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Kate and William were welcomed at Kaziranga National Park again today.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail @RE_DailyMail

After this morning’s safari and other activities Kate changed clothes to visit Pan Bari Village with Prince William. The village is a community located near the outskirts of the park with about 1800 residents.

Kate William India Day 4 April 13 2016 with children Pan Bari Village Topshop dress Roya Nikkhah

They were certainly ready to meet William and Kate.

©Stephen Lock/-Images

©Stephen Lock/-Images

More from an Express story:

Several hundred villagers turned out for a glimpse of the couple, some wearing traditional Indian robes, others dressed in western clothes and taking pictures with their smart phones.

The couple were offered a bench to sit on as they took off their shoes – black wedges for Kate and lace up beige suede shoes for William – before entering the humble prayer hall.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

From DNA India.

In the village, the couple first visited ‘Namghar’, the traditional prayer hall, where they entered after removing their shoes and kneeled down to bow before the altar housing the ‘nam-ghosa’ (the holy book). They then interacted with a group of local villagers and officials.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

One of the day’s funnier stories involved Prince George. Kate and William were asked why George and Charlotte did not come on the trip. This Mirror article has the rest:

Kate apparently replied: “Because George is too naughty.

“He would be running all over the place.

“The next time we come we will definitely bring them.”

The pair also spent time with villagers at another location, hearing about the impact the National Park has on their lives.

Roya Nikkhah, The Sunday Times  @RoyaNikkhah

Roya Nikkhah, The Sunday Times @RoyaNikkhah

One of the day’s highlights came when Kate and William visited the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation.

Wildlife Trust India

Wildlife Trust India

The Daily Mail has more.

It provides emergency care and rehabilitation for wild animals that have been injured, displaced or orphaned.

In a large area of grassland and sparse woodland the baby animals had gathered under the shade of a tree waiting for the royal couple who walked towards them.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

International Fund for Animal Welfare

The CWRC is part of the Wildlife Trust of India. More about the animals Kate and William fed from The Telegraph:

One of youngest was Murphuli, an elephant aged just four weeks when she was found alone in the trench of a tea garden in October last year.

But it was Dunga, the smallest and newest resident at the centre, who really won the Duchess’s heart.

The baby rhino was found alone during a patrol by forest staff and when they failed to locate his mother he was brought to the centre.

The UK in India

The UK in India

Kate with an orphaned Asian elephant calf.

©Splash News

©Splash News

Next on the agenda, a visit to a tea plantation. The Mirror’s story explains why this crop is grown locally.

The village grows tea rather than rice because the elephants bypass tea plantations as there is no water to drink there.

Kate William Walking Field Day 4 India Tour Em Andrews Kate Topshop Dress April 13 2016

After seeing the plantation Kate and William enjoyed tea with Wildlife Trust officials.

Kate William Wildlife Trust India April 13 2016 Day 4 Royal Tour INdia Pink Topshop Dress Mtg Wildlife Trust Org India via WTI

WTI gave William and Kate a nifty surprise, a photo album they made that has information on each of the animals they saw when visiting earlier in the day.

The Cambridges wrapped up their formal engagements at the Park with some elephant painting.

Wilflife Trust India

Wilflife Trust India

The High Commissioner’s news release explains:

The Duke and Duchess put the finishing touches on an elephant sculpture to officially mark the ‘call for artists’ for India’s elephant parade, which will see 200 elephants decorated by artists and placed in 200 locations across India by the Elephant Family. 

Kate William Kaziranga Elephant Painting Tour April 13 2016

Kensington Palace

Now to what Kate wore for the afternoon’s engagements, beginning with her pink and black Topshop dress.



The product description refers to Kate’s frock as ‘boho chic,’ that is certainly in sync with some of her other tour styles. The 100% polyester dress hits below the knee in length, with a slightly fitted bodice, gathering at the waist and a full skirt. There are also black tassel-trimmed ties at the neck. The dress is embellished with distinctive black embroidery, including open ladder stitching, seen below left.

Kate Kaziranga Topshop Pink Black Dress Ladder Stitching Embroidery

The dress has sold out everywhere, it retailed at $140. This is one of the few times I recall seeing the Duchess in a pink dress, even when adorned with all of the embroidery.

