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The Duchess donned a Catherine Walker dress for today’s Gentlemen’s Singles final at Wimbledon.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

Here you see Kate and William with Philip Brook, chairman of the AELTC, and Gill Brook. (The AELTC is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.)

Kate Middleton Wimbledon Men's Finals Bulgari sunglasses

AELTC/Joel Marklund (Click photo to go to Wimbledon website)

It was a banner day for people watching at the All England Club. Below, Eddie Redmayne (l) and Bradley Cooper (r).

Eddie Redmayne Bradley Cooper Wimbledon Sunday Men's Final July 17 2017

AELTC/Joel Marklund

Mr. Redmayne’s wife, Hannah Bagshawe, chatting with Hugh Grant.

AELTC/ (Click photo to go to Wimbledon website)

AELTC/ (Click photo to go to Wimbledon website)

Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor.


AELTC/Roger Allen (Click photo to be taken to Wimbledon site)

Kate’s family was also at Centre Court. From left to right: Michael Middleton, Carole Middleton, Pippa Middleton Matthews, James Middleton.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Also on hand for the championship: London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Theresa May. Other royals watching the match included Princess Alexandra and the Duke of Kent (below); the Duke is President of the All England Club.


AELTC/Tim Clayton(Click photo to be taken to Wimbledon site)

Switzerland’s Roger Federer took on Marin Čilić of Croatia for the championship. Local favorite and last year’s champion, Andy Murray, was eliminated in the quarterfinal by American Sam Querry. 


AELTC/Joel Marklund (Click photo to go to Wimbledon website)

Kate, William and Gill Brook.

AELTC/ (Click on photo to visit Wimbledon site)

AELTC/ (Click on photo to visit Wimbledon site)

Mr. Federer was victorious, taking his 8th Wimbledon trophy. From The Daily Telegraph:

In the end, an ace clinched Federer’s 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 victory in 1hr 41min. It was the first time Federer had won Wimbledon without dropping a set, and only the second time anyone had done so in the Open era, after Bjorn Borg in 1976.

AELTC/Joel Marklund  (Click photo to go to Wimbledon website)

AELTC/Joel Marklund (Click photo to go to Wimbledon website)

And from The Wall Street Journal:

LONDON—In the end, perhaps as it should have been, it was more of a coronation than a competition as Roger Federer dismantled Marin Cilic to win his 19th Grand Slam title with England’s future king watching from Centre Court’s royal box.

He is the oldest man to win the Gentlemen’s Singles title in the Open era (which started in 1968); this is his 19th Grand Slam win as well. Some of the happiest people in the audience: Mr. Federer’s wife, Mirka, and the couple’s two sets of twins, and Mr. Federer’s mother, Lynette.

AELTC Facebook (Click image to visit Facebook page)

AELTC Facebook (Click image to visit Facebook page)

The Duke of Kent presenting the trophy.

AELTC/Florian Eisel;e (Click image to go to Wimbledon website)

AELTC/Florian Eisel;e (Click image to go to Wimbledon website)

One other Wimbledon note: yesterday a Polish team took 1st Place in the Gentlemen’s Doubles final. Of course, we’ll see the Cambridge family in Poland tomorrow.

Now to what Kate wore for today’s match. She was in a Catherine Walker dress with a white bodice and botanical print on the skirt.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

Today we have an enormous Tip of the Tiara to Laura, aka ParkysGirl79 on Instagram, she discovered this image showing the print on a different frock.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker

The dress was worn in sync with the Chelsea Flower Show as part of the annual Chelsea in Bloom event. That event uses the Flower Show as a theme, showcasing decorated stores and fashions shows with splendid floral displays. Some may recall this year’s Flower Show post, when we featured Kiki McDonough’s store decor.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 2.02.37 PM

I believe the pattern is called Fleurs Sauvages, or “Wildflowers.”

Catherine Walker / Widlflowers Fleurs Sauvages

Catherine Walker / Polaris

The print is currently available on a Catherine Walker silk scarf (£295).

