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(If looking for our post on Kate and William’s visit to the Stutthof camp, it is here, sans any fashion information.)

The Duchess returned to a favored designer for the second day of the couple’s royal tour of Poland and Germany, wearing separates by Erdem.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

Following this morning’s trip to Stutthof concentration camp, William and Kate headed to the Old Market Square in Gdańsk where they were welcomed by enormous crowds. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Gdańsk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz was the host for the Duke and Duchess’s visit.  

Poland Tour Day 2 Gdansk with Mayor Paweł Adamowicz inside Court July 18 2017 Erdem Dress Via Mayor FB

Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Facebook (Click photo to visit FB page)

When they were seen by the tens of thousands who had been waiting for a glimpse of the royals, the reaction was said to be ‘rapturous.’

Kate Middleton Prince William Gdansk Market Square Erdem Skirt Top Royal Tour

Paweł-Adamowicz Facebook (Click photo to visit page)

A quick video of their arrival.

From The Daily Mail’s story.

As the royal couple emerged from the town hall to the strains of Handel’s ‘Zadok the Priest’ – played at every English monarch’s coronation since King George II in 1727 – the crowds cheered enthusiastically.

The crowds, ten deep, were held back amid tight security behind steel barriers and the royal couple flanked by close guarded maximum security.


@Gdansk Twitter via KateMiddletonStyle.org

There has been a significant security presence on this trip.

Poland Gdansk Kate Middleton Erdem suit Hurst Rose Print

Via Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Facebook (Click photo to visit FB page)

The Daily Telegraph’s Hannah Furness reports:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were today mobbed by thousands of curious well-wishers, as they visited a Polish market to sample the local dumplings and down a shot.

The Royal couple were swamped by Gdansk locals, who turned out with flags and selfie sticks to see them.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Then it was time to sample some of the local cuisine.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

William and Kate survey the offerings.

Kate William Gdansk Duchess Erdem hurst rose separates Royal Tour poland germany

Kensington Palace

More from The Mail’s coverage:

They couple then downed glasses of Gdansk liqueur at the next stall, Goldwasser (golden water), a strong root and herbal liqueur which has been produced since at least 1598.

They also sampled some polish dumplings – a specialty of the restaurant as their favourite was to be named after them. Kate chose the salmon and crayfish and William picked a mushroom one.

Having sampled more than a little Goldwasser (cough-cough), I can share that the stories are true. The bottles really do contain flakes of gold.

The Local Life - Gdansk (Click photo to visit site)

The Local Life – Gdansk (Click photo to visit site)

Kate is said to have remarked the liqueur was ‘quite strong.”

@Gdansk Twitter via KateMiddletonStyle.org

@Gdansk Twitter via KateMiddletonStyle.org

The Duke and Duchess then visited the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, opened in 2014.  

@PolishEmbassyUK (click photo to see Twitter feed)


William’s father, the Prince of Wales, is the Theatre’s Patron. The theatre is “adaptable,” allowing for stages in three different sizes; the facility also has a retractable roof. 

Polish Embassy UK

Polish Embassy UK

The couple watched a special performance and also took part in a “small reception inside the theatre for Poles from the world of arts, culture and media.”

The day’s final stop was the European Solidarity Centre.

Kate Middleotn Gdansk Erdem Dress Royal Tour

Kensington Palace

The couple met Noble Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa, co-founder of Solidarity, the first independent trade union in communist Poland. The Duke and Duchess each laid a rose at the Fallen Shipyard Workers memorial, honoring those killed during the suppression of a strike in 1971.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

As mentioned, the Duchess wore Erdem for the day’s engagements.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris

© East News, Polaris / Nunn Syndication, Polaris

Kate’s separates are in Erdem’s “Hurst Rose” pattern from the s/s 2017 collection. Below you see the print in the label’s Imari skirt. It is midi length with a high waist, tucked folds that create volume and pockets.



A look at Kate’s top.

Both © Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Both © Nunn Syndication/Polaris

It is similar to Erdem’s standard ‘Arleen’ top, with its elbow-length sleeves and boatneck design, minus the buttoned pleat at the shoulder.

Erdem Aleen Top 2 ExamplesJul 18 2017


The print was used in other pieces, including this cold shoulder gown at Neiman Marcus ($677).

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

The Duchess carried a new clutch by Poland’s Etui Bags, a brand she started carrying publicly in March. By my count, this is the third Etui piece we have seen the Duchess using.

Kate Middleton Purse Gdansk Etui Handbag Clutch Royal Tour

James Whatling/Zak Hussein

The mystery of the nude sandals first seen at Wimbledon has been solved: say hello to the Stuart Weitzman Nearly Nude Ankle Strap Sandal.

Kate Middleton shoes Stuart Weitzman Nearly Naked Sandals nude patent block heel

Stuart Weitzman/Polaris/Net-a-Porter

Described as a “minimalist must have,” the block heel style features a thin strap over the open toe and a delicate ankle strap; the heel height is 3″.

Kate’s jewelry today included two pieces that appear to be made of Baltic Amber.

©Zak Hussein/James Whatling

©Zak Hussein/James Whatling

The pendant and earrings feature yellow cabochon stones in an intricate filigree setting. I do not know the origins of these pieces.

Poland Day 2 Kate Yellow Earrings Mix Shots July 18 2017


Separately, Kate was given a pendant, and William cuff links, made of Baltic Amber. These items are a gift from the citizens of Gdansk.

Prezentacja bursztynowej biżuterii dla pary książęcej

Via Gdansk.PL

We also saw Kate’s Ballon Bleu watch by Cartier today.

Kate Middleton Cartier watch Duchess Kate Ballon Bleu wristwatch

©James Whatling /Saks

We will see you tomorrow!

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace


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  1. I just love this ensemble. I have just started making my own clothes, and I think I will make a RepliKate in a similar style for myself. I decided to start making my own clothes because I found that the time I spent shopping for clothes that I ultimately always end up feeling mediocre about I could just spend sewing my own clothes that I absolutely love and were more durable and high quality.

  2. This may be my favorite look ever. She looks incredible.

    I love the separates. The full skirt is just right, and the fabric design is just beautiful. The colors suit her very well.