Kate accessorized with her black espadrille wedges by Dune London.  The style is now called the ‘Karley‘ and isn’t available in Kate’s black, although the cream/ivory color she wears is still being offered.

Dune London/Splash

Dune London/Splash

I was asked a good question today: is Kate wearing a pair of the old Pied a Terre Imperias, or the newer ‘Karley’ style from Dune London? The Karley did come in black for some time, so it’s possible she purchased an extra pair or two, knowing hers would eventually wear out. I’ve no idea, and don’t really know of any distinguishing characteristics that would help someone trying to distinguish between the Imperia and the Karley.

We saw the Duchess wear her Accessorize Filigree Bead short drop earrings again.

Kate Accessorize Earrings Filigree Bead Short Drop Earrings India Tour Day 4 April 13 2016 Kaziranga

Kate wore her hair up for the afternoon appointments.

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris & Stephen Lock/i-Images

We did not see Kate wearing her sunglasses this afternoon, but she had them on a good part of the morning. It looks like she wore the folding Ray Ban non-polarized that we saw at Wimbledon last year, first worn to AELTC in 2014.

Stephen Lock/i-Images

Stephen Lock/i-Images

On Facebook there was a question or two about why Kate would have changed her clothes, and why she opted for a dress as opposed to trousers. My thought was that perhaps she wanted to convey respect for local residents and officials she was meeting. Someone else suggested it might be that she was cooler in a dress as opposed to the Zara jeans, which looked heavy, although they may be very lightweight. I’m not sure how much a polyester dress would breath, but it certainly might be why Kate changed. Any other thoughts?


Also today, the royal entourage found themselves dealing with a situation not on the travel itinerary: an earthquake. Gordon Rayner has more in The Telegraph:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were caught up in an earthquake scare today as a 6.9 magnitude tremor shook north east India, where they have been visiting a wildlife park. The royal couple felt the ground moving as they stayed in the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, where two tremors struck over the course of a minute, shaking buildings across the region.

The quake’s epicenter was more than 500 miles away, but it was unnerving.

Journalists reporting on the royal couple’s tour of India were evacuated from their hotel as guests ran for open ground when it struck at 7.25pm local time (3pm BST).

While unsettling for everyone, no injuries were reported.


  • Flight to Bhutan
  • Paro Airport, Thimphu: official arrival
  • Thimphu Dzong:
    • Kate and William take part in a traditional welcome ceremony at this ancient monastery, now the seat of Bhutan’s government.
    • Following the ceremony the Duke & Duchess have a private audience with the King and Queen, followed by a walk across an open courtyard to “to a temple where they will receive a brief blessing and will light butter lamps”
  • Archery: The couple watches an archery exhibition, archery is the country’s national sport
  • Dinner: The Duke & Duchess have a private dinner with the King and Queen

NOTE: I hoped to be able to cover the scarves being given to Kate and William, but have to table that until tomorrow or Friday.

We’ll leave you with this video.


  51 Responses to “What Do You Wear To Feed a Rhino? Kate Chose Something from a Favorite Label”

  1. Some ideas about high necklines and polyester thinking about the point of view of a *performer*:

    The photo of the crowd standing over her while she bent down to a child, all taking pictures…my wardrobe would be mostly high necklines, too, as I don’t care to have photos all over the world taken straight down my blouse.

    As some have recognized, poly has come a long way, and needn’t be the awful smothering stuff of the eighties. But particularly, would you want wear-wrinkled, sweat-marked clothing when your main job is to create (and figure in!) inspiring images? I’ve lived all my life in Florida and Alabama, and prefer polyester chiffon and light knits in the summer, because they don’t wrinkle or show sweat patches, flow nicely, and allow breezes, all while looking professional.

    Also I think the block prints are a great choice, because for many of us, our sartorial relationship with India is a relationship with block printing, embroidery, and beadwork. Boho is like curry; it wouldn’t be the way it is without the Indian contribution, and yet it also wouldn’t be what it is without taking the patterns OUT of India and mixing with other cultures.

  2. My favorite part of this post is the picture of the two of them sitting side by side, clearly focussed (probably for a nanosecond) only on one another. This is a deep connection.

  3. I think the pants were fine for the safari. That being said if she’s going to wear Skinnies then she needed to realize that all her covered up-ness from the other functions just seems even weirder.

