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It was a gorgeous day for William and Kate to visit  Haida Gwaii.

The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

The couple paddled a traditional canoe to reach their destination.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

More from The Daily Mirror:

Paddling along with 10 rowers to the beat of a pacer’s drum, the royal couple went to Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, in British Columbia

Haida Gwaii means “Islands of the People” and archaeological evidence suggests the area has been inhabited for at least 10,000 years.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images/ Polaris


From CBC News:

Prince William and Kate disembarked from the canoe on the beach in front of the Haida Heritage Centre, where they were greeted by 13 Haida chiefs and hundreds of people who lined the rocky ridge along the water.

Rebecca English

Rebecca English

The royals being welcomed by one of the Haida chiefs.

©James Whatling /Splash News

©James Whatling /Splash News

A traditional monument on the island.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

At the Haida Heritage Performing House they enjoyed cultural dances.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Prince William delivered remarks during the event. Back to The Mirror’s coverage:

Prince William made himself even more popular by addressing the crown in their own tongue.

He spoke a few words in the native Haida language during a speech in the cultural centre.

You can hear William’s efforts in native tongue at the top of the video.

From the CBC News coverage of today’s engagements:

They sat entranced as they watched several displays including a woman’s dance in honour of their daughter Charlotte – the Haida are a matriarchal society – and a man’s in honour of George.

The Duke and Duchess in the Carving Shed, speaking with a carver who creates traditional totems.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate and William leaving the Haida Heritage Centre.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The next stop was the new Haida Gwaii General Hospital. Kate and William had a tour of the new facility and unveiled a plaque commemorating their visit.  

The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

Following the hospital event it was time for a little fishing.

©James Whatling / Spalsh News

©James Whatling / Splash News

The Duke and Duchess joined teens from Skidegate Youth Centre for the outing. The Centre offers a safe venue for “meaningful social, recreational & educational activities.”

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate and William seemed entertained by the crab they caught.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

You can see the back of Kate’s new jacket.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

This offers a better view of the parka.

©Pool / i-Images / Polaris

©Pool / i-Images / Polaris

The Duchess seemed to enjoy being out on the water.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images/ Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images/ Polaris

We now look at what Kate wore for the day’s engagements, starting with a new jacket by Toronto-based Smythe Les Vests. The Duchess wore (drum roll) “The Duchess” jacket.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

The blazer is very similar to Kate’s One-Button Blazer from the company. It is 100% wool, with the distinctive cutout at the back, front welt pockets, and buttons at the cuffs. This color is called Army Green and it is sold out almost everywhere. Saks is taking pre-orders for the piece, with delivery promised no later than Jan 30, 2017.  I found one place where it is still in stock, Diani Boutique; the montage below is with photos from Diani. As of Saturday night Diani has the Duchess in sizes 4, 6, 12 and 14.

Diani Boutique

Diani Boutique

The navy version is one of Kate’s most frequently worn garments, very much a staple of her wardrobe. We show it below at Shopbop, where it is in stock in almost all sizes ($595).

© /Shopbop/

Polaris/Shopbop/Splash News

Kate was in a new blouse from the Somerset by Alice Temperley  collection that is exclusive to John Lewis. Kate chose the ‘Spot Pretty Blouse’ in ivory .

John Lewis

John Lewis

The top is done in a semi-sheer textured fabric, with lace inserts at the cuff, a wide inserted placket with pleats that is topped off by the bow. It also looks like a bit of a hi-low hemline…or is that just me? The piece is 100% polyester, and only available in larger sizes at this point (£79 / $106). It is also offered in black.

John Lewis

John Lewis

When heading back out on the water Kate pulled on a Really Wild sweater, the Cashmere Mix Cable Crew in ruby (£195).

Really Wild

Really Wild

The sweater is a blend of 30 % cashmere/70% merino wool, with cabled detailing and a high ribbed neck. The piece is now out of stock. Today’s Tip of the Tiara (and a big ‘thank you’) goes to Danielle Stacey for her speedy id of the sweater, along with the inveterate Food, Fash, and Fit.

Kate also put on a new parka by Troy London, the brand’s Wax Parka (£350). The parka is made of a lightweight cotton finished with a dry wax finish. It features a cinched waist and neckline, front pockets and a waterproof lining.

