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Kate, William, George and Charlotte were a symphony of blue for today’s arrival in Canada.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

From The Daily Mail:

As they walked down the steps William could be heard to tell George to ‘watch the step’.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

A quick video of the family as they leave the Royal Canadian Air Force jet that brought them from London to Victoria, British Columbia.

The royals were greeted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Governor General David Johnston and Sharon Johnston, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark.

Justin Trudeau Twitter

Justin Trudeau Twitter

Of course, both Charlotte and George were a big hit. 

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

From The Telegraph

Prince George, three, held the Duke’s hand as he carefully climbed down to the tarmac, looking a little wary and clutching his mother’s skirt before becoming absorbed with his new admirers and the military base around him. The Duchess kept a close eye on three-year-old George, at one point asking him whether he was “okay” as she crouched down to stroke his hair.

Christy Clark, BC Premier (@ChristyClarkBC)

Christy Clark, BC Premier (@ChristyClarkBC)

Here you see all the different shades of blue worn by the family today.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

The family then traveled to Government House, where they will be staying for the week. From The Telegraph:  

After seeing the children settled in, the Duke and Duchess then travelled to an official welcoming ceremony at the British Columbia Parliament Buildings

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

From left to right: BC Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, Governor General David Johnston, Sharon Johnston, Kate, William, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, BC Premier Christy Clark.  

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

From the National Post

Hundreds of people lined blue gates criss-crossing the legislature lawn, many sporting small Canadian and British Columbia flags in their hands, hats or hair. Many had been waiting since noon, more than five hours before the royal couple’s scheduled arrival.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

Placing a wreath at the Cenotaph. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From Hello!:

William and Kate paid respects at Victoria’s Cenotaph and unveiled a new plaque paying tribute to the Canadian veterans who were involved in the Afghanistan conflict.

The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

The message with the wreath. 

Hannah Furness, The Telegraph (@Hannah_Furness)

Hannah Furness, The Telegraph (@Hannah_Furness)

Prince William addressing the dignitaries.  

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From Hello! Canada

William said that both he and Kate were “delighted” to be back in Canada, the country they first toured as newlyweds in 2011.

The Crown in Canada (@TheCrowninCA)

The Crown in Canada (@TheCrownCA)

 “We are so pleased that George and Charlotte can be with us… beginning their own lifetime of friendship with this wonderful country,” he said. “Catherine and I have asked to meet as many people from as many walks of life as we can while we are here.”

Christy Clark,Member BC Legislative Assembly (@ChristyClarkBC)

City of Victoria

As is often the case, the pair seemed to enjoy themselves. 

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

The Duchess was a hit with the crowds. 

Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister

Kate meeting Vicki, a 14-year-old having a wish fulfilled by the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. The Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening diseases, similar to Make-a-Wish. Vicki’s wish: meeting the royal family. 

The Crown in Canada (@TheCrownCA)

The Crown in Canada (@TheCrownCA)

Here you see William with Governor General David Johnston just to his right.  

Canadian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister

The Duke and Duchess leaving the ceremony, ready to head back to Government House.   

Courtesy Arnold Lim Photo @ArnoldLimPhoto

Courtesy Arnold Lim Photo @ArnoldLimPhoto

Some will recognize Kate’s private secretary Rebecca Deacon gathering additional flower bouquets.

Rhiannon Mills, Sky TV  (@SkyRhiannon)

Rhiannon Mills, Sky TV (@SkyRhiannon)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau spent time with William and Kate after the official ceremony. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

A quick video of the meeting. 

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

While this is not What Sophie Wore, there have been questions about her dress and shoes today. I do not know the designer of either but will happily share updated info should we discover either/both sources for the items. UPDATE: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was also wearing Gianvito Rossi, the 100mm Plexi & Suede pumps, available at Luisa Via Roma in black/olive. Many thanks to Fashion Follower on Facebook for the tip. 


Canadian Heritage /Luisa Via Roma

Today’s look was a hit for the Duchess. The Jenny Packham bespoke dress was in a blue that is very flattering on Kate. It is also one of the primary colors in British Columbia’s flag. The dress is a classic sheath that hits just below the knee; it has a self belt, slightly puffed sleeves that are fluted and bracelet-length, and a concealed zipper. The collar detail is a nice change, as is the vee at the back neckline.   

©i-Images/Polaris, i-Images/Polaris

©i-Images/polaris i-Images/Polaris

This shows some of the dress details: the princess seaming at the bodice, darts at the hip and a closer look at the collar. 

