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This afternoon Kate visited survivors of the London Bridge & Borough Market terror attacks at King’s College Hospital.

©Neil Warner/Splash News

©Neil Warner/Splash News

From Richard Palmer’s Express story:

In total 14 victims were taken to King’s, one of whom was ‘walking wounded’ and able to leave quickly after being seen by emergency staff.  The remaining 13 needed treatment for stab wounds, including seven who were in a critical condition and are still receiving round-the-clock treatment.

It was not publicised in advance to enable staff to continue treating those affected by the events of June 3, which left eight people dead and dozens wounded, without a fuss.

King's College Hospital @KingsCollegeNHS

King’s College Hospital @KingsCollegeNHS

In this video from Rebecca English of The Daily Mail you see the Duchess arriving at the Hospital.

Kate speaking with doctors, nurses and support staff.

Kings College Hospital Twitter @KingsCollegeNHS

Kings College Hospital Twitter @KingsCollegeNHS

From Rebecca English’s Daily Mail story:

The Duchess of Cambridge today told NHS staff who treated the victims of the London Bridge terror attack: ‘What you do is remarkable.’ 

‘I suppose at the time you didn’t know how big or what the extent of the incident was,’ the Duchess remarked. ‘You just got your heads down and got on with it. The response was amazing. 

©Dominic Lipinski / Pool / PA Images

©Dominic Lipinski / Pool / PA Images

Below, the Duchess talking about psychological support for victims and staff with Dr. Muj Husain (left) of Maudsley Hospital, a major provider of mental health services, and Dr. Malcolm Tunnicliff, the head of A&E (similar to ER in the US) at King’s College Hospital.

Kings College Hopsital Twitter

King’s College Hospital Twitter @KingsCollegeNHS

More from The Daily Mail:

Dr Tunnicliff told the Duchess: ‘We are incredibly proud of what everyone achieved in such a short space of time. Staff are very resilient.‘

Kate replied: ‘Yes, I know this is only a small representation of everyone involved.’ Dr Tunnicliff said that while frontline emergency staff were trained to deal with such incidents, the volume of patients and the fact that so many of the victims – six out of the 14 brought in – had been women, deeply affected the hospital staff.

©Dominic Lipinski/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Dominic Lipinski/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

And from The Telegraph:

She asked another member of the medical team: “Do you get emotional support too for what you are having to deal with? ‘

“We look after each other, we really do,” she was told.

As a personal aside, seventeen years in television, most of them in news, taught me there are no words that can come close to describing the horrific things seen by first responders, the extraordinary work they do, and the toll it takes. They make miracles happen.

Kate spent time with patients privately after the initial part of her visit. Last week Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited staff and patients at the London Royal Hospital.

Kate leaving the hospital.

King's College Hospital @KingsCrossNHS

King’s College Hospital @KingsCrossNHS

We have seen Kate’s tweed separates by Rebecca Taylor previously: they were first worn for a 2012 engagement, and we saw them again in New Zealand during the 2014 tour. They were a splendid choice for the tour; Rebecca Taylor is now headquartered in New York, but the designer is a kiwi, born and raised in New Zealand

Splash News

Splash News

A closer look at the two pieces.

Kate Rebecca Taylor Navy Tweed Jacket Skirt 4-26-2012

A more detailed description of the designs comes from our 2012 post:

Both pieces are from the pre-fall 2012/2013 collection, crafted in heavily textured melange weft. The jacket originally sold at $450, it features frayed trim at the multiple seams, three quarter sleeves, chiffon and sequin floral embellishment at the neck, and a grosgrain covered placket.

Tweed is a signature look for the label; you will see multiple pieces in every collection. Below you see a Stretch Tweed Peplum Jacket ($475) and the Confetti Tweed Blazer ($209).



Kate’s shoes were a pair rarely worn, the Calogera style by Manolo Blahnik.

© PA Images / Manolo Blahnik

© PA Images / Manolo Blahnik

They were first noted at Heathrow Airport when Kate and William were departing for their 2011 tour

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Canada - Day One

This was an ideal outfit for today’s engagement; wearing previously seen pieces keeps the focus away from Kate’s wardrobe and where it needs to be, on the victims and those caring for them.

©Neil Warner / Splash News

©Neil Warner / Splash News


Also today, news about Kate-favorite Beulah London. The label has launched a small collection for “minis,” styles for girls ages 3-12 years old. Here you see one of the label’s co-founders, Lady Natasha Rufus-Isaacs, with her daughter, who is wearing one of the designs.

