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Kate was in a favorite coat today for church services near the Queen’s Scottish estate, Balmoral.

© Jesal Parshotsam/Niraj Tanna/Splash News

© Jesal Parshotsam/Niraj Tanna/Splash News

The couple has been in Scotland for several days. More from Camilla Tominey’s story in The Express:

The Cambridge family were spotted disembarking the aircraft at Aberdeen airport last Tuesday on the eve of a celebratory dinner at Balmoral to mark the Queen becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch on September 9.

Many will recognize the coat, it is the ‘Celeste’ by Hobbs.  Kate first wore the chestnut brown coat in February of 2012 for engagements in Liverpool.

@James Whatling/Splash News

@James Whatling/Splash News

She also was in the piece on Christmas Day in 2012, for church services with the Middletons.

Kate Chruch Christmas 2012 Hobbs Celeste coat

Kind Courtesy Jesal Parotsham

Kate brought the coat back for a visit to Grimsby in March of 2013.

James Whatling / Splash News

The Earl and Countess of Strathearn, as William and Kate are titled in Scotland, were among members of the royal family attending services at Crathie Kirk.

Jesal Parshotam/Niraj Tanna/Splash News

©Jesal Parshotam/Niraj Tanna/Splash News

The wool crepe coat is from the Hobbs fall 2011 collection. It is “adorned with leather stud fastening cuff straps and a matching belt” and originally sold for £369 (about $575).



Initially I thought Kate might be wearing the same turtleneck (aka ‘polo neck’) dress seen at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool on February 14, 2012. Anna of My Small Obsessions notes the fabric in today’s pictures looks finer and thinner than that of the Oasis dress from 2012.

Kate Liverpool Oasis Turtleneck polo Neck Dress Liverpool February 14 2012

©Paul Edwards/Splash News

Others suggested it might also be the Seraphine Vanessa, worn for the Duke and Duchess’s arrival in New York last December. The fabric is different from the Vanessa as well, the turtleneck on that frock is substantial enough it almost stands on its own. Today’s has a slinkier feel, it looks like it could be a blend with rayon and/or spandex.

The photos are not detailed enough to state unequivocally what earrings Kate is wearing, although Anna of MSO suggests they might be her Kiki McDonough citrine drops. Kate elected not to wear a hat this morning, or at least not while in the car. Below you see her on the way to Crathie Kirk in September of 2013.

Kate Moloh Workeers Coat Crathie Kirk Balmoral September 2013


The coat is a good look on the Duchess.

James Wgh

PA Wire/Jesal Parshotam, Niraj Tanna/Lynn Cameron, PA Wire, Splash

I expect we will see the Celeste at some point in the future; I hope so, it is too nice a piece not to wear again.

Many have noted Kate’s bangs, or fringe as they are know in Europe. Below left we see the Duchess sporting the style at the Natural History Museum in November of 2012, and on the right, at her prep school, also in November 2012.

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Abaca USA/Polaris Images, Arthur Edwards/The Sun/Abaca USA/Polsris

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Abaca USA/Polaris Images, Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire/Abaca USA/Polaris

From The Daily Mail’s story:

The royal mother-of-two showed off a flattering fringe and shorter style as she sat in the passenger seat of the Range Rover driven by Prince William.

And from The Mirror:

The Duchess of Cambridge was with her husband Prince William in Scotland, where she sported a new hairdo.

Looking smiley and relaxed as the Duke of Cambridge drove their Range Rover, Kate showed off her new parted fringe in a roll-neck top.

I don’t recall seeing Kate wearing bangs with a centered part, which is how the Duchess has styled her hair today.

A reminder that we will see Kate this Thursday when she visits the Anna Freud Centre, a children’s mental health charity.

  31 Responses to “The Duchess in Familiar Look for Balmoral Church Services & The Return of Kate’s Bangs (aka Fringe)”

  1. El rostro de Kate luce igual a cuando estaba embarazada de George.

  2. Can anyone comment, protocol-wise, on when a hat is worn?

    • There aren’t any ‘official’ rules so interpretations could vary. Usually for church services including weddings and funerals, so it’s unusual that the Duchess isn’t wearing a hat here. Perhaps she felt the service was informal enough to go without a hat.

