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Kate was in a Hobbs suit for today’s visit to the EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices) hospice in Quidenham, Norfolk, about 40 miles from Anmer Hall.

©Darren Staples / Reuters / Splash

©Darren Staples / Reuters / Splash

Kate was given a ‘portrait’ by one of the schoolchildren greeting her when she arrived, the little girl in the purple jacket.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

On the picture it says “Princess Kate It is an honour to meet you. Love from Lily.”

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

The Duchess was then greeted by 5-year-old Nell Cork who presented her with a bouquet. Nell’s brother Finnbar died last year.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

Richard Perry of The Express reported that “The Duchess of Cambridge told bereaved parents Tristan and Claire Cork: “I’m a mother and I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.” Below, Kate with Mr. Cork, who is holding Lily.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Being welcomed by officials.

©Chris Radburn/PA Wire

©Chris Radburn/PA Wire

The Duchess met with staff, volunteers, families, and donors.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

More from Simon Perry’s People story:

“She got down on peoples’ levels. She made a point of crouching when she was talking with children so she was at eye level and she sat with the bereaved family, she didn¹t stand over them, she sat comfortably and had a good open body language. She’s good at putting people at ease and hear their stories,” Jane Campbell, the service manager at the hospital, tells PEOPLE.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From the Eastern DailyPress:

Michaels Benton’s six-year-old daughter Isabella, who has a number of neurological conditions including complex refractory epilepsy, has used the services at EACH for four years.

Mrs Benton, from Dereham, said: “It is amazing we met Kate. At the nook appeal launch we met her and she remembered.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Taking part in an art therapy session with 6-year-old Isabella Benton.

©Adrian Dennis/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

©Adrian Dennis/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

A short video from that activity.

Kate has been the EACH royal patron since January of 2012; it is one of the first charities she took on as patron.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Duchess also received an update on The Nook Appeal, a £10 million fundraising effort for a new hospice that would replace the existing Quidenham facility. Quidenham is one of the oldest hospices in the UK, with restricted accessibility and other constraints. A new hospice would offer things like more overnight accommodations, more private family support areas, and treatments such as hydrotherapy.  If you are interested in donating, click here. This rendering offers a look at a design for the new hospice.



EACH has raised almost £5 million of the £10 million needed for construction of the new facility. Here you see Kate at the November 2014 launch of the Nook Appeal.

Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal)

Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal)

And at last June’s gala fundraiser for The Nook.


© Splash News / Splash News

Now for a closer look at what Kate wore for today’s engagement.

©Andrew Parsons, i-Images / Andrew Parsons, i-Images, Polaris

©Andrew Parsons, i-Images / Andrew Parsons, i-Images, Polaris

The Duchess was in the Sinead jacket and skirt from Hobbs, pieces that are past season and no longer available.



The collarless jacket is fitted, with an exposed front zipper, peplum detail on the back, and decorative pocket flaps. The pieces are made from an Italian fabric that is a blend of wool, acrylic, and polyester, in a color Hobbs calls ‘evergreen.’ The skirt is a basic pencil style with a back zipper and slit. Our thanks to Carly of Kate Middleton Style for her speedy ID of the suit.



Kate wore the Gerard Darel ‘Josephine’ blouse in ‘beige’ silk.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

A better view of the collar.



The blouse features a frilled collar with black bow and buttoned cuffs. Originally £175, it is on sale for £105, about $130. Thank you, Middleton Maven, for identifying this blouse! (We have a repliKate here.)

Gerard Darel

Gerard Darel

Kate accessorized with her Gianvito Rossi black suede pumps.



And her Bayswater Wallet clutch by Mulberry.

Mulberry/PA Wire

Mulberry/PA Wire

The Duchess was also wearing her Kiki McDonough Pink Morganite earrings.

©PA Wire/Kiki McDonough

©PA Wire/Kiki McDonough

Kate waves goodbye.

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

©Pool / Reuters / Splash


Also today, news about some photos of Kate and her family dating back to 1991.

©SWNS / Splash News

©SWNS / Splash News

Above you see Kate and her sister Pippa Middleton; they were bridesmaids at their Uncle Gary Goldsmith’s wedding to Miranda Foote. The Daily Mail has many more photos, click here to see that story.

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  126 Responses to “It’s a New Hobbs Suit for Kate’s EACH Visit”

  1. I love the peter pan collar! It’s darling! The pink earrings are so cute!

  2. This is nice but I’m confused. Doesn’t she own a similar green look? The green Erdem zip up coat dress? Oh well. Her hair looks amazing. I would not be upset if she’d stop carrying her clutches in front of her all the time.

  3. I like the green Hobbs suit! It reminds me of Diana’s classic, tailored suits when she changed from 20-something Sloane Ranger to 30-something “working” princess. Her business attire showed her growing confidence as she became more expert at using her celebrity to support her charities. I remember looking at her photos when I wanted to create a professional look for work after pretty much living in jeans during college. The only thing I would have changed about Kate’s ensemble is the top. I think a black turtleneck would have been cleaner with the jacket zipped up. However, if Kate intended to open or take off her jacket once inside then her blouse adds a nice feminine touch.

    • P.S. Adore those pretty pink earrings but not with this ensemble. Some black & white earrings or green, black & white earrings might have helped tie together all the colors of the green (goes with her eyes) suit, white blouse with (so charming) black detail, and black suede heels (want ALL of her Gianvito Rossi stilettos!) and matching clutch. Also, love her hair & make up at this event!