Beulah London Instagram (@BeulahLondon)

Beulah London Instagram (@BeulahLondon)

The dresses are for girls

Beulah London

Beulah London

Here you see the Iris Zig Zag dress for adults.

Beulah London

Beulah London

We send all good wishes to Lady Rufus-Isaacs, she gave birth to her second daughter at the beginning of June. 


We have one more item today: a flash giveaway, featuring an autographed copy of a new novel with a royal theme: Romancing the ThroneScreen Shot 2017-06-07 at 7.34.42 PM

The book is by author, blogger and reality TV star Nadine Jolie Courtney. Nadine’s writing has been published in magazines like Town & Country and Elle Canada, and she starred with her husband on the reality TV show Newlyweds: The First Year on Bravo. Nadine lived in England for several years and is a fervent royal follower; she is an optimist, saying she is “still waiting for her invitation to Buckingham Palace.”

Romancing the Throne is a young adult novel that was just published; it features a plot not too far removed from current events.

For the first time ever, the Weston sisters are at the same boarding school. After an administration scandal at Libby’s all-girls school threatens her chances at a top university, she decides to join Charlotte at posh and picturesque Sussex Park. Social-climbing Charlotte considers it her sisterly duty to bring Libby into her circle: Britain’s young elites, glamorous teens who vacation in Hong Kong and the South of France and are just as comfortable at a polo match as they are at a party.

It’s a social circle that just so happens to include handsome seventeen-year-old Prince Edward, heir to Britain’s throne.

Kirkus Reviews says the book is “A light and fluffy read with a solid life lesson lending structure” and it would be an ideal beach read. It is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as other bookstores. 

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, that’s it! The short time for entries is why we’re calling this a flash giveaway; comments must be made by midnight Thursday (June 16). We will pick a winner over the weekend. 

We’ll leave you with this video from The Telegraph/ITN.



  124 Responses to “Kate Visits Terror Attack Survivors, Beulah for Minis & a Flash Giveaway”

  1. I love this blog! This book looks interesting and I would love to win a copy!

  2. Love that she visited, and I love it that it wasn’t publicized. She was able to visit, and be unobtrusive. I can tell you from experience that those hospitals and ICU wards are very busy places. I’m sure the survivors of the attack had a lift of spirits after she came by.

  3. Thanks, WKW, for yet another wonderful post. I always so enjoy reading your blog, as it discusses fashion, current events, and culture with a level of classiness and respect we don’t see too often anymore. Also, I’m a HUGE fan of Nadine Jolie Courtney and her writing, and would love an autographed copy of her book!

  4. Thank you for adding this website. I would really like to get the book, but more importantly this has helped me shop Kate’s fashion as she is my favorite style icon.

  5. First time commenting, this is a great site and I always like to see what the Duchess is wearing. I admire her style although much she wears does not fit my body type I enjoying getting inspiration from here regardless. Thanks for what you do!

  6. Would love to win the book, she looked great and appreciate delayed visit

  7. Lovely as usual! And thank you for a well written and very educational blog. I have learned a lot, not only about fashion, but about the work the royal family does.

  8. So glad the Duchess visited and spoke with the first responders. London has been going through more than its share of heartache recently, and she definitely lifted spirits. Catherine’s attractive and very appropriate outfit kept the focus where it belonged, but I can’t resist saying I do like the cutout detail on the shoes.

  9. I love these unannounced visits. I also love that she recycles her outfits. To be honest there isn’t much I don’t love about the Royal Family.

  10. Perfect outfit for the occasion. I absolutely love the shoes!

  11. I realize that this post of WKW has been up for a few days and I did comment earlier. However, perhaps some readers will still be checking back and see this message.

    For Canadian readers and USA readers near the Canadian border, you might be interested in knowing, that there will be a one hour TV interview of Prince Harry, by Lisa LaFlamme. It takes place at Kensington Palace. Portions of the exclusive interview with Prince Harry will air on CTV National News tonight, Wednesday, June 14. The full one-hour special, Prince Harry: Journey to Invictus airs Friday, June 16 at 9 p.m. ET.


    • Thank you so much for the information, much appreciated. We live in Canada and we didn’t know anything about the interview.

