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Kate’s Calendar Getting Busy, Looks for Spring/Summer 2014 from Duchess Designers

Many thanks for your kind messages while recovering from our little desktop disaster. We have managed to locate most data and get it moved over to a new Mac, so calm prevails once again here at WKW HQ.  We are back with several additions to Kate’s calendar and a look at styles for next spring from a few designers whose work Kate wears.

First, the engagements added to Kate’s calendar:

  • October 18th she will be taking part in a SportsAid workshop in London. The Duchess is Patron of the organization, and at “her first visit as SportsAid’s Patron, the engagement will provide the Duchess with an opportunity to meet the athletes and their parents and get a detailed insight into the challenges they face.”
  • William and Kate will host their first gala at Kensington Palace on October 24th: the 100 Women in Hedge Funds dinner benefits Action on Addiction, one of Kate’s patronages. NOTE: Because I have had a few inquiries about this, I wanted  to share that official events like those listed above are held in the State Apartments, technically not the couple’s “home”. That is why I am refraining from writing that Kate and William are hosting an event at “their home,” as it really isn’t the case.
  • A story by Richard Palmer in the Express notes another gala is in the works, one featuring entertainment by Bon Jovi and benefiting Centrepoint, Prince William has been the organization’s Patron since 2005. This event is tentatively slated for Nov. 26. (Please note this is tentative only and not confirmed.)

On Monday Prince William hosted the first-ever football (aka soccer in the US) match at Buckingham Palace. He told players and fans he was excited to be playing football on his grandmother’s lawn, but advised that “… if anyone breaks a window, you can answer to her.” Below we see William with Hannah Gunn; Miss Gunn shared this photo on her Twitter account. The match was one of many events marking the 150th Anniversary of the Football Association, of which William is president.

Hannah Gunn Twitter Feed ( ‏@HannahGunn_X)

Hannah Gunn Twitter Feed ( ‏@HannahGunn_X)


Also today, an overview of several spring collections by designers Kate wears. It should be noted that few collections offered immediately embraceable designs. The majority were too dramatic, showcasing the “press pieces” created to create buzz resulting in editorial space on influential websites and fashion magazines. This is the case with one of Kate’s go-to labels, Alexander McQueen. From Sarah Burton’s show notes:

It doesn’t matter what the perceived theme of a collection is when the work is amazing, as it was in the case of Sarah Burton’s spring Alexander McQueen collection.

Kilts, leggings, biker jackets, boxy coats and tunic tops all feature with a nod to uniform and sportswear. Shoulders are relaxed. Inner structures are absent and garments are finished with laser cutting so that they are eased and light.

Most critics raved about the collection. From Women’s Wear Daily:

Certainly the collection harkened back to the harder, stricter side of Alexander McQueen’s aesthetic, which Burton has eschewed in favor of the more romantic. Here, she showed she can be as incisive with the tough stuff as McQueen

From Vogue:

First thing to say: The work in these clothes is so intensely elaborate—from the textiles, which looked like checkered tweed but are actually formed from feathers and beads, down to the minutely lacy cropped leggings smothered with even more minuscule beading—that the full impact of its stunning quality can hardly be appreciated from even a few steps away. “It was about getting back to the love of making clothes, really,” said Burton.

Back to Vogue’s review:

…it was a relief to see Burton inserting more wearable ideas into her collection, too. Crocodile harnesses and hard leather jackets may be all very “signature” for McQueen, but in there amongst them, were glimpses—coats, swishy flared skirts, flocked track pants, a pair of summery printed cotton shorts with a matching bra top—of how this collection can translate to daily life.

One need only look at some of the fall frocks by Alexander McQueen styles to know that in most cases pieces are toned down dramatically for consumption by the general public.  Below, two gowns from this fall’s line: the black ‘Glory’ Embellished Floor Length Gown and the Asymmetric Bustier Gown in red.

If interested in seeing all next spring’s Alexander McQueen looks, click here.


 Next, the Roland Mouret spring collection. From Women’s Wear Daily:

Mouret explored his showier side with bold color play, from black-and-white stripes on a leather coat to a skirt with a turquoise inset. These, along with many other looks, had an early Eighties feel — think Debbie Harry. The use of gaffer’s tape details as straps on a dress or appearing to hold together different fabrics for a top added a punkish, but polished, DIY vibe.

From Vogue‘s review:

Although Mouret is perhaps best known for a sexy, figure-hugging silhouette, this season the easier pieces actually felt more him. They were very pretty, less aggressive in color and shape, and overall easier to wear.

The garments are much busier than the Mouret gown Kate wore in 2012.

Splash News/Roland Mouret/Splash News

Splash News/Roland Mouret/Splash News

One completely non-scientific way I gauge popular reaction to designer styles is via the WKW Pinterest Boards. Following are four Roland Mouret looks I pinned on the Kate Designers: Spring/Summer 2014 board. Not one received a single “like” or a “repin,” where someone puts the image on one of their own Pinterest boards.

Above, the Jerah Jacket and Tupelo skirt in magenta crepe, Layan dress in monochrome basket weave, Aralia dress in magenta lacquered satin and the black Magnolia dress in embossed silk jacquard, stretch double crepe and honeycomb tulle. With modification to the skirt on the far left, it isn’t difficult to visualize Kate in a suit like the shocking pink. I could see the Duchess in the dress second from left with a jacket atop the garment, but have a tough time seeing the pink lacquered frock re-worked for Kate. There are no difficulties in that regard when it comes to the black Magnolia dress on the right.

It is easier to see Kate in some of this fall’s pieces by Mr. Mouret, like the Sibony black crepe gown with the lace insert on the back, the teal Breccia Folded wool dress, or the Serizzo stretch knit dress (classic LBD)



For backstage video, show looks, and more, click here to visit the Roland Mouret site.

We’ll be back next week with more spring styles by some of Kate’s favorite designers, fall styles available now and a giveaway.


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Thursday 3rd of April 2014

Love the African inspired Alexander McQueen outfits. They look amazing even down to the shoes. My favorite is the red short cut one. Amazing!!!


Saturday 19th of October 2013

Except for Max Mara, all of the runway looks are HIDEOUS. Other than Miley Cyrus, who would ever wear those ugly things out in public? I do not care if the feathers and beading are exquisite or not....the pieces are ghastly.



Tuesday 15th of October 2013

So glad you've sorted out your computer problems! They can take an awful amount of time out of one's life.

I love the McQueen collection - bold shapes, colours and textures that almost make my mouth water. Toned down a little, they could be awesome and definitely some shapes there in which Kate would look stunning.

*settles down with much pleasurable anticipation for the winter* Now, that is an amazing thing to write because winter is dark, dreary and often bone-chillingly damp here in the UK. But really, those styles are stunningly wonderful.

Thanks for bringing some cheer into an otherwise dank autumnal day. Great to have you back :)


Monday 14th of October 2013

I really HATE the McQueens shown on the runway. They are hideous. However, I really can see some of them being worn by the Duchess. As mentioned, the black and white coats can be tailored with less material and they would be lovely. Sarah Burton really does design wonderful things, just not what is seen on the runway. Fashion editors see one thing and the general public sees another but, thankfully, what finally hits the stores is amazing.

Welcome back and thanks for the calendar. I was hoping for something more than just the christening to see what Kate will be wearing post-pregnancy.


Sunday 13th of October 2013

So good to have you back! Computer woes are the worst.

I actually love the lines of the McQueen items. Translated into real-wear I can see Kate choosing some of them as fashion forward looks. Mouret as well. MaxMara is always accessible.

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