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Kate made it two Tory Burch dresses for the day when she wore this gown for a private dinner with the King and Queen of Bhutan.

©Splash News

©Splash News

At the Tory Burch website the dress is called the “Floral Mesh Gown,” while at Net-a-Porter it is the “Embroidered Tulle Gown.”



From the Net-a-Porter product description:

Tory Burch’s tulle gown is intricately embroidered with retro-inspired florals in shades of sky-blue, orange, green and brown.

You really can’t see much of the back in this photo but you get a sense of the slits on the sides of the dress.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Below, a better look at the bodice and neckline, as well as a tight shot of the fabric. Tory Burch describes the fabric this way:

The pattern creates beautiful highs and lows in the fabric, lending a multi-dimensional quality to the look. A slit neckline — embellished with tiny flame-shaped charms — and sheer bracelet sleeves give this brilliant top a statement finish.

Net-a-Porter / Tory Burch

Net-a-Porter / Tory Burch

Here is an even closer view of the neckline embellishment, the Net-a-Porter description points out that “The red bead embellishments mean there’s no need for a necklace.” .



The dress is from the designer’s Resort 2016 line, included as part of the runway collection. The majority of resort collections do not involve actual runway shows; buyers, media and other interested parties  are sent photographs and background information about the collections. There are two other pieces in the material that are part of the resort group, the Floral Mesh Dress ($895) and Floral Mesh Tunic ($595), although the length isn’t terribly tunic-like.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

We haven’t been able to identify the shawl or wrap Kate has on; there have been a number of leads but they lead to dead ends.

This evening the Duchess wore the same earrings she had on when arriving in Bhutan mid-morning; they have not yet been identified. (Neither of these shots is particularly flattering but you can see the earrings quite well.)

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / i-Images

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / i-Images

There aren’t any other or better photographs of Kate in the dress.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

UPDATE APR 16: Kate’s stole is said to be by Pickett London; a retailer specializing in “handmade luxury goods.” Claire Zambuni, Pickett’s PR firm, tweeted the news Friday.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.50.47 AMKate’s piece is the Pashmina Stole.

Pickett London

Pickett London

The stole is a cashmere/silk blend, handmade in Nepal.  It retails at £275, about $400.

There is a side benefit to licensing these images: we have a look at Kate’s black suede sandals from another angle.

©Polaris/Bergdorf Goodman

©Polaris/Bergdorf Goodman

Some may recall when Kate wore the Temperley Delphi separates Monday night we suggested she might have been wearing the Gianvito Rossi Criss Cross Sandal in black suede, shown below.

Bergdorf Goodman/Polaris

Bergdorf Goodman/Polaris

A look tonight at Kate’s shoes from the side and from the front and it’s obvious she is wearing the same style worn on Monday.

Kate Bhutan Dinner Sandals Shoes Feet Closeups Gianvito Rossi Criss Cross or Sisely Sandals Tory Burch Gown April 14 2016

Bergdorf is sold out of the sandals, but I discovered they are also referred to as the Sisely sandal. A quick search using that name showed them in stock at Matches in quite a few sizes. They even came in a beautiful blue but it looks like that color is out of stock.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

In case you missed our earlier post, it covers Kate’s different looks prior to this evening’s dinner dress. And you can find out why Kate has this expression on her face.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

We will see you Friday bright and early.


  • Paro Taktsang hike: Kate and William will hike for 5 to 6 hours until they reach Paro Taktsang, also known as Tiger’s Nest monastery.
  • Reception: The final event in Bhutan is a reception with “British nationals and Bhutanese people with strong links to the UK.”


Some may recall

  71 Responses to “Take Two for Tory as Kate Wears Designer’s Gown for Dinner”

  1. One of her best ever looks! Can she please start dressing like this more often?

  2. Am I the only one who found it odd she wore a dress with the colors of the Indian flag to the Bhutan dinner? When I saw the dress I assumed it was for an India state dinner due to the colors, and was confused when I heard it was for the Bhutan dinner. I have to wonder if she bought the dress for the India dinner but for some reason had to switch it last minute. It’s an odd dress, especially with the clashing red beading at the top, but would have been perfect for an Indian dinner given it’s the color of the India flag.

