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The Duchess returned to a favorite designer and familiar silhouette for today’s royal tour activities.

Duchess Cambridge Kate Middleton Blue Catherine Walker coat Royal Tour

©Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire

Kate was in a bespoke piece by Catherine Walker as the family left Poland and traveled to Germany, where they will spend the last three days of the week-long tour. After arriving the Duke and Duchess met with Chancellor Angela Merkel

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The two enjoyed a view of Berlin from several stories up.

British Embassy Berlin Facebook

British Embassy Berlin Facebook

They then went to the renowned Brandenburg Gate, symbolizing unity and freedom. 

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

More about the monument’s significance comes via Visit Berlin:

The site came to symbolise Berlin’s Cold War division into East and West – and, since the fall of the Wall, a reunified Germany.

… When the [Berlin] Wall fell, 100,000 people gathered here for the Brandenburg Gate’s official opening on 22 December 1989 – and soon afterwards, crowds thronged the area to celebrate their first joint New Year’s Eve in this once-divided city. Today, more than almost any other of the city’s landmark sights, the Brandenburg Gate symbolises a reunited Berlin.

They also did a walkabout at Pariser Platz, adjacent to the Gate.  

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From The Express

A crowd of around 2,000 people came to the city centre close to where the Berlin Wall stood to greet the royal couple.

Some of the people in the crowd even gave the Duchess a German lesson when she asked them how to say ‘What is your name in German’.

A friend, Christin (known to many readers as Packham Gown on Twitter), was in Berlin and says ” I have no idea how Kate endured it under this coatdress,” noting the temperature was about 30℃, that is roughly 86℉.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Christin shared this video of Prince William greeting people and says he is a World Champion in shaking hands.

William and Kate also visited Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial and toured the Holocaust Museum. (NOTE: I haven’t had time to get photo/info for this portion of the post but did want to mark that Kate and William were there. I hope to supplement later this afternoon or evening.) The Duke and Duchess then traveled to Strassenkinder, a charity supporting young people.

Germany Day 1 William Kate Young People Kinderstrasse July 19 2017 Blue Catherine Walker via BW

British Embassy Berlin

The charity provides care for more than 200 children, including assistance with welfare and education, as well as things like sports. While speaking with some of the teens Kate and William complimented them on their English skills.

Duncan Stone, BBC @DuncanCStone

Duncan Stone, BBC @DuncanCStone

The BBC’s Duncan Stone shared this on Twitter.    

Duncan Stone BBC @DuncanCStone (Click photo to go to Twitter feed)

Duncan Stone BBC @DuncanCStone (Click photo to go to Twitter feed)

Many of the young people were delighted by their time with William and Kate. 

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

There were lots of hugs. 

British Embassy Berlin

British Embassy Berlin

Everyone gathered for a group photo.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The final official stop for the afternoon, meeting Germany’s President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier at Bellevue Palace, located in Berlin’s famous Tiergarten District. 


British Embassy Berlin

You also see the President’s wife, Elke Büdenbender, in the photos. She is a judge in Berlin. More about the afternoon visit from Richard Palmer’s Daily Express story

William and Kate drank Darjeeling tea served in china cups, while the President and his wife took coffee. It was designed as a fusion of the best of Britain and Germany

British Embassy Berlin

British Embassy Berlin

The formal photo portrait. 


UK in Germany

A brief video. 

Now to our look at what Kate wore for day 3 of the royal tour, an elegant Catherine Walker coat atop a coordinating lace dress with scalloped hem.


©James Whatling / Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Andrew Parsons, i-Images

The coat really is a gorgeous shade of blue; it features a fitted bodice and full skirt, bracelet length sleeves, and oversized self-covered buttons.

From British Vogue story:

All dressed in varying shades of royal blue, the young family made the case for colour coordinated ensembles rather credibly. Prince William’s tie and suit matched that of his family’s hue in a sophisticated way, while Princess Charlotte wore the blue equivalent of the outfit she donned when she arrived in Poland earlier this week: a floral dress, matching bow in her hair and Mary Jane shoes worn with white socks. Prince George wore a short-sleeved pinstripe shirt and tailored shorts.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

And from The Telegraph:

Berlin Blue, or Prussian Blue, is a pigment that was first developed in Berlin in the early 18th Century, and became the lead colour for the Prussian Army and for other German military uniforms up until the First World War when grey became the staple.

