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Kate opted for a sweater from a new brand for this evening’s special King’s Lynn Cub Scout Pack meeting.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

The meeting celebrated the Cub Scouts 100th anniversary.

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

More from The Daily Mail’s story:

The royal, who drove over from her nearby country home, Anmer Hall, joined the Pack as they took part in games and activities themed around ‘looking after yourself and others physically and emotionally’.

UK Scouting Facebook (click on photo to visit that page)

UK Scouting Facebook (click on photo to visit that page)

From the UK Scout Association:

The official birthday of the Cub Scouts is 16th December, when thousands of Cubs across the country will be renewing their Cub Scout Promise at 19.16. Promise renewal ceremonies will take place at a number of famous landmarks including the Natural History Museum, Edinburgh Castle, HMS Belfast, the Spinnaker Tower and the Angel of the North.

The Cub Scouts section of UK Scouting was started by Robert Baden-Powell for the younger brothers and friends of those taking part in the very successful Scouting program he launched in 1907.  Below you see the Duchess helping out as the Scouts practiced tying a sling.

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

Another view.



Back to the UK Scouting release:

The Duchess, who previously worked as a volunteer with a Cub Scout pack when she and the Duke of Cambridge lived in Anglesey, North Wales, joined 24 girls and boys aged between 8 and 10½ – all from the Kings Lynn area.

Kate and the Cub Scouts during a team-building exercise.

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

The Duchess helped decorate special 100th anniversary “Cub-cakes.”

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

It looked like there was some intense decorating underway.

UK Scout Association Facebook (click photo to visit page)

UK Scout Association Facebook (click photo to visit page)

Kate helping with one of the night’s projects.


Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

The Cubs were writing down things they are good at for a Wall of Positivity.

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

More from the UK Scout Association:

A special moment in the evening was the Cub Scout Promise renewal. The Duchess recited the Cub Scout Promise alongside the young people, as each of the 150,000 other Cub Scouts across the UK will be doing this week.

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

UK Scout Association @UKScouting

Now to what Kate wore for the special meeting. She was in the Grace Cashmere Jumper (aka sweater) from a brand we’ve not previously seen her wear, Iris and Ink.

The Outnet

The Outnet

The piece is a turtleneck (polo neck) style with ribbed collar and cuffs, in 100% cashmere that is described as being mid-weight; it retails for $210. Thank you to Samantha J on the WKW FB page for identifying the sweater, along with Bojanana on Twitter.  This offers a better look at the detailing on the back, especially the center back seam detail.

Splash News/The Outnet

Splash News/The Outnet

The sweater is also offered in ‘mushroom.’

Iris & Ink

Iris & Ink

We use that darker color below to better show the most distinctive element of the sweater’s design, the split cuffs.


NOTE: In our initial post we linked to the correct sweater, but showed a version that had neither the center back seam down the back, not the split at the back collar. I’m sorry if this created any confusion.

If thinking about purchasing Kate’s sweater, The Outnet is offering free global express shipping with promo code SHIPITNOW. Thank you Alex A. for sharing that information on the FB page.

Iris and Ink is the in-house label for The Outnet, the discount arm of luxury retailer Net-a-Porter. Started in 2012, Iris and Ink has been a successful part of the Outnet’s strategy. More from our friends at Racked:

The Outnet, which is owned by Yoox Net-A-Porter Group and stocks off-season, discounted designer merchandise, launched its own private label Iris & Ink in 2012 and, again, it’s one of the retailer’s best-selling brands. According to Shira Suveyke, The Outnet’s EVP and chief merchant, Iris & Ink consistently falls in the top five brands on the site.

“Iris & Ink was originally developed as well-priced styling essentials to complement the exceptional designer finds available at The Outnet,” Suveyke says in an email

Kate accessorized with a nifty item, the Cubs100 Official Adult Scarf. It is 100% cotton and on sale for half-price, just £2.50.