Catherine Walker silk scarf Fleurs Sauvages Wildflowers

Catherine Walker

It is an interesting choice. Catherine Walker remains a likely designer for one or more styles that Kate could wear on the tour starting tomorrow. And the print features poppies; Poland’s national flower is a poppy.

In this Catherine Walker May 2016 Instagram post one of the models wears the Catherine Walker piece Kate wore to the Flower Show last year.

Catherine Walker Instagram

Catherine Walker Instagram

Kate’s version is bespoke, but you can see the similar elements.

Kate Middleton Green Catherine Walker coatdress coat dress Chelsea Flower show

©Splash News

Sarah of The Royals and I on Twitter shared this photo by Easigrass, it does show Kate’s feet, although they are a bit blurred.

@Easigrass Twitter (click photo to visit Easigrass feed)

@Easigrass Twitter (click photo to visit Easigrass feed)

There have also been some screen grabs posted on the WKW Facebook page, as well as suggestions for what style the shoe might be, ranging from Stuart Weitzman to LK Bennett.

Back to today’s look, many readers recognized Kate’s bag; she carried her ‘Quincy’ tote by Victoria Beckham again. First seen at Wimbledon last year, Kate also carried it July 3rd when she attended the Gentlemen’s Singles opening match.

©PA Wire / Victoria Beckham

©PA Wire / Victoria Beckham

Kate wore her Bulgari Cat’s Eye sunglasses again.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

The style is offered at Amazon ($169), as well as Smart Buy Glasses ($226), at Otto (€165, about $190) and at JP Opticians ($208)

Smart Buy Glasses / Polaris

Polaris / Amazon

We saw the return of the Duchess’s Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven earrings.


© Cassandra Goad/Stephen Lock, i-Images, Polaris

As well as her trusty Ballon Bleu watch by Cartier.



A number of people wondered about the purple and green grosgrain ribbon Kate was wearing.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris

A closer look.



With thanks to Cepe Smith on Twitter, it turns out the 375 members of the AELTC may wear the ribbon/bow. This is the first time I recall seeing Kate wearing it, presumably as Patron of Wimbledon she is also a member.

We leave you with this video of Roger Federer being congratulated by his wife Mika, the Duke and Duchess, his father, and others.

NOTE: we will be publishing a separate post this afternoon with detailed info for you on the tour.


  63 Responses to “Kate in Catherine Walker at Wimbledon”

  1. The Duchess of Gloucester is sitting bottom right in the first photo.

  2. Like the dress, hate the pattern. Her hair looks much better here. The looser waves are more appealing than the big curls.

  3. Love this look, it is SO Wimbledon! The floral pattern and the superb tailoring of the dress is just gorgeous!

  4. What a perfect, pretty, summery dress for an afternoon of tennis watching!! I love the hair wavy like instead of big, curling-iron curls. Maybe she’ll try the style again soon??

  5. Kate’s dress is quite lovely, but I confess I’m captivated by the three-dimensional flowers on the one Gill Brook is wearing. Does anyone have any idea where it came from? Thank you!

  6. Perfect summer dress ….fun , classic and cool!

  7. I know you don’t look into what Pippa wears, but since there was a lot about her at Wimbledon as well, I wondered if anyone might have a lead on the beige wedge sandals with jute rope trim that she wore? http://footwearnews.com/2017/fashion/celebrity-style/pippa-middleton-wimbledon-hat-dress-wedges-393587/

  8. I love this dress. Very Summery and suitable. Good sandals, bag and earrings. Perfect Wimbledon look.

    I love Federer too. He’s such a good player and a real gent.

    All is good!

  9. Stuart Weitzman nearlynude sandal.. $398 likely here

    • I know this site is dedicated to Kate but was curious about her sister’s aversion to heels. Her shoes always appear blocky and safe. Pippa wears some fabulous clothes with always low to mid sturdy shoes.

      • Perhaps she has issues with her feet, and heels give her pain. That’s only my guess because I have foot problems.

  10. Absolutely perfect! Loved everything

  11. Wonderful, fresh look. Love the dress!

  12. Love the whole look!!!

  13. I’m also a first time commenter and I’m glad she finally got a haircut. What a great fresh look for the summer. Thank you for blogging…your page is a visual treat!

