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Kate selected a Hobbs coat purchased back in September for her visit to Liverpool today.


It is the ‘Celeste” model in chestnut brown, here is a more detailed look at the coat.

Hobbs ‘Celeste’ Coat in Chestnut Brown

We first learned about the piece via a post written by UK blogger Social Beautify.

Social Beautify Blog

These images are digitally enhanced just a touch to better show the seaming and belting.

Hobbs ‘Celeste’ Coat

The coat is a familiar silhouette for Kate, it is made of wool crepe and “adorned with leather stud fastening cuff straps and a matching belt” according to the website. It is now sold out, the coat had been discounted from its original price of £369 (about $575) to £182 ($285).

With thanks to Victoria Murphy of The Mirror for sharing information on Kate’s dress, it is by Oasis.

Victoria Murphy/The Mirror Twitter Feed (@QueenVicMirror)

The always-on-top-of-things Kate Middleton Style Blog says the dress is an older piece, that would explain why yours truly wasn’t able to locate it online.

Kate accessorized with black tights, the black suede shoes we first noted at the Gary Barlow concert and the suede bag some think is the Stuart Weitzman Raz clutch. She also wore the Kiki McDonough earrings first seen on Christmas Day, many believe they were a Christmas gift from Prince William. (Below left we see an actual earring, the other two images show the style with citrines instead of green amethysts.)

Kiki McDonough

Us Weekly reports that Prince William sent Kate a bouquet and card (although not the flowers shown in the photo), he remains in the Falklands continuing his RAF training mission.

The day started with a visit to The Brink Liverpool, an alcohol-free bar, restaurant and entertainment center.

Rope Walks Liverpool

More on the restaurant where Kate began her appointments today from its website:

The Brink is a revolutionary new venue that’s so much more than your usual cafe bar. We’ve taken alcohol out of the mix to provide a truly welcoming, creative and intelligent space where people from all backgrounds and walks of life can dine, hang out, socialise and relax.

There was even a “Duchess” smoothie created in honor of Kate, she seemed to enjoy it when having a taste.

The British Monarchy

Below, Kate meets staff at The Brink.

British Monarchy Flickr

This is also the first time Kate did a walkabout on her own, here we see just some of the media on hand for today’s Liverpool visit.

British Monarchy Flickr

Below left we see Jaqson Johnston-Lynch presenting Kate with a bouquet.

The British Monarchy Flickr

Having appointments on Valentine’s Day makes for some very sweet sentiments indeed, a Telegraph story shares some of what Jaqson planned to say to the Duchess:

“…he said: “I have wrote in the card ‘Dear Kate, Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you, from Jaqson’. “I’m also giving her some flowers, red roses, and little cupcake.

Jaqson, who attends St Vincent de Paul School in Liverpool, said he had a little speech prepared. “I’m going to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, your Royal Highness. I’m sorry Prince William can’t be here’.”

Jaqson did say that the Duchess is “not my type,” click here for that story, it is very cute.  The Brink is affiliated with one of Kate’s patronages, Action on Addiction.

After that stop Kate moved on to her appointment at the renowned Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where one young patient was said to have been practising her curtsey, little Aimee Haswell was designated to greet Kate. When Aimee was only 9 days old she was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, here we see her at Alder Hey after her very first surgery.


And here we see Aimee with her bouquet for Kate today.

The British Monarchy Flickr

You can learn more about Aimee and see her amazing progress here on the Alder Hey site. This image from inside the hospital shows Kate in the Pediatric ICU with a young lady named Hannah.

Via niknaknooxx Twitter Feed

The Duchess spent time meeting patients, family and staff.

Kate then moved on to the Ronald McDonald House at Alder Hey, it is the largest Ronald McDonald House in Europe, offering free accomodations for families and care-givers of children being taken care of at the hospital. More than 15000 families have been accommodated at the House since it opened, but more space is still needed; learn how you can help by clicking here, or make a donation here.

How did Kate do on her first walkabout, as well as the rest of the visit? Longtime royal photographer Mark Stewart shared his insight on Twitter:

Mark Stewart Twitter Feed (@RegalEyes)

A few additional appointments for Kate you may want to make a note of:

Fortnum and Mason

  • March 8 the Duchess will once again join Her Majesty, as well as Prince Philip, for a visit to Leicester, where there are Diamond Jubilee events planned.

