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William and Kate joined the Middletons yesterday for Christmas services at St. Mark’s Church. Below we see Kate, Carole and Pippa outside the church.

Jesal Parshotam / Splash News

Yesterday’s Christmas observance included Communion and carols. Many will recall that Kate and William elected to spend part/all of the holiday with Kate’s family at their home in Berkshire, instead of joining the Queen and other Royals at Sandringham. The Middleton gathering was expected to be lower key and more relaxing than the annual Sandringham festivities.

Jesal Parshotam / Splash News

Kate opted for pieces some will remember seeing previously, including her Celeste coat by Hobb’s.

Kind Courtesy of Jesal Parshotam

The coat is wool crepe accessorized with studded leather fastening straps at the cuffs and matching belt.

Hobbs ‘Celeste’ Coat

Previously we saw Kate wearing the piece when she visited Liverpool in February of this year.

James Whatling/Splash News

Yesterday the Duchess accessorized with patterned black hose.

Jesal Parshotam/Splash News

We also saw Kate’s trusty Aquatalia Ankle Boots, known as the ‘Ruby Dry’ at Rusell & Bromley in the UK, called the ‘Regal’ at Aquatalia, and the ‘Royal’ at Nordstrom & Bergdorf in the USA. Aquatalia no longer offers the espresso brown suede (they do have black and red suede), Nordstrom has the brown suede in a few sizes, as well as the black and espresso brown leather in almost all sizes. This particular shoe runs $398.

Aquatalia ‘Royal’ Ankle Bootie

Kate also wore a bright red scarf, we believe it is the same worn during the 2011 North American Tour (left), many thought it was a Hugo Boss piece.

Canadian Heritage Flickr/Hugo Boss/Jesal Parshotam-Splash News

The closest thing we have found in the company’s current line of scarves is a deeper red, essentially a maroon version.

Kate carried the red Gucci logo bag seen most recently at the rugby match in Wales on November 24th (our post is here), an older Monogram Canvas Horsebit Shoulder Bag/Clutch. It is from the company’s 1921 Collection, it’s clear she has owned the bag for many years.


The company no longer offers this piece in its logo canvas, a contemporary version in leather is available from Gucci for $1580.

Kate also sported the Kiki McDonough green amethyst earrings first seen on Christmas Day 2011 (shown below) when she wore them during the traditional walk home from church at Sandringham.

Mirrorpix/Splash News

Kate still looks a little peaked, hopefully she can continue to rest and enjoy time with her family.


One other item of a royal nature, a wedding date has been announced for Sweden’s Princess Madeleine and British-born banker Christopher O’Neill.

Swedish Royal Court

The couple will wed June 8 at the church inside the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Apologies for the tardy nature of the post, I have been out of town every day since Christmas Eve, trying to play catchup when I have time in the office. Additionally, I wanted to be sure I was comfortable using these photos. It turns out some UK publications are publishing them (the SkyNews story here) and others are not (the Daily Mail story here). As this was a public church service and the photographs were taken from an area actually cleared for the media by law enforcement, I have elected to publish them.

  43 Responses to “Royal Repeats for Kate on Christmas Day”

  1. Always love reading your posts. Love to know what Kate is wearing, she always looks so lovely!

  2. Congratulations to Princess Madeleine and Christopher.

  3. Poor thing — you can just tell she still doesn’t feel great. I hope by next Christmas she’s feeling much more chipper. I’m pretty sure she will be :)

  4. I’m so pleased with the general tone of the comments here. I’ve read such nasty remarks about Kate’s “shirking her duty” and it made me want to throw up–and at 59, I sure don’t have morning sickness.

    She looks so worn out, and I bet so many of us know exactly what she feels like. I’m very happy she had Xmas with her mom, and now she’ll have some strength to do the rest of the social engagements of the season.

  5. The Regal boot is currently available on Amazon for $286.88 in all sizes and various suedes, calf and patent styles — not in my budget tonight, but thought I’d share! Haven’t seen this style go under $300 recently.

  6. Kate looks sick and exhausted. I hope she feels better soon.

  7. i like this look for kate and love how it is very accessible and everywoman. also love her bangs with her hair pulled back.

    happy new year!

