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Kate in Royal Blue Stella McCartney & Smythe for Commonwealth Games Day 2, UPDATED: NEW & CORRECTED Handbag ID

Kate was in navy and royal blue for today’s activities at the Commonwealth Games.Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

The Duchess started the day with a SportsAid reception, attending mentoring sessions and meeting with athletes and ambassadors for the organization


She also took part in activities in the Athletes Village with Harry and William. More from the Daily Mail’s coverage:

They were given a tour of the recreation facilities for the athletes, where William played video games with some of the Welsh women’s hockey team.

All three moved on to the village green where they heard a performance of the Games’ anthem for Unicef from a group of local school children.

Many of the children the royals met are part of East40, a choir from schools in Glasgow’s East End. Here you see little Kacey Armstrong giving Kate a teddy bear that is a gift for Prince George.

The Commonwealth Games have partnered with UNICEF and the Commonwealth Games Federation in a first-ever joint fundraising initiative, Put Children First. More from the UNICEF blog:

Throughout the Glasgow 2014 Games, UNICEF has been leading sessions for athletes and the public drawing attention to the Put Children First appeal which aims to reach every child in Scotland and around the Commonwealth.

That fundraising effort was kicked off during the Opening Ceremony last Wednesday. By the time the Ceremony concluded more than £3.1 million was raised, with nearly 600,000 donations coming just by text. Back to the UNICEF blog:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry then joined the children in playing three traditional games enjoyed by young people from different countries across the Commonwealth.

HRH the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a game from the Caribbean with the children although she said, “This is much harder than it looks!”

William, Kate, and Harry in a more formal picture, surrounded by children who look elated to be spending time with them.

Kate and William played a game of table football with athletes.

Clarence House Twitter

Another vie wof the Duke and Duchess. 

A photo posted on Twitter by Street Soccer Scotland founder David Duke prompted us to ask “best photobomb ever?“, as it features Princes Harry & William, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Mr. Bolt again, all behind Mr. Duke.David Duke Twitter (MrDavidDuke)

(Fear not, your correspondent stands corrected and now grasps the distinction between a “photobomb” and a “selfie”.)

Many will recognize key pieces in Kate’s ensemble.

Kate Middleton Stella McCartney Dress Smythe Blazer

We’ll start with the Ridley Stretch Cady Dress by designer Stella McCartney.  The color is ideal, almost identical to the blue in Scotland’s flag.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Kate wearing the frock to an opening at the National Portrait Gallery in 2012, at the Men’s Tennis Finals at the 2012 London Games (she and Prince William are seen speaking with Andy Murray), and most recently, when arriving in Canberra during the April tour. In the montage below, we added the photo from today as well. The dress is a stretch jersey; its most distinctive feature is the exposed seaming on the darts, a tailoring element usually concealed on the inside of a garment.

Kate was also in her Smythe Jacket today, previously worn with a Ralph Lauren top and skinny jeans for this SportsAid engagement in October of last year.Kate Middleton Plays Volleyball Heels Wedges Corkswoon

The piece is Smythe’s One-Button Blazer. We are using an older product montage below from retailer Revolve Clothing to better showcase the cut-out portion on the back of the blazer.

It has been reissued several times since Kate first wore it when departing England for the 2011 tour of North America.

The blazer is currently stocked in all sizes at Saks ($595). It is made of 100% wool, and features princess seaming with front pockets and the cut-out back section. Shopbop also has the blazer in stock, although sizing is limited.Smythe One Button Blazer at Saks Fifth Avenue

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2, 2014: There was some discussion about the length of the blazers currently being sold at Shopbop and Saks, whether they were just a bit shorter than Kate’s. I have heard back from Smythe and the current versions are exactly the same length as the style Kate wore.

There has been some discussion about Kate’s handbag and whether it is actually her oft-carried Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley Muse. These are both from today, and to me, it looks like it is, but I will be the first to admit I don’t always catch every detail on an item, one reason I value reader feedback and comments.Kate Middleton navy clutch

UPDATED 7pm EDT: The always-brilliant Carly from Kate Middleton Style suggests the bag may be by Emmy, a brand we know Kate carries in multiple colors. Here is one more picture from today: the angle might make it appear the flap comes all the way down the full front of the bag, but that is just the perspective of the photo. Today’s tip of the tiara goes to Carly for sorting this out.