  4. Contrary to many I like this suit – the style and colour are wonderful on Kate IMO. I struggled with the blouse initially and would not choose it myself but Kate manages to make it work and it adds a feminine touch to a workmanlike outfit. As someone who cannot wear high heels I am in awe of Kate’s ability to walk and move so elegantly in these shoes. I probably would choose a slightly lower heel for this outfit but I still enjoy the way Kate has styled her look. I suspect that in person Kate looked great and her warmth and interest were exactly what this visit was all about.

  5. Not a favourite for me. The skirt looks too tight and and is far too figure-hugging which makes it look a bit cheap. The model in the Hobbs picture wears the skirt far better. I don’t see why Kate has to wear such tight clothes on occasions. We can all see that her figure is amazing, the clothes do not have to be spray-on. I personally would have preferred to see the jacket and shirt worn with some gorgeous black trousers. I also would have worn the Kiki Mcdonough green ameythest and diamond drop earrings rather than the morganite ones. Must be nice to be able to colour co-ordinate your fine jewellery to your choice of outfit for the day! That said, I adore the Duchess and love this site where like-minded people can discuss the finer details of every piece of her wardrobe. Just wouldn’t be able to talk about “What Kate Wore” to family, friends and work colleagues as they wouldn’t share my passion.

  6. Kate looks like she can’t raise her arms in this suit. It also immediately reminded me of two green coats that she already has. I like new clothes, too, but it seems like this is so close to stuff that she already has in her closet. I’m not obsessive about her clothes,so when my first thought on seeing a photo is “why didn’t she just wear that other thing she already owns?”, then it’s really similar. Done with my nitpicking!

  7. Actually I like the collar, because Kate does not need to always try so hard to be so safe.Someone will hate something anyways and sometimes just because that person had a bad breakfast ( not excluding myself here).At the end She always looks good whatever she wears.

  8. The white blouse/collar really threw off the whole look :(

  9. I hated this so much I have not even read all the comments as I normally do before posting. Another too-tight outfit full of creases because of it & inappropriate outfit for bending over to children – but it fills some sections of the press.
    Looked far too mumsy for me & the colour in old-fashioned tweed too reminded me of graveyard jade vases & pre-war lavatory colours. Her towering stilettos were also wrong for this event – trying to join in with children in that outfit, no, it didn’t work. Kate had been looking elegant of late but this disappoints.

  10. I love this little green suit, it’s right up Kate’s street with that signature peplum waist. The boxy shape and jewel neckline are so versatile and it’s interesting to see them modelled with jeans, another top Kate preference. The bright shade of green suits her well and black accessories work fine. Those Gianvito Rossi courts are divine – kudos to Kate for being able walk in them never mind perform minor gymnastics.

    I’m fond of zip fronts too, they continue to have some edge to them and the neat pocket flaps finish things off nicely. I love the texture of the fabric, and the seaming is fun. All-in-all I’d have said it was quite a bargain as a handy workwear suit

    I struggled with the blouse collar at first but eventually came round to it as an acceptable way to work the plain neckline. It’s shown modelled with turtleneck which would seem an obvious choice for late January, but Kate often seems to work in her own private temperate zone, oblivious of common weather.

    It’s such a pretty blouse, I hope we get to see both suit and blouse again, both in different outfits, and the jacket collar left chic and plain. In the end I felt there’s something quite girlie about Kate, and the frilled collar is in keeping with the tumbling waves of hair, the ornate engagement ring and drop earrings.

  11. I love the color and texture of the fabric. I also love the retro style updated with the zipper jacket. The Duchess looks great in this style and I prefer it on her to those flowy retro dresses she also likes so much. I think the fit is fine and IMO no one would be talking about the jacket being too short if she had worn the appropriate piece of clothing under it.

    That blouse is just plain unappealing and makes her look foolish. A simple black silk shell would have been perfect for Kate at this engagement. The blouse bulging out the back when she bends is as bad as the tiny ruffles and bric-a-brac trim on the collar. It was a terrible choice.

  12. I know this is a fashion blog, but I would love to get info on her make up and/ or products. She seems to be aging really gracefully and her makeup always seems appropriate and I’d be interested to read what others think as well! I’m about a decade younger than the Duchess and a bit of a tomboy myself, but seeing her grow into this fashion icon over the years is really inspiring to me. I love looking back at her younger years and seeing how far she’s come, it makes me feel like style isn’t out of reach for someone like me!

    • She has been wearing less eyeliner, or toned it down from a black to a ligher shade (a medium browm, maybe). She has also filled her brows a bit fuller. I think those 2 key elements are really flaterring and youthful looking. I incorporete those elements myself.

      She doesn’t wear bright lipsticks. I wish she would try a red with evwning looks, but can see how that would be a jump from her usual style.

  13. Absolutely hate the collar. This is one of the rare times I honestly think was a huge misstep for the DoC. The collar is in total contrast to the classic, classy suit, which I love. It makes her look matronly and fussy, instead of professional. The fabric of the suit is heavy, and the collar is far too light. No, no, no. Whole look is ruined by that collar. Too bad, because I honestly think the suit fits her well (that is how a pencil skirt is supposed to fit) and the colour is lovely. I also adore the black heels and the pink earrings. I’m actually sad about that collar. I hope she wears this again without it.

  14. Hair, face, earrings, colour of suit – all great! Kate really is a beautiful young woman. However, I do wish she would stop wearing clothes that appear to be too small for her. FIT is everything and when she wears shrunken-looking dresses with too-high waists and suit skirts that are too tight, the fit is just wrong. And that shirt collar – a little too twee even for the 80s! I agree with the suggestions that a black fitted turtleneck and black tights and lower heels would have been more appropriate with this suit, but let’s start with a suit that FITS in the first place!