Next, a closer look at the Luisa Spagnoli Kate wore for her visit to St. Andrews with William just a bit less than a year ago, February 28 of 2011.

British Monarchy

Some may recall that a lovely commenter, Olympe, shared via email that the suit was not a skirt and jacket as originally thought, but a dress and jacket. Kate elected to wear a turtleneck over the top of the dress, below we see the “Sushi” jacket by Luisa Spagnoli, along with the dress.

In these images you can more clearly see the detailing at the waist.

Many thanks also to lovely WKW Facebook friend Tiffany, she alerted us to this auction for the ensemble.

Finally, word today of Kate and William Barbie dolls.

Mattel Courtesy Photo

The dolls will be released April 7, priced at £99.99. More from Marketing Week:

Each will be wearing an outfit inspired by their wedding, including Prince William’s red Irish Guards uniform tunic and Kate’s Alexander McQueen gown.

The Daily Mail story says they may be preordered now on Amazon UK, it is also available for ordering in the US on the Barbie Collector site.


  70 Responses to “Kate in Hobbs & Oasis for Liverpool Engagements, Official Kate & William Barbie”

  1. Have I mentioned how much I like that you cover the Duchess’s charitable commitments in addition to the titular What (She) Wore? I so enjoy reading about both; that Alder Hey story here is particularly wonderful.

    On to the fashion bit, I really like that coat but find the black hose/heels paired with it a bit staid. That being said & as other commenters have noted, I definitely think there’s an intentional element of not dressing “high fashion” while on trips like this. Obviously she’s conservative in her style to begin with, but I think it’s nice that she lets her actions do more of the talking on charitable outings.

  2. Those earrings are certainly not green diamonds…they would be worth multi-millions if they were green diamonds of that size…

  3. It’s neat watching her style evolution. Even from a year ago, her coats seem entirely different.

    Lovely website — thank you for what you do!!

  4. Eek! Speaking of the classic/versatile/tried-and-true/boring debate–Nordies has the Sledge, now, and other LK shoes–for those of us in the States nowhere near an LK Bennett boutique…just wanted to share with people who care, because my husband is rather nonplussed about it :)

  5. I think it’s great and interesting that she’s now wearing pieces that she bought years ago that no one can find now. I like that.

  6. This is my first time commenting here. I love this blog ! I have to say that the more I see KM’s fashion choices the more I am convinced that she really does not follow or understand high fashion. Either she does not have the interest or she thinks that she knows it best. Don’t get me wrong – I like what she wears and I personally wear very similar clothes. But they are exactly too accessible – a bit amateurish and naive. If you compare her style to contemporary high profile ladies in her position- Princess Mary and Charlene of Monaco come to mind.. then I think it becomes very clear that she is not exactly educating herself on what looks good or even what the options are. She seems quite gauche and unpolished if you compare her pictures to theirs. She also seems quite passive – totally devoid of any curiosity to explore or experiment. And that to me is a rather unattractive trait – which is why I think that people have called her boring in the past. I totally understand that she does not wish to distract from the cause. But as someone said – there is being understated and there is making no statement at all. I think that she lacks style. The designers are too chicken to come out and actually say it right now, but eventually I think that people will start commenting about it. I think that what is most striking is her complete lack of curiosity about fashion. I like the coat and the dress by themselves. But after a year of choosing almost the exact same thing it’s all very blah.. There is no excitement .. it’s just too vanilla.

    • It’s one of the many things I really like about Kate — that not everything she wears is “high fashion.”
      That some of it is accessible, so to speak. Kind of like she shares it with us. To me, it makes her more approachable, more down-to-earth. (just my opinion)

      And, if you’re Royalty, is it not enough to simply look polished and presentable? Must it be haute couture?

      And, one upside to lower key fashions? More attention is put on how she’s helping vs. only what she’s wearing.

    • Greatly enjoyed your post — so well put! I too can understand her sticking to what she knows , but am beginning to think we are going to have to accept that what she knows is usually vanilla.

