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Kate was in a new jacket and sneakers at today’s Heads Together training session for the London Marathon.

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

The Duchess joined Prince William and Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the event.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Synidcation/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The Royals were at the Park on behalf of their mental health initiative, Heads Together. From The Telegraph’s story:

Heads Together, spearheaded by the three royals, aims to change the national conversation on mental well-being to a positive one, and is a partnership between eight charities that provide front-line mental health support.

The umbrella organisation is the charity of the year for the 2017 London Marathon, and Heads Together says it wants to use this privileged position to further tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

There were more than 150 Team Heads Together runners at today’s training session. From People magazine:

The royal trio ran the first leg of a five person relay at the London Marathon Community Track, with each running 50 meters.

Heads Together Facebook (Click photo to go to Facebook page)

Heads Together Facebook (Click photo to go to Facebook page)

Hmm, it looks like someone was trying to influence the outcome of the race.

© Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

© Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Clearly, the competition was fierce.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

Here is a view via Heads Together.

Heads Together (click photo to go to Heads Together Twitter feed)

Heads Together (click photo to go to Heads Together Twitter feed)

From the Clacton Gazette:

At one point, the Duke crossed into the Duchess’s lane. William and Kate are known for their competitive nature but the couple laughed and hugged on the finish line, while Harry patted his brother on the back.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Cheering on other runners.

©John Stillwell//PA Wire

©John Stillwell//PA Wire

A quick video.

From The Daily Mail:

The runners are fundraising for the eight Heads Together Charity Partners or the campaign itself and there will be a session to support their efforts in raising funds for the services and support giving vital help with mental health, day in, day out.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Back to the People story:

William, Kate and Harry also dropped in at the Copper Box Arena to talk to team members about their preparations for the marathon and to outline how all 38,000 runners in the 2017 race can help turn the event into the “mental health marathon.”

From left to right: Kate; William; world class sprinter Iwan Thomas, MBE; 3-time London Marathon winner Paula Radcliffe, MBE; and Prince Harry.



Now to what Kate wore. She was in a jacket by Perfect Moment, a French brand started by Thierry Donard, a skier known for his legendary extreme skiing films.

©i-Images/James Whatling

©Stephen Lock, i-Images/James Whatling

The jacket is called the Mini Duvet II ($450); we show it at Net-a-Porter, but it is also available in most sizes at Shopbop. The jacket is fitted, with navy elbow patches and black ribbed cuffs, as well as a magnetic flap over the upper part of the front zipper. The nylon exterior is lined with ethically sourced down.



From PopSugar Fashion’s coverage:

…the duchess took a sporty turn. Slipping into New Balance sneakers and movable denim, Kate pulled on her new red Perfect Moment puffer coat — an essential most of us were at least planning on shopping this year. Though the trend calls for a slightly oversize fit, Kate’s jacket ran snug, giving her outfit (however casual), the polished touch she prefers.

The jacket is also offered in the Perfect Moment star motif ($450), and similar designs are offered in gray and green ($335).

Perfect Moment Mini Duvet II and Mini Duvet Jackets Alternate Colors Feb 5 2017

The Mini Duvet (not the Mini Duvet II) is offered at discounter Bluefly for $199-$229, and at RueLaLa for $169.99. This style does not have the magnetic flap over the front zipper.



The Duchess wore a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans or jeggings that we haven’t yet identified.

Kate was in a new pair of sneakers/trainers by New Balance the ‘Vazee Rush’ style.

© Stephen Lock, i-Images / James Whatling

© Stephen Lock, i-Images / James Whatling

: With thanks to Kay for her comment and What Meghan Wore’s tweet about the shoes, it looks like Kate is wearing the New Balance Vazee Transform style. You can see the matching pattern on the bottom of the sole. Below right we show it at New Balance UK (£42).  It is also available at Amazon in the US in a variety of color combinations, as well as at Spring.

©Polaris/New Balance UK

©Polaris/New Balance UK

UPDATE #2, Tuesday, Feb 7:  With thanks to Meredith S. for emailing the tip, it looks like Kate was wearing trainers that are actually from a Sweaty Betty/New Balance collaboration.