©James Whatling Splash News, i-Images/

©James Whatling, Splash News / i-Images

The Duchess wore the Queen’s platinum and diamond maple leaf brooch, also worn during the 2011 tour.  kate-canada-arrival-blue-packham-queens-maple-leaf-diamond-brooch-side-by-side-sept-24-2016 Kate opted for her tanzanite earrings. We show them below with the pair by G. Collins & Sons almost identical to hers; the difference being Kate’s aren’t suspended from the trio of diamonds.  kate-earrings-tanzanite-arrival-canada-sept-24-2016 Here you have a good look at Kate’s updo, as well as her Sylvia Fletcher for Lock and Company hat. You can Kate’s style today is embellished with maple leaves, a change from the floral motif on the red hat. That piece was first worn for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, and then reworn in June of this year for Order of the Garter.

©Polaris /i-Images

©Polaris /i-Images

A better look at the maple leaves.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

We saw the return of Kate’s Gianvito Rossi suede pumps in the ‘praline’ colorway. The shoes remain available at Net-a-Porter ($675).

©i-IMages/My Theresa

©i-IMages/My Theresa

The Duchess carried her trusty Nina hard-sided clutch (£185, roughly $240 at today’s exchange rates) in the ‘trench’ color from LK Bennett.

©Polaris/LK Bennett

©Polaris/LK Bennett

Kate and William leaving after this evening’s ceremony.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a parenting thought or two for William and Kate.

We encountered some rather challenging technical issues tonight, my apologies for the post being so late. I hope to update it tomorrow with more photos. Many, many ‘thank yous’ to all who were so patient and helpful tonight.

For all of the details on what Charlotte and George were wearing visit our sister site, What Kate’s Kids Wore.

We’ll see you tomorrow. canada-tour-2016-schedule-graphic-agenda-events-sunday-september-25


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  121 Responses to “Kate Oozes Elegance in Blue Jenny Packham for Canada Arrival”

  1. This is why a religiously follow… for moments like these!!!

  2. This is one of my favorite outfits. Her hat is beautiful and I love the cheeky collar. I love that the family made themselves unified with the blue theme.

    Little Charlotte looks like she has her mother’s extrovert personality and George is just a bit shy.

    I love every outfit the Cambridges wore. :)

  3. Love this look. To me it gives off a Wallis Simpson vibe.

  4. Perfect. She looks stunning. The hair, the hat, the dress – perfect. No comment on the nude pumps but old habits die hard. The dress is slightly too long – as the side view shows, it hits at a very unattractive point on Kate’s legs. That length is probably the most unflattering on anyone. But this is a quibble – the best look I have seen on Kate in a long, long time.

  5. Spectacular look, one of my favourites on her. Flawless head to toe.

  6. Perfect outfit, she looks fantastic! Very flattering color, cut, and hat. I particularly like the neckline, with the v-shape at the back.

    Question about Sophie’s shoes: has anyone worn these kind of shoes before? I always wondered if one’s feet wouldn’t look like a face squashed against a window, plus when they start to sweat…. How do you keep your feet looking nice?

  7. Perfection!

    Kate is beautiful but I don’t typically think of her as a model. However, I can totally imagine her walking down a runway in this dress. (Especially after her grace on those stairs, a runway would be cake!) It makes her look so long and lean! I love the hem length, the sleeve length, and the neckline. All accent her lovely features so well!

    I also love the practicality of it. Puff sleeves have slightly more mobility than regular sleeves, and the slight bell sleeve (easy to miss on a first look) would all make bending her arms to wave, shake hands, and carry children much more comfortable.

    Bravo! I hope to see many more clothes of this caliber on this trip.

    • I also think we can skip the voting on our favorites looks for the trip because I just don’t see how any other outfit could be this perfect. Maybe we can vote for seconds?

  8. Perfect! I agree with so many on Sophie’s hat but Kate looked perfect. I love watching William & Kate “work” the crowd

  9. Great dress with beautiful lines, color and detail. Hair, jewelry, perfect. But how in the world does she walk down the stairs in those shoes carrying the little one, then bend down and stand back up without toppling over! Is there a class we can take to learn that?

  10. I love this look, even the nude shoes don’t bother me.

    This is a bit of an aside, but it seems we haven’t heard from Lili in a while; I remember wanting to get her take on the Altuzarra dress from the other day, and I was thinking she would probably approve of this look. Hope all is well and she’s merely busy.

    • I was thinking the same thing a few days ago! Lili if you’re reading this, you (and your commentary!) are missed! I hope everything is okay.