    Her hair looks great. I am glad to see a departure from the curling iron curls to the looser waves.

    The sandals are fun and pretty, and her toes are polished!

    Just perfect! :-)

  3. I feel as I am in the majority when I say that I quite like this look. Unlike many others, I think that the pattern of this dress is beautiful and quite elegant. The dress is very flattering on the Duchess.

  4. I don’t normally like crop-tops as they can be revealing in day-to-day activities. Even though I prefer dresses this gets top marks off me, not only do I love the print, she looks modest & appropriate in everything. I don’t get this sandals are too gay & inappropriate for a concentration camp, this is what people wear in summer, they are standard wear in hot weather. It is the Royal family that are out of step (no pun intended) with everyone else with their closed toes & hats. And how gay or cheery is a boring, colourless pair of beige sandals. Nail varnish? That’s worn by a significant amount of people too. She didn’t look bright & had a lot of other events to go too. I haven’t liked something so much since she went to India (though I liked the Wimbledon dress, it would have been amazing with the print up to the arms so there wasn’t so much of T-shirt look, more like a pinafore dress).

  5. The comments on this blog are my favorite part. There are many other Kate fashion blogs but getting to see what other people think is just great fun. I am more often a critic or at least not an everything is perfect person, but I think this outfit is quite lovely and appropriate for all of her activities this day. It was a gentle, demure but still optimistic outfit. I think it fit her better than other outfits that she has worn. I don’t quibble with the open toe shoe and the block heel is absolutely a plus but I would have probably done Burgundy or black shoes and accessories. I just love hearing all your opinions.

  6. Many young women today will be bemoaning the fact that they wore those stilettoes and ruined their feet. This chunkier heel is such a good idea (but still not perfect).

    I think the middle part has to do with the new style. That kind of part is most unflattering.

  7. I really like the Erdem outfit but I would not have chosen the beige accessories. I don’t think beige goes very well with the coulours of the clothes, and is that ostrich leather, yikes….. I would have chosen a black bag and shoes, or better yet, the burgundy red accessories.

  8. Boy oh boy are there some really super negative comments here about this outfit and by association, Kate!! Yikes!! I think, and wish, that people would remember that Kate and William had a lot of engagements to attend yesterday, and there simply wouldn’t be time for her to change outfits. And the morning’s event was so markedly different in tone from the afternoon events. I think this is a fine choice for Kate and a lovely summery outfit. It was demure and respectful enough for the visit to concentration camp and also quite appropriate for garden party and the Shakespeare Theatre events. And honestly, do you think that Kate’s wardrobe choices were not vetted and planned and that every effort was made to find out what was appropriate and what wouldn’t be? Common on!! As well, I think the floral print could have been in honor of Polish culture too–Polish floral embroidery, and wood working. I like this outfit, and I love the shoes! The amber pendant and earrings are a special gift, although it was hard to see the pendant. I like a side part better, but a centre part is hardly the end of the world and worth everyone’s negative comments!!! And as one poster said, in windy conditions it is much easier to control center parted hair than side parted!

    I am bothered by the level of negativity and personal criticisms that some posters make–like about hammer toes for instance. That’s rude and personal.

    On a different note, I am so happy to see the Polish people being the wonderful hospitable people that they are known to be. They clearly loved having Kate and William visit. This makes me think of my Polish grandmother, who never failed to offer food or treats, even when she couldn’t get around anymore. It also makes me doubly proud of my Polish heritage–a people who have struggled against oppression for 100′s of years and have seen their country divided up time and time again, but who maintained a strong culture and a strong heart and spirit. I wish Kate and William could have stayed longer!

    Thank you for the wonderful coverage of this part of the tour!

    • That should have read, “Come on!”, not “Common on!” Sorry about that!

    • You’re so right to remind us of the many troubles that have beset the Polish nation, it’s no fun being sandwiched between Germany and Russia. I like your point about Polish floral embroidery, I can just picture it from what you’re saying, an excellent reference.

  9. I was so curious as to what The Duchess would
    wear today given the polarizing difference in places she was attending. I think this is a beautiful choice and like others, don’t quite understand the thoughts that floral is inappropriate. I love the shoes but do find it interesting that she chose to wear open toe (when she has rarely done so for day events) for this. I don’t think they are inappropriate and in fact think they help keep the print from looking dowdy. As always it’s lovely to see how she changes things up for the tours. And thanks for all the great coverage Susan!

  10. I like this outfit. The fine flower print is soft and feminine. Dress fits her well.

  11. My son’s paternal grandparents were Polish Jews and Holocaust survivors, and my ex-husband was born in a DP camp (displaced persons) in Sweden before coming to America and becoming citizens.
    I mean no disrespect to those who have posted complaining about Kate’s outfit and shoes, as not being appropriate to wear to a concentration camp, but I disagree completely.
    The floral is a subdued and lovely print, and it makes a statement of life and hope in the midst of one of many symbols of the Nazi’s “Final Solution.”
    The idea that one can only wear dull, somber solids in shades of black, gray or navy to visit an extermination camp strikes me as a kind of empty gesture, a knee jerk sartorial response.
    Instead, Kate chose carefully and thoughtfully about the statement she made on behalf of her country, and for the victims of Hitler. I appreciate it. She was there not only to view and mark the unspeakable horror, but to meet with survivors as well. Some of the most incredible stories of courage, sacrifice, love, emerged from those camps, from those who fought back, and from those who lived to tell the story.
    As for the open-toed shoes, I see nothing disrespectful about them at all.
    It was a lovely outfit and she looked lovely in it.
    She didn’t opt for the cheap, easy sentiment of somber solids, and she deserves praise for it, especially from those of us personally impacted by the Holocaust.

    • Oh thank you for such a beautiful post, you have worded that brilliantly — not least because I happen to agree with every word you say of course! I respect there will be strong feelings in some quarters on this subject but I think you’re right to point out the danger of knee-jerk responses.

