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Kate and William started their day with a visit to the National September 11th Memorial and Museum.

Stephen Lock/

Stephen Lock/

The Duchess placing a bouquet of white roses at one of the two reflecting pools, the state flower of New York. On Kate’s left you see Joe Daniels, president of the Memorial and Museum.

Andrew Parsons/

Andrew Parsons/

The inscription.

Photo: Gordon Rayner, The Daily Telegraph Twitter (@GordonRayner)

Photo: Gordon Rayner, The Daily Telegraph Twitter (@GordonRayner)

67 British citizens died in the attacks.

Jackson Lee/Carl Wu/Splash News

Jackson Lee/Carl Wu/Splash News

A look at the site from above, with thanks to Eloise Parker for pointing out the photo by Chris Faith on Twitter.

Chris Faith Twityter Feed (@Christopherfu47)

Chris Faith Twitter Feed (@Christopherfu47)

The couple then moved inside to tour the Museum, seven floors below ground. The BBC’s Nada Tawfik shared this picture of William and Kate signing the interactive steel beam inside, a digital guestbook.

Nada M Tawfik, the BBC (@NadaMTawfik)

Nada M Tawfik, the BBC (@NadaMTawfik)

At the Virgil quote.

Kate William NYC September 11th Memorial Inside at Virgil Quote via Sept11Memorial

There are 2983 tiles on the wall, representing the 2983 lives lost. The color blue was selected because it is reminiscent/evocative of the stunning blue skies on September 11th. Mr. Daniels posted this montage on Twitter, saying it was “…a high honor to have the Duke and Duchess visit” the Museum.

Joe Daniels Twitter Feed (@JoeCDaniels)

Joe Daniels Twitter Feed (@JoeCDaniels)

The couple leaving the Museum.

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Kate and William also saw the lobby of the recently-completed One World Trade Center, now America’s tallest building at 104 stories.

British Consulate Twitter/Robin Nunn, Nunn Syndication, Polaris

British Consulate Twitter/Robin Nunn, Nunn Syndication, Polaris

Next on the agenda, a trip to visit a youth development program run by two organizations, The Door and the City Kids Foundation.

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram

Below you see Kate and William enjoying a performance put on by participants in the programs offered at The Door.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate wore Mulberry’s Double Breasted Coat in cerise, a vivid spot of color against the sodden cityscape.



The fabric is a double crepe wool/silk blend, described as having “been given extra lustre”. There is actually a good video of the piece on Mulberry’s YouTube channel, better showing how the piece moves and drapes. The coat is available in limited sizes on the Mulberry UK site (priced at £1500, about $2500). On the US site the coat is also offered in very limited sizing (on sale at $1300, originally priced at $2600).

There are many other pieces in this color; on the US site all seemed to be selling at a 50% discount.



The Duke and Duchess then attended a reception honoring British creativity, part of the GREAT program. Kate wore the ‘Vanessa’ dress by Seraphine Maternity.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

A better look at the garment.



The Vanessa is a ponte roma knit, in an a-line silhouette with an empire waistline. It is available for ordering online at Seraphine ($99).

The Episode ‘Angel’ pumps had another wearing.



Kate carried her Mulberry clutch and had on her Cornelia James Imogen gloves again.



In the jewelry department, we saw Kate’s Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst earrings.

Kiki McDonough

Kiki McDonough

Kate also wore her Cartier necklace to the GREAT function, below you can see her laughing with Sir Patrick Stewart in this photo from the British Consulate Twitter feed.

British Consulate Twitter

British Consulate Twitter

We first saw Duchess wearing the necklace at a 2012 National Portrait Gallery exhibition and reception.

Splash News

Splash News

Another look.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

The piece is from the jeweler’s Trinity collection. Described online as “The pure simplicity of three magically intertwined circles of pink, yellow and white gold,” the circles are set with shimmering diamonds.


Splash News/Cartier

On an entirely unrelated topic, we have sad news from Canada. Many readers will remember Diamond Marshall, the little girl who greeted William and Kate at the Calgary airport in 2011.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Diamond was 6 years old when she officially greeted William and Kate out on the tarmac. Diamond was a cancer patient who was designated as official greeter as part of a Make a Wish program. Here is the letter Diamond wrote the Duchess.