      • Hi Marion, you are most welcome. I saw the “preview” on Wednesday evening and it looks to be a most worthwhile interview to watch. Not sure if you are in the Eastern time zone, to be able to see it at 9.00pm on Friday. Hopefully it will be shown in other time zones across the country.

        • I just went online – CTV with Lisa Laflamme. It will be broadcast at 9 pm ET and PT. I am looking forward to the one hour interview. Again, many thanks Bonnie for letting us all know.

  12. Kate really suits navy blue, I like that she wore a previously worn outfit as not to take attention away from the victims of this attack

  13. It’s great to see the support and to hear positive things through a fan site. Love your work. Thank you. And thank you for the competition. X

  14. I’m embarrassed it has taken me so long to comment here again & that a contest is bringing it about. Nevertheless I read your every post with so much enjoyment. You do wonderful work, Susan / the artist formerly known as TPP :-)!

    As for Duchess Shinylocks’s outfit, I completely agree that this low-key re-wear was the way to go for this occasion. These Rebecca Taylor separates manage to be appropriate yet just stylish enough in the details to keep it younger than the average boucle-style matching separates. Definitely something I’d wear (budget permitting, *coughs*) if I were still working in Lawyer Land.

    And three cheers for these Manolos! Yes, I’m grading on a “very sedate shoes” curve, but that fun cut-out detail is something I’d like to see more of from Our Lady of Preppy Perfection.

  15. I really admire the way that she is able to talk so (seemingly) candidly about mental health and the repercussions of tragedies like this not just on the victims, but on first responders and hospital staff, too. I follow this blog because I love her style, but her causes and her passion for them is amazing.

  16. Lovely and appropriate outfit for this occasion. I’m sure those involved really appreciated the visit. And thanks for the opportunity to win the book!

  17. The shoes are a lovely change from the usual unadorned pumps. She should wear them more often. I like this suit – but the length of the jacket doesn’t seem to work as well as it should with the pencil skirt. It hits too high – as does the waist of the jacket. Is it possible it was altered from the original design where the waist seems to sit at a more natural point. Wouldn’t be the first time Kate has had a waist shortened.

    • I don’t think Kate has had the waist shortened, I believe she is just long waisted (in comparison to standard sizes) so jackets often fit a bit short. That said, it does appear to be a style at present for jackets, kind of like the almost too small look for men.

      It was lovely to see Kate out visiting the survivors and hospital staff. I am sure they appreciated the gesture. She looks lovely and seems genuinely interested in what people have to say.

      • I agree that in many of her clothes the waist does not work: I do not know if is because she is long waisted or if she is slight enough that the size she buys for her slim build is not the right fit for her height… or maybe the designer made it that way??? Who knows but if I was Kate, I would get a good alterations person and work on all these odd fits she has with off the rack clothes, albeit designer clothes:).

  18. Very nice of her to visit the hospital. She looks very interested and thankful to the hospital staff. Her outfit is a classic, and very appropriate. Glad she didn’t wear anything new.

  19. It’s lovely to see the hospital visits, both this one and the one in Manchester by the Queen. I was happy to see the Calogeras again! Thanks for posting about the visit and showing support for the hard working first responders and hospital staff.

  20. Kate is so beautiful. Love this outfit.

  21. I would love to win the book!

  22. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook. I have been able to purchase numerous items of clothing that HRH has worn due to your site!!! I always receive compliments when I wear an outfit HRH has worn!!! Thank you!!!

  23. Lovely as usual, and her hair is #goals!

  24. Kate is the heroine of my real life!

  25. Love the shoes! I’m glad she visited the hospital!

  26. Kate was so kind and attentive. I am sure the staff and patients really enjoyed her visit.

    Adore the shoes! I wish we would see those more.

  27. Thanks for the post and the book giveaway!

  28. So often first responders and medical staff go unnoticed and unthanked. So glad she was able to address them and show them respect and concern! She looks stunning as always.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. This was a great outfit chosen for such a somber visit, even better that it was previously worn items so not to take away from the purpose of the visit.

  30. Kate looks great as usual!

  31. I love those shoes, she should wear them more!

  32. I love this suit. The colour, the fabric. Catherine always looks amazing in it. Her hair looks so shiny and smooth. I was glad to read this post and learn about the hospital staff in emergencies such as this.

    The book with the royal theme looks like a fun summer read!