    • Thank you so much for sharing you perspective. I agree that the assumption of dark somber colors as solely appropriate presents a false dichotomy in fashion. An ensemble can be respectful without being stereotypically sombre.
      Particularly because there was no formal service associated with this visit, I think there is a broader range of what could be considered appropriate for this visit; and these florals are far from frivolous to me, so they strike the right tone.
      My breaking point is the shoes. They take the top&skirt (which succeeds in its own right) a little too far from the formality I would expect for this venue. A darker, classic pump would have anchored the outfit with a better sense of gravity for me.
      Again, it’s not about being sombre; for example, I had no objection to the pink coat at the 9/11 memorial tour. But its tailoring and styling presented a certain formality that I just think is lacking here.
      A change of shoe in the car is not beyond the royal logisticians; so while we haven’t seen her do it in the past, I think it was called for.

  12. First of all, I want to say that I do not feel that her outfit was in any way inappropriate or disrespectful or insensitive. This was a visit and not a funeral or a memorial service. Her body language and facial expressions were also subdued and sensitive, so I do not understand anyone criticizing the choice of outfit or shoe for the visit.

    As for the outfit itself—I hated it. The proportions were wrong for her body—top too boxy and skirt too long. Also, I think the top by itself with a solid color (white) skirt might be fine, but the skirt and top together was too much of what was already a busy and overdone print. The duchess is a lovely woman with a fantastic figure, but the front pleat on the skirt did nothing for her and would make the rest of us mere mortals look heavy in the waist/tummy areas.

    I like the shoes and clutch, but dislike the necklace and earrings–I agree with those who commented that it was probably a gift from her hosts and she wore it to be polite.

    The return of the under eye liner continues to make me wish for the fresher look she had been sporting until just a week or so ago—no liner under her eyes just looks so much better IMO. I also continue to dislike the center part in her hair, but I do like the new haircut very much.

    • I think Kate looked wonderful, respectful, for the situation, as it wasn’t a memorial service. I don’t understand why so many are so judgemental of what she wears, how she wears her make up, she is entitled to wear her hair the way she feels is right and appropriate for occasion, I feel she does a wonderful job, people should stop criticizing her, she is doing a great job.. my opinion…

      • I think it can be hard to find the balance sometimes, between wanting to point out fashion discrepancies in outfits and respect for the terrific job Kate is doing. I don’t think it need be disloyal to discuss finer points of tailoring though as I go on I find myself increasingly cautious about criticising as too often I find I go back to some pictures days, weeks, months later and see how lovely Kate looks and wonder why I ever objected to something in the first place :-/

        I suppose the one thing that matters is how we keep our discussion civil here, thanks to Susan’s tremendous hard work — especially on these tour posts!!

      • Of course she is entitled to wear her hair and makeup any way she wants to but this is a fashion blog and often the hair and makeup can “make or break” an outfit. I have critiqued her hair and makeup on this tour–not because I think she owes me anything but because I have seen it look SO much better IMO and think it would make her outfits look even better. This is not a criticism of Kate the woman—it is a criticism of the fashion, which is the entire “look”. I agree she is doing a great job! A fantastic job! But that has literally nothing to do with whether or not I think a side part would make her outfit look better.

  13. Many royal watchers are faulting the Duchess of Cambridge for wearing a floral pattern at Stutthoff. I don’t know when a muted floral became an inappropriate ensemble for a significant occasion. When did flowers become incompatible with gravity? When someone dies, what do you send to bereaved family members? Flowers. When you arrive at the funeral home or church, what is the coffin covered in? Flowers. When you visit a loved one at a cemetery, what do you bring to leave at the grave? Flowers. There is absolutely nothing incompatible between mourning or gravity and flowers. Like anything else, flowers and floral patterns come in different shapes, sizes, and “flavors” that vary for the occasion. I thought Kate chose a really fantastic ensemble today. This is not a girlish, summer picnic floral like the one she wore to Wimbledon. It is true to Erdem’s often brooding and quirky style, and features a busy, but subdued floral print that actually reminded me of the style popular in the 1940s. Kate is supposed to look her best when on a public engagement, even more so when on such an important stop. This was a visit, it was not a commemorative service or specific event like Remembrance Sunday or a centenary. You don’t downplay your clothes, you look your best as is appropriate, to pay your highest respects. She hit the nail on the head. The pictures were stunning, and the contrast between her beauty and the echoes of evil that linger at such a horrible place, created a powerful juxtaposition of light and darkness. It’s the lesson we have to draw from these terrible events of the past, too, that darkness is always followed by light. Well done, Kate.

    • Your post is well written, make me rethink my position on the floral dress. Not to my liking…but I appreciate she may have been trying to do something ‘more’ with the floral symbolism.

    • Beautifully and perfectly said.

    • Lovely post, thank you so much, beautifully expressed.

    • Flowers are generally not part of Jewish funeral services or placed on Jewish graves. While the outfit was not inappropriate, if she’d worn the same thing in a solid color, there would be far less discussion about it, I think. So to me it was not a terrible choice, but she could have also chosen better.

      • Perhaps not, but I’ll continue Lillianne’s excellent points one further, and highly recommend the book Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime by Kenneth Helphand – just because Jewish funerals and cemeteries are devoid of flowers doesn’t mean that they don’t resonate with the Jewish people, they absolutely do.

    • Thank you Lillianne for this thoughtful and sensible post!

  14. Mercy, have we really reached the point of splitting hairs over the suitability of sandals for a somber outing? Maybe it’s a generational thing, because I’m completely at a loss for how open-toed shoes could be considered disrespectful or inappropriate for such an occasion (or any occasion, really)…it’s not as though she’s wearing glittery party shoes, it’s simply an understated, classy, nude sandal.

    For what it’s worth, I love the top and skirt and think both the print and outfit were lovely choices for what had to be a difficult day to plan.

    • I think back in the far-off days of long-ago there was a time when painted toe nails were considered quite the vamp — and anything on the ankle, like a chain or strap of this kind, was tantamount to advertising oneself as a ‘lady of the night’ or some similar Victorian phrase.

      These days are undoubtedly long gone and I think you are quite right. It would be hard to find a more understated sandal and painted toe nails are almost required decoration these days. As you can see, I’m in complete agreement with Kate’s picks for today.