  15. I am not very ‘fashion forward’ and so always love the comments on this site! It is a great education and such a wide range of opinions….love the collar, hate the collar, love the green, hate the green…;-) You know, when you’re tall and thin most of us would agree it is difficult to look bad — ever. So the duchess always looks good, but I do agree with the many comments that something is always a bit off w/ her look.. I think she misses more with the day looks than the gowns. I’ve rarely seen her in an evening ensemble that I didn’t think, “She looks great!”

    • I agree that the problem lies with the daywear, and I usually think it’s such a weird area to work in. She’s having to come up with a never-ending stream of the kind of outfits some of us might only put together for weddings.

      She has several areas where she seems to have a great run of choices, the evening gowns, as you say, then shoes and also coats. And she often looks so chic in casual. These are all areas she worked on in her former life.

      This whole royal daywear thing is quite another challenge and she’s only a few years in. Other European royals have struggled harder and longer and a casual look at some of their outfits even now show they still suffer from occasional royal fashion fatigue.

      Kate at least avoids real howlers, going instead for these minor quibbles like the funny little frilled collar. I think it’s easy to be hard on her when we watch her so closely all the time and it can be hard to maintain objectivity.

      • Very good points, ElizaMo. :)

      • Cindy and ElizaMo…very well said points.

      • Such interesting points! You’re right, there’s a whole level there (royal daywear) that alas, most of us won’t ever have to attain. When I look at the clothes she chooses for daytime engagements, they’re most like the clothes I might wear to do a major presentation at work. (I don’t mean these specific clothes… I am short and almost sixty, not willowy mid-thirties! … but this feel of clothes. And then her engagements often have her doing things with children and paints and such, something that just wouldn’t come up for a work presentation… and at the same time not look too formal.

        Thanks for giving me even more to think about, ElizaMo!

        • Here’s a theory on day wear. Kate never worked — I mean, in a job where she had to wear business clothes. She did work briefly for Jigsaw as a junior buyer, but that’s a fashion company where you could probably wear anything trendy and be fine.

          If she’d worked in the City (meaning finance) or in the museum world or in public relations, she would be accustomed to wearing suits and daytime clothes. Sophie Wessex is a great example. She had her own firm and she was used to holding client meetings, so she does a marvelous job with day wear.

          But she went straight from whatever to becoming the Duchess to having two children in quick succession. Her closet didn’t have much in the way of suits and jackets and business dresses the way many of us have.

          • I had not thought about this, but agree it is this professional but “Princess” events that she is having trouble with. It is hard. She is doing daytime events that if you are a benefactor, i.e. loads of money, are not the norm. Often those events, for the standard benefactor, are either Galas, or Dinners or the occasional lunch. But she has to do tons of daytime events that are formal, but she is not a business nor political person,so how do you dress? I am so glad ElizoMo was able to clarify what I was so blind in seeing.

      • All professional women, royal or common, have to select clothing (daywear) that is appropriate for their particular job as a whole or any specific assignment/project for that day. And, most don’t have the staff or means to help us get it right everytime. Two years in with stylists and all, Kate should not be making these mistakes.

        For instance, the high heals: high heals were invented/designed to emphasise a woman’s behind. A pencil skirt: same thing. A short jacket with a high back with a ruffle, what part do you think that is supposed to emphasise? Yet, the DOC turned out at a children’s event in an outfit that incorporated all three.

        I think the suit fits Kate. It is the styling and choice of it for this engagement that is the problem. not just a minor quibble with a collar.

        I am not in the fashion industry, but as I have said before, someone needs to call a staff meeting.

      • Why, thank you kind people. I just think royal daywear is in a class of its own and can tend towards the plain weird given it has to do formal and down-with-the-kids at one and the same time, I imagine it must be a long learning curve to tackle!

  16. This suit is a beautiful color, and the texture is fascinating. I think the foofy collar, though not a style I would wear, is a fun contrast to the business suit, and made the whole ensemble perfect for a day spent visiting children and families.

  17. Amused to see Kate in this jacket & skirt. I own the jacket which I bought last winter. I don’t think the fit is bad on her. What I would say is that unfortunately the fabric fluffs very easily, so it is not a style I would rush out & buy. Having said all that it does photograph well.

  18. Love the suit color and love the fabric! Love Kate’s hair and I would love her shoes if the heels were an inch or two lower. I think the skirt was much too tight and I respectfully disagree that it has to do with her long strides. It looks tight even when she’s standing still and when she bends, I feared for the seams.

    I think the blouse was a cop out. Did nothing to enhance the look. A scarf – black and green perhaps, to tie together suit, shoes and clutch? – would have been a much better choice. Ditto the earrings – I don’t see how pink belongs to this color scheme. Plain gold or gold and diamonds would have looked better IMO.

    Neverthless, the overall look, especially if you’re far enough away that you can’t see the smaller details such as collar, earrings and fit, was a winner.

    • Re the earrings, I meant gold and pearls, not gold and diamonds, which are not so appropriate for day wear, AIUI.

      • Why are diamonds not appropriate for day wear? I have a pair of diamond studs I wear probably five days out of seven. They are modern yet classic and IMHO go with everything. (IMHO = in my humble opinion. What does AIUI mean?)

        • AIUI = as I understand it.

          Diamond studs are fine, of course. Gold and diamond earrings – at any rate, the type I had in mind – would be too much for a day event.

        • My question as well—I wear my diamond studs at least 5 days out of 7 if not more!

  19. At first glance my reaction was, nice suit, accessories good (if uninspiring), hair fabulous. But then i went to a picture that showed the collar of shirt. I thought, what in the world is that? Am I seeing things? In style, color and fabric, a huge miss. Black turtleneck as on model much nicer. I also concur that the fit of suit is off.