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

The shoes are described as “Lightweight, well-cushioned and technical the Vazee is built for fast, lateral movements. With a sock-like fit for easy on and off, plus a foam cushioned mid-sole to absorb impact, wear in and out of the studio.”

Sweaty Betty /

Sweaty Betty /

The sneakers are available in most sizes, they are £90 (roughly $115 at today’s exchange rates).

The Duchess wore a pair of Asprey earrings we’d not seen previously.

©John Stillwell/PA Wire

©John Stillwell/PA Wir

Another look.

Kate Marathon Train Feb 5 2017 Asprey Earrings Multi Shots Montage

Asprey confirmed Kate is wearing their earrings, they are now on the jeweler’s website. The description says “Pavé diamond 167 Button earrings with a central amethyst stone, all set in 18ct white gold.” The earrings are $4800. Many thanks to Betty Wales for alerting us on the FB page the earrings were available online.  

Asprey / Polaris

Asprey / Polaris

They match her Asprey 167 button pendant first seen during the 2011 North American Tour.  The name references the jeweler’s 167 New Bond Street store address in Mayfair.

©Polaris / Splash

©Polaris / Splash

Kate has worn the pendant on other occasions, including the unveiling of her first official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in 2013.

©John Stillwell, PA Wire /Asprey

©John Stillwell, PA Wire /Asprey

Inspired by the buttons employed in traditional English tailoring,” the 167 Pendant is still available in both yellow and white gold ($4250).

We will see you tomorrow for Kate’s engagements at Mitchell Brook Primary School and the Guild of Health Writers conference. (More info here.) 


  58 Responses to “It’s a ‘Perfect Moment’ for Kate at Heads Together Marathon Training Session UPDATE on Shoes & Earrings”

  1. She is such an athlete. I love the video of her running. You can tell it’s something she does a lot and does well.

  2. I’m always fond of Kate’s casual looks. This is no exception. Actually one of my most favorite I think. 

  3. Great outfit. Well put together. Has a drop of sex appeal and elegance. Would wear all of it. Intend to replikate her NB footwear. Hair looks great too. Her silhouette is just lovely. She should incorporate pants into her other engagements from time to time.

  4. Great look on her. Appropriate and nicely put together. And what’s up with her hair – it has really been over the top fabulous lately.

  5. I have been wondering for a long time how tall Kate is. The picture with Paula Radcliffe has finally given me the answer! Paula is 5’8” that means that Kate is about that height or possibly slightly taller at 5’8.5”. What are your thoughts?

  6. I’ve thought she had the Asprey pendant already before their engament for example at Harry Meade’s wedding. I guess she had a similar necklace to that occation

  7. As a long distance runner, I loved seeing photos of Kate with Paula Radcliffe (who is not only a huge icon in the sport, but also the world record holder in the women’s marathon!). I think her outfit is completely appropriate for this occasion, and I love seeing all three of them having so much fun!

  8. I like the jacket and sneakers she wore, but for me the real standout is her hair. I don’t know if she has switched hair stylists again or what, but in her past few public outings her hair has looked better than it has in years, in my opinion. Here it looks shiny and healthy and bouncy – I’m jealous!

  9. Love this look—perfectly appropriate for the occasion. At first I was also surprised that all three young royals were in regular trousers/jeans instead of athletic wear but they really didn’t run that far—I doubt they broke a sweat. I like the black jeans/jeggings very much—they had quite a lot of stretch so I don’t think they hindered her ability to sprint the short distance.

    Her hair looks the best I have seen it in a while—I love that straight, bouncy blowout with body—much better than when it gets too curly. There is a photo directly from behind wherein I think her hair looks the best it has in years. I think she may have had a trim, which was needed IMO.

    I wish I could wear that jacket but I am allergic to down. Otherwise, I would immediately purchase it in the black/pink colorway.

    So great to see all three of them in good spirits with smiles on their faces and the relaxed body language. They were all clearly having a fantastic time. I suspect this is how the three of them interact in private if they all work out together.

  10. I love Kate’s red jacket. She looked really nice. She should do more sporty types of events. She lights up and seems more comfortable at sport events.