      Otherwise the most formal occasions such as military engagements (e.g. presenting the shamrock to the Irish Guards) or other ‘formal’ engagements (e.g. visiting the Tube station with the Queen in March 2013, ship christenings, or for the arrival in New Zealand).

      Also they are worn to Remembrance Sunday, Trooping the Colour, royal garden parties, Order of the Garter, and for Ascot or other races.

      Of course the Queen wears a hat for almost every occasion so she is in her own category!

      This website answers a lot of hat-related questions:

  3. I really doubt she’s pregnant already. I think the fuller face is a result of the turtleneck and new bangs, IMO that combo serves to make everyone’s face look full. I’m excited about a new hairdo, and conceptually love the idea of bangs/fringe. However, I think this execution is off. Parting bangs in the middle closes in on her face, obscures her fantastic bone structure and generally draws her features down. Much like a sad old sheepdog.

    I would love to see sideswept bangs on her – in fact, these could probably work but the entire fringe needs to be swept to one side or another, deleting the heavy piece on the opposite side. That very last pic in this post (I think she’s playing hockey at St Andrews?) is getting there. This picture illustrates what I’m trying to get at:

    Lastly, I just don’t love the combo of a turtleneck with a heavy coat, I think it looks way too bundled up. Turtlenecks need to be styled the way she did in NYC – hair back, light jewelry.

    Lastly, I would LOVE to see her switch it up a bit with her accessories. I get having nice, classic pieces to go back to time and again, but I find it boring :). I know some people have cited Carole stating that her daughter just isn’t into fashion but I don’t believe that for one moment. Didn’t Kate do a jewelry collaboration with Claudia Bradby some time ago?

    • Oh, and I dislike winging out the bangs, I think they need to be smooth and the curling iron needs to go the opposite direction. Again, much like how she’s pictured in your last picture.

      • Agree agree agree agree agree agree 1,000,000% with every single thing you said about bangs & styling of, and turtlenecks!!!!! IMO it’s a nice try, but bangs done this way just do not flatter her face. It gives her sort of the “baby fat face” look b

  4. The new hairdo makes her look years younger. very becoming this time…

  5. So glad to see Kate out again! I’m ready for some new engagements, and (hopefully!!) some new outfits! I know she’s got to do her maternity leave, but I’m ready! Bring her back!

    And I agree with most everyone – the bangs are an interesting choice, and I’m not sure I like the part in the center, but beautiful as always!

  6. Kate’s hair is reminiscent of when she was hospitalized during her first pregnancy when she wore the Simyonette coat. As much as I love the fringe and the prospect of a shorter haircut, I think I prefer when her hair is longer and without the fringe. Also, I adore the brown coat and am so glad it’s a repeated piece, though for Christmas 2012 I think she should have worn something a bit more festive, but maybe that’s just me. Thanks for the post!

  7. I’ve always liked the milk-chocolate color of this coat, though otherwise it doesn’t really excite me. Still, it’s a good item to have around — simple and basic in design, timelessly useful.

    The return of the bangs is, in my view, unfortunate. I accept that they may be intended to provide some fullness in the context of pregnancy-related thinning, but on the Duchess, they’ve always rather suggested a sheepdog. I think that’s because her hair is thicker and more abundant that of most people, even if she’s actually experienced some loss. I prefer a rather more subtle “fringe”.

  8. I am not convinced that her hair is any shorter than usual—I think it is simply behind her shoulders and not readily visible due to the angle of the photographs and the fact that she is seated in the vehicle. The bangs/fringe are shorter than usual (I believe a longer/heavier version was visible when she was at Wimbledon earlier this summer). I also believe her hair is in a demi-chignon much like it was when she left the hospital during her first pregnancy after battling HG.

    The coat is lovely and one of my favorites on her. If that is the Seraphine turtleneck, not sure why she would be wearing a maternity dress if she isn’t expecting again–seems like a strange choice to me. I don’t think that she IS expecting—just remarking on what I find to be an odd selection.

  9. I wonder if she is wearing the same turtleneck she has worn shopping previously. It appeared as far back as Nov 2011 with the Mulberry Push Lock skirt or more recently with the Whistle’s Maria Skirt (they may or may not be the same top either). It seems like very similar material and a lot thinner than the dresses. I attached links for pictures of both of the shopping excursions.

