Oct 262015

The Duchess wore a quasi-new label for today’s Charities Forum event in Piccadilly, Tabitha Webb.

Neil Warner /Splash News

Neil Warner /Splash News

The function was co-hosted by @BAFTA and Aardman Animation, creators of characters and animated films featuring Wallace and Gromit, Timmy Time, and others. The Charities Forum is a group of more than 30 organizations William, Kate and Harry are Patrons of or work closely with. More from the Charities Forum info page:

All the charities work in sectors that support Their Royal Highnesses key charitable areas of focus, including: supporting members of the armed forces and their families, helping children and young people, and promoting conservation and sustainable development… (it) encourages organisations that would not ordinarily be linked to generate new ideas and work together…”

The three royals being greeted as they arrive at the event.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

Children arriving at Aardman from Chalk Hill Elementary in this photo shared by Place2Be.

Place2Be Twitter (@Place2Be)

Place2Be Twitter (@Place2Be)

William really got into the spirit of day when Kate was in front of the green screen, from the Daily Mirror’s live blog.

Wills has been causing a bit of mayhem, heckling animators and telling them: “Make Catherine do a silly walk”…… and that’s exactly what they did.

Rebecca English posted a quick video on Twitter of Kate on stage.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

The trio looked relaxed and seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit.

BAFTA Twitter

BAFTA Twitter

A element of today’s engagement included a viewing of Aardman’s latest film, Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas. Background on the film via The Daily Mail:

The half-hour special will be shown on BBC One at Christmas and begins when Shaun persuades his unwitting owner to buy a trio of mischievous llamas – Hector, Fernando and Raul – at a country fair auction. Back at Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun’s prank backfires on him when the crafty llamas get rather too comfortable and he is forced to take action to oust the intruders and save his home.

For those in the US interested in Shaun movies, the Disney channel(s) shows the films.

At today’s event everyone worked on making clay models like those used in the animated films Aardman produces. Children taking part in today’s workshop were from several of Kate’s patronages, including The Art Room, Each Hospices and Well Child.

Tusk Trust Twitter

Tusk Trust Twitter

Kate in the model-making workshop trying to make her own Shaun the Sheep.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

Prince harry fiercely concentrating on his sheep.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror Twitter (@QueenVicMirror)

William worked hard on his clay model as well.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

There was also some ‘welly wanging,’ an activity throwing wellies at an object. Kensington Palace posted a brief video showing the Duke heaving the boot. Kate took part in this too, but the Daily Mail‘s Rebecca English reports that Kate called her efforts at this ‘useless.”

Kensington Palace
Following this morning’s lighthearted fun the royals will take part in their bi-annual Charities Forum meeting.

Now to what Kate wore for today’s engagement. The Duchess was in Tabitha Webb ‘Meg’ dress.

Tabitha Webb

Tabitha Webb

The frock is all silk, with a fitted bodice, a-line skirt, and 3/4 sleeves. The product description adds “If you were going to draw your perfect dress this would be it. It is the perfect all in one outfit for any occasion and we all have them in every colour!” It is £375, roughly $575 at today’s exchange rates. (Hmmm…now the site shows it as £312.50.) Looking at the product page it appears there may be a little “Kate Effect,”a note advises shoppers that delivery might take up to four weeks.

Tabitha Webb

Tabitha Webb

Here you see Pippa Middleton wearing a special Tabitha Webb dress, she collaborated with the brand on two items, both are fundraisers for the British Heart Foundation.

Tabitha Webb

Tabitha Webb

We refer to this as a quasi-new brand because previously Kate wore a dress by Project D, a label Ms. Webb co-founded and owned with Danni Minogue.

Splash News

Splash News

Kate wore her Aimee heels from Jimmy Choo.

Splash News/Jimmy Choo

Splash News/Jimmy Choo

She also carried her black suede Mulberry Bayswater clutch. Kate’s bag is black suede, we made this graphic merely to show the piece.



The bag is available in multiple colors, it retails for $790. Below we show it in Poppy Red and Metallic Mushroom Goat.



Kate also wore her Cartier Ballon Bleu watch, and her sapphire/diamond earrings.



We’ll leave you with this shot of Kate being embraced at today’s engagement.

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

We will see you tonight for the world premiere of SPECTRE, if interested in watching a live stream of the red carpet https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/bond-24-world-premiere-watch-live



  49 Responses to “Kate in Tabitha Webb for Charities Forum & Shaun the Sheep Fun”

  1. I think this dress is perfect for the venue. People have mentioned it being “mumsy” but there’s a reason moms dress a certain way and often it’s because they want their clothes to be kid-friendly. As a mother herself, the Duchess would surely know what clothes would be kid friendly. Kids love busy, novelty-ish prints and the length is just right if you’re going to be crouching to be at eye-level with a small child (look at the pic with the green screen, if the dress was shorter, it would have been too revealing in that pose). I find the fact that the dress is so appropriate for children rather endearing. At an event with both adults and children, she chose a dress that would please the children.

    I love the pic of her hugging the children.

    (P.S. I wish someone would tell Prince Harry to shave)

  2. Not my fav. dress but totally appropriate for a children’s event and nice to see her wear something different.

    Very few people could pull of this print and she certainly did!