Troy London

Troy London specializes in outerwear for women, and is run by its founders, sisters Rosie and Lucia Ruck Keene. All of Troy’s merchandise is designed and made in the UK.

Kate had on a pair of Zara jeans which we’ve not yet identified. Many are favoring the Zara Skinny Mid-rise Trousers in khaki ($39.90).



Kate wore her Virgi Chocolate Suede boots from R Soles.

©Splash News / R. Soles

©Splash News / R. Soles

Many readers recognized Kate’s Kiki McDonough Citrine Pear Drop Earrings (£495, that’s about $650 at today’s exchange rates), one of the first pair by the jeweler we remember the Duchess wearing.


Kiki McDonough / Polaris

The Duchess started the day with one hair accessory and ended it with another. These photos are both from the morning.

©Splash News/i-Images

©Splash News/i-Images

As is the photo below right. Below left you see the Duchess has put on her animal print headband/Alice band.

©i-Images,Polaris / i-Images,Polaris

©i-Images/Pool/Polaris / i-Images,Polaris

Tomorrow the tour wraps up and the Cambridges head for home. Here is our final installment of the tour schedule.



  75 Responses to “The Duchess Wears “The Duchess” as William & Kate Canoe to Haida Gwaii”

  1. I love how the look is styled today! So many surprising elements that people would probably not ‘dare’ put together.This really shows her singularly unique style. Really love how she styled the blouse with the jacket and skinny jeans. I’ve seen variations of the blouse, skinny jeans and boots often, mostly in the US, but pairing it with such a business-like jacket and making it work, just wow.

  2. I’ve tried the skinny pants and mid-calf boots with any kind of top and I always feel like I belong in a Three Muskeeteers movie. Add the ruffled shirt….and presto. And the similar but slightly off shades of green. And as someone else mentioned, the cowboy boots actually look cheap to me, maybe because they are suede which is not my preference. Finally, as my husband often asks, do all pants these days have to be yoga pants? She is such a fashion treasure – I wish she would help the skinny pant trend faaaaade awaaaaay.

  3. Loved the olive colored jeans and jacket with the cowboy boots but hated the blouse, which is odd for me because I am a fan of a crisp blouse tucked into jeans. I think the reason I didn’t like it is that the pussy boy made it look too “prissy” for me and therefore it didn’t seem to go with the rest of the outfit—without the bow I think it would have been fantastic. I loved the red sweater and the waterproof jacket. I think her makeup and minimal accessories were fine, but I truly disliked both of the head bands. I often wonder if a lovely French braid might not work perfectly for times such as this when she needs her hair out of her face but doesn’t want a ponytail?

    • I didn’t realise she stuck that dreadful plastic thing on her head. They do awful things like rounding the face and pouffing the hair back to the eighties. I know this headband thing is practical but it robs her look entirely. It needs to be ‘accidentally’ snapped in half and someone do an intervention should she drift into a shop to replace it.

  4. John Lewis has sold out of the blouse in Ivory online

  5. I’ve read the mixed comments and basically this is a look that is very Kate. Most times she’s picture perfect and then days like today her individuality shines through. She’s trying to be fashionably casual and I think the skinnies are her way of combatting the hem on the knee she mostly adheres to. She’s a young woman with a fabulous silhouette and skinny jeans and blazers emphasise this. There’s no way with her shape I’d be baggying it up(if there’s such a word) it might be revealing but she’s perfectly decent. I think she’s comfortable in what she gets up to and her confidence is plain to see in her face.

  6. I notice some posters say Kate doesn’t wear trousers. From a UK point of view, Kate has worn what may be called jeans, joggers (in the U.S. sweatpants? fleecy lined sports ones?), leggings (both the thick cotton ones for outdoor wear & the type worn to the gym) & the casual ‘pyjama’ type worn in Cornwall.
    But given that the British Media have often printed photos of Kate off-duty shopping or on her way to/from shops/restaurants, I can’t remember a single instance of her wearing ‘dress’ trousers, wool/linen or man-made, like Hilary Clinton wore to Britain. At private lunch occasions, she chooses a dress/skirt – maybe she just doesn’t like ‘dress’ trousers.

    • Yup, that’s sweatpants here in the states. :)
      I can understand not liking dress trousers. I generally hate them, myself. And I think the skinny jeans work here. But in slightly more formal settings, when she wears pants, I think they should be more trouser-ish in nature–or wear a skirt. The skinny jean look isn’t always appropriate.

