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Kate Stays Patriotic in Red Trainers & Blue Team GB Gear

Kate has been at a variety of venues the last two days, wearing much the same ensembles as those seen previously. Today she started her Olympic venue visiting at Gymnastics.

She visited with Team GB gymnast & Bronze Medalist Kristian Thomas, this is what he tweeted:

Kristian Thomas Twitter Feed

Mr. Thomas wasn’t the only athlete delighted by Kate’s presence, the USA’s Jordyn Wieber tweeted her excitement.

Jordyn Wieber Twitter Feed

The Duchess was solo again this morning, William and Harry were playing in a charity polo match, Rebecca English of the Daily Mail shared this photo of the duo along with other team members. (William is in red, Harry in blue.)

Rebecca English, Daily Mail YFrog

Back to Kate, after gymnastics she moved on to women’s handball, here we show her at the Team GB vs. Croatia game.

John Stilwell/Press Association Wire

It looks like she is wearing her Diamonds by the Yard bracelet from Tiffany, and she wore new pearl drop earrings we haven’t noted previously. (I apologize, we just don’t have good images of those yet from the two photo agencies I use.)

Another image, this one via NavNav_AVO on Twitter.

Via August’s Own (NavNav_AVO) Twitter

The Duchess sported a blue Team GB polo as opposed to the white we have been seeing, and she added a different pair of shoes to the mix.

Via Miss Mayer Instagram

Kate was also spotted by others today, user Will Munn tweeted this photo as Kate walked through Olympic Park with Rebecca Deacon and her PPO.

Via Will Munn Twitter Feed

Anthony Harrison was also at the Park, he posted this picture, you can see others taking photos of the Duchess.

Anthony Harris Twitter

Here Kate gives a thumbs-up and you can almost see her Le Pliage bag, George Murphy shared the photograph.

George Murphy Twitter

It is the Le Pliage shoulder tote (you can tell because it has the longer handles) by Longchamp, we show it at Saks.

Sak’s Fifth Avenue

For those unfamiliar with the bags, they are nylon with leather trim, and they’re wonderful, they are *very* sturdy and can really take a beating. This might give a better idea of size for the large model. & George Murphy Twitter

This size is $145, but there is a multitude of colors and styles available, you can see almost all of them at the Longchamps site.

Instagram user Lloyd Morgan posted this photo of Kate, her red sneakers are just about visible at the bottom of the image.

Lloyd Morgan Instagram

We believe they are the Adidas Supernova Glide in vivid red and metallic silver.

Adidas Supernova Glide

The shoes are available in most sizes at Kitbag.


The trainers (sneakers, tennis shoes) are priced at $131 at Kitbag, it’s possible they are available elsewhere, we only had time to check John Lewis, they offered the shoe at £100, but it is shown as being out of stock.

Another image, this one via Benjamin Salas from earlier in the day when Kate had on her Team GB fleece top.

Benjamin Salas Instagram

We also have a quick update to Friday’s post, when Kate was sported a red Zara blazer for the thank you party at Team GB House.

Team GB Facebook Page

It turns out Kate’s polka dot top is most likely a Zara piece as well.

In other Team GB news, Mrs. Regal Eyes alerted us a special series of stamps is being issued by the Royal Mail, each Gold Medal winner will be showcased on their very own postage stamp. This is how the stamp for Heptathlon winner Jessica Ennis will look.

London 2012

You can learn more about the stamps here, at the Royal Mail site.

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Wednesday 15th of August 2012

Love the red sneakers. I have actually been concerned that Kate will ruin her feet with all the standing she does in sky high heels. I have seen ladies with seriously deformed and painful feet because of wearing heels all the time.


Thursday 9th of August 2012

Anyone who's familiar w/royal history and/or protocol may know the answer to this one but isn't there or wasn't there some protocol "rule" that members of the royal family should be taller than the people around them? I seem to remember reading that somewhere as the reason that so many of the more petite royal ladies wore high heels back in the day. Seeing Kate out and about in the wedges and with the height difference it gives her made me wonder if that protocol issue maybe is part of the reason she's wearing such a high heel and a relatively formal shoe to the events?


Sunday 12th of August 2012

No, I'm afraid not. There is no "protocol rule" requiring British royals to be taller than everyone else around them. Such a rule never existed in Britain and certainly has nothing to do with the Duchess's wedges.

Queen Victoria was 4'11" tall. She didn't wear platform shoes, and the women and men who served the court and the government didn't scoot around on their knees in order to avoid appearing taller than she was.

The British have never been that silly.


Thursday 9th of August 2012

No not in British history. You might be thinking of some of the mid-East potentates and of course in the far east where one had people crawling on their hands and knees so that they would alwyas be lower.

It was protocol (and still could be) that one does not show his/her back to the monarch but I am not sure that that is followed still today.

Heather Bryan

Wednesday 8th of August 2012

Is it just me, or does it crack you up that she has a name tag reading "HRH Duchess of Cambridge?". As if she needed a name tag. Lol

I understand security and all, but it still struck me as cute.


Wednesday 8th of August 2012

I like her red sneakers. They're fun and add just the right pop of color.


Wednesday 8th of August 2012

Hello! first and foremost, this website is amazing, so thank you for all your work! The "mistery top" might be one from Zara Basic, I have a shirt that looks exactly the same I bought last winter. Unfortunately the inner label has been cut so I don't have any further detail except Made in Portugal. I can send some picts to the Administrator though! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.