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It’s Jenny Packham’s Inky Blue Gown & Glittering New Jewelry for Black Tie Gala at the Met

Kate brought back a Jenny Packham gown for this evening’s gala at the Met.jJmes Whatling/Splash News

Above you see the Duke and Duchess arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for tonight’s fundraising dinner.

The black-tie function is in support of the University of Saint Andrews 600th Anniversary.Andrea Renault/Polaris Images

William is the Patron of that fundraising campaign, and the couple has participated in a number of events related to the anniversary. The 600th Anniversary fundraising campaign kicked off in March 2011, that occasion was one of Kate and William’s first joint engagements.Chad Rachman/NY Post/Pool/Splash News

More about the evening from Simon Perry’s People story.

The event, honoring the school where the two met and fell in love, was considered a highlight of the couple’s trip to the U.S. and the main reason the visit was scheduled for these days, according to the palace.  To great cheers from fans across the street and flashing lights of the press and TV cameras, Kate and William arrived, and at the top of the steps, they were welcomed by a group of St. Andrews alumni.

On the menu at the Met: Duo of mushroom-crusted tenderloin of Angus beef and cedar plank Scottish salmon with a Scotch ale reduction, truffle-whipped parsnips and potatoes and miniature sticky toffee pudding with caramel gelato and praline brittle.

The British Consulate posted a video showing the flickering candles lining the stairway at the Museum.

British Consulate Instagram

British Consulate Instagram

Two profile shots.i-Images

More on tonight’s gala from The Daily Mail:

Some attendees had paid a staggering $10,000 each to attend the event, which will close with a charity auction. The money will fund scholarships and bursaries for St Andrews students from under-privileged communities, as well as new sports and media facilities at the university


William’s cousin Princess Eugenie also attended the dinner.©i-Images

The most striking part of tonight’s ensemble: Kate’s glimmering, shimmering jewelry, better seen in this photo.Andrea Renault / Polaris Images

The diamond and emerald earrings and bracelet are a private gift.



It is the first time we have seen the Duchess wearing the demi-parure, or partial set. The chandelier-style earrings showcase several strands of diamonds with a large emerald, that emerald is also surrounded by diamonds.

This offers a different angle, as well as a look at Kate’s updo.©i-Images

A closer look at the earrings.i-Images

The bracelet echoes this motif, although these are not stellar shots of the piece.All Photos by i-Images

Many readers will recognize the dress. Kate most recently wore the gown to a National Portrait Gallery event in February 2014; the first time we saw it was for a 100 Women in Hedge Funds dinner in October of 2013.i-Images/PA Wire

The gown is described as being made of  “petrol-hued silk” on the Stylebop site, where it is still available for purchase in a US size 4/UK size 8. It is actually on sale for $2657, discounted 45% from its original $4885 price tag.Kate-100-Women-Hedge-Funds-2013-Ink-Blue-Silk-Jenny-Packham-Product-Shots-Stylebop

Design elements:

  • deep v-neckline front and back
  • a wrapped front,
  • black velvet sash
  • hidden zipper

Here you have a better view of it from the

It appeared Kate was wearing her Jimmy Choo Cosmic heels, now out of stock at Jimmy Choo and everywhere else we checked.



Below, the Duke and the Duchess leaving tonight’s dinner.James Whatling/Splash News

William and Kate are flying home tonight. We will have a wrap-up post later this week.

A few other updates to share:

  1. Last night’s post has been updated to reflect confirmation on Kate’s earrings and word that she is said to have been in J. Crew denim.
  2. Today’s earlier post has been updated with dress info and news about little Diamond Marshall, the 6-year-old who greeted William & Kate at the Calgary airport.

I will post more links below shortly.



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The Way We Were

Friday 12th of December 2014

Kate is could she look so fit being 5 month (???) pregnant? Among all the appearances of this gown, this look is my favorite. :)

On a side note, I am amazed each time by someone who feels upset over other's comment on Kate (or any celebrity of their favorite for that matter), not just on this site I have never commented on this matter until now. Internet is just that: people post whatever they feel like not whether you consider appropriate or not. If people fail to see this fact, maybe internet is not the best place for them to hang out.