    That Topshop dress is ugly though. Looks like a sack and it’s a POLY!

  4. At first glance, I fell in love with the print and detailing. then learning its in poly, i am like ‘ah, what a pity”. I don’t mind poly but on a hot and humid day, i probably wouldnt want to walk out in it…i wouldn’t walk out in it on a cold day either becuase…statics!

    All in all, thanks to the tour, we got to see a more vibrant Kate, in all kinds of daring prints and colors. How appropriate! :)

  5. What I have found on this tour, is that an updo makes even the “okay-est” dress look regal. I have often wished that Kate would wear her hair up and back more, as sometimes her hair gets in the way of a beautiful outfit (the heaviness, blocking the neckline). I suspect she is wearing a lot of updos and even half pulled back styles due to the heat, but really I think she needs to carryover the style to London. It just looks more elegant and put together.
    Again, the dress here is just ok – but her hairstyle kicks the whole thing up a notch.

  6. I’d buy this dress in an instant if I could find it.

    I wish Kate would wear her hair up more. It is just SUCH a better look for her.

    Other than this morning’s pants, I have absolutely adored everything she has worn on this tour so far.

  7. I understand that she was trying to be respectful of the elders she was meeting and the temple she was visiting but seeing her walking around trying to bottle feed animals I was wishing she could have worn the safari outfit or some other type of trouser for this engagement. It just didn’t seem comfortable to me and I am sure that by this point in the tour she is exhausted. Travel is exhausting under the best of circumstances and this is such a jam packed schedule.
    I think the dress if fine—don’t love it and don’t hate it—and her hair looked great.

  8. I love this dress, would definitely wear it, and find that the colours work well to contrast with the variety of activities and contexts in which Kate appeared over the afternoon. However I agree with monalisa that it is quite strange and inappropriate, if not slightly offensive, to find her wearing these boho dresses that do not originate from India, one even from America, as though an “all purpose ethnic” is automatically an Indian reference somehow.

    • Also…congratulations on such informative, thorough and interesting posts with new information. I’ve been following all the blogs and tour articles and still find novel interest in yours.

    • I purchased this dress, and interestingly, the label says made in India!

  9. This is lovely, I’d definitely wear it in warmer climes. I presumed it was cotton as well until I read the description.

    All these lovely boho dresses are staring to mix themselves up in my mind. I think we’ll need a summary post at the end of the tour showing them all side by side! :)

  10. In my opinion, the sporty form fiting pants from the safari would not have been appropriate for the temple – therefore the change into a dress. Having lived in Thailand and travelled in India, a long dress with long sleeves is actually cooler in that type of weather. I wonder why she hasn’t worn the traditional Salwar Kameez which is flowy pants with a tunic top, those are so pretty….

  11. Pros: The dress is knee-length, thank god. It lets her legs set off the weight of the black sling back wedges. The loose bun is perfect, and gives the earrings room to shine. Cons: Pretty much everything else about this – sorry. Another long sleeved, high necked dress with a string tie closing. I find the harsh black geometric pattern overwhelms makes an already pale pink print. It clashes and diminishes rather than enhances. There’s just no relationship between the fabric and the embroidery. I also can’t believe Kate has been dressed in machine embroidered polyester!! in a country that has beautiful silk and hand woven/embroidered fabrics. I’m all for Kate being down to earth and wearing High Street fashion rather than haute couture, but this tips the balance too far I think. It looks like what it is – a cheap “all purpose ethnic” outfit. We are now well into the trip and she has won only one outfit by an Indian designer and that one, her stylist, not the designer, decided to “fix”. I feel as if not a lot creative thinking was done about the clothing choices for this trip. Is this really the best they can do?

    Re the scarves, the red one shows how terrific Kate looks in red and by comparison how dreary a lot of the colours she is wearing are. I doubt that specific dresses were chosen to match the scares she is presented with – perhaps colours, although the white dress would work with any colour of scarf, and the gold scarf she was presented with while visiting Modi didn’t really work with the mint green. A yellow, red, orange, purple, blue outfit would have been better.