      Seems to me you can take understated to the point of causing offence at not trying hard enough, looking a little mean. It’s a hard one for royals of course — if they go for bling they’re accused of OTT, and if they don’t, they get clobbered for being dull.

      But as you say a little curiosity wouldn’t go amiss. And this is only her first year. Remember Di in those non-stop frilly collars at the beginning?!

      • I don’t mean that she needs to wear high fashion and pay top dollar, for it.. Even Michelle Obama wears Target. But there is a way of dressing – it’s the entire look, including the hair, the accessories etc. that make a person stand out. KM looks like a girl on the street – any girl. There is nothing exceptional about her in any way. That is what I guess I find disappointing.
        Secondly, I don’t quite see the point of pretending that she does not have oodles of money. What is the point ? We all know she can buy whatever dress she wants. So why not go out and make herself seem interesting to folks?
        I agree with Eliza that she needs to find her fashion footing. Indeed it’s all very reminiscent of Diana.

        • Oh, and I wanted to add: the other thing that is reminiscent about Diana is her weight loss. People can call her “slim” as much as they want, but without makeup she looks tired and haggard. When she is not smiling you can see how old she looks. It is not a healthy look that she has going on there. I do suspect that she eats less than her metabolism requires – hence the haggard look. Especially if one compares her to her earlier years when she had a fabulous healthy glow, I cannot help but wonder what is going on that she lost so much weight and lost her lovely glow. She seems stressed and worried – I can wager that behind it all she does not exactly relish the role she has been thrust into. She probably just wanted a quite conventional life with William in some peaceful corner of the world.. instead this is what she is dealing with – millions of people judging her day and night ! Maybe she will grow into it, like Diana did.

          • I think that I like and respect the Duchess for exactly the same reasons you are criticizing her. Yes, most of her clothing choices tend to be accessible, except for the occasional McQueen piece. Yes, she does seem to stick to a signature style that is conservative. Yes, she occasionally makes a misstep. But, I find that I like all these characteristics… While I do not go out and buy repli-Kates, I do consciously think about her style when I go shopping, something that I would not be able to do if she shopped all-designer. And I even find her mistakes interesting… you see “Kate” in everything she wears. She does experiment–remember the Canada hat? As for her weight, I imagine that it comes from the stress of her new situation.

            Kate just looks like a radiant, beautiful, and happy woman to me.

          • Gosh, are we looking at the same person? I think Catherine looks lovely and I don’t feel she needs to wear haute couture to look good. A lot of the couture designers are way to “over the top” for a royal. If you look at fashions on the runway shows most of it is stuff that would NEVER be worn in real life. And keep in mind that Catherine is only 39. Caroline of Monaco is at least 15-20 years older. And Diana would be 50 so the things they would wear is totally inappropriate for someone Kate’s age. Besides, I like that Kate wears things that some “ordinary” person could walk into the shop and purchase themselves. I shows that she doesn’t consider herself to be such an elitist.

            Maybe I’ve never seen a picture of her without makeup but she certainly doesn’t look haggard to me.

          • I get your point about her clothes, I really do. One criticism of both KM and Prince William is that they both seem “middle-aged,” and I think that’s a spot-on term. For two people who are 30 and 29, they seem MUCH older than that. (I realize that being a royal and living in the public eye will likely age a person.)

            I guess that for Kate, she’s made it her point to look somewhat accessible. She looks great and put-together, while maybe not wearing the most fashion-forward clothes.

            People love that they can pop into a store and pick out an outfit she’s worn. I think she’s a savvy person who’s telling everyone that she’s in tune with what’s going on, especially the recession. Remember, for a LONG time, the monarchy was considered “out of touch.” She’s doing her part to make the Windsors seem like they get what’s going on.

          • I think my problem may be that I simply have to get over it — conservative and modest is who she is and I know I don’t want to start on criticising her as a person, in fact I respect the quiet qualities she represents and fully accept that they are best for the long-term royal haul. I suppose I may be struggling with the boring vs fashion edgy thing for a while to come — my problem, not hers!

          • Oops, I meant Catherine is 30….NOT 39. (Slapping my hand on my forehead right now.)