  7. I love the blouse so much in both white & black I will try to buy them (and cut that 80s-middle-aged-frump pussy bow off) but I would NEVER wear it with jeans or at a countryside/sporty event; it is a ‘dress’ blouse. The rest of the outfit would have done with a tee-shirt but I have noticed that aristocratic people don’t wear them (too low-class perhaps?) but a plain shirt would have done instead of this party style.
    I have the leopard hairband too (thought her hair was plaited over at first) & love her softer eye-makeup. I hate the ‘see my rump undulate now’ cut-out though, in those jackets, never seen anyone else wear them, so ugly.
    Overall, a great look, just feel sorry for them though they can’t spend a couple of weeks as a family teaching kids to row etc in stunning scenery!

  8. I am echoing the many commentators below who have questioned the lacking in cohesiveness of the myriad elements of skinny, non-Western-styled jeans, suit jacket, frilly/professional blouse/bow, and Western cowboy boots.

    The reason me, and I think others, compare yesterday’s ensemble unfavorably to Kate’s 2011 Calgary stampede version of outdoor, Western casual that I and many others liked so very much is this:

    In 2011, she went “all Western”, with the bootcut of the jeans allowing them to worn be over the boots (one of the few times we have seen her without jeans tucked into boots, because that is the only option with the skinny jeans she now favors to near-exclusion altogether of all other jeans)), the Western belt, the frilly blouse pairing with it reminding me of how Texas women often pull off “feminine plus Cowboy” combo very well, and then the Western style hat.

    This time, the “ladies professional” look and cut of this suit jacket paired with all other outdoors-y other (earthy green/brown tones, Western-style boots) elements, other than the frilly blouse, throws the whole outfit into a complex and confusing mix (I think I’d say “disarray”, actually) of styles, not an “artful, edgy blend”.

    “Artful and edgy” might have occurred with just one or the other of the more professional pieces, jacket or blouse, but not both.
    Unfortunately, both means the outfit is half Western/outdoorsy, and half business casual, and they are fighting with each other.

    I think could be possible to do this mix effectively, but this was not it (I agree with the commenter who said her normal suede, high-shaft boots may have rescued this overall look).

    However, I will also join all others who say that the whole outfit, with whichever boots, does not look like canoe-riding attire at all. In 2011, and most other times, her casual/boating attire is perfect.

    Professionally, I often wear jeans and even skinny jeans with suit jackets, business tailored separate jackets, and dressier shell-type tops (I got rid of all my frilly, bow-bedecked suit blouses in early 90′s gratefully). I never wear my cowboy-style boots with these ensembles, always dressy boots, ankle boots, loafer pumps, and regular pumps.

    So, these comments are not about me being opposed in principal to skinny jeans, as I think several below may be, or may be for Kate in official engagements. (I do think this particularly tight skinny jean, as exaggerated by jacket’s cut-out and relatively short cut, is not appropriate for an “official event”, as others said.)

    I wear my skinny jean-suit jacket combo as nearly a “work uniform”, because I think that it hits “professional with an accessible edge” that a creative industry lawyer like me needs to carry off the “lawyer” part credibly, but not “lady lawyer in a power suit” that would be odd and strangely formal to my tech-y clients (inevitably in jeans, khakis and button-down shirts), and all other creative industry clients here in Los Angeles (who are nearly always in jeans, sundresses, other very casual wear, for all but most formal of things, like court appearances).

    So I feel like I understand the need well to inventively/interestingly blend styles. I also very much enjoy following Kate’s way of doing this; in general, she does this well. I sometimes get conceptual ideas from her as inspiration (maybe I can re-introduce some frillier blouse elements successfully?!), and then some actual pieces to accomplish this that I might not otherwise come across.

    (I am already eyeing the white lace See By Chloe top version, sold at Nordstrom, as Susan helpfully offers!) of her dress for the children’s event — sweater weight for fall, cut-outs that cool it down for So. Cal., and dressy, luxe-style overall feel that I could dress up and dress down? Win, all around!)

    So, my pointing out a “miss” and describing why, does not signal “she’ a Kate detractor”. It means I an a follower who enjoys the dialogue and analysis, positive and negative. This responds (in advance) to several commenters who have chided this in others.

