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UPDATED: It’s Another Reiss Dress for Kate at the Epsom Derby + LK Bennett Accessories

Kate and William joined Prince Harry and other royals for today’s race at Epsom Downs featuring the Queen’s treasured racehorse, Carlton House. 

UPDATED: With thanks to Michelle & Allison for pointing out the dress, and Nick for showing us the handbag! You are all too wonderful to share your insight.

Below, the Duchess arriving.

Kate was the picture of elegance in an off-white loosely fitted jacket and floaty skirt. It looks like Kate is wearing Reiss again, this time it is the Peacock dress. Thank goodness for our gracious readers pointing this out, as it never occurred to me it might be this dress, and I wrote an entire post about it back on April 7th.

We do not yet have confirmation this is the dress, but it certainly looks like it. UPDATED: It is the ‘Peacock’ dress (£195, approximately $375). Here is how the frock is described on the Reiss website:

“Peacock dress with mesh and cording embroidery at the top, is the perfect occasion dress for Spring. It has a wide round neck, fastens with a concealed zip at the back and cinches in at the waist. A heavily lined and full skirt makes for a super flattering finish.

Kate opted for the Nessie Tweed Jacket by Joseph, seen below in navy at Selfridges. The modified Nehru collar and patch pockets add a nice touch. Fortunately, the jacket is all-cotton, relatively cool for today’s sun and warm temperatures. Another view.

Kate’s hat is the Cappuccino style by Whiteley. It is described as a “stunning versatile pillbox by Whiteley Hats… carefully designed and handmade in the legendary hat manufacturing town Luton using only the finest materials. The pillbox is a brown colour and has a stylish swirl at the top making this hat look effortlessly elegant.”

She carried the Natalie Cutch from LK Bennett. The bag is woven straw on the outside, and also has a short snake chain for carrying or putting over one’s shoulder.

We believe Kate is wearing the Sledge2 court shoe (pump) in light taupe from LK Bennett, part of the company’s Signature Line, 

LK Bennett

Additionally, the Duchess is wearing a pair of drop earrings we have seen previously on her, including her appearance at Darwen Academy. UPDATE: The earrings are the Kiki McDonough Citrine Drops.

Altogether a polished, classic look, very nicely done.  Wearing a solid color, especially white, ensured the Duchess would stand out among all of the floral prints on the ladies and dark top hats and tails worn by the men, who looked exceptionally elegant. It was an outstanding appearance for Kate, only making us more eager to see what she selects for this week’s ARK formal gala.

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Saturday 2nd of July 2011

I don't know if this is interesting for anyone or even possible, but, the heathrow airport website is letting me reserve the cream reiss peacock dress from terminal 5 (At duty free price as well!) I don't know if its only available to people travelling from terminal 5 or if due to being able to reserve it they have must have stock so you might be able to ring them up and get it posted to you. Just thought you might want to let people know. Here is the link anyway:



Friday 17th of June 2011

I think Kate always looks beautiful, but this is not one of my favorite looks. I am 99% certain that is the Peacock dress, as I own it, however it is very short and I am going to have to send mine back. It's fun and pretty, but not practical. Waiting for the "Shola." Now, that is wearable. Bought the "Creme" in black, fabulous dress. It's a lot of dress thought, go down a size.

It's fun having someone to watch w/fashion savy to watch again, isn't it? Kate dresses beautifully & it's nice there is usually a handbag, shoes, earrings or maybe dress that we can all afford! Can't wait to see her 40 outfits for her trip to Canada and U.S.! The site is going to be busy!


Thursday 9th of June 2011

Any idea where this Fuschia dress is from? I love that she stays true to her wardrobe favorites (Maddox shoes from LK Bennett...


Thursday 9th of June 2011

Not yet on the dress, it is the Maddox again and the Links of London Hope earrings again as well. We'll post when we have the dress sorted out. :)


Wednesday 8th of June 2011

I don't really like this look...The dress is too short and seems out of place. I think that something with a splash of color would have been nice.


Tuesday 7th of June 2011

I live your whole set-up here and all the fantastic and detailed information presented so attractively. I'd like to link to you from my blog, because I rarely get into the nitty gritty of price and availability. Awesome work!

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