        • Regarding William and Catherine acting middle aged, perhaps a better term would be they act grown up…or mature. With William in the military, it would be inappropriate for them to act wild and crazy and since Catherine had years to observe the royal family before they married, she had plenty of time to obserrve not only how to dress but how to conduct herself. In my own humble opinion, neither one has made a misstep at all. As I recall, Charles was into his 30s when he and Diana married and he is the one who seemed quite middle aged at the time. If Catherine worked in the art or fashion industry, perhaps she would dress edgier, but as the newest member of the royal family who is now a representative of the queen at every event, I think she is fitting in perfectly.

    • Thank you, Catona. It’s so refreshing to read a down-to-earth, realistic evaluation of Kate on this site, rather than all the usual fawning and idolatry. Come on, people. She’s not a goddess. So far, she’s done nothing remarkable except marry Prince William. She’s a too thin, plain-looking woman (although when she smiles, her face lights up and her smile is beautiful, which is why I’m sure she’s always smiling, even when it’s inappropriate) who dresses conservatively, which is appropriate for he new position. She often makes very good fashion choices, but face it, sometimes she makes mistakes. This occasion was one of them. The clinging black dress was too sombre for terminally ill children (and a poor choice for her frame), and the five-inch heels were terribly ill-advised, with all that crouching and bending and craning forward she had to do.

      When I first found this site last spring, I used to admire Kate much more. But that was before I knew much about her, and in the past year of her doing so very little in terms of true charitable work (art galleries don’t count), my opinion has gone way down. She has failed to earn my respect, as she should be doing by now as a Royal. I still do admire many of her fashion choices, but it is extremely disappointing after nearly a year of her marriage that that’s the single thing I can find to admire about her.

      I know you’ll probably delete this comment, but someone has to tell it like it is.

      • I agree with you.

      • I started followed Kate Middleton news after their engagement was announced. I did love some of Kate’s fashion choices but not her wedding dress and makeup. After a liitle more than a year, I feel she is kind of lack of substance. She seemed doesn’t have a heart for charity (totally different than Dianna). Been a future queen seems to be too big a job for her…

    • I think you’ve made the mistake of assuming that she wants to look “high style”. She clearly doesn’t. She wants to dress nicely and comfortably and not have her clothes overshadow what she’s supposed to be doing for the job. She’s “amateurish and naive” like a fox in that respect. After all, she came into the marriage in the midst of a serious recession. If she didn’t understand the negative PR of dressing in haute couture, very high end clothes, various royal staffers would have let her know. Indeed, I think they did.

      By the way, I think Crown Princess Mary of Denmark dresses quite poorly — I can’t stand her clothes and have disliked them for quite some time — and while I admire Charlene of Monaco’s elegant Armani et al. wardrobe, which she’s been wearing for free for years now — she has offered no personality whatsoever to go with it. So, I’m afraid I afraid the Duchess’s mix of High Street and occasional designer fashion. It has depth, fun, food for both praise and criticism, and pieces being worn for genuine public contact and involvement. It’s a real wardrobe, closer to that real women wear, which cannot be said of the Princess of Monaco’s.

      • I think Charlene has a lot more personality than Kate, both in her dress style and her demeanour. No, she’s not always grinning all the time — she’s much more natural and unrehearsed. And have you seen her in interviews? She’s far more poised and yet still comes across as natural. Kate could learn some things by observing Charlene.

        • Kind of funny in that I thought the very opposite!! It’s interesting how people can be perceived so differently.

          • Charlene is beautiful, but she always appears terribly depressed to me. She even looked ready to burst into tears at her own wedding (though maybe I’m just perceiving her this way because of all the negative tabloid rumors). At the end of the day, it is amazing to me that only 4 years separate Charlene from the Duchess (if I can trust the Wikipedia birth dates…)… Kate appears so MUCH younger to me.

            As for the relatively few charity engagements that she has performed, she only became a part of the Firm officially in April. Give her some time to adjust to newly-wed life. I’m sure she will become increasingly involved in charitable events in the future.

            One last thing… I’ve been following this blog since I stumbled upon it during the Canada tour, and I think there are equal amounts praise and criticism for Kate here. I think most of us here would consider ourselves Kate fans, which is why we bother to follow her fashion, but I’ve seen very little “fawning” on this blog. Personally, I follow Kate’s clothing choices because many of her outfits are things that translate quite easily into a young professional’s wardrobe… and I enjoy the lively debate.