The hue is also known as Cornflower Blue – the cornflower becoming a national flower in Germany thanks to tales of Queen Louise of Prussia, who fled Berlin as Napoleon pursued, and hid her children in a field of the flowers. Given that backstory, it seemed appropriate that Kate was surrounded by her children dressed in the same hue as they landed at Berlin’s Tegel airport.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

When seeing today’s look many of us immediately thought of the red coat worn when leaving Canada in July 2011, seen again at Order of the Garter last year.  The primary distinction between the two: the lapels. The red coat has shawl lapels, while the blue has notch lapels.


©i-Images/PA Wire

We have a peek at the dress material in a few photos.

Germany Day 1 Catherine Walker Blue Lace Closeups July 19 2017

The Duchess debuted new jewelry by Kiki McDonough.

©James Whatling/Kiki McDonough

©James Whatling/Kiki McDonough

She wore a new necklace from the jeweler’s Eden Collection. It is the 18ct Blue Topaz and White gold style, featuring a flower-shaped blue topaz set in pavé diamonds (£1166). Kate also wore the Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop earrings in white gold (£2916).

The Duchess carried a new handbag, the Jimmy Choo Vivien Clam Satin Clutch. I believe the color Kate has is a one-off and unavailable elsewhere. The style is available at Selfridges ($705) in black, as well as a color called vintage rose. (Does anyone see that vintage rose paired with the praline pumps at some point in the future?)

Kate Middleton blue Jimmy Choo Vivien Clam Clutch Duchess Cambridge Royal Tour Germany

©i-Images / Selfridges

A ‘thank you’ to Michelle of Perth Fashion for her ID of the bag.

We saw Kate’s Gianvito Rossi pumps make another appearance. The shoe is a signature style for the designer and part of every collection. Kate’s are the praline colorway; we show them at Net-a-Porter, where they are available in a dwindling mix of sizes.  They are also offered at My Theresa, but the sizes are limited. The shoe is $675 at both retailers.

Net-a-Porter/PA Wire

Net-a-Porter/PA Wire

We will be updating with many more photos and a bit more info, but wanted to get this first pass published.

A reminder that we’ll see you in a bit when Kate and William attend a birthday party for HM hosted by Britain’s Ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood. The gala is at the Ambassador’s residence in Berlin.

For all of the details on what the littlest royals wore today, visit What Kate’s Kids Wore. We’ll leave you with what is arguably the cutest video of the trip, Princess Charlotte’s first official curtsy.




  85 Responses to “The Cambridge Family Has the Blues in Berlin for Day 3 of the Royal Tour”

  1. She looks beautiful here. I am not in love with her hair, but it is fine. This shade of blue really suits her. The dress under the coat is a tad short for the occasion, but the coat didn’t seem to open all that often.

    Charlotte’s curtsy is adorable!

  2. I think she looks gorgeous. That shade of blue is so flattering. Love the new jewelry and how you can see a bit of her dress showing underneath the coat. Unfortunately, it’s a lose-lose for Kate…if she wears something too outside of her norm, it will draw lots of attention away from the events she is attending–which is fine for a big gala where fancy gowns are expected, but not so appropriate for daytime visits that are meant to enhance EU relations–and she’ll get criticized for stealing the limelight. When she wears something “safe,” she gets criticized for that too. Props to her for stepping outside her door each day knowing she’s the subject of great scrutiny, fashion and otherwise.

