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3 New Patronages for The Duchess, Kate & Carole Do a Little Shopping

We wanted to briefly update Kate’s Calendar and also share news about her new Patronages. This way tomorrow’s post won’t be endless.

We have added another appointment to Kate’s Calendar. On Monday, April 29 she helps celebrate Children’s Hospice Week with a visit to Naomi House Children’s Hospice. After a tour of the facility she will join some of the Naomi House children and their families in a tea party. (That also happens to be William and Kate’s 2nd wedding anniversary.)


Yesterday Kate’s new Patronages were announced, one is the Natural History Museum. Below we see Kate at the November opening of the Museum’s Treasures Gallery.

As the Telegraph noted in its story, Princess Diana was also the Museum’s Patron.

She has been so wary of comparisons with the late Diana, Princess of Wales that the Duchess of Cambridge has deliberately avoided following in her footsteps – until now.

The fact that the Duchess has for the first time accepted an invitation to succeed the Princess reflects her growing confidence that she has established herself as a member of the Royal family in her own right, to the extent that she no longer feels awkward about comparisons with the “People’s Princess”.

Also added to Kate’s list of charities, Place 2 Be. The artwork shown on the site (not to mention the words in the pictures!) makes a powerful message.

From the charity’s comments on Kate becoming Royal Patron:

The Duchess’ support will help Place2Be hugely in its efforts to shine the spotlight on child mental health, and on the need to tackle these issues at the earliest possible stage, so that children have the brightest possible futures…

You can see a wonderful new animation piece about Place 2 Be by clicking here.



Kate will see the program working in person this Tuesday; that is when she visits The Willows Primary School. The Duchess will be involved in launching a new program that is a joint effort of the Royal Foundation, as well as Comic Relief, Place2Be and Action on Addiction.

BTW, we have an update on that arson fire set at The Willows School. The School has launched a fundraising effort via the crowd-sourcing site Go Fund Me. From the school’s Go Fund Me page:

Before this nightmare happened, our gargantuan, adventure Fort Henry was absolutely amazing. It was the best thing we had, everyone was eager to play on it – playtime could not come quick enough! It also helped improve children’s behaviour.

Kate’s third new Patronage is Sports Aid.

Sports Aid

Sports Aid

This charity funds athletes training for Paralympic and Olympic competition. More from that Telegraph article:

Tim Lauler, the charity’s chief executive, said the Duchess became aware of the charity through her work as an ambassador for TeamGB during the London 2012 Olympics.

He said: “She did her own research into the sort of help young athletes need before lottery funding kicks in, and came to see us about a month ago to ask about the hurdles they face, the role of parents and so on. She was really thorough and impressive.”


In other news, Kate has been seen out shopping and lunching with her mother, Carole Middleton. E! Online has exclusive photos of Kate in a navy maternity top with a white lace collar, the pictures were shown last night on E! News. The Duchess is carrying her grey Tod’s D-Styling bag.

The duo were at Blue Almonds, a shop specializing in children’s room decor and furniture design.  Below we see styles for a little girl, shared by blogger Christina Doherty in a post found here.

Via Cici Crib Blog

Via Cici Crib Blog

And looks that would work for a baby boy’s room.

Via Cici Crib

Via Cici Crib Blog

The Boutique’s owner, Izabela Minkiewicz, confirmed Kate had been in shopping, telling Marie Claire UK:

“We had the honour of the Duchess of Cambridge visiting our shop on Walton Street.”

More pieces by Blue Almonds.

Blue Almonds

Blue Almonds

The company also does artwork in a variety of styles and themes.

Blue Almonds UK

Blue Almonds UK

Kate and Carole are seen carrying a white Moses basket in the E! story. Below we show an example of a Moses Basket, it is basically a portable bassinet or crib. There are a variety of styles, some with tops and others without, differing designs for the sides, interior, etc.


Badger Basket via Hayneedle


We have two updated posts to tell you about.

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Mirrorpix / Splash News

  1. Our post on Kate’s UK Scouting training has been updated to reflect that the Really Wild Clothing Company cap shown in our photo is not in Kate’s fabric. The Duchess’s hat is in ‘Tweed Moss Fleck,’ while our photo shows the cap in ‘Ivy Dogtooth Tweed’. Really Wild says says they will not be getting Kate’s Moss Fleck fabric back in stock, but will have more in the Ivy Dogtooth pattern.
  2. Last Sunday’s post “The Duchess Does Some Shopping & Calendar Getting Crowded” has been updated to reflect that Kate was wearing Really Wild Clothing Company’s ‘Tweed Waistcoat in Mulberry,’ not the waistcoat we originally showed. More may be found here.
Really Wild Clothing Company Facebook Page

Really Wild Clothing Company Facebook Page


A reminder that tomorrow Kate is in Windsor for the annual Scouts Parade, we will see you then.


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Monday 29th of April 2013

The photos of Kate and Carol shopping are now on Daily Mail website. Are there are any leads on the maternity top yet?

Rachael Tagg

Monday 22nd of April 2013

Did we ever get to ID the tunic/top worn when shopping with Carole? I know there's issues in showing the pic, but I was fortunate enough to see it before it was removed and now I want that top (surprise, surprise!). RT


Monday 26th of October 2020

Hello, its a few years' late but can someone please id Kate's tunic/ top in the shopping pics? Thanks a ton! :)


Sunday 21st of April 2013

Hi, do you have a direct link to the EOnline photos? I cannot find them anywhere. Thanks


Saturday 20th of April 2013

Can you give us the link to the EOnline photos? Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.