©Butterworth, Splash / UK Scouting (Click photo to visit product page)

©Butterworth, Splash / UK Scouting (Click photo to visit product page)

Kate also wore what we believe are the Zara Skinny Mid-Rise jeans first seen during the Canada tour.



Some may recognize the boots the Duchess is wearing; they are her ‘Spanish Boots’ in chocolate suede (£315) from royal favorite Really Wild Clothing. The boots are described as having a snug fit on the calf, something to keep in mind if considering a pair for yourself.

© /Really Wild

© i-Images / Really Wild

Kate was seen in the boots in February of 2013.

Topstar Photos

Topstar Photos

The Really Wild design does look like the Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boot Kate wears with some frequency. The biggest difference between the two pair: the Really Wild style is made of suede, while the Penelope Chilvers is leather. Another distinction: the Chilvers has a heavier, lug sole than the Really Wild style.

Penelope Chilvers / Really Wild

Penelope Chilvers / Really Wild

The Duchess wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop Earrings.


Kate was given a gift for Prince George.


People’s Simon Perry tweeted about the surprise.

Simon Perry, People @SPerry

Simon Perry, People @SPerryPeoplemag

This offers a good look at the front of Kate’s sweater.

©Toby Melville / Reuters / Splash

©Toby Melville / Reuters / Splash

The Duchess as she was leaving tonight’s meeting.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

We’ll leave you with two quick videos. In the first Kate thanks the Scouts and tells them to “keep up the good work.” 

And in the second Kate is given flowers by the Scouts. 


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What Kate Wore Store

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  41 Responses to “Another New Label for Kate at Special Cub Scout Meeting”

  1. I love your blog and have been reading it for years. I have one correction for the Linkage section of this story. The name of the national organization in the United States for Girl Scouts is called Girl Scouts of the USA. This post incorrectly lists it as Girl Scouts of America. Thanks. Have a great day!

  2. The Duchess looks great in this outfit, so relaxed, interested and happy to be spending time with these children. You can tell she is in her element AND, IMO, in clothes she really loves! I love the boots, but I never saw a pair of boots I did not like sooo . . . . I complexly understand having multiple similar pairs.

    I am also one who thinks that Kate should retire the skinny jeans, I love the sweater with the cropped pants on the model, but Kate obviously loves her skinny jeans and since she looks fantastic in them . . . . go girl!

  3. As a Girl Scout leader, I say hurrah for Kate – the necker reminds us adequately that she’s a member of the organization. Wearing full uniform might be intimidating for the kids – too much like an official inspection rather than a fun special activity. And BTW I am one of the few leaders in my council who makes the effort to dress like a leader on almost every occasion. But when it comes to frosting cookies – no way. Those dyes are lethal! (Yes, my troop decorated gingerbread cookies just two weeks ago….)

  4. She looks lovey; comfortable and appropriate. I think that this looks like a really nice event for the kids – they must’ve been so thrilled and felt very important to have her there.

  5. I would love a less expensive RepliKate of this sweater if someone has any ideas. Really like the color and split cuffs. It’s sold out already, anyway.

  6. I love it when she dresses down with a relaxed look. This outfit seems very appropriate for the occasion (as always). I think she always looks wonderful, but the comment above about a bold lip has me thinking how much it would elevate her look.


    • I suspect she follows the conventional makeup rule that says that if you emphasize the eyes you should keep the lip colour muted and vice versa.

  7. I think she looks fantastic. Probably, this is how she looks puttering around Norfolk everyday. The sweater is a great versatile, minimalist piece. The length is nice while the split wrist detail gives interest and, as ElizaMo points out, flatters her hand.

  8. Excellent coverage!! I love how you cover both the event and the outfit, and especially all the details you provide about the outfit. Thank you!!

  9. I like her today outfit a lot. This jumper looks much better on the Duchess than on a model. And I adore that she is so fashionable – oversized sweaters and turtlenecks are in trend now, and voila, we see them on Kate) Also, she and children look very joyful.