  10. Looking at one of the photos from the Daily Mail, it really does look like she’s wearing the Kiki McDonough citrine drop earrings:

  11. Her face seems much fuller than last we saw her. I don’t know if it’s the bangs or the dashboard making both their faces look cartoonish. Of course, my first thought was could she be pregnant again? She debuted bangs early in with George and I wonder if she isn’t, as some have speculated she might, try for a third right away so all three kids are relatively close in age at the same time. Or, it’s simply a style choice or out of necessity.

  12. This hair style reminds me of when she and William left the hospital after being treated for severe morning sickness with George:

    Even the part is the same, I believe.

  13. As a 31 yr old who has had a boy and then a girl similarly spaced to Kate’s, I can attest to the horrible experience of frontal hair loss. Post-partum with both my kids I’ve lost a fringe of hair around my face. It is exasperating and impossible to control the new growth, especially in damp conditions. The new growth flies out in all directions, without heeding product or styling. I have straight hair, but I would guess that Kate’s naturally curly hair makes this a terribly difficult problem.
    I would guess that she isn’t a fan of bangs either, but that it’s the compromise she makes post-partum to cover the hair loss.

    • Thanks for the explanation – you seem to confirm my own ponderings on why the bangs again.

      • Actually, I don’t think she HAS naturally curly hair — wavy at most, but her hair looks primarily straight in pre-marriage pictures in which it hasn’t been styled to the Nth degree — and my experience with my own, somewhat wavy hair is that the shorter it is, the less controllable it is. You don’t cut bangs into curly, hard-to-manage hair, because you need the weight of length to keep it under control.

        • I think she got into some serious curls when out in the jungle, if you recall, during her trip with Wills to the Philippines. I agree with you how straight her hair sometimes look but I suspect it of having potential curl at least!

  14. So glad to see our Duchess again, even if it is only a quick peek. Afraid to say I’m sorry to see the fringe make a reappearance — is this a post-preggers thing? Encourage fresh glossy growth?

    I thought the last time was post-George and I didn’t think it worked well when she pulled hair away from her face, as here, and was left with the straggly fringe ends in her eyes. I seem to remember it didn’t work well when she was out on engagements and she struggled to keep it under control and I find it a puzzling choice for a busy Mum of two.

    But I’m very happy to see the Hobbs Celeste back for another outing. I like seeing a good coat being appreciated and this one is super by my standards. Lovely colour on Kate and elegantly styled. Good luck with that top ID and thanks for the post.

  15. Bangs are back?!?! Her smile lights the outfit……

  16. No mention of the new haircut?! I know it’s not technically fashion but it was the first thing I noticed :)

    • Hi Claire, thanks for reading and for commenting! I wasn’t able to get to the hair before I left for a church lunch, I needed time to edit the headshots I just added; hope this helps. :)

      • Susan, I’m in awe of your efficiency at getting these posts up within minutes of the Duchess’ appearances! My comment was purely tongue-in-cheek, hope it came across that way :)

        • Oh, no worries, I thought it was meant that way! I always feel badly leaving a post “half-done” your comment offered perfect opportunity to say something. :)

  17. She looks good and I like the coat. She is trying the short layers around her face with her bangs again. Always find that length of bangs both on her and when I have tried it a mess to deal with. I find I need bangs either eyebrow length or bangs and layers near my face need to be long enough to tuck behind my ears. That longer length also gives the layers enough weight to stay off the face even if not tucked behind ears. Fun to see she and William again. Hope they and the children had a wonderful time exploring the Balmoral grounds which always looks gorgeous in photos. Ali

  18. Is that chilly already in Scotland? We just had a couple of days of 80s…but it might change since I woke up this morning and heard the rain…

  19. Yay! The Kate drought is finally ending. I know it has been a long time because the grainy head shots got me all excited. She looks great! Although chestnut brown isn’t a color that thrills me, the Hobbs coat does look nice on her and has some fabulous details. Looks like she is most likely wearing the citrine drops. They seem to be a firm favorite . Who else thinks that she is probably wearing her Rhumbas too?

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