Like Lili and a few others here I sort of follow the Duchess merely I am interested in what she wears and how she wears. To me she's an interesting and new celebrity to see from time to time but I don't know her well enough to say "ah i really like her (or don't)". there's no doubt that she has a large fan base cross world but i never consider myself as one of them. So it's kind of beyond me when I see someone so upset just because others say "I don't like this dress on her" or "what's with the hair". But of course, i don't read each comment letter by letter so i must have missed those "nasty" ones....Oh well.

Last but not the least, greetings to admin and everyone at the most wonderful time of th year! Happy Holidays!


Saturday 14th of February 2015

That is an excellent point: internet browsing -> thicker skin. That being said, people use anonymity to say things they would never say when not incognito. If you wouldn't say it in public or write it with your real name beside it for all the world to see, then it's probably better left unsaid. The internet has really revealed the cruel side of some people. IMHO


Friday 12th of December 2014

Great comments as ever, TW3. I think you have it there -- if you're out on the web you may need to develop a thicker skin. Happy holidays to you too -- hopefully we'll meet up again soon when Kate next pops out on her rounds!


Thursday 11th of December 2014

I think this dress looked best the third time around mainly because of her hair and the jewels she wore with it. The first two times l felt the dress was wearing her, this time around she's owning this dress. I also know some ppl were disappointed, but I knew she had to wear a repeat at least once on this tour and she seemed to get some flak for wearing the 1,000 dollar Goat coat to Harlem ( a really poor area). I'm glad she repeated this dress, it looks gorgeous with the emerald earrings. I do not think she will repeat it again. I have a feeling that she repeats gowns three times. Remember the Alice Temperley lace one? At 4,000 dollars a dress/ 3 its about 1,500 dollars an event. I think thats fair given that she is constantly scrutinized.


Thursday 11th of December 2014

I swear this dress is a different colour every time it's photographed! I think from this event's pictures we might have the most accurate (so far) portrayal of the "petrol" colour described on Shopbop. I actually think the dress suits Kate better while pregnant - before the belt didn't do much but break up the colour and texture, but now it highlights her cute little baby belly.

I am personally not a fan of the jewellery but I realise it was an event that called for a little more royal bling, and it is nice to see her change it up. While I already consider her day-to-day earrings elegant enough for me, obviously fancier occasions call for fancier jewels. The emerald green makes a great contrast to the petrol of the dress and is a great choice this time of year.


Thursday 11th of December 2014

Wanted to add, Eugenie looks great too! Would love to see a complete photo of her dress.


Thursday 11th of December 2014

Speaking of things for Kate to repeat. I really want her to repeat that coat dress from February 2012. It was her first visit to the National Portrait Gallery. It was grey but had such an interesting collar. She probably could not wear it while pregnant, but I wish she would repeat it. It is lovely.

And I hope someday she wears the gown from the Olympic gala dinner, also from 2012. It was turquoise Jenny Packham gown. That is the Packham gown I hope she wears again. By far it has been my favorite gown from her. As well as her hair style that night, she was stunning. I wonder why she has not worn that one again? It was a show stopper :).


Wednesday 10th of December 2014

Could the bracelet and earrings be a remake from the Greville diamond and emerald necklace which had been inherited by the Queen from her mother? Pictures around the internet show a strong similarity between the emerald and diamond clusters that were part of the necklace and Kate's earrings.

The late Queen Mother inherited the piece along with others from a friend, Mrs. Greville. The necklace was worn by the Queen Mother but not by the Queen. So perhaps it has less significance as part of the Queen's collection and thus became a suitable candidate for remaking.

Just a thought. I love your blog.

Regards Heather


Thursday 11th of December 2014

I don't think so, unless the stones were recut. I do think these are vintage and a gift from the Queen. Modern jewelry doesn't look like these earrings. That kind of an intricate setting is very Cartier. You also don't see that gold color in modern diamonds, and those are old emeralds. Also, those emeralds alone are worth a fortune. Emeralds with that color cost the earth.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.