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Kate Wears Hudson Jeans and French Sole Flats for the Grocery

Today we have a quick look at casual pieces worn by the newly titled “Duchess of Cambridge” for a trip to the grocery store. (She will always be “Kate” in these quarters.)

The Duchess opted for an olive or forest green wrap (referred to by The Mail as a ‘poncho’) with a ruffled edge atop a white v-neck for her visit to the local market in Anglesey. (How would you refer to it? As a wrap? Shrug? Shawl? Cape? Poncho?)

The man with his face obscured is actually one of her protection officers, that is done for security purposes. According to the story in The Mail she is wearing a brand of flats we have long been fond of, French Sole.

We aren’t yet positive on the specific model, we are thinking it may be the Simple (sans the patent cap toe) or the Henrietta. (We’ll update tomorrow when we have a tad more time.) One interesting tidbit, French Sole actually created a special pair of flats in honor of the wedding, they were only available for one day, last Friday, April 29th.

French Sole

UPDATE: There is a bit of a discrepancy about the specific model of shoe worn by Kate on Wednesday. People magazine quotes a French Sole spokesperson as saying the shoes are the Pirouette model in brown patent leather.

Via London Sole

We tend to go with what the company’s Facebook page says, that it is the Henrietta style.

“We are honoured that the new Princess was seen yesterday wearing her “Henrietta” style brown crocodile ballet flats.”

Here is a bit more about Kate’s history with the brand via the People article:

“A spokesperson for the company tells PEOPLE that the classic style is one of Kate’s go-to designs, and confirms that the newlywed is a regular in both the King’s Road and Knightsbridge stores.” She prefers the Pirouette or the Henrietta shapes and always in neutral colors,” the spokesperson shares, adding, “she’s been coming to us for a good few years now.”

One note, if clicking on any of the links to go look at the shoes, don’t be confused by seeing “London Sole,” that’s the US name for French Sole.

She also wore a pair of skinny jeans from another favorite brand, Hudson.

As far as jewelry worn by Catherine, you may have noticed that stunning engagement ring is back on her left hand; it was moved to her right hand for the ceremony last week, allowing Prince William to slip on her wedding ring.

Links of London

Many have probably recognized the earrings already, the Links of London pair worn in one of the engagement photos. Done in white topaz, the “Hope Egg” motif is is said to represent “hope and new life”.   Sadly, they are not currently available.

One other note, Grazia has responded to the controversy about this cover photo:

Grazia UK

From the magazine’s statement today:

“Over the past 24 hours, stories on the Huffington Post and Jezebel blogs have implied that Grazia altered the image of the Duchess of Cambridge on the cover of the current issue of the magazine, in order to make her look slimmer.

Grazia prides itself on being a publication that champions women and women’s bodies, and we have no reason to make Catherine Middleton appear thinner.”

Click here to read the full statement.

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Tuesday 31st of May 2011

Happy to help anyone with Hudson jeans, we stock the largest range in the UK at Jessica


Tuesday 10th of May 2011

Excellent; I'm entirely enamored of this grocery run look and particularly those flats. If you recommend the brand, that's enough for me to track them down. As usual, thanks!


Monday 9th of May 2011

Although very cute, the London Sole / French Sole ballet flats are expensive. I found a very similar pair at -- Nine West Women's Loredana Casual Ballet Flats in black/crock with little bow tie for $49.99 (U.S.).

pat Samford

Saturday 7th of May 2011

Her shawl is stunning. It would be absolutely wonderful to know how I could purchase one like it. Any idea? Love her looks.


Saturday 2nd of July 2011

Hi Pat! Please check out our "Ruffled Ruanas" handknit in Baby Alpaca! and read all about the greenest animal on earth, there, too. Who says "going green" can't be glamorous?!


Saturday 7th of May 2011

I love the White sweater! Does anyone have any ideas where it's from? xx

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.