  33. I love keeping up to date with all things Kate and royal!
    I really like the pieces Kate chose and the fact that she recycles her outfits. She shows a lot of kindness and compassion and represents the Royal family so well.

  34. Lovely to see Kate out and about again even if for sober reasons. I think the suit looks perfect for the job, being a repeat it keeps Kate’s outfit out of the news. It’s a lovely fit and cut and she’s right to show off how she can still ease into these close-fitting outfits.

    And great to see those Manolo shoes again, impressive to think they’ve been safely stowed until the occasion arose. My only quibble is there’s a hint of the vamp in the pointy toe, little cut-out and wicked stiletto, but it’s hardly enough to notice and there are no rules against being a bit cheerful on a hospital visit. They are stunning shoes.

    Hair is good loose and love seeing the sapphire earrings again. The new Beulah line is interesting, I like the print but I’m not a fan of these gathered off-shoulder sleeves, too untailored for my taste. Thanks for the post.

  35. I book giveaway? Sold! And I love those shoes, I wish shoes like that would make more of an appearance!

  36. I love your posts and look forward to reading each and every one of them. Thank you for the giveaway too!

  37. I’ve been looking for a great beach read! This one sounds ideal.

  38. There are outfits that will make more of a “splash,” but this is so sartorially spot on. Neutral colors and all been worn before. Focus on the hospital and the victims. An absolutely perfect choice.

  39. Your website is my first stop every morning – thank you for the amazing and very comprehensive coverage of Her Royal Highness’ events and wardrobe. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment that previously seen pieces keep the focus on the event and not on her wardrobe especially on visits like these.

  40. What a lovely post! I enjoyed reading it and seeing how beautiful she looked at her recent visit to the hospital.

  41. Love your posts as always, so much detail and information!
    I would love to be entered in to win the book, thanks for the opportunity!

  42. This is one of my fave outfits: didn’t she wear it with the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall? The book sounds great, fingers crossed!

  43. Nice outfit choice. We’ve seen the clothes enough to not be the spotlight and I quite like those shoes.

  44. Such a shame she doesn’t wear those shoes more often, I really like them. She has so many pairs that are just 1 colour without any decoration, I love the details and embellishment on this pair.

    • totally agree—the shoes are fantastic—I had actually forgotten about her wearing them in 2011—she should definitely wear them more often.

  45. A very nice engagement.

  46. Another way the Royal Family applauds in so many ways.

    A summer read would be welcome..

    Another appropriate article….thanks, Susan.

  47. I love those shoes!

  48. I love all of your posts. While this is a fashion site, you include current, important events that touch all of us worldwide. Thank you!

  49. It was so nice to see the Duchess visit not only the victims, but also talk to the first responders and those nurses and doctors caring for the victims currently. It shows a great amount of concern for everyone who had to bear witness to that day. I’m sure every person there felt a little bit lighter after she inquired about their health with genuine concern and listened. Sometimes, that is just what we all need.

    I’m glad to see she wore old favorites that are instantly recognizable as “Kate” with not a lot of accessories. This kept her very approachable and she was probably very comfortable.

    That one picture of her walking down the hall smiling is my favorite. You can feel the lightened atmosphere. One can imagine beyond the camera angle those who haven’t seen her yet and how that atmosphere is still somber. She truly has a smile that lifts spirits.

  50. A lovely post. I particularly appreciate your comment re first responders. Some of them deal with unimaginable situations. ER was my first love and I spent three years there. Came to understand and respect paramedics and police in a whole new way.

  51. Thanks for doing the book contest! It reminds me of The Royal We, which I loved.

  52. I check your website every day! I enjoy seeing all the photos and appreciate the time you spend working on the posts. I especially appreciated the definitions of bespoke, etc. yesterday. Thanks!

  53. Love the shoes, she looks understated and classy. Kudos to the ED and other hospital staff, as an ICU physician, I know they don’t work for the recognition but it is nice sometimes and I am sure they were delighted with a royal visit!

  54. Looks like a fun summer read!

  55. Love this outfit! Thanks for the post.

  56. Very thoughtful and sweet of the Duchess.

  57. Great visit by Kate and good timing as an ER resident in US can be too chaotic immediately after a major trauma. Way to go YRH!

  58. Like everyone has been saying, a great choice for today; a repeat outfit so the focus is on the cause and victims and not on her clothes, but still respectful and professional.

    I love the shoe, it’s nice to see something besides a traditional pump.

