection, but since Kate wore it obviously everyone else is going to want it! Also, Seraphine has added photos it would be great to see them updated here, unless there is still copyright issue:)

  3. Oh I want wo have the new earrings she wore with the Beluah Dress – anybody any idea about the earrings? ;-)

  4. I love the Seraphine coat. I think the length is completely appropriate–it’s only a little bit above her knee! Regarding what length of skirt is appropriate/inappropriate, I would like to point readers to another fashion-related blog that is relevant on this point: Corporette. It’s a blog for professional women in business casual (of the ‘just short of a suit’ variety) and formal business dress businesses (primarily law and finance). It’s a lovely resource for the working woman. The blogger, Cat, did a reader poll about ‘how short is too short’ for the workplace, and the majority of readers (which I’d like to reiterate come almost exclusively from very conservative workplaces and take their professionalism and how they appear in male-dominated workplaces quite seriously) said that a hand above the knee is OK (and more agree on this point if wearing tights)–from my eye, Kate is within this range. Her dress may be a smidge short according to the poll, but she’s wearing a coat and tights in public, so I think this is still a ‘work appropriate’ look for her special role. Here’s a link; I think you’ll find the graphic marking the different hemline poll options quite helpful:

    She must have been freezing in the black lace dress without a coat. I live in Manhattan and would not have stepped out, even briefly, last night without a proper coat. It is quite cold today, I hope for her sake she dresses more warmly this evening.

    Love the shooties with the coat, too. I think they are an elegant option for warmer feet when outfits call for dressier footwear. I also like the fit and flare for the baby bump at this stage in her pregnancy–it’s nice to not be completely pigeon-holed into empire waists before strictly necessary.

    • Thank you for the poll reference and link. I agree with you that there’s nothing wrong with the lenght. She’s not the Queen yet nor elderly for crying out loud! She’s doing what she should be: wearing British labels to support her native fashion designers by spotlighting them on the world stage.

    • When I was pregnant during the winter I was so hot, because of the extra weight from pregnancy. She probably wasn’t a bit cold being 5 months along. However, under any other circumstances I would of had on a full coat, mittens, scarf, hat and ear muffs. HAHA :) Thanks for the poll reference and link. :)

  5. The Seraphine Maternity dress is her look – nothing different. The colour suits her well. The Duchess seems to be favouring black for evening events during this pregnancy. Most of the black dresses are somewhat similar. Hemlines just above the knee suit her and look elegant and hope the hemlines do not go any higher. I do find short hemlines on pregnant women not a very good look. Think Jackie Kennedy – who was pregnant when she was First Lady and wore the most elegant maternity dresses. The Stuart Weitzman Power pumps are a great choice. SW have made it in various colours and it is one of the most classic, elegant shoes – and the heel height is just right.

    • Just jumping ahead (forgive me!) to comment on the Goat coat worn by the Duchess at today’s event in NYC. I love the style of Goat, and of course we saw the Duchess wear the brand when she was last pregnant,but good grief that coat is short short! It doesn’t look becoming–unnecessarily short.

  6. I love the Seraphine coat – gorgeous colour and the sparkly thread – also those wild new earrings.

    What really entranced me was William putting his arm round Kate’s waist, and she returning the gesture. So loving, so ordinary and yet so unlike the royals! Wonderful and warming :)

  7. I thought the Queen had asked Kate to lower her hemlines. Doesn’t look like she’s complying to the request. Be grateful it isn’t windy!

  8. May I add that a private dinner at an apt on Park Avenue on a Sunday evening in winter is a tricky thing. Were she not pregnant – and tho I’ve rarely seen her in pants and never in the evening – black evening pants and a white satin blouse, for example, with one fabulous piece of jewelry would’ve resonated with that crowd more than what she chose.
    Rania or Letizia would’ve nailed it.

    • Having been to a number of private dinners on both Park and Fifth Avenues (in all four seasons), I actually don’t think it’s that tricky to dress for them. I also might point out that Queen Letizia dresses in a style that is rather similar to that of the Duchess. Though it’s true she likes trousers, I’ve never seen her wear them to a special evening event. I don’t think Queen Rania has ever done that either, conscious as she must be of dressing conservatively.