Initially Diamond was quite shy when meeting the Duke and Duchess, but she gradually warmed up.

Mirrorpix/Splash News

Mirrorpix/Splash News

That was in July of 2011. The Calgary Herald reports this afternoon that Diamond has died. More from the paper’s story:

She stole hearts worldwide when she presented flowers in Calgary to Prince William and Kate, and is being remembered by her family as a “warrior” who carried herself with “the grace and dignity of a princess.”

Diamond Marshall, 9, passed away peacefully Monday evening after a long battle with an aggressive form of cancer.

On Tuesday, a Kensington Palace spokesperson released a statement on Will and Kate’s behalf, saying, “the Duke and Duchess were saddened to hear of this news.”

We will have a separate post for this evening’s Saint Andrews dinner


  60 Responses to “Kate Wears Mulberry and Seraphine for New York City Engagements”

  1. The photo of William and Kate “leaving the museum” is actually located in a room right in the center of the museum – I hope they weren’t already on their way out! If that really is the case then they only saw about 1/6 of it.

  2. I don’t get why everyone is acting like she attended a funeral. She went to visit a museum commemorating 9/11. People go to memorial sites, museums and graveyards in all sorts of colors. It was a miserable day, the color was refreshing. Not to mention the inside of the one exhibit is bright blue because 9/11 was actually gorgeous weather wise. How can that be ok but a bright coat not? If the press had any issue with it they would have commented, no reporter, particularly one writing about celebrities, is ever polite, sweet or kind. Would people rather she wore a black shirt and jeans (as most visitors do) because it was dark vs dressing way better than the average visitor and wearing a color? Behavior is key at sites like this, not clothing. She acted appropriately.

    NOTE: edited by admin

  3. Gorgeous coat, beautiful colour and it fits nicely at this tricky stage of pregnancy. I don’t have any problem with the colour, the fact that’s it’s a new and striking piece conveys a respect for the occasion, and the overall look is dignified. Also, I’d be very surprised if the dress code, unofficial or otherwise, was not discussed with museum officials before the visit; these things aren’t left to chance.

  4. This is a truly gorgeous coat and colour, both of which truly suited Kate-much better than her usual monochrome. The only outfit I really disliked was the black ‘Pilot’s’ Jacket worn to the Harlem venue. It looked fine until I saw the back – hideous – it looked like a rack to hang a coat on. At least she has broken away from the ‘Royals never wear black’ rule though – I never could understand the media furore following Diana’s first evening engagement with Charles when she wore a black evening dress! As for the choice of colour to the memorial, I was a little surprised but I cannot see how anybody can find it offensive-she could wear it for the Remembrance Day Parade for all I care. There’s too much obsession about suitable colours – Africans don’t worry about what colours should be worn by which sex or where or when etc, how refreshing is that! Ok, there are some political occasions when a colour should be shunned – orange in Northern Ireland for instance. But I don’t get why black is supposed to be funereal and showing respect in daylight then a few hours later it’s considered sexy & alluring!!! Just think, a few years ago, the complainers would have been moaning that Kate did not show proper respect by going hatless – as if plopping a bit of material on the head made any difference. She’s doing a difficult, sometimes boring, job very well – so leave her alone! (P.S. The black Seraphine does not look like a maternity dress to the lady who asked)

  5. The Duchess looks perfect. I can’t believe people are criticizing the pink coat; it’s lovely and hopeful! Entirely appropriate. As an American, I’m very appreciative of the Duke and Duchess coming to the memorial site.

    The black maternity dress is modern and flattering, another great choice.

    Hope they enjoyed their visit, and will soon be home again with little George!

  6. I love the pink coat. I’m just curious about the color choice. I get the good will and hope, but I personally think a red or blue color (the shared colors of the USA and England) would have been a subtle statement of solidarity and remembrance.

    And sorry to hear about Diamond. It was very special that she got to meet Kate and William.

  7. Was she wearing the Cartier necklace with the reverse side (polished gold) showing? It looks more shiny vs sparkly against her black dress.

