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We saw more sartorial diplomacy tonight as Kate and William attended a party at the British Ambassador’s residence in Berlin.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The event was a celebration of the Queen’s 91st birthday hosted by Britain’s Ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood.

Kate Middleton red McQueen maxi dress, Kate middleton red off shoulder maxi

Kensington Palace

A broad cross-section of German society was expected to attend the party. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Prince William delivered remarks to those attending the function, stressing the friendship between Germany and the UK.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Our look at what Kate wore begins with the Alexander McQueen dress worn by the Duchess this evening.

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

I mentioned fashion diplomacy because red is one of Germany’s national colors; it is also a color that is flattering on the Duchess. Additionally, the McQueen dress was somewhat reminiscent of a classic Bavarian dirndl to some.

Net-a-Porter / James Whatling

Net-a-Porter / James Whatling

From the spring ’17 collection, the Alexander McQueen Off The Shoulder Maxi dress is a blend of silk and cotton with a crinkly texture. The off-the-shoulder maxi-dress has shirring at the neckline, cuffs and waist, as well as a ruffle at the hem. There are also ties at the upper arm.



This is one of those instances where it helps to have a good look at the fabric. My guess is that this feels wonderful when it’s on, very soft and lightweight.



A thank you to Sophia/Regal Replikate on Twitter for her speedy dress identification. The frock looks like it worked well for tonight’s outdoor party; it looks a bit more casual than Monday night’s soiree in Warsaw.

UK in Germany

UK in Germany

Kate wore a new (as far as we know) label this evening; her earrings are by Simone Rocha. The Beaded Drop Earrings are made of tapering crystal beads with a post back; they have a 4″ drop ($209).  A ‘thank you’ to HeavenLM on Twitter for the ID on these.



The earrings also come in a red floral design, as well as black, and a lime green.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

We saw another pair of wavy strap sandals tonight that have yet to be IDed. I will start looking for those as soon as I hit “publish.” With thanks to everyone for their comments and messages, the shoe is widely considered to be the Prada Scalloped Wavy Strap sandal in a color called Quartz; we show the shoe in black at Net-a-Porter, where it is available in very limited sizes.


©Splash / Net-a-Porter

Kate did not carry a handbag tonight.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Our post on the Cambridge’s color coordinated arrival in Berlin earlier today is here.

  124 Responses to “Kate Wears Alexander McQueen Maxi Dress for Berlin Party”

  1. well, this is a cohesive look – the dress, earrings, and sandals all go together and she looks so happy (5th photo down). I’m not personally a fan of the dress, but she put the ensemble together well for once.
    NOTE: Quick admin edit

  2. I love the dress but I think her hair would have been better in a sleek ponytail. She so rarely wears her hair up but some outfits are improved by a simple updo.

    • I disagree. I’ve always felt that Kate loves a touch of Bohemian glamour, and the soft waves and the ruffled dress complement each other well for a more casual affair. An updo would have looked too slick.

  3. It looks like something she would wear in Spain. Im not crazy about it. Im loving that shes painted her toes red and the earrings are cute on her.

  4. I wanted to like it but I just don’t. I think it’s because the dress overwhelms her frame. A case of the dress wearing Kate.

  5. This dress is very similar to a YSL dress worn by Claudia Schiffer at Highgrove in 2001, at an evening attended by Prince William:

    This is the second time I have left a comment and in reading the comments lately, and particularly on this post, I wonder whether we (including myself) have grown so unaccustomed to clothing that is not stretch fabric that our eyes are perhaps unaccustomed to seeing clothes that create volume or an intricate proportion. I think it is too easy to jump to say something is costumy or unattractive.

    I also just wanted to note that the comments lately are getting difficult to read as they have so much criticism. Many factors invisible to most of us probably go into selecting the wardrobe, including a real understanding the subtle culture and etiquette, as well an attention to budget. I imagine that important colors are identified along with the messages they convey. What is a hit in Germany may not be in other countries. I think it is more interesting to ask why the Duchess of Cambridge would select a certain piece for a visit than to criticize.

    • I agree so much with this! I enjoy reading the comments section but it gets tedious reading over whether she made the right shoe choice or colour of accessories. I like to consider the deeper implications of her sartorial choices and I am always intrigued by the thoughtfulness of her choices. And it’s just downright mean to suggest she looks frumpy or unkempt…we all have our days, and the Duchess is far from slovenly!