  10. Love that Kate dressed for the occasion and was such a good sport about the sling – just precious! Agree that a bouncy ponytail would have been perfect and would have better shown her beautiful features.

    I’m just not feeling the pants inside the boots look. Is that even in fashion at the moment? As others have suggested would have preferred a short boot.

    • I know this is a very popular look where I live. Sometimes a turtle neck, sometimes a crew neck, but the long sweater with jeans and boots is pretty standard. For those of us with Kate’s proportions, a long sweater with short boots would make the legs look quite short. Somehow the longer boots work better. Short boots would be fine if the top and jeans were the same colour or the sweater hung to just below the natural waist.

  11. Always love her with children. She seems to be at her best. She picked the perfect accessory in the Cub Scarf. I think it looked great

    • I think that her outfit meshes perfectly and that she is dressed down correctly for the occasion with the Cub Scouts. Do you think she will ever…gasp…..wear red lipstick? Or am I hoping for a bold lip in vain?

  12. I love how comfortable she looks today. I love that she is not afraid to wear well worn boots, especially to something that is all about the outdoors like the Cub Scouts. It shows practicality and that she understands that children value her time over what she looks like.

    Children don’t care what she looks like; it’s adults that do. They care about if she engages with them and her choosing clothes that are in line with that show how she thinks. She chose clothes that she knew she could get dirty in (although, cashmere…eesh. Maybe not practical for me.) She tends to prefer her hair down, so I think it works for her. I prefer mine up because my nephew yanks on my hair (and I just generally like my hair up), but everyone is different!

  13. Kate looks fine, although a hairdo off her face would have been better. I like the sweater. However, as someone who has been involved with both Scouting and Guiding, I can say that is is wrong for her to wear a piece of the uniform, but not the complete uniform. She should have come as is. And if she wanted to wear the neckerchief, then she should have worn the other correct uniform parts. Of course, nobody is going to call her on this, but it is not correct protocol to mix uniform parts with civvies. You’d never see anyone wearing just one part of a military, or police uniform. If she is an adult member of Scouting, then she should wear the entire uniform, the dress version or the casual version.

    That said, it is wonderful that she spent time with the children. She is so attentive and sweet in how she treats them. The British Scouts are very fortunate to have her support, as she draws media attention to this most worthwhile youth organization.

    • Bonnie, I wonder if this batch of 100th anniversary gear is intended as part of the uniform? It is in a separate section on the website, not included in the various uniform pages.

      • I’m not sure if the 100th anniversary gear is considered non uniform, but the Cubs and their Leaders are wearing that neckerchief with full uniform.

        Perhaps the issue should have been covered by the British Scouts. When I did work at the National level for Girl Guides of Canada, we provided a full custom sized dress uniform, plus causal uniform, for the Governor General’s wife and for the Governor General herself, when it was a woman. That person was the honorary president for GGC and she could wear the uniform to Guiding events.

        Perhaps Kate was never provided with a uniform and therefore did the best she could. At the very least, they could have given her a woggle to fasten the neckerchief below the neck, rather than having her knot it.

        • I had to google what a woggle is and found a video tutorial of a Friendship Knot. Maybe that is what Kate has going on there? Would also suit the occasion.

    • Hmmm, I have no issue with the DoC wearing only the bandana/neckerchief. I read elsewhere that it was hers and not acquired for this occasion. Whether true or not, if she had worn a full uniform she might be open to criticism that it was artificial. But wearing just the bandana, was I thought respectful and signaled a kinship with the scouts.

    • Bonnie, she’s a member of the Royal Family. I think you need to give the wearing of the scarf a pass. I’m sure there was no disrespect intended on anyone’s part.