  8. I really love that coat and the color is wonderful. I’ll have to remember the color name . . . cerise. Interesting.

    That coat in that color was a wise choice because it was worn all day to at least three different events. No one at the memorial was offended. In fact, reading the criticism on this site is the first I’ve heard anyone say anything negative. But, it’s to be expected.

    Looking forward to seeing photos of what Kate wears tonight. I’ve read that it’s a navy dress that has been worn before and that she is wearing loads of “bling.” Can’t wait.

    • I agree. Kate looks lovely and is obviously very sombre. If people want to interpret her wearing a pink coat as disrespectful it is entirely up to them. It is extremely unlikely that Kate would ever intend to cause offence.

  9. Ah I have been wanting a turtleneck A-line dress like this!! Too bad it is a maternity dress….I am tempted to buy it anyway. I wonder if it would be obvious it was maternity?

  10. And I did want to add that Diamond Marshall is a brave little girl and a source inspiration to all of us. I was indeed saddened to hear she passed away – inevitable I guess but still sad.

  11. Good length of coat and superb colour. If she had worn nude tights it would look even better but I guess it is cold so comfort before fashion is a good call especially now that she’s pregnant. The black dress is a safe choice. The Cartier necklace doesn’t suit and is too long and stark against the black dress. A medium-sized diamond/gold brooch would have suited nicely.

  12. If you’ve ever been to the 9/11 memorial you’ll see people in every color. I don’t think the black is necessary. They were respectful thats what matters.

    daily mail is reporting her jeans last night were jcrew.

    • Sure, on an average day, if you’re Joe Tourist.

      But not for this. Look at the thousands of people at the formal unveiling, no one was in freaking hot pink.

      Disrespectful. And why? I’m sure she had 10 other coats she can wear as dresses.

    • I think KateFan has given some sound reasons for wearing the pink earlier — that it is seen as a colour of good will, healing and peace, plus she cites whole groups being advised to wear that colour to visit this memorial for that reason.

      I’m certain someone as conscientious as Kate would never choose to be disrespectful and she carries herself with all due gravitas around the memorial and museum. I think it’s important we respect both sides in this argument if only as our own quiet tribute to decorum.

  13. Honestly, this is one of the only slips I think she has made because she plays everything so safe. This is a memorial for the dead, and she’s in look-at-me-pink. Why not wear yesterday’s black coat instead?

    Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker, and everyone is always in black anyway. She could have worn tan, navy, even one of her white coats. Neon pink at a memorial where thousands of people died is disrespectful.

    • Totally agree with you. I’ve commented before abour this prepostreous choice of clothing but Susan chose not to let it through (I think). I’m sorry to see Kate make such a mistake. She is very lucky that the press is too sweet on her to point out her inappropriateness. This could have been bery bad for her. She’s very fortunate. I hope she doesn’t do this again- especially since there is the precedent of the Remembrance day hair twirling.

      Pretty strange to see her wear black to arrive, meet unfortunate children, watch a game, attend parties and receptions and pink to mourn the dead.

      • Trust me when I say, the New York press is never “sweet” to anybody!! If they felt what the Duchess wore to the memorial was inappropriate they would have said so. Wearing black is NOT required at a monument. This was not a service for the fallen, it was a visit to the memorial and wearing black was not necessary.

    • I wonder if Kate chose to wear her dark coat on Monday because the mayor’s wife wore a bright pink coat that day. I was also surprised to see such a bright coat at the 9/11 Memorial visit.

  14. Like others, I think the pink choice is intentional for a lot of reasons, not the least that being among a sea of black umbrellas and raincoats on the men, it’s easy to know that you’ve spotted her… it is indeed something the Queen does well, and I think served its purpose here. Pink is also quite synonymous with hope, a good message for the site. I for one adore it and wish it were mine… but I’m a bit obsessed with pink. ;-)

    Overall I think the whole ensemble is pitch perfect. The necklace absolutely makes the simple black dress. And thank goodness for a ponytail… I can’t even imagine trying to manage long locks down in this weather!

    Can’t wait to see if there are pictures from the Met gala tonight!

  15. I feel like the pink Mulberry (loved the color, btw) would of been more appropriate for the Harlem Child Development Center yesterday, and the Black Goat Coat more appropriate for the 9/11 Memorial visit.