  6. It’s definitely the styling that’s off here. A well done pony tail, a darker strappy slightly edgier shoe and a great bracelet would have made this a better more pulled together look.

    • Oh yes, you’re absolutely right about the shoes! If you’re going to wear a dress this length, where basically just your feet stick out st the bottom, you’d better have on some very DEFINITE shoes, that say, “Yes, this is how it’s supposed to look.” One of the models is wearing a (terrible) black boot, but it’s the color and heft that are needed. Chunky black sandals, I think, would have made the look much more finished.

  7. I am on the fence about this. I love the color – she looks fabulous in it. I like the idea of the dress more than the execution. Not crazy about the huge flounce and all that elastic. I find the dress is too voluminous for her small frame but I bet it moves beautifully as she walks. It is sort of garden party-ish in a country sort of way. I do love that Kate is branching out and trying out something completely out of the box for her. But William wore a tie. If he had not they would have looked more together as a couple. This looks like they are attending two different events. They are normally so beautifully coordinated that when they are not it really stands out.

  8. The shoes look exactly like ones from Club Monaco in Canada – see them at http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=120088716 Maybe Meghan Markle picked them up for her as she is known to shop here :-)

  9. Would have loved this look with a high pony, or bun, all the better to see those cute earrings. Not my favorite, too reminiscent of the 70′s, yet she does look cool, and comfortable.

  10. I really don’t understand the disparity in the dress code for the men and women at this garden party. The women are mostly in short summer dresses and the men are in suits – it makes no sense. I think that’s why Will and Kate look so strange standing next to each other, and you think that one of them is over or underdressed, but in looking at photos of the party, I’d say the same is true of everyone there!

    As for the dress itself, I think it works well both for the event and on Kate. That fabric looks sublimely soft and I’m sure she was comfortable and cool in it on a hot night. I think the shoes were perhaps a bit too dressy for the style of the dress, but then if she’d worn wedges, it probably would’ve looked like she should be on a beach in the Caribbean – so the shoes were probably the right call here. Her hair looks great but she’ll always look better with a side part.

    Overall, a wonderful look for Kate, she looks happy and confident.

    • You are right about the party crowd. But let’s not forget: it’s Berlin, the capital of casual and hipster style ;-)

      People would for sure look completely different in Munich, Hamburg or even Düsseldorf!

  11. I love this fun summer look on her! Very 70s but in a good way, especiallly with the center part and soft waves. I am also crazy about the wavy sandal she’s been sporting. Seems like a perfect summer sandal that can be dressed up or down.

  12. I don’t hate this but I think it just looks basic. It’s funny to hear people say it’s a fashion risk–I suppose it’s very different for her personally, but I don’t think a style that is ubiquitous in the newspaper circulars can legitimately be considered a risk. If it comes to that, I far prefer the dress from the garden party in Poland, which was by no means my favorite.

    She looks well in it, and as I posted early I am enjoying the 70s vibe and nod to Diane Keaton–I also think it’s perfectly appropriate for the occasion–but for me, this is not special. It’s the type of thing anyone might wear, and I enjoy seeing her serve it up full-on Duchess style.

  13. I’m pretty sure the shoes are club Monaco channon shoe : here’s the link


  14. I seem to be in the minority when I say I absolutely hate this dress, possibly more than any dress she’s ever worn. Her hair, shoes, and earrings are cute and go well with the dress, though. I just can’t with this style, I think this look should have stayed in the 70s.

  15. I really like this dress. I wouldn’t wear it myself, as I recently discovered I can’t pull off the bare-shoulder trend and I feel uncomfortable in maxi dresses, but I think Kate looks great in it. I agree with other comments that I wish she’d worn her hair up, maybe in a high bun or so, to show off the earrings and her great shoulders. In general I’m not a fan of the centre part of her new cut but I do like the way she’s been wearing it with the loose curls. Nice to see Kate go a bit of a different route with her party frocks!

  16. I am not sure I understand the comments that the dress is too casual or not appropriate for the event—I looked at photos of the guests on the DM website and most of the ladies attending were wearing knee length summer dresses—not gowns or cocktail dresses. In fact, I thought that Kate was slightly overdressed compared to most guests, with the exception of the ambassadors wife (on the podium during the speech) who did appear to have a “cocktail ish” dress on. The only thing saving it from being too dressy is the material, which is more casual. I concur that it was probably cool and soft and lovely to wear.