  3. This is a stunning colour, one of my favourites, and one of the best to suit Catherine.
    This is not a coat dress though. Even Catherine Walker themselves have referred to it thus, but it is obviously to be worn with something underneath, it is obviously an over-garment with just a few buttons at the waist. A coat dress is worn on its own but looks like a coat (like Diana’s button-through pinstripe dresses in the 80s – a brief fashion trend). Sorry, but I do get irritated with this description as it is misleading – a coat is also cut larger to accommodate garments underneath.
    The trouble with planning outfits ahead is that one never knows what the weather will be like on the actual tours. Northern Europe is experiencing a heatwave. I cannot understand why a choice of outfits can’t be taken with a view to wearing one or the other – and that’s always important in Britain if you travel 50 miles from point of origin, you may get a crowded beach or a stormy one with only one seagull (literally, I saw those pictures in a newspaper – taken 50 miles apart).
    A very simple solution would be to make a matching dress & coat like women wore in the 60s. As it was so hot, Catherine could have worn a sleeveless dress in the same style as the coat & worn the coat or not depending on temperature (she has a matching dress with the red coat). I’d like to see men ditch the jackets too in favour of the African or Middle Eastern smart shirt & tie look; Europeans are the only peoples who have dressed so inappropriately for weather & ease of movement.
    I’m enjoying these posts & feel very interested in visiting Poland with its pretty red roofs now.

  4. I love that photo where that little boy hugged Kate! so heart warming and cute!

  5. I think Catherine looks stunning in this cornflower blue outfit! I love everything about it. I wonder if anyone else notices how much healthier she looks, compared to this same outfit in red? She had gotten very thin and now she looks slender and healthy.
    The family is a picture of loveliness.

  6. What a beautiful little family, Kate’s a lucky lady. Kate looks fab (although I’m not sure she’ll ever beat the blue Canada arrival outfit, that was amazing). I like the colour and the accessories, although I’m afraid I’m never going to like those shoes(!), and the clutch just seemed unnecessary.

    I think the outfit is really formal, and definitely right for the occasion, although I do think it’s kind of ‘old’, she could repeat wear this until she’s 80 (assuming she’d fit into it!), and it would still be appropriate, but I’m splitting hairs, she looked great. By all accounts it was hot in Berlin, and she still managed to keep the coat on without breaking a sweat. She is one poised lady, that’s for sure.

  7. Nice look. But man, she must be roasting!

  8. Kat looks perfect. This is a beautiful colour and shape for her. This is a classic stylish look rather than boring. It is her signature look which I’m guessing she will do in slightly different iterations throughout her time as Duchess then Queen.

    For me, a large part of being stylish is being appropriate and well groomed which sums up this look.

    The whole family looks gorgeous. The children are beautifully dressed – as children not mini-adults!

  9. Very stylish and elegant choice. Love the hair.
    Whole family in blue looks fantastic !

  10. It’s hard to see anything except that precious curtsy – intentional or not it shows they’ve been practicing with Charlotte!

    I think Kate looks beautiful in this coat and much prefer the cut to the red coat dress which I didn’t think flattered her figure. Love the purse and even liked the shoes.

    I’ll join the chorus of admirers of Kate and William being so unfailingly charming. I don’t think I’ve ever caught a glimpse of boredom or irritation from Kate and William – except with George at Pippa’s wedding and even then it was mild.

    And as I always wonder – she does it all in high heels and pointy toes – which I can only manage if it’s a straight shot from car to restaurant!

  11. Surprise, surprise. Don’t care for this design at all. The pleats at the hips are not flattering and make Kate look heavy, which is quite an achievement. Thank you for posting the comparison red Walker coat from an earlier tour – to me this sums up the difference between Kate then and now. She looked fabulous in the red Walker which had beautiful long lines. And the hat pulled everything together and balanced the bun at the back. She wore them in Canada, where hats aren’t worn either, so not sure why not here? I suspect the blue design with its pleats and wide notched collar is an attempt to look younger and “on trend” but it actually makes her look bulkier and more matronly. In any case, I’m not sure why she is wearing a coat and suede pumps in such warm weather. The excuse offered for the very questionable choice of sandals at the concentration camp was it was hot. I prefer the President’s wife’s outfit – turquoise silk which is a more unusual colour and looks lighter despite being a coat/dress ensemble. Don’t think the purse works with Kate’s outfit. And two things must go – the hairnet and those nude suede shoes which absolutely do not work with this outfit. Its nice to see some family colour coordination but I think this is verging on the precious.

    • I have noticed Catherine always wears hats when around the Queen (the older generations of British had a ‘thing’ about hats for some reason) & when greeting visiting heads of state on behalf of the Queen. In the above photo of the red coat, she was part of an official ceremony, one of the annual British ones where the Monarch takes part. The Queen is head of state of both Canada & Australia and William & Catherine were representing the Monarch. Hence the hats, it was a red Air Hostess/come Jackie O outfit to arrive in Australia, thankfully never repeated again. Visiting a foreign country is not the same thing.