  16. This is a little off-the-wall, but the mayor’s wife was wearing magenta [Nanette Lepore] and if the Duchess had worn the Mulberry yesterday, that would have been one riot of color. Their aids may have checked with each other.

    I think she is amazing. My last pregnancy was when I was 29 and there was NO WAY I could have kept up the pace she has endured these 3 days.

    I can’t wait to see what she wears to the Met.

    Great couple. Helen Miren and Kate have saved the Monarchy!!

  17. This is just wrong! You don’t wear fuchsia to the 9/11 memorial. While it is true that you don’t always have to wear black to such events the fact is that Americans regard it as a sacred place of mourning- much like the Brits treat Remembrance day. She wouldn’t wear bright pink for the latter so why for the former? Everybody else was sombrely attired: vlack, navy, blue, grey, dark green, all would have been fine; pink, just no. Coupled with the fact that 9/11 is recent in historical terms her attire is a big no-no for me.
    She wore all black to visit a bunch of disadvantaged children who were expecting a storybook princess and this coat for the scene of a tragedy?!!!
    I like Kate and I think she is a good girl but on this occassion she was an insensitive fool. I’m all for looking like a flamingo but when the occasion calls for it. I’m sorry if this sounds too strongly worded but there is a time and a place for everything. The argument that “well, she wanted to bring cheer to the day and event” does NOT work for me: they weren’t supposed to feel cheer; they were supposed to contemplate the horror and mourn those who have were murdered by monsters.
    Massive, huge, ginormous fail.

    • As a military child–and someone who has been to many memorials–there is no dress code (even for color) for what you should wear, even for those of rank. Obviously, one would think of black, greys or another somber color (and that’s generally accepted), but sometimes the most appropriate color for these events is one that signifies hope, renewal and remembrance. Cerise is a pink/red mixture, pink meaning unconditional love, nurturing and unconditional understanding, and most importantly HOPE. Red also contains that element of love, but also of action. This coat is quite appropriate. She wants to bring the message of hope to the families of victims.

      It entirely depends on the message you wish to share with the world when you are in her shoes. She wanted to share hope, and it was a lovely message indeed.

  18. I see a number of people wondered as I initially did about the choice of this coat given its color and the venue. I love that intense pink, however, and feel that on such a gloomy day and at such a somber site, it provided some needed chromatic punctuation. I think we needn’t insist that official visitors to the memorial wear funereal clothing, as though respect can be conveyed only by donning mourning garb. While I fully appreciate the demands of decorum, I also know that what people wear to such sites is no fair representation of what they may feel.

    That said, I’d like this coat better if it had a bit more shape. Right now, the Duchess needs a comfortable looseness, but a little tailoring after she gives birth wouldn’t come amiss. I do like the length and think it’s just about right.

    The dress is charming — not my style, but I think it would work nicely for a lot of pregnant women, who would get a great deal of wear out of it. A good, practical, and very versatile item. Just what a maternity wardrobe needs.

    And speaking of getting a lot of wear out of something, I really don’t like that Cartier necklace, but given its cost, the Duchess should be getting as much wear out of it as she possibly can! For that reason, I’m glad to see it again.

  19. I love this coat on Kate. It’s a bold choice of colour which I find fitting given the theme of reconciliation and renewal at the memorial, though I appreciate there are others who wish she might have chosen something more sombre.

    There’s plenty of room for the Bump while Kate still looks elegant and the black accessories are perfect, including the sober black tights. I can see the black maternity frock is a handy pack for a city stop-over as it’s obviously versatile with a number of outfits, but it falls into the category of accessory for me, rather than major style choice. After a while maternity-wear has to look pretty much the same and I think we are reaching that stage.

    I’m not keen on this hairstyle reappearing but again it’s very practical, a little severe pulled back from her face, but in keeping with memorial, while staying out of the weather — and her face — as she goes round engagements.

    Looking forward to tonight.

  20. I love the black turtleneck dress, long necklace and ponytail. She looks so mod! Really nice. And I love the pink coat. It’s a beautiful color. I think it’s more “hopeful” than wearing all black. Look how lovely she stands out against all the men and umbrellas as she lays the flowers. It’s really nice!