    The red is lovely and so are the sandals—I dont mind the earrings but wish we could have seen them better.

    I continue to dislike the center part and heavier eyeliner.

    All in all, a great look IMO.

  17. She looks great, not too casual. It’s Germany, not U.K. and what might look ladylike in England might look stilted here. The dress looks comfortable and easy to wear,,summery and not in the least gloomy victorian. Also I like the shoes and the colour. It does have a princess Diana flair but that`s ok. The black velvet evening dress by McQueen looked like it was inspired by Diana and it was one of my favourite looks for Kate.

  18. Kate looks great in this, and I’m really pleased she’s pushing out of her comfort zone – a great 70′s vibe going on. Whilst I wouldn’t buy this for myself, she looks good. However it is another example of a ‘designer’ price tag that I just can’t fathom, is it laced with gold or something?!

    I like the shoes, but I think the dress would look great with some chunky wedges (the type her sister seems to frequently favour), however this would definitely take it to beachwear territory.

  19. I like the dress, style shoes. Good choice for a hot summer evening in Berlin. It screams summer.

    As a goldsmith’s daughter I always wish for more bling bling jewellery ;-) but the style is great.

    There is just one tiny comment I have to make as a bavarian girl: there is really no relationship to a traditional Dirndl. It is more close to a spanish carmen dress. I really can’t see anything of a dirndl in it. Which is good. Because I think anything like a Dirndl would look like a disquise. Outside of Bavaria, a Dirndl looks nearly always like a disguise. ;-)

    • You are right. This dress has nothing to do with a traditional dirndl. It would be interesting to see pictures of the other guests. German women (and men) often wear traditional dress to important events like this. I’m betting there are some dirndls and lederhosen(for the gents) in the crowd.

  20. I had to do a double take when I saw the picture of Will and Kate. My first thought was “why is he in a suit and she in a beach cover up?” I do love the earrings and shoes. I do not care for her hair in a center part, tho like the length. But the dress. . . . .just wrong for the occasion. And she does look exhausted. Can’t be easy doing these whirlwind tours, especially with the two little ones, even as adorable as they are.

  21. This isn’t a look I like. I applaud Kate for trying something different but for me it just doesn’t work.

    I love that she’s being shoe shopping though and all her new Summer sandals!

  22. The spelling of the earring designer is incorrect. Her surname is Rocha not Rochas.

  23. Wooohooo, another night of red nail polish! I guess she got a local pedicure, otherwise the toes were nude the other day, eh?

    The dress is surprisingly informal for a do like this, but the styling with the towering heels, red nails and glossy hair takes it up a notch. A darker shade of red with the dress might be more formal, but ya know, I am in camp ” if less is acceptable, why bother wih more”.

  24. The sandals look similar to her black suede pair from Prada. Maybe she bought a couple in different colours?

  25. Nice dress of outside formal party.
    Wish she took the front hair back from her face just to hang loose at the back.
    She always looks better with hair hair away from her face. This would have given a better veiw of the beautiful earlings as well.

  26. Stunning in red as always. I feel there’s just a bit too much fabric here. I personally don’t like this style (though if anyone can pull it off, it’s Kate!).

    That being said, I still prefer it over her outfit last night. As much as I support risk-taking when it comes to fashion, I personally enjoy seeing the Duchess in the classic, timeless pieces which flatter her silhouette so well. But of course, I’m glad she is wearing what she feels comfortable in!

  27. While I love the look on its own (except the shoes!), I don’t think it works in this situation. Yes, the event is more casual, but most of the women seen are in dressier items than this. Also, she looks way too casual when standing next to William in a suit. If he wore a more casual look to the event, they could have pulled it off together, regardless of what other attendees wore. Instead, she looks beautiful but the only one (pictured) that is underdressed for the situation.

  28. Unfortunately styling is a total miss((( neede black or red sandals , preferably platforms or something chunky to balance wide, long skirt. Hair should of been a tight ponytail to show of earings and make entire look younger and more edgier . Pretty dress but not executed to perfection ((

    • Totally agree, the dress needs black suede sandals , hair pulled back ; show off those earrings!! and add one edgy chunky statement bracelet in coral and onyx for instance.

