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The Duchess chose a new Catherine Walker coat for today’s shamrock ceremony with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

 Doug Peters/ EMPICS Entertainment

Doug Peters/ EMPICS Entertainment

Prince William is Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The annual ceremony was at the Irish Guards Calvary Barracks in Hounslow, West London. 

©Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate receiving the basket of shamrocks she will distribute.

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

From The Telegraph’s coverage:

Led by their mascot, the Irish Wolfhound Domhnall, the 450 1st Battalion Irish Guards marched onto the Parade Square at Cavalry Barracks.

The Telegraph story quotes Domhnall’s handler, 29-year-old drummer Adrian Cathcart, from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, “He’s taking it all in his stride.”

©Ben Stevens / i-Images

©Ben Stevens / i-Images

kate’s coat has an elegant line.


©2017 Crown Copyright MOD Sgt Rupert Freres

She always seems to enjoy this event.

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

As do the Guards.

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

I believe these are formerly serving members of the Guards.

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Rupert Freres

Commemorating the day isn’t limited geographically; in this tweet from the British Army, you see soldiers from the Royal Irish Regiment in Kabul, Afghanistan, getting their shamrock sprigs last night (our time). 

The British Army Twitter (@BritishArmy)

The British Army Twitter (@BritishArmy)

The annual group photo.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

After the ceremony, the Duke and Duchess chatted with members of the Guards.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

And also spent time speaking with their families.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The duo appeared to be enjoying themselves and joined others at the Barracks in toasting the day.


Both ©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

A rousing toast to the Duke and Duchess.

Now to what Kate wore, starting with a new coat by royal favorite Catherine Walker.

© /Polaris/Polaris

© i-Images/Polaris/Polaris

The double-breasted style looks like it might be done in a wool crepe, and appears to be modeled on the Catherine Walker style shown below, from the designer’s Red and Black Group. Many thanks to Christin for reminding me that style was one we included in a 2014 post about the Catherine Walker ensemble Kate wore when arriving in New Zealand.  I don’t believe Kate’s cuffs and pocket flaps are quite as long as those shown on the model, and Kate’s collar is closed a bit closer together than that seen below. Otherwise, it is quite similar. I like the way the goldtone buttons on today’s garment mirror those on the uniforms of the Irish Guards.


©Polaris/Catherine Walker/i-Images, Polaris

Kate wore a new pair of suede pumps by Emmy London.

©James Whatling/Emmy/Polaris

©James Whatling/Emmy/Polaris

It looks like the Duchess was in the ‘Rebecca’ style in a color called ‘Greenery.’ Made of kid suede, it features a pointed toe and 4.5″ heel. It retails for $545.

Emmy London Instagram/

Emmy London Instagram/Splash News

A closer look at the Duchess’s hat. Our thanks to Lindsey on the Facebook page, she pointed out that it was the same hat worn on Christmas Day 2015.


©MOD, Crown Copyright 2017 / Polaris

That was a Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & co. design.


©Kensington Palace/Polaris

You can see in these photos the point at the front has been rounded.

©Polaris / i-Images

©Polaris / i-Images

Kate carried a bag we’ve not yet identified.

UPDATE: It turns out that Kate’s handbag is by Etui; credit for the ID goes to a lovely WKWer who would like to remain anonymous.  More details, almost verbatim from our Paris arrival post on Saturday, that is where we first published the information. (I completely forgot to update this post, aarrgghh!)  Below left you see Kate holding her bag; in the center, a photo shared by our anonymous WKW friend, and another shot of Kate’s on the right.


©Polaris/WKW Friend/Polaris

Etui is based in Poland. Anna of My Small Obsessions was of vital help; she lives in Poland and was able to correspond with Etui. The company confirmed Kate was carrying one of their bags; you can see how excited they were at the news in their Instagram post. They have also joined Twitter; click here to visit their feed.