    • I also noticed Lili’s absence. While I rarely comment, I’m an avid reader, and Lili’s comments, along with Eliza Mo’s, are the ones I most look forward to reading! I too hope all is well and that she’ll be back soon.

  11. Very stately and perfect. This style suits her very well.

  12. Wow…what a way to kick off the tour. This was a perfect outfit for Kate…simple, elegant, classic!! Everything was perfect and I absolutely love the hat!! And of course George and Charlotte are too cute for words. :) I can’t wait to see what else she wears on this tour.

  13. Stunning, one of her best and most appropriate look ever. Even like the nude pumps and the collar.

  14. Perfect in every way- a look befitting a future queen.

  15. This is a spectacular look. Clean, simple, classic, but definitely a statement. Loved it.

  16. Perfect from head to toe! I’ve never seen an outfit better suited to the occasion than this one.
    And even though I’m not a hat person, this one complements and elevates the outfit.
    The whole family looks marvelous!

  17. I think this will go down as a classic Kate look. The color and tailoring on the dress are superb. The hat and updo are perfect finishing touches. It’s clear a lot of thought was put into coordinating everyone’s outfits. Everyone matches without being too matchy-matchy. I was unsure about the shoes, but after reading several comments about the praline color elongating Kate’s legs, I agree that they were a good pick.

  18. I am in sheer awe of her for climbing down those bumpy tarmac stairs with her 4 inch heels and both George and Charlotte. How does she even manage not to stick her heels in the holes?

    This is one of those outfits where all the pieces come together without anything feeling to much or out of place. The colour coordination is on point, and the dress fits like a glove. Love the updo, as always, same for the tanzanite earrings. My only quibble is the nude clutch, I think she could have done without one, considering the number of bouquets she was given!

    I also like Sophie’s dress and her pumps. The hat is not my cup of tea but I’d gladly have those Zanottis for Christmas!

    • I thought the nude clutch looked out of place too. When she first arrived of course she wasn’t carrying it — even Kate couldn’t manage that on top of baby/heels/deplaning. So it seemed to arrive out of the blue. I think it went on to become a problem at the war memorial when Kate need both hands for the wreath laying. She passed it hastily on to the Governor-General’s wife who was said to look very surprised!

  19. Love it! Beautiful color and perfectly tailored. I’m surprised it’s Jenny Packham. I didn’t even mind the nude shoes, though I’d die of happiness if she’d wear shoes like Sophie wore.

    Speaking of Sophie and Justin (it’s WKW, not WS&JW, so I’ll be brief) – Sophie’s hat is ridiculous and Justin’s suit is awesome.

    • I was also surprised to see it was Packham! I would have guessed Catherine Walker, I think.

      As someone else pointed out, this one is so similar to the beige lace dress Kate wore a few months ago (was it in France?), so now we know that the lace one was ~probably~ Packham as well.

  20. Catherine looked lovely. I see the sense of an up-do with a televised arrival and the other events one right after the other. She stayed looking well-groomed from start to finish. I watched some of the live feed on Saturday and am once again amazed at the couple’s ability to make small talk over and over again without looking bored or tired of it all. They seem to interact graciously with everyone with whom they come into contact. Class act.

  21. Kate looks amazing, extremely elegant and stylish!
    However, looking at all the comments re: her potentially dangerous but miraculously composed descent down from the plane, I can’t help but wonder – couldn’t have William carried a probably quite heavy toddler, and left Kate to walk hand in hand (and other hand on rail!) with George? Seems to me there’s no need to be quite so patriarchal in the public dynamics…?

    • This is exactly what I thought. It really was a safety issue. He could have handed Charlotte off to Kate at the bottom of the stairs to free up his hands. I get that he is the future King, but if she had caught a heel, nothing would have stopped a terrible tumble to the bottom.

      Back to the clothing, all four looked fabulous! William is really taking his clothing to a new level. My inner nasty is waiting for the day when Charlotte absolutely refuses to wear dresses and will be seen only in black. Wait for it, it is coming, :)

    • I agree, Kate looks wonderful. This shade of blue is just so flattering on her. I love Sophie’s dress, too (I always love bows).

      As for William holding Charlotte instead of Kate: Sometimes kids want one parent to hold them and absolutely NOT the other one (then 5 minutes later, it’s the reverse). In such public circumstances, you can’t risk a toddler tantrum. So having Mommy carry her might have been what Charlotte wanted right at that moment. It’s not necessarily a sign of an oppressive patriarchy.