      I”m guessing that it is always a bit her position holding her back . The engagement ring is very classic and would clash with modern jewelry on the arm. The girl (no disrespect) is just a bit too conservative to really go all the way in a more edgy style.

  29. I was wondering when the Duchess would get on the cold shoulder trend…haha! The colour is beautiful and very flattering. I like the top part of this dress better than the bottom. Getting rid of that extra ruffle on the bottom may have helped give this dress a nicer flow at the bottom. No to the side part. No to the flowing hair (a half up look would have added to the whimsy of this dress). No to the light coloured shoes. Her toes look so uncomfortable in her shoes lately . Are her shoes too small?!

  30. Shoes also look like the Loeffler Randall Amelia High heel.

  31. The shoes must be Prada suede wavy-strap sandals in Quarzo.

  32. Good to see the Duchess wearing something that isn’t buttoned up to her neck, wearing a great strong colour – she looks fabulous in red – dressing more youthfully and taking some “risks”. And there are some stunning off the shoulder designs out there (I think we saw one of them in London in the last couple of weeks). This unfortunately is not one of them. I have said before I think the McQueen house has lost its way and this confirms it. Anyone who was alive in the 70s had one of these at some point. With the off the gathered off the shoulder neckline, gathered tie sleeves and skirt with a flounce, she is channeling a serious 70s peasant look. No matter what the fabric is, this is a very, very casual holiday attire. The earrings which I love, don’t work with this dress and get lost in the hair. Its also the wrong length. It should be at the ankle or just a fraction above to clear the foot and show off the sandal instead of covering part of the foot. Do like the red nail polish to go with the red dress. I think Kate is trying to figure out her look – but she does seem to bounce between buttoned down matron and flower child. I see some comments about things being “on trend”. I don’t think great style is about whats trendy this week (which is about how long tends last these days) but finding looks that you look great in and look modern.

  33. For me, if she wanted to pull this off she needed to go with a side part instead of middle part and a dark lip. Her hair and nude-ish lipcolor make this feel SOOOO 80s in the worst way. If the dress didn’t have the dust ruffle at the bottom, it’d be way better. It’s a miss for me.

    • My thoughts exactly! I am not a fan of the dress. I think she could have pulled it off with better hair and just didnt :(

  34. As always the Duchess is lovely and wonderful looking. I really like this dress but do not feel it is appropriate for this event. Too casual and needed different color shoes/earrings. Also, I did not comment previously but the Gosia Baczynska dress is beautiful on her and perfect with hair and accessories.

  35. I like this dress very much–in fact, I have one very much like it that I bought at TJ Maxx, and I wear it to outdoor concerts and barbecues this summer. So I don’t like it so much as a designer gown at a royal event. I wouldn’t have even known there were earrings at all if there wasn’t a pic here! Maybe the queen’s gorgeous Indian bangle bracelets would have been a nice touch??

  36. The wavy sandals are Prada. She must have bought them in navy, black, wine or plum, and cream or “quarzo.”


  37. I like the dress- I think it would look edgier (and less “beachy”) if she wore her hair up in a very sleek, straight high ponytail, or a high, sleek bun. This would also show off her statement earrings. When she wears statement earrings, she often hides them in her hair. She should show them off more by pulling her hair back. A black shoe also might have made this more formal. I really enjoy seeing the different styles and looks everyday. Work is going to be so boring when the royals return home :)

  38. I think she looks great from the waist up. But there is too much fabric in that skirt…it swallows her frame. They should have either made the skirt narrower and/or lopped off the dust ruffle at the bottom. Because other than the color, the bottom half of the dress is very Nellie Oleson-adjacent. And I’m not wild about the shoes, although they are far better than her pumps.

    But the earrings are interesting, her hair is good (except the center part), and shoulders!

  39. Kate’s hair is sort of reminding me of Mandy Moore in This is Us. Not a bad thing, I think Mandy Moore lovely. Considerations of the formality of the event aside, I like the dress and I think she feels good in it. She certainly looks good in it, the color is good on her, and I like that she is wearing something so youthful and breezy.

  40. well, this is a cohesive look – the dress, earrings, and sandals all go together and she looks so happy (5th photo down). I’m not personally a fan of the dress, but she put the ensemble together well for once.

  41. I agree with the negative comments regarding this dress. It looks like a cheap beach cover-up. I think the fabric really lets it down — the texture of the fabric looks really awful, at least in photos, and the orangey tint to the color doesn’t help. Prefer her Erdem picks if she’s going for the flounced look. But still vote for her to wear more sheath dresses, because they really suit her IMHO. But still a stunner no matter what she wears.

