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Kate Wears Paige Denim, Aquascutum and French Sole for the Grocery Shopping

Kate did some shopping earlier this week, many of you have already seen photos and are familiar with what she wore.  I apologize for the tardy nature of this, we have been buried in work and tonight is the first free moment I have to cobble together a post.

The Duchess mixed old and new pieces for her trip to her local grocery store.

One of the new items, or at least new to most Kate fashion-watchers, is the purple sweater. I recall reading that it was fairly cool in North Wales on Monday, the temperature was about 60-65° Fahrenheit, so the heavier sweater makes sense.  At any rate, the wise eyes from the fabulous Kate Middleton Style Blog believe the Duchess was in Ralph Lauren’s Black Label Slim Fit Cashmere Sweater.

Ralph Lauren

The sweater retails in the US for $398 and remains available on the PRL site as of this writing (Thursday 8.4.2011).

The other new item is the denim jeans worn by Kate. They are by Paige Denim, the company’s Skyline Ankle Peg jeans in Beachwood.

Paige Denim ‘Skyline Ankle Peg’

This particular style runs $189, it is available in a number of different rinses. The company has a fascinating back story, started by former model Paige Adams-Geller, who overcame struggles with anorexia and decided to start a jeans company based on the belief no one should have to be a size 0 to look great in jeans. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, where the jeans are also manufactured, but its products are available internationally at a wide variety of retail outlets.

Those familiar with Kate’s accessories during the Royal Tour will recognize her Aquascutum scarf, we show her wearing it below in an Aquascutum promotional graphic.

Some were not entirely convinced the scarf was by Aquascutum when it was worn in Canada, one way you can always tell with Aquascutum:

Kate also brought back a pair of her favorite ballet flats, the French Sole ‘India,’ worn by the Duchess for another grocery trip back in May. The brand is known as London Sole in the US, and this particular shoe is called the Pirouette. It is $165, sold out in Kate’s brown croc color, but available in many other colors and patterns.

Thank you for being so understanding about the work pressures!

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Tuesday 9th of August 2011

I'm moving to England next week -- can't wait to shop in Tesco. :)


Tuesday 9th of August 2011

Thanks so much for this blog! I love it and I love Catherine, she is just so beautiful.

A question about the scarf - It says on the Aquascutum site that it is 150cm long. I have a pure wool scarf from Scotland, which is about 160cm long and it doesn't NOT look like this when I loop in around my neck and tie in a lose knot. Catherine's scarf looks so much longer, hanging down near her waist and she is quite tall. I'd love a scarf that looks like that - be interesting to know how long it actually is!!!

Trace Australia


Wednesday 10th of August 2011

I agree you! I would think her scarf would need to be almost 90" long to tie it like that! If you look closely at the Just Jared pictures, the fabric looks more like a cotton cloth than wool. Did they make a cotton version of this scarf that may have been longer? Does anyone own the scarf on the Aquascutum site and can share your opinions with us?


Sunday 7th of August 2011

I see that Minnie Rose have set up an online website to cope with heavy demand for their cashmere ruffle shawl since Kate was seen wearing her pine-colured one while out shopping. But US$ 319.00 each - ouch. Might have to get out the knitting needles!

Picture of ruffled shawl and order form here:


Saturday 6th of August 2011

I've just done a post of Princess Mary's pale blue ballet flats. If anyone is interested, there's a few other good companies that do similar ballerinas.


Saturday 6th of August 2011

It is nice to see the return of the cable knit sweater.

When I was in school, many many years ago, that was an item found in every young woman's sweater press. If one purchases quality items, takes loving care of one's clothes, is lucky enough not to change size, and puts things away for when when they will be in style again, then one is definitely in luck. There is something to be said for classic styles.

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