      • I agree. And the fact is that Kate managed it perfectly well, and looked completely confident the whole time, regardless of what we felt watching her. There was nothing to stop her using the handrail if she felt she needed it; she clearly didn’t.

      • Exactly, precisely 100% what I started to type last night and then deleted. Reaching for sexism in a situation like a royal arrival with two small children after a very long flight seems like a leap to me.

    • Late to the party here, but I see it as the mother taking the younger child. This is Charlotte’s first trip, and potentially scarier for her than George, who is older and a bit more experienced (thinking the trip to the air base they did a few weeks ago, that sort of thing). Kids so young tend to want to be with mam more than dad, and it is the maternal stereotype/societal expectation for the mother to be with the younger child. I think Kate would have had the baby and William the toddler even if the birth order had been girl then boy. Also royal protocol of them both being future monarchs and Charlotte will most likely never be Queen. I agree on being terrified of falling though – when I flew with my then 7 month old, it was nerve-wracking – and I was in comfy jeans and flats, not a dress as beautiful as this and heels higher than I could ever walk in!

  22. This is the perfect ensemble for those tanzanites! They’ve seemed too flashy or even a little….cheap?…looking other times we have seen them, but they are just perfect this time.

  23. Well, wow! I’m so struck by how far she’s come. Of course, some of that is maturity, etc., but this ensemble compared to five years ago in her off-the-rack cream, too short dress, her little red saucer hat, and what were probably her mother’s red patent shoes is astonishing. Everything, including the tan accessories, is perfect. Just perfect.

    Not fashion-oriented, but to see her kneel down in those heels to speak to George with Charlotte on her hip and then come back up with seemingly no effort is nothing short of Wonder Women-esque.

    • I’ll echo Elizabeth’s comment…..when I saw Kate kneeling down to George and getting up again under her own steam I thought – well now, there’s a girl who’s doing her lunges! Kate is superhuman and does it all with such grace.

      Agree with all the superlatives about this look. Although I’m sure every detail was thought through, Kate also managed to not to look like she was trying too hard.

  24. She could not have looked more beautiful. The UK should be so proud of this outstanding and upstanding couple. Their family is stunning and what a joy to watch them get better and better at their difficult roles. I can’t imagine the whole world watching absolutley every move you make. I keep thinking what little Prince George must think of all the media. The color she wore was royal and breathtaking on her. I look forward to the tour. Thank you for the coverage. A fun week ahead!

  25. Thank you deeply for your ever kind, clear, inspired, inspiring work for us all.

  26. I think she’s finally found her perfect hat style. Some hats just look like they’re sitting on top of her head and don’t do anything for her, but this style, with the tip up to the side and décor below the brim resting on her hair always looks fabulous on her — like the pink hat with the large flower we saw on the balcony (can’t remember what that was, Trooping??) or the red hat or this one. This style completely flatters her and yes, along with the shoes, makes her look like she’s soaring in slim tall elegance.

  27. She wore a red and white McQueen dress today with red pumps and a red clutch. Tailored on the top with a ruffled layer bottom. People Magazine site has some photos.

    I love the blue suit and hat on her, just so elegant and perfectly tailored. And that maple leaf brooch is gorgeous.

  28. Day 2 BC. Kate is wearing red and white and YAY!!!!!!!!!! Red Shoes!

  29. Kate looks magnificent! It’s going to be tough for her to top this impeccable look, in my opinion. That dress fits like a glove – the cut is perfect on her. The color is gorgeous. The hat and hairstyle and jewelry are elegant and appropriate.
    Charlotte must be chilly in that dress though!

  30. Thank you Susan for all of your coverage and this wonderful post! Overall, I think Kate and the entire family looked just gorgeous.

    I realize I am in the minority, but I just can’t bring myself to like updos on her. I definitely don’t think her hair should have been down completely (we’ve seen what the wind on those tarmacs can do!), but I think it would have been perfect if it was pulled back in the front — half-up — then flowing down from behind that lovely hat. Similar to how it was on her wedding day, I suppose, is the best example I can think of at the moment.

    I believe the updos age her and make her appear so matronly! To me, she looks much older than 34 in these photos. Stunning to be sure, but far older than her actual age.

    Kate is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and I think even ~she~ looks a bit harsh with all of her hair pulled back from her face. But as I said, I know I’m in the minority and most everyone else seems to think this type of updo is the way to go.

    Is there anyone else out there who prefers her hair at least half down?? I’m truly so curious as to why the updos are so popular and would like to hear what other WKW’ers think.

