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Gianvito Rossi: Brought up in the business by his father, noted shoe designer Sergio Rossi, Gianvito Rossi launched his own label in 2006. The brand’s Facebook page is here and Instagram feed is hereWe first saw the Duchess wearing the brand for an engagement in October, 2015. Kate wears the Gianvito 105 (heel height in mm, about 4.1″) and/or the Gianvito 100; a signature style for the designer. She has worn the design in bordeaux (maroon/burgundy), black suede, claret (red) suede, praline (a pale blush pink) suede. Net-a-Porter still stocks the claret, as well as the praline and black.  Multi-store retailer My Theresa offers the shoe in bordeauxin black and in praline; FarFetch also carries the black.



Aquatalia: Headquartered in Montreal, Aquatalia products are made in Italy, Kate frequently purchases them at Russell and Bromley. The company’s Facebook page is here. Notable appearances include Kate’s first formal outing with Prince William 2/25/11, for a lifeboat christening; she wore the “Rouge” booties, called the ‘Royal’ at Nordstrom, and the ‘Ruby Dry’ at Russell and Bromley.

Via Aquatalia

The Duchess wore the “Rhumba” boot (known in the UK as the ‘Hi & Dry’ boot) for another high-profile event, the couple’s appearance at St. Andrews. She continues to wear them frequently.

Via Aquatalia


Stuart Weitzman: The Duchess has developed a deep fondness for this brand. You can visit their website here, their Facebook page is here, Instagram feed is here, and the Twitter page is here  One of Kate’s most-worn styles is the Corkswoon wedge espadrille in ‘nice blue suede.’

Kate Middleton Stuart Weitzman corkswoon

i-Images/Polaris & Stuart Weitzman

In May of 2012 we first saw Kate wearing the ‘Minx’ cork-heeled wedge.

Kate Middleton Weitzman Minx

James Whatling/Splash News

Many of the Weitzman styles Kate wears are available in the UK through Russell and Bromley, which is where the Duchess acquired the Weitzman ‘Zipkin’ and ‘Half & Half Stretch Rider’ boots.

Splash News/Russell & Bromley/Polaris Images

Splash News/Russell & Bromley/Polaris Images


French Sole: All of the Middleton women are fond of French Sole (known as London Sole in the US), the brand is known for its elegant ballet flats. The company’s shoes are made at its own factory in Spain, it has four shops in London, just opened in Asia and plans continued expansion. The French Sole Facebook page is here, its Twitter feed is here. The London Sole Facebook page is here and Twitter feed here.

Below we see Kate in May of 2011 wearing the India (also called the Henrietta) style.

Bruce Adams/Daily Mail & French Sole


LK Bennett: Another London-based company, LK Bennett specializes in elegant, upscale merchandise, including footwear. Kate’s fondness for their products goes back to at least 2006, if not earlier.  The company’s Facebook page is here and their Twitter feed is here.

Perhaps one of the best known styles thus far is the Greta wedge. Worn throughout the day preceding her wedding to Prince William, the black patent leather espadrille was seen again on the day after the wedding, as the couple left Buckingham Palace. The shoe was re-issued in May of 2011 as the Maddox Wedge.

LK Bennett Press Archive

There are several recent appearance with the Duchess in LK Bennett, below we see the ‘Art’ pump (aka court shoe) as worn by Ms. Middleton during a visit to Darwen Academy in April, 2011.

LK Bennett Press Archive

A shoe that is seen frequently, especially during both the 2011 North American tour & the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Tour is the Sledge in light taupe; it has also been worn by Princess Beatrice and Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton.

LK Bennett Press Archive


Jimmy Choo: Kate has shown a growing fondness for the fashion forward styles of Jimmy Choo Facebook page is here,its Twitter feed is here.  The Duchess has worn the glittering Vamp Sandal on many occasions, it was first noted at the BAFTA Gala during the 2011 Tour. Kate also wore the Jimmy Choo Dart Sandal during the 2012 Jubilee Tour, seen below right.

