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It’s LK Bennett Blue in Brisbane + Another Aussie Brand for the Duchess

Today’s tour engagements were in Brisbane, about an hour away from Sydney by air.  The first stop was the Royal Australian Air Force base at Amberley.Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

You can see how big the engines are on the aircraft behind Kate.Andrew Parsons/i-Images/

Prince William Reviewing the Royal Guard.

CPL Shannon McCarthy/Crown Copyright

CPL Shannon McCarthy / © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

One of the day’s highlights, Kate climbing into the cockpit of an F-18 Super Hornet jet fighter.  From the Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner:

Debrett’s Guide to Etiquette does not include advice on how to get in and out of a fighter aircraft in a ladylike fashion, but if it did, the Duchess of Cambridge could write it for them.

On a visit to a Royal Australian Air Force base near Brisbane, the Duchess, wearing a knee-length LK Bennett dress and high heels, demonstrated perfect deportment as she clambered in and out of the cockpit.

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The two exchanged some lively banter regarding who sat where in the cockpit. Rebecca English has more in her Daily Mail story:

‘Do you fancy jumping in the back?’ These were Prince William’s smooth words to Kate as the pair inspected the Super Hornets at Amberley Air Base shortly after touching down in Brisbane this morning.

But the Duchess wasn’t keen on hopping in the back – instead she jumped into the cockpit after William had a turn.

Commanding Officer Chappell said Kate was fascinated by the ‘dials and gadgets’ on the Super Hornet.

Prince William also spent time in a jet simulator. Below, the Duke and Duchess received certificates for their Super Hornet training.

CPL David Said ©Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

CPL David Said / ©Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

Kate wore the Lasa Poppy Dress by LK Bennett.LK Bennett

Several WKW friends recognized the frock as soon as there were images available, primarily because actress Mindy Kaling wore the dress on television.

It is a classic sheath in a cotton/rayon blend, with 1% Elastane for give and minimal stretch. Below we show the sleeve vent and some of the waistline detail.LK Bennett

The dress originally sold for $425 in the US, £245 in the UK. It came in a second color, a deep orange/red. Neither dress is available, they have been sold out for some time. It is one of Kate’s best looks of the tour in my opinion, combining a timeless silhouette with a vivid pattern that doesn’t overpower the dress itself or those woman wearing it, while exuding an understated elegance that is very flattering on the Duchess. (As an aside, this was arguably my favorite dress from LK Bennett’s s/s collection, so I am partial to the look.)OZ Tour 2014 Kate LK Bennett Snorkel Blue Lasa Poppy Dress Ambley Air Force Base

The color is snorkel blue, a major color story for LK Bennett this spring. Some readers may recall that Kate’s highly popular ‘Detroit’ dress was also snorkel blue. The Duchess wore that frock to an Art Room event in West London on February 14th of this year.Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

There was a sizable amount of merchandise in the color. Below we show one of two montages put together in February showing snorkel blue pieces, originally intended for a post that never quite got finished.LK Bennett

As is often said in those ‘seen on TV’ commercials, “But wait – there’s more!”LK Bennett

I think there are still handbags left, and a few of the tops. If interested in any of the garments and/or accessories it is probably best to act quickly, available stock seems to be dwindling.

The Duchess also had a new clutch, the Oroton Odeion bag in the Indigo colorway. Oroton is an Australian heritage brand founded in Sydney in 1938, long known for upscale leather goods and accessories. The company has expanded, they now offer everything from apparel to shoes. There are Oroton stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, and the company does ship to the United States for $19.95.Oroton 'Odeion' Clutch in Indigo

Kate’s bag is made of embossed leather, it originally retailed at $235 but was most recently discounted to $115. It is now sold out, with several savvy WKWers scooting to their local stores to purchase the clutch. Michelle of Perth Fashion managed to get the last bag at her Oroton.

Courtesy Perth Fashion

Courtesy Perth Fashion

Kate’s shoes are the Alexander McQueen pumps.Andrew Parsons/i-Images/

And her jewelry included her diamond and sapphire earrings, Mappin & Webb Fortune necklace, and Cartier wristwatch.Andrew Parsons/i-Images/

The crowds that gathered waiting for a walkabout were enormous. We leave you with a few photos from that portion of the Brisbane visit.

Clarence House

Clarence House

Below, two photos from The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English. On the left you see Kate handing gifts to her personal assistant, Rebecca Deacon, while the personal protection officer in the upper left corner looks understandably stressed. Below right, Kate shaking hands and being given more gifts, many of them for Prince George.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

Our final two photos show what is becoming a common occurrence at walkabouts, the Marry Me George meme.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online


  • The Duke and Duchess start their day with Easter Sunday services at St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney, the oldest cathedral in Australia
  • The couple will sign the ‘First Fleet Bible,‘ the bible used in Australia’s first Christian service in 1788
  • Next on the agenda, the Taronga Zoo, located on the shores of Sydney harbour.
    • Their first stop at the Zoo is a Bilby enclosure that will actually be named after Prince George. The enclosure is to be named after the young Prince as part of the Prime Minister’s gift on the occasion of his birth. It is possible Prince George may also enjoy this portion of the day, he may join his parents at the zoo.
    • There is more of the zoo to see, including the famed Taronga giraffes, tree kangaroos, and other creatures indigenous to this part of the world
  • Travel to Australia’s capital, Canberra, staying at Government House


  • Gordon Raynor’s story in the Telegraph (with photo gallery) is here
  • Rebecca English’s Daily Mail story is laden with photos, it may be found here
  • PopSugar’s slide show of photos may be seen here
  • the Daily Mirror’s live blog is here (a great way to get a recap)
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Sunday 19th of June 2016

I have the Oroton 'Odeion' Indigo Snake Clutch the same as what the Duchess Cambridge used. It is in brand new condition with all tags and dust bag. If interested I am willing to sell it.


Sunday 12th of March 2017

Allison - If you still have the clutch for sale...let me know. You can e-mail me at If not, no worries! Thanks!


Saturday 13th of September 2014

I just bought the dress....came from a store in the US a few weeks ago....I live in Canada. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to figure out the proper UK size but the site had it set up that I could give them my US size and they would match it up. I was nervous about the fit but it ended up being perfect...and I have a curvy figure:) May get the sleeves shortened a tad, though. I went on the waiting list from the LK Bennet site twice...then bought it. Both times it sold out in a day and a half.


Saturday 13th of September 2014

US size 2,4,6 available as of today ( Sept. 13) on the L.K. Bennett site


Sunday 27th of April 2014

Sorry I beg to differ. Worst dress yet. Note well cut at all. The neckline is awful and the top bags around the shoulders, armholes. The arms are too loose and a touch too long. Compare this look to the dresses she wore on the Canadian trip which were fit her much better and looked great. This pushes her even further down the frumpy look - too bad she had some real style just 2 years ago.


Tuesday 22nd of April 2014

For anyone interested, Oroton are reissuing the Odeion clutch in indigo. It is available to preorder now at the sale price of AUD $120 for a limited time. I'm very tempted!


Sunday 20th of April 2014

Kate looks so wonderful with her hair pulled back from her face, either in a ponytail or half up. The dress is beautiful, too. She always looks perfectly put together and stunning. I wouldn't want her life, but I would like her clothes.

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