    But again, when all is said and done, she looked gorgeous, and more importantly, happy and proud :)

    • I actually really like her updos. I found the one she wore getting off the plane gorgeous and to me not at all matronly. She wears her hair in so many styles and at this point all her styles seem pretty soft and forgiving to her looks. But it really does just boil down to personal tastes:)

    • I prefer her hair down but there are times when a change is needed and the down look isn’t elegant or appropriate. This style looks amazing with the hat and outfit, and is appropriate for a state visit. To wear an updo like this all the time or at a local charity visit in the UK would be all wrong and too old looking, but for a few occasions the updo (like young brides at weddings or formals) is lovely. I was so shocked when I saw one of Princess Anne’s engagement photos and she had her long hair flowing down — she looked so young and beautiful! But then for some odd reason at her wedding and every day thereafter, she wore the up style we’re so used to, and aged 20 years immediately. But Kate is different … the variety keeps it fresh, and for some occasions down doesn’t work as much.

    • I think the updos are popular because it takes the heavy hair off her face. That way you can truly see how beautiful Kate’s features are. You can also see her earrings. At times, a collar detail, or neckline on a dress are not seen due to it being covered by her long hair. Also, she is not preoccupied trying to control her hair. It would likely be blowing around like crazy out on the tarmac. Then again, the updo looks more professional, more regal, all round more sophisticated.

    • I think the Duchess has gorgeous hair, and there have been times when her half-up-do has suited her clothes extremely well. I’m thinking back to the Australia tour and Easter Sunday….her entire look that day was perfection, IMO, including her gorgeous mane of half-up/half-down hair. There have been times, too, when her hair worn down has aged her, and hasn’t been her best look (again just my extremely humble opinion). Again looking back, her hair on London Poppy Day, in 2013 (red coat) was certainly not her best hair-down look. I loved the arrival style yesterday, and was especially glad to be able to see the back neckline of her fabulous dress – the wide-set collar invited the question (for me, anyway) of how it followed ’round to the back. I also felt that her hairstyle yesterday made her hair, in combination with her hat, the ultimate fashion accessory. I think, for me, it’s about an entire “package”, and how hair ties into the ensemble as a whole. For me, her arrival styling was gorgeous – from the complex updo right to the tips of her nude suede shoes! Honestly, she’s a beautiful woman, even on “off” style days. She’s so lucky to have such great options in hair styling with all that beautiful hair!

    • I thought this was an exceptional updo, particularly since Kate often suffers from stray strands of hair working loose. I think a low bun like this might seem matronly to some but it’s often in keeping with some of the retro style dresses she picks. I sometimes wonder if she has so much hair that to pile it all on top might be extra heavy and a lower bun might be more comfortable.

    • Thank you so much for all of the responses!

      I agree she’s lucky to have hair so versatile that there are so many options, and definitely don’t think having it all down would have worked on a windy Tarmac.

      I guess I was thinking more along the lines of the half-up (but pretty much all up off her face) styles she wore for the Queen’s Jubilee Mass when she wore the lace McQueen sheath, or the way her hair was the day she wore the blue Missoni coat to visit the Underground with the Queen. I can’t post photos, but she had hats on for both those occasions so they were the best comparisons I could come up with.

      However, Becca Lee you made a good point I hadn’t thought of: that with this particular dress, we wouldn’t have been able to see that interesting back neckline detail without her hair up, and that makes a lot of sense.

      I don’t think I will ever love the updo on Kate, but I do have a better understanding now of why others do so thank you! :)

  31. This is flawless, top to toe.

    • I do not think her updos age her. She looks her age. Perhaps you are used to seeing older people styling themselves thusly, so associate it with a certain age. And updo is also convenient when moving about – keeps the hair in check.

  32. Any photos from today’s events yet? By my clock, they should have started. I think she looked great yesterday,actually one of her best looks and given that the shoes were suede, they were more of a natural suede than.nude which worked well with the dress. Black shoe would have been too somber. I would like to see her try out a style like Sophie was wearing. I also likes Sophie s dress which would actually look quite good on Kate and is definitely her style. That Justin Trudeau is pretty cute! Reminds me a bit of Sir Ben Ainsley, the yacht racing friend of Will and Kate.

  33. Well done, a super post, thank you! I think the particular blue on the BC flag is azure blue, if that helps pinpoint the shade of blue of Kate’s dress?

  34. Lovely coverage and the dress, hair and accessories were terrific.

    The young man/teen in the party at the airport is Hamish, son of the BC premier Christy Clark.

  35. I do believe this look belong in the “iconic looks” section of this blog. Each individual piece is so very true to what we now consider the Duchess’s personal style, but in this case, the whole truly is greater than the sum of the parts. A resounding success.