            I’m not trying to criticize your opinion, Arlie. You are more than welcome to entertain a less than enthusiastic opinion of Kate. And if you would like to compare outfits that Kate wears to specific outfits that Charlene wears, all the better.

          • Interesting debate. I am also of the opinion that Charlene interviews much better than Kate. She does seem a lot older and more mature. Kate seems girlish and pretty new to public speaking. I don’t think that I have seen a worse case of nerves on camera, actually. But obviously it is something that she will grow out of.

  7. I think that, as usual, she looked great in her outfit. But now as I read the comments, I can’t help but agree with the sentiment that all-black wasn’t the cheeriest of choices for sick children. However, I doubt the children she met noticed or remembered her clothing. They’re not 20- and 30-somethings who follow her clothing choices.

    I love the way she accessorizes every outfit. She has a really good knack for picking out perfectly appropriate jewelry (especially earrings) and shoes. She hits that happy middle of not looking plain but she never over-accessorizes.

  8. I never remember to comment, but here’s a note letting you know I still read your wonderful blog! :)

  9. she looked lovely. I just love how genuine she is with children, she is so loving and warm to them and comes down to their level very much reminds me of how HRH Princess Diana acted with them.

  10. Another fantastic blog post! I really like how the links are provided to donate to the causes close to the Duchess’s heart.

  11. It’s a gorgeous coat, lovely colour, and perfect shape on her — and I like the mini-belts on the cuffs and the slim one at the waist.

    I can see why she’d want the skinny-fit dress underneath to help the coat hang right, but it’s not a good style for her showing up her lack of hips &c. And black is better as a complement to the coat than as a main outfit for the kiddies hospital — too severe for the latter.

    Understated is all very well, but it runs the risk of running into no statement at all, or even under-dressed and out-of-sync with the occasion. I was never happy with her wearing that washed-out bandage dress when meeting the Obamas. It was wrong for the ornate place setting and unfair on Mrs O who had to dress up for the official photo.

  12. Kate looks great in this brown color and the coat fits like a glove! Like the sleeve detail and the neat seaming.

    She seems to be a natural at the royal walk-about, so I think we will be seeing her often out alone or with William. Her schedule looks pretty busy for the next few months while Will is on duty in the Falklands, anyway. Soon she may be as busy as the Princess Royal. She does like 10-12 events a week, according to the royal schedules posted at the official monarchy website! However, I don’t think Anne has the huge gaggle of press following her every move as Kate does. But it all draws attention to the charities, so that’s for the good beyond fashion interest.

    • I agree with you that the Duchess looks natural in the walk abouts. But I don’t beleive once William get’s back from his deployment you will she her out without him. They might go back to doing things together and maybe you will see her doing a few by herself when William is at work. But remember the Queen has given them two years before they will be full time royals and if William extends in to RAF it will be another 3 years before they are full time working royals. I think it is great that he want’s to stay in and start their family as a military family. That way he can protect them better. We all know how protective he is of his Duchess just think once the Duchess has their child how protective he is going to be.

  13. She look so appropriate for this wonderful outing. Her choices are a conscious one in that she chose to put the media’s attention of the charities she’s working with rather than what she is wearing. Personally, I applaud her simplistic and tried-and-true style because she is confident and mature enough to know what works for her. Hope to see more of her in these charitable events!

  14. I like the rust color coat but wearing an all black ensemble to a children’s hospital seems really inappropriate. Why would you want to make sick children think of a funeral? Why not something a bit more cheerful (although of course not over the top)…

    • Black is not just for funerals. I doubt any of the children were thinking that either. She looks chic, professional and understated – exactly how she should look.

  15. Man, those dolls are scary :)

  16. She looked lovely in the coat today which seemed to fit her better than the one she wore in Copenhagen. That coat seemed to engulf her. This one is my 2nd favorite after the one she wore at Christmas.

  17. She never experiments.. it looks good on her just wish I could see her in different colors or styles.

  18. I love this coat! Kate looks fantastic!

  19. Great look, she looks elegant, young and contemporary. And the look is right for the ocasion, would not be appropriate to wear something super fashion to visit ill people on a hospital.

