Apr 212017

Kate and William made an unannounced visit to BBC Radio 1 today.

©Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

©Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

The couple was there on behalf of their Heads Together initiative.

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

They were also there to surprise radio personality Adele Roberts. More via the BBC:

Adele Roberts is running the London Marathon in aid of charity Heads Together, which is supported by Prince William and Catherine.

“Huge thanks to people like Adele,” Prince William told hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

More from the BBC:

Speaking about their mental health campaign, Prince William described how “eye-opening” the experience had been. “This issue of mental health is really brimming under the surface of public consciousness,” he said.

Catherine said she was keen to promote the “power of a simple conversation” when it comes to tackling mental health.

She said young mums she had spoken to in the past had said talking about their feelings could be “like medicine”.

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

While at the studios they met with several on-air personalities.

Kate William BBC Radio One April 21 2017

And they also spent time on the air.

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

This photo provides a look at the back of Kate’s blouse.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

The conversation wasn’t limited to Heads Together and this Sunday’s race. Back to that BBC Radio story:

The Duke and Duchess also revealed they watch “a lot” of children’s programmes with their children.

“George has gone past Peppa Pig,” he said, adding that Fireman Sam was a big hit in their house at the moment.

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

They even introduced the weekly Top 10 show.

You can listen to the entire show with Kate and William by clicking here

The most interesting thing about Kate’s outfit? The trousers. 

BBC Radio ONe

BBC Radio One

It is difficult to see in the one photo that we have showing Kate’s legs, but you can just see that she is not wearing skinny jeans, but trousers or denim with a straight or flared leg. That is quite a surprise!

Kate wore a blouse by Temperley London from the label’s Autumn 2017 collection. It is called the Cypre Pointelle Frill Top, shown below right. It features a slim fit with ruffled neck, tiered ruffles and flared cuffs. The piece is 100% spun rayon and is referred to as a ‘pullover style‘ on the Moda Operandi website, there must be a fair amount of stretch in that fabric. The piece was priced at $550 when it was available for pre-ordering.  (Below left you can also see the Cypre Pointelle Frill Dress.) Our thanks to Kates Closet for the speedy ID on this item.

Temperley London

Temperley London

You can see some of those design elements in other pieces from the collection.

Temperley London

Temperley London

Styles from the Autumn collection will be available starting in June at Temperley.


Also today, a new film was released by Kate, William and Harry.

Heads Together

Heads Together

The 7-minute video features the trio talking about the origins of Heads Together and the benefits of discussing mental health issues. You can view the video below, or watch it on the Heads Together site, or on YouTube.

Hopefully there will be better photos of today’s Radio 1 visit; if so I will update the post as soon as they’re available. We’ll leave you with this photo of Kate and William in their Heads Together digital headbands.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

And Happy Birthday greetings to HM, celebrating her 91st birthday today.

  46 Responses to “Kate & William Make Surprise BBC Radio Visit”

  1. Thank you for covering. I am so in awe of what they are doing to de-stigmatize mental health. Bravo to them.
    Keep up the good work. Your blog is so wonderful it has evolved into much more than what kate wore. Thank you!

  2. I’ll just quickly say that I love this top on Catherine and I think this kind of style, paired with the pants and shoes, is not meant to be taken literally as a grandmotherly looking outfit. I think it’s one of those ironic fashion choices that should look like a pair of curtains or table cloth, but it actually comes across to me as being super chic and it just works! I LOVED watching Catherine and William at the radio station and how much fun they were having.

    Most importantly, I am just so blown away by the 7 minute video of the 3 of them talking SO OPENLY about things that are just so close to the heart. Hearing William and Harry admit that they’ve never really talked very much about their mother was staggering because it must have often felt like a huge, unspoken thing. I also absolutely LOVED hearing Catherine describe her and William’s early days with George, and I felt like we got just a tiny glimpse of how they must be when sitting around and talking. You can tell that Catherine and Harry also have a special relationship, which I love. This is such an incredibly amazing and important cause they’re working on and I am not surprised at all to hear that it was originally Catherine’s idea ;). She is very special and I believe she has so much to offer! Thank you for the wonderful post as always Susan!

  3. I like the look a lot. It’s professional, work appropriate, and a bit fancier than what most would wear to work. I think that’s what people expect of Kate. I don’t really like her hair in this particular pinned back style. It’s nothing special, BUT it’s very functional as she probably knew there would be an on-air radio interview and this style means the big headphones they were wearing wouldn’t mess up whatever style she had. It’s out of her face, but still loose and more casual.