  9. Love, love, love the Seraphine coat! I hope we see that again, as it was such a brief peek. I also love the black lace dress, though I don’t think the cut flatters her middle as much as it might.

    One of the things I like about Kate’s style is that it’s *classic.* I hear people complain that she’s playing things too safe, that she should be edgier, etc. I disagree. As a royal, I think she will (and should) stay on the conservative side of things. Also, while people’s styles and tastes differ, I think Kate is a refreshing change from the horrid styles we see from so many of the American “royalty,” aka entertainment stars. I would never ever wear some of the things I see on Hollywood’s red carpet…and I honestly don’t care to see them wearing it, either. Kate’s style is one I can imitate, according to what flatters me and fits my budget. I love that.

    • I agree completely! Her style is classic and, like Diana and Princess Grace, photos of her will be timeless.

    • I agree that black stockings (sheer) would be much more elegant, and I certainly can’t figure out the Duchess’s misplaced reliance on suede shoes for almost every event? With all of the Jimmy Choo etc sparkly black evening dress shoes, why suede? is suede even appropriate for an evening event with this dress selection? One reason she may have so many is, I think, suede can appear a little scuffed up without hard use, but maybe that’s just me.

  10. I believe the Duchess is wearing: Christian Louboutin Bella Suede Red Sole Ankle Boots.

    Take a look here:

    • I don’t believe so. In the photo where the man with the red tie is shown escorting them (into the Carlisle?) you would see the red if these were Louboutins.

    • I don’t think so, because you’d be able to see the red sole. In the photos, her boot has a black sole. Looks similar, though!

    • No I don’t think they are. Louboutins have red down the inside of the heel and a visible platform, her heels don’t have this detail.

  11. I agree with comments that the black cocktail dress or little black dress is getting a bit repetitive — especially as they all seem to have a lace or cut out component. But my bigger question is why the Duchess always wears sheer nude hose in the evening with black dresses, especially in the fall and winter. The look would be more elegant with sheer black hose and also — for those who complain about above the knee dresses — would add continuity between the dress and the shoes and therefore the dress would not look so short.

    • Agreed. Black hose would look so much better…dramatic, stylish and provide continuity from the dress, to the leg, to the shoes.

      I also agree with those that say the “little black dress” with lace or cutouts is verging on boring with so much repetition.

    • Agree with the black stockings comment!!

  12. Dinner dress is too boring/unsophisticated for the seen-it-all crowd whose checkbooks they were wooing. Should’ve had a Vogue or Bazaar editor or a real stylist advise her on her assault on Manhattan.
    Don’t usually like her evening shoes but these aren’t bad.
    Overall: B-

    • Responding to Michael’s comment. The Duchess is the future Queen of England. She doesn’t need to “dress to impress” the way the “new money” socialites in the U.S. do. She isn’t out to compete with everyone else because none of the people she will meet can match her status, no matter how big their bank accounts. Kate wore a lovely dress, but is exhibiting sartorial restraint so that she doesn’t “blow away” her hosts and the other guests. That is proper etiquette. She doesn’t need clothing to make her the star of the evening — she already is. And by the way, Rania and Letizia don’t even come close to the status and wealth of the English crown.

      NOTE: Edited by admin.

  13. As far as the coverage of what she wore goes, I found this post to be lacking. You briefly mentioned her jewelry (As in, she wore some), but offered no close up pictures of them or identified them. You mentioned the shoes without identifying them (sounds like they’re a UFO) and said we’ve seen them before. I don’t recall them at all, and it seems like others feel the same way, and you haven’t mentioned when or where we’ve seen them before or offered a pictured of them from an earlier sighting.

    And can I assume an update will be coming on the black lace dress at the bottom? I feel like you’re usually pretty good about saying you will update a post when you get more info, but that is lacking here.

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I just get very excited about these posts and this up just didn’t quench my thirst for info. And that is what I come to this site for.