  12. Why does she need a purse at all? Can’t someone hold her stuff for her?

  13. I live in Oregon and in general, we are very relaxed and casual in our dress. I don’t begin to understand all of the nuances of what’s appropriate for what occasion. That said, I don’t have an issue with what the DOC wore to Sutthof Camp. Anything dark and somber would have put the focus on tragedy rather than the survivors. My issue with the dress was that it looked very busy, too much print.

    As far as today’s blue ensemble, it was safe and familiar. Beautiful color! Why do you think Kate carries a bag all the time? Couldn’t she hand it off to her assistant to keep? A shoulder bag would be more trouble. Perhaps a Catherine Walker fanny pack? For me, the coat dress would have been way too hot but perhaps Kate runs cold. As another poster mentioned, men wear layers with trousers all the time and cope with it. Today’s shoes – it would of been nice to see some navy pumps but I remember how many times we saw the Sledge pump before it was retired.

  14. The style of this coat dress really makes it stand out and look more fashion forward than the red one in the past. I absolutely LOVE the notch lapels (I think that’s right) as they are very flattering on the Duchess’ figure and kind of remind me of the old styles of the 1700′s, the same way her sleeves at the State dinner did (Georgian I think??) and the clutch, while a bit fancy, made me think of a fan. Those two things combined really made me think of women in the 1700′s when they wore dresses that looked like her coat dress on the side and carried fans around! Did anyone else think she was going for that look in a modern, fashionable way?? Also, the color of the garment is stunning and definitely is a respectful nod to her hosts. The ONLY thing I didn’t love about today’s look was her hair, but for some reason I tend to not like her hair in that particular updo. I’m the same age as Catherine and would never wear my hair like that because I feel it is for a much more mature women. Charlotte and George are so stinking cute, and that video of them and her little “curtsey” was precious!

  15. The coat was OVERKILL! Why a coat in such awful heat? Looks silly!

    I think I have figured out the hair parting thing…..the new cut was done with a center part in mind, whereas a side part is used for the up-do style. The new cut is kind of raggedy. IMHO

    • I love the comments about wearing a coat in this heat being overkill I work in the City in London and wear suits even in Summer, its rare not to wear a jacket. Men wear suits and ties all year round. Its a formal dress code and translates into the formal clothing Kate and William ar expected to wear. You do get used to it and it be honest, I like it. Its good to be professional. As people representing my country, I’d rather see Kate and William dressed formally regardless of the weather.

    • I don’t like the center part either. Side part is much more flattering to her angular face.

  16. I’m not quite sure what the Telegraph is on about – Prussian Blue and Cornflower Blue are quite different colours.

    I liked this ensemble in totality although I think the shawl collar on the red coat suits the design much better than the notches. Somehow the proportions are a bit off – maybe it needed the skirt to be slightly longer?

    Charlotte is adorable.

  17. It looks like her dress has a floral pattern on the fabric. Did anyone else notice that?

  18. The entire family excels at being in a coordinating colour, which must take quite a bit of preparation and thinking ahead. They pull it off with pizazz. The children are so adorable and I love the way that George is his own person. If he is tired he shows it; if he doesn’t want to shake hands then he doesn’t. Charlotte seems to be more accommodating.

    The best part about Kate’s outfit is the great shade of blue. She looks stunning wearing it. The coat is beautifully tailored and the dress underneath is just a shade lighter, making a nice contrast. To me the purse looks upside down and a bit too “evening” to go with this daytime look. And I do think a navy shoe would have been better than that so frequently go-to pump, that Kate loves to wear with just about everything.

    The jewels are a nice contrast in a different shade of blue, although sapphires or her tanzanite set would have also gone well.

  19. Looking closely there is no one C could courtsey to and nothing to say thank you for. It simply is a kid playing around while waiting for things to proceed to imo.

  20. Hello from Poland. I just love this blog.

  21. Nice look, nice colour, don’t think topaz goes with cornflower and I NEVER WANT TO SEE THESE SHOES again :)

    • I agree that the jewelry didn’t seem to be the right color, green blue jewelry with purple blue clothes. But perhaps it looks better in person. I don’t care for the floral necklace, a bit cutesy in my opinion.