  15. To those critical of this outfit for the concentration camp visit… guys, seriously, Kate is going to be the queen; she knows how to choose the proper attire for a given appearance. If it was truly disrespectful or inappropriate for her to wear what she did, I highly doubt she would’ve worn it. As I commented on another blog, she’s not an idiot, and she’s certainly not insensitive. And I’m sure there are royal advisers who would say something if it were really a sin to wear florals or sandals to a venue of somber commemoration.

  16. I don’t think I have ever hated something as much as this grandma tablecloth dress! The detail front & center made it look like a heraldic badge.

    I will end nicely: jewelry was lovely and I don’t mind open toed for sober events. I forget who pointed it out but Kate’s toes were bruised and swollen at Wimbledon. I think that is why we are seeing open toed shoes. I think she might have broken a toe.

  17. Beautiful post! I feel her patterned dress was a good choice for todays events, however the style did not work for her. The fabric would have been so lovely in a sheath or a more fitted dress. Of course I would assume being comfortable with that long a day would be first in her thoughts. I enjoy the block heel but feel that ankle straps really do not do legs like hers justice. The strap just cuts the leg short. I must agree with others and feel that her side part is much more flattering with her face. This seems to make her look more drawn. But after last night where I thought she was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! this was a miss for me.

  18. This was a total miss. If she had chosen appropriately, the focus would have been on the visit to the concentration camp, instead of on her chpice of outfit. Very disappointing.

    • That logic really doesn’t hold up, because there will always be interest in Kate’s clothes, and — as is demonstrated here on a daily basis — there are people who will criticize anything she wears.

  19. I don’t understand the criticism of the floral print. People lay flowers on grave sites right? I think the colors and cut kept it simple and somber enough.
    Shoes aren’t my fav. They are okay, but I personally would have chosen a dark flat, maybe a plain pointed toe flat in navy. And changed to the heeled sandals afterward.
    Excellent posts today!

  20. Not a fan of this look – surprise, surprise! It really does nothing for Kate. Unlike others, I think the proportions needed tweaking. A slightly shorter crop to the top would have showed off the waist more above the full skirt. Full skirts need a waist to offset them. This one, IMO, doesn’t quite make it. I realize Kate could never show skin so the waistband would have had to be extended. As it is, the length of the top makes her look longer waisted and makes her legs look shorter. Also the below the knee length isn’t very flattering. A slightly shorter crop top, and slightly shorter skirt might have saved the silhouette. But there’s simply too much of a not very interesting floral pattern. The high neck and elbow length sleeves don’t help. I would have preferred her hair up with such a busy pattern. The necklace completely disappears into the dress – ok it was a gift of the citizens but if you can’t see it, whats the point? I love the sandals, but not the right choice for this dress, and I’m afraid to say, not the camp either. Sandals may be okay for “tourists” but not for this kind of official visit to a very sombre place. A peep toe stacked hell pump in a burgundy to pick up the colour of the roses would have been better. Not sure about the clutch – its a blah colour that fails to pop any of the colours in the pattern. I hope its faux ostrich skin. Finally, that centre part has got to go.

  21. Oh boy, where do I begin?!?
    The outfit today is inappropriate. Florals? Even if they are a small and darker, still inappropriate. Sandals? I understand she may have wanted a more substantial heel for the grounds, but a chunkier heel with a closed toe would have been a much better choice. The look is ‘garden’ party NOT visiting a concentration camp. It reminds me of her other mis step when she wore hot pink to the 9/11 memorial and black to meet with young children in NYC! I am thinking Kate must be having some sort of foot/toe issue also. It is rather unusual that she is wearing sandals all of a sudden. Perhaps an injury? bunions?
    I don’t think Kate needed to wear black or a funeral looking outfit but I would have rather seen some sort of pale blue, grey, or a really nice taupe/brown would have really complemented William’s navy suit. If she wanted to use the floral to symbolize something or other, as previous posters have stated, then maybe a floral brooch or neck scarf would have worked. I don’t know — as soon as I saw the outfit I thought it was completely disrespectful to the event. Florals for me will always mean spring/new life/hope/renewal..perhaps she was trying to be positive in light of the horror of the camp…but I think it fell flat this time.

  22. I like this. A good compromise for two very different settings today. The sandals are a perfect choice, I see them everywhere in summer. And as anyone who’s had to walk on cobblestones and gravel all day can confirm a block heel is the way to go. I guess she could have changed shoes in the car, but obviously she doesn’t do changes like that.
    I bet the jewellery was a gift from the Polish President and First Lady. I doubt Kate would have worn a necklace with this top otherwise.

    Just a small correction, the Mayor’s name is Paweł not Pawet (crossed L not a T).

  23. I have not commented here for a long time, but felt the need to today. Regarding the floral separates for the visit to Stutthoff – I like to believe that a great deal of thought goes into the clothing the Duchess wears. From the things I’ve read, she has an artist’s eye and sensibility, and as such would be aware of the unique nature of her clothing in combination with this deeply emotional engagement. It might be worth considering that her dress is awash in pansies, the meaning of which is “remembrance”. Daisies are also featured prominently, and they signify innocence and purity. According to The American Rose Society, cabbage roses represent “ambassador of love” (the roses in this print appear to me to be cabbage roses)…..and simple roses such as the ones the Duke and Duchess are laying in remembrance can signify “unity….may you be pleased and your sorrows mine.” I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that the Duchess took this into consideration when choosing this lovely Erdem for today.

    • I also learned that roses were a symbol of Nazi resistance. So it seems like A LOT of thoughtful consideration went into choosing this dress and print.

    • What a lovely addition to this post! Thank you for the information about what the flowers represent. I agree with you that the Duchess expresses herself thoughtfully through her clothing.

    • Becca Lee, lovely stated and i think you are right in your thoughts:)

    • I thought that it was a lovely pattern and also understand the symbolism of the rose. She looked conservative and appropriate in this outfit. Remember…she had many other events to go to. …it is a DOC balancing act.

    • Thanks so much for the input on flower symbolism, it underlines what I could only vaguely intuit in the choice of this most sober of floral prints.