  8. Susan, tactful as always, thank you for this lovely post. I enjoyed seeing her pair her old favorites together in a new way. Glad she is with her family (and William) and also glad to see her well enough to venture outside.

  9. I loved this coat first time around – looks stylish but also serviceable and mixes well with red accessories – nice to always see something not black in mid of winter. The earrings were her Christmas 2011 gift from William.

  10. Nice seeing her with her family. You can tell she did not feel so cautious with this outfit combination, simply going for what she has in her closet and make it work the way a normal girl would.

    She looks tired but she looks like she put on some weight so hopefully that means she is keeping foods and nutrients now.

    Can’t wait to be pregnant myself. I am getting married in April and having a baby soon after I hope.

  11. I was wondering if you’d use the photos, Susan, and I think you made the right decision. I’m not sure what all of the hubbub was about – to me, it was very comparable to when they attend friends’ wedding, and there’s never any dispute about pictures taken there.

  12. congratulations to the beautiful Princess Madeleine she is lovely. God Jul to you Madeleine!!!

  13. Thank you for this post. I hope Kate has a nice christmas with William and I hope her and the baby are healthy and happy this christmas and new years. God bless them al.

  14. I think what we are seeing is a combination of exhaustion and a more relaxed look for Kate that she probably only does when at home or with her family. I have mixed feelings about the Cambridgeshire not being with the Eoyal family – I understand that Kate doesn’t need a lot of excitement, but being with Williams family is part of the Christmas tradition! I’m sure, like myself, the Royal family missed them there on Christmas Day.

    Thanks again for a wonderful post! I hope WKW Readers had a safe and happy holiday!

    • **Cambridges

      • As I pointed out on an earlier post, Bucklebury is much closer to London than Sandringham is. I think part of the point was that she could be gotten to hospital, if necessary, more quickly and more easily from her parents’ home than from Sandringham. Surely no one can have mixed feelings about that.

        There have certainly been years in the past when not every royal appeared at Sandringham for one reason or another. It’s not absolutely de rigueur, and given the Duchess’s pregnancy and the complication she’s experiencing, I’m sure the Queen has been more than understanding.

        • I’m sure the W&K were missed, but if I were Kate, I’d appreciate being able to celebrate Christmas in relative privacy with my own family instead of the walkabouts and numerous clothing changes required at Sandringham. With her family, Kate can let her hair down (literally and figuratively!).

  15. Poor Kate. Thanks for the post Susan. Good call. SJP sent mixed messages to the Media anyway. Let’s all hope Kate improves soon and that she can start to enjoy her pregnancy. Although being female has its massive ups and downs, it always seemed to me to be a precious time in my life. Happy 2013 to you!

  16. I love Kate’s tights :) As always, thanks for your editorial judgement, Susan.

  17. Poor thing looks wiped out. On the other hand, we have discovered a color that is truly smashing on Kate – the beautiful red of the scarf!

  18. Thanks for the post. Was so curious what Kate would wear. She looks lovely as always but I confess I am still not sure about the bangs. Maybe pulling her face down a bit. Oh well – as long as she is happy and healthy, then I am thrilled. I know we all hope for her to feel better and enjoy her pregnancy.

    • I agree – I am not a fan of the bangs – they are too heavy and she already has a ton of heavy hair – would love to see her cut some of the hair around her face into layers so that it really open up her face – so many times seems she is seen hidden by her hair unless she has it pulled back/up…now with these heavy bangs even when it’s pulled back she still is in hiding. I think she is careful about change – she clearly said around the wedding that William liked her looks the way they are makeup and hair. My thoughts are she will need to change her hair when the baby is born…any of us with long hair know how babies grab hold of long hair and don’t let go! I like her hair best always when it’s pulled back all up or half down but all back off her face.

  19. She does look a bit wan. It probably means she’s still struggling with the HG.

    This coat didn’t thrill me the first time I saw it. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a little boring. However, I do like the chocolate-brown color, and I love the red pashmina scarf. Red is a good color on her, and I’m always pleased when she wears it. I got a beautiful red cashmere shawl/scarf for Christmas yesterday, so I am now inspired to start wearing it.