  3. The dress doesn’t look nice in the close-up & I’m not very keen on the red embellishments, they remind me of Island people’s shark-tooth necklaces, but the embroidery is beautiful, I thought it was sequins at first. A very unusual colour combination but I like it, I didn’t understand what people meant by calling them ‘acid tones’ though? The only acid colour I can think of is a bright yellow, one worn by Kate in Australia and that isn’t on this garment.
    I’ve liked everything on this tour except that yellow coat on arrival in Bhutan. When she first wore it I thought it was a dress but I didn’t like the fabric & the colour is sickroom hideous. The cape worn for the archery was very me as was the lavender skirt, but I do wish the designer had used enough material so that it did actually wrap around her & not come apart in the wind.
    I was tickled by how tiny Queen Jepta is and that she was still so much shorter than Kate even in her thick platforms – like a little doll! I googled her & was struck also by similarities between the two couples, both ladies were commoners from ordinary backgrounds whose princes wed for love. Before this tour I knew roughly where Bhutan was, that it was Bhuddist, mountainous & involved in the 2nd World War but nothing else. I am intrigued that it has a thriving tourist industry & would love to be able to buy the fabrics. The jackets look terribly impractical though.

  4. I have to be honest, I have been very disappointed in her fashion choices for this tour. I do not like the fact that her personality has not shown in her fashion choices. I feel that she is trying too hard to blend in with Indian culture. I do love her choices in casual wear for this tour.

  5. As far as I am concerned, Kate has started a trend I will follow. Just like I stopped wearing hose when Diana did, I intend to have perfectly groomed toes but no color on them. Thank you Kate!

  6. The dress is beautiful and appropriate for the occasion. I doubt we’ll see her wear it again though. It looks like a straight to museum piece.

    Is William only allowed to wear blue suits? Even khakis and a black blazer would’ve worked.

  7. I saw the John Lewis comment, but could the shawl be this one? http://www.novica.com/itemdetail/?pid=230105 It is made in India.

  8. Just loved the Tori Busch dress.

  9. Love this look- fabulous dress and shoes!! So happy to see her in a different shoe. Disappointed in the cheap earrings.; missed opportunity for some great gold earrings ……

  10. OK to start with Kate is wearing the exact colors of the Indian flag on her embroidery! Saffron white green with a black Ashoka Chakra in the middle! I remember a discussion in one of the posts saying while she won’t wear all three colors together, it will be an odd color or so… but there you have it! Except it is done in Bhutan and not India! :)

    How and why is the Duchess wearing such fun, highly trendy and showing skin clothes in Bhutan whereas the Indian leg got relatively boring, slum appropriate, inexpensive clothes is beyond my comprehension! And a grudge I just can’t seem to let go off!! :) Understandably, the Bhutanese wear colorful, rich fabric and fabulous embroidery but so does the Indians! Kate seems so much more relaxed and happier in Bhutan.

    I think Kate has had most fun with her clothes in this tour than ever! As many others, I dearly hope the Duchess will keep this streak alive! These clothes have reminded us so much of pre-wedding Kate! :)

  11. Flawless and sexy!

  12. I had to look at this dress for a while to decide what I thought of it, but I concluded that the Duchess had hit a bullseye with the entire outfit if not on the archery field. I find that Tory Burch is very inconsistent; I own two of her dresses and love them, but the Duchess’s two TB day dresses leave me cold. The black and white dress that she wore on the Down Under tour was, I thought, rather matronly and dowdy, while the print dress that she apparently wore on the plane to Bhutan has just never appealed to me. I don’t care for the print; the silhouette is uninteresting.

    This dress looked very busy at first, but all the embellishment comprises a small overall pattern that doesn’t overwhelm the look, and it’s elegantly creative as well. I love the beaded neckline feature — both clever and intriguing — and the colors are terrific — very good on the Duchess. Finally, I really like the long, slim fit punctuated by the side slits. This dress manages to be sophisticated, demure, and sexy simultaneously, which is no small feat!

    And it looks just right for the occasion. I’m not sure I could wear it, it’s not really my personal style, but I’d be willing to give it a go, which is considerably more than I can say about most of the other outfits featured on this tour.

    I note a couple of negative remarks about the shawl, but I love it. That vibrant red-orange isn’t easy to wear, but it works on the Duchess, and the shawl punctuates the look with a great pop of solid color. I think it was an inspired choice.

    I’m also impressed by those sandals. I tend to avoid shoes that are strapped at the ankle – they’re not flattering on most people — but they’re fine for long dresses. The side slits on this dress call out for fabulous sandals, and these were just the right pick.

    I wonder how you say “Brava!” in Bhutanese?

    P.S. I’ve mentioned this before but since some people might be thinking now of purchasing a Tory Burch item, I’ll do so again: TB clothes run large. I wear a US size 2 normally, and in many other lines that offer sizes XS, S, M, and L, that means a “Small”. I had to buy both my TB dresses in an “Extra Small”.