  24. Those sandals!!!! So pretty and especially on Kate with her great legs. But I don’t actually like them with that dress – maybe Kate was hoping they would keep the dress modern and keep it out of granny territory, but in fact, I think they just don’t go. (Not sure what WOULD go with that dress – maybe more of a mustard color or a brown? not such a modern silhouette, either).

  25. I like the outfit very much, but since she couldn’t change between morning and afternoon events, I think it was the wrong choice for today. She could have chosen something in a solid color — navy or gray– that still would have worked for afternoon, but would have opened her to way less criticism. The morning visit also called for closed toe shoes and hosiery. As a senior member of the royal family, she’s got to err on the side of being too dressy rather than too casual, and the shoes were the wrong choice for the morning.

    • You see less and less hose, especially in the summer. Because of that I don’t think the lack of hose equals “casual” to many people. I also wonder if in small ways the Duchess and other younger royals aren’t trying to break down some of the so called rules for dressing like a royal.

    • I thought it looked great for all the days events:) I would never wear this outfit for anything but on Kate and for her day I think it was perfect:):):

  26. I don’t love this look, period. I think the skirt with a black top or the top with a pair of slim black pants would have been much better. I think together the look is boxy and verging on inappropriate for her morning visit to the concentration camp. Had it been a dress I think I would have been better. So even for the afternoon visits I don’t love this ensemble, but I think for the morning it was an issue, if for no other reason than the last thing twitter should be debating after a visit like that is whether her floral pattern was too bright. Once again this is where a trusted stylist would be invaluable.

    • I am not sure what Twitter debates is really what the Duchess or anyone else should be worrying about. Trips like these are to build relationships with the people/leaders of the country. No one wants bad publicity but a disagreement about the print of a dress is a blip. More importantly is how the couple comported themselves. Which I think we can all agree they did with grace and dignity.

      On another note I have never understood this desire for the Duchess to hire a proper stylist. I follow fashion and people watch parties and red carpets. I see plenty of people who use professional (and in some cases famous) stylists. Sometimes I don’t like the looks the stylists have chosen and in some cases some of these people end up on the worst look list. Taste/style is so subjective. Especially these days when so many fashion rules are being broken.

      • I think the duchess needs a stylist because so often she just misses the mark. There are so many occasions where I think, “a stylist would have fixed X issue.” And its fine to need one. It doesn’t mean Kate is an awful person or something, which is often how the suggestion is received. It just means she needs a bit of help.

        I brought up twitter debates because I do think that’s a problem. Even look at this post, the bigger issue is whether the outfit was appropriate, not whether we liked it, which are two very different issues. IMO its fine to debate the latter and a normal part of fashion observance, but the former should not really be an issue with a visit like this.

        • I agree on the stylist. Kate is terrible at accessorizing for the most part and pulling an outfit together, and until recently, a large majority of her outfits veered toward matronly. Crown Princess Mary uses a stylist and while I don’t always love every outfit she wears (though I like most of her looks), she always looks polished, put together, and her age. Like I said elsewhere, if you are going to spend thousands of dollars on clothes, it does not hurt to have a professional show them to their advantage.

      • I’m with you on the stylist question, Sarah. I’m far happier with Kate working out her own individual style rather than turning into a glossy fashion-plate. I also think Kate suffers from over-intense scrutiny.

        She is box office and so there are floods of pictures of her every time she steps out and I fear there’s a danger of hypercriticism mixed with over-familiarity with her image. If the same ferocious glare were put on anyone else in the public eye I think the same complaints would come up about perceived ‘flaws’. Just my two cents worth.

  27. That dress would look like granny’s tablecloth on me, but on her it’s just lovely. And the Baltic amber pieces might not be the best choice for the dress, but they fit the event. I’m still hoping for a show-stopping “Kate” fashion moment, but I give her props for looking fresh and pretty on what has to be hot, humid days. Hope we see the kids again soon, too.

  28. Lovely look, as always.

    Sometimes I can’t help thinking what a terribly hard job she has — as glamorous as it seems, I don’t think I would be able to do what she does; going from sad to happy; always making small talk, smiling when your feet must be hurting, pretending never to be bored by endless speeches, always having to look perfect, etc. I’m amazed at the grace and poise she exhibits under what sometimes must be very trying circumstances. This goes for the other royals too, of course.

    • Yes to all of this! I think about this every time I see new photos of Kate. Especially considering the fact that she wasn’t born into this type of life and had to learn how to be a royal “from scratch” (for lack of a better term). She literally can’t blink in public without someone noticing, and to me it’s extraordinary how consistently graceful she is. From making small talk with locals on a walkabout to a diplomatic reception, the opportunities for a slip of the tongue (or a heel!) are endless, but Kate doesn’t falter.

  29. Hi, All – I usually don’t comment but felt compelled today. First, I’d like to thank you, Susan, for the delicate handling of today’s events. World War II and the Holocaust are emotionally difficult, require the utmost respect, and are therefore socially tricky. Thank you for delicate handling of this and I know many others do as well.

    Second, I think that this is actually one of the more daring outfits we’ve ever seen the Duchess in given the nature of today’s events. Regardless of how we feel about the floral (muted or not muted enough?) she definitely took a risk today in wearing it. I like to believe that she intentionally took this risk for the purposes of appearing to evoke “hope and renewal” as ElizaMo suggests.

    Finally, my first thought when I saw the pattern was, “Oh, she’s mimicking floral Polish china patterns” — Did anyone else think that? My grandma has a china pattern that she brags was “shipped all the way from Poland.” That set looks eerily similar to this. Alas, my initial gut reaction is likely a bit of a stretch. Her sartorial diplomacy is rarely that nuanced. Still, I’d love to know if others thought this.

    Thanks again, Susan. You’re wonderful and I’m really enjoying your thoughtful coverage.

    • I love that idea about the china. I didn’t see it before, but I do now!

      • Yes, it echoes some of the vintage china patterns of yesteryear that some of us like pottering around eBay in search of! I think it underlines the retro feel of this exquisite print which is part of its appeal to the present day.

    • I thought of Villeroy & Boch or maybe Portmerion patterns when I first saw the dress.