Etui Instagram (@etui_bags

Etui Instagram (@etui_bags)

At one point the brand was carried by Topshop, as well as Peter Jones & John Lewis. According to our tipster, the bags are very reasonably priced; the one she has that appears to be Kate’s version was £50. We should have a better photo of Kate’s bag in the next day or so. Etui does not currently have an e-commerce site, but the bags can be purchased by directly contacting the company via its Facebook page. Several WKW friends report the company has been very helpful when contacted via its Facebook page.

We saw the return of the Monica Vinader ‘Siren’ earrings in green onyx ($195).

Monica Vinader/

Monica Vinader/ Polaris

And the Cartier shamrock brooch historically loaned to royal family members for ebgagements with the Guards.

©2017 Crown Copyright MOD

©2017 Crown Copyright MOD Sgt. Rupert Freres

Kate wore her hair up, using a hairnet to keep it in place.


©PA Images/Polaris

A look at Kate’s ensembles over the years.



One other item of note of interest: PopSugar posted a video of Kate as Eliza Doolittle in her school’s production of My Fair Lady. I knew there had been photos of the production, but didn’t realize there was a full-length video of her performing “Wouldn’t it be Loverly?”


PopSugar (Click photo to visit the PopSugar story & video.)

We’ll see you shortly for the Duke & Duchess’s arrival in Paris. LINKAGE:

  58 Responses to “Kate in Elegant Catherine Walker Coat for St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards”

  1. I think this is far and away her best St. Patrick’s Day look yet! This coat is much more striking and stylish that the ones she has worn in the past.

  2. She looks fabulous. Time for a pair of emerald earrings or tourmaline with some little diamonds! Or some great gold earrngs.

  3. Perfectly fits into the overall setting.And to my foreign eyes a very British kind of elegance, which I associate a lot with traditional tailoring, which of course has always worked particularly well in menswear.Her coat looks flawlessly tailored.Good tailoring is all about the perfect fit, basically adjusting to the individual body of the wearer. Now her signature sillhuette for official daytime events seems to be a fitted bodice and a flared knee-length skirt.It’s nice when her naturally athletic shoulders get some definition.The effect is 1940s especially with the sombre colour scheme.There was also a fashionable focus on hats.Womenswear was quite chic during the war years, because signaling strength was suddenly desirable in fashion.It works well for formal no -nonsense occasions like this.

  4. The bag is by Polish brand ETUI available at Topshop Oxford St.

  5. This coat is exquisite, and Kate looks absolutely fabulous!!!

  6. Nice overall. Don’t like the earings. But other than that minor issue, well done.

  7. The rounded hat is more flattering. Lovely look. She got it exactly right.

  8. This is probably my favorite St Patrick’s Day look so far. A classic Kate silhouette, but the tailoring is flawless and I especially like the way the skirt falls. Also like the velvet accents at the cuffs, pockets and collar, but I can’t for the life of me tell if they are dark green of black. The double row of buttons reminds me of the CW red coat worn when arriving in New Zealand in 2014, except those were silver. The hat and updo are alright, the pumps are great as usual, but I’m not too fond of those earrings. Matching all those shades of green gets tricky, so to simplify I would have gone for gold earrings, to compliment the brooch and buttons.
    All in all, it’s well done for the Duchess!

  9. Oh Domhnall, you steal my heart every St. Patrick’s day. I think Kate is besotted with you as well.

    I always love seeing her at the Irish Guard. You can tell she genuinely has fun at this event. I’ve personally always loved when she’s worn green to the Irish Guard event. I loved her 2014 outfit because I really loved the hat and the quirky coat, but this one is just very classic and it has more of a twirly, poofy skirt that I love. I love how all the greens she wore are slightly different yet they all go together quite well. It also appears the fabric is heavier, so it lays well.

    This and 2014′s style are my absolute favorites. She just looks so happy in them.

  10. I was surprised when I read this was a new coat, it looks so similar to the others she has worn to this event. I think there are a number of issues which make it less successful than it should be. The green is a little too dark for her, made worse by the black velvet collar worn high and tight around her neck. It absorbs all the light (made worse by the low hanging hat) and as a result she looks washed out. I don’t think the double row of brass buttons looks very sophisticated. I think the nude hose is too light for this buttoned up and dark coloured coat. Finally what is with the hairnet! My favourite of the Irish looks is 2012 – the V neck collar and complementary hat made a fresher look.