  59. That outfit has always been great on her.

  60. wow, great shoes! Her pumps are usually so plain, but these are classy and NOT plain!

  61. Kate looks lovely, and this outfit was perfect for the occasion.

    “We look after each other, we really do.” I found this especially touching. We need more of this in the world. Being human, no matter your circumstances, is hard sometimes.

  62. interesting that Rebecca Deacon was shown in the Telegraph video. I thought she had resigned from this role

  63. As usual the Duchess looked lovely even if the outfit was repeats. I’m sure all the staff and patients thought her visit was very kind and brightened their day, I would love to read the book.

  64. Just lovely. She really has grown into this role and made it significant, hasn’t she? Very impressive.

  65. Appropriate choice for today’s visit.
    Thanks for the post.

  66. OK, I’ve been tempted to make an account to comment many times, but a YA book giveaway? That pushes it over the edge! :)

  67. I love those shoes! Thanks for the giveaway

  68. Perfect outfit for an engagement that should be more focused on the people and purpose than on her clothing. Classy move.

    Would love to be entered in the drawing for the book, too!

  69. So nice of her to visit the victims. The book reminds me the series “Pulling Princes,” which I enjoyed as a teenager.

  70. Great outfit choice by Kate.

    I would love to enter the contest.

  71. I also respect the outfit chosen for today’s engagement. As most comments suggest, we are discussing the engagement more than her outfit.
    On another note, the book would be a lovely win.

  72. Totally agree with the repeat outfit so that the focus is on the victims and first responders.

    Would love to win the book but will for sure purchase if I don’t!

  73. What a wonderful act of kindness and care. Kate continues to impress me more and more!

  74. Very nice visit from the Duchess, I’m sure it was very much appreciated by the hospital staff and victims.

    I’m not a huge fan of this suit, never have been, but it was certainly appropriate for today.

    I had never noticed that those shoes had that cut-out detailing. I saw them today and didn’t realize we had seen them before because I didn’t put together they were the ones from the 2011 departure photo. Love them!

  75. Appreciated the fact that her outfit was simple but she still looked a bit “princess-y”! To me, it would be a wee bit disappointing to be visited by a royal and not get a bit of the glamour and diamonds that go with it all!!

    Would love to have a read of the book too BTW!

  76. What a warm and caring heart Kate has to make this visit and to show such interest in all those impacted by this senseless act.

    Her outfit is most appropriate. I’ve always loved this suit and can see why she gives it repeat wearings. The shoes, although not new, are a nice change. Her hair and earrings are also well suited to the occasion.

    As others have said, the purpose of the visit was more important than the outfit.

    The book sounds intriguing!

  77. I think it’s great she is wearing a 5-year old outfit and shoes from 2011…I save many clothes for years and years and if the styles are classic enough they last quite awhile. Credit to her that she can still fit in them!

  78. Glad to see Kate visiting the victims and asking about not just their mental health, but the staff too. When I did the grief and loss class in my MA Counseling Psychology program, a fellow student gave a wonderful presentation about the toll on doctors and nurses. The main focus when someone dies is quite rightly on the loved ones left behind, but hospital and hospice staff are seeing death every single day, which becomes an enormous emotional burden. Very classy of DoC to recognize this and raise awareness.

    The book sounds like a nice few hours of escapism from such difficult topics as terrorism :-)

  79. Great post. Love your blog. Sounds like a great summer read.

  80. I love the shoes, glad she brought them out again.

  81. Can I just say that Lady Natasha’s daughter is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen? Great advertisement for the brand.

  82. Excellent article, thanks as always! Perfect outfit for an occasion like this, kept the focus right where it should be – on the people not the clothes.

  83. Nice to see the Duchess visiting these amazing folks.

    The book sounds fun! Perhaps similar to The Royal We – which any Kate fan would love!

  84. Really glad to see that Kate has visited the victims. I was quite surprised that she hadn’t last week but to be honest waiting until now has meant it is refreshed in people’s minds.
    Again, as mentioned above, wearing clothes often worn has meant that the conversation has stayed on the victims rather than Kate.
    I think those earrings are probably her most worn along with her citrines would love to have enough time to go back and count :)

  85. Kate is gorgeous. But she also seems like she has a gorgeous personality.
    The book sounds cute!

  86. I really like this outfit of Kate’s. She looks beautiful and it is a little more her age than some of the more serious outfits she wears.