    I just don’t get how someone in her position, with nearly endless resources and her natural beauty and clothes loving figure can fall short on the details more often then not.

  20. The reason I still kind of follow Kates looks is, that I love to see the wonderfull designer pieces she often owns. Besides that however, I have come to the conclusion that she and her team have no talent in styling the beautiful designs whatsoever.
    Someone commented before, that there is always something wrong, and I totally agree with that.
    That suit could look perfectly nice, business-lady/girl boss like, but her styling it just turns it into a weird, prissy-looking mish mash.
    I would even like the blouse, if it was styled with maybe leather pants and high heels, or with distressed denim (obviously not in the case of the Duchess).

    The thing I am still always wondering is…she has about one appointment that she needs an outfit for a week and all the money and help on hand. How can this go wrong so often? Maybe she should just start to buy completely styled outfits of websites…
    To end this on a positive note – I love her hair and for once don’t mind it being worn open.

    • Jules, you articulated so well my own thoughts that I decided to piggyback on your post. I think it comes down to having good style instincts – knowing how to be truly chic. It’s not that hard to pick out an elegant sheath or glamourous evening dress. It takes more effort and skill to put separates together with some flair, to accessorize thoughtfully (to quote Tim Gunn), and to understand the notion of dressing for the occasion/audience/venue in question.

      Kate may have a stylist, but does she (Natasha Archer?) mostly source items or actually provide advice on putting an outfit together? And does Kate prefer to use her own judgement regardless? Only they know.

      • I have complained about her styling and accessorizing repeatedly around here, so I agree. I don’t necessarily think Kate lacks any sort of fashion/style/taste, because I really liked her style before she got engaged. I often liked her jewelry, shoes, etc. I am starting to think that she doesn’t dress in her own “style” nowadays (which, given that she is prone to often wearing matronly stuff, may be the case…or here, it may be that she is not accustomed to wearing suits) and that is why she is flummoxed on how to make the look with the clothes she chooses. The blouse is terrible with that suit (but would be fine with trousers on its own), and we have another look where she is buttoned all the way up to her neck. An open jacket with a plain shirt would have been so much better. Although frankly I find this outfit sort of weird for this particular outing…I wish she would wear trousers and flats when she goes to these types of appearances.

        • I totally agree with your suggestion that the DOC should be wearing an open jacket with shirt, trousers and flats at this type of meeting. Her attire should not take the spotlight from
          the cause for which she is appearing.

  21. I don’t care for this suited look – it’s dated and fussy esp with that Peter Pan collared blouse under it – I would have worn the jacket open with a turtleneck and ditched those 5″ heels for some lower ones – maybe the kilties she first wore in CAnada – she needs to loose some of these super high heels – they are too predictable and for today’s event, not appropriate. This was an event that needed a touch more casual look and the heels esp. drove the look way over the top. She lost those nude platforms she wore for too long – now it’s time to loose some of these super high heels and get a new, fresh footware look

    • Agree with all you say, beachgirl, concerning Kate’s shoes. Besides the discussion regarding stilettos causing back and foot problems in later years, there is the point that you raise, about the very high heels being too over the top for many outfits and occasions. Kate is taller than the average person, this event is with children, so know need to add 4-5 inches to her height. Lower heels, block heels, more casual shoes would elevate so many outfits.
      As for all the comments about Kate needing a stylist, because she seems to frequently have one thing that is “off”, she could seek her mother’s input. Carole Middleton is a picture of elegance always. There is never one detail that is amiss when Carole steps out.

      • I’m impressed you should say that about Carol since I feel she tends to do the same as Kate and have the odd loose end here and there. In fact I think all three Middleton ladies have a tendency towards fussiness which can detract from otherwise snappy outfits.

        When Carol is at her best it’s easy to see where her girls got their looks from. I’ve felt Pippa has managed to achieved some less cluttered outfits of late since pairing up with James.

        • ElizaMo, I can’t think of one single photo of Carole Middleton, where something is not quite right. Pippa, yes, Kate, yes, but Carole seems to style and pick just the right accessories.

  22. I love this with the peter pan collar.

  23. Love the collar addition and would have been happy to see her hair up to show it off.

  24. I think this outfit is very beautiful. The green looks so beautiful on Kate and the pink earrings go well with it. It brings a girly contrast that we don’t normally see from her.

    I love that she kneels to the level of the children to talk with them and play with them. It’s something that you still don’t see often, and I try my best to do with my nephew because I want to teach him respect.

  25. I for one found today’s look to be a home run. Loved the suit, the style, color and texture of the fabric, the blouse and the hair/makeup. So happy not to see another flowy midi-length dress.

    As to those who suggest the suit was too small and that Catherine should size up – I disagree. I don’t think size is the issue. Catherine, like me takes very long strides. Anytime you see her in a pencil skirt or sheath bottom dress, you can see that with each stride, she pulls the fabric. One way to get around that is to always have a vented back. If you want to see her in the narrow silhouette as opposed to full skirts or A-lines, then you will always find the bottom to look like the size is too small. But it really isn’t. When she is standing in repose, the tailoring is appropriate. If she went a size up not only would the skirt look baggy, but it would consistently spin to one side or the other. Then she would be constantly tugging and readjusting…And that would open a whole new line of discussion.

    • I agree with you about the sizing—I don’t think it is too small–I think she just takes long strides. I am nearly as tall as the duchess and I have long legs (but a short torso) and I take very large strides, so pencil skirts do the same thing on me—perfect fit standing still but look tight when I am walking. I also agree that a size larger would look dumpy when standing still—the only real fix is to learn to take smaller strides but I doubt she can change her natural tendencies. I tried and couldn’t do so. A longer vent in the back would help if not for the fact that she has to bend over when talking to children and the press would take unflattering pictures from behind.