  11. Great job!
    The more I see the coat, the more I like it! Thanks for the information!

  12. Oh, I love this look! It is similar to past years for this event, but all the guards have to wear the same uniform every time, it’s fine. The tailoring is just great, it really sets off her figure perfectly. Look at the back of her waist, the line of the coat is beautiful, I would love to have a chance to really examine a bespoke piece like this, just to get a good look at the seams and everything. The balance of the whole outfit, hem length, hat shape…just love it.

  13. For the most part I like this coat. I like the shape and the velvet accents and the color. But I find the double-breasted look with gold buttons to be quite dated…it is a very 80s look. And the buttons kind of look cheap. A single row of nicer buttons would have made the style work better, I think.

  14. That is a beautiful coat and it fits the Duchess and the occasion flawlessly. However, as is evident from the pictures of her at this event in previous years, it is quite boring.

    I too wonder why she does not wear her hair higher on her head when she puts it up. And, IMO, the hairnet has to go. It looks bad.

  15. I’m just going to say it. Matronly, head to toe.

  16. So charmingly elegant! I especially love the updo and hat.

  17. To me, the shade of green is not as flattering for her as that more vibrant emerald she has worn. However I can see that it is appropriate for the occasion. LOVE those green suede pumps however.

    I liked the coat better when she arrived in Paris – I think the hat wasn’t to my taste so when she removed it, it seemed less fussy.

  18. Oh my gosh, what a coat! I love it! Just perfect with the military buttons and black trim.

    That video of young Kate was precious.

  19. I wonder if she chose the earrings to match the real shamrocks once pinned to her coat.

    • Doubt it. She’s gone a little askew on her accessory choices lately. Her Kiki green amethyst earrings would have been a better choice than these.

  20. This is a perfect look for Kate. I like the military-inspired design. Best look so far on St Patricks day! The cut of that coat is immaculate on her. The shoes and hat, just right. Her hair is tidy and looks great.
    I like her make up too – very flattering.

  21. A sensational pick of coat from Kate, definitely one of her best. I love the raised waist and princess-line skirt flaring out gently, so perfectly cut. And an excellent length too, proof against frisky breezes as well as combining maturity with elegance.

    The contrast collar, cuffs and pocket tabs reminded me at first of the kind of classic coat I once was dressed up in to go to Sunday school – and I suppose a little like coats young George had been wearing of late. I like this grown-up version of a classic style very much and the angle of the pocket tabs perfectly complements the line of the whole coat.

    The new hat is also perfect and having Kate’s hair up is always an added treat, she looks perfectly groomed and accessorised today. The contrast velvet collar and tabs combined with the smart double row of shiny buttons neatly reference the military context, and help showcase the lovely shamrock brooch to best advantage.

    And I think the shoes are a text book example of why a classic court is such a winner, when beautifully cut and shaped they give femininity without fuss and show off Kate’s slender legs a treat.

  22. Kate’s look today is perfection–from head to toe!! The military aspect of the Walker coat is totally fitting for the event with the Irish Guards. The shoes are a lovely shade, they look suede, like the blue ones that she wears. Hat and up-do are just right for the outdoor event. At first I thought the earrings were too light a green color. Then I saw the bunch of shamrocks pinned to her coat and the earrings appear to be a pretty good color match. Do we know anything about the shamrock pin? I’m wearing mine today–my dad gave it to me when I was about 12-13 years old.

  23. Loved this look (and her 2012 and 2015 looks- I think her 2012 look really highlights her look around that time and she nailed the pregnancy/formal/military look in 2015)
    Can’t believe the little details-changing the collar and rounding the hat especially- would never think of that myself!