    • I also do not categorically object to skinny jeans in a professional outfit, so I agree with you there. In reading your comment, I tried to reflect on why this pair in particular seem unprofessional. And I’ve settled on this: compared to the material & color of the blazer, the jeans look faded, perhaps because they don’t have the same sheen. And in my mind, “faded” always looks unpolished and unprofessional.

    • I am from Texas and how she is wearing her boots is the “fashionable” way to style cowboy boots here. Skinny jeans tucked into the boots. If she had “western” styled jeans (example wranglers) on, as you suggested, she would look silly because that isn’t fashionable. The only people who wear jeans like that are actual “cowgirls”, who wouldn’t wear the boots she has on.
      Coming from the point of view of someone who wears cowboy boots, I love everything about the outfit except the blouse because it isn’t my style, but it is hers so it works for hers.

    • She did look pretty silly sitting in that canoe in blazer and frilly blouse- and maybe more silly when she stood up with cowboy boots on. But she sure looked happy and relaxed.

  9. They do not hold hands in public because it is not “professional” — but it is okay to wear those too-skinny jeans?

    I thought the patterned GAP pants a couple of weeks ago looked great. Solid colored too- tight pants just are too revealing. And why did the jacket look too small?

  10. Too much going off in this outfit for me. I like the jeans and even the hairband but flat brown riding boots and a longer length sweater, perhaps in cream or oatmeal would have balanced things out. The cowboy boots get the thumbs down and whilst the blouse is pretty and romantic, it just doesn’t go with anything else. The jacket, like her navy one is OK but the cut out detail at the back looks awkward with many outfits and this green one actually looks a bit small. Kate is a beautiful woman, tall and extremely slim and I feel that looser clothes would look more chic sometimes rather than the “spray on” look.

  11. I like the combination of the blazer and the skinny jeans with the bow-blouse. This look is contemporary, young and fresh and not so “mumsy” like many of the designer dresses of the past days. The cowboy boots are not my favorite but they should be seen as a tribute to the host country. The Zara Jeans are the khaki mid rise skinny jeans because one detail is similar: a button hole on the pocket on the back. It would be nice to know the label of the belt. This outfit is a favourite of mine together with the blue arrival dress and the red cocktail dress.

  12. Love the blazer, ivory blouse, and red sweater. Many have commented that the olive green blazer and jeans clash, but as a Seattle resident I can attest that the Duchess’s look is something you would commonly see a stylish young woman wearing on a fall day in Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver. Earth tones are very popular and they just work here.
    So glad they had a sunny day to visit the beautiful and mystical Haida Gwaii.

  13. Back to comment more on the sweater, great for the sailing event, interesting features, the funnel style collar with double neck, saddle shoulders, cabling down each side, it has warmth, style and comfortable fit. I could knit one like it!
    Kate looked less comfortable in the jacket ensemble, might be my imagination, the jacket appeared too small; better to have worn something more loosely styled instead.

    Excellent coverage, and links, thanks so much.

  14. Her entire Canada wardrobe looked great I think

  15. This wasn’t really one of Kate’s best looks, in my opinion. I do like the jacket, but not with the green pants, which were too similar in shade to the jacket. The pants were also too tight. Usually Kate can get away with the skinny jeans, but here they were a bit much, especially with the short jacket. The red sweater was beautiful– a cheerful autumn color. (I also think Kate may have worn the jacket and feminine blouse specifically for the function following the canoe trip across the water. Typically she does a great job of looking appropriate for everything!)

  16. This outfit is a miss for me. Individual items are great but they don’t work together. The boots don’t work for being on a boat, the blouse is too dressy for the skinny jeans, the blazer looks fine with the blouse but neither go with the jeans and boots etc. the red sweater seems nice and I do like that khaki jacket but overall today is a miss.

  17. I love all these looks! Occasionally I agree with the skinny jeans naysayers, but more often than not I think they’re spot on. They’re a style I wear often since they flatter my figure much more than wideleg or boot cut pants do, and I wear dressier ones with blazers when I need a smart causal look. Maybe it’s due to being a millenial, but I think they can be perfectly appropriate for ‘professional’ events like these. That said, with the duchess’ height, she’d probably look fabulous in a looser cut pant too.