    • Completely agree with you on fit, Leah. This is how a pencil skirt is supposed to look.

    • I think Kate tends toward quite an athletic stride as she’s a naturally sporty soul, and I’d agree the fit is just fine.

  26. I on board with most of the others.
    Fabulous color and texture of fabric.
    Fit needs some work.
    Blouse is a miss, black would have better.
    Earrings are a strange choice with other options she owns, emeralds, pearls even the kiki green amethyst would have been nice.
    Hair is looking great and new eyeliner technique is effective.

  27. Kate looks like a librarian or a teacher from the eighties. This shade of green does nothing for her and as far as the blouse still available to buy. I’m not surprised. How she manages to be her lovely lithe self and yet look squeezed into her clothes I’ll never know. She was obviously influenced by the 1991 throwback images released this week when she rifled through the very back of her wardrobe!

    • Hey, librarians such as myself might take issue with that comment. Nobody likes being stereotyped.

      • Either do teachers.

        Kate looked lovely today. I really like the style, colour and fabric of her suit, and I also like her blouse. However, I don’t think the two work well together.

      • Lol. Still doesn’t change the image it conjures up and please note I said eighties. Someone said pencil skirts should look this way. Pleeeeeese! Long stride or not muscular thigh or not she looks crammed in. Boxy jacket needed to go and skirt raised a couple of inches and ta da. Better

  28. Hair – great color and super princess-y.
    Suit – great color, too small.

    The jacket would be lovely worn open with a light blue blouse (pussy bow?) and pants with an interesting loafer. Dare to dream. This outfit really lacks imagination and wearing the skirt and jacket as a suit is formal (for such an event especially) and aging. The shoes are a giant yawn.

  29. I like the suit, but the skirt could be an inch or so shorter. Do not like the blouse with this particular suit – a black blouse/top would’ve looked better with the black shoes and bag. Her green amethyst, pearl, sapphire, or diamond earrings also would have been more complementary than the pink morganites. Hair looks gorg, as always.

  30. It seems the vivid blues and just about any shade of green look dynamite on the Duchess. Interesting sculpted forward seams on the skirt flatter her shape and give the skirt subtle interest. Like most suits, the personality lies with the jacket, and this one is charming, especially the back. Great look.

    • That’s because Kate’s ‘color season’ is clearly winter. Royal blues, vivid greens, oranges, hot pinks and reds suit her. Beige, almond, yellows (esp. pale yellows) not so much – leave them to the fall people.

      • Actually, orange is not a winter color. Winter colors have a blue base, whereas orange has a yellow base and is a fall color.

  31. I love the color of the suit but that’s it. The skirt is clearly a size too small, when the seam is stretching over it’s easy to see it’s too small.

    The jacket would be pretty with a pair of flowy pants. The heels were to high and severe for a visit to a children’s center. It would’ve been lovely to go with a shorter heel and one of her longer flowy dresses for an over all softer look. Being that she’s in the country it was odd for her to be suited up for this visit.

    The blouse is just an odd choice. How anyone thought they’d go well together is beyond me.

  32. I really like the suit and the color is beautiful, but I really dislike the Peter Pan collar. Unzipped and a turtleneck underneath would look so much better!!! The pink morganite earrings look as if they were an afterthought and just something to grab as she went out the door. I know she has emerald earrings, or the ones she wore in Canada. Even gold or pearls would have looked much better.

  33. I love this suit on Kate, and the green is perfect– cheerful, without being overly bright. Kate’s hair is looking fabulous as well. I understand the comments about the blouse, but I don’t think it’s too bad– it does soften the suit, and she is meeting with children, after all! She does seem comfortable in this setting and I’m sure that, as a mother, she is feeling genuine compassion for these families.

  34. My guess for the blouse is that she wanted to soften her look and seem more girl-ish, in anticipation of being face to face with young children for a major part of the visit. It mattered more to her, to not look too formal or intimidating.

    I did like the suit, color and texture. I bet we see It again, with very different blouses. I’d love to see it with the jacket open over a bright navy blouse with matching accessories.

  35. Kate looked fresh and beautiful today. I loved her make-up and hair, but she also had such a sweet look in her eyes. She obviously is supporting a cause she loves. Her suit was beautiful, and as many have suggested, it would have looked even better unzipped. Yet, I loved the texture. Just love her!
    NOTE: Quick admin edit

  36. I think I’m in the minority in liking the blouse. However I wish we could have seen more of it. I like the bow and the detailing. I would love if she had worn black trousers and this jacket open over the blouse. That would have been a home run in my opinion. Emerald green is my favorite color so I am a bit biased about this jacket.

    • I think the blouse would be chic with black trousers or even a nice pair of jeans, but under this fuzzy green fabric, I’m not liking it at all.

  37. Pink earrings wwith a green suit makes me wonder if princess charlotte picked them out :-)

  38. When I first saw the collar I caught myself pulling a face like I was sucking a lemon! No, no, no. Fabric and colour both great, but fit is off and the Peter Pan collar, the less said the better I think. The blouse itself might work with some great jeans and boots, or flowy evening pants, but otherwise, shrink it for one of Charlottes dolls.

    Pink and green can be very nice together, so no problem here with the earrings, though I agree with others that gold would have worked too.

  39. Not liking the fit or the blouse. The jacket is too short for Kate’s torso. I actually would like to see her start wearing a size larger in some of her clothing.This skirt is too tight for a public appearance and I don’t understand how this fit would be comfortable wearing to bend down and meet the children or to walk in. I find that many of the tailored coats and jackets she wears, although they are bespoke, fit too tightly across the upper back.

    I wish them much success in this great cause.