    • I liked it when she wore black to a kids event in NY wrapping gifts and then to coin a phrase sass-eyed the lady telling her to get a move on. Personality on display with oodles of Audrey Hepburnish style and grace. This dress should be recycled into strips of bedding for Shaun the sheep when the weather turns

  3. I love it because I always love a good print on a dress, and it’s a great cut. For me, a print distracts the eye from any figure issues I’d rather cover up. I think it was very appropriate for this event: children, animation, fun stuff — and kids like bold prints. If only it wasn’t over $500 and right as I’m doing my Christmas shopping — or I might buy it for myself.

  4. She’s just lovely and I really like the dress. I hope she’s going to grow out the bangs. She’s probably thinking (as we all do), “it seemed like a good idea at the time!”

  5. I don’t like this dress. It’s busy. Too long and reminiscent of what Samantha Cameron might wear. Her hair colouring has dropped a shade or two and is blanching her complexion.

  6. The details on the dress that show up on other sites are lovely–I just don’t care for the print.
    The photos of the evening premier just came out–a rare misstep for lovely Kate. The dress looks like a dressing gown and the color completely washes her out. It also looks too long in the sleeves and a bit baggy on top. Not a flattering fit for someone with such a gorgeous figure.

  7. I would echo what some of the other posters mentioned about the print – it wouldn’t be my choice, but it’s fun and she looks great. I really like the shape of the dress.

    Do we think that she intentionally wore a colour to match the uniforms of the students from Chalk Hill Elementary? I like to think so.

  8. I love that this dress bridges the gap between business (the princes are in suits) and almost-casual playtime attire. It photographs as modern and effortless. Do I like the print for myself? Not at all but it is feminine with great lines and if I were a little one I would never tire of looking at the star bursts. I really like this choice from the Duchess and/or her stylist.

  9. Ever since Catherine has had Charlotte, her outfits have been, for me, either all hit or all miss, with few inbetweens. I loved, loved, loved her christening outfit and what she wore in Dundee the other day. Sorry to say I dislike this dress intensely. The print looks way too busy, to the point that the dress is wearing Kate, and not the other way around.

    NOTE: Edited by admin.

  10. I like the print and colours, but it’s a shade too long for my tastes. Although not as bad as them

    • Sorry, posted too soon!

      Although not as bad as the mid-calf length, I think even this midi style is much less flattering than a skirt which just hits on the knee.

      Lovely engagement, though – they all seem to be having a great time.

  11. The shape and length of the dress are good, but I am not a fan of the space print. I read somewhere that the designer is a friend of the Duchess, so maybe she was given this dress? And a kid-centric even felt like the right time to give this dress and the designer friend some spotlight?
    I also think that this dress, since the print is just so busy, would actually be a keeper if she could wear it under a neutral coat for a pop of color.
    Love the shoes and the handbag, though.

  12. I liked today’s dress as appropriate for the event. The pattern and color of the fabric relates to and is accessible to children and the active nature of the activities. What saddens me is the length. Too long and matronly; prematurely aging the Duchess. I know, I know many of the readers and commentators here prefer longer lengths. But please, can’t they be reserved for the more formal and somber occasions?

  13. I think this was a great look. I’ve always liked that cobalt-y shade of blue (I know there are many shades on that dress) with black. Almost what I dressed my son in today too!

  14. I don’t like prints for public events. They don’t age well. The Queen went through a print phase in the 1970s and 1980s, and those photos look so dowdy now. Plain colors are more timeless.

    In this case, I think the dress is okay, but out of season. It would be perfect for a spring/summer event, not one in late October. This seems like something Michelle Obama would wear. It would suit her perfectly. I consider this a well intentioned miss.

  15. While I would look awful in this type of pattern I think Kate looks great. Great colours on her and the shape of the dress works well for the function attended. To me it is feminine, fashionable and something a little different for Kate. I love the photo of her with the three youngsters giving her a hug. She appears to be such a warm and lovely person.

  16. Kate looks fabulous — the perfect 21st century princess!

  17. I dislike the dress,the space print is too busy for my taste.

  18. IMO the dress is perfectly balanced for a board meeting as well as being with crafts and children with messy hands. The “universe” on a dress – limitless options and these 3 doing their best to encourage many people’s futures. Well done.

  19. I like this dress. Prints are tricky. They can look dowdy and aging. This one is youthful and modern. The colors are perfect for Kate.

    It’s a worthy cause, and a special day for the children who got to meet a princess and two princes!

    Looking forward to the Spectre premier this evening.

  20. Kate continues to hang on for dear life to her preferred style palette in both colour and shape. While the bold print lacks nothing in high-visibility or child-friendliness, some of the more cautious among us might run a mile from quite so much noise.

    At first I thought we were back to another floral Seraphine so Kate scores points from me for venturing into abstract The shape of the dress is very pretty, I like the flare falling from the high waist which works well with midi-length. Kate is clearly sticking with a good colour for her and the black accessories are just right, though I still have to look twice at the price tag on such a small clutch. It’s just as well Kate gets some wear out of it I guess.