  14. The booties look like a pair made by Stuart Weitzman. At first I thought Aquatilia (I have a pair of these) but they don’t have the platform in front.

  15. The US newscasters were quite perplexed by her coat and did not know how to describe the color.

    I was thinking how most (or many) women on the East Coast this time of year are wearing big puffy black coats and wondered if secretly Kate is yearning for one of those so she doesn’t freeze! But she will get car service everywhere she goes so perhaps it won’t be too bad.

  16. I just noticed the update with the new black pump. How many black suede pumps does Kate own? Maybe we should count :). They all look so similar. I for sure thought this was one of her older pairs!!

    • I was about to comment the exact same thing! I own three pairs of black pumps, all different styles and two different materials, and I already feel like I have too many black heels, haha.

      • Kate’s shoes are so boring and other than a few wedges, the odd boots and the silver/gold evening sandals, her shoes are all neutral pumps and very much the same. I wish, for dressy occasions, she’d wear something strappy. She might consider open toe or sling back, the odd embellishment. Kate is always well put together but she goes with what is safe and if she likes it once, she is okay with liking it dozens of times.

  17. Many congratulations, Susan, on scoring a hit brand ID on the first NY outing! I continue to be relieved to see Kate turn to proper maternity wear. The Seraphine Marina is charming and in such a pretty colour, with adroit use of the dark trim emphasizing the empire line and leaving the rest to skim the Bump.

    My only quibble would be the unsuitability of boucle for use on the fuller figure, it being a bulky fabric to start with. The shorter hem, pulled up by Kate’s expanding waist, also means she is heavy on top with comparatively spindly legs peeking out from under. Love the bootees which I don’t recall seeing before.

    And it seems the presence of the money men brings out the black in Kate. I’m always surprised when I like something by Beulah and I’m caught out here again as they are the last label I would have expected to pull off the lacy look. I think the lace effect is much better with a full self-colour underdress and see-through on the arms rather than an array of nude cut-outs. I also think this frock benefits from the fullness of fabric Beulah often favours and the lace is both unusual and exquisite. It looks a comfortable dress too, a great plus for Kate right now.

    Her hair is amazing and the statement earrings are a great choice to liven up the sober black. I don’t myself favour quite such a chandelier effect, but they fit this occasion nicely. Best of all the couple look quite delighted at the prospect of their exciting NY jaunt!

    • Ok, so not boucle but tweed — but a pretty solid one so I feel my point still stands!

      • Expanding waists do not pull up a dress/coats hemline if it is a MATERNITY dress/coat – they are cut especially to accommodate the expanding waistline. Loved this colour but would only wear this material if it was a jacket and thin-due to being a lot ‘curvier’ than Kate.

  18. I love the purple maternity coat it is perfection!

  19. Shoe boots please – that’s what they are called in the UK. They could be either Hobbs of LKBennett as both have done very similar styles over the last couple of years. Lace is huge in the UK this winter and she’s bang on trend here. I think pregnant women wear empire styles because they are comfortable in pregnancy, which becomes increasingly important particularly when working.

  20. Just saw you live on the BBC, Susan – well done!

  21. She finally looks pregnant! She is glowing.He face is a little bit fuller and that suits her so well. Love the lace dress, very Kate.

  22. Page Lay, on the WKW Facebook page, just identified the identified the black lace dress as being Beuhla S/S 2015. :)

  23. Susan I believe they are shooties (booties go over the ankle). When did she wear them before? I have never seen them before, so I am genuinely curious since I missed them:)

    I loved the first look! Everything worked well together and I was glad she changed up her coat and the shoes. It was perfect for a New York night in December

    I was less thrilled about the second outfit. It looks like every other lace black dress she wears. It is nice, but so similar to her other dress. How many of these does she need?? They are getting really blah and boring in my opinion, she might as well just wear the same one over and over. I know Kate likes lace and I think this dress would have been amazing if it had been in another color. Even a safe color like navy or green would look fresher without going out of her comfort zone. Though I think something for the holidays like a burgundy or red would have really stood out. I don’t know, I am just tired of the same dress in a different cut. Was not a fan of the earrings either though I am glad she went with a stand out new piece, so I can’t really complain about them. So first look was perfect! Second one was not bad, but just safe and like every other LBD she has worn.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. I hope she doesn’t wear those blue wedges to the basketball game:(

  24. It may be just a shadow, but it looks like the booties may have red soles, in which case they may be Louboutins. In any event, they look fabulous.

