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It was a bright sunny day in London for Trooping the Colour, the official ceremony celebrating the Queen’s 91st birthday.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

Prince Harry rode with Kate and the Duchess of Cornwall.

©Neil Warner /Sirc / Splash News

©Neil Warner /Sirc / Splash News

The event is known as the Queen’s Birthday Parade although HM’s actual birthday is April 21.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrive at Horse Guards Parade.

This year there was an additional element to the ceremonies. Before the carriage procession left Buckingham Palace on its way to the Parade grounds there was a moment of silence in honor of those impacted by the ghastly events in the UK. More from The Express.

The traditional parade celebrating her majesty’s official birthday comes after a horrific few months for the UK, a fact acknowledged by the Queen herself in a statement released this morning. Today, she stood alongside her husband for a poignant tribute to those affected by the catastrophe.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

The Band of the Irish Guards, with mascot Domhnall leading the way.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright  / Sgt Rupert Frere

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright / Sgt Rupert Frere

As always, it is a magnificent display.

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright /Sgt Rupert Frere

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright /Sgt Rupert Frere

More than 1400 military personnel take part.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright

And more than 200 horses.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Sgt Rupert Frere RLC

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Sgt Rupert Frere RLC

The Queen watching her troops.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Sgt Rupert Frere RLC

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Sgt Rupert Frere RLC

It was the warmest day of the year in London, but that didn’t deter crowds.

BBC via Royal Central

BBC via Royal Central

The temperature was around 83℉ during the ceremonies. You can imagine how hot that was for those in uniform.

It was also quite warm for spectators. HM was in a Stewart Parvin ensemble with a hat by the late Philip Somerville. She wore the Guards brooch, as this year the colour “being trooped” is the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright / Sgt Rupert Frere

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright / Sgt Rupert Frere

Princess Anne wore her Colonel of the Blues and Royals uniform.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright / Sgt Rupert Frere

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright / Sgt Rupert Frere

The view from the roof of Buckingham Palace.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Cpl Tim Laurence

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Cpl Tim Laurence

After the review of the troops was done it was time to gather the children and head to the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the flypast (flyby in the US).

Duke Duchess Cambridge George Charlotte Trooping Colour 2017

© Andrew Parsons / i-Images

It must be an amazing thing to see in person.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright

A look at the renowned RAF Red Arrows.

As expected, the Cambridge children wowed the crowds.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Princess Charlotte Trooping Colour

©James Whatling

It really was a spectacular show.

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Cpl Tim Laurence

©MOD 2017 Crown Copyright Cpl Tim Laurence

But it’s not easy standing there when it’s so hot and noisy.


©Splash News/Polaris

Her Majesty has only missed one Trooping the Colour during her reign; that was in 1955 when there was a general strike. Today was the first time Prince Philip has not been in uniform, wearing basic morning dress instead. From The Telegraph:

In a concession to the day, the 96-year-old Duke for the first time chose to wear a morning suit and top hat instead of his heavy full uniform, instead sporting his Household Division tie, Garter Star and medals.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris)

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

I might be imagining things, but it looks like the Queen and Prince George are sharing a smile here.

Kate Middleton George Charlotte Queen Trooping Colour 2017

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

We have details on the children’s wardrobes at What Kate’s Kids Wore.

Now to what Kate wore for this year’s Trooping the Colour.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Pink Dress Trooping Colour 2017

©Weir Photo, Splash News / Stephen Lock, i-Images

Kate opted for a vibrant Alexander McQueen dress that appears to have been modeled on this garment from the a/w 2016 collection.

Alexander McQueen Skater Dress Kate Middleton Trooping

Farfetch/Neiman Marcus

Today’s Tip of the Tiara goes to fashion super sleuth Michelle of Perths Fashion; she discovered the ‘Pleated Skirt Skate Dress.’ Offered at a variety of retailers, the pink was available at Farfetch and a soft blue at Neiman Marcus. A closer look at the ‘paper bag waist’ detailing from the front.

James Whatling/Neiman Marcus

James Whatling/Neiman Marcus

Here is a look at Kate’s frock from the back.

Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte Pink Dresses Trooping Colour

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

We had a number of questions about the way Kate’s embellishment looked at the back of the dress; I think it was smushed a bit when she was riding in the carriage.

We’ve not yet discovered a McQueen blouse or dress with the same darts or diagonal pleats at the neckline.


©Stephen Lock/i-Images

Thought on the color from Vogue’s Alice Newbold:

This year’s ceremony was a rather more solemn occasion to dress for. Ahead of the event, the Queen released a statement acknowledging the “terrible tragedies” that have fallen upon the country of late.