    • Although to my eye it fit the models the same way at least in terms of the length of the jacket. I also liked the tight fit of the skirt and jacket but that is a style I go for in my own clothing:).

    • I agree with above poster, Joan Sintov, as to sizing on the Duchess’s choices. Both pieces look slightly small and tight, with no “wearing ease” in dressmaker parlance. This results in unattractive pulling across the back of the skirt and hiked up jacket as she bends to receive bouquets and talk to children. It seems as if the DoC always chooses the smallest possible size, rather than sizing up and tailoring for fit. The blouse is a NO, no more Peter Pan collars, please! They are appropriate on her kids only. A black shell under the jacket would have been more sophisticated. Accessories and jewelry OK, her hair and make-up are great! I don’t mind the green color. And as others have observed, it’s a wonderful cause. The Duchess seems to have a genuine connection to the families involved, well done. Loved the drawing…

  40. Hmm. Well, I love her hair and her accessories. I like the fabric of the suit and the color.

    The fit of this suit reminds me of the blue Catherine Walker she wore to the Netherlands. I feel like it was tried on/fitted without a whole lot of thought to her walking and moving around. I don’t know enough about types of fabric/construction/lining to know why it happens, but some of her pencil skirts seem to bunch and pull worse than others and show her leg and hip more through the fabric. Others don’t seem to have this problem at all.

    I absolutely cannot stand the shirt and I can’t imagine how – of everything she could possibly wear – she picked it. I’d have loved to see a black turtleneck or shell to coordinate with the accessories.

    Guess I’ll just focus on her hair….

    • I’m so glad that some have commented on that awful Netherlands outfit – apart from
      the pretty color, the suit looked wrinkled, and ill-fitting from all angles. I was really surprised to see it appear on the “best looks of 2016″ compendium! Same with the skirt here; maybe one size up would help? And I agree that the earrings, which are lovely in their own right, fade here when confronted by the brilliant green. She needed a more push-me pull-me relationship between the suit and earrings rather than a dominant-weak combination. On the model the left-over hippie era shirt looked very full – how on earth it could be neatly tucked in under that tight jacket, I can’t imagine! But the green is certainly an outstanding color for her! So enough grouching…

  41. I don’t mind this outfit – it’s perfectly unobjectionable and not a “miss” imo. The jacket is cut to be short in the back – you can tell by the photo of the model. I do think the suit could have been styled a little better but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way it was done.

  42. I agree with most…love the colour and the warmth of the fabric, but found the fit a bit tight and did not like the collar. As many have said, it is both matronly and childish. It would have looked better had she wore the jacket open.
    In a DM video you could see people’s breath when they were speaking so it did seem like a chilly morning there (and that she arrived alone and that Rebecca was already there. I am assuming Kate came from Anmer and perhaps Rebecca from London). I always like to know the logistics of these things :)
    I noticed too in some of the close ups that she was only wearing eye liner on the top lids – which to me changes her whole look and is much softer for daytime and a hospice visit.

    • I hope she or her team will see pictures of this event and realize the short blazer trend, while a modern silhouette, does not photograph well when she’s bending over to meet she children.

      I agree with the other commenters that the Peter Pan collar on this jacket was not flattering. It conflicted with the modern hardware (zipper) on the jacket. I’m not opposed to the collars outright though. The Victorian influence is a popular look so I don’t believe it’s matronly. Maybe 10 years from now but it’s on trend… with the right skirt and jacket.

      For the eyeliner… She appears to have changed her technique or perhaps switched to a liquid liner. She did the same (no bottom liner – or at least not heavy liner) at the Heads Together event last week. She went with the heavy upper and lower liner at the Child Bereavement UK event two weeks ago. The new look (hopefully) is much more flattering and reduces the appearance of her under eye circles.

    • Agree wholeheartedly with the comments on make-up. It’s pure heaven to see Kate drop wearing so much liner below the eye, and save it for the upper lid. Much more fresh and open!

  43. I love the general look but it is well past time to stop wearing those Peter Pan collars. And to make it worse there’s a ruffle!!
    If it would look cute on Princess Charlotte do not wear it.

  44. Interestingly, I never see matrons wearing Peter Pan collars.

    I’m so glad Catherine darkened her hair. It looks so glorious. The green is lovey on her as well.

  45. hummm, this one is a miss for me. The side seam of the skirt pulling, makes it look ill fitted and the old fashioned ruffled blouse does not work with the ‘fuzzy’ fabric.

    I do however think Kate looks lovely in jewel tones like this deep green.

  46. Agree with most of you. She looks lovely. I like the suit and the texture. Not a big fan of all that green. Really dislike the Peter Pan collar. Like the black bag and shoes and earrings. Agree with others on what they suggest to wear with it besides the blouse she has on.Shell, black turtleneck etc.

  47. It’s lovely to see her in green, and I think the outfit echoes the Jackie O look without being a copy. This gets a thumbs up from me.

  48. The blouse actually made me think of Princess Diana. The ruffled collar was one of Diana’s early trademarks, so maybe Catherine is making an homage to her??!!. But I don’t like the blouse with this suit. Actually, not sure I would like the blouse with anything, as maybe it’s an 80s statement that isn’t ready to make a comeback. I really do like the suit, both cut and color, although the gap at the back is awkward when Catherine bends over. Overall, pretty, not outstanding.

    • The only use I could come up with for the blouse is as a top to a pair of older, well worn skinny jeans, high heeled boots, blazer. It has to be paired with something casual and rough, if you will, to temper that oh too sweet vibe it emanates. The collar reminds me of the collar on my daughter’s Raggedy Ann doll’s dress. Not a good thing.