  25. Is there any possibility the independent dressmaker is Angela Kelly, who is the Queen’s dressmaker? Kelly often uses lace as an overlay or trim for HM’s ensembles. The trims are regularly reflected on the Queen’s hats, too. Both the yellow eyelet dress and this black one are rather conservative in cut. The two times we’ve seen independent pieces have been on royal tours, which HM very much cares about.

  26. Did someone forget her coat to go over that black lace dress? I can’t imagine walking outside tonight in New York without a coat! She must have been freezing!

  27. Coat is okay, but needs a few inches longer to be elegant, same for the dress -knees are not her best feature. Hemlines up with the waistline -definitely not befitting a royal. Hair needs to be a few inches shorter, since her face is one of her better features. Love the sparkly in the coat, black trim meh. And shooties -oh dear, no words for that faux pas other than scrunchie (wince).

    • I’m sorry did I miss something? What is the faux pas with her shooties? Thanks

      • Shooties ARE the faux pas, a look best saved for Beliebers.

        • I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. I am not sure where you are getting that from. Shooties are very on trend. I think they look great! They are a fantastic alternative to heels and boots. And they have just a little bit of edge to them. Definitely not for beliebers, but for stylish women.

    • Faux pas? I’m afraid I thoroughly disagree. I find shoe boots (or booties or shooties) like that a very good choice with a pretty winter coat. They give her look a slightly edgy and fashion forward flavor and are perfectly apposite for a visit to NYC. Not a mistake at all.

  28. I’m completely in love with the Seraphine coat. Hope we see it again.

    I’m not as fond of the black lace dress, as the hemline would look better if it was just a touch longer. I am intrigued by those fabulous earrings.

  29. I liked the coat that Kate wore for her arrival, but so far I’m not a fan of the lace dress. IMO the cut seems to be trying to hide her pregnancy, an empire waist would be a much better cut. However, I am liking the earrings finally a new pair!

  30. WHOO I absolutely love the Seraphine coat! The color and the silver threaded through the material is beautiful and perfectly seasonally appropriate. It’s been a long time since I was actually enthused about something Kate was wearing, so this is great. A perfect outfit for the holiday season in NYC.

    I wish I was as excited about the black dress worn the the reception. Although (at the time of my comment), I haven’t seen many pictures, it’s boring and predictable from the Duchess. The black lace is truly getting boring. I hope to see some more good lucks on this whirlwind trip. I would love to see her in some of the Oscar de la Renta looked posted in a previous post.

    • I completely agree with you Julia on both accounts. The Seraphine and the way she wore it is perfect while the Beulah is a big yawn.

  31. when have we seen these shoes/boots/booties before? i don’t remember them…
    they look so excited! so lovely!

  32. I like the coat. Suede boots tend to photograph scruffy IMO. And I own lots of suede boots! Am just not a fan of how they photo.

  33. If it weren’t for what looks like a seam down the front of the shoe, I would swear they are these However, not sure. Love the coat!

    • They do look very similar to the Vince Camuto Elvin shoe but the only difference being the inner part of the heel being black on Kate’s shoes and Vince Camuto’s are normal “sole” colored/nude. Most higher end brands like Jimmy Choo, Prada, etc. have solid colored heels, I’m going to keep looking around those sites!

  34. I love plum shades, so I think this item, with its black trim and its slight metallic shimmer,is a charming choice for an evening arrival in New York’s Christmas season. The color is very flattering.