    • I’m with you, Beata…never wanting to see these shoes again. They are worn much too often. The concept is that nude coloured shoes go with everything, whereas I feel they go with nothing. The only time I thought they complimented an outfit, was with the dress that Kate wore to Pippa’s wedding. With that pink dress, the pink undertone of the nude shoe was a good match. Otherwise, although Kate’s many pairs of nude shoes don’t clash with anything, they certainly don’t enhance anything.

  22. Yikes–just saw some photos of the red maxi dress. Awful. The cornflower blue is gorgeous. Jewelry stunning. As for the evening event, a short cocktail sheath would have been much better.

  23. One more thing! I just noticed the crowd wearing strappy tank tops and t shirts and Kate is in a coat and layers! I don’t know how she does it. Maybe she has an interior AC sewn in to her coats! LOL. It’s amazing really. She always looks so polished. I would be a dewy mess!

    • She does it the same way the men around her wear long sleeve shirts and jackets. At least she gets a breeze on her legs and wrists!

    • I have no idea, plus she wears stockings. Ugh. She doesn’t even look like she’s sweating the tiniest bit. At nearly 90 degrees, I would be dying. I don’t understand how she looks that good.

  24. She looks appropriate, and wearing Prussian blue was a bit of good diplomacy. Sadly, however, the dreadful daytime clutch strikes again. Girlfriend needs to invest in some discreet, tasteful handbags and leave the clutches to evening events.

  25. Everyone looked Smashing! I can only imagine how tired they must all be! Really, instead of picking over every little detail, why can’t we show more appreciation for effort and good will this fabulous family is sharing! Wish that there was an afternoon off for the family to relax and be with their children, and Kate could put on a pair of sneaks! I have nothing but admiration for her in the coat, in the heat, and standing in heels day after day! HM should be so proud! Well done All!

    • Absolutely agree, they are on a diplomatic tour and Kate is dressed beautifully. Why does everyone has to be so nasty and critical of her appearance. The poor girl will never satisfy everyone. Stop the barbs and be a little more gracious.

    • I’m with Susan and Jane! What a huge job they have, and they all look stunning and are good natured, and so friendly. Bless them! I love all the outfits and Kate especially. She always makes the most beautiful choices!

  26. I agree that the look is a little boring and matronly although she looks beautiful. Her hair would’ve been more complete if she had worn a hat. Jewelry was gorgeous, and the children were impeccable as always.

  27. I unapologetically love this coat. For me, the cut and lapels are a real step up from the red version–they create a more balanced silhouette, even if they are perhaps less fashion-forward. It’s also the sort of coat I would love to have for myself, so I’m sure that’s a factor as well.

  28. Perfectly lovely look today! I see classic styling…a very very far cry from “matronly”. I fail to understand why it is that as soon a classic element is introduced the words “matronly” “mummy” and “boring” are brought out. These elements are meant to remain timeless in years to come. I applaud the Duchess for remaining true to this.
    The children are, of course, totally adorable. Charlotte just gets cuter and cuter if that’s even possible.

    • Thank you for your ‘matronly’ correction! This is the only time I’ve attempted to use it, at least in quotes. I think you’re so right about the timeless qualities of Kate’s choices. There are times when I can’t quite ‘get’ an outfit and then see it again weeks or months down the line and wonder what on earth my problem was. So much is transformed by Kate’s natural elegance.

  29. The blue is certainly a beautiful color, but I find the coat outdated and matronly. Same with the red Canada Catherine Walker coat. The cut seems a bit off too, on the blue — like the proportions are wrong — too snug in the waist, too short in the skirt (for the style). And the dress underneath should have been longer. The disparity in length between the coat and the dress seems weird. A disappointment after the flawless McQueen for the Poland arrival. (Her McQueens always seem to fit to absolute perfection.)

    • I agree with you. Something about the blue coat is off – I often find that with Catherine Walker designs and agree that maybe it is the proportions – although the colour is beautiful. I agree with you re McQueen – Kate’s bespoke or tailored McQueens are her best outfits, generally speaking. As for the red dress, great colour, but I was surprised it was McQueen and not Topshop or Zara! I suppose the current trend to gathers and flounces just isn’t my taste, even with a McQueen label on it! It reminds me of a dress I had to make in seventh grade home economics class. It was never my taste, then or now!