  4. I think Kate looks fabulous. While this style blouse is not for everyone, Kate wears it superbly. The trousers and shoes are just right too. She looks happy, relaxed and there is sense of fun about her outfit. I feel she is doing a wonderful job in her role – I can only imagine how hard it must be to be so heavily scrutinised every time you step out the door into the public arena. Kate carries that load with grace and dignity – something to be admired in my mind. I always enjoy seeing her fashion choices and while I like some more than others I feel Kate makes very occasion appropriate choices every time – quite some feat I think.

  5. Thus continues the long tradition of white blouses with frilly feminine details that Kate prefers. We so often comment on her “working uniform”. While she does not often wear true separates, when she does, it tends to fall into the white “frilled” blouse category. I can recall so many variations of this over the years (even pre-dating her marriage) that it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    While it will never be my personal taste, this iteration is superbly well-done, especially within the whole ensemble she built around it.

    Over the years, my personal favorites have been the Goat blouse (with the geometric-patterned skirt) and the Reiss blouse (with the D&G skirt). My least favorite was the Temperley (?) worn under the jacket during last year’s Canada tour.

    • The Goat blouse is far and away my own favourite by virtue of being sleek and frill-free. Another favourite would be the plain linen shirt worn on her Bhutan hike.

      But you’re referencing the fussier tops and I’d join with you in struggling over most of them. However I’m also with you in becoming accustomed to them and learning to live with Kate’s own preferences.

  6. That top is neither a good choice nor should it have been an option for her. I am interested in seeing more of those pointed boots. Also her hair looks like she just fixed it right before running out of the house.
    Their video is very inspiring.

    • Yes! You’ve made a good discovery about her shoes. After lightening the photo, it looks that she is actually wearing boots and not flare jeans. Love this look.

  7. oh, sure don’t like this one! Way too frumpy; like wearing a bedspread.

  8. I’m not sure if the top is a blouse or jumper, it looks shiny in the car like a silk blouse but heavy like a cotton jumper in some of the pictures, thin silk would probably not be used in the skirt anyway; in any case, I give it full marks as it’s exactly the type of thing I wear – so she has good taste lol! I like the lacy Edwardian blouse look, coupled with a late 60s/early 70s flavour (if that’s the right word) by the time it reaches the waist area – I think it’s the only Pointelle item I’ve ever liked too. I even like the skirt with the top on the model, that would be a good Wimbledon combo. I liked the stripey jumper outfit too, that is, on Catherine, she looked good, I don’t like stripes, particularly not red, white & blue, but the shape was very flattering.
    Just to say, the bright blue Heads Together bands are popping up in very interesting places in the UK, like on top of a plant chimney (gas, I think) where it can be seen, ready for the marathon no doubt. I wish everyone well for the day & hope it warms up.

  9. I think the duchess looks stunning, and I absolutely LOVE this blouse! The blouse (and a couple other pieces shown from this brand) very much remind me of Princess Diana’s style in the earlier 1980′s. I’m in my mid 50′s and remember myself and every other girl during my late high school/early college years wearing the ruffled, higher necklines that Princess Diana made popular. I loved her style throughout her life!

  10. The 7-minute Heads Together video of the Trio of Royals sharing their personal experiences, especially the brothers discussing losing their Mum and the bond they forms from what they’ve been through, is brilliant PR for their cause.

    Loved it!

    • Me too. As someone who struggles with anxiety and stress, the work they are doing to promote mental health is so important. Especially in a culture like Britain. Just letting people know that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, and it’s ok to talk about it with others.

  11. Oy. Nope. This looks like Little House on the Prairie cosplay. Too, too much. Also, in the picture where she is sitting in front of the microphone, the top part of the blouse (overlaying piece) looks exactly like a lacy airplane lifejacket.

    I am excited by the possibility of her wearing trousers that are not skinny jeans, and of a pointy toed boot or some other interesting shoe, but sadly, the item that I have the best view of (the blouse) is just dreadful. I often complain about her wearing stuff that would be appropriate for someone Camilla’s age…but now she is wearing something that Camilla’s great-grandmother wore. One step forward, one step back.

    • Well you know what they, ” What’s old, is new again!” :) And as the blouse is from the 2017 Autumn collection, that would appear to be the case!

  12. absolutely stunning shirt and shows a casual but elegant side.