    • For UK followers from an uninformed American… is the alteration to the hat (rounding out the front) something women typically do in the UK? Well, women of means anyway. I know the Duchess is very much a fan of reworking some of her older pieces (shortening a coat, letting out a skirt hem), but it seems reconstruction of a hat is a bit extreme. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer the revised version. It just struck me as an odd thing to do for such minimal impact when it’s unrelated to modesty or trends.

  24. Love the deep color of this coat and Kate wears it well. A very lovely traditional look that screams “duchess” to me—she kills it when she embraces her position without holding back. I am thinking of the most recent Order of the Garter as an another good example.

  25. Perfection!

  26. Catherine looks perfect for the occasion; I like everything about this. What really struck me immediately is that it is a very Diana look with the double-breasted gold tone buttons and especially the velvet accents. Diana would probably have worn a straighter, more fitted look, but there is something very vintage about it.

  27. I think this outfit looks like a costume. It’s military inspired, so fits the occasion but outside of it, it seems like a miss. The brass buttons coordinate with her brooch but otherwise look tacky. I love her hat and hair. But the bag is an odd choice and I have to wonder if she really always needs a bag especially with her handler and William there.

  28. Catherine looks beautiful, I wondered about the alteration of the hat – I mean, it looked fine before. Maybe she has 2 hats?

  29. Oh I love this look! Definitely my favorite Shamrock Ceremony look yet. I feel like her Catherine Walker looks never fail. The shade of green is just perfect and I love the contrast the velvet cuffs and pockets make. I have noticed that her Catherine Walker pieces always have a very sharply tailored shoulder, which I think is very flattering on Kate. It suits her frame perfectly. Also William’s black uniform has always been a favorite of mine.

    Definitely looking forward to this Paris trip, should bring some great looks and I know for a fact they will excel at the diplomacy task.

  30. Sharp look for The Duchess today. As in years past, she seems to particularly enjoy this event.
    I’m not sure why she’s using a hairnet. I’d like the hair pulled higher off her ears. Seems so old fashioned.

    • I think today’s updo was a pratical compromise in order for her arrival in Paris hair style to work. Yet, I agree- this over the ears low large bun in the back is very old fashioned and unflattering. I’ve preferred her side chignons and looser updos better. Im at a loss as to why her stylist can not achieve a more sleek and chic chignon more often.

      • I’m a sucker for the old-fashioned effect of both the low bun and the net — very Mary Crawley! I continue to wonder if the thickness of Kate’s hair precludes I being higher on her head simply because the amount of pinning to keep the weight in place could be brutal and even headache-inducing.

        My own hair has always been too thick to stay in place for five minutes and Kate seems to be up against hair that escapes easily. A hair-net is such circumstances would be bliss!

  31. I love this coat, she looks so elegant. Well done Kate, and a happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!

  32. I like this outfit. It does look a bit wintry to me, but I don’t know what the weather is like and considering she wore the same outfit on the plane to Paris it does look stately/respectful enough for both events. My favorite year for her St. Patrick’s day outfits was 2012 though! On another note, she does seem to be wearing her hair up more often, does anyone have any opinions on why? I’d love to hear some because I personally love when its down!

    • Well this is pure speculation, as to why Kate sometimes wears her hair in an updo. It is a great way to get it out of her face, especially for outside events where it could be windy. Some hats just look better, or fit better, with an updo. At times the front or back of her outfit has detailing, that would be covered or lost with her hair down. I personally feel that an updo is more polished and professional looking. At times Kate tends to play with her hair or keeps pushing it out of her face. So an updo eliminates that. Also, if she has on a spectacular pair of earrings they are highlighted more if her hair is not covering them.

      But as I said, this is pure speculation. Like many of us, she might just go with what her mood is on any given day.

  33. This is my all-time favorite St. Patrick’s Day look from Kate! The coat is beautiful and works so well with the hat. Her posture could really improve though… it looks like she’s slouching in many of the photos.