  18. I love all these pieces (well, except the cowboy boots). That blazer has been one of my favourites since we first saw it and I like that Kate now has a second colour to mix it up every so often. I don’t usually like Temperley pieces but the blouse is very nice; the sleeves look especially interesting sticking out from the sweater. I own the Zara jeans in navy and they are insanely comfortable, not surprised Kate chose them for a sportier event!

    Overall, loved the balance of earthy fall colours. More ideas I can put to use this season!

  19. There are good and bad aspects to the outfits worn today. I particularly like the red sweater. I don’t like the green jacket, green trousers and brown boots – that looks a little off to me. And I think she should have had her hair caught up – it was windy out on the water.

    One of the co-founders of Troy London Rosie Ruck Keene is married to William van Cutsem – friend of William’s and George’s godfather. I remember photos of Kate at their wedding in a polka dot dress while pregnant with George.

  20. The cut of the blazzer is just wonderful, and pairing it with those jeans was a bold choice but it works. Kate seems to be going for monochrome outfits in this tour. I just don’t like the boots at all, they feel like a love or hate item. I just don’t think she can pull them off.

  21. I am clearly in the minority with this one, but the only thing I didn’t like about today were the cowboy boots (although if anyone can make them look good, it’s Kate!)
    I like the blazer(s) despite the cutout – it is clearly the mark of the Smythe design. I hate the McQueen skulls but have come to accept that they go with the label. (For any Canadian readers who know the designer Sarah Richardson, her design partner Tommy Smythe’s sister is the Smythe of Smythe blazers and Sarah wears them all of the time on her show!)
    I love the feminity of the blouse and think it balances out the more earthy tones and textures. I do think she could have easily worn one of the other white blouses she owns (I love the one she wore in the picture of her and her boys in the window at KP).
    The red sweater is beautiful in colour and design – I could see myself wearing this for Thanksgiving! I agree with someone else who posted that for the price, it would have been nicer in 100% cashmere. The parka was practical and looked appropriate.
    Overall I really liked today’s look! Thank you for the amazing coverage!

  22. Oh, this is a hard one! You can see what she was trying to do: formal blouse for the plaque ceremony, boots for the outdoorsy component, but the whole ensemble struggles. Not because the individual pieces aren’t nice, but because they just don’t work together.

    I think I would change 2 things to rescue the look:
    Replace the current blouse with the Temperley Rodeo blouse she first wore in Calgary, then for the Kensington family portrait. Switch the Cowboys boots with any of her heeled dress boots. Black or brown would work here.

    The jacket is fine wth the pants, although the shades seem a bit different. Because they are so close in color and the shirt is tucked in, the jacket doesn’t create the odd look it did during their Cornwall/Scilly visit.

    The D&G dress is my least favorite “look” so far, but this is the most disparate ensemble of the trip to me.

  23. Kate looks sharp, happy and svelte all at once as soon as she goes casual, she’s so at home with sporty activities and accompanying outfits. I noticed that Kate and William were given slightly different coloured raven’s tail scarves, his toning with his blue jumper and Kate’s with that snappy new jacket – can she really have invested in a whole new Smythe just to match the ethnic accessory?

    I think Kate looks wonderful in these earth tones, they suit her to a tee, and I think the jeans look great tucked into the boots. I have no problem with her wearing alice bands, if she’s comfy with them, why not? I find the resulting arrangement of her hair very fetching. The citrine drops play into this outfit perfectly.

    The red jumper is a hit with me, though I confess I steer clear of much of the Brora knitwear as I think I can find similar quality at a better price. This is the first instance I know of where a jumper has actually added a couple of inches to Kate’s hips, the hazard of having a woollen jumper landing mid-hip. I have found Brora knits to err on the side of decorative and short rather than wholly functional.

    The Temperley blouse was a very neat way, combined with the new jacket, of going from sporting activity to formal hospital visit. I love the intricate work on it and wish I could find one similar – but was most surprised to find all that detail has been expended on a polyester fabric. I could understand it better if done with a fine linen or silk mix. Still, the synthetic hangs well and doesn’t crease which would have been paramount on this trip.

    I’m glad it was possible to firm up on the pedigree of that splendid Troy parka – it looks like a seriously businesslike piece of outdoor kit. I’d love one like that fo rsummer hillwalking and birdwatching, though economy dictates I must get an all-year-round one rather than such a luxury light-weight. Lucky Kate!

