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Kate Middleton’s Second Wedding Dress

Today, we take a closer look at the second wedding gown created for Kate Middleton, now formally known as the Duchess of Cambridge.

The gown was designed by Sarah Burton/Alexander McQueen, for the day’s second reception, a much more intimate affair with only 300 guests invited.

The floor-length ivory satin dress featured a circle skirt and diamante detailing around the waist. The Duchess also wore a white Angora shrug or bolero. As you can see, she elected to leave her hair down for a softer, more natural look.

There are not loads of photos available, we did our best to select shots better showing Kate in Ms. Burton’s design. To see how the ensemble looked in a very wide shot, here is a broadcast image from the BBC.

Finally this morning, a word about the shoes Kate wore with her first dress. Like everything else worn yesterday, they were bespoke, made especially and specifically for her, the lace an exact match for that on her gown. Net-a-Porter started promoting a similar” pair of shoes yesterday.

Alexander McQueen at Net-a-Porter

The site is showcasing “exclusive” McQueen pumps with lace over a nude base. The $995 pumps have a 4-1/2″ heel and they are just gorgeous.

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Thursday 28th of December 2017

The bouquet was laid at the tomb of the unknown warrior.

Kristine Daniels

Friday 31st of July 2015

Kate looked stunning! I also saw Diana's wedding another beautiful gown and her funeral. Both women are naturally beautiful and now watching Kate come into her own is fabulous. I'm sure Diana is looking down from heaven and is very proud of William and Kate. May God bless you both with love,and happiness.

Not a legal angel

Saturday 2nd of July 2011

Who caught the boquet?


Thursday 28th of December 2017

it was laid at the tomb of the unknown warrior.

Not a legal angel

Saturday 2nd of July 2011

What willl she be wearing when P. Will is killed in WW IV ? Oh, they didn't say til death do it's part..


Friday 6th of May 2011

Although her first dress was perfect for the occasion and I don't think she could have picked better, I have to confess this one is my favourite. I wonder if it was secretly her favourite too. Although it's gorgeous and she looks stunning in it, it's clearly not suitable for the actual ceremony itself, in Westminster Abbey, with billions of people watching! Also, when I was getting married last year I read that many churches don't allow you to have uncovered shoulders in church, so Kate's first dress was perfect! This second dress was strapless so would have needed a cover-up - and the one she's wearing is sort of unsuitable for an abbey!

Not reaaaally loving the shoes, though... They look a bit old lady-ish, and sadly that's very easy to do with lace! Although nude is a huge trend, these would have looked more modern with something a bit darker in the back, like mink. At the moment, they seem like an uncomfortable mix between wedding shoe and fashion shoe, and don't really hit the mark for either.


Thursday 14th of September 2017

I have never heard of any church requiring a Bride to cover her shoulders,band I live in the Bible Belt of the United States. Wearing a dress with sleeves is just a more classic, timeless look. If I see another sleeveless, mermaid -y dress this decade, I will just gag! The second we all first saw Kate, I immediately knew that much inspiration had been drawn from another "commoner" who married a Prince - the exquisite Grace Kelly who became Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco. Not a copy, but very much inspired, and Grace's dress is not dated,, as so many wedding dresses become. I don't know many Grannies who could stand for long in 4.5 inch heels! I can barely walk in anything over three! :) I think the shoes are sweet and elegant. And probably a bit painful. I would love to see the second dress without the little jacket, I have always wondered about sleeves/ straps/ what the neck was going on there. But the lady deserves to have some secrets. That was such a joyful wedding, so fun to watch. I can't believe they are already expecting Baby Three! Thank heaven every one learned that a future King these days can and should marry only for love, since the days of marrying to make alliances with other countries are so far behind us!

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