  12. I love this dress on Kate. It’s bright and I love the length. I love how salmon looks on her.

    I love how she pulled her hair up into a different style of bun. When we see her stylists put her hair in a bun, we often see it like we did a few nights past with the white with black Temperley separates with the twists and it tucked under. It’s so nice to see something different. It’s not a full ballerina bun. This is 3/4 ballerina bun which was probably accomplished by cutting a bun form in half and rolling the back of her hair up in it. It would be a super light, super comfortable style for her and I love how it was made a little less formal by letting some of her ends peek out. The layered sides were twisted and pinned in (you can see her pins in that side photo! Bad stylist using black pins and not brown!)

  13. Kate is wearing her hair in an updo quite frequently on this trip. I wish she would do that more. Her long hair often covers her pretty face and also can cover details on her dress.

    Probably she is finding that wearing her hair up is cooler. On that note, I am very surprised that she is wearing some polyester. She must be roasting in many of these outfits.

    I’ve been to India several times and would never wear anything but natural fibres, that breathe. I opt for cotton, linen or hemp…even silk would be cooler. I also can’t fathom why there are so many long sleeved outfits and long skirts. Indian culture does not require that one be totally covered up.

    Kudos to Kate for looking so composed and cool, in the heat. For that matter, Kudos to William for wearing a suit, shirt and tie.

    • Also, sandals with plenty of openings would be so much cooler and sensible than most of the shoes being worn.

    • I think if she were wearing poly pants and a shirt, she would be roasting, but a dress allows for some air flow.

    • As someone who lives in a very hot, humid climate (Houston, Texas), I can attest that natural fibers are not always the cooler option. Cotton and linen get damp, show sweat marks and crush very easily. I would not want to be photographed in those fabrics under those circumstances.

    • Kate is very lean and fit, hardly any fat on her. Kate seems to withstand warmer weathers without sweating much, so fabric-wise it is not a discomfort for her to wear poly. As we saw later, she hiked in leather vest and leather knee length boots and not a drop of sweat!

  14. Although not a style that I favor, I think this is a great look for Kate. I love the contrast of the dark pink and black embroidery. The pretty chignon and the Imperia wedges complete the look. I’m usually not a fan of chandelier earrings, but I have really loved seeing them on this tour and I think they really complement the boho-chic look of many of Kate’s choices. It’s been really refreshing to see some new styles on Kate the past few days.

  15. Love the simple updo. Hard to imagine ever wearing polyester in India though! High 80s near Assam, apparently.

  16. I’m in love with this Topshop dress. Pretty pink print, and the black embroidery is a nice contrast. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat.

    I also like her updo. Kate looks so lovely. This is one of my favorite looks from the tour.

    Best of all, they seem to be having a wonderful time.

  17. Fashion aside, I can’t help but feel a little envious of their tour today! A safari and then feeding rinos and elephants?! How amazing! What an incredible experience that must have been. I like the color of the dress, but I’m surprised it’s not cotton. Looks nice on her!

    • I am super jealous that they went on a safari and got to feed baby elephants. I would love to be able to do either of those things!

  18. Couple of comments. I can not wear shoes with man made uppers. I hope the pair she is wearing are cotton or leather tops at least. I also would never wear a polyester dress in the heat, maybe the weave is so loose that the fabric does not matter. Much of the Topshop stuff is what I call more upscale throw away clothes:) Once in awhile I find something that will wear through more than one season, but not often. She and William seem to be enjoying themselves but probably ready for the hectic schedule to wind down. It is tiring never being in one spot for more than a few nights. Even under the most pampered of care travel on a fast pace is tiring.

  19. I would think that a dress was more appropriate for visiting a prayer hall than skinny jeans.

  20. Similar to Melissa, I have the original Pied a Terre wedges. It appears as though Kate’s are newer. On the soles of the original ones, there’s a neutral (straw) coloured strip around the black on the heel/where the heel sits. In the pictures from today, her entire sole is black. I hope that makes sense!

  21. I’m feeling all boho-ed out by now and am stuck to think anything much about the Topshop dress. I’ll put that down to tour fatigue perhaps, where tiredness creeps in and objective judgement has flown. With her hair up – cooler perhaps? –and dangling earrings Kate looks oddly formal even as she bids for the comfort of another shapeless High street dress.