      I agree with most of the posts about the suede Gianvito Rossi pumps. You know, too much of a good thing becomes its opposite……and Kate is simply wearing them waaaaaaay too much, just like those overdone Sledge pumps we all hope will never be seen again. I have a similar pair of Stuart Weitzmans and while I can’t seem to part with them, I’m hesitant to wear them at all because they look so much like those darn Sledges. I’m sure the Rossis are comfortable because they are lovely and exceptionally well made, but she has so many shoe options, she should just remove them from the rotation, at least for a while! I recall the post noting that the V&A had acquired a pair of the Sledges – they should have acquired Kate’s actual pair, just to make sure they don’t get worn again!

  30. Gorgeous, question is the Duchess still wearing hosiery? I can barely tell lately. Just curious thanks!

  31. Stunning color and the kids are as cute as ever, but I. Cannot. Stop. Staring. At. That. HAIRNET! GRRRRRR!

  32. Beautiful color. The pictures of her with Princess Charlotte are just too sweet–real keepers. I love the jewelry–I am a real fan of those light-blue semiprecious stones on her.

    I *need* to know more about that dress underneath!

  33. Beautiful look but I would have loved a reappearance of her blue Jane Troughton coat. The color would have been perfect. Sadly I don’t think we’ll see that piece again.

  34. Crash goes my heart. The curtsey! Do we have any video or stills of Charlotte being given her own little posy of flowers?

  35. Gorgeous color, well done Kate!

    May as well put Charlotte on the throne after QEII. She’s way more into this stuff than either William or George!

  36. Not a fan of this look today. It looks like something her mom would wear. Plus that clutch is an evening clutch. It’s too fancy for a day look. Such a miss today. Hopefully tonight is better.

    Also I wish kate’s hair stylist would do something different. The low bun is getting tiresome and very matronly looking. A ponytail would have looked great today. And more youthful

    • I wouldn’t call the hair “matronly,” but I was hoping that with her new, shorter cut, that she would go with a different updo. Very long heavy hair like Kate used to have can be difficult to put up; her shorter cut opens up many options. Perhaps there just wasn’t enough time to experiment at home prior to the tour.

      As for the outfit, I love the blue and I am always in favour of a Catherine Walker coat or coat dress. I agree the clutch is a bit eveningish and I would have loved to have seen matching cornflower blue shoes!

      • I feel exactly the same way re the updo. I had thought the same thing, that with shorter hair, there would be less bulk to put up and she could do something more stylish. It always looks like a heavy bag of rocks right on the back of her neck to me. Personally, when wearing an updo, I prefer it to be UP. OFF. MY. NECK. Especially when it’s hot out! Of course, it’s easy to criticize – no one is out there snapping my photo every time I step out of the house!

    • Erin, I came to say exactly that. It reminded me of Carole’s pink coat dress from Pippa’s wedding.

      The blue color is pretty, but it’s too tight in the bodice, the bodice is too short, and the overall length is too short. It would look nice with three buttons, a slightly dropped waist across the hip and a couple more inches.

      Also, there are a couple of shots of the lace dress/slip Kate is wearing underneath, and it’s really short, mid-thigh length. If she had squatted down, we could have seen London or France, so to speak.

      I know I always say Kate should wear her hems a little longer, but this is a good example of why. Short is fine, if it fits perfectly. This doesn’t.

      • One additional comment, about jewelry. This matchy set looks like something I can buy at Nordstrom. I don’t want Kate wearing the same Nordstrom jewelry I can buy when she can wear royal jewels. The Queen has gorgeous sapphires. A darker blue stone would have looked so pretty.

    • I disagree about the ponytail. i think it would have looked too casual for the day.

  37. I knew this was Walker as soon as the first photos hit twitter—as noted, it is very much like the red one she wore in Canada. I think it is lovely.

