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Kate Brings Back 2007 Skirt For Team GB Hockey Match

We are back with a quick update on what Kate wore for today’s exciting hockey match between the Team GB women and New Zealand.

Rebecca Naden/PA Wire

Here we see Kate in a picture shared by Liz Rawlins, Ms. Rawlins is with London 2012 Press Ops.

Liz Rawlins Twitter Feed

She wore a white knit pullover Team GB top, it is sleeveless with ribbed armholes, buttons at the front and multiple London 2012 insignias and logos on the left. She brought back her Givenchy sunglasses, Tiffany bracelet, and Stuart Weitzman Cocoswoon wedges.  Her Hobbs Neston belt has also been seen previously, paired with her Wessex dress on July 26. (Our post on that is here.)

Press Association

Eagle-eyed fashion fans will recognize the skirt, we have seen it previously, as far back at 2007. The denim style features elements common in jean skirts, like a zip front, multiple pockets front and back, and belt loops. Kate’s also has a pleat in the front.

Once again Kate brought good luck, the team won a Bronze medal, only their second Bronze medal in British women’s hockey team history. Below we see an image from the Team’s victory lap, posted by Hockey Team doctor Graeme Wilkes on Twitter.

Graeme Wilkes Twitter

Here we see Kate chatting with team members via Jess Wilkes Twitter feed.

Via Jess Wilkes Twitter Feed

Some may recall Kate’s visit with the Team back in March.

Team GB Hockey

She even played a bit during that visit, Kate is no stranger to the sport, she captained her team at Marlborough.

Team GB Hockey

Here we see Kate chatting in an image from CTV producer Trish Bradley on Instagram.

Trish Bradley Instagram

Team member Georgie Twigg summed up on Twitter how excited she was by the big win.

Georgie Twigg Twitter

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Saturday 11th of August 2012

I think this outfit would have looked much cuter if the top had been navy or red, with a button or two done up as well. hate to mention this but I thought the Team GB shirt was a bit of a faux pas in this circumstance when she was watching a match against NZ given that she will also be queen of that country some day too. I know she is an Olympic Ambassador for Team GB but let's not forget the bigger role she will play. Given that many countries in the Commonwealth do more than flirt with becoming republics she may wish to be a bit more politically correct in the future, that is assuming that the BRF care about the Commonwealth continuing in the first place.


Sunday 12th of August 2012

very true but she does look lovely.


Saturday 11th of August 2012

I have tended to keep a white skirt like this in my wardrobe for summer time always...when I can, I keep one like it in light stone also - just good summer staples. I am surprised to see so many buttons undone on her with the way the team shirt fits tightly across her breast area. Not anything I mind but seems she has been a lot more conservative in her necklines since getting married. Maybe she wanted to flash some hot shots of herself up to Wills since he had to leave and go back to work with air rescue.


Saturday 11th of August 2012

I once had a shirt in a style similar to the one Kate's wearing today. I wore it once - ONCE - because the buttons were too small for the hole and kept undoing themselves. I'm wondering if that's what is happening here. It also looks as though maybe the top only just fits her; if you're even a smidge too big for a shirt, everything can get a bit wonky.

Besides, Kate doesn't exactly have anything on display. Sure, it's unbuttoned a bit more than usual, but it's not like she's displaying anything, either.


Saturday 11th of August 2012

Oh wow.....way too much cleavage for a Duchess, for goodness sake!


Saturday 11th of August 2012

Very summery and casual. Exactly what a summer sporting event is. This outfit is fine except for clunky shoes. I still think a bright ballet flat would work great. I didn't even notice cleavage until people wrote about it, which tells me it isn't an issue.

Kate's Great

Saturday 11th of August 2012

Oh my goodness.... I LOVE that skirt!!! I have been trying to find something like it for a few years.

And in the last pic (it's an upper body shot and she's gazing off to the side, smiling), it just gave me a flashback to the days before she was Mrs. William Wales, so sweet, simple, innocent, (of course she's all those things now, but there was an air of innocence then especially). I just love how genuine the shot is. Thanks for reporting as always, WKW!

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