Splash News/Jimmy Choo (L) & Splash News/Jimmy Choo (R)

She is also fond of the the Cosmic Platform pump.

Jimmy Choo ‘Cosmic’


Emmy London: Founded by Emmy Scarterfield, the company specializes in bespoke bridal shoes but also offers less formal styles. Kate wears the Valerie heels in both carbon gray and chocolate brown, and carries the Natasha clutch in matching colors. The Emmy Shoes website is here and the Facebook page is here and the Twitter feed is here.

Emmy Shoes/Splash News

Emmy Shoes/Splash News

Le Chameau: This French brand’s boots have long been favorites of the country set, they are exceptionally well made, and a solid competitor to the Hunter brand. The primary Le Chameau Facebook page is here, the US Facebook page is here, with the US website here.

Le Chameau USA

Kate is generally seen in the Le Chameau Vierzon (or Vierzon Nord).

David Parker/Daily Mail/PA Wire/Press Association Images


Penelope Chilvers:

This London-based company specializes in footwear made in Spain of all natural materials, Ms. Chilvers is credited with introducing the Spanish style riding boot to the UK.  The company’s Facebook page is here. Of course, the style everyone is interested in is the company’s Long Tassel Boot, shown below.

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Penelope Chilvers/Stephen Lock, i-Images

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Penelope Chilvers/Stephen Lock, i-Images


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  1. There have lots of fashionable high heel boots collection. woman have to opinion about that. some woman say that that is painful to wear and some woman feel comfortable. actually a man see high heel boot with very interrestlly. that why as a man i always to see that woman wear high heel boots.
    Thanks a lot

  2. I actually like the fact that she has taste and style, I am glad she came out with the style because it is similar to my style of clothing and I treat myself like a princess everyday in the US. I am buying the boots today, as I was looking for some beautiful boots and thanks to her, I saw them on TV.

    She is not an embracement to me because she is all about family no matter who she is or how she dresses, it just adds flavor that she is beautiful and have taste/style to fashion, this is important for any women’s mortal soul! It brings a great deal of valuable meaning to life when you love family and care of the people, she has shown that in many ways and is well respected in my book. I have a unique way about me and that is what builds my confident, I believe every woman should have this for herself as well, but we shall be influential if we are put in that place to lead others. You can be yourself by being unique and leading others! Thank you Kate!

  3. Trovo che le gianvito rossi siano assolutamente deliziose, di un’eleganza squisita

  4. why don’t you be yourself, ladies

    Kate is, so why don’t you like the clothing that you pick out yourself
    Be yourself, and then you will be happier, for doing that

    sure she dresss very nicely but, yes, a big but here,
    she has the money to that with. So pick out something different,
    be yourself,

    • Following Kate’s style in no way means I do not have my own or that I don’t dress in pieces I like. It simply means that I enjoy how she dresses and while it may influence my style, it does so because I like it.

    • Just because she has alot of money doesn’t mean she can be bold. The press will nail her for her bold actions causing kate to feel bad.
      Look what they do with other things e.g the ‘optical illusion’ of her floating, if they are that picky about that – what does that show you about what they’d do if she were bold?

      Also, perhaps her clothes she wears are what she feels most comfortable in and doesn’t want to embarass herself before the eyes of the world with the media constantly criticizing and exclaiming over her outfits.

  5. Do you know if Kate’s ankle booties, the ones she wore when she arrived to New York, were identified?

  6. The Imperia wedges are now sold within Dune Black collection which is posh end of Dune, as Pied a Terre that was under Dune no longer exist.
    I am happy they continue with the idea that was behind Pied a Terre shoes, I find the designs timeless.

  7. The best Spanish riding boots I have found are the one’s from Fairfax & Favor. I have a pair of the tan ones and I live in them. Hope this helps

  8. Does anybody know if Kate’s Le Chameau Wellies are the Regular Vierzonord or the Ladie’s Vierzonord?

  9. Could you comment on the earrings Kate wore when she came out of the hospital. Is it the jewelry that William gave Kate on the birth of their son? They seem to be rubies in a gold setting [July Birthstone?]