  11. Kate looks great although I agree with another comment that the skin tight look could be modified a little. Kate could still wear a slim fit without them being quite so skin tight. I love the enthusiasm that the three royals show for the occasion and for the cause. Well done.

  12. Sort of a Replikate, at Lands End, for $64.97, minus the elbow patches. http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-lightweight-down-jacket/id_279228

  13. Love her black/red palette today. While I think her Asprey pendant is lovely, I can’t say I like it in earring form. They do look just like buttons in her ears unfortunately. Her hair is exceptionally beautiful today, especially from the back.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one to think this. I don’t like the earrings much at all whereas I’m a big fan of the pendant.

  14. I note a reference to a trend for jackets like this to be over-sized (maybe as one would if layering for cold climates) but not only do all the ‘model’ photos show a very close-fit jacket, but Kate’s has a pronounced gap around the bottom edge (which you definitely wouldn’t want in cold climates). I think it’s a lovely jacket, I don’t wear puffers, they would make me look like a Michelin Man (a cartoon figure for a British Tyre firm) but my thinner children love them, the boys & the girls. I read today that there is a connection to Greenland where advice is to always wear bright colours in whiteout conditions. I live near Snowdonia in Wales (where William served) & I would say, yes, bright, but NOT the green option in summer, you will be difficult to spot!!
    There’s a colour option here for everyone though. I loved the red shade which suited Kate a lot & Duvet II is a lot nicer in style than the original one. I don’t think they were dressed ‘to run’, it was only 50 yards or so, , just like running for the bus, but dressed casually.
    I’d like to add though, I do applaud the younger royals for choosing mental health as it really is the Cinderella of the Health Service in Britain, it needs higher priority!

  15. These clothes were/are absolutely appropriate in all manner for this event! And, the Duchess looks absolutely fantastic in them.

  16. I have always had in my mind that she owned earrings from this set, based on someone who said years ago that they had been sold together, and that we simply hadn’t seen them yet. I wish I remember who put that thought in my brain and give them credit but alas, I can’t remember.

    This is a really stylish look and one that I wear frequently to run errands and head to the gym.

  17. Man, I would love to see Kate wear something other than super-tight skinny jeans for casual events. They are just too tight, even for skinny jeans. If she wants to wear something formfitting, there are athletic pants for that.

    On the other hand, I really like seeing her with a straight blowout. I am kind of over the girlish curls, and she looks more modern and sleek with this hair.

  18. Um, curious about the black jeans that she wore (at first glance, I thought it was a pair of leggings but other news source mentioned it as skinny jeans). Anyone know the brand?

    • There have been suggestions it is a pair by Zara, but I’ve not seen anything that would verify that. :)

    • I’m pretty sure you’re right about her wearing leggings. I have a similar pair of Hudson ones that look like jeans, but they aren’t. (They zip up and have pockets on the front and back.) The tell was the way they bunch up at the bottom by her shoes and around the knee area–regular jeans don’t pool quite like that.

  19. They all look great and its so good to see Kate, William and Harry bring attention to a cause and looking so sporty, fun and approachable. Its so nice to have royals of this age who can take part in such events. Great role models.

    I wear a similar jacket (although Kate’s is nicer than mine!) leggings and trainers regularly to the gym and doing errands and I think its a comfortable and totally appropriate look for this occasion. I love her earrings which look so much better than drop ones would with a casual look.

    All in all, a perfect look for a very good (fun but serious) cause.

    • For you, it IS totally appropriate to wear leggings, but Kate’s working in an official capacity and representing the Queen. There are different standards for her and I personally think it is wildly inappropriate for her to wear such tight pants to an engagement.

      • I’m surprised to hear these are jeans. They are so form fitting I just assumed they were athletic tights. Well, she looks fine for the occasion, and she isn’t even Princess of Wales yet, let alone Queen. So, in this case, I’d cut her a little slack. No pun intended.

      • I think the leggings are suitable. For this event. Some of her other casual but non sporty engagements could do with some more formal trousers or something but here she’s in trainers and is taking part. She can only be in these jeans or more relaxed jogging bottoms which I think would be far.more unsuitable.