  13. This blouse is totally frilly and fussy but she’s paired it perfectly to balance it with professional and I love the overall look here! She’s been really rocking the accessories and hair this week, which is so pleasing. I’m dying for better photos of the pants and heels. What is this is our wish come true and we never get to see it fully and then it never happens again?!? Is it better to have it fulfilled without adequate photos or to have never been teased by the possibility at all. Sigh.

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blouse. I would wear it and love it. My style and Kate’s tend to agree I guess.

    Personally I am so glad she pinned her hair back on that one side. Personally, I find mostly down and braid style to be more boho than Kate’s usual glossy blow out, and when she has it down- it’s forever blowing or falling in her face.

  15. This blouse is a total miss for me. It is too girly, too frilly and too fussy. I don’t think anyone over the age of six should be wearing it. Better that it was worn for radio work and not television. Since the pants and shoes can’t really be seen, it is hard to have an opinion about them.

    Both William and Kate did an excellent job doing radio announcing. The video of them with Harry is most touching. The three of them really are all round good sports and make an excellent contribution.

  16. I think Kate looks fantastic and agree it looks like it could be the kind of clothes she would choose to wear in ‘real’ life. This blouse looks much better than some of the similar styles of blouse/dress she’s chosen in the past and it could well be because she seems to have teamed it with non-skinny trews and pointy shoes/boots! Wow, something we’ve been begging for!
    The Radio 1 video looks really fun – I can’t believe they are managing their lines without laughing through it. This is a great cause Kate, William and Harry are bring to attention and things like this make them really approachable to young people. Top marks all round!

  17. Love her. Love what they are doing. LOATHE this top. Too much frill and fuss and angles and see-through and ruffle…just no. Temperley really needed to edit this look.

  18. I think the blouse is pretty. I would have liked to see it paired with a skirt.

  19. Brilliant video of Kate, William and Harry discussing mental health issues. Well done. All three of them sounded sincere, unscripted and genuine.
    And now to the Temperley top – too frilly and fussy. The striped top from Luisa Spagnoli worn earlier was really nice.

  20. What a sumptuous top by Kate and perfectly opulent against her plain pants. And can it really be that we are looking at the great break-out into tailored pants long wished for by many of us? I was so impressed when Betty Wales on Fb spotted the flares and in other pics I could see no seaming to indicate denim.

    In fact, the Duchess may have gone the ‘full Letizia,’ if I might use the phrase, since there also appears to be interesting footwear – of the spiky heel and pointy toe variety – very rodeo

    The top is a glorious confection of lacy pattern and detail and I really like it, having not always been happy with Kate’s more frothy picks. I’m coming round to understanding that she has an inner boho that just wants to peek out from time-to-time and this is a fine example from Temperley. I love the drama of those long flared sleeves.

    I’m also a fan of these semi- updos and don’t really hold with comments about them looking childish. They simply strike me as practical, keeping hair out of Kate’s face when she is working at a studio microphone and a full formal updo would be quite out of place. This one is unusual in that she has kept a side parting in place for a refreshing change.

    • ElizaMo-i just want to say that I adore your comments. I never comment on this site, but read every single post and analyze wkw. When i finish ogling, i immediately scan comments to find what you have written. You always find the positive (which I appreciate) while sooooo many only say their negative opinions, at which I so often find myself rolling my eyes. You are a fantastic writer. Besides our admin, you are the best. Happy Friday!

      • Oh Beth, that’s so very sweet of you, but really I’m only saying stuff off the top of my head. Admin remains El Supremo on all matters of fashion!!

    • Confection is the perfect word to describe this top! I was taken aback at first but as I continued through the pics and saw the back and those sleeves, well …. I fell in love with it. It is one of those items that only Kate and very few others might wear and look this good in.

      I also agree with you about Kate’s “inner boho.” It is fun when she lets it out.

      • Confection is a very good word for this one – I think you’re spot on there. It has many frou-frou qualities which I don’t usually like but I think Kate really pulled this one off well. It’s quite rock-chick for a pop music radio station.

        I’ve also been intrigued by the stream of repliKates which have been featured on WKW Fb. I think they underline what a classic style this is with the high neck, square shoulder piece with frill plus the flared sleeves. Temperley has worked this one beautifully

        • Rock chick, huh? I am being stupid, Kate is channeling a country & western vibe, in tune (small pun there) with the music context of the radio station, and referencing one of the major sources of much that’s in rock and pop.

    • I fully agree with you regarding the semi-up dos for her hair! There has to be a middle ground that serves the practical purpose of her engagements without always being labeled as “childish”. She does seem to prefer her hair down for indoor engagements, but I’m wondering if you think one of her stylish ponytails would have worked as well in this ensemble?