  10. Check out the boots on ‘The Really Wild’ site. They have the same boots with different calf fittings and in different leathers.

  11. please please could someone tell me where Kate got her white sling back shoes she wore when she left hospital with prince George or does anyone know if anyone sells any similar to them many thanks

    • Hi, I feel almost CERTAIN that these are Espadrilles wedge shoes from Pied a Terre. I have a pair in red canvas that are identical but hers are in the nude colour.

  12. First of all I want to say how much I love your website. I too, love to see and hear about Duchess Kate.
    I am wondering if there is a lesser priced short bootie that she wears all the time. Unfortunately, I cannot afford $400.00 for a pair of shoes. Please respond back.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Sherry… I know some ladies have found a good Via Spiga bootie, and the ones Kate wears are also on sale for $286 on Aamazon, I mention that in today’s post. Good luck! :)

      • I also have a very similar bootie by Anne Klein that I purchased at Lord & Taylor and with the sale at the time they were just under $100.

  13. Can you tell me who makes the navy blue suede flat boots Kate wore when she left the hospital?

  14. Stuart Weitzman definitely! We’ve seen her sporting sandals, boots, and wedges. Love those navy suede wedges!!

  15. What about Le Chameau? She and other royals are seen in Le Chameau welly boots often.

  16. Hi,

    Perhaps there could be a section with a slideshow of Kate Middleton looks! With pictures large enough to see the outfits well.


  17. Check out Gomax Jinger wedge espadrille pumps or Aerosole’s Plum Tree Wedge Pumps….they are just like the L.K. Bennett Maddox but are half the price! I’ve been searching all of the internet for something similar and I finally found it. The Aerosoles I got on endless.com.

    Happy hunting!

  18. Hello there! Does anyone know what brand/style are these brown knee high boots that Kate has worn so many times?


    I looked in this entire blog (which I love) hoping to get info, but nothing :( and also looked everywhere on the internet. I love them so much and really want to get a pair, or similar style.


  19. I love the purple shoes Kate wore with the Libelula Dulwich coat. Does anyone know the brand/style? Here’s a link to a photo:



  20. Love her cream colored high heels!

  21. I really wish I could get some of her nude pumps…Are they still sold out?

    Here is my halloween costume:


    this doesnt show the ring..but I had that too.

    • I’m sure you can find the LK Bennett nude pumps at one of their stores in the US! So many people don’t know that they are in the US already!

  22. I think there is a error in the link to the first French Sole site above; you want http://www.frenchsole.com for French Sole/ London Sole by Jane Winkworth rather than http://www.frenchsoleshoes.com as linked, which is actually an Upper East Side- based boutique… still has excellent shoes though!

  23. I think it’s time to update this page with her LK Bennett Sledge pump, given that she seems to wear them at least once a week!

  24. My favorite style is the Rebecca–would love to win either of the offered French Sole designs though!

  25. I like the London Sole Simple and hope I win a pair of London Soles!!

  26. Take a look at Aquatalia Catty Black Suede boots.

  27. Hello. First I want to commend you for your website. It is fantastic, very informative, and very enjoyable to read. I am hoping that someone can provide an answer for me regarding some suede boots that I have seen on both Kate and Pippa. I have seen both ladies wear tall flat suede boot (heel probably around 1inch), in both black and brown. Most recently I saw Pippa wearing the black boots with a white lacy dress, and the tan/cognac boots with a camel colored dress. Does anyone know the brand or where I can find the same boots? I would be grateful for any information you might be able to provide. Thank you, and best wishes for continued success with your website.

  28. Does anyone know where Kate got her black suede boots? Or where I can find a similar pair?

    • I would love to know too! I’m sure it’s here on the site somewhere…time to do some searching!