Faced with appearing in front of a sombre nation, the Duchess chose not to tread down the muted fashion path, but to opt for a cheering colour palette. The bright pink McQueen dress with pleated neckline and paper-bag waist is one of the boldest hues she has ever worn in public. Topped off with a swirling pink hat design by Jane Taylor and a pair of drop diamond earrings belonging to the Queen, it was a considered display of joy in a time of sadness.

©Robin Nunn /Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn /Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The Duchess was in an exquisite hat by Jane Taylor.

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017/Sgt Rupert Frere

©MOD Crown Copyright 2017/Sgt Rupert Frere

A closer look.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Trooping Colour Pink Hat

©James Whatling/Neil Warner, Sirc, Splash

Kate’s handbag was one we have seen before, the Etui clutch.

©Etui Handbags/Stephen Lock, i-Images

©Etui Handbags/Stephen Lock, i-Images

The Duchess accessorized with diamond drop earrings loaned to her by the Queen. They were previously seen at last year’s Diplomatic Reception, as well as the Place2Be Awards in November 2016.

©Tim Rooke, REX, Shutterstock / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

©Tim Rooke, REX, Shutterstock / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

Below, the earrings as worn today are shown on the far left; the sun makes them tough to photograph well. They feature a cluster of diamonds at the top, with a diamond ‘frame’ surrounding a line of four diamonds that graduate in size from small to large. 

©James Whatling/

©James Whatling/REX, Shutterstock/Polaris

I thought this was a terrific look for the Duchess. The vibrancy of the color was offset by a restrained dress design and lack of embellishment. The Jane Taylor hat was elegant, and the earrings added some sparkle to the ensemble.

Here is a 45-second video of the day’s events from the British Army.

And this 2-minute overview of events is from The Telegraph and ITN.





  118 Responses to “Kate in Hot Pink McQueen & the Children Charm at Trooping the Colour”

  1. Wish we had gotten a glimpse of this ensemble from the waist down, but I’m willing to go out on a limb (unwavering faith in McQueen) and say this is one of my all time favorite Duchess of Cambridge looks! The color, in particular, is simply beautiful on her…splendid, indeed.

    The tailoring and technique used to create this dress are impeccable. Can’t get enough of those wonderful balcony photos. Hoping we’ll get to see the entire garment someday…I just know it’s perfect!

  2. I Luv this outfit!! She looks AMAZING!
    I wouldn’t change anything!!!
    It’s so cute the way she always matches the kids with her outfit in some way or another!! I want them now!!!!

  3. I loved these pictures when they came out with the children. They totally did steal the show. I think it will be one of the most iconic pictures in the history of the little family together at an official event.

  4. I love this whole look – wish she had gone for something more like this for Pippa’s wedding!

  5. I am not a fan of the waistline on this one. Everything else about it is gorgeous, but the waistline seems about 1 1/2″ too low. I don’t think it can be called a drop waist, but it doesn’t sit as nicely as most of her other choices.

  6. Hi,

    I do like Kate’s dress, but it needs a necklace or some kind of dressing maybe a contrasting colour. The impact is a bit stark.

  7. So happy to see Kate in PINK!!! She hardly ever wears it, and it is just the perfect color for her skin tone. Here’s hoping she’ll wear it more in the future! That hat is GORGEOUS. Love Love Love the entire look!

  8. Love the whole look. Hat, hair, dress. The dress is works so well on Kates build and I love the design. The whole group looked lovely on the balcony.

  9. The Duchess looks absolutely lovey and I adore the color on her (it looks great on her skin). I think its great she chose a bright color for an event such as this. I know the nation (and the world) has been grieving as of late but choosing bright colors is a way to stand up to those committing these atrocities.

    The dress itself, however, I do not like. It looks almost unfinished and crumbled up. I love her fascinator though and the amount of colors in it are to die for! I wish the Duchess would wear more ‘hats’ though.

  10. I love the overall look of this outfit. I think all the pieces fit together very well. I’m honestly not a fan of the paper-bag pleating on the dress, but when taken with the outfit as a whole, I think it works well. I really love the hat and how there are different shades of pink included. The up-do is also very lovely. Great look all-around!

  11. Love those interesting pleats at the neckline, so much nicer than a plain round neckline. This pink is gorgeous on her, and what about those diamond earrings in the middle of the day? Great look1

  12. One more thing…the hat is wrong!! The detail is pretty neat, but this was a hot, sunny day! Broad brimmed hat! Camilla got it right, as did the queen.

    • I think they were all wearing the style of hat they always wear: The Queen and Camilla always wear broad-brimmed hats and Kate never does – or not that I can recall.

      These ensembles are chosen way in advance anyhow. I don’t imagine the DoC would have had a matching broad-brimmed hat sitting in her wardrobe just in case she needed it.

