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Kate in Beulah London at the Rugby + Re-Stocking Updates & Designers That Didn’t Get Picked

Hello and happy weekend to everyone. I thought it made sense to pop in with news of what Kate wore at Rugby last night in Sydney, as well as some other updates that might well get lost among the outfit-specific posts.

It turns out the Duke and Duchess relaxed last night at a rugby match in Sydney.
The match was at Sydney’s Allianz Stadium, between the New South Wales Waratahs and Northern Bulls from South Africa. More from Australia:

HOW does one unwind after a day spent being mobbed by thousands of well wishers and back-to-back official functions?

At the rugby of course.

Both looked very comfortable in casual clothes, Prince William in jeans, v-neck sweater and checked shirt. Kate was also in denim, and a grey sweater with a scarf by Beulah London.

Beulah London 'Eden' Scarf

Beulah London ‘Eden’ Scarf

The scarf is a modal/cashmere blend, done in a light weight. The Eden is done in Beulah’s ‘Fractured Blossom Dark’ pattern (£125, about $200 USD). This offers another look at it on Kate. 

This pattern is a soft, pretty print that is perfect on Kate. Coincidentally, the Duchess’s Sabitri dress is now offered in this pattern. The picture on the far right shows some of the fine detail work on the dress.

Beulah London 'Sabriti' in Fractured Blossom Dark

Several more items done in the Fractured Blossom Dark colorway, the Porcelain dress, and the Bisque dress.Beulah London 'Porcelain' & 'Bisque' Dresses

The Eden also comes as a shawl (£175, about $300 USD), as well as the Asha Silk Satin scarf and the Aliyah Scarf, done in a light and floaty silk chiffon.Beulah London

Kate also wore her Mint Velvet plimsolls.Mint Velvet/Splash News

This actually segues quite well with one of the updates I wanted to share: Mint Velvet says Kate’s shoes will be back in stock the first week of May, both in-store and online. I don’t know if that means John Lewis and/or House of Fraser will have them, both stores carry the brand.

We haven’t yet sorted out where the sweater Kate wore is from, but will update if we have the information.  The entire story may be read here. The Daily Mail has a story as well about the couple attending last night’s match


There have been a number of comments with questions I want to try and address, as well as the re-stocking of merchandise notes. We already mentioned the Mint Velvet sneakers being re-stocked, there is also news about Kate’s dress from yesterday.

We’ll blaze through a few of the more frequently asked questions, at least a couple of quick ones, beginning with Kate’s jewelry, not everyone is familiar with her ‘daily’ pieces. Here is a quick list of what we are seeing on the tour:

  • the sapphire & diamond earrings I have always believed (as do most other style watchers) were re-fashioned from a pair worn by Diana, Princess of Wales
  • her Cartier Ballon de Bleu stainless steel wristwatch
  • the ‘Fortune’ white gold drop necklace from jewelers Mappin and Webb shown below
Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Additionally, there is a third band on the Duchess’s ring finger, a diamond eternity band of unknown origin.

Next, the sunglasses worn and carried by the Duchess on the tour:

  • Her Givenchy sunglasses, style number SGV 773, available at a variety of online outlets (just search the style number)
  • a pair new to most of us, the Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer (style #RB4105) with the tortoise frame and brown lens
Wayfarer Folding Classic Sunglasses

Wayfarer Folding Classic Sunglasses


Australia’s Daily Telegraph has an interesting story today about two designers whose clothing was rejected for the tour.

The Duchess of Cambridge hand-picked two Australian-designed outfits to wear during the Royal tour — only to reject them at the last minute.

In a process that was months in the making, Kate Middleton selected styles from Scanlan Theodore and Megan Park but sent them back.

Ms Park said she was notified in January that Middleton was keen to wear her designs.

The article shows a Megan Park dress, but I’m not clear if that is the actual frock sent for approval. We show the one from the article below left, on the right is the designer’s Kaleidoscope Georgette frock, described as being “…silk georgette dress features the digitally printed geometric ‘kaleidoscope’ design of green and pinkish tones,” it seemed as good as any others to show the designer’s work.

Megan Park

Megan Park

Back to Prue Lewington’s story in the Daily Telegraph.

“Her assistant sent an email randomly to our store, it looked quite official with a royal letterhead and she said they were interested in the collection for Kate,” she said.

After viewing the look book, they chose a geometric silk dress which was hand-delivered the package to Buckingham Palace for a private fitting.

Last week the dress was returned, with a note explaining that the Duchess loved it but would not be wearing it on the tour. The other designer interviewed for the story, Scanlan Theodore.

Sydney brand, Scanlan Theodore couriered new stock to London for the fitting two months ago but last week the palace advised that unfortunately the look wasn’t right.

They promptly arranged the return of garments to the brand.

Again, I don’t know if the photo below left is the specific style sent for approval or not, on the right we show the Camoflage Dress.

Scanlan Theodore

Scanlan Theodore

As noted in Ms. Lewiston’s piece, learning the Duchess won’t be wearing your design must be disappointing. You may read the entire article by clicking here.


A brief follow-up on the bracelets being given to William and Kate: they seem to be wearing them, look at the Duke’s “stack”!

For those unfamiliar with the bracelets, they are *wildly* popular, at least in the US. This link has a make-your-own guide for anyone so inclined. I will keep an eye out to see if the Duchess is wearing any of the bracelets.

We’ll be back tonight (US time) for the day’s engagements


  • 10:30am / 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm – PDT Easter Sunday services at St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney, the oldest cathedral in Australia
  • The couple will sign the ‘First Fleet Bible,‘ the bible used in Australia’s first Christian service in 1788
  • 2pm /12am EDT/ 9pm PDT –  The Taronga Zoo, located on the shores of Sydney harbour.
    • Their first stop at the Zoo is a Bilby enclosure that will actually be named after Prince George. The enclosure is to be named after the young Prince as part of the Prime Minister’s gift on the occasion of his birth. It is possible Prince George may also enjoy this portion of the day, he may join his parents at the zoo.
    • There is more of the zoo to see, including the famed Taronga giraffes, tree kangaroos, and other creatures indigenous to this part of the world
  • Travel to Australia’s capital, Canberra, staying at Government House


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Monday 5th of May 2014

Pippa just wore Kate's scarf in France.


Sunday 27th of April 2014

I enjoy this blog very much and relish the opportunity to so closely follow Kate's fashion choices.

Being from the US, I am not intimate with royal procedures but am nonetheless surprised that the designers whose clothing was "rejected" (what a harsh word) would be so forthcoming with their story. I would have expected them to be discreet.


Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

I found it! There were clearer pictures in the Daily Mail article, but she wore the bracelet on 10/04 with the blue Alexander McQueen coat, you can see it on the 9th picture in the article on WKW when she's shaking someone's hand.


Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

I saw Kate wearing a pink and orange(?) version of the green and black bracelet William is wearing in the picture. I can't remember whether I saw it on this site or on the Daily Mail's website and unfortunately I can't find a picture, but I'm absolutely sure I saw her wear one! It was just one bracelet, not a 'stack' like William's.


Sunday 20th of April 2014

They both seem so comfortable and relaxed. I saw a picture of Kate laying her head on Wills' shoulder. I'm so glad they got a low key date night whilst on this busy tour!

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