  14. For what it’s worth, the gentleman sitting behind Kate and Wills is also wearing the purple and green pattern (though in a tie).

  15. I’ve followed this blog for years but am a first time commenter! I loved today’s look. So fresh, so summery. I love that she’s been wearing open toed shoes more frequently, and I love her new haircut. Her longer hair was beautiful but sometimes I felt it was too heavy. I feel like the new haircut is such a fresh look for her! Looking forward to the fashion we’ll see this week :)

  16. What a fabulous dress! So perfect for this event.

    • Perhaps the “overlay” netting of the dress is a nod to the “tennis net” (out on a limb….but with a smile). DoC quietly manages wee details.

  17. I would love to know what Mirka and Hannah Bagshawe were wearing but I’m not having much luck.

    I love the wildflowers.

  18. She looks great. Summer-y and fresh. The dress is perfect for this occasion. I think her hair at this length looks better more relaxed like this than tightly curled like the other night. But my one quibble is that I actually like the neckline of the dress and it’s hard to see with her hair down. it’s still a really lovely look overall. Love the sunglassss.

  19. Absolutely stunning as usual. Looks amazing and congratulations to Roger Federer who played so well. What a star.

  20. LOVE this dress. It’s probably one of my favourite dresses she’s warn in a while.

    I would love to be able to put this dress in my collection, but it’s definitely not in my budget.

  21. Dear Kate you looked great. Your dress minus seams at waist and elsewhere was flawless elegance over peppered with a touch of sexiness so you were a little hot lol. Your hair looser was surprisingly unmumsy and a little come hither. Game set and match Catherine

  22. Gorgeous. Is it me or is Kate on a fashion roll these days, with numerous “new” looks? Short hair, red toes, open toed block sandals. I love it! Her hair is perfection today and I say that with some surprise since I’m a big fan of long hair and maintain my own at a long length. Lovely.

  23. A very pretty, fresh look for the Duchess today at Wimbledon. Her hair looked more like Pippa’s today with the waves rather than curls.

  24. I find this dress very pretty and perfect for the occasion, but my favorite aspect of this look is her hair! This is the first time I feel fully sold on the haircut – I think styling it wavy looks much more modern (and a bit sexy as another commenter mentioned) than curls. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s styled on tour.

  25. What a pretty summer dress!! I’d wear that one and I’d also love to have the scarf!! I noticed that others in the group shots were wearing that ribbon too. Lots of folks have been commenting about Kate’s recent hair cut–some love and some don’t. I think that it works for summer–all that hair that she had before would get pretty hot. And maybe with the upcoming tour, styling and managing her hair will be a little easier. I am really looking forward to their tour–being as 1/2 my background is Polish, it will be so interesting to see not just Kate’s fashion choices, but also the history and the country. We can expect to see a lot of red–Poland’s flag colors are red and white, so it’s kind of like Canada all over again!! :)

  26. Ooh, perfection. The dress is fun and different and looks beautiful on her…and what I wouldn’t give to have it in my own closet! I also love her hair, still polished but casual and summery. I think she really knocked this one out of the park.

  27. I love this dress. The flower print is beautiful. And the waist seems to be lower on the dress at her waist! Wonderful to see. I also thought the bust was too tight. It looks like she has a good supporting bra on, maybe a different bra than when the dress was fitted. The earrings are ok with me but I would think she would have some colorful stones to pick up the colors in the flowers.

  28. Very sweet look for Wimbeldon — summery, easy, crisp, playful but appropriate. And while I’ve always been a lover of her long bouncy hair and I pretty much want every woman to have long hair for some reason, I think the cut looks fabulous. On the ninth photo down, where she’s pointing something out to William, it looks wonderful and dare I say it — sexy. Wish we could see the shoes.

    On a couple of side notes, Hugh Grant is looking awesome and I can’t believe anyone has two sets of twins. How does that happen!?