    On the other hand, that Gucci bag in red still doesn’t excite me. I can’t quite put my finger on why I so dislike it in that color, but I just can’t warm up to it.

    I like her hair in that soft, loose bun.

    Is that a Katherine Hooker coat on Mrs. Middleton?

    • I thought Carole’s coat looked familiar. Has Kate worn it before? Or has she worn one similar?

      • Is Carole Middleton’s coat the same one she wore to Williams passing out parade. You know, the one where she got critized for supposedly chewingn gum? (Sheesh)

      • If it’s Hooker, the Duchess has worn a few items by that designer. They have a very definite “look” to them.

      • I think Kate’s mum has worn that coat before — but I may be mistaken.

        Happy New Year to you all from the UK!

    • I’ve never thought to pair brown and red before. It’s a combination that I’ve always assumed one should avoid, similar to keeping black and brown or black and navy blue separate, although I know that those particular combinations can be acceptable in certain outfits. Despite my previous understanding that brown and red do not go together, I think the Duchess’s outfit works quite well.
      Is it always okay to pair red and brown or is it just that these specific hues compliment each other? Anything to avoid when pairing brown and red?

      (I’d be appreciative of any thoughts, but I posted this under your comment, Lili, because your art history background often provides insight about color issues.)

      On an unrelated note, the Duchess looks beautiful but a bit tired… I’m glad that she and William were able to have a relaxed Christmas.

      • Brown and red are both warm colors. I see no reason not to pair them and have never heard of a rule against it. I think the combination works best if the brown is a good, strong, rich color like this chocolate-brown in the Duchess’s coat. Some browns actually contain a lot of red and would work even better with a red scarf.

        I also think a bright red works nicely with a medium-to-pale camel, but there are some weak pale browns and some crimson shades that wouldn’t work particularly well together.

        Your own coloring makes a difference. A blonde could look great in a pale camel coat with a red pashmina, but she probably wouldn’t look as good as a brunette like the Duchess in a chocolate-brown with red. The two rich colors could cause her face and hair to fade into the woodwork.

        • A new color combination to try! I love it! Of course you are right, brown and red are both warm colors. I’m not sure why I ever assumed they wouldn’t work well together. After seeing it on the Duchess, I actually think I like the pairing better than red and black, which can be severe.

          I’m a brunette, so I’ll try to mimic the chocolate and red combo, but I have a lot of camel colored clothes as well, so I might have to try that, too! :)

  20. I’m glad they didn’t go for the Royals’ Christmas; Kate looks as though she’s still not very well, and low-key is definitely best for recovering. Here’s hoping she feels better soon!

  21. Love your blog! Not to nitpick, but Mads isn’t Crown Princess (that’s her sister Victoria), she’s HRH Princess.

    Sorry…I’m a total nerd about that stuff.

  22. You do such a wonderful job with this blog Susan. It is always so joyful to read these post. I do wish all the best to you for the new year.

    Such a nice news about princess Madeleine. She certainly deserves happiness. Can’t wait to see yet another royal wedding dress :) Btw, I think there’s a little mistake in Madeleine’s title. She’s just a pincess not a crown princess. It’s her older sister Victoria wich is the crown princess.

  23. Nice coat and I like it with the red scarf. In photos I saw that were full length, the tights looked as if they were brown, not black.

  24. Hope the Duchess is feeling well–maybe SJP didn’t want the pictures published because she looks unwell?

    Also, Princess Madeleine of Sweden isn’t the Crown Princess, Victoria is. I think Madeleine is 3rd or 4th in line?

  25. A beautiful coat!

  26. I guess it’s not really cold in UK? nobody is wearing gloves in the pictures. LOL

    • No, it’s cool here in the UK but not icy cold at the moment. Much colder in Scotland of course. Our weather can vary tremendously in what is probably a short distance to you guys over the pond.
      It can vary tremendously from week to week too – which is why we always talk about the weather :)

  27. Princess Madeleine is pretty.
    Our beloeved Kate looks so tired. I hope she’s doing all well.

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