      In the product shot with the models, the front of the blouse looks like it has a lining (or maybe the skirt is actually a dress under it?). I think I prefer that partial-pointelle look more than the full-pointelle that, it appears, is its true nature.

      Regardless, paired with the smart trousers and heels, I agree this is one of her most successful boho looks, full of professional personality. It is, in my mind, the perfect occasion in which she and the clothes complement each other equally. I wouldn’t prefer it for myself, but I am not like Kate in either build or boho-love.
      (On a side note, it reminds me, in a good way, of the garden party dress during last year’s Canada tour.)

      • I’m not so sure about the ponytails as some of them have meant Kate’s hair being pulled clean back from her face which is almost a little harsh. I’m happy with this youthful, semi-formal, yet practical style.

        I’d be just as happy if we could be spared too many more sightings of strange clips being used, but no doubt circumstances may conspire against such heavy and volatile tresses and leave Kate with little option on occasion.

  21. I am not sure it would be possible for me to like a blouse less. It is a top good for radio!

    • It’s a perfect top for radio! It’s just so fussy, I think it’s one of those that one either loves or hates. I guess Kate loves it.

    • I’m 100% with you guys! Just when I thought her wardrobe was becoming turbocharged, slick and divinely sophisticated, she reverts to the early 1980s Lady Diana frills and fuss (and at least Diana had the excuse that she was only 19 at the time; Kate is 35!). I’m afraid this is right up there as one of my least favourite things Kate has ever worn – those ruffles remind me of old-fashioned, crocheted tea cosies!

      That said, I’m thrilled that the cause of mental health seems to be gaining momentum. I found the first part of the BBC documentary ‘Mind Over Marathon’ absolutely inspirational and can’t wait to see how they all get on tomorrow in part 2. I just hope that they keep up the publicity and the events going forward and don’t let it fall by the wayside in favour of something else.

      • Ditto to your comments, Helen, about the blouse. The frills and flounces do harken back to Diana, but as you say, she was just 19. Even 19 is too old. As I said elsewhere on this blog, nobody over the age of six should be wearing this.

        We are a diverse group. Some love the blouse and others intensely dislike it.

  22. The blouse almost looks like a sweater/jumper. It’s a fun look.

  23. Think Kate looks good here – I feel that this look is ‘natural Kate’ – like if she wasn’t famous and had to pick an outfit to go and visit friends in, this would be it. It just seems like the sort of style she’s very comfortable in – her default, if you like.

    Interesting to possibly see some other trousers than skinny jeans, and while the blouse isn’t something is choose (a bit frilly/fussy) I think it suits her.

    Their Heads Together campaign is really gaining traction – in the UK at least – and I think it’s really impressive to see such a traditionally reserved family being so open about their feelings, good and bad, and the mental health issues that can impact on any of us. They really are ‘changing the conversation’ and it’s really good to see. Well done to all three of them.

    • That’s my impression as well Sara. I think this is how she would dress most of the time if she could. I think she is a bohemian gal at heart. I do love this blouse on her as she has the frame to make it work. It’s romantic yet bohemian and looks vintage in a modern way. Just a lovely top on her.

      • Yes, I agree, she probably is a bohemian gal.

        This might not be my choice, or the most fashion-forward thing she’s worn but I really sense she is ‘comfortable in her skin’ in this outfit which always gives people a little extra something in terms of looking good.

        • I think its a great blouse for this visit because its a little out there which is perfect for the arts and media .

      • I find myself smiling at the comments about this top being too old-fashioned/fussy/girly as it seems to me they confirm that the design has achieved exactly what it set out to do. I’m no fan of boho myself — not least because it’s something I’m incapable of pulling off — but I’m finding it easier over time to accept that it’s something that appeals to Kate.

        I think she has a difficulty in that she tends to want to tidy things up too much, which is anathema to full-on boho. A classic blouse like this neatly bridges the gap between a touch of flamboyance and the sensible royal workwear she favours.

  24. I wish her hair was loose so more of a boho vibe was achieved. With her hair pinned back it’s almost a costume look… very curious what shoes she has on- in the seated photo it looks like a low heeled very pointy toe style.

  25. The radio video was a fun watch.

    Then I watched the Heads Together video. I’m speechless. So moving. The trio are so compassionate and dedicated to mental wellbeing. They really are wonderful.

    • Laura, I agree. The Heads Together video was very moving– it is courageous of them to discuss their most personal heartaches and challenges, and wonderful that they are encouraging others to seek help and support.

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