    The coat hem being knee length and the v neckline are both flattering and age appropriate and I kept hoping she would get warm and take off the coat so we could have a better look at the lace dress underneath. I like her hair—yay for the side part! Eyeliner is still a little heavy underneath the eye IMO but overall she looks lovely. The shoes and bag are both just fine for this look and I am glad she didn’t wear blue or black shoes.

    I don’t know if I like the cool icy blue of the jewelry with the more saturated/deeper blue of the coat and dress but that is a minor quibble—I would have worn those gorgeous sapphire earrings that resemble the engagement ring.

    The kiddos were absolutely adorable and the family was so coordinated and good looking in their diplomatic blue ensembles.

    overall—a win!

  38. Beautiful!!!!! Stunning shade of blue for the coat. I like both the red and the blue coats. Besides the collar differences, the red coat was a slimmer line, even with the pleats., while the blue has a fuller flair out from the waist. Both suit Kate just fine. Jewelry is beautiful. Love the new clutches that she has brought out, and yes I can see the praline clutch being used in the future! I am sure there will be those who will say that it’s all too ‘matchy, matchy’!! Don’t care!! I like matchy, matchy!! LOL The whole family was adorably coordinated!! And Princess Charlotte is a doll–her first little bouquet and handshake–that we are aware of anyway!! I think she is already quite lady like. Prince George is more of handful!!

  39. Perfect princess attire today. Gorgeous blue colour, perfect lines, exquisite jewelry (wish I could own that set!) and best hair of tour.

  40. This is by far her best look on this trip. The cornflour blue really suits her complexion and loving the style of coat. Do prefer her hair up like this. Looks more sophisicated than when its done. Charlotte looks lovely too. Thumbs up today

  41. Enjoyed today’s look for the whole family… I didn’t realize it was so hot in Berlin, Catherine will be happy she has her hair up. I like the red version of this coat better with the smooth lapels, and would love a look of the quite short dress underneath!

    Looking forward to another amazing dress tonight – maybe by a German designer?

  42. Couldn’t get my head round this coat at first, I thought early pictures made it look too bulky at the hips. But then with the flood of pics I’ve been won over by Kate’s gracefulness and can see where the coat falls beautifully. It looked so much like the earlier red version I think I wanted an exact double, this has asked me to revise my ideas about the silhouette, and not stay stuck in my rut.

    The colour is dazzling and I love the story about the cornflower though I’ve seen a couple of Germans posting that they hadn’t heard of it before now! I didn’t like the look of the jewellery in the studio shots either, but on Kate in this outfit they look wonderful, pure dead royal if you like.

    I think with the tightness of the bodice and the rounded bun updo there is an element of matronly here, a term I generally fight to avoid. I love the warm praline of the courts underlining the whole and overall this is a brilliant outfit for a heavy royal schedule.

    • I agree re the jewelry – these looked more bright turquoise online, but here they seem closer to an aquamarine hue, and complement the ensemble beautifully! Also, a quick aside to say how much I enjoy reading your assessments (along with many other commenters) – I find myself scrolling down to find ‘the voice of reason” amongst the replies, ha! I may not always agree 100%, but I certainly like reading your take on Kate’s outings. :)

      • Voice of reason? You have to be kidding! I would never recognise such a description of myself — my friends are going to enjoy a good laugh! And you’re very sporting about the opinions you disagree with, thank you.

        • Your analyses rank right up there, you know your stuff when it comes to fashion, craftsmanship, eras, etc. – I stand by my statement! So glad you comment.

    • The cornflower actually has Austrian Nazi associations and caused a controversy last year when an Austrian politician wore it. AIUI, it was a symbol of pan-German nationalism in the 1800s and was also the favorite flower of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Not the color I might have chosen to pay homage to the German people, but I guess Germany isn’t Austria.

      • Thanks for the update, I’d seen those concerns raised elsewhere and at first glance it looks like there might have been a research blunder. I see Julia above is making a distinction between cornflower blue and the Prussian variety, I don’t know if that makes any difference to the association. I would understand if it was only a matter of degree and either might be better avoided.

  43. Although I love the blue color, the overall look is boring. It is so repetitive. Been there, done that.

    • Agreed. Love the color but kate has done this look so many times before. She looks nice but it’s not exciting. I’m okay with that though.