  87. Lovely. What stands out to me that wasn’t mentioned is that Kate isn’t holding a trusty clutch in front of her like she so often chooses to. I understand the reason for holding a bag (it prevents awkward hand shaking, unsolicited hugs, etc), but it definitely ‘opened her up’ a great deal and made it seem like a less formal visit. Plus, there was no need- she wouldn’t need a cell phone, wallet, makeup compact, or lipstick for an outing such as this.

    In addition to her repeat outfit, Kate’s jewelry is also very subdued. Simple drop earrings and no necklace, bracelets, or watch. Hair (while beautifully blown out) is loose and worn down. As the post and other commenters have said, her choice of style for this engagement kept the attention right where it needed to be and was appropriate for a hospital setting.

  88. Excellent article, as always. Thank you.

  89. Thanks for the post. This is lovely to show how she cares about the victims and put the focus on them.

  90. Glad she was able to visit and loved that she was concerned not only for the victims but also the caregivers! Agree on outfit – excellent choices.

  91. I love reading your blog!

    I also love to see the Duchess in her “old favorites” for visits like this because she doesn’t want to detract from the importance of the visit. I do love her style though! I wish we got more casual wear from her so that I could Repli-Kate more since I wear much more casual clothes in my work and at home!

  92. What a kind thing to do. I am certain her visit brought a smile to the victims’ faces as well as to those who are caring for the injured.

  93. What a nice gesture of Kate. Looking lovely as always. I appreciate the chance to win the book, sounds like a fun read!

  94. Love this post, thank you as always. While this is not one of my fave outfits of hers, she made the right choice to wear a repeat skirt coat suit in a muted color and pattern, as well as understated shoes. The deep blue color matches the Union Jack blue and tweed print and is understated and respectful given the somber reason for her visit to the hospital.

    And yes she always has the best hair!!

    NOTE: Quick admin edit

  95. Your piece really cheered me up Susan as I’m currently in bed, after having a nasty fall yesterday, so a copy of ‘Romancing the Throne’ would be the ideal recouparating read!
    And always a delight to see Kate, and such a surprise today. The terror attack was just the worst news, and images of that fateful night were awful. I’m so glad Kate paid a visit and I’m sure that the staff and patients she saw today really aprieciated it too. It also highlights what an amazing job our emergency services provide. They work so hard under a huge amount of pressure.

  96. I’d love to get the chance to win the book!

  97. So nice of Kate to visit the hospital. And I would love to read the book!

  98. Lovely choice today, nice to see the return of some different shoes.

  99. Agree. Wearing clothing she has worn before is very important in a tragic visit such as this. She got it right on so many levels.

  100. Such a nice surprising we visit. And thanks for the giveaway!

  101. The Duchess wore the perfect ensemble for the hospital visit. As said, her clothing did not take center stage and kept the focus on the purpose of her visit. I loved that she spoke of psychological support for the patients. That is right in line with her recent mental health work. I loved that she wore the Calogera shoe. It is nice to see her in something other than a plain pump. Lovely!

  102. I’m so glad the Duchess visited the terror attack survivors and their helpers, that’s really sweet of her. Her sartorial choices where perfect for the occasion: Kate wanted to make the people focus about survivors and their stories, not about her dresses. That’s really smart of her and this is a choice she usually makes when
    there’s an engagement like this.
    Ps: Ooh the plot of the book sounds really interesting!

  103. This was a pleasant surprise. It was lovely to see the Duchess visiting the victims and support staff. I read an article that she asked one of the hospital workers if THEY were receiving enough emotional support to cope with everything. I though that was splendid and quite lovely and caring of the Duchess.

    I, too, am glad Catherine chose to weird ‘old favorites.’ The outfit was appropriate and not fashion forward and able to keep the attention off her clothes. Knocking on wood here but I have yet to see an article focused solely on her outfit from the major news sources which is a win all around!

    • Oh, a bit of a typo! ** “I, too, am glad Catherine chose to WEAR ‘old favorites.’”

      Also – the plot of the book does sound interesting. Thanks for the quick give away!

  104. Class act. And, no one has better hair. No one.

    • Very appropriate low key outfit, love the cutout shoes, and yes her hair is amazing.

    • Yep. Best hair ever. Also loved the shoes, suit was low key.

      The kind gesture on her part to visit the injured and show caring and support to the med staff is most important.

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