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Kate Calendar Update, Poll Results & Latest Conversation on Canada Tour Possibility

We are back with a couple of updates. The first tidbit is an addition to Kate’s Calendar for an event taking place this Friday.

  • Friday, July 8: Kate and William will attend the Royal International Air Tattoo, the world’s largest military airshow. Kate will be attending in her role as patron of the Air Cadets; this year’s show will pay tribute to the Cadets 75th Anniversary.  After meeting dignitaries and some of the Air Cadets the couple will have lunch and watch a portion of the afternoon’s airborne displays/performances. Proceeds from the Show benefit the RAF Charitable Trust. (Read the official news release here.) 

This promises to be a fun engagement. Below, Kate on the cover of this spring’s issue of Air Cadet magazine.

Air Cadets

Air Cadet

People have been asking about Kate at Wimbledon. Unfortunately we don’t have specific information regarding her possible attendance at matches. Friday Andy Murray plays in the men’s semi-finals; we don’t expect Kate to be there because of the Air Tattoo commitment.  Should Mr. Murray be victorious in that match he would then play on Sunday in the men’s final; that match is scheduled for a 2pm start on Centre Court.

UPDATED 7PM EDT July 6Emily Andrews of The Sun reported on Twitter that Kate will attend Wimbledon on Thursday. “Kate will be at Wimbledon tomorrow, watching Serena & Venus Williams in their semi-final matches on Centre Court.”


Now to the results of our polls on the clothing, accessories, and jewelry worn during that busy week in June when we saw Kate at 7 different engagements. We begin with your favorite dress/coat/coatdress.©Polaris //

As many expected, the big winner is the “Nansen” gown from designer Roland Mouret worn to the SportsBall at Kensington Palace. Coming in second, the soft blue Catherine Walker coatdress seen at the Service of Thanksgiving. One interesting note: look how close the voting was for the white Dolce and Gabbana dress worn to Royal Ascot and the ivory Alexander McQueen first seen at Charlotte’s christening, just 22 votes separate those two styles.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.06.30 PM


There was also a clear winner when it came to your favorite chapeau.© /

The new Philip Treacy seen at Trooping the Colour easily took the top spot, with the red Lock and Company coming in next among the hat choices.

Busy June Week 2016 Favorite hat Poll Results Graphic July 5 2016


You really liked the winner of the shoe poll, the red suede Gianvito Rossi style was more than 1500 votes ahead of the next pair, the Gianvito Rossi Sisely, or Criss Cross Sandal. (The photo below shows Kate wearing the shoe during the tour, we did not have a stellar photo from June to use.)

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Net a Porter/Polaris/Gianvito Rossi

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Net a Porter/Polaris/Gianvito Rossi

Here’s how the numbers broke out.

Busy Week June 2016 Shoe Poll Results July 5 2016


The final poll on clothing and accessories asked for your preference among the handbags Kate carried. This brought a bit of a surprise, I didn’t expect the red Alexander McQueen clutch to take the top spot. (There’s no real reason, I just wasn’t expecting it.) The LK Bennett Natalie clutch was next in the voting.Busy June Week Handbag Poll Results Red Suede McQueen Bow Wicker Straw Natalie LK Bennett Clutch July 5 2016

The results.

Busy June Week Polls Favorite Handbag Results July 5 2016


We also have results from the three jewelry polls, starting with the new piece of jewelry that was your favorite. Kate’s Cartier Trinity earrings were your top choice, with the UFO pearl drops from Royal Ascot finishing second.©

The votes stacked up this way:

Busy June week Favorite Jewelry New Item Worn Poll Results July 5 2016


The previously worn piece you liked the most: the Robinson Pelham acorn/oak leaf diamond earrings first worn by Kate for her 2011 wedding.Busy Week Jewelry Polls Favorite Previously Worn Pieces Pix July 5 2016

Busy June 2016 Week Favorite Jewelry Previously Worn Item


And your favorite pair of earrings, old and new, worn by the Duchess: 

Kate Busy June Week 2016 Favorite Earrings Results Poll July 5 2016

Once again, the Robinson Pelham diamond pair takes the top spot.

Busy June 2016 Week Jewelry Poll Results Favorite Earrings July 5 2016

Tomorrow we will wrap up our polls, asking for your favorite overall ensemble of the week.


Also this evening, word about a royal tour of Canada. This is something that has been percolating for several months. I’ve not written about it because there hasn’t been confirmation of dates, locations, or anything else related to the topic. Until today, when Canada’s Globe and Mail published a story titled “Trudeau invites William and Kate for royal tour of Canada,” confirming the official invitation has been extended. From that piece:

Canadian officials are working on a royal visit that would be a match made in paparazzi heaven, featuring Prince William, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and their equally telegenic families. 