  44. I hate the shoes, obviously, but I like the outfit for the most part. I would have liked to have seen the dress underneath. The only thing I am not on board with is where the coat nips in. It is extremely high and particularly obvious next to the red coat, which fits in nearer to her normal waistline. I think Kate needs to just get over the fact that she is long in the torso because the design choices she makes with clothes to give her the illusion of a shorter torso usually ends up looking weird.

  45. She looks beautiful, as always, but this is such a matronly look overall. I much prefer the blue arrival outfit for Canada!

    • That outfit was amazing, but I think the hat really made it. Today in Berlin was not a hat kind of day lol

  46. Couple of things. Are you sure it is the Jimmy Choo clutch? I do not see the jeweled button on Kate’s plus I can not see the silver edge/clasp on hers as well as it looks like a chain or link looping down on Kate’s purse. Second I just realized that Kate has not worn any hats on this trip, I wonder why? I do not like the necklace, like the earrings, not a fan of the dress, like the coat. I prefer the red version as it has less of a puffed “skirt” on the bottom half and I like the shawl collar a bit more with the neckline.The notched larger lapel does help to balance the fullness of the lower half of the coat however. Overall she looks lovely and the kids are cute as ever.

    • Hats aren’t really worn in continental Europe, except to the races or at weddings. I suppose that would be the reason she eschewed hats for this trip.

    • I’ve noticed the absence of hats as well but thank goodness she skipped one today – Angela Merkel was dressed so casually that it would have been an even more unbalanced optic if Kate had worn a hat!

      • The invitation to the garden party the other specifically said NO hats.

        • I was referring to their arrival, and events earlier in the day – and it seemed that Ali was making an overall observation, not specifically to the garden parties; interestingly, it appears several didn’t get the memo for the garden party tonight, I noticed several wearing hats/fascinators…

  47. EVERYTHING is a win for DOC. The cornflower blue coat and scalloped dress. Her jewelry is fine. The bag is stunning. Shoes are ok. The kids…….George and Charlotte stole the show! Also thanks for the history of cornflower blue.

  48. Nothing but positive things to say about this engagement, about this family and their ensembles. The Cambridge’s diplomacy work has been wonderful and I think really allowing them to stretch their legs at being true working royals. I feel they truly are making the role their own but also settling into the tradition. The whole family looked adorable today, down to William’s tie. I love that he is embracing different more quirky tie patterns. The children as always are precious. Kate always looks lovely in Catherine Walker and along with the color symbolism this ensemble also looked very practical. Wearing her hair up, a solid coat dress she knows will look good with a flowy skirt that allows movement I think she struck a brilliant balance of functionality for handling two children, elegance for the caliber of the visit but also somber enough for the occasion.

  49. Why wear a flowery dress with sandals when visiting a concentration camp and today a monochrome look with a COAT and pumps by 30 degrees C for a lighter program? Her advisor is totally lacking common sense.

  50. Charlotte is just so cute! All four looked lovely in blue. I think Kate has put alot of thought into her clothes and looks perfect.

  51. Random thoughts: The coatdress is an average serviceable look. Perhaps more interesting buttons would have added some pop. Catherine’s hair is all wrong; looks like a helmet The shade of blue is a nice homage to the German people. Stateside many German-American parades and festivals feature the Cornflower. Prince George looks very long legged and tall wearing short socks.

  52. That curtsy was precious!!! I love that girl.
    Kate looks brilliant in this outfit. I love that shade of blue on her and the entire outfit is just so pretty and polished. I like her hair styled that way, too.

  53. It’s a perfectly nice outfit but why on earth she would wear a coat dress in a summer’s day is beyond me.

  54. As an overall look, I very much like her outfit. I love the jewelry, the necklace especially. I definitely prefer this version of the coat to the red version for the very simple reason that I HATE shawl collars and much prefer the notch lapels. I really love the hint of the lace dress we can see and I wish I could see what the actual dress looks like. I have a weakness for lace dresses.

    George and Charlotte are just adorable. Seeing Charlotte with her little posy and shaking hands was just too much!

    Thanks for the great coverage! Berlin is one of my very favorite cities and I’m so glad to see the family there!

  55. Oh my! Love the blue! Kate looks so bright and refreshing in this colour. Charlotte cannot be any more adorable!

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