    Since that colour didn’t seem to show on the website I thought it might have been from an earlier season. The jacket is new to us, but didn’t look so much so to Kate, I thought the back and pockets looked well-used. Those are the kind of pockets I can fit binoculars and bird books into and I suspect Kate of having similar extras she can jam into them as here.

    • Wow. One more outing and then we’re through. I’m always struck by how worthwhile it feels to have followed a tour when we come to the close, despite nagging myself for the duration about ‘wasting time!’ It has felt like a bit of a roller-coaster, the 8-hour time difference here in the UK giving me a taste of what the rest of you over the water went through with the India trip.

      I need my sleep and heaven knows I’ve made a couple of careless slips on the way as my eyes closed over my still tapping fingers, but I shall miss the buzz. It’s been a privilege as always to be able to take part in this most civilised of web sites. Thanks admin, I don’t know how you do it, but it’s been brilliant! :-)

  24. On reflection I have a general comment to make on these clothes. Notice that she is actually paddling a canoe. Some of us will remember that the Duchess was an athlete at school, and afterwards, she belonged to a woman’s rowing crew, with which she was famously photographed during her ‘split’ from William. So, she knows how hard it is to dress to work hard (row,) sit in an awkward position in the bottom of a boat in the cold and wind and the water that accumulates in the bottom, or on deck on a fishing boat, and still look like a fashion plate at her land engagements. I think she did a great job.

    And yes, the dreaded ‘pussy-bow’ blouses of the Thatcher era are back. I thank my lucky stars I no longer have to ‘dress for success.’

  25. That ‘spotted’ fabric was called ‘dotted swiss’ in my day.

  26. This outfit looks like what happens when you’re on a trip and didn’t pack well! A mish mash of an outfit. But she looks so pretty with her hair pulled back by a headband.

  27. I think this green “suit” would have worked better with different proportions. Kate’s long legs and small/flat derrière need to be interrupted to create better proportions for her body overall. A longer jacket (without that ridiculous cutout) and taller boots would work better on her figure. I’ve really hated the cowboy boots this whole trip because they are too short in the shaft. She brought the Chilvers riding boots – they are perfect on her, why not wear them??? However, I like the blouse with the outfit – it’s pretty and feminine which is very much Kate’s style.

    For the second look I loved the red sweater but not the khaki jacket – khaki isn’t her best color. And I’m on the fence about the headband. While practical, is it just so very Sloan-Ranger? Or too 80s? I’m glad she picked a low contrast one so she doesn’t look too Alice-y.

  28. Her hair must have been braided over her head which then fell out so an emergency alice band appeared!

  29. Agreeing with the others that this look was a “miss” for me. Too many competing styles (preppy headband / boho blouse / tailored blazer / western rugged boots) and the pants, while they certainly highlight Kate’s toned physique, are simply too tight to be appropriate for official-wear in my opinion.

  30. Usually I don’t even attempt to buy anything Kate wore, but when I saw her blouse in black still available, I ordered! I’m an orchestral musician and it will be perfect for concerts.
    I actually love all the piece she wore for this occasion, although I agree that they didn’t necessarily seem like they go together. Regardless, she looks polished as always.

    • I thought all that intricate detail was too much for a polyester blouse – I’d think it a winner in a fine pure linen or similar. But, contrary creature that I am, I thought the black would be great for evening! So interested to hear you snapped one up. Do you find the polyester made these days comfortable to work in? I wish you all the best with it when it comes :-)

  31. I love the braid in her hair!

  32. Those boots are the only miss of the tour for me. They were fine for the Calgary rodeo, but I think look too “costumey” for the occasions on this tour for which she is wearing them! Loved the color of the jacket with the Haida stole (shawl?).

  33. To me, it all works. I agree her blouse is a bit (very) dressy for a canoe ride but I like it with the jacket and jeans and it add a bit of boho style. Kate loves skinny jeans and can pull them off so I think she chooses them for comfort and it’s what she’s would wear in the country at home I guess. I do think a dressier style would look odd.
    I love the sweater and parka – again a look from the country at home and I believe one of the owners of Troy is her neighbour so it’s great for them to have this coverage.
    To me, it’s Kate’s very own look and I like that she’s able to be seen as herself on the tour. I think she looks very happy and comfortable with herself.

  34. I was wondering if Kate would wear Troy at some point as the founder Rosie is a good friend of hers – her married name is Rosie Van Cutsem; she is married to Billy who is Prince George’s godfather.