    I’m a little disappointed by the evidence of once-more-rising-high pregnancy hemlines. I really don’t think these are necessary to distract attention from the baby bump, and I’ve never liked the tendency of pregnant woman, and designers for them, to behave as though the pregnant should dress as little girls do — in lots of youthful short-skirt outfits, as if to deny the sexual implications of pregnancy, as people tried to do decades ago. This coat would have looked much more elegant, sophisticated, and chic if it had been a couple of inches longer.

    I do like the black suede ankle boots, though the Duchess’s appear to have a platform component for which I don’t care. I’ve found that nothing adds a bit of fashion-progressive edge more than a pair of sleek, black suede, high-heeled ankle boots worn with an otherwise very classic dress and coat.

    Works every time.

    • Hi Lili,

      I so agree with you about designers creating little girl dresses for pregnant women. During Kate’s first pregnancy I really didn’t like the peter pan collars she wore or the coats with big buttons and I agree that her hemlines really rose during her pregnancy.

      • Im going to respectfully disagree with the negative comments about the rising hemlines. I think its a look she wears well considering her gorgeous legs. Hem length can be so tricky when pregnant. I find I like how dresses fall if they have a shorter or much longer hem. It just amps up the fashion impact that a mid length hem can’t. Also, I never saw the shorter dresses as childlike. To me its a retro sixties look that looks fresh and fashion forward today.

    • I agree with your concerns about the upward trend in hemlines reappearing. I thought there have been some as short as ever when a couple of flared coats have lifted in the breeze to show a straight skirt underneath.

      I also think this bulky style of tweed would look awkward if lengthened — something a bit sleeker and longer might do the trick.

    • Yes, both the coat and dress should have been longer. The dress should have been the length of the coat and the coat should have been just above the knee. (It would also have been warmer that way…)

      I am also disappointed by the rising pregnancy hemlines. Not classy at all.

    • I’m updating my first post to comment on the dress. We’ve seen the Duchess in a fair number of lacy black dresses now (even the rather controversial Temperley cut-out dress she wore not so long ago falls into this category), and I don’t find this one to be particularly distinctive. There’s nothing really wrong with it, she looks quite pretty, but the dress simply isn’t anything special. I’m not a big fan of the fit-and-flare silhouette, so that probably plays a role in my reaction.

      That bag is really a daytime item, I think, with its plain silver clasp. I think I like the earrings but also think they’d work better with a long evening dress. With this dress, I think the shorter, somewhat less elaborate earrings she wore for her arrival, with the plum coat, might have been better.

      But basically: so far, so good.

  35. It’s FREEZING here in NYC lol how is she wearing that dress?

    • I wondered whether the Duchess would wrap an evening coat or wrap for night time engagements in NYC. I never see her in one from pictures from London events. However, as Christine points out, it is very cold in NYC. I know she doesn’t travel far from car to event, but it seems uncomfortable to me.I know it is important to show off her outfit.

  36. The video is really nice and, yes, you can see the sparkles in the coat. It’s a very nice coat and I think the color is pretty. I also love those shoes. Very modern and in style right now. Plus, they look warm. Another think about the video . . . after they stepped out of the car and were walking into the hotel, William took Kate’s arm and the two of them stopped and posed for the cameras. I thought that was a nice thing to do since so many people had waited so long to see them and they didn’t just rush into the hotel.

  37. I have a pair of Cole Haan air nike booties similar to hers…maybe that’s them?

  38. Re the footwear: I think they’re shooties. Booties cover the ankles (so I’ve been told).

    That coat is fabulous. I hope we get to see more of it.

  39. I am completely in love with this look. Glowing with joy…hair shining. Pure happiness. This outfit is impeccable; the Seraphine coat is perfection and the new look that HRH has is fabulous. The booties are pure perfection. Loving it. Every step of the way.

  40. Great coverage, as always, Susan! Thank you!

  41. I apologize in advance for the naive question:
    I thought that a “bespoke” piece meant that it was custom made. How do you have a picture of the coat from Seraphine Maternity then? Or is Kate’s different somehow, thus making it bespoke?

  42. I have a silly question. How is this a bespoke piece if Seraphine already of a stock photo of the item?


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