  30. I would so wear that outfit. I’m long waist-ed like Kate is, and so I know that matching separates do nice things for my figure as far as making me look more proportional. The somber colors in the floral keep it just formal enough that it was appropriate for the morning’s events. I know a lot of people feel that sandals were too casual for the somber visits, but really that standard has changed a lot in the past few years to where for business any open toes or sandals were taboo, now a sandal such as Kate’s is accepted in most cases.

    I DO NOT like the center part – it ages her and makes her forehead look wider and more prominent. I much prefer her with a side part – it softens her features.

    • Fellow long-waisted person here. So far, there appears to be a lot of figure awareness in her selections. The slightly crop top effect of today’s separates, the addition of the belt to the arrival outfit, and the added interest to the bust area at the garden party. It’s ticking all the boxes of Edith Head’s playbook for designing for Barbara Stanwyck.

  31. Thought she looked great. Perfectly appropriate dress and shoes for the entire day. I am one who wishes she would do a bit more of a side part. Not a fan of the jewelry but the set may have been a gift. I do love the new round necklace she got from Gdansk, and Williams cufflinks. The sphere necklace is really unique and attractive.

  32. I think she looks quite lovely, but when she wears sandals all I can see are her hammer toes. Certainly she can get those fixed at some time.

    • I wasn’t sure what “hammer toes” are so I looked up some images. I guess I don’t see what you’re seeing.

    • Annnnd now we’re once again veering away from fashion into commentary on her actual person. Please resist this slippery slope, it is most unkind.

  33. I thought Kate looked lovely today. Interesting clutch – perhaps ostrich leather?

  34. I LOVE this look!! Great to see a home run after a few misses last week (in my opinion). I love that the pattern incorporates the pastels she loves to wear with bolder colors that I think suit her. The fact that she’s wearing separates make the overall look seem more age-appropriate, not too dowdy. I wish she would have worn the plum Pradas that went with the blue dress last week, but the nude Stuart Weitzmans were fine.

    The only thing I didn’t love was her jewelry. I see why she chose the set, but I think she could have picked something that really wowed with this ensemble.

    • There has been some speculation that the President and First Lady of Poland gave the necklace and earrings to Kate. They look like they are milky amber.

  35. gorgeous dress and shoes for such a busy day. Kate looks magnificent as usual and can’t believe there is so much criticism.

  36. Interesting reading the comments. It is always difficult figuring out what to wear when one is doing several totally different things but unable to make a wardrobe change between events. The duchess made wise choices in her outfit today. The Erdem skirt and top gave the appearance of a dress – thus giving nod to the seriousness of the Stuthoff memorial. At the same time the muted floral colors on the white background suggested, as others have noted, mourning and hope. While the sandals may have seen a bit relaxed, the fact is that she was going to be on her feet all day first in the sandy/graveled confines of the camp and then later on cobblestones in Gdansk. A block sandal would give a surer and more comfortable footing for the day’s events. Plus, from my many times in Europe, I have noticed that such footwear is more often the norm in the summer.
    I like the haircut and style. Again, when one is on the go all day, a center part is easier to keep neat. Keep in mind that she was outdoors a lot and if there was any breeze , a side part would be difficult to maintain without pins and clips.
    Finally, the amber was beautiful. I have several amber pieces from the Baltic and they are always fun to wear.

    BTW, Opals come in all different colors. I have a pair of beautiful yellow-gold opal earrings that my husband had made for me for our first wedding anniversary. My husband loves opals and is always on the lookout for different colored ones to be made into jewelry.

  37. I hate this Erdem less than other ones, because it doesn’t have the horrible flounces, but I am not super crazy about the pattern anyway…so busy and as always, looking like a couch or a curtain fabric. I do sort of question this outfit as appropriate for the Holocaust memorial…I don’t think she needed to wear black but perhaps not a pattern. It may be the one time that you will hear me advocate for one of her more boring outfits! It was a nice touch to wear amber, although the necklace is sadly lost in the garden on her bodice.

  38. Perfectly lovely and wonderfully appropriate. Subdued florals were the right choice. Any other shoe would have been wrong. Well done.

  39. I think this is a beautiful outfit. The length is appropriate, the pattern is summery yet professional. I liked the sandals, she’s a young woman, it’s silly to expect her to wear pumps or stillettos for every engagement. I don’t know of any 35 year old wearing hose and heels for every work engagement, especially in the summer.

    What a hard morning that must’ve been and then to transition to the other events.

  40. This dress does nothing for Kate. The pattern is just blah, the skirt length is blah.

  41. While it’s not something I would wear, I think this a great look for day two. The print photographs very well but with It’s subdued color palate was completely appropriate for their first stop.

    Can’t wait to see what’s packed for tomorrow.

  42. For me, it was the open toed sandals that made the dress inappropriate for such a somber visit. Why not closed toed shoes, which seem more respectful and then change? Otherwise, I think the dress was fine, not too bright but not too dark. Sandals scream fun, summer to me, and this hallowed ground deserve a more somber tone IMO.

  43. *I think* favorite outfit of the year!! Gorgeous and worked so well for all of the stops today! I love the muted floral print with the delicate jewelry and chunky nude sandals! Perfection and still LOVING the shorter hair!

  44. First – kudos to you for the highly appropriate decision to separate today’s posts, keeping the fashion commentary focused on the lighter events of the day in a second post. Great call on your part, and much respect for it. Second, I think the muted floral is perfectly suited for the day’s agenda – I’m not put off by the choice at all. Finally, I could not love this look more! Florals can be a challenge but this botanical-type print is lovely, the style is beautiful, and I like it more every time photos pop up on various news feeds. The top has a “cropped” feel without baring the midriff of course, and moves with her, creating a nice change from fitted, belted, tailored pieces. No doubt there is quite alot of fabric in the skirt, but it has a nice flow as well and doesn’t look heavy nor does it overwhelm her. For me, the entire look is a big win!