    • I felt Kate made this choice just for you — I know you’ve been glad to see Tory Burch’s name pop up even if you haven’t been wild about Kate’s picks. Have to confess I’m relieved you decided you liked this one. Those acid tones have a definite 70s feel I thought, usually something that puts me right off!

  13. I was wondering about the dress or skirt worn underneath yesterday’s Emilia Wickstead as well! I was skeptical of the blue/white Tory dress from the beginning as in the picture when the Duchess is descending the stairs leaving the plane, you can see a coral hem just peeking out underneath the coatdress. I’ll be quite impressed if someone manages to ID that garment, though I suspect people have done so on lesser evidence!

  14. Wow…I guess I am in the minority but I really dislike this dress. The print and color scheme remind me of the furnishings/décor in a 1970s living room. I don’t think it’s a look that will stand the test of time.
    Now, I will say that the orange shawl is the right color to compliment the dress. That’s about as far as I can go on the compliments, unfortunately.

    • I certainly picked up on a 70s vibe which can often leave me cold having lived through it all the first time. But it seems for some of us this particular take on those colours has worked, I’m sorry you haven’t been able to enjoy it. Better luck with the next outfit!

    • Lindsey, I am right there with you on this one. Sadly for me, time has not softened my feelings about these acidic colours. They always seem to be trying way too hard. “Look! We can make really BRIGHT green!” Good for you, designers, I say. Now could we go to something with a bit of subtlety?

      I find it really difficult to see any of the detailing on the dress with the distracting buzz of the pattern. And since the buzz is saying “Seventies patterned carpet,” it is especially distracting.

  15. I love this look. This may be one of my favorite looks of hers, period. The pattern is different for her, the shoes look great, etc. Often when I see her in formal gowns I wish she had her hair up but even that works here. My one “issue” is that with these pictures and the way she is holding her arms it is hard to see the detailing at the waist, but that’s nothing to do with the dress or Kate, just what happens when you only get a few shots as someone is walking. I think this is the first look from the tour where I think she 100% nailed it.

  16. In another photo she has a hair slide in her hair.

    • The Gold Earrings she wore twice the first day in Bhutan are from BRORA – they are called the gold charm earrings and cost 39 pounds. I agree that are really pretty for that price.

  17. Another winning ensemble from Tory Burch. I really like these acid tones set in a black background, they give edge to this latest contemporary take on the heritage textile theme we’ve had on tour. The slight clash of red beading against the harsh orange helps keep things lively.

    You have to be brave to attempt a bright shade of orange but I think Kate can carry it off, it was the right shade to pick out for her stole. There’s no ID for it showing at the moment though I understand it’s a modal stole from John Lewis priced at an accessible £22. I’ve ordered one for a fun souvenir as I happen to have an old wool one in that colour doing duty on the arm of a sitting room chair and looking rather the worse for wear.

    The dress as a whole looks really comfortable and the side slits are not overdone. I love that we get such a clear look at those racy evening sandals in action. We also now have an ID on the earrings, another modest contribution, this time the Gold Charm earrings from Brora at a mere £39. Another effective mix of high end with high street.

  18. There’s Williams blue suit again! Charcoal/black would have been terrific. Sigh.

  19. Drew Barrymore wore this exact same dress at a charity event in NYC this evening. I have to say, Kate wore it best.

  20. What about the belt she is wearing around her cape? Hasn’t anyone noticed it?

    • Several people have noticed it, there was a bit of Twitter traffic yesterday and a Facebook comment or two. I’ll be writing about it briefly but probably not until they head home. It *is* beautiful.

  21. Almost perfect. Not a fan of Burch but this dress works very, very well for Kate. Great colours – finally! And a much better nod to the clothing, colours and craftsmanship of the part of the world she is visiting than we have seen so far. Its another keyhole neck opening. This one is saved by not having a tie and by the red coral sewn in “necklace” – rather like the black metallic look that should have been styled with the McQueen but wasn’t. Wish there had been more coral/turquoise jewellery on this trip. The earring are big and bright enough to make a statement even when Kate’s hair is down. But two issues for me. I don’t find the stole adds elegance. Its too large and looks too heavy – esp with a dress of such a light fabric. Something smaller and lighter would have been better. Great colour, though I’m sure her assistants could have brought her the shawl if she needed it. I too don’t like the cross strap on the shoes. They cut the line of the leg and makes her legs look shorter, esp with a long dress. Might be okay with shorter skirt. I tend to agree about the toe polish – imagine a red coral like the necklace. Or if that’s too sexy, opaline white.

    • I was surprised the stole turned out manmade modal and not cashmere. I imagine it might be a difficult colour to match and not so many options on size, weight or fabric

    • I can’t imagine any shoe making those long lanky thoroughbred legs look shorter!

