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Kate Wears Alexander McQueen Maxi Dress for Berlin Party

We saw more sartorial diplomacy tonight as Kate and William attended a party at the British Ambassador’s residence in Berlin.Kate Middleton Berlin Red McQueen Dress

The event was a celebration of the Queen’s 91st birthday hosted by Britain’s Ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood.Kate Middleton red McQueen maxi dress, Kate middleton red off shoulder maxi

A broad cross-section of German society was expected to attend the party. Kate Middleton Berlin Red Dress

Prince William delivered remarks to those attending the function, stressing the friendship between Germany and the UK.Kate William Berlin

Our look at what Kate wore begins with the Alexander McQueen dress worn by the Duchess this evening.Kate Middleton Berlin Red McQueen Dress

I mentioned fashion diplomacy because red is one of Germany’s national colors; it is also a color that is flattering on the Duchess. Additionally, the McQueen dress was somewhat reminiscent of a classic Bavarian dirndl to some.Kate Middleton Berlin Red McQueen Dress

From the spring ’17 collection, the Alexander McQueen Off The Shoulder Maxi dress is a blend of silk and cotton with a crinkly texture. The off-the-shoulder maxi-dress has shirring at the neckline, cuffs and waist, as well as a ruffle at the hem. There are also ties at the upper arm.Net-a-Porter

This is one of those instances where it helps to have a good look at the fabric. My guess is that this feels wonderful when it’s on, very soft and lightweight.Net-a-Porter

A thank you to Sophia/Regal Replikate on Twitter for her speedy dress identification. The frock looks like it worked well for tonight’s outdoor party; it looks a bit more casual than Monday night’s soiree in Warsaw.UK in Germany

Kate wore a new (as far as we know) label this evening; her earrings are by Simone Rocha. The Beaded Drop Earrings are made of tapering crystal beads with a post back; they have a 4″ drop ($209).  A ‘thank you’ to HeavenLM on Twitter for the ID on these.



The earrings also come in a red floral design, as well as black, and lime green.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

We saw another pair of wavy strap sandals tonight that have yet to be IDed. I will start looking for those as soon as I hit “publish.” With thanks to everyone for their comments and messages, the shoe is widely considered to be the Prada Scalloped Wavy Strap sandal in a color called Quartz; we show the shoe in black at Net-a-Porter, where it is available in very limited sizes.©

Kate did not carry a handbag tonight.Kensington Palace

Our post on the Cambridge’s color-coordinated arrival in Berlin earlier today is here.

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Saturday 29th of July 2017

I love the dress but I think her hair would have been better in a sleek ponytail. She so rarely wears her hair up but some outfits are improved by a simple updo.


Friday 4th of August 2017

I disagree. I've always felt that Kate loves a touch of Bohemian glamour, and the soft waves and the ruffled dress complement each other well for a more casual affair. An updo would have looked too slick.


Friday 21st of July 2017

It looks like something she would wear in Spain. Im not crazy about it. Im loving that shes painted her toes red and the earrings are cute on her.


Thursday 20th of July 2017

I wanted to like it but I just don't. I think it's because the dress overwhelms her frame. A case of the dress wearing Kate.


Thursday 20th of July 2017

This dress is very similar to a YSL dress worn by Claudia Schiffer at Highgrove in 2001, at an evening attended by Prince William:

This is the second time I have left a comment and in reading the comments lately, and particularly on this post, I wonder whether we (including myself) have grown so unaccustomed to clothing that is not stretch fabric that our eyes are perhaps unaccustomed to seeing clothes that create volume or an intricate proportion. I think it is too easy to jump to say something is costumy or unattractive.

I also just wanted to note that the comments lately are getting difficult to read as they have so much criticism. Many factors invisible to most of us probably go into selecting the wardrobe, including a real understanding the subtle culture and etiquette, as well an attention to budget. I imagine that important colors are identified along with the messages they convey. What is a hit in Germany may not be in other countries. I think it is more interesting to ask why the Duchess of Cambridge would select a certain piece for a visit than to criticize.


Friday 4th of August 2017

I agree so much with this! I enjoy reading the comments section but it gets tedious reading over whether she made the right shoe choice or colour of accessories. I like to consider the deeper implications of her sartorial choices and I am always intrigued by the thoughtfulness of her choices. And it's just downright mean to suggest she looks frumpy or unkempt...we all have our days, and the Duchess is far from slovenly!

Ann Roehrs

Thursday 20th of July 2017

It's definitely the styling that's off here. A well done pony tail, a darker strappy slightly edgier shoe and a great bracelet would have made this a better more pulled together look.


Friday 21st of July 2017

Oh yes, you're absolutely right about the shoes! If you're going to wear a dress this length, where basically just your feet stick out st the bottom, you'd better have on some very DEFINITE shoes, that say, "Yes, this is how it's supposed to look." One of the models is wearing a (terrible) black boot, but it's the color and heft that are needed. Chunky black sandals, I think, would have made the look much more finished.