    But I wouldn’t wear a coat with a belt over a dress with a belt… ins’t that a bit uncomfortable?

  20. As a rule, I never wear brown and black together, but the Middleton girls do it all the time and always look great! I think that I need to drop that rule. She looks wonderful today, and certainly still has us on our toes with her outfits! We couldn’t readily purches anything from her last two looks. Hopefully next appearance will be something I can buy!!

    On another note, my Aunt stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Detroit for a long time while my little cousin was sick. It’s a great charity, and I’m sure that the houses in both the US and Europe would put all donations to great use. Kate reminded me to check them out again. I notice that the Detroit house is in desperate need for non-perishable goods!

    • Black and brown can look great together. I own a high-end black briefcase with tobacco-brown trim, and last fall I bought a light brown and black dress from Diane von Furstenberg. Camel and beige with black are quite chic, but other shades can work well, too.

      We’ve got a brand-new Ronald McDonald House going up in Chicago. I’ve been wondering whether these houses welcome volunteers or whether they use only professional staff.

  21. Does anyone else think that Kate perhaps chose a *chocolate* brown coat as a nod to Valentine’s day? It didn’t occur to me that it was that shade of brown until I read it described that way in the Daily Mail.

    Also – love love love that she wore the earrings from William – another sartorial nod to the holiday, we can presume?!

    • I think you’re right! Certainly about the earrings… I think that she would want to keep William in mind today and her earrings probably accomplished that :)

  22. These photos are so great! It looks like she really cares about the people she meets, and as always, she handles herself with a lot of class.

  23. Love the coat on her. She is really striking in those dark winter colors.

  24. I loved the ensemble today! And, waywewere, I totally agree with you!! There is definitely something about the Duchess that wins you over more and more each time you see her! She seems like such a sweetie!

  25. A nice, practical ensemble comprising a simple coat and dress in designs of the kind she likes best. Given that this was a busy day visiting serious charities and institutions, I’d say she got it right, even if ElizaMo feels, er, disappointed. She looked efficiently well-dressed, not so fashionable as to distract from, or contrast with, the nature of the work these concerns do and the work SHE’s supposed to be doing.

    I like the milk chocolate color of the coat. It does look as though her coat employs a different belt and cuff straps — with buckles, not studs.

    It occurs to me that the look of the dress could be achieved by combining a black polo-necked jumper with a black pencil skirt and an interesting belt. Separate pieces would be more versatile, though of course it’s always handy to have a casual black dress like that.

    No wonder she put a jumper on over that sleeveless Spagnoli dress. It must have been quite chilly up there that day.

    She seems to handling these visits and walkabouts well. There have to be tedious aspects to them, but she’s displaying much enthusiasm whether she feels it or not. Good for her. The Queen must be pleased.

    • And while I’m in a grump, what’s appropriate about head to toe black, skin tight wool dress and towering heels for a children’s hospital. Looking efficient and non-distracting seem a shade out of context and the whole style is turning into a uniform for repeated outings. I think she’s stuck in some sort of a style-warp.

      But, then, as I say, I’m in a grump. Tea at Fortnum’s will probably cheer me up no end.

      • I thought going to a high end Department store with the Queen was a bit shallow for someone who wants to be considered a hard working royal. It is not a people’s kind of activity… wonder what that is about. I have to add since we are the cranky ones, all black is not appropriate for visiting terminally ill children. And to all of you who thinks she’s gained weight, you have got to be kidding. She is wearing two belts around her middle and she still looks like a reed in that coat. I fear she’s got eating issues… Also, Valentine’s day would have been a good one to recycle the Christmas coat in that beautiful burgundy.

        • Just to say that the media is emphasising “tea at Fortnams” the purpose of the event is the regeneration of the Piccadilly shopping area which is important both in terms of tourism and income generation/economics.

        • Ginger, do you think she felt able to refuse that invitation from the Queen? And do you think the Queen is not hard-working because she’s going to spend a little time at Fortnum’s with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law?

          I really don’t have the slightest problem with the Duchess’s wearing a plain, simple, black dress on this day of engagements. The children certainly weren’t thinking “funerals,” and in my view, people are really overthinking the matter.