  22. Loved it, loved it all so young and fresh just perfect

  23. Wow, I really love this Tory Burch it is such a nice bold and colourful look and a bit more daring for her, with bright colours, slits and strappy sandals – which is so nice to see her finally wearing a lighter feminine shoe with her gowns. (I know she has her Jimmy Choos, but she does not wear them that often) I am normally not a fan of her wearing her heavy court shoes with gowns, it often ruins the look.
    I really want to see her push forward and continue this brighter colourful, youthful Kate. Some bold colour blocked Roksanda Ilincic would be perfect. The Bhutanese have such beautiful fabrics and bright bold colours, it is very inspiring. It looks like a beautiful place and the Queen of Bhutan is absolutely stunning. I could not get over how high her heels were and how much shorter she was than Kate (I know she was wearing heels, but hers were shorter than normal)

  24. This dress plus the “cuddle dress” from New Zealand are two of the best non-formal dresses Kate has ever worn. Tory can feel proud, and I’m happy an American designer has done so well for Kate.

  25. Love this dress. The colors are wonderful. I’m going to say it’s my second favorite after the blue Packham gown. The shoes are nice too.

  26. This is one of those “I wouldn’t wear it, but doesn’t she look fabulous!” moments. What a striking and bold dress. Kate is statuesque enough to carry this off, and the colors suit her. The pashmina and earrings perfectly compliment the dress. Another wonderful outfit!

    • I feel the exact same way—would never wear this myself but think she looks great!

      I do love those earrings though and would probably buy them for myself if/when a positive ID is made.

      Hair and makeup are gorgeous too

  27. Another winner in my book. I especially like this because they both look comfortable as if they’re dressed up for a fun night out, not on official duty.

  28. Gorgeous. Best outfit of the entire trip – very flattering and very fashionable. The burnt orange scarf/shawl ties up the whole outfit perfectly.

  29. The slew of print dresses she’s been wearing reminds me of Kate’s pre-marriage style. I think this is a nice look for her, and it carries a good balance between appropriate glamour and cultural connection.

  30. This dress is beautiful and perfect for her tall, lean frame. I like the shoes too – it’s nice to see something other than closed-toed pumps/heels. But the shoes in blue are absolutely drool-worthy, what a stunning color!

  31. Thanks Susan for all your hard work in keeping up with the multiple changes each day! I really look forward to sitting down in the evening to catch up!

    I LOVE this dress!! My favorite of the tour so far. It’s fashion forward and paired with the bold earrings and shawl, Kate owns this look!

    Just wish we could see some of this brought back to the UK…. So often, it seems there is so much of an effort put toward “recycling” her outfits and dressing conservatively, that we’ve lost some of the “Cool Kate” looks that we saw earlier from her. But, Bravo tonight!

  32. her styling is perfect (as usual), but I don’t care for the dress pattern — reminds me of a hotel carpet. My least favorite look of the tour.

  33. I love this whole look. I would love to see her dress like this more often. Definitely takes me.back to the 1980′s or nineties and all the bold, interesting patterns. She looks great. Even her hair down and just good earrings look good with this dress. The detail of the dress is quite pretty.

  34. I imagine this was even more gorgeous in person! Beautiful! The close up of the neckline and detail of the embroidery is wonderfully different! Catherine looks so beautiful in this ensemble. The shoes and earrings are lovely, in my opinion, and I love the fact that she has matched them both with other outfits. Well done, Catherine!

  35. I don’t like this fabric, but she looks great, and the styling is perfect. I like the shoes and love the earrings.

  36. I loved today’s looks – they all hit the mark in my opinion. (Heh, heh, unintended archery pun there…).

    My question is…seriously, how does Kate wear such high heels for so long, every day? She had a break with the flats, but other than that she strode around in high heels confidently and seemingly effortlessly. About three seconds after I’d put on any of those pairs I’d be literally hobbling about or my feet would be falling asleep. I’m thinking well made, expensive shoes are structured in a way that makes them easier to wear? Or… Any info appreciated!

    • I had a non-Western professor once who believed that high heels were a status symbol. Those who wore them, he said, did not have to walk to subways, but were rather driven to places they need to go.

      I expect Kate (and Queen Jetsun, by her high heels this morning!) are used to only walking a minimal distance in heels.

    • You’re right. Her heels aren’t from Payless!! Mostly all expensive heels have special technology built in that make them very comfortable. Nike and Adidas have patented technology that is used by some manufacturers. Cheap heels don’t have it and that’s why they hurt so much.