  42. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! A vision in red!

  43. I like it! It’s an outdoor event and the other guests are dressed casual. Fresh, on trend, fun, and just a touch sexy. Now that hair…not good. Betting we see her grow it out.

  44. Inappropriate dress. Wrong shoes. Lovely hair and smile. So far on this tour, only the dress by the Polish designer stands out as 21st century, fun, sexy and sophisticated.

  45. Wow! I see a very beautiful woman who walked into the room and owned it! And not because of her title…….she owned it on her own tonight!!

  46. I think the shoes may be the Prada Suede Wavy-Strap sandal in Quarzo. They seem to be sold out at Neiman Marcus…


  47. Simply smashing!

  48. The Duchess is gorgeous tonight! First, I am loving her hairstyle. I think it takes 10 years off her age, and that can only be a good thing lol.
    Then there’s the dress. Wow. Kate always looks great in red, and this is no exception. I’m a fan of the off the shoulder look, when it’s the right dress on the right person, and the right occasion. I think this works perfectly here.

  49. This was a big miss for me. I think she looks uncomfortable –as if she knows her attire is out of sync with all the other ladies in attendance -most of whom were a little dressier. This red dress reminds me of a $10 beach cover-up (hate the ruffle at the bottom, too). Can we all give away our ruffled moo-moo’s already? I’m sure there’s a country western artist somewhere who’d love to wear them with her best cowgirl boots. And, all the gorgeous jewelry Kate owns or has borrowing rights to and she wears these red….things!!? No ma’am. Ugh.

  50. The more I look at it, the more I like it. Is it me? No but it works really well for her tall, lean figure. She looks confident and happy. Compared to the other guests, this is not too casual and is perfect for a garden party dress. (Remember that’s what the event was, royal or not.) It’s also a welcome departure from the formal cuts of her typical tour outfits, excepting the India tour.

    Love the hair! You can tell she (her hairdresser) is still trying to figure out the curling iron barrel to use for this new length. Even with the experimenting and slightest of misses, her worst hair day is better than my best hair day.

    Thanks again for the amazing coverage. These posts have added a little sparkle to each day!

    • Agree on all counts!!

      I usually hate these sort of dresses, but the Duchess looks amazingly glamorous in it. Youthful, breezy, fun and still elegant.

  51. Absolutely lovely! The new waves are really coming together now, and perfectly suit the breezy femininity of this dress, must have been a happy change from the tailored and layered clothes worn through a long, warm day. This is another choice where “vault jewels” aren’t going to work, too boho – the earrings selected are fun, pretty, and perfect. These appear to be the taupe version of the Pradas Kate has in plum, and a good choice – if she’s happy and comfy in that heel height, I’m happy for her. She looks very happy to be there, and very happy to be next to William. Love it.

  52. I like the color and style – but I’m kind of over the off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder look right now. Most major websites have so much of this style. So very trendy – usually Kate is so much more classic in her styling.

    I also still don’t like her center part. If she had just pulled back her hair a bit, those earrings could have had a chance to shine – as it is we barely see them.

    I hate to sound so negative since I’m generally positive about the look.

  53. Gobsmacked does not come close to describing my reaction of first seeing this sizzling number on Kate tonight – could anything be further removed from the sensible matron she channelled just hours earlier? I am absolutely delighted to see her throw caution to the winds in such manner, this is sensational.

    The best of it is there are two style elements here I would normally dismiss out of hand —an elasticated Bardot top and a 1980’s throwback deep skirt flounce. I might even add a floating-just- above-the-ankle hemline to the pet hates. But here the genius of McQueen shines through in the choice of fabric.

    The soft silk/cotton mix of the body of the dress and the silk chiffon frilled detailing are so fine that they transform what would otherwise be all bulky awkwardness into sensuous magic. And all topped off by those delicious slinky earrings. Bravo Kate!

    • You said it, ElizaMo. What a superb choice for a garden party on a hot summer night. She looks fantastic and this is the first time I loved her new hairstyle. The loose waves are perfect for the free and easy feel of the dress. This may end up being my tour favorite.

      • Agree – another post from ElizaMo which replicated just what I thought. Kate looks confident and sexy but still refined. Love that she is trying new things and having fun with what she wears.