  35. Unfortunately I don’t like Kate’s look today. I’m glad to see the Duke and Duchess looking so happy in the boat … everyone else looked utterly miserable!

  36. I like the blazer and blouse, but the trousers are too similar in colour to the blouse and it looks odd. Also, the trousers are way too tight to be worn at an engagement!! I know it’s her style but they are pulling in places that should not have attention drawn to them!

  37. This was my least favorite day, outfit-wise, of the trip. I didn’t care for the two olive tones together, worse so with the brown cowboy boots. I also didn’t care for the bow in the blouse. The ensemble felt almost like she was expecting to have an English riding lesson but then wore the wrong style boots. I liked the individual olive pieces and hope to see them again but separately. I did feel she redeemed herself with the lovely red sweater and practical wax jacket.

  38. I noticed she changed headbands while wearing the khaki jacket as there are photos of her in it with both.

  39. To me, the blazer and frilly white blouse, while pretty, don’t belong in a canoe. Kate looked lovely, though.

    The red sweater is gorgeous and, with the parka, perfect for the day’s activities. I love it this sweater on the Duchess and hope we’ll see it again.

  40. Is it just me or the blouse doesn’t really go with the rest of the outfit? I love all the colour combinations, but the blouse (which I LOVE separately) seems a bit too girly for the khaki green and brown earthy, outdoors-y thing that she has going on. Maybe she was trying to be dressed for the rowing AND the formal cultural event AND the fishing so she was trying to look like two things at once. It must be hard dressing for these kinds of events when you know strangers on the internet are going to obsess over your outfit. However, if I had to dress for something like this, I would have at least worn my trousers over my boots so it didn’t look so cowboy-ish. Also, I’m not allowed to wear jeans this skinny even in the hospital where I work. I suppose, though, that her stylist has taken into consideration her limitations already without my input.

  41. She looked good, as always. All she has to do is smile and I’m sold. However, I’m not a fan of the jacket as every time I see the style, I feel like the back is missing something – it is! The cut out is a jarring note. The trousers are just too close-fitting. I know it’s the style right now but they don’t read as professional or appropriate. They look more like leggings or athletic wear than trousers.
    NOTE Admin edit

    • I am with you on the jacket and the pants. That a designer can modify a jacket to make it “edgy” by cutting a butt-framing chunk out of the back doesn’t make it right.

      And the skinny pants–blech. Do a lot of people wear them? Sure. Are they attractive? Nope.

  42. It could be a matter of light/photography but the green jacket and green jeans don’t seem to work well together. Also, the Smythe jacket with the cut-out in the back – whether in blue or green – is not my favorite look. And yes, I think it’s time to ditch the skinny jeans. And the wedges. And the clutches. Or at least wear the skinny jeans with longer, more voluminous tops to create balance, visually.

  43. Wow – she looks stunning and perfect for occasion. I partial to the Smythe jacket – I have the navy one. Like the blends of Khaki tone, blouse perfect and I is drooling over the chocolate brown cowboy boots. I see they’re all over the Europe runways. Go Kate!

  44. The lacy blouse and tailored jacket are ok together in an upbeat-casual way though in some pictures it was difficult to find Kate. In these drab colours she seemed to disappear, better with the ruby red sweater.

  45. I know lots of us have wanted to see Kate in pants and a jacket, but this was not a favorite look. She simply wears her clothes a bit too tight. That makes the clothes look skimpy, when they are probably nicely made. She has a lovely figure and if she just eased up a little, she’d get a more comfortable look.

    I do like the red sweater, although at that price, it would be nice to get all cashmere.

    • I’m afraid that these days if you want that much cashmere you’d have to pay double that amount for a thick jumper like that. The prices shot up a couple of years back and I’m deeply thankful for various sale items I’ve managed to stockpile.

      I think it may be that the Chinese have now discovered the wonders of cashmere so we are up against stiff competition while the sourcing of authentic cashmere yarn is not something that can easily be expanded. In short, I think we may be looking to synthetic substitutes in the future, as Temperley has maybe done here with the blouse not being in an original pure fabric, like silk or linen.