      • Faith, I could not agree more. This shirt could even go under a leather jacket for a night out. It has no place in the closet of a professional woman looking for work wear, in my opinion. If you put your thumb over it in the photos this outfit is much improved! Even more improved with a black turtleneck, or with the jacket open or partially zipped and a gorgeous long necklace added as a statement piece.

  49. Love this look. I think this is such a good color with her dark hair, and i always love a crisp white collar. Kate looks lovely and happy to be there.

  50. There was a smart comment on the WKW Facebook page, which I am paraphrasing. “Kate will get almost everything right, but then something is off.” In this case, the two things I would have changed were a) the blouse and b) the fit of the suit.

    This suit is a statement onto itself. The statement is fabric. You are accenting textured fabric, which means all you need is a brooch, a scarf or a cool belt. You do not need a Peter Pan collar blouse, that’s too twee for this strong of a suit. The blouse would look lovely with a pair of well-tailored trousers or a great pencil skirt. You don’t need it here.

    Second, this suit simply doesn’t fit her. The jacket is cut too short for her. The skirt is too tight. Silk almost always creases and this didn’t hold up well from the car ride. I do like the color, her hair looks splendid, and I think the outfit could have been saved with just a few adjustments.

    One thought is to do a test drive, literally — put on the suit, ride around for an hour, and see what it looks like when she exits the car. We commoners do things like this. I wish Kate’s team did.

    • Brenda, While your “test drive” comment is a good suggestion, I don’t think it is especially practical. Not sure that I could find an hour to just drive around in a car, to see if the fabric of my outfit wrinkles. Think how many outfits that Kate debuts. For Kate to go on a one hour car ride, she’d need to alert security, perhaps get a driver, be sure the kids are being looked after. I think the solution to pencil skirts, that seem to wrinkle, is that she needs to have ones that are an inch bigger in the width (1/2 inch per side). The blue suit she wore on her solo trip to the Netherlands wrinkled also. It was too tight. Perhaps with experience and outcomes Kate will realize this.

      • Bonnie, she should at least do the “crush test” which I do on everything I buy. There are so many wonderful crush free fabrics, like Ponte knit, which lay smooth and photograph well.

    • The posting stated that the suit was a wool/acrylic/polyester blend, not silk – and none of the photos here seem to indicate that it didn’t hold up well in the car – ? Perhaps you saw additional photos on another site, not sure.

      As far as the test drive, and “we commoners do things like this”, you are definitely the first person I’ve ever heard of who does this – that is impressive dedication to fashion! I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s never even occurred to me.

      • I’d agree a test drive sounds a bit much to organise, but if there’s one test I can always do it’s the ‘sitting-down’ test — essential if going out for a good meal!

        And then there’s the crouching test, as Kate does here, only at home in front of the mirror it reveals all the howlers that can happen at the back. Impressed that she didn’t end up with the back of the blouse flapping outside the skirt after

        • That was one my mother taught me – always sit down in it. Whether it’s a skirt, a dress, a pair of trousers. Always. It’s saved me from some things that looked great when I was standing up in them, but not so hot once I sat down.

        • Amen to the sitting-down test, a timeless standard! Bending at the waist when I’m debating how revealing a dress/blouse/sweater may be is also immensely useful. Driving around in a car for an hour, that is another level entirely!

  51. Lovely color of green and nice to see as we drag through the drab gray, months of winter. I like the textured fabric too–reminds me of suits of the 1960s–a retro look. The blouse–well I had to laugh at the comments! On one hand some think it makes her look childish, while others say she looks matronly!! A blouse and collar that can do all that!! LOL No wonder she wears it!! Personally I am not a fan of it–I think it detracts from the suit. A patterned green scarf at the neck would be nice, or a black one to go with the clutch and shoes. But she seems to like those type of blouses, so it’s her choice!! Overall a good business like ensemble for attending an event focusing on children and a hospice.

    • Round collar edges with frills and ribbon trim — often found on clothing for juveniles as well as clothing fashioned for older women. Such details on clothing for sophisticated 30 something working women? Not so much.

      Also, zipping or buttoning one’s jacket completely to one’s chin is generally a habit of the very old and the very young. Accordingly, either term, childish or matronly, can still be an apt description of the same item or phenomenon, IMO.

  52. This charity is such a good fit for her. She looks comfortable and her sincere empathy is evident.
    Love the color and texture of her suit. Not a fan of the zip front and high neck collar.

  53. Loved the color (great on Kate!) and her choice of a suit. Blouse just didn’t work with the tweedy fabric and tailored cut. Simply a miss.

    So impressed that Kate can keep her composure when meeting families facing the terrible health crises of their children. I’d be sobbing and yet she’s able to remain poised and cheerful while comforting them. She deserves to be a Royal IMO.

  54. The choice of blouse makes me wonder if the jacket is itchy around the neck.

    • She had to wear something under the jacket as you can see the blouse when she leans over, but this blouse was not it. I agree with perhaps a black turtleneck, or lengthen the jacket.

  55. This had the potential to be such a home run for me – the fantastic emerald green colour, the crisp tailored lines of the jacket with the zipper and slight peplum adding a bit of zing and the lovely tweedy texture of the fabric. Was very excited to see Kate wearing a skirt suit and pulling to off with panache……..until her hair blew to the side and I saw the white blouse. While there is so much to love about Kate’s style her penchant for these matronly yet at the same time girlish Peter Pan collars is not one of them. I truly wish she would stop wearing this style – clean crisp lines afe so much more appealing on her.

