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Kate’s Maternity Style while Shopping (No Photos)

We have several updates to share, beginning with word on what Kate wore on a few recent shopping expeditions.

The first outing was a trip to a store Kate has visited before, Youll’s Antiques, located in Hungerford.

You'lls Antiques

You’lls Antiques

I don’t have access to the photos (click here to see them all at PopSugar), but can share a few things Kate wore.

The Duchess is in a new trench coat, at least one we haven’t previously identified. The coat looks very much like a Burberry garment, similar to the label’s Double Cotton, Cotton Sateen or Long Cotton Gabardine models, but there are still elements that aren’t identical. One of the more distinguishing characteristics is the tab collar; the other is the depth of the hem, it looks like it is at least 4 to 5 inches.

Kate appears to be wearing a knit trouser, probably a maternity style. Her shoes look very much like the French Sole (London Sole in the USA) Henrietta ballet flats.

French Sole

French Sole

It is tough to see in the photos available, but they appear to be darker than the brown pair Kate has frequently worn.
UPDATED July 3, 2013: We have confirmed the shoes are London Sole’s Henrietta, Kate is said to be wearing the quilted black style.

The Duchess is carrying a familiar bag, her Tod’s D-style in grey. Kate has her bag for years, this is the current version sold by Tod’s, in shadow grey.

Tod's D-Syling Medium Leather Bag

Tod’s D-Syling Medium Leather Bag

There is another series of photos being released in an Australian magazine, Woman’s Day.(Image is lower left that we’re referencing.)

Woman's Day Australia

Woman’s Day Australia

The pictures show Kate shopping, but again, I don’t have access to the images, only the cover shown above. However, having looked at the pictures I think Kate is wearing this frock, Seraphine’s Wrap Dress with Tie in the navy spot colorway.

UPDATED 6.27.2013: We have received verification this is the dress Kate is wearing in the photos. Apparently the Duchess has as many as a dozen Seraphine dresses, so it’s likely we could see her in more from the brand.

Seraphine Mock Wrap Dress

Seraphine Mock Wrap Dress

The dress is described this way:

This gorgeous mock wrap maternity dress is an essential for your maternity wardrobe. In a pretty navy polka dot print with a chic side bow detail, this dress is perfect for any occasion. The above the bump side tie highlights your empire line and flatters your bust and growing bump.

In this series of photos Kate also appears to be wearing the same cardigan wore in early June. I do not have a link directly to this story, I am sure it is online yet.


An update on the ASOS Maternity Dress that Kate is seen in above: it seems the dress has been restocked, and it is now offered in two lengths. The green is not offered (at least not on the ASOS US site), but the ecru color remains available.



Officially called the ‘Belted Dress with Scoop Neck,’ the frock is no longer on sale, but still a bargain, selling at $42.43 with free shipping. It is part of the ASOS Maternity Collection.

Also still available and on sale, the yellow Marella Silk Coat by Emilia Wickstead worn to the Queen’s garden party in June.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Originally priced at $1826, the piece is now discounted by 50% at Matches fashion, to $912. In fact, all of the Wickstead summer pieces at Matches are on sale, the discount looks to be 50% for everything.


We want to publicly congratulate Alese T., she is the winner of our StyleRocks Citrine Ring giveaway, part of our continued fundraising efforts for EACH.

Many, many thanks to Pascale at StyleRocks for being such a dream to work with! I know Alese is going to love her ring. Thank you to *everyone* who entered, you are loads of fun to do giveaways with .


Our newest Baby Cambridge Fundraiser event is another fabulous auction.

eBay Giving Works Auction

eBay Giving Works Auction

This auction has those iconic Really Wild Seville boots The boots sell for £295 (roughly $450), they are chocolate brown suede, handcrafted in Spain. Most Kate fashion followers will recognize the Azuni earrings included in the auction, worn in Tuvalu during last year’s Jubilee Tour. Azuni has kindly donated a pair of their Disc Stud Earrings With Drop in Aqua Blue, the pair worn by Kate. The company was especially generous, also donating a pair of the earrings in Purple.

Azuni Disc Stud Earrings with Drop Stone

Azuni Disc Stud Earrings with Drop Stone

This is another eBay Giving Works auction, all of the proceeds go directly to EACH. You can look at the Royal Favorites auction by clicking here. Our thanks to the good folks at Really Wild Clothing Company and Azuni for their generosity.






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Wednesday 7th of January 2015

I was just wondering if there has been any update on whether Kate was actually wearing Hobbs 'Prior' ballet flats, and not French Sole here. I seem to remember there was a discussion going on somewhere, but perhaps with the thousands of Kate-related sites I visit, my mind could be inventing memories!


Wednesday 28th of August 2013

There is a good copy of Kate's rain jacket/trench at Banana Republic. The coloring might be a bit different and some details off, but it otherwise seems to be a good substitute.

Kristen from MA

Friday 28th of June 2013

Seraphine actually uses the word 'bump' in the product description?! I would be so happy to never hear the term 'baby bump' ever again.

But I do like the dress. :)


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

On paper the McQueen collections looks a no-no BUT...

2nd group of pictures: 1st picture. Remove white pockets( why are they there?) but keep plain top and then turn printed trousers into skirt - lovely dress (maybe for Australia trip?)

5th group of pictures - like the skirt of 1st picture - pale blue with eyelet detail - would make a good base for a dress (but too rude for a royal as far as the top goes).

6th group of pictures - love the print on the cropped top in the first picture. So a dress in this fabric with a plain cropped jacket or vice versa with a jacket in this and a plain dress.

Save this and let me know! Can you see any options?

Great post - many thank.


Tuesday 25th of June 2013

I love the trench with ballet flats look. Just right for casual antiquing. I also like that little maternity wrap dress.

The McQueen collection doesn't include anything I think the Duchess would wear. However, Sarah Burton has turned out some bespoke items for the Duchess, things she wouldn't actually include in her collections because they don't display the trademark McQueen edginess. Perhaps these fabrics will appear in something designed just for her royal client.

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