      • I agree her hair is looking extra lovely here!

    • Well said! This is her best look of the tour, IMHO. I have loved seeing so many new looks mixed into her go-to list of court shoes, sheath dresses, and repeats of small dangling earrings. This is her most successful attempt in the past days. It’s unexpected since it’s beachy but it’s dressed up appropriately with the earrings and sandals. This is gorgeous and worth replicating, which I haven’t been tempted to do recently!

    • ElizaMo,
      Thank you for the Bardot reference. Been wracking my brain to describe what I view as a little bit tacky 1950s/very early 60s off the shoulder/elastic tops, whether in dress form or blouse form. The flounce doesn’t bother me in this dress or others, but we share a tendency to dismiss out of hand that elastic off the shoulder look. It wasn’t one of fashion’s best moments and I’m sorry to see it return.
      Having said that, the color is spectacular on her, the material beautiful, but I can’t seem to get past my 1950s cringe. Beach Blanket Bingo, anyone?
      Still, she’s gorgeous.

  54. Well I am with the ‘no” group on this dress. I am not a fan of this style, and like others have said it looks to me like a dress for a cruise ship trip in the Caribbean. I also do not like that length in any dress. She looks lovely and the fabric in person may help elevate it. Overall I have liked most of her choices this tour, so expect there to be a few that are not my taste.

  55. style to casual for this event looks beachy and cheap – shoes would have been better in black

  56. The Duchess looks comfortable and happy and that is important to say the least. She has checked off the boxes of diplomatic needs, etc. But, even with all that I don’t like this look at all. The dress looks too large for her petite frame and like something from the 60′s. The earrings are great with the dress but the color of the shoe is also not right for the dress. A real miss for me.

  57. I thought the wavy sandals were Prada!

  58. I love how happy she is here. I would wear that material and color the rest of the summer. What a great summer dress!

    It sort of reminds me of the surprise island dress she wore on another tour they did.

  59. Too casual next to men in suits – too bad, I was expecting another fashion forward dress. Maybe tomorrow!

  60. I think this maybe the most fashion forward she has ever
    Dressed. Love it! I would love for her to step up her shoe game…..

  61. I’m not sure why she would buy this dress from a big name designer. It looks cheap and honestly like many dresses I am seeing at target. :(

    • I agree!! Target or Kohls or even Walmart has so much of this style right now.

    • I agree about the Target remark. This looks very common and inexpensive. Also, there is too much fabric for her willowy frame. She looks like she is drowning in all the fabric. Red is one of the Duchess best colors and I do like that her shoulders are uncovered. The

    • Agreed. Add ‘beach shack’ to the retailers carrying this look. I love off-the-shoulder on Kate, but this dress feels all wrong for the occasion and a mismatch with the heels.

      If that hideous flounce could have been eliminated it would have improved the look.

      That said, she’s a beauty and she and William ‘represent’ with grace and class.

  62. I just wanted to leave a comment and say that I love your site!

    I think I might have to disagree with many of the comments on Kate’s outfit for this event, while it does seem a bit casual I must say that I love her dress and that she is dressing more like someone her age. As an someone in her 30s herself – it’s nice to see Kate wear something more on trend and youthful.
    I also wanted to offer a guess at her shoes; could they be these? http://www.neimanmarcus.com/Prada-Suede-Wavy-Strap-Sandal-Quarzo/prod186030172/p.prod

  63. I really like the dress, but agree with most everyone’s comments – it fees a tad bit informal for this. She tried to dress it up with the jewelry, but I think it falls a bit short, especially with Wills in a suit. Really like the dress though – so cute, and so fun to see Kate’s shoulders! I also agree with the person who said she should have worn the ruby ring with this outfit, but I can understand her not wanting to repeat.

    Also. Shoes. UGH. She wore similar to an event in the UK (the blue whale hall opening event), and I just hate them. I just do. (And I hate to use the word hate, but…!) The straps remind me of “rick rak” here in the states, which is wavy edging traditionally used on little children’s outfits in the 70′s and 80′s. These shoes just don’t scream “fashion forward” to me at all. Would have loved a wedge, or a fun sandal, but not these. I know I’m being super critical, but I just don’t like those shoes!

  64. These are probably prada heels. Prada has a design just like this one; Emilia Clarke was seen wearing them in a silver colorway in some event I can’t remember.