  36. Kate does remarkably well in high heels. She seems to be very confident in them, and I’ll always remember her running on an Australian beach in high wedges.

    I love the choice of Charlotte’s dress to complement Kate’s. She knew she’d be holding the baby and just like her christening outfits, didn’t want their clothing to clash or be mismatched. Bravo Kate!

  37. I think this look is one of my absolute favorites on the Duchess. She is the epitome of elegance and class, she looks absolutely stunning. The hat and hairstyle compliment the dress perfectly and the brooch absolutely sets the dress apart and takes it to the next level. As everyone else has mentioned, how she manages to make departing the plane with the eyes of the world on her, holding Charlotte and George’s hand look effortless is beyond me! Home Run Kate!!!

  38. I thought Kate and the whole family loved exceptional for their arrival. I did notice during the live stream video that she was fussing with one of her sleeves sort of mid upper arm area. It looked like some kind of stuffing had become displaced.

  39. The whole family look lovely together. A really nice family group.
    Kate’s outfit is perfect. A lovely style and colour on her; the slightly different neckline and sleeve length add interest and stop it being dull; her brooch stands out and the earrings work with it and the dress. I love her hat which works on its own and the maple leaves look fun rather than an overly obvious symbol.
    She looks grown up and elegant but still young and not at all stuffy. Beautiful!

  40. Is there a chance that Jenny Packham may be the unidentified designer of the dress from the Battle of Somme memorial? I instantly thought this dress reminded me of the other when I first saw it.

    • I thought the same thing! The silhouette and the puffed sleeves give it a very similar feel to the lace dress.

    • I absolutely thought the same thing! I went back and looked at photos of the Somme dress and while it has a peplum and different collar, the seaming on the bodice and skirt are so similar. I think it must be made by Peckham as well.

      She looked absolutely perfect yesterday! And I loved the entire family in shades of blue.

    • Wow – good call! Now that you mention it, the cuts are very similar. I think we have found the answer!

  41. Such consummate tailoring is not something I’ve come to associate with Packham as the name tends to mean femininity of a more frou-frou kind to me. But this dress is a superb piece of work and I’m lost in admiration for the seaming, cut and style. The fit is breathtaking.

    It is a merciful relief to see Kate deplane in a straight skirt with modesty intact and no coat flaps adrift. This sheath suits her to a tee with its sharp collar and seamed bodice set into to a neat waistband, from which a skirt with flattering seaming gives Kate more body at the hips where she needs it. I love the raised shoulders and the gentle trumpet sleeves.

    I love the Gianvito Rossi shoes with this though contrarily I find the clutch looks out of place though whether it would look better with blue clutch and nude shoes is difficult to see. She wears her hat to perfection, especially with such a superb updo. I can’t help noticing the contrast in ladies’ hats here, the Locke styling is very typical of Kate and looks a little fussy against the mildly irreverent fedora of Sophie Gregoire.

    But for my money Kate more than held her own here with one of her best looks ever.

  42. Love them. But… makes me absolutely cringe when she goes down stairs holding her child and not the hand rail in heels!!!!My ex husband fell doing this with our 6month old. It can happen !

    • I agree. I was thinking the whole time ….hold the handrail girl!

    • I had the same reaction! Also, if I were to squat down like she did in those heels (even without the extra weight of a small child) there’s no way I could stand up again without help! She’s in great shape.

      • Oh, yeah! I was so impressed by how Kate crouched down in those high heels, while holding Charlotte, who doesn’t look like a featherweight, to smooth George’s hair with her free hand and then rise to her feet in one fluid move. If I’d have tried that at her age and stage, I’d have keeled over backwards and dropped my toddler What grace and balance!.

    • Especially THOSE stairs- the metal, bumpy kind. I would be terrified, but clearly Kate’s got it! And she manages to make it look effortless.

  43. She looks fantastic. I do wonder why the Brits have their little boys wear knee socks with shorts. That’s one of those things I don’t get as an American. :)

    • I’m British Emily and I don’t get it either! Most people now consider it to be very old-fashioned and it’s a rare sight these days.

      • I’d say that short pants, with knee socks, on British boys is all about tradition. The royals are deeply trenched in their traditions and in many ways that makes them unique. Also, schools in Britain often have short pants as part of their uniforms for young boys.

        For that matter, how many women today wear a hat…other than for warmth in the winter and shade in the summer? Seldom do we wear a hat to match our day dresses. But the Queen and many of her royal relatives wear hats unless it is a casual occasion.