      • Kate does, on occasion, choose broad-brimmed hats. Last year’s Trooping the Color is a great example. But there is also the gray hat worn to a service last year. And Remembrance Sunday often finds a wide hat atop her head.
        But that aside, nothing in today’s choice seems inappropriate for a hot, sunny day. To your point, these selections are made well in advance, and I would imagine variations in weather are part of the consideration.

        • It is my understanding that women in a position such as Katherine have at least two options for every occasion – whether, children, preference, someone else wearing a similar dress, etc.

  13. I can’t believe I have such a different opinion than everyone else on this comment board. I think this dress is a near complete fail. I say near complete, because the color, though not my personal favorite, is fun and looks good on her. I think Kate hits it out of the park most of the time, though I think lately she has been choosing more matronly styles. She is still young, but perhaps being the wife of the future king means she has to be more conservative.

    The styling of the dress itself, though, is horrendous. This dress literally looks like they were checking the spacing of the pleats and thought, “What the heck, let’s just sew it on like this.” If you, quite literally, removed the skirt and turned it inside out, it would look like a skirt with inverted pleats. The neckline looks like a beginner sewing project. The folds at the neckline make it too busy with the pleats at the waist. The model shows a plain neckline. With a long necklace, this would be sufficient so the detail at the waist (such as it is) can carry the dress. TOO much going on with the one Kate wore. I didn’t see it move, but on the model, it looks like the fabric is too stiff for the styling. An utter mess.

    • I agree lol. I think the color looks great on her but I really don’t like this dress beyond that. It reminds me a lot of her red peplum McQueen but that one seems to have better design and tailoring.

    • You are not alone!

      I completely agree with every single one of your points.

      I adore this shade of pink on her and the earrings are to die for, but everything else…no.

    • If this dress looks already “horrendous” I don’t know which words are left for the truly horrendous dresses out there (and there are plenty…just google “horrendous dress”.) Even if the idea for the waist came up the way you described it.Who cares as long as it looks good?It’s fashion, whats wrong with a lighthearted attitude in the process of making it? I kind of agree that the folds around the neckline are unnecessary, but it’s such a simple detail that it doesn’t really disturb the overall effect either.It rather shows off the quality and texture of the fabric , which, by the way I find beautiful and not overly stiff.

  14. The whole outfit is beautiful, but the hat and earrings just take it to another level. The hat is just gorgeous. She looks like a bright pink peony in full bloom. Lovely.

  15. The dress is very pretty. I think she’s choosing styles to offset her figure flaws — as we all should. Yes, she does have “flaws” (not like mine!); she is rather small breasted so often chooses bodices with pleats or other details, and very narrow hipped, so she frequently adds peplums or other waist details, too. (I still think the dress she wore to Pippa’s wedding was meant to fit that way in the bodice.)

    On another note, the Duke does not look well.

    and finally, the entire parade is available on YouTube. All awesomely impressive, as only the British Royal Family. But also funny, when you think about. They parade to the parade grounds; all the troops march around, they pass the flag (the colors) and forth a couple of times with elaborate ceremony and then everybody recesses back to the palace. That’s it. Quite arcane.

  16. McQueeen always dresses Kate well and this is no exception. I love the waist which adds a dash of interest and contemporary style. The pink looks fabulous on Kate. She should wear it more often. I love the earrings and I’m so pleased she is starting to wear some serious jewels which look fresh and young on her.

    I’m glad we cannot see her feet. I’m hoping she’s not wearing nude pumps. I’d rather not know! What I can see is perfection.

    • I adore the HOT pink outfit with the hat as well. I really like her in that color …..hmmm..what color are her shoes. The paper bag waist adds a little zip to the outfit.

      • p.s. and also Charlotte was in same color trend as her mom and George matched Dad’s outfit (in a way). Very cute!

  17. This is my first comment here and just want to thank you for the job you are doing here. :) I like this blog so much. Andrea from Slovakia.

  18. I think Kate knocked it out the park on this one: hair, makeup, jewellery, hat, dress – all look fabulous. The McQueen tailoring is superb.

    I might’ve chosen a contrasting colour hat, but this is such a beautiful piece it’s a minor quibble. The colour and ‘matchiness’ reminds me a little of the Queen in the 70s! I also find matching the children’s clothing (notably Charlotte’s) is a bit too cutesy for me, but still, they all looked lovely.

    • Also to note, I can’t believe how poised Kate is most of the time. In a suit of that colour, and material, I would’ve definitely had underarm sweat patches sat in that carriage! The mercury was hitting 30 degrees Celsius in London on Saturday. Well done Lady!

      • There are “pads” which can be worn unnoticed beneath a dress like this to guard against excessive wetness under the armpit.