The visit has yet to be officially confirmed, but it stands to be a crucial moment in the lead-up to the 2017 celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary. A formal invitation has been sent and early preparations are under way, sources said.

The Prime Minister’s Office is awaiting word from Kensington Palace on the visit, including the potential destinations that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would like to visit.

Hypothetical dates are in late September and/or early October. The country is approaching its sesquicentennial; Canada’s 150th anniversary will be celebrated throughout 2017. The article generated a significant amount of chatter on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites this afternoon. The element of the conversation generating the most discussion: whether George and Charlotte would accompany their parents on the trip. Again, there’s no official announcement so we don’t know if the young Prince and Princess would be part of the group making the trip.

As a rule, heads of government don’t generally speak of invitations extended to representatives of other governments until things are formally announced, or very (very) close to being announced. Patricia Treble has a piece for Maclean’s covering this part of the dynamic:

That a government official would comment on an invitation sent to members of the royal family requesting a visit is unusual, to say the least. Until dates are carved into stone, there is usually radio silence….

One former insider familiar with the mechanics of royal visits in Canada calls the decision to go public without a confirmation “odd and ill-advised,” adding that, from a protocol point of view, it’s “not really good form to set up public expectations without advanced negotiations.”

The Sun’s Emily Andrews shared this perspective on Twitter:

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@ByEmilyAndrews)

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@ByEmilyAndrews)

You can read Patricia’s entire piece here, the Globe and Mail story may be read in its entirety here.


Finally this evening, congratulations to Katie in Wisconsin, she is the winner of our Cornelia James Imogen scarf! Her comment on where she would wear the scarf said “I would wear the lovely scarf to my first salary job after college… and a job I’ve wanted for well over ten years. I think the scarf would be the perfect treat to celebrate!” A big thank you to Cornelia James and to all of you who entered, this one was fun.

We leave you with two montages from a year ago today when Princess Charlotte was christened. Our original post about the day is here.



And here we share the sweet faces of the guest of honor and her big brother. Our original What Kate’s Kids Wore post about the day is here.


©Mario Testino, Art Partners/Polaris/

We’ll see you tomorrow for Kate’s engagement at the Natural History Museum, when she will present the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year award

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Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Dear WKW, Will Kate be attending the Olympics? x Millie


Thursday 7th of July 2016

Hey! I'm from Brazil! Very nice to see Kate in Shutz shoes! They are very popular around here. It would be a dream to see her in Brazil for the Rio Olympics! Kisses

Matt Pa

Thursday 7th of July 2016

As a Canadian, I must agree that we would very much like them to be here on July 1st. 2017, for the offical celebration day. Kate might be the most unifying force in Canadian politics right now, as people who may not be enthusiastic about the Monarchy, seem to like her very much. She even has a good standing in Quebec, which might be a first for a royal in quite some time.

Maybe the pre-announcement and break in protocol was a feeler to see the public's reaction to them coming so early, and not on Canada Day next year. I think most Canadians would love to see them on the official 2017 celebration, but the government might want them to be here in the fall, to get Canadians educated and interested in the kick off of the celebrations. I think that's why we're seeing so much "unofficial" news coming out.

Judith Hayman

Wednesday 6th of July 2016

As a Canadian, SOMEONE from the royal family has to be invited for the sesquicentennial, preferably being here for the actual day. But my thinking is that if there is going to be another baby Cambridge, it will be next year. If that is the case, given the Duchess's past history, she won't be far afield from August through to the end of 2017. Or I could be completely mistaken and all the speculation could come true. Myself, I'd rather like Her Majesty to make a singular exception to her distance travel rule! However, I don't expect that to happen. Where are Britannia or the Concorde when we need them?


Wednesday 6th of July 2016

A couple of thoughts about Canada. By all rights, a 2017 engagement would go to the Queen. She was in Canada in 1967, for the centenary of the Canadian Confederation, so it would make perfect sense for her to go next year.

But, she doesn't take long trips any more, and it's doubtful she would be up for a lengthy visit across a vast country. Charles and Camilla have gone frequently, and basically Canadians aren't interested in them (one of their more recent appearances drew nine people).

So, it makes sense William and Kate would get the nod. It still makes more sense for them to go in 2017, but the Canadians might fudge things and do a sesquicentennial kick off this fall if that's when it fits best into their schedule.

It would be kind of unusual for the Cambridges to do two major tours in one year, though, and there are the usual discussions on where they'd go and what they'd see. They've already done Quebec, the Maritimes and western Canada. Maybe some stops in Toronto and the prairies?

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