    • Several of us did some mad-tweeting, also thinking it was Nancy Gonzalez. We’ve yet to find the bag, hopefully we can get it nailed down! :)

  34. Lovely outfit and very appropriate for the event. The military look echoes the military nature of the engagement. At first I didn’t really care for the goldtone buttons but upon seeing admin’s mention that they echo the Guards’ uniform buttons, I am okay with them. This isn’t a coat she is going to wear every day—we might not see it again until Christmas—-if she were wearing it more often I might suggest black or dark green buttons.

    The cuffs first appeared to be black to me but now I am thinking they are a very deep green.

    Am so happy that this is a knee length hem and not midi length.

    I think the hat and purse go well with the coat (it is so hard to match/complement shades of green) but I am not sure about the shoes. Thankfully, there is enough space between them and the coat that it isn’t jarring. I might have worn black shoes.

    I do wish that she had worn her emerald earrings (oval emeralds with diamonds around them) as opposed to the earrings she did wear–I think the color is way off and they appear cheap/plastic next to the luxurious velvet lapels.

    This outfit isn’t about fashion nor should it be—it is about being respectful of the military tradition of the guards. I think she got it spot on.

    • Katefanatic, your last paragraph resonated with me. This outfit is not fashionable but does well at this venue. She does look like a princess and the design elements of this coat complement the uniforms of the Guards. Today’s look will not be one of my favorites but it did work for Kate for this event.

      • Don’t you think that the Guards and their family members and other spectators my appreciate some variety from the Duchess as far as her sartorial choices when she makes her visits. I know I would feel let down if she continually showed up in essentially the same outfit. I mean, it is not a memorial, right? It’s Saint Patrick’s Day . . . time to party?

    • I agree with you regarding the earrings. I like things to be matchy-matchy and wished she’d chosen a different pair.

      Otherwise, beautiful ensemble. On to Paris!

  35. Everything works….her coat ,shoes, hair and the smile!

  36. Wow, she looks perfect for the occasion.

  37. In some photos, the cuff and collar almost look like a very dark green. Is that just me?
    Check out the handbag shot. The outer edges make the velvet look green. I rather like that idea.

  38. I feel like I have been very negative towards Kate lately, so i’ll take this chance to say that I love this look. I think she really nailed it. It’s a very similar look to what she has worn in past years for this event, but that’s fine. The velvet cuffs and collar are just lovely here. The buttons are not my style, but Kate really seems to like them, lol. and they do bring a touch of military to her outfit.

    the hat, shoes, hair – it all looks very put-together this time. Nicely done Kate.

  39. Kate got it right today and I would say this is my favourite St. Patrick’s Day look for her. I really like the coat and the black velvet collar, cuffs and pocket flaps are so elegant. The gold buttons fit in with the military theme. The rest of us, for our own use, might prefer buttons that do not stand out. But we’d wear the coat far more often than Kate will wear this one. The gold buttons really set off the brooch that is on loan from the Irish Guards regiment. The hat and updo look very nice, as are the matching green shoes and clutch. The only thing that I am not fond of are the earrings. Although they are the right colour, the green appears as plastic to me…although I do realize they are onyx. Emerald earrings would have taken this outfit to a wonderful level.

    It is a busy few days for the Duke and Duchess. I look forward to seeing the clothing selected for Paris, most especially the gown that Kate will wear for black time event.

    • oops….black TIE event…not time.

    • Echo your thoughts on the earrings. Color infused stones always look so unnatural and cheap to me. So many other choices that would have stood up better with the impeccably tailored coat.

  40. Just lovely!

  41. Love this look. Very Kate and very princess. The posts mentions these may be new shoes, but I think Kate already has a pair of green G Rossi shoes?

    • I don’t recall a pair of Gianvito Rossi. There is a similar color of Emmy London, but I *think* they were more of a rounded toe with a bit of a platform. Hopefully we’ll get these IDed before too
      long. :)

      • Looking back, I think I am thinking of the grey ones that sometimes appear to be green on my screen. My mistake.

  42. This is a lovely coat. I continue to think that nude hose with a winter coat just looks odd. I’m sure there will be some posters who protest that the greens don’t all match, but it’s one day out of the year, and they don’t have to.

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