    I dig so very much the boho vibe of this dress! Love it!

    Thanks for the posts, Susan.

  65. I don’t like this outfit. It looks like something one would wear to a beach party. If the Duchess wore black sandals (like the Net-a-porter model) it would have improved the look somewhat. Kate’s hair looks lovely – best length and style for her.

  66. Love it! It’s so fun to see her mix it up. The shoes look the same as the plum Prada sandals she wore with in London a few nights ago – something like this: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/Prada-Suede-Wavy-Strap-Sandal-Quarzo/prod186030172/p.prod. Maybe it’s just me, but they look the same.

  67. Maybe it’s because I’m in America, and perhaps I don’t understand the Royals’ travel rituals, but wouldn’t it have made more sense for the Duchess to have worn here tonite the beautiful ruby jewelry she previewed the other day when she traveled and disembarked from the plane in Poland? I understand her not wanting to duplicate its wearings so close to each other, (& obvi the pop of red looked great with her white ensemble) but why not save them for tonight (isn’t this a bigger or more important event than the travel?)

    • AIUI, the white dress paired with the ruby (red) jewelry was a nod to the Polish flag, which is red and white, not just a pretty addition to the outfit. Wearing the rubies in Germany would not have had the same effect.

      Besides, the red of this dress seems somewhat orange-y to me and would probably have clashed with the rubies.

  68. I personally really like the dress. I think that shade of red looks great on her and I think its perfect for a summer outdoor event. I think she just looks a little more casual next to William’s suit. Which lets me honest is the same suit he would wear for a varying degree of formal. You can tell she feels great in it too. Loving the soft waves of the hair and those earrings are super cute.

  69. Perfection. Soft, fun, and elegant. Home run!

  70. Ok, the dress aside can I just be excited for a second about the fact that we’re seeing some Kate shoulder! Woo-hoo!!!!!!! Yeah girl – with the hair flip, you go! I’m loving that she’s being a little more daring and getting out of the comfort zone with all the stuffy buttoned up British monarch outfits and moving on to deeper necklines and off-the-shoulder looks. Alright!
    Now that that’s out of my system, I don’t hate this dress. It is lovely on her since she has such wonderfully delicate shoulder/collarbones, so why not highlight that? The color is great on her and I like the material. Aside from that, I’m not all too sure about the level of formality for an evening event on tour but from what I could see the other ladies wearing it was about on par. She looked like she was having fun in it and that made me like it more than anything I think.

  71. I think her look is in keeping with the traditional look of the drindl without being campy or corny. Rock on!

  72. This is one time where I feel her stylists misjudged the event. I understand that this party is more casual, but this feels TOO casual to me. If you look at the other women in the photos, they are all in sheath dresses and the men are in suits. So that says Business casual – but the duchess’s look (despite the price tag) screams casual. I would wear this to a party on the beach, not an event at a diplomatic residence.

    • I agree with everything you said! I do love seeing the Duchess making more daring fashion choices though! I immediately thought of the beach too when I saw this dress! Love your name by the way!! I often go by Liz ;)

    • Right, I love her in this dress, but it does seem a bit casual for this.

  73. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this wonderful web site! I have been a silent fan for years and I greatly appreciate seeing the photos and learning about the royal duties and fashion choices through your coverage of the Duchess.

    I really enjoy the comments of my fellow followers. The only comment I ever thought to make is that I thought that the McQueen worn at her sister’s wedding was quite fashion forward in the bust and length. Fashion is often edgy and often isn’t pretty, though the color of the dress for the wedding sweetened it considerably. It is fascinating to see peter pan collars, coat dresses, crown jewels and hairnets mixing with more current cuts, bijoux and styles. Kate is her own person.

    Playing with necklines and shoes, jewels, hair and make-up lately! The more casual nature of the event on a warm summer evening seems a good occasion for this dress. Red suits her. Thank you again.

    • Really enjoyed this comment! I especially like your point about fashion. The Duchess does manage to blend such a mix of styles – classic and current, stately and trendy – and look every inch a modern royal.

  74. I was a bit surprised and even disappointed to see the Duchess wearing such a casual dress to a cocktail party (especially in contrast to the formality of William’s suit), but after seeing how the other guests were dressed, it does not look so out of place.

    On a different note, I wish Catherine would refrain from purchasing similar items in different colors, as seen by today’s nude wavy strap heels. With her ability to purchase interesting, unique clothing and accessories, you’d think Catherine would choose other pieces!