  21. I really like the dress look. Different from what we’ve seen before. And I think the bright coat was perfectly fine for wearing to the memorial. It looks like it was a yucky enough day, a little bright doesn’t hurt!

  22. I think she should have worn yesterday’s outfit today and today’s outfit yesterday.

    • Don’t you think this hot pink coat would have clashed with the first lady’s magenta one? Her darker coat yesterday made the first lady shine. Very gracious.

      • That was my thought too. I wondered if their staffs had exchanged wardrobe information and Kate allowed her hostess to shine. I see nothing wrong with her choice of color. It is a statement of courage and hope, which is what we want this memorial to represent going forward. And it is quite in keeping with the colors worn by Camilla and HM on their visits.

    • I think I agree with you. Pink for the children, something more subdued for the memorial. She might have chosen pink to lift her own spirits. The royal reporters are saying she skipped the afternoon program to rest. (She may not have been scheduled to go, but some thought she might make the effort.)

    • I agree that the outfits’ colours could have been matched better to the occasion. The bright cheery colour of cerise, would have been great for the event with children. A more sombre colour of the black or tweed would have been more appropriate at a memorial. But I do like this coat. Also note that she is wearing mismatched jewellery again.

  23. I have mixed feelings about this look. I understand that wearing pink may be intended to provide a bright spot of color, but there’s no denying that they went to the museum to pay their respects to a huge number of people who lost their lives. I would have felt uncomfortable wearing such a bright outfit to an undeniably somber place that commands respect. It’s a lovely coat, though– and the dress is nice too.

  24. I’m confused along with everyone else about the dress. Did she change because there was no sign of a turtleneck under the coat at the memorial?

    I guess I am in the minority here. I really don’t like this coat. I don’t think bright pink looks good on Kate at all:(. It is not her best color. Red would have been better. I know others have said this color was a good choice as a sign of goodwill, but I still think black would have been better. She wore black yesterday, she could have just switched the two coats and worn the bright pink one to visit children. I personally think that would have been more appropriate. But I honestly hope to not see this coat again:). I am so happy her hair is back though!!

  25. I like both of these outfits a lot. I have no problem with a more cheerful colour at the memorial — they weren’t there for a ceremony but just a visit on a normal day, so I don’t think black was called for. This was a nice pop of colour amid the rain and grey skies.

    The black dress is lovely, and I’m happy to see that necklace again. But was she really wearing it under the coat? It’s a very high-necked dress, but there’s nothing showing under the colour of the coat.

  26. I am SO happy to see her take the damn coat off once in awhile. Last night at the game bugged me so much. A coat is not an outfit. It’s OUTERWEAR.

    • I totally agree. I was annoyed both at the children’s event and at the game that she kept her outerwear on, and pleased to see the removal of the coat here. Overall, I really liked this look, but maybe it was because she took off the coat and I was so pleased about that :)

    • I agree! She must have been boiling in that coat at the game. Every basketball game I’ve been to is really warm, the thought of wearing a heavy coat is unappealing. She looked really out of place in it. I think she should have worn that Tori Burch coat to the 9/11 memorial. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, and may indeed have been decided based on the bright pink coat of Chirlane I. McCray, but I don’t think the hot pink was appropriate.

      Sadly, I think this trip has had more fashion missteps than wins. The heavy coat at the game, the mail slot coat that was so outshone by McCray’s coat, the bright pink at the memorial. I have been pregnant so I do understand that dressing in your second trimester is challenging, but for a woman who literally could have every garment handmade for her, she has made some peculiar choices.

  27. I love the bold jacket, it looks great against a gray, rainy day.

    I also have major ponytail envy.

  28. The coat is right out of Queen Elizabeth’s playbook: wear a hot color on a gloomy day so that the public can say they saw you. Bravo on that score. You can sense the Queen applauding from across the Atlantic.

    If Kate were not pregnant, I’d suggest some darts on each side along the bust to give it a little shape. Most likely, she’s planning to wear this again while she’s pregnant so she isn’t likely to be tailoring it just now.