        The British Empire was founded on tradition and nobody does tradition better than the royals.

        • Well I love tradition. Don’t get me wrong! It just looks….odd. And speaking of hats: Kate’s hat, yes. The PM’s wife’s hat? NOOOOO! Was I the only one who thought it was awful?

          • No, you weren’t…..I felt the PM’s wife (as well as the PM) looked like they were trying a bit too hard. Another post said that the Duchess “more than held her own”… my opinion there was absolutely no comparison – the Duchess exuded unparalleled class, sophistication and glamor.

          • You are definitely not the only one who thought Sophie’s fedora was awful!!

          • I thought it might have been OK had the colors been complimentary–but from the photos, it looks like the colors clashed.

    • My five-year-old son asked me why Prince George was wearing socks with his shorts! (American here too!)

      • My young son and his friends wear long socks at school and prefer them to short socks. They like them with their shorts and in the winter with long trousers. Keeps their legs nice and warm on chilly days. I love the long, coloured socks they wear in Bermuda too – even though it’s hit there. Just an idiosyncratic look which works for some I guess.

  44. Kate looked lovely and so much more sophisticated than when she toured Canada shortly after the wedding. The shade of blue is beautiful on her and the hat was a tribute but not in a silly way. Thank goodness the dress had a concealed zipper and not one of those heavy metal, statement zipper.s As so many note, the nude shoes weren’t the best choice but Kate certainly seems to love them.

    I want to comment about how Kate does her job with such grace and warmth. After being most attentive to the needs of George and Charlotte, she then worked the crowd, taking time to converse with so many, as shown in the video. Most of us would be exhausted after a long flight and would have exited the plane with comfy clothes and shoes.

    I often wonder where those armfuls of flowers go. To a hospital or nursing home perhaps?

    • They do go to area hospitals/nursing homes.

      I thought Kate looked lovely also. A few questions though:

      Why was the brooch on the right side? I have always thought that brooches should be worn on the left? She has had it on the left before.

      Does anyone else think that Sophie looked ridiculous in that hat? It looked a bit too over the top for me and for such an event a bit too playful maybe? We really couldn’t see her face with such a wide brim. Was a hat that necessary? Her dress however was lovely.

      Kate’s posture also seemed ‘off’ again. She tends to stoop a lot and her shoulders look rounded from the back in some photos.

      I watched the telecast and during the initial part of the walkabout she was fussing with her right shoulder and trying to adjust the fit of where the sleeve hits the shoulder. She looked a bit uncomfortable. Did anyone else notice that?

      • Perhaps she wore the brooch on the right side because she knew she would carry Charlotte with her left arm.

      • Totally agree with you about Sophie’s hat! You can’t see her face and it just looks goofy. What was she thinking? Also agree with you that her dress was lovely.

      • I believe the brooch on the right side was another well thought out practical move. She had to carry Charlotte on her left side in order to shake hands with her right hand and if the brooch was on the left, it would have been hidden.

      • I agree — Sophie’s hat was way too casual or frontier or something. To me it looked like a felt hat you’d wear to go for an autumn walk in the woods in your jeans and comfy plaid jacket!

      • I think she purposely put the brooch on the side opposite Charlotte-in-arms, so it would show as they descended the stairs.

    • I agree with everything you said, and also wondering since there were SO many flowers. I believe we were told last time that they to to local hospitals and nursing homes, which is so perfect.

      • SO agree about Sophie’s hat!! A cowboy hat that clashes with her dress!?! I can only hope I looked better than that in real life!! ;) Kate’s outfit looks perfect though – all matches and links so well, obviously very carefully thought out!

  45. Absolute elegant perfection. Excellent tailoring. I can’t wait for the rest of the tour given this beginning!

  46. Absolute perfection!

  47. One of her most elegant and flattering outfits with perfect hair and makeup too. I was also filled with admiration at Kate’s ability to negotiate the steps holding a largish toddler and not have a hand on the rail. Very accomplished arrival.

  48. A triumph all around! From the stunning impeccable sheath in a wondrous color, so flattering on the Duchess; to the hat and the shoes that gave her legs the appearance of never-ending legs, she looked phenomenol! Her hair was perfect, the earrings the right note (not dangling) with her hair and the tailored look (yet entirely feminine) of the sheath. The hat is perfect, the brooch the right touch.

    She somehow manages to to top even the other royal ladies who do so well sartorially… And coming down the stairs with a not-so-little babe in arms on 4 inch heels, not holding a railing but a little boy’s hand was a tour de force. William did himself and the nation proud. i don’t care how much help she has, it all starts with her, her vision, her parenting, her incredible demeanor, and a great deal of work!!!