    I’m astonished the dress is an all-polyester as once upon a time that was an unwearable fabric, especially in heat. These things have come on along way now and it might well have been a cooler option. She may have put the warmer jeggings on in the deceptive cool of morning, just as she donned the wool wrap only to have to take it off almost straightaway given how quickly things warm up out there.

    I can fully appreciate how handy these dresses will be, comfy in the heat and unlikely to show heavy creasing as would be the case with plain cotton, and the choice of a strong pink blends nicely with the various greeting scarves she has been given. Counting her own first warm wrap of the safari, I make that a total of four scarves in one day. Impressive.

  22. Perfection…this pink and black dress is beautiful! What a glorious day for them to spend together. I was also very happy to see Kate in her ZARA jeans. Very chic and edgy and super cool. Duchess of Drab I think NOT!!!!! Way to go Kate and thanks for another splendid post Susan!

  23. Love the hair and earrings!

  24. I”ve loved her clothing for the tour so far – my very favourite being the Temperley crop top and skirt, and then the Anita Dongre dress on the first day (would love just the skirt part since I wear lots of skirts but never dresses). I loved that you mentioned the scarves – they will have an amazing collection of them by the time the tour is done. I am SO looking forward to their time in Bhutan – and at least one evening look again.

  25. OK, as boho chic goes, I find this dress rather less objectionable than most. I could actually see myself wearing it — well, if I had to.

    The black and pink palette works for me, especially since the pink is a deeper, richer shade than the pale, anemic, pink color that the Duchess has worn before and that I feel is not at all flattering on her. And I appreciate the contrast of the black embroidered accents.

    I would have worn shoes other than the wedges, perhaps an interesting sandal, but the wedges may have been most practical in the context.

    Having lived in both California and Italy, I’ve been through a lot of earthquake temblors. A 6.9 temblor 500 miles away isn’t a massive shock by any means, though disconcerting if you aren’t accustomed to quakes. What matters is how well prepared the location at or near the epicenter was. Myanmar is such a problematic state now that we may not know for years what the effect there has been.

  26. The only other times I can remember Kate wearing pink was the Alexander McQueen coat dress when she was pregnant with George and the one on Australian tour. This dress is so sweet!! And so good to see some leg again!!
    There was an article published in a leading newspaper today by Shobha De who’s one of the prominent/controversial/glamorous – social/political journalist who has an interest in fashion too, stating that Kate’s stylist probably mistook the destination for the tour. It was Mumbai and not Abu Dhabi and critiquing the royal blue Jenny Packam as too covered. Well i sort of agree with that part but not rest of the article. Interesting read though!!
    So looking forward to Bhutan visit!! Such rich silks and brocades the queen of Bhutan wears!

  27. I am eager to read what you find out about the scarves. I suspect that their color dictated Kate’s choice today — her dress matches them perfectly!

    • As I suspected the Wickstead on day 2 was chosen to go with the scarves they wore that day.

    • I was hoping to see something about scarves too, following an earlier tip-off on fb. Maybe it got hit by the earthquake? ;-)

      • Sorry! Just seen the note about the follow-up on scarves!! It’s some serious way past my bed-time here and I’m flagging along with many others…

  28. Funny, I think this Topshop dress is my favorite of her boho dresses thus far. The length is much more flattering on her than a maxi dress, and less “tent”-like.

  29. I really love this dress. This is how I was hoping Kate would dress during the tour – easy, comfortable but still stylish. It’s so much more flattering than the maxis.

    I’m betting we see long again for Bhutan. But possibly short and a plain color for Agra?

  30. I very surprised to read that the fabric for this dress is polyester. I’d think it wouldn’t breathe very well, plus I expected to read that it’s a natural fiber or blend. I want to like this dress very much and almost do, but the heavier embroidery across the top creating the appearance of a frame, detracts overall for me. Otherwise, I love the dark embroidery on the pink, and like the overall effect very much.

  31. Can help with Imperia/ Karly differences. Imperia were made in Spain, interior of shoe top lined with leather and the bottoms are (sadly) just some clear stuff over the straw with a strip of suede at the tip of the toe and at the heel. Mine already have wear on the clear stuff showing bare straw. The Karly is made in Bangladesh, shoe top lined with a man made material and the bottoms are solid rubber. They will probably last longer but the leather on the Imperia will breathe more and being made in Spain makes them true espadrilles.

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