  56. Love the colour and texture of this suit and so nice to have a change from the usual coats. I predict we’ll see this again at a St Patrick’s day event. I agree the collar of the blouse spoils the look for me. Wearing the same collar style as your toddler, hmmm…

  57. I think a simple way for the outfit to actually work would be to wear the jacket open and showcase the neck-tie of the blouse. It would feel both less stuffy and less childish. I don’t know why she is always buttoned or zipped up all the way. The open jacket would also make the outfit look less like one big block of colour, it would give the outfit more interest and movement. The colour looks great on her and the black accessories work. All of the elements go together, it’s just how she’s wearing them that make the look too understated.

    • I totally agree. I also thought the look would be improved by wearing the jacket open.

      • I’m not so sure about wearing the jacket open, does that work well with a zip? Unzipped a little way maybe, and perhaps a scarf, but I think I can understand wanting to finish off the hardware by closing it up to the throat

        • The model is pictured wearing it open (with the turtleneck). Really, I just don’t like the zipper and think that it wouldn’t be as noticeable if it were open. I think the zipper just looks out of place, like it belongs on a hoodie not a smart little suit. If the zipper were gold and meant as a decoration, then maaaaaaybe, but here it is just out of place for me. Maybe I just don’t like the jacket. I tend to think that Catherine’s peplum jackets rarely hit her in the correct place anyway. I do like the material and color and almost the design, but it’s just not quite right for me.

      • Wearing a peplum jacket open makes the peplum ride up at the back and gap, at least IME. So I think it was the correct move to wear it closed.

  58. What a wonderful organization, and I love the green suit!

  59. Today’s look is rather ho hum. There is nothing innovative or special about it, but it is nicely tailored and Kate looks well put together. I do prefer the jacket with a turtleneck, as shown on the model, rather than the cutesy little girl bow.

    Pink earrings would not be my choice with such a vivid green. Gold or something small with emeralds would have been terrific.

    Kate excels at relating to children and putting their parents at ease.

  60. The fabric here is too overly coarse and slubby for my taste-especially combined with that zipper. I also note that the skirt seems a bit too tight and in one photo-even possibly unlined (?) Do the side seams on the skirt angle forward or is that just an illusion?

    Of course, as always, the duchess looks lovely and is impeccably groomed-I’m just not a fan of the details of this suit.

  61. I love the color and fabric of the suit, but the cut is not very forgiving. Note the pic where there is an unflattering gap between the back of the jacket and the waist of the skirt (where thankfully her blouse is tucked in). I suppose this may just be another “tall woman buys suit off rack” problem. The jury is also out for me on the Peter Pan collar, especially with her hair hiding most of it anyway. But must say that the families look excited to see her, and that’s what really counts. And she’s wearing my favorite earrings again. :-)

    • As a tall woman, can confirm this was the case if she bought it off the rack, especially since she has such a long torso! Jury out for me as well on the Peter Pan collar, but I do love the color of this suit. Final note: does she have a clump of mascara on her bottom right lashes, or is that just me?

  62. Nice suit. That color is always good on Kate and the silhouette is good on her.
    As far as that blouse is concerned, I don’t understand it at all. It makes a chic, grown up suit look prissy and childish.
    The jacket looks better styled on the model, with the zipper opened and a black turtleneck underneath.

    • Were the choice of fabric and closure for this outfit a bit more traditional-the Peter Pan collar would definitely be a better match. I think it was meant as a traditional foil for the unconventional fabric and zipper combination-I’m not a fan.

  63. When the first pics appeared online of this outfit (rather distant photos at first) my immediate response was—yeah, a skirt suit–as I have long thought a skirt suit is a good option for her and they are business like but can be dressed up or down.

    I think that is a lovely color green and it is a good color for her. However, the texture of the fabric is so odd. In some photos it appears to be a nubby tweed like texture, which I really like. In other pictures, it looks like outdoor carpeting like one might see on a mini golf course–which is not good.

    I like the skirt length–she should wear just above the knee length more often IMO—I detest that midi length. I also don’t mind that the jacket isn’t perfectly fitted, as these were off the rack clothes and not bespoke. The black accessories pair well with the green, although I would have worn the diamond earrings she owns instead of the pink morganite ones.

    All in all not a bad outfit until you see that horrible blouse peaking out over her jacket collar. The collar of the blouse is Peter Pan-esque enough to look too juvenile for her and I think it ruins the lines/collar of the jacket. I would have suggested a silk shell or collarless blouse with nothing peeking over the suit jacket—even a silk turtleneck (though not as thick as the one on the model) would have been okay.

    Her hair looked great but I again think a ponytail or French braid to keep it back and off her shoulders would have been even better.

    This is a great cause and I hope they raise enough money to build the new building.

    • I hope the raise enough money sooner rather than later as well. This is one of Kate’s greatest causes.

      I love skirt suits on the DoC too. She looks stylish and pulled together every time she wears one while avoiding the pitfalls that translate into frumpiness. The color of the Hobbs suit is beautiful and its lines and design features both modern and flattering. I like the texture of the material also because, I think, it adds interest to an otherwise plain palette and gives a winter feel to the pieces. However, I can not state how much I dislike the collar of this blouse under the jacket. I looks like a child’s or doll collar, not something a grown woman would ever wear with a suit in this decade.

      Also, I’m enjoying the pink earrings with the dark green. It’s whimsical.

      • I like the pink earrings as they are translucent and tend towards neutral. Greens are hard to match, so we don’t know if the ones she has would have worked with this outfit. It’s hard for us to judge colours that are reproduced on screens and in print.

  64. That collar is so matrinly.

  65. I’m interested to see what others will say, but from me this gets an A+! This is my favourite colour on her (it’s one of my favourites in general). I love the white collar over the jacket and the shoes work well. I think her hair looks great down with this, as well. Love love love this.

    The drawing the little girl made is adorable, too. How precious.

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