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Kate in Red for Royal Thank You

Today things started off on a familiar note wardrobe-wise as the Duchess attended several Olympic events on her own.

Kate was in a navy Adidas Team GB fleece top for track and field, she then moved on to watch the Team GB vs. Pakistan field hockey match. 

Beneath the Team GB fleece, she wore her white Team GB polo shirt, and also had on what appears to be the same dark navy skinny jeans worn yesterday, along with the thinner belt noticed by many WKW Facebook friends. The Duchess being seated. In the center of the photo, you also see Sir Tim Laurence (seated), Princess Anne’s husband.

Kate carried her Adidas warmup jacket; it can be seen later in the day, as well as her Zara skinny jeans, and the Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon (it is named the Coco Pop at Russell & Bromley in the UK) shoes.

The Duchess then changed clothes for a get-together with William at Team GB house late this afternoon. The visit to Team GB House was something Kate and William requested; they wanted to say “thank you” to volunteers and military personnel for all of their work helping stage the games.

Below we see Kate dancing at the party with the Team GB mascot, Pride, in a photo shared by ITV’s Widiane Moussa.

Widiane Moussa/ITV Twitter Feed

Another view of the Duchess chatting with volunteers. 

The couple then went on to the Aquatic Centre, once again they proved a good luck charm, swimmer Becky Adlington won her second bronze medal of the Games. Kate and William chatted with Edward and Sophie, as well as former British rower Sir Steve Redgrave (far left), and Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt (right), all seated nearby.

It looked like Kate wore Zara’s red Blazer with Gathered Shoulders, £69.99 at the UK site, the piece runs $99.90 in the USA.

The piece features slanted front pockets, peak lapels, the gathered shoulders noted in the product name, four gold buttons at the cuff, and a single button front closure. It is a blend of polyester and viscose with a spot of elastane for stretch.

The skinny jeans worn tonight appear to be black, not the dark navy seen earlier today, and they carry tags that look very much like Zara’s. We know Kate is more-than-fond of the retailer’s skinny trousers, we hope to confirm the maker shortly. The top remains a mystery.
Harry and William spent time this afternoon doing television interviews. The young Princes spoke with several networks, including the BBC, as well as Canadian and Australian media outlets. In the BBC interview, William shared his concern about yesterday’s PDA, aka “The Hug.” (When the two publicly embraced following a Gold Medal performance by Team GB in cycling.)


The Mirror has more in this story.

Prince William joked about the cameras zooming in on him and wife Kate getting lovey-dovey at the cycling last night. The royal couple were pictured hugging and hold each other as Sir Chris Hoy and his team-mates pedalled to gold medal glory at the velodrome.And William told the BBC tonight: “I was absolutely dreading they were going to come and show myself and my wife.

“That would have been very embarrassing.”

To see their interview with Australia’s Channel 9 (shown below) in its entirety, click here.

Channel 9 Australia

In a wacky side note, Leila McKinnon, the woman interviewing William and Harry for Channel 9, appears to be wearing the same Zara jacket as Kate. Ms. McKinnon posted this image on her Instagram feed.

Leila McKinnon/Channel 9 Instagram

We still expect to see Kate at Women’s Hockey tomorrow, most probably Team GB vs. China at 4pm, that’s 11am EDT/8am PDT.
When it comes to future planning, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Kate and William at Sunday’s Gold Medal round in men’s singles tennis. Mr. Murray will play Roger Federer on Sunday at Wimbledon.
  • The Daily Mail’s story with loads of photos is here
  • NBC’s album with photos of William & Kate at tonight’s swimming is here
  • The Mirror has published a full transcript of the Princes’ BBC interview, click here to read that
  • To see the Telegraph’s video on William & Kate’s visit to Team GB House, click here.

The Telegraph


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Sunday 5th of August 2012

If anyone remembers the "Rainbow Queen" graphic that Vogue put together analyzing how often the Queen wore various colors during her engagements last year, the Daily Mail put together a similar graphic for Kate:


Sunday 5th of August 2012

Love the red jacket, the wedges, the polka dots, and the jubilant hug!


Saturday 4th of August 2012

When I saw the polka dot shirt that Kate was wearing, I immediately thought of my almost identical one I have from Zara. I think it must be from there.

Kate's Great

Saturday 4th of August 2012

I just loved their public hug. It is very refreshing to see the young royals acting so... natural and spontaneous with each other! I think there is a difference between being stuffy (old royals) and reserved (new royals). The change is welcome. They are still reserved as decorum dictates but with a bit of fun on the side.

Also, I love her hair in the ponytail! So adorable and great for a sporting event!!! She knows how to put the details together. :)

Taylor Dorn

Monday 6th of August 2012

I absolutely agree with your comment about details. It amazes me how she can add just the right accessory and it perfectly brings the whole ensemble together.

By putting her hair in a ponytail, you can really see her natural beauty and how the makeup she wears only enhances her features.


Saturday 4th of August 2012

They are just the best-looking couple. I love Kate and Will. I am obsessing over her sunglasses. I can't seem to find them in the US: Givenchy SGV761-0700. I think I found one site online but it doesn't seem very trustworthy. I wonder if they glasses are mostly sold overseas.

I can't be the only one. :> Obsessed about everything Kate wears!

Thank you so much!


Sunday 5th of August 2012

You aren't the only one, Jenna, as evidenced ty the popularity of this and other similar web sites. I too am looking at her sunglasses and thinking that I might just save up and get some similar frames when I get my next {prescription} pair.They will have to last a long time as I'm sure they cost a fortune and I'm really pretty, I admit I'm a tightwad! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.