    • There’s a super fun book called How To Walk In High Heels that teaches you just that. You don’t put the weight of your foot on the heel; you put in on the balls of your foot. There are also different strides depending on the kind of ground you’re walking on. And, you need to have good balance. I can’t wear heels much any more, and I never wore anything higher than three inches.

    • I don’t have the info you’re after, but I did notice when she removed her shoes at Ghandi’s home that her smaller toes were quite bent and crowded together, I believe from wearing such high pointy shoes. I, too, cringe at the thought of how her feet must feel after such long hours in sky high heels. I’m also fearful she’s going hiking tomorrow in her cursed wedges. ;-)

    • Amy, I feel your pain! I’m almost always in a low wedge. I only wear heels when The occasion warrants and certainly not ones with such skinny heels as Kate. She’s amazing.

    • I’m sure expensive shoes are structured to give more support and more comfort. I’d say, some of the reason that Kate can wear such high heels for so long is due to her age. I don’t know how old you are Amy, but I am 60+. I can look back and see that every decade the heels on my shoes got lower, my feet got wider and horror of horrors, bunions appeared. I still make the effort to have a dressy shoe with a bit of a heel for dressy occasions. However, for daily use, I and my friends look for the comfort that is found in flats or sandals.

    • I wear high heels all the time (out of the house) and don’t find them uncomfortable. And my shoes are certainly not high-end! I can walk quite briskly in them, run for buses etc without any problems. I’m sure my feet will pay for it in years to come, though…

    • Practice is the answer. If you are used to wear high heels, you can manage it better. I’m used to wear high heels almost everyday
      taking subway and having to walk to go to work and I can assure it isn’t so hard and of course I can’t afford expensive shoes.

    • Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It seems the general consensus is that is a combination of craftsmanship, confidence, a certain income, posture and age…or shall I say, alas, youth. Thanks for the fun conversation. Now…into my slippers I go.

  37. For me, this is one of her best looks ever. I love the boldness of the print and color, as well as the straight silhouette of the dress. Its a more sophisticated look than we usually she her sport.

    The criss cross ankle straps are bothering me. They are cutting up the nice line of the dress to her feet. Also, I think if you have your hair and makeup done and are dressed to the nines, your toes need to be polished. Its kind of like forgetting to put on lipstick.

    I was wondering if the earrings are something she picked up in India. However, when she would have had time to shop is beyond me. They are spectacular.

    • The lack of a pedicure bugs me too. There was an article that stated that anyone complaining about the toes is being an ass though. Let me go find it.

    • Her toes ARE polished. She chose a clear polish, I suppose because she wouldn’t have time to change colors every day. Or, perhaps she doesn’t like color on her fingers and toes. I don’t and I’m sure there are others who feel the same.

      • Im trying to find the toe polish. If she does have it on, she needs another coat or a higher shine brand. It doesn’t count if we can’t see it in photographs.

    • Her toes look shiny to me, so I imagine they are either polished or very neatly clipped and buffed. I don’t think “in her shoes” on this whirlwind tour, I would wear a colored polish either.

    • I can understand that it would be tricky to change toe nail colour to match a dress. Therefore a colour to pick up the orange in this outfit, might not be an option. But colourless nail polish comes across as colourless…or not even there.

      Surely Kate could opt for some sort of neutral, that would go with any outfit….a pearly white, a very soft shell pink, a frosted beige.

      I agree she looks perfect…dress, stole, shoes, jewellery, hair, makeup…but her feet look uncared for. Pity!

  38. Thanks for the close ups of this dress. The details are stunning. We may never see it again, but I’m betting she will get some wear out of it. Gorgeous piece, and a perfect choice for a not-too-dressy night. The prince isn’t even wearing a tie!

  39. Great post! Love the shots of the sandals!
    The embroidery is superb! Really like the slits!
    Thanks for the post!

  40. The dress is lovely, but I wish she hadn’t worn an American designer. Tours are the unique opportunity to fly the flag for UK or local designers.

  41. Another different look for Kate and one that I think she wears very well. The fabric is interesting and when seen in close up is very lovely. I like the way that Kate has styled this look – hair, shoes and earrings all work well in my opinion. We have certainly seen plenty of variety in the different looks Kate has worn on this tour and I think she has chosen well. I have enjoyed her in everything she has worn.

  42. Thought this was a bold look. She owned it, which was great to see. I thought the dress looked hideous on the models and stunning on Kate.

  43. The dress fits her beautifully and the orange pashmina/shawl adds the perfect touch of elegance. The earrings are perfect. She looks lovely.

    • I agree with you – the dress is a really nice fit for her body. It’s quite a bold look…I’m so curious what the Queen of Bhutan was wearing in comparison.

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