  46. I really like this look, with the belted jeans and tucked in blouse. I Love the jacket, especially the color, which I think works great with the jean color, and I adore the boots. I don’t personally like the blouse because of the bow and yoke, but I think the idea of a cream colored blouse ( I would have gone with a shirt) with the jacket, jeans and boots is a great choice. The Duchess likes high necklines and bows, it’s a good thing for her she looks great in them!

    The citrine earrings – - a great choice and the headband, while a bit “business casual” to me, is still sporty enough to be a good choice for holding back one’s hair on a canoe/fishing trip.

    I love the sweater, that red is fantastic with the olive/army green and Kate looks very pretty in the picture of her you have wearing it.

    Do you know if they caught anything?

  47. The blouse, minus the neck bow, is lovely (didn’t neck bows go out in the 80s? Please tell me they aren’t coming back!) Love the earthy tones she’s trying to express on an earthy visit to a First Nation island. Agree her riding boots would be better. Look would be better off without the headband or braid — it seems too young or unprofessional or something. She looks amazing in skinny jeans, but I’m just still flummoxed as to why they’re allowed on official visits — they are so painted on it doesn’t seem appropriate. But she still looks totally gorgeous in them, given her physique. Looks like a fun day. I’m so happy for them and all the good they accomplish in being ambassadors for Britain to the world. Everyone says she is stunning in person and I have a feeling that when you see her live in front of you, you could care less about what she’s wearing.

    • Agree re the jeans. We never see her wear nice trousers for events (like wool trousers or something) and for some engagements I think they would be better. I thought for a while that maybe pants were discouraged but clearly if she can wear skinny jeans as often as she does then she could wear a pair of nice dress slacks or ankle pants once in a while.

  48. I don’t know, the pieces don’t really go together. The blazer is impractical for rowing, the jeans do need something over them because they are too tight to be professional, the blouse is too delicate for the jeans and blazer. I’m guessing she thinks cowboy boots are appropriate for all of rural Canada? But who wears suede cowboy boots to row a boat?

  49. I personally would never try to match colours from different clothing ranges. The jeans and blazer don’t quite match and I think the outfit wouldn’t have looked better if either were a complementary shade rather than trying to pair then up.
    I also think the blouse is too pretty to be put with khaki jeans and cowboy boots.

    • I’m surprised at the number of people who don’t like the intricate blouse with jeans as I thought that was a fairly classic combination. Kate pulled it off to some effect t on the last visit to Canada when she and William went to the rodeo, complete with cowboy hats.

      I agree with you about the difficulty of matching items from different ranges, a lifelong challenge for most of us!

      • I’m intrigued by the almost unanimous dislike of the blouse as well.
        For me, it’s the bow that puts it solidly in “office attire” territory; it just seems out of place with the rest of the outfit, which seems more “out-and-about”.
        As I comment above, using an intricate blouse to achieve the dressier look would have been better served with the Temperley Rodeo style that she first wore in Calgary. The detail and femininity would have been there to elevate the outfit, but I don’t think it would have seemed so disparate with the other elements of the outfit. (I also think it would have been a nice touch to tie the 2 Canada tours together…sartorial politics and all that…)

  50. I find that I always like color combinations like this jacket and pants, where the shades are a bit different but compatible. It makes for a look – to me! – that’s informal but harmonious.

    Possibly the age in which I grew up fixed headbands in my mind as wonderful things, but I do like them, and I liked today’s since it did not contrast too much with her hair color, but does create a fullness for her hair that frames her face nicely. I would think hair management would be one of the most difficult things about a tour like this, with multiple events per day, and a lot of them outdoors.

  51. Love! This outfit is basically my spirit animal.

  52. Beautiful blouse. Too delicate for skinny jeans, which were off a shade from the jacket.

    • The off shade works for me:) The boots are fine but not practical for the boat trip. Love the red sweater and blazer. Think as an experienced sailor she should have chosen a more appropriate jacket for the conditions. She looked very nice overall and what a fantastic experience overall for she and William.

      • Just read the full description of the jacket. I was wrong in saying it was a poor choice, it looked like just a plain khaki cotton jacket:) It clearly was made to withstand the cold and wet. Will teach me to assume:)

  53. Unfortunately the individual pieces of this look just don’t work together. I think the cowboy boots are a miss and her riding boots would have looked much better.

    She was going for an earthy look with all the brown and green, but the bow tie blouse makes it look too preppy IMO. And the headband really was overkill. Probably my least favorite look so far.

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