        • Agree 100%

        • I think the jeans are okay for this event, I think if she was going to go casual she should have gone for more of a workout pant or running tights, but what I don’t understand is why she never wears trousers to work events (more formal events than this.) I thought for a while it was that trousers/dress pants were kind of frowned upon by the royal family, but she has worn skinny jeans to enough official functions that clearly she could wear some dressy pants to some of her other functions if she wanted.

          I get that she has a preference for skirts, but once in a while I think a pair of dress pants would be perfect on her and very appropriate to some of her engagements.

      • wildly inappropriate…..what do you mean? Next you will be wanting her to wear shapeless bags with a hair net to disguise everything. Let us remember that she is not only representing the queen to the Poms but to also the other commonwealth countries who are slightly less uptight about tradition. It is all about fun and for a great charity.

        NOTE: Admin edit.

  20. The Duke and Duchess look so happy! Kate looks lovely and perfect styling for the event.

  21. Kate looks fabulous and sporty– really a “perfect moment! ” They all look like they are having such fun. Just a side note: I’m nor sure if Meghan needs to be mentioned here at all (re: “What Megan Wore”). I, for one, love this site for the discussions about KATE’s wardrobe and style.

  22. I have a down filled jacket that is very similar to Kate’s, although mine doesn’t have the elbow patches. The one I own, however, was not $450, but rather $39 from Costco. I would advise anyone who travels a lot, to invest in one of these versatile jackets. They are very warm, but when not needed, they go into a “stuff” bag about the size of two fists. They are excellent to wear if you leave home in a cold climate but are travelling to a hot climate, as they are super light and take up very little room in a suitcase.

    • My MiL gave me one of those for Christmas. Just FYI for readers who are generally not warm blooded like me, I don’t find it very warm and much prefer my CK parka if the weather is at all below freezing.

    • I totally agree!

    • I own one that I paid about $200 for and cannot recommend it enough! Perfect for heading to the gym on a cold day and also an excellent layer under my waterproof gear for snow days. I’d look for a good one on sale and snap it up!

      • I have to say that my $39 jacket from Costco keeps me very warm…and I live in Canada, where temperatures in winter are very cold. I think it is necessary to be sure the jacket is down filled and not poly filled. There is a big difference!

    • I saw the Costco jackets before Christmas, and I agree – they are very nice looking, quite a bargain, and come in some wonderful colors. If I didn’t have a nice black one already, I’d be tempted by the colors. Jackets like this are not overly warm alne, but great to layer with, and pack well for trips on which the weather might have a wide range of temperatures to deal with.

  23. Since Kate has clearly dressed for the participation in a running race I imagine comments re fashion et al might be superfluous.

    Just as well or I might be tempted to wonder how anyone could manage to run in such a warm jacket or why all three royals are dressed in jeans rather than running gear, although Kate’s are clearly so close to leggings as to be a borderline case.

    And as I’ve never worn either a down jacket or trainers, the first too bulky for my taste and the latter requiring all the paraphernalia of laces when I want shoes I can slip in and out of, I’m surely in even less position to comment.

    And while I find the jacket too bulky against such skinny jeans and likewise the trainers, I might at least applaud the fabulous earrings. I’m relieved she chose a fixed stud rather than any of her drop styles even if I am amazed to see anyone to debut such a fabulous pair for amateur athletics.

    But she is a princess and has special dispensation in such matters. And she looks so at home in the situation that all oddities of dress are overcome by her evident enthusiasm. And that gorgeous hair, of course, which is still looking wonderfully thick and glossy. Well played, Duchess.

    • As Kate seems to have run for all of 50 meters, I imagine she didn’t work up much of a sweat and could have used the down jacket to keep her warm the rest of the time. (My question was why William wasn’t wearing a jacket…) Likewise none of the three bothering to dress for running. The Daily Mail seemed to think that the skinny jeans would hamper Kate’s running rather than help, although I’m not quite sure why.

  24. I do believe Catherine has had the Asprey pendant since before marrying William; she wore it to a couple of 2010 weddings and possibly other times as well. I wonder how long she’s had the earrings for?

  25. I suspected her earrings were from Asprey, but I couldn’t find any image confirmations online. I’m heartened to see you also have the same idea. I’ll contact Asprey to find out more.

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