  19. I think this is one of my favorite of the duchess’s day dresses, at least for a long time! I wish she would try pink more often. :) (if I was being nit-picky, which I usually am, I would have done away with the ruffle at the waist, it’s not super flattering and not needed. That was my pickiness about her Pippa wedding guest dress, too, it all started good than went a bridge too far). LOVE the hat and earrings, and totally loved seeing Prince Philip there :)

  20. Such a pretty look for the Duchess.

    She looks radiant in that colour as it matches her skin and hair tones so nicely!

    I think it was nice to see her looking young and fresh and I did not mind that some elements of the outfit were not as polished or formal as other outfits can be. A nice change from some of the more formal and “mumsy” outfits she can wear.

    It looked effortless and charming to me xx

  21. This color is fabulous on her! It’s a sort of bubblegum pink, isn’t it? A bright bubble gum pink. It’s a nice contrast to the Queen’s ice blue frock. I think the waist detailing is quite beautiful and works on her.

    My favorite detail has got to be that hat. It is exquisite. I can see Charlotte playing dress up with that hat. The bun she wore with the hat is simply exquisite as well.

  22. Looking at the original McQueen style that inspired the Duchess’s dress, do we think the fabric is the same shade of pink? Is Catherine’s slightly more saturated? Or is this just a difference in lighting/photos between studio and outdoors?

    On a different note, I personally find it intriguing to consider her fashion relative to Pantone’s work, particularly its Color of the Year. As soon as I saw the original McQueen designs, I was reminded of the colors for 2016: the first year they have ever featured 2 colors. Since the McQueen pieces are from A/W 2016, the timing seems too coincidental.
    (https ://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2016)

    It starts to get interesting when you consider the timing of original designs relative to when the Duchess actually wears them. For example, radiant orchid (from 2014) was as-near-as-makes-no-difference to the shade of the Oscar de la Renta suit Catherine wore in February 2017. But, it was a piece from the Fall 2015 collection; its design would have been worked up in late 2014, right on schedule with Pantone.

    These colors tend to be adopted by high-end designers first; and I always truly wonder if Pantone’s work is predictive of mood/trend or prescriptive for the fashion industry on some level. Regardless, we’ll see 2016′s start trickling down soon, just like honeysuckle (2011), tangerine (2012), emerald (2013) and radiant orchid (2014) trickled down in their own time. Interestingly, I have not seen marsala (2015) quite as well adopted as its predecessors; it appeared briefly in fall 2016 high street style, but didn’t hold over – possibly because it seems like a very fall color. Anyone see anything different for that one?

  23. I think I’m the only one who does not like this hat. The design feels fussy and outdated to me while the floppy waves are reminding me of cake icing gone wrong. I keep trying to see what everyone is raving about but just can not.

  24. I loved this look…the hot pink color just screams summer! That hat was gorgeous too! Overall another hit for Kate. And those kids were adorable…as always.

  25. bubblegum – that’s all I keep thinking about. Not only that but it clashes next to William’s uniform. A cream color would have been elegant especially with that waist ! I also did not care dot the top part with the darts. On a happier note, the hat is beautiful!

    • Genevieve, while I agree that red and hot pink generally clash, William was in uniform. I never think of a uniform as a fashion statement, but rather a mark of service to one’s country. For that reason, regardless of colour, the uniform is somewhat neutral. And every man seems to look especially handsome in uniform.

  26. Love the color!! Love love love it!! Seriously can’t get over how beautiful it is on her and the person who called her a British Elle Woods, I’m 100% with you lol. I too loved that movie and this makes me love her ensemble even more.

    That said, really am not a fan of that waist. It is way too informal feeling. If you’re “classing it up” by adding sleeves, then keep in mind that the waist details will still remain more edgy and make the whole thing look out of place/wrong together. At least she didn’t put a belt on it though lol.

    But still.. omg that pink and the way it matches with her daughter’s little dress. I just can’t I love it so much!!

  27. WOW! What a beautiful fresh color on the Duchess. With her hair color and complexion she should wear much more of it! She looked spectacular and her hat being absolutely divine. Loved seeing her in diamonds and again would love to see a brooch as well.

    Only the duchess could wear this style on her waist and still look so thin and elegant. Not a good look for the majority but it was different and fun. Yes the detailing on the neckline added the much needed style so as the dress was not too plain.

    What a beauty she is and loved seeing her today on the post. The queen also looked beautiful in her pale blue outfit

    And ohhhhh the children. So fun to watch them grow up!!