  45. I wish the Duchess would stop choosing tops that make her appear so boxy. She has such a lovely figure and these pieces just aren’t doing her justice like some of the more tailored ones do. That said, I do think the two-piece concept is great on her. Being a tall girl myself, it is nice to have a split around the waist sometimes instead of constantly having to try and find one piece dresses that fit you all the way down your ribs/waist. Granted, she could make anything bespoke so it’s probably not as big of a problem for her. The print is not my favorite, but I do like the idea of a floral for a mid-summer engagement. The shoes are definitely a good idea given the wider heel which might very well be for comfort purposes and is still very fashion forward right now. All in all the outfit could be good in theory had the top been fitted better and the print been slightly different.

  46. She looks lovely, the Erdem pieces are beautiful and I think the entire outfit struck just the right tone for all her various engagements of the day. To those who are criticizing her choices (especially the shoes) for the visit to the camp…my take is if the outfit is appropriate for a visit to a religious site or place of worship (it is), it is also appropriate for a visit to the site of a tragedy or a memorial. If it were her only engagement of the day, I agree that a different look would have worked better. But considering the variety of events she was expected to participate in, I think she found the right balance.

    • I see what you’re saying, but have to disagree; I think the occasion plays a part as well. I’ve been to both weddings and funerals in churches, and each time, wore something I would never think of wearing to the other. Springy florals and sandals just don’t seem right to me at a concentration camp.

    • I felt it was inappropriate for the concentration camp because it’s print was so unique that it drew attention to the outfit and away from her and the purpose of her visit to such a somber place. A solid color or a more subtle pattern would have been better, but I get that she had a number of places to visit that day and changing outfits would have been impractical.

  47. Respectful and traditional (timeless floral print) without being matronly (great shoe). Well done.

  48. I think this print is just beautiful. What an incredible challenge to find something that would work for both engagements today. Well done. I’m becoming such a fan of Erdem prints.

    I remember this kind of dirndle skirt/boxy top concept from the 80s. It really only works on the tall and slim-waisted–which the Duchess is. (She also rocked a similar silhouette with that Temperley in India). It’s a nice choice here–looks dressed-up but comfortable; modest but not prim. I do feel like I want the skirt to be just *one* inch shorter.

  49. I like Kate’s choices today. The two piece outfit is pretty and summery and the clutch and shoes (although the often repeated nude) go well with what she is wearing. I like the open toes, with painted nails and I’m sure the thicker heel is more comfortable for walking.

    There has been criticism, that this floral dress was inappropriate for the visit to the concentration camp. While it was a sombre place and would spark sad emotions, this was a visit, not a funeral, nor a memorial service. The botanical print, that Kate wore to Wimbledon would have been wrong, as it was bright and whimsical. Today’s print is different and perfectly appropriate. The flowers have darker undertones and are muted. The overall look is restrained, but not dull. I think the flowers show hope, that the world can be a better place, than the days of war, POW camps and human suffering.

    Given that Kate and William had other places to appear, without a change of clothing, I think their selections were subdued enough for the Stutthof visit, but cheery enough for the rest of their engagements.

  50. For once I love an Erdem outfit. Very appropriate shades especially for the first appointment of the day. Sure the shoes are Weitzman and not L.K. bennett’s Helena Fawn Block Heels?

    Still not really seing the center part suits her well.

  51. I think the Duchess did the best she could under the circumstances of having a day planned that seemed to Ping-Pong between extremely solemn and extremely lighthearted events. I like the Erdem separates – certainly weather-appropriate and looked good paired with the nude sandals. But the whole look did seem a bit out of place at the first and most solemn event of the day and again at the Solidarity memorial. On the other hand, if she had been dressed in somber black, how strange would that have looked at a street fair and a Shakespearean theater? This whole itinerary seems to be a very strange mélange of events and I don’t think she has had an easy time trying to coordinate her wardrobe.

    • I agree, it is really the fault of whoever scheduled the day this way. It was going to be difficult for Kate no matter what she chose.

  52. A beautiful outfit and how touching to wear a floral print, a perfect symbol of the renewal of life and hope. The trademark Erdem dark tones are so right for conveying a serious theme while equally demonstrating how roses grow from thorns.

    I’m so pleased we have clear shots of the new sandals which must be the ones just glimpsed at Wimbledon, and lovely to have more new jewellery, again discreet and tasteful. Hair is looking in great form and even the downbeat centre part results in a look which chimes with a serious theme while not too formal for later events.

    The two-piece is such a comfortable combination for a busy working day and the demure neckline of the unstructured top is another respectful plus, as is the lovely length of the skirt. Those plain tops are now as ubiquitous as ankle-strap block heel sandals.

    In all, a perfectly judged ensemble to take in a difficult mix of venues.

    • You just said everything I thought while reading both posts about todays events.
      I was expecting a change of wardrobe when I read the schedule for today and found myself pleasantly surprised to see one outfit so appropriate for both visits (even though so differently themed).
      Looking forward to tomorrow!

    • I love what you said about the print; I was thinking along similar lines but wasn’t able to articulate it so nicely.

    • So well said! This is one of my absolute favorite outfits ever and I agree completely (except I’m still annoyed with that darn center part in her hair, which is a small quibble).

    • I’m still not sure I think a floral dress was best for the morning visit, but thank you for making me rethink it with your thoughtful comment about the print. That hadn’t occurred to me, and it makes sense :)

    • Thank you all for your kind comments, appreciated.

  53. Oh dear. I love our dear Duchess and hate to be negative, but this look was a total miss for me. The sleeve length is just awkward and the boat neck is neither stylish nor flattering in this pattern. The pattern could have worked just as a skirt, with a solid top but head-to-toe retro floral was just too much. Or possibly a v-neck with a chunky necklace would have worked. But as is, this is reminding me of something I wore as a schoolgirl in the early 80s. Also not a fan of the middle part; can’t figure out why it is so trendy when there are so few people that can wear it well. Kate looks so lovely with her side part, I’m sad that she is embracing middle-part mania. And last but not least, I’m a bit shocked by the sandals at the visit to the Stutthof camp. She has worn sober pumps/courts so many times when sandals would have been okay, then for one of the most somber visits she’s made, when closed toes would have been appropriate, we are treated to the whimsy of strappy sandals and painted toenails. I don’t get it.