    • I have girl twins in one of my classes this summer, and their brothers are twins. When they were growing up, they were confused when they met children without a twin because in their house, everyone had one. ;)

  29. Well this is an absolute delight. Very summery, very English (to my American eyes)–perfect for Wimbledon. What a sweet picture of her with Prince William. Is she wiping some schmutz from his face?!

  30. That was one brilliant ID from Laura after several of us were going cross-eyed scrolling through countless flowery dresses – many congratulations to her. The botanical print on this is exquisite and I’m so interested to hear of the featured poppy’s relevance to Poland. Maybe Kate might pull out that pretty silk scarf while she’s on tour.

    That said this is another subdued choice after the cautious Preen choice, though both make a lot of sense in a summer setting. I like the way the plain bodice of the Walker dress references a white tee-shirt in keeping with Wimbledon whites. I prefer the overall A-line of this latest dress over the bulky waist on the Preen, a bit more grown-up.

    It’s good to see the VB tote back and I think it looks well with this dress. I have no problem with Kate having a favourite ‘Wimbledon bag’ – I think we all know the pleasure of finding a handbag that works well especially when there’s a chance of being kept seated for several hours.

    It’s equally unsurprising that Kate has kept a pair of earrings for a second engagement running and these are fine with a flowery summer frock. I think her hair is looking a bit tired today and I don’t think the centre parting helps, the glossy bounce of the new hairstyle’s debut is missing. Hopefully back in time for the tour

    Over on Facebook we had a tantalising glimpse of Kate’s sandals and even a stab at a Nordstrom ID from Nina Angie. They looked like a very pretty nude block heel with ankle strap, which is proving a uniform style this summer.

  31. For me – set, game and match to Kate! Love the dress, the purse, the sunglasses and the blowout. She looks young and fresh, and the outfit was appropriate for Wimbledon. Thought the watch looked great with this dress.

    Would have preferred more feminine silver earrings with this dress/watch but a small quibble. And was charmed to see her wiping something off William’s face.

  32. Just one small correction. Andy Murray was actually eliminated by Sam Querry, an American, in the quarters :)

  33. Love this look. Perfect for a day at Wimbledon. Hobbs has a few dresses with this same feel. This one https://www.hobbs.co.uk/product/display?productID=0117-5568-9083L00&productvarid=0117-5568-9083L00-IVORY-MULTI-12&refpage=promotions/sale-dresses
    Is probably the closest in style to Kate’s.

  34. Kate is absolutely adorable! And her hairstyle is super, new version of waves is great for her. Like everything about this outfit. Big golden earrings look just in case here.

  35. I really like this dress! Not a fan of the hair or the earrings, but you can’t have everything.
    Just a couple of corrections, Mrs. Federer is Mirka, not Mika. And the doubles pair is Polish/Brazilian.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  36. This is a fresh look all the around. Head to toe she looks gorgeous. I know that no look is ever good enough for many people out here and there’s always something that could have been better…dress too tight, dress too loose needs better tailoring, hair should be stick straight, I miss the curls, no polish on toes, there should be polish on toes, smaller bag, bigger bag, etc. etc.

  37. It’s a beautiful summery dress, but it’s not fitted properly in the bust area. I don’t prefer those earrings with it.

    I love her new haircut!

  38. She always looks absolutely spot on at Wimbledon. Love this dress so much…and the hair! So summery, so fresh. I would love to see it pin straight at this length, without the waves; fingers crossed! I think we’ve got a great week ahead of us fashion wise. :-)

    • Pin straight would be a challenging and damaging to her natural curl/wave/frizz. And with her volumn it would take forever

  39. I like the dress! It’s very Beatrix Potter!

  40. Very pretty dress. I had to do a double take though as the grey splodge halfway up the front looked like a dirty mark at first!

  41. Roger Federer’s wife name is Mirka. She’s from Slovakia like me :)
    Thank you for the post, I read this site for a long time and you do some excellent work.

    • Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it. :)

    • And what a busy woman Mirka must be with two sets of twins. My daughter has one set, a boy and a girl. There is something about twins that seems to make them especially energetic. Nice that the entire family was there to congratulate Roger Federer on a game very well played.

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