  28. The dress left me uninterested (with an except for that great pink colour) but the hat and updo are stunning. I can’t stop looking at this wonderful pink hat!
    Also, isn’t princess Charlotte on the balkony looking exactly as the baby angel from Raphael’s painting? :)

  29. WOW! The best I have seen Kate in quite a long while. This outfit works beautifully for her. It feels modern and stylish and yet completely appropriate for the occasion. Absolutely love the colour on her – which is all that matters. She glows! Kate always looks better in brighter or saturated colours. And for once the adaptation of a McQueen design works brilliantly. When they decided to add the long sleeves, they realized it would create too much of a flat “dead” area at the top and needed something to complement the paper bad pleating at the waist. The open darts could have made the dress fussy, but in fact, push the pleats up to another level, by echoing in the bodice the lines created by the pleating in the skirt. Brava! I love these pleats on the duchess – true, very few women could get away with them, but all the more reason Kate should wear them – she has the body to pull off edgier designs beautifully. The tailoring is impeccable – thank god, I was beginning to think McQueen house had slipped. The hat is absolute perfection with the dress. The bigger statement earrings are perfect – the creamy patterned clutch a subtle textural echo. Would have preferred the hair slightly more away from the neck but really this is a quibble. Lets do this again!!!

  30. I love love love this colour on Kate. I hope we see many more pieces in this colour from other designers. I hope McQueen releases Kate’s version of the dress as I much prefer it over the sleeveless mini.

    I really like finding out details about the different pieces of jewellery/badges etc for the different occasions and why they are worn when – thank you for the details in your post! :)

  31. Absolutely stunning. She looks great in pink, and I love the details of the dress – particularly the pleating in the neckline. While the paper bag waist may add bulk, she certainly has the body type to wear it.

    What can I say? I loved Legally Blonde, and Kate is dressed like a British Elle Woods!

    Perfection! :-)

  32. She looks great! All the elements work together.

    As a seamstress, I was fascinated by the waist on the dress – just the pleats on the outside of the waistband instead of inside. I think it would look better on a casual dress, but that’s a minor quibble.

  33. Kate’s makeup and hair were fantastic today—that look from the back with the intricate updo and hat—-just lovely. At any other daytime event the earrings might be too much but not for trooping—it is a very formal event. I also agree with many who think this shade/color looks great on the duchess.

    However, I believe the dress itself is not great. If you look closely at the picture where she is sitting in the carriage and waving, you can see what a mess the waist is—-not attractive on anyone, including the slim duchess. The pleats add bulk where there is none and collapse into a mess when seated. This is also true of the “smushed” pleats at the back. This is one of those times where it is apparent my mother always made me sit down in an outfit and see how it looked and felt when trying it on—not just stand at attention in front of the mirror.

    The neckline is really the only thing I like about the dress—this is how you do a rounded neckline and don’t look like you are being choked. The darts and pleat at the neck and bust would have been fantastic without the pleated and overdone waistline.

    The children were charming and it is easy to see that they are happy and content. I am sure the hat will win every year end survey when we vote for the “bests of the year”.

    • I agree with everything you’ve said katefanatic!

      Love this shade of pink on her – it really lifts her complexion. Hope there are lots more in this colour in the future.

      Love the hat – and I’m not usually a lover of the small ones at all.

      The bodice of the dress is gorgeous – I love it!

      The “paper bag” waist, however, is, in my opinion, a complete mess! It makes the whole thing look like a pinned mock-up of an unfinished garment that would sit on a mannequin before being sewn! This dress would have looked absolutely knockout with a simple pencil skirt attached to that bodice and a self-coloured belt with a fancy buckle. The colour does all the talking in this outfit in my opinion and the hat would have made it sing – it doesn’t need “fussy details” as well.

    • I think the culprit is her posture rather than the tailoring…..and her choice of under garment.

  34. Oh yes.Think pink…and not in the least tacky.Thumbs up!

  35. I’m with the overwhelming majority here – this was an excellent look for Kate on this occasion. This shade of pink makes her colouring and complexion pop. Both neck and waist details would be death to anyone less slim but added formality and structure to the girlie colour. Hat, hair, earrings – all perfect.

  36. Absolutely loved the whole look especially the pleated detail on the waist. Hat was stunning. Is there a full length photo as would love to see the skirt style and shoes.

  37. What a great color on Kate! I think they call it Pepto-Bismol, but it’s beautiful nonetheless and reflects onto her skin, giving her lovely rosy cheeks.

    That hat is possibly the best I have seen Kate wear. I just love it! If only I had the face for hats.

    I do agree with other commentors that the dress looked better from a distance (I liked the tucks at the neck but not much else), but most people at that event did see her from a distance so it was still a win.

  38. I love this look on Kate. She really does stand out in this colour which is superb on her. Her hat, makeup, hair and jewellery are perfect in my opinion.
    While the style of the dress is not wearer friendly for many of us I suspect, I love the style details – they give the outfit a super design twist and add considerable interest to the overall look. Definitely one of my favourite looks on the ever lovely Duchess.

  39. Nice look. Tho am not a fan of pink, she can pull it off better than anyone! Thought the hair/hat combo was stunning.