    • Things must be different here in Canada because our children are frequently told to wear just their necker for events that take place outside of the usual Scouts meeting place. The Scouts frequently take part in activities that require a great deal of freedom of movement, or that will make them very hot, or cold and part of being prepared is not wearing the full uniform, but wearing clothing appropriate for that activity, with the necker to symbolize that they are Scouts.

  14. Overall I think she looked beautiful, and those two videos were adorable!

    I am not crazy about the color combinations, though…the new sweater is gorgeous, but to me, grey and brown – and whatever color those jeans are – just don’t go well together. I think the sweater would have looked even better if she’d worn regular dark blue jeans and maybe her black Charge-It boots.

    Her hair looked wonderful though, and it looked like both she and the kids had a great time.

  15. On my honor, I will do my best. To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

    A century later, simple yet poignant – well done Mr. Baden-Powell

    Simple yet poignant – the DoC!

  16. Nice look. Very comfortable on her.

  17. This looks totally like something I would wear…while feeling vaguely that I could do better. Boots a bit too worn maybe? Not the best jean color? Too comfortable? Haha these are things I tell myself, but no real complaints here given the nature of the activity. She’s adorable and giving her all.

  18. She looks great, but I’d have liked the look even more if she had her hair off her face. That much hair with a substantial turtleneck like this just winds up looking messy. A pony tail would have been perfect.

    I’m wondering if she stays with one shade of lipstick most of the time. I don’t remember ever seeing her with a bold lip, but it could have looked great with this pale gray. Does she ever do a darker lip?

  19. I think this was a fantastic look and very appropriate for the occasion. I love the new sweater and the jeans and boots are something I would wear myself.

    My only quibble with this entire look is her hair—first of all, it needed to be put up in a ponytail or etc to get it out her face and to allow her to move around without having to constantly tuck it behind her ear. Secondly, although the Duchess hair is gorgeous, I do think it is time for a serious trim—it is looking a bit long and overgrown and out of shape.

    Clearly she had a great time and is at her best on the casual types of engagements.

  20. Kate’s at her effortless best in casual and I love the new jumper. It’s another speedy stellar ID by WKW sleuths which may reflect on how many of us are perusing jumper options at this time of year. I can well believe a cosy roll neck and long body would be ideal in draughty East Anglia.

    I’m intrigued to see how flattering the slit cuffs are on her, I’ve wondered sometimes at how square and workmanlike Kate’s hands can look despite the rest of her oh-so-elegant lean frame. With the slits, her wrists are elongated and her naturally feminine gestures complimented.

    And I’m impressed that she keeps her favourite boots to wear over again, so practical and comfortable, while classic enough not to look dated. And I’m so glad she felt able to finish it all off with a fine pair of earrings, just the merest touch of bling for an evening with youngsters!

    • Perfection. Her wardrobe again reflects her hosts and their interests. And absolutely wonderful color selections for the event. Understated & deferential.

      • I’m with you on the colour choices, there are enough off-beat combinations these days for one more not to notice. I recall a time when blue and black was frowned on, and it seems to be all over the place now. It certainly looks like a very pulled-together-last-minute-Mumsy outfit, even down to the tousled hair, which chimes with the average parent cramming a scout meeting into the schedule.

        What does surprise me is the strange detail we can now see down the back of the jumper. Even in softest cashmere a seam there is surely going to feel like a lump on your backbone every time you take a seat. With wool, after all, it has to be a closed seam with folded fabric and not left flat open.

        Almost as bad as having a row of buttons down the back. Always wondered how Pippa got on at Kate’s wedding reception. Maybe she stuck to the buffet

  21. Cool sweater, but I don’t like how her jeans and riding boots blend together. I think this outfit would look much cuter with ankle boots.

    • The boots looks worn, as suede does so easily. A bootie would look fresh with a big bouncy ponytail too. I like the sweater (jumper) but I. Just. Can’t. with the pants. Gah. Black ankle length jeans with a cute bootie, the sweater and some great earrings would have really done it for me.

  22. She wore the boots while hiking in Bhutan this spring.

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