    • I completely agree with you. This much floral is coming off as busy and unappealing to me; I would have paired that beautiful skirt with a nice white top and let it be the focus of attention. While I don’t find the floral outfit objectionable for this morning’s visit, I do think open toed sandals and whimsical painted toes aren’t what I personally would have chosen and I’m surprised an aide didn’t suggest something a little more subdued in the footwear category. Even closed toed black flats with the same outfit. I’m young and not at all conservative in my dress but I wouldn’t have been comfortable in this outfit for this event.

      Interesting jewelry but again, it can barely be seen against this busy floral print and I would have chosen something more simple, like a white dress, to let that be the focus of the outfit. Less would be more today. Fascinating to see all this new jewelry popping up, makes me wonder if we’ll ever know the provenance.

  54. For me, this is a really pretty, summery look. I think the fact that the Duchess chose separates was a nice surprise,just a little different to a dress and possibly a cooler choice for a warm day. I like the retro style of the print and the length and swing of the skirt really flatter her.
    If her jewellery set is amber, then this is another stylish and polite reference to the host country.
    All in all, I think the Duchess looks beautiful.

  55. At first I liked the outfit but the more I looked at it, the print reminded me of something an older person would wear. I might have liked it better if the skirt was a little shorter. I also don’t like the nude sandals and clutch. To me they do not go with the dress. Burgundy shoes and clutch would have been better. Her jewelry was so small it is hard to see. Altogether, this is not a favorite look for me.

  56. Oh, I’m excited that Kate would be wearing Baltic amber jewelry! Some of it is really beautiful quality, and it’s a nice memento of her time in Poland. Amber looks wonderful on black, for future reference.

    I’m assuming William and Kate ate pirogi, which is a staple of Eastern Europe cuisine. I had goldwasser in Wiesbaden, and it would stop a truck.

    As for the fashions themselves, this top and skirt work on her for this occasion. I had a feeling Erdem would be making an appearance. I like the print Kate chose rather than the others Susan posted. And I definitely think the print works as separates rather than the cold-shoulder gown. (Cold-shoulder is going to be over in about five minutes, so no need to invest serious money in it.)

  57. Well, I’m disappointed after yesterday’s ensembles! I was hoping she would change after the first visit. This outfit looks like my Nana’s couch from the 1970s!

    I’m also not a huge fan of the jewelry. I was wondering if they were opals though, although I didn’t think opals were typically yellow.

  58. I was surprised at first to see the pattern on a day with so many somber events, but in doing a little internet research, I see that the rose symbolizes hope, promise, and new beginnings as well as loss. Given the symbolism, I can see why she chose that pattern for the setting. The white background of the pieces also makes sense, since white is a color of mourning. Coupled with the locally made jewelry and bag and the unobtrusive shoe choice, the ensemble does seem very thoughtfully assembled.

  59. I liked this look for the days event, being that she had to visit several different venues. I thought the longer skirt, smaller heel and dark/neutral tones were a good fit for the Stutthof Camp visit as well as the street party and theatre.

    I think it was nice that she wore her gift of amber jewelry, even if the pendant disappeared against the busy print. They must be tired!

  60. Beautiful frock – I love Erdem! – and nice sandals.

    Am I allowed to say this? I was disappointed in Kate’s ensemble at Stutthof. The floral dress was passable, just, but the sandals were simply too casual and gay to be worn at what is a place of mass murder and in effect a mass grave and a monument to man’s inhumanity to man. This was a sad and solemn occasion and unfortunately, I felt that the DoC’s clothes didn’t pay the proper respect. I was surprised by this because the DoC almost never puts a foot wrong, but here I believe she really did.

    • SaraF, thanks for being honest!

      I completely agree, my first thought when I saw her was disbelief, that and the fact I was surprised she didn’t go for a repeat wear, and wore something brand new. There’s a lot of chat going on on the Twittersphere regarding whether this was appropriate (including some Royal reporters), some stating that the rose represents hope and the future. Whatever, given the sensitivity of the day, a great deal of thought has obviously gone into this outfit, and I personally think it was way off. Compare this to Armistice Day when the royals go full on funeral dress, and that’s not even a mass grave.

      There are photos of other Royals attending these sites, all in sombre dress. Compared to the other people in attendance they all appear to have got the memo to wear muted colours, except Kate. I’ve been the first to bemoan the nude court shoes, but in this case that is exactly what she should’ve worn, with perhaps the green McQueen dress from the Canada tour? She still would’ve stood out, yet been modestly dressed for the occasion. Open toed sandals, with red nails, seriously? I can’t believe this was signed off at the palace.

      On another note, I visited Auschwitz last year, and I can’t imagine having to mentally process the horrors with the world’s media rammed in your face. So kudos to the royal couple for that. The guides at the sites are very respectful, and will discipline visitors when they are behaving inappropriately. It was all very thoughtfully done.

  61. Really like this two piece ensemble!! I noticed that quite a lot of others in the Stutthof Camp post were saying florals and sandals were “inappropriate”. I disagree. Its a muted floral print and bearing in mind, she had other engagements today, it seemed perfectly fine. I love the style of the top and shirt, the proportions look correct – sleeve length, skirt length, neckline, length of top.

    The clutch and shoes looked great, the ankle strap on the sandals didn’t sever her ankle and make her legs look shorter like the black ones she wore. I think they really enhanced todays outfit. I also thought the amber jewellery brought out the daintiness of the floral print and the highlights in her hair.

    Something interesting I have noticed with her hair is that its really settling into its new length now! When she first debuted the new cut, I must admit my first reaction was “help”! As it was such a change to the long lustrous look we have all been used to for so long! But now, it all seems to have settled into its new layers and her waves/curls are just right! I find that myself, when I have a reasonable cut, it takes about two weeks for the new length to let itself be styled right! I think it must be something to do with taking off all the dried ends and getting used to styling it with less weight. At Wimbledon, those curls seemed too bouncy and tight for the length, but now look more like how she always had them in longer hair.

  62. Just a quick note to say that as of yesterday the Nearly Nude Stuart Weitzman sandals were on sale at Stuartweitzman.com

    • Ah! I LOVE these sandals and want them in my closet – thanks for the tip! The good news is, there are many very similar styles available right now because they are so trendy. Nordstrom in Canada/US has several replikates!

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