    And the kids! Really, too adorable for words.

  40. That hat is the piece of the year. It is perfection.
    Lighter tone pink to match Charlotte, medium pink for the dress then the darker maroon color to George’s suspenders as well as some of the maroon colors on William.
    I would never have matched those colors together and it looks sensational!

  41. I loved this outfit. I don’t know how she wore sleeves in the heat but I applaud her. I appreciate the wearingbof real, statement jewels during the day. I hope she is embracing all the gems the vaults have to offer. I do wish she wore a brooch. Maybe next year

  42. At first glance, I thought got she had the pink version of the blue dress worn when they arrived in Canada. I LOVE the pink and that hat…. *swoon*!!!! Loved it and the kids today. Charlotte is just beautiful!!!

  43. I think that overall, from a distance, the Duchess looked terrific with a vibrant colour and the hat of the year. However, there is nothing about the dress that I like. The uneven bulky box pleats, the waistline which smooshes and droops, and the pleats in the neckline (adding bulk to the upper chest) are all design elements I loath, and here they all are in one dress. Oh, well. I appreciate that I’m in the minority here.

  44. WOW. Simply Stunning. Perfection in every way!

  45. That colour is amazing on her. It’s one of her colours.

    I’ve never heard of the term ‘paper bag waist’ but I really like it.

  46. Love the color, love the hat. Waistline looks bulky and (to me) a bit silly.

  47. I love the colour on Kate. Her hair, makeup, and hat are impeccable. I want to like the dress but the waistline is just so fussy. I might have preferred a 3/4 length sleeve. I do like the neck detail on the dress though. Almost perfect for Kate.

  48. It’s only June, but I already know which hat will receive my vote in the year end poll! I love everything about this hat, especially the different complementing shades in the embellishment.

    As for the paper bag waist, I realize that it may add a little bulk to her waist, but my opinion is… So what! There is no question in anyone’s mind at this point whether the duchess is thin and finely figured. The dress is very interesting, and perhaps not every dress needs to make a woman appear thin or tiny waisted in order to be a beautiful or well designed dress. I have seen many beautiful dresses which did not feature the typically ideal female shape, and I admired and remembered them longer for it.

  49. At first glance, I thought the dress was an Amanda wakely (i.e. the pink shade reminded me of that Amanda Wakely dress with the full skirt in pleats and the box neckline). But then I had a feeling this was McQueen due to that impeccable neckline and tailoring. The neckline reminds me of the vibrant red McQueen the DoC wore upon arriving in India. Although not exactly the same, that red McQueen also had pleats at the neck. Overall, a beautiful look for the Duchess!

  50. This is a home run for Kate. The hat is spectacular. I think her makeup choice is spot on. Her cheek and lipstick color blend with the pink of the dress making for a stunning overall look. it is the little touches that make all the difference!

  51. I enjoyed seeing Kate in a more vibrant colour.

    I am not a fan of the paper-bag waist though. It reminds me of the look when using rope as a belt to help keep pants that are too large up. Not a flattering look.

    The hat added a fun twist to the outfit.

  52. I can’t stop looking at this outfit!!! She sure can pull off such a bubblegum pink without looking childish. The hat looks like it’s made for this outfit. And her hair and makeup– perfect!!!!

  53. Amazing ensemble on Kate – the shade of pink is gorgeous, love the neckline on the dress and the hat is superb. I agree with those who have said that this is their favourite outfit on Kate since her arrival in Canada. Kate does these special occasions so wonderfully well! The updo kept her looking fresh on a warm day and made the hat and earrings shine. I didn’t think she could match last year’s beautiful hat at the Trooping but I would call this a line ball. The children’s clothes were lovely as usual and the care taken to match the colour schemes showed how thoughtful Kate is. They are both darlings!

  54. what a beautiful and bold color on her! She looks radiant. I love the dress- one of my all time favorites. The waist is gorgeous. She looks very royal.
    I am amazed at how she carries herself- it must have been hot but she looks completely comfortable.

  55. I love this post. Thanks Susan for bringing the occasion alive for me.

  56. In the past, this community has noted that many of Kate’s dresses or coats with round necklines appear to be constricting or “choking”. This McQueen settles once and for all how a close, round neckline (not collared) should fit to avoid that impression. The tailoring is simple impeccable.

  57. Love the hat — it’s the best part of this look! While the bubblegum pink is perfectly complementary of little Charlotte’s dress, I don’t find the cut of the dress particularly flattering at the waistline. She looks classy for sure (as always), but I’d revisit the detailing at the waistline.

  58. She hit it out of the park! Beautiful color, interesting details on the dress, great swirl of color in the hat, and a sweet mother/daughter coordination to boot.

    Had Kate weighed three pounds more, the paper bag waistline would have been a horror. Instead, this outfit is a perfect example of a woman looking fabulous in the dress rather than the dress wearing her.