      • If you are looking for the ones seen last week, they are “Cookie” by Aquatalia, although they seem to be sold out almost everywhere. Hope this helps! :)

    • Her boots are aqualitalia I think and they are very very similar to canadian upscale brand ”LA CANADIENNE” that you can buy online or on zappos.com. From my experience, LA CANADIENNE have better confection, they are waterproof and are quite warm for ”dressy” boots. Both company are owned by the same holding I think.

  29. All LK Bennett shoes are made in Spain by http://www.magrit.es/es/empresa/historia.php

  30. There are currenty a pair of her Aquatalia boots on ebay. I got quite excited until I realised they were a size 4. They may make a loyal Kate fan very happy.

  31. Love the London Sole (French Sole in England) Brown Croc ballet flats- they are amazing. I have several pairs from that company- their flats are timeless and so chic! Thanks for this great blog :)

  32. what sort of gumboots does kate wear on the farm?

  33. Here are a better look at her wedge shoes – scroll down for the picture: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/180571/20110714/kate-middleton-hairstyles.htm

    it looks like the pied a terre you suggested on the website.

  34. what brand and shade of pantyhose does Kate wear?

    • I’m not sure, however, my all time favourite for myself, (and which looks quite similar to Kate’s look) is Dims (Made in France), and the shade I always go to is Gazelle. They always seem to perk up my legs and make an ordinary skirt looks fabulous!

    • It is my understanding that Kate wears John Lewis barely there nonslip tights (hose are called tights in England apparently). They are under $10.

    • I was wondering if Kate wore any hosiery? It doesn’t look as if she does, but surely bare legs wouldn’t be viewed as appropriate? I saw some brands above, but have never seen any that look absolutely invisible in pictures as hose always have that sheen.

  35. Where can I buy the Navy pumps, does anyone know?



  36. The Rogue boot that Kate wore can be purchased again at nordies! I bought these and the Maddox – can’t wait for them to get to me!


  37. I just ordered the LK Bennett Maddox shoe. I am so excited! I completely love this website!!

  38. I know its all about the challenge! I just adore her so much! Kate is classically beautiful in a world that is obsessed with tacky and scandalous! I want to be just like her, not because she is beautiful but because she is timeless!
    I even have started wearing my eyeliner like her! Lol maybe the bf right and something is wrong with me, but she is my style icon and if I want to splurge on Bobbi Brown cosmetics and spend the time replicating her look its up to me! Lol, I agree she is starting to wear more $$$ clothing, like that AMAZING McQueen cream coat. So, even if I can’t have it I has def put me on the lookout for a new coat in my price range. I adore her! I’m just starting to buy more things from Reiss and Zara in hopes that our style will somewhere overlap! I can’t wait until Kate (and Wills) come to the US.
    Happy to know there are more girls like me out there!
    The bf and hs are just going to have to deal:)

  39. Girlfriend, me too. I was up until 2 a.m. trying to find the LK Bennett shoes w/the bow, didn’t want the light pink, wanted them in black. I scored the last pair a few minutes ago in a city in US. I just bought the last of two pair of the “Bubble Stilletto” earrings from Links of London, a few seconds ago. She is starting to wear dresses we “average” girls cannot afford, but we can do the handbags, shoes and accessories. I hope she still throws in a dress or coat we can purchase.
    BF & HB don’t get it. It’s a “I’ve GOTTA HAVE IT” challenge.

  40. Please, does anyone know who makes these boots http://www.osoblog.tv/2008/06/prince_william_will_ask_kate_m.html

    I’m dying for them and honestly cannot find them anywhere! I’ve been searching the internet for about 5 hrs. The bf thinks I have a problem (‘blah, blah, blah.. its 2am why do you care? seriously that guy [william i assume!] doesn’t know what hes done to me…blah, blah blah) …lol I’m sure you ladies hear the same! I wish I could just ring Kate up and ask her where she bought them it would same me some time and the bf a headache!:)

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