    The dress also looks extremely comfortable with plenty of room for movement, essential if you’re going to start hurling wellies around. A safe, conservative choice for royal duties, and if it’s a little mumsy then it fits well with the engagement.

    • My first impression of this dress was that it was the Cayla mixed with that floral Seraphine, and I wasn’t sure I liked it. After watching the video of Kate on stage though I appreciate the length was perfect for allowing her to really move around with the kids. I think the print worked only because it was a children’s event (and is perfect for hiding any messes from arts & crafts time!). Looked like a fantastic time!

    • Thank you, kept me from having to say basically the same thing.
      Underwhelming, typical color/cut she always wears. I thought it was flowers from a distance. Not really crazy about the space theme….
      Not her best, but not her worst.

      I hate to say this about her evening look today but it was….. BAD!!! As much as I love her, this JP chiffon looks ill fitting, and her breasts look non existent! Her updo has seen better days, in comparison to her past updo’s. (Wish she still had James Pryce around). I do like her earrings (which Carol wore to her wedding reception) but with all the jewels she has access to, why wear those?

  21. Does anyone know who the woman standing to the left of William in the second photo is? I like her dress a lot more than Kate’s TBH!

  22. Lovely dress and great look for the Duchess. The dress fits perfectly and is the right length for this type of event (bending and sitting around children). The color combination is one she seems to love and could be a bit boring seeing that she wore blue and black the other day. But who can fault her for having a “uniform” and making it work for her. The last photo of the children hugging the Duchess is wonderful; her personality really shows through and demonstrates why she is so popular with children and adults of all ages.

  23. That very last shot – her hair looks PERFECT. I want to embrace the bangs/fringe, but they just look so HEAVY. And I like the dress although it reminded me a little of tie-dye, which I am not a fan of. This was a great color on her!

  24. Does anyone know if or where Jimmy Choo still is selling the Aimee pump? I clicked the link, but didn’t see it anywhere & only bags showed after doing a site search. Lol, obviously, my next move is a Google search…

    Thx :)

  25. This is one beautiful dress – you can see the detailing and the seaming. As I’m “slightly” older than the Duchess, I like dresses with longer sleeves and hems and with some flair to the skirt. I remember that Project D dress; the print is beautiful and I was unsuccessfully searching the internet for it (not that it’s in my price range!).

    Oh, and the other two looked good as well. I think the three of them make a great team and I’m sure that they all love having the support of the others; they all appear to be interested and caring – well, I’m sure they are in reality.

  26. The “space” print on this dress is really interesting. It’s probably not what I would choose, but I give Kate points for branching out a little. I prefer the dress Pippa is wearing but that’s more of a springtime/summer print.

  27. Hmm. I’ve expressed the wish that the Duchess would experiment more with the longer, midi hems currently fashionable, but I’m not sure this is what I had in mind.

    The lines are basically fine but a bit boring and even just verging on dowdy, which is always a potential problem with longer lengths. However, the hem hits just below the knee (definitely best; mid-calf-length is unflattering on almost everyone), and the very high and slender heels help rescue the look from dowdiness. I hasten to add that while I am not a full skirt fan, the Duchess does wear them well. I think this silhouette looks about as good on her as it could on anyone.

    The fabric, on the other hand, is just not to my taste. I’ve seen this called the “Space” dress elsewhere, but while I’m a great fan of astronomy (it’s sort of a hobby of mine) and enjoy peering through telescopes, I don’t want to wear the sky, with all its galaxies, supernovas, interstellar gas, etc., on my clothes. I find that print too busy and otherwise unappealing.

    I do understand, however, that some people might deem it fun and just right for this engagement.

    I love Shaun the Sheep. I’d like to make one of my own. They had Shaun the Sheep cupcakes there, too. To die for.

    • You know, I saved that photo and watermarked it and then said, “People want to see the Kate & the kids and dress, not cupcakes.” I’m glad you posted that, I think I’ll pop it in the post. :)

    • Agree with you about the dress length, mid-calf can look well-nigh funereal. I’m interested to see how a high-waist helps keep the shape flattering, despite effectively adding to the amount of skirt involved.

      • I wonder how high that waist is really supposed to be. On the Duchess it looks high, but possibly because of her long-waistedness. In the off-model picture, it looks as though it might hit right at the normal waist of someone with an average-length torso. The effect would be rather different.

  28. Love the dress! Perfect style for a day with hay bales and sheep — for all its sophistication it has a “country” feel. Beautiful cut and color for her.

  29. I love the shoes and clutch but I don’t like the dress! It’s the print. It looks like a basic dress from Target or similar. In the second picture, there is a lady wearing a teal dress with a large floral pattern. THAT is the one Kate should have worn ;)
    Looks like it was a fun event!

  30. I have noticed that when they do children based engagements she always opts for a more playful or colorful print which I think is very cute. The print of this dress is pretty awesome and faintly edgy, which seems to be her fashion MO. She’s also up to trend. Take a cruise around the internet and you will see “galaxy” print is very popular at the moment. I like the look. The dress is definitely something I would wear and I think very fun and appropriate for the event. I always enjoy when the three of them get together, they always seem to have a good time.

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