  59. Yes! Beautiful color and hat! I like the design of the dress, it’s about as edgy as you can be in her position. The color looks great on her and I imagine just about anyone could pull that color off.

    I’ll pretend she’s wearing a new shoe too.

  60. Kate looks quite spectacular today, although this is not an outfit that many of us could wear. The Pepto-Bismol pink is a tricky colour, but with Kate’s dark hair and lovely complexion, it looks good on her. The waistline with the boxy pleats would make many women look thick through the middle. With Kate’s slim waistline, it becomes an interesting, albeit odd, design feature. Perhaps the pleats at the back should have been stitched into place to prevent the smushed look. The hat Is quite wonderful and the hair in an undo is a perfect style to compliment the hat. All in all, I’d say this is a win.

    George and Charlotte are adorable and I like the way their outfits coordinate with each other and their mother’s. What a super family they are!

    *****For those outside of Canada, who were not able to watch the exclusive interview with Prince Harry, last night, you can find it at the website below. Click on the photo of Harry, on the right hand side of the CTV page. I am not sure how long it will be posted, but I can assure you it is worth watching.


  61. This vibrant pink is a flattering shade for the Duchess. I think paler colours tend to wash out her complexion. I respect that many viewers admire this hairstyle but I continue with the opinion that it is aging and “heavy”. The hat is indeed beautiful .

    • I agree with you about her hair. It was a hot day and her hair clearly needed to be up with this dress, but I wish she would stop wearing hairnets. While it must help to keep her hair in place, it makes the bottom look droopy and heavy – her hair loses much of its shape.

      Hairnets are for those who work in food service. My grandmother won’t even wear one.

      A minor quibble, however. I choose to focus on how lovely she looks in this dress!

  62. I loved the dress on her, the neck pleats especially. But I lived through the last incarnation of the paper bag waist, and if it comes back again I’ll be disgusted. Only the thinnest look good in those.

  63. That is a LOT of Pepto pink, but there’s no denying that it suits her. She is just glowing in that color. The hat is divine. As others have mentioned, I also love how she and Princess Charlotte are coordinated.

    I don’t much like the paper-bag waist; it seems a little gimmicky to me. I’d rather the pocket flap thingies we see on a lot of McQueen styles–which didn’t work as well with the dress at Pippa’s wedding, IMHO, but would have looked very smart on this fabric and style.

    Her poise at this event is just so flawless and enviable; I noticed it last year too. At a sheer dropoff, planes flying overhead, hot weather, preschoolers and in-laws to wrangle. And every minute conscious of having a real job to do. Amazing.

  64. Excellent article! Thank you. And Kate looked splendid.

  65. This look is perfection. I rank this up there with the all blue ensemble Kate wore arriving in Canada with the children. This pink is so much better with Kate’s coloring than baby pink, and the hat is fabulous. Not too big, but not a tiny facinator perched precariously on the side of her head.
    Final word, this is the way to do a high neck line! Just about a 1/2 inch lower than usual which gives the whole look the needed breathing room. Makes all the difference in the world!

  66. Kate has to be the all-time champion of hat-wearing – this one is another stunner, elegant, appropriate, with the essential edge of panache that a good hat calls for. As ever, Kate wears it at a perfect angle. The hairstyle and earrings are equally superb, those hairnets have been a wonderful find for her.

    Then there’s the dress. I admire her for experimenting with this difficult fashion in waistlines which can hardly hope to flatter anyone, especially with heavy pleats. It’s simply my own private view that’s one fashion I can leave on the rack.

    But I’m fascinated by such a superb piece of tailoring which combines, fun and elegance in a wonderful colour on the duchess. The photos in your post show how the neck darts radiate in a pattern of folds echoed both by the waist frill and the pleats beneath. It more than equals the formality of the occasion.

    The overall look is a win for me and rarely has the timing been better for such a reassuring display of national dignity.

    • Good point, ElizaMo. This outfit seems both dignified and happy — not an easy balance to achieve, I would guess.

      I find myself liking the edginess of the paper-bag waist on the dress. At least to me it looks edgy. The combination of that with the very proper darts on the round neck form a really interesting contrast. It gives the whole dress a fresh feel.

      The hat is simply splendid. It’s quite a formal-looking thing, and the adds zing.

      Try as I might, I can’t see the hairnet. I even took my glasses off and peered.

      • The giveaway re hairnets for me is when Kate’s hair stays in place and the back bun has a smooth outline, though I can also just about see netting in some close-ups. Her hair is inclined to slip out of an updo and we’ve seen her on occasion patting it anxiously mid-engagement. The hairnets are allowing her to get on with the job in hand.