  75. Fabulous hair. Fun earrings. Great color of dress on DOC. …….do not generally Like this type of dress but she carries it off…as usual.

  76. I am not feeling this at all. It’s a lot of dress and a lot of color. It comes off as costume-y, IMO, especially with the centre parted hair. Standing next to William in his suit, it’s like they’re at completely different events. Her makeup has been nice this tour, bit I feel this look is a miss.

    • Agreed! This feels like something that belongs at the beach, not at a semi-formal evening event.

      The earrings get lost in her hair, and quite frankly look like something a 6 year old could have made.

      No, that’s an outfit I sincerely hope never sees the light of day again!

  77. The Duchess looks very beautiful, but this is definitely my least favorite McQueen design I’ve ever seen, and possibly my least favorite thing she’s ever worn, because I know how expensive it must be! I really dislike the quadruple gather at the neckline and waist. I’m sure it’s expertly done and in the finest material imaginable, but it looks too much like the cheap polyester summer dress with elastic ruching, available at any box store. Maybe I’d feel differently if I saw it in person.

  78. Diane Keaton in the opening scene of The Godfather!

  79. This 1970s retro vibe is such a fun look for the Duchess and so trendy too! The colour is beautiful on her and I love her relaxed hairstyle this evening which I think is perfect with this dress.

    • Its funny you should say this because I could swear I had this dress in 1975. Or Linda Ronstadt wore it on an album cover.:) Love her in red and those fabulous shoes.

    • 1970s you say? Oh well, my memory was only a decade out with 1980s –LOL :-D

      • My initial reaction to the dress was, “Back to the 70′s, are we.” Then I saw all the other commentors attributing it to the 1980′s, so I figured I was mistaken. Glad to see I was right in the first place!

        And I’m pretty sure my mom had a dress very similar to this that she wore to a wedding. The 70s were like that – very casual formal wear – so I’d say that as a 70s throwback, Kate wasn’t underdressed last night.

    • Her hair here is a bit too close to the Farah Fawcett poster.

  80. Well this outfit surprised me a little. It had a more casual feel than I was expecting for this function. Kate looks wonderful as always however this would not be my favourite look for the Duchess. All the right elements are there – shoes and jewellery work well and I like her new hairstyle with this look. The colour is beautiful for Kate
    Despite all that for the first time in a long time I don’t love this outfit.

  81. I don’t love this dress but that’s because I’m not a fan of this style overall. As this particular look goes she looks lovely, I like the earrings and the new shoes, but overall I just don’t love these styles of dresses. It’s nice to see her in something different though.

  82. The Lady in Red…wow! This dress is just right for the occasion with a nice blend of casual and dressy. While I don’t usually like a flounce/ruffle at the bottom of a skirt, it seems to work here. The off the shoulder look is very on trend. Once again I don’t like the nude shoes and would have preferred red or black ones. Also, although the earrings are cute and match the dress, they make no impact. With no other jewellery, the earrings could have been much more of a statement. Kate’s hair looks very pretty.

    • I thought black or red shoes might have upped the ‘vamp’ factor just a notch too. I agree too about how good Kate’s hair looks tonight, it’s such a blessing that the new cut means we get a better view of earrings whatever our opinion of them.

  83. Kate looks great. Dress won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the photos show she feels good in it. Love the photo of Kate and William where Kate has her head tilted to the side. Hair looks lovely and in keeping with the style of the dress. If it was me, I would have gone with black sandals and black earrings just to set the dress off a bit.

  84. After a super hot day in a coat/dress and hosiery! – I bet it felt great to slip into this casual dress with bare legs and sandals.

    I love this look, I think Catherine looks gorgeous – especially in the photo with her tossing her hair back.

    I am going to be in the minority here – but I don’t like this look for a Royal Tour. The large ruffle, all the elasticized ribbing, the ties on the sleeves – very beachy – I would have saved this look for holidays in the Caribbean.

    • Now you put it like that, Cass, I can see how Kate is still able to smile after a hot day in formal clothes with two discontented young children to console. And now we can see why the red toe nails had to stay put!

      I do think she is looking pretty tired and may be upping the face paint to try and offset the effects. But casual dress and bare legs must go a long way to provide relief. That and only one full day left of this gruelling diplomatic mission.

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