  49. Nicely done, Susan, and don’t worry about the late post. There is a wonderful BBC video in which George refuses to high five or shake hands with the PM. It’s clear he is not overly impressed with world leaders. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

    Loved this look on the Duchess and far preferred it to the red outfit of 2011. My only wish is for darker shoes, since it’s now fall and chilly in BC. But, this long lean look definitely suited her.

    • I don’t think he actually refused—just saw something more important; a helicopter landing. Much more interesting to a 3 years old, particularly one said to be mad about helicopters.

    • It occurs to me that perhaps those shoes were better in her view for descending plane stairs while carrying a toddler. She does have to be practical. She is never merely walking down a runway for us to look at her clothing.

    • Charlotte is beautiful, but I think George will always be the scene-stealer. His hilarious expressions combined with things like this, along with the time he threw the stuffed bilby to the ground as soon as some Australian dignitary handed it to him (the memory of that still makes me laugh out loud!), ensure he will always be the star. He is just hysterical and so adorable!

  50. Outstanding. One of the best overall looks I’ve seen on her. I love that she chose blue instead of the obvious red, paying homage to Canada with the subtle maple leaf detail on the hat and the Queen’s beautiful brooch (which stood out so well). The hat itself is such a great fit and style, and her hair was perfection. Even the nude shoes were perfect with this ensemble.

    All I could think as they were walking down the stairs was how she could balance a 16 month old on one hip at all, let alone in heels while descending those stairs and holding Prince George’s hand on the other side. I’d have broken out into a sweat before I got to the bottom.

    Interested to see if details emerge regarding Sophie’s outfit!

    • I have to keep watching reruns of that descent just to check it really happened! There are Olympic athletes who perform gymnastics to a lesser standard than this ;-)

      The brooch was set to perfection, somehow Kate has made it look contemporary to her outfit without being overwhelmed by bling. Nice work.

    • Agree about Sophie’s outfit! A very stylish event. I thought Premier’s Christie also looked wonderful – her shoes were quite nice and her son looked very dapper!

  51. She looks great. I really wish she would do something about her shoe game. It would be different if she was limited By bad feet or she had to wear sensible
    shoes, clearly that’s not the case. Love Sophie’s shoes, take note Kate.

  52. Thank you so much for this post and for providing the links for streaming coverage. I love Kate in a sheath and the shoes extend her legs almost to infinity—she looked to be the tallest, most elegant woman on the planet yesterday evening. To look that great and work the crowd after a very long plane trip with toddlers is no small thing and I am so impressed with this royal couple after watching the live feed.

    • I was thinking the same thing! After a long plane ride, I know I always feel exhausted – the last thing I would want to do is parade in front of thousands of people who will be expecting me to look fresh as a daisy. I know she has a lot of help, but even so! What a trooper!!

    • Ditto to all of this! You said it better than I could.

  53. Spectacular head to toe. Found the “tailoring” and details of the hair to be such a great match to those of the dress. Interesting that this length actually makes her legs look even more shapely than some shorter lengths. Great color on Kate and the kids.

    • That’s such a good point about that length on Kate, it has been very nicely judged on this dress. It looks perfect just touching below the knee though I appreciate that wearing killer heels must help the overall look.

  54. I love the brooch pops on the blue colour of the dress. The shoes almost blend into her legs the colour is so similar.

  55. Gorgeous ensemble. Reminiscent of those worn by Wallace Simpson if I’m not mistaken. Shows Kate’s slim flawless figure to perfection.

  56. Fantastic start to the tour!! I love that Kate (and the whole family) opted to skip the obvious red colours for now, and instead gave a nod to BC specifically with the blue. The tailoring on the dress is impeccable, and I really love the collar.

    Looking forward to seeing more! Enjoyed Trudeau’s parenting tips and I like that Sophie wore a hat as well :)

    • Yes! I think everyone was “expecting” red (I certainly was!) so it was a nice little surprise. The entire family coordinated so well and looked just gorgeous.

  57. A great look all round! I love the hat and the colour is a winner on Kate.

  58. What a great outfit, she really looks stellar here. This style of dress is so flattering on the Duchess, and all the accessories are spot on. A very auspicious start to the tour!

  59. She looks terrific! Lovely ensemble, gorgeous dress – do you know what exact shade it is, by any chance? Ah, I wish I had someone to maintain my wardrobe and do my hair daily.

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