        Agree with you about the edginess of the dress. Others seem to be struggling with, it but I’d have said it was in keeping with the original swagger of early McQueen outfits, when the man himself was still around.

        I think this is a very toned down version of this style of waistline and is little more than well-tailored frill rather than a full-on eyesore.

        The neckline gave me problems at first until I saw the whole garment, I thought the pleats looked too full and the bodice matronly. But like you I think it works wonderfully with the rest of the dress as those top — relatively shallow — pleats radiate down into the full pleating of waist and skirt. And all immaculately executed.

  67. I LOVE the hat. It is great. I like the color of the dress, because it is more vivid than the wan pale pinks she usually favors that wash her out. But…I am not a fan of the design of this dress. In particular, the pleating and other embellishments at the waist make her look like she has a baby bump (which, given how thin she is, is a feat). It is not flattering. The back flaps are kind of weird, too.
    I’m guessing, though we couldn’t see it, that she also wore some boring nude shoes, but I am going to pretend she wore a pretty floral pump :)

  68. Loved this look on Kate! Don’t think I have seen her in this vibrant colour before. Suits her really well. The hat is gorgeous and goes well with the outfit. Wonder how the dress would have looked with shorter sleeves, but guess this is a formal occasion and long sleeves are the norm?
    This is her best outfit in a while.

  69. Absolute perfection! One has to possess a very tiny waistline to pull off that paper bag waist and it was just the detail to make this dress stand out. I love the earrings (usually seen in a much more formal setting) lending an air of formality to this daytime event. Her hair and the hat are also perfect — one of my favorite looks ever!

    • I think it’s one of my favourites too — it’s quintessential Kate. Her partnership with Jane Taylor is easily on a par with the one she has with Sarah Burton at McQueen’s. A joy to watch what the team effort comes up with.

  70. My quibble is with the dressmaker—-the failure of the paper bag pleats next to the zipper to maintain position. BUT—-oh how I love this on the Duchess. The color does all the heavy lifting including that remarkable hat—and she is wearing diamonds. What a lovely balancing act between elegance and child-wrangling. Well done.

    • I wonder if those back waist pleats might not have fared better had they had in invisible stitch or two to hold them in place. It would be hard to sit in the dress without encountering ‘smushing’ — new word for me there! Even if you smoothed the pleats right when you first sat down, every time you moved the dreaded smush would rear it’s ugly head again :-D

  71. Bravo! This colour photographed beautifully, especially with Charlotte’s dress. The hat was fabulours. The earrings a little dressy for the day, but it is the trooping of the colour – a very formal event.

  72. I think this is one of the best looks yet for the DOC. This bright pink looks astounding on her. I don’t usually like facinators but this one is exceptional. The burgundy trim is perfect. In case you haven’t noticed, I can’t say enough good things about this outfit on the DOC. And coordinating with her children puts it over the top for me

  73. Absolutely wonderful dress, love the pleating at the neck. It’s something different and that’s good to see. And wonderful accessorizing! And very pink. Very very pink. A nice change from her usual palette, though I admit I’m not a pink fan. This bright shade makes her look very rosy and lovely. Her choices seem different and more confident this week.

  74. The hat is indeed exquisite. But I’m not a fan of this much bright pink in one outfit. In combination with the skirt’s pleats, the overall look is too girly and sweet for me.

  75. Kate looks beautiful, elegant, and happy. That vibrant shade of pink suits her to perfection! She looks simply breathtaking! George and Charlotte look adorable and enchanting. The Queen looks lovely in blue too. Great photos!

  76. Kate looks divine! The color and style of the dress look lovely for the event and lovely on her.

    I’m American and I don’t really “get” hats as much as someone might in Britain, and I sometimes thing they’re too fussy, but this one looks so scrumptious I want to eat it. It sits on her head perfectly and the updo is wonderful and sleek.

    The children of course are adorable, and it’s sweet how Charlotte matches her mom but not too much. Amazing how much that child continues to look like Carol Middleton. Beautiful family looking perfect on a wonderful day. I thought the Queen’s letter was just right too.

    • I couldn’t agree more! The color is fabulous on her. Hope we see more of it.

      I also quite like when she has intricate up-do’s. They are fun to stare at and try and figure out how in heaven’s name the hair stylist did that!

      Question – who is the tall gentleman directly behind Princess Beatrice?

  77. I love her look today. Trooping the Colour outfits have always been hit or miss for me and this was a hit. I always wonder how far in advance she plans the family outfits to coordinate. Especially with her and Charlotte wearing the same colour dress, the burgundy ribbon in the hat to match George and then Charlottes shoes and hair ribbon in burgundy to match George. I think it is super cute.

  78. I loved everything about this look. This color was fantastic on Kate! I especially love the hat. It’s beautiful and worked really well with the dress. Kate looks so happy!

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