    Beyond the public purpose of the bright color, I’m not sure I like it for December. She looks so good in the jewel tones you can wear around the holidays, like her maroon coat and hat from a few Christmases ago. But it is such an awful day in NYC, and the WTC memorial is so depressing, that this no doubt lifted peoples’ spirits.

  29. I think Kate is a lovely woman, but I wonder why she wore such a bright color to the memorial. I guess I was expecting her to wear something like a dark blue or black coat.

    I feel she usually dresses well for XYZ occasion, but this choice left me baffled.

    • I think you’ll find that pink is seen as a color of good will, emotional healing and peace, which would make her choice perfect.
      I’ve read comments online from people who say when they visited with their school groups their teachers made them wear pink or red for that very reason.

    • It appears that a lot of people were uncomfortable with the choice of pink here. I tend to disagree, but I understand where people are coming from. Overall, my view is that colour is less important than the cut and tone of the garment. Here, a conservative length of jacket and dress with a very traditional cut and tailoring was perfect the memorial, despite its vibrant colour. I hear a lot of people saying that yesterday’s jacket should have been used here since it was black and vice versa. I thought yesterday’s jacket was playful and whimsical in its details and tailoring, so it would not be appropriate here despite its dark hue. Here, I thought everything was appropriate and I loved the vibrant colour on a rainy, gloomy day.

      • I like Katie and KatFan’s assessments–I agree that the lines and details of her coat were very subdued today. I have been to this museum, and while it is a very moving memorial, there is an overwhelming sense that we cannot let our fear of future terrorist attacks and sadness for the victims and their families prevent us from moving forward, with hope and optimism for the future. A dark coat would also have been lost against the Virgil quote wall and against so much of the cement elements of the memorial’s architecture.

        I think Kate wears this bright pink well. I love seeing her in a color outside of her normal palette. While I love her in off-white, navy and red as much as everyone else does, I also think it’s great to see something more unusual. So many of her outfits have similar elements, it’s nice to see her splash out a bit with a fun new color while other variables remain fairly consistent. I think I commented this back during the Australia tour, but I think color is one way she is really able to play with trends while still dressing conservatively. The bright greens and yellows come to mind (of course that was a gesture for Australia’s colors, but I think also a neat excuse to wear bright colors she usually steers clear of). Neon has been so influential the last two or so years, it’s nice to see her dabble in that (she’s still so young!) while still being dressed in a matter befitting her role.

      • If she’d worn the previous black coat there would have been complaints it was disrespectfully short. A royal can never win! I agree the tailoring on the Goat would have been too playful for the memorial.

  30. Now that’s the coat of the moment. It indeed awed me. Love it~

    • but one thing I don’t fully understand is whether she changed after walking in to the room…as there was no sign of turtleneck underneath the coat…

      • I have the same exact comment as a few others. The black dress is a turtleneck, which you don’t see in the pink coat she is wearing. Did she change? Love mulberry everything!

      • I think she may have had the neck rolled down, if she did indeed did have the dress under the coat.

    • I noticed that too, very similar to the night before, when there was no sign of the black turtleneck at the reception…?

      • That disappearing turtle-neck! Looks to me like this dress has been lurking under different outfits and the neck has been rolled up or down depending either on comfort or a change in looks.

        • I think it is a different dress all together. The Seraphine dress is knee length. The dress under the pink coat is more mid-thigh. So I am inclined to believe it is a different dress and not the Serpahine with the neck rolled down. I think Kate wears this dress under coats a lot (the purple Seraphine coat and the black Goat dress included). I bet it is just a comfy black dress, but not one she wants people to see so she only wears in under coats.

        • Another site reported that Kate did change clothes.

          After the Door appearance, Wm went to the Empire State Building but Kate skipped that. She went back to the hotel and changed and then joined Wm again for the British Consulate reception.

          • While we’re on the subject of changing clothes, did anyone notice in the photos, Prince William arrived at the British Consulate event in his suit and tie, and the photo that shows him leaving shows him in the “truck-driver shirt” (another commentor’s description, but befitting.). He most definitely changed clothes at that reception to prepare for the basketball game. Too bad Kate didn’t also take advantage of the opportunity. Aside from that awful shirt, I think they both have looked smashing the entire trip, and I too have ponytail envy!

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