      • I feel to see why she shouldn’t dress in whatever simple, straightforward manner she finds most comfortable. I’d say that looking like a clotheshorse or catwalk model isn’t quite appropriate for visits to places like this, and frankly, places like this are the ones she will most often be visiting. She is anxious to become known more for her hard work as a royal than for high style.

        Few things are more practical than a plain black sweater dress. As for the towering heels, I’ll give her a pass on that. She wears them because she’s self-conscious about her long-waistedness and relatively short legs.

        Instead of a cup of tea, try a glass of wine. It’ll work better.

      • I really liked Kate’s outfit (quite by coincidence I am wearing almost an identical outfit today!) but I thought your point about her choice of clothes for a children’s hospital, or I guess, any children’s charity interesting. It reminded me of a quote or comment I read about when Kate was selecting her charities and she showed up in jeans and a sweater (which I recall most commenters here thought a tad underdressed for the occasion) and that the children expected her to look more “princessy”. I know the sweater dress is certainly a step up in formality from jeans but from a child’s perspective there may not be much difference. I’m not suggesting Kate dress like a Disney princess or exclusively for children for those occasions but if there is anytime for her to go a little “princessy” maybe it is when she visits child oriented charities. That might be something she will feel more comfortable with over time though–I think Kate is playing it very safe now, but I can’t blame her. She has enough to be nervous about, so I’m not surprised that she is staying in her sartorial comfort zone for now. Princessy or not, she certainly seems to have charmed everyone yesterday–yay Kate!

        • Haha… Maybe an Elie Saab frock? Not very practical for a hospital visit, but Elie Saab is the designer that comes to mind when I think of modern princess.

          • Wouldn’t you just love to see Kate in some of the gorgeous gowns from Elie Saab’s most recent collection, especially since we are unlikely to see them on CP Victoria of Sweden for a while? Yes, sadly, I have to agree such a gown would be over the top for a daytime visit to a children’s hospital–the children would no doubt love it, but that would take “dressing for one’s audience” a shade too far!

          • Very true. But, I must say that I would give her a pass on the appropriate-factor just for the chance to see her in an Elie Saab!

  26. I think this is her best public appearance to-date, since her inaugural appearance in Wales when she helped christen a submarine. You can tell that she has an electric presence and human-touch; I was incredibly touched by Aimee’s story and how her mother noted that she had been practicing her curtsey for days- what a magical Valentine’s Day Kate created for her and all of the children at the hospital. Spot on perfection.



  27. Lovely ensemble–I love the coat! It looks to me like she wore a different belt than the one that came with the coat. The belt she’s wearing has a buckle, while the images from the Hobbs website clearly show a belt with no buckle. I can’t tell if the belts at the sleeve cuffs are different, too.

  28. Now I do see more details on that red jacket. Actually peplum detail is one of the top trends this coming spring.

    • I love seeing the extra detail on the red jacket — she really picks up on garments which use stitching and seaming to elegant effect.

  29. Everyday I feel more in love with this girl. LOL she always has a genuine and sweet smile on her face. She looks proper for her role. She and William truly makes a lovely couple. :)

  30. Oh, great. So that’s black, grey and brown we’ve had over the last three outings.

    She really knows how to ring the changes.

    • I know! She is so beautiful, polished and poised and her hair, makeup and accessories are perfect…but…would it kill her to whip out a color every now and then? I mean, it’s not like she isn’t already the center of attention.

      (I am inclined to give a pass to the Jesire coat dress; yes, it is grey, but I think the collar and button details make it a bit more interesting. But still…the last few engagements are just a lot of neutral colors, all taken together).

      Etiquette experts: is there some kind of protocol reason for sticking to neutral tones for these charity engagements? Not wanting to draw attention away from sick children, etc? Or does this just reflect the Duchess’ person taste?

      • Let’s make this a table for three! I also felt all-black much too somber for visiting a children’s hospital. She doesn’t need to wear crazy patterns, but wearing that same outfit in a deep blue or red would have been lovely. Even a bright accessory for a pop of color would have been great.

  31. She looks so polishes in that rusty color coat! Love it!

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