UPDATED UPDATE Friday, Aug 1: It is with mortification and apologies that I write an update to the update above: the bag is not by Emmy. It very much looks like an LK Bennett handbag, the brand’s Frome Suede Clutch. With thanks to Cindy, Sara & Anna of My Small Obsessions, here is the correct bag:

LK Bennett Frome Clutch Navy Kate Middleton

Above left and on the right you can just make out LK Bennett’s Tudor Rose logo stamped on the flap. That detail alerted several readers who noticed it when reading a Celebitchy story showing that element very well. The bag originally retailed at £185, about $300. Most recently it was on sale for £110, roughly $185.
The Frome has been a staple for some time. It was recently sold in hot pink suede as well as black and cerise patent leather.

LK Bennett

Below you see the Frome in colors posted more than a year ago by UK retailer Jarrold.

Jarrold UK

Our thanks to everyone who commented, tweeted and/or emailed saying they didn’t think the Muse pictured was Kate’s clutch, as well as those who said they didn’t think it looked like the Emmy.

At least we managed to get the footwear correct on the first go-round, the Duchess wore her favorite shoes, the Corkswoon style by Stuart Weitzman.

Kate kept things simple in the jewelry department, opting for the pieces she wore yesterday. Left to right we have the Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings, Cartier’s Ballon Bleu wristwatch, and charms from Asprey, the jeweler’s Woodland Collection.

Kiki McDonough/Cartier/Asprey


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Sunday 3rd of August 2014

Hello Rose, and *thank you* for the info on events and BBC coverage, I am off to share it with all of our Facebook friends. The Tudor Rose insight is fascinating, I had no idea, it never would have occurred to me! :)


Sunday 3rd of August 2014

What a compliment to Stella McCartney to have a piece given a fourth airing, even if our cautious Duchess did manage to find one of her more conventional styles. I'm glad it's a comfy dress to wear for all the meeting and greeting.

I like the jacket too, but I'm not so sure about it with a dress, I think the cut-out at the back looks a little odd and it works better with separates for me. But it's a handy sensible outfit for a working trip.

I think the saltire blue -- plus the McCartney Scottish connections -- was a likely explanation of the colour choice as it's also used in the official outfits for the games. I saw my local paper saying that universal dislike when those outfits were first aired was the one thing that could unite the country in the run-up to the coming Scottish independence referendum. I'm most grateful to WKW for the opening ceremony pics in the Roland Mouret post as they finally revealed to me how the colours worked when used for a team promenade with matching lighting. At least it helps explain those designs, even if I can't really like them!

Many congrats on the clutch ID -- some serious sleuthing work undertaken there!


Wednesday 30th of July 2014

For what it is worth I thought the Duchess looked lovely, comfortable in her outfit and a nod to the colour scheme of the day (which is something the Queen practices as well). I also like that she wears pieces again and again, it just makes her seem that little bit more down to earth.

But what I do wonder is, what does she carry in her handbag? Her clutches are small and neat so I imagine she doesn't collect the manky tissues/bits of loose change/crushed receipts/non-working pens/lone mints/match-box cars/small child paraphernalia that the rest of us do.


Thursday 31st of July 2014

I would guess some makeup (and possibly a comb) for touch ups, and possibly a cell phone now that she has George (it wasn't clear to me from yesterday's photos where the phone was hers or Will's). I'd also guess that when necessary she carries tampons with her -- I wouldn't think she'd want to be asking an assistant for one whenever she needed it!


Thursday 31st of July 2014

May I comment on something that she does not have (done)? I'm so happy that I've never seen her with a cellphone! That is so refreshing! Maybe she has one in her tiny bag, for emergencies (!) but in the world of oversized sunglasses, huge statement bags and smartphones, she stands out.


Wednesday 30th of July 2014

I like the dress and jacket together. The shoes are seriously ridiculous with that outfit. Ballet flats could have been a casual choice or low heels. William looks great! I like that his and Kate's outfits sort of match in colors.


Wednesday 30th of July 2014

I feel that the navy suede clutch bag is neither by Emmy nor stuart Weitzman. I came across a photo on a different website (Celeb Dirty Laundry) where the center front of the clutch had a "stamp-like" symbol on the flap ... in the photo if you look closely next to her thumb, you'll see it. So I'm